The Girl in the Spider's Web: A New Dragon Tattoo Story (2018) - full transcript

Young computer hacker Lisbeth Salander and journalist Mikael Blomkvist find themselves caught in a web of spies, cybercriminals and corrupt government officials.

Subtitles by explosiveskull



Your father
wants to see you.


Lisbeth made it for me.

You're such big girls now.

Come, Camilla.
I want to play a game with you.


Come to your father.

Both of you.


Sorry about
the things I said.

It's all right.

You know I've been
under a lot of pressure,

with the trial and work.

Yes, I know.

Just forgive me.

I get a little insecure

when you talk to me
like that.

Come here, have a drink.

You know how much I love you,
do you?

Who the fuck are you?

I'm a fan of yours.

I watch you on the news.

Peter Ahlgren:

The CEO who beat up
two prostitutes

but got acquitted
in court yesterday.

Put me down!

Hey, what are you doing?

I'm accessing
your bank accounts.

Call security!

I'm transferring 20%
of your cash

to these two girls.

The rest, I'm transferring
to your wife.

Good evening. Security.

Account number.


Mrs. Ahlgren,
is everything okay?


Take your child and leave.
He won't hurt you again.

I can undo all this tomorrow.

Mr. Chen has bankrolled
your company for years.

Isn't this his wife?

Oh, my God,
you like that.

If you try to contact
your wife again,

this video
will be sent to him.

If anything unexpected
should happen to her,

this video
will be sent to him.

You fucking bitch!

Who are you?!

You should ask yourself
that question.

A string of vigilante
attacks has rocked Stockholm.

I don't know her name.
I've never seen her before.

The attacker's M.O.
matches that of Lisbeth Salander,

a local hacker with a history
of aggravated assault.

If my daughter and
I had a message for her...

I just want to say,
whoever you are, thank you.

This is a new
era for Millennium.

I want you all to realize
that the only thing

- holding this magazine back is your mind.
- Shit.

And people refuse to believe
that it's in your mind.

And you can feel it
when you go into a room,

and there are people there
who don't have this knowledge.

Don't be a child.

'Cause I don't wanna bend
the knee, kiss the ring?

Is that too much for "the great
Mikael Blomkvist"?

For what's left of him, yeah.

Levin is head
of publications now,

and he deserves
your respect.

He bought my magazine,
not my respect.

Plus, he's wearing a cap.


he has over two million
followers online.

How many do you have?

What do you want from me?

I want you to write again.

Come by tonight.

I'm having dinner
with my husband tonight.


It's for you.

She'll be
right with you.

Lisbeth Salander has a pet.

It's a lizard.

I don't know if I'm happy
for you or sad for him.

Are you throwing
all of this out?

Yeah. It's trash.

You have a sister.


She killed herself
three years ago.

I can't believe
you didn't tell me.

That I had a sister
or that she killed herself?


When our loved ones die,
we tell our friends.

There's an incorrect assumption
in that statement.


There is a client
asking for the impossible.


Text me.

She worked for my father
for years.

He was a psychopath.

Turns out...

she was the same.

I'm glad they're both dead.

You have to go now.
I need to work.

If you have another girl coming,
you can tell me.

I have to work.

They say time is the fire
in which we burn.

I'm running out of it.


So do you think
it can be done?

It depends.
What am I looking for?

The sum of all my sins.

A 2725 byte piece of software.

It's a single-incident file.
It can't be reproduced,

copied, only moved.

And you want me
to steal it for you.

They told me I'd have control
over it. But they lied.

I realized too late

that I had created
an abomination.

Please, help me.


Tomorrow morning, 7:00 sharp.

Meet me on the Centralbron,
south shore.

I'll be next to
the train station.

I've provided two levels
of clearance.

After that,
you're on your own.

military systems, for example.

Since 9/11,
all global defense systems

are controlled
by satellite networks,

and such networks
are all protected

by the same
quantum encryption protocol.

A tool of the kind
we're discussing here

could effortlessly access the
tactical and nuclear arsenals

of most major world powers.

Via his personal computer,

a single user would be
imbued with God-like power.

What you're
looking at here is

what the Russians
are claiming to be

some kind of system
security breach.

This is
a Russian Topol-M SS-27 missile.

three-stage, solid-propellant.

It was wrongly moved
into launch position a week ago.

As Special Division heads,
we urge you to come forward

if this security breach
is a result

of any classified project
you may be working on.

Now, obviously,
we respect the fact

you don't want to jeopardize
the security of your projects.

The State Department

has requested we cooperate
any way we can...

Oh, shit.

Agent Needham?
Anything to share?


Special Division doesn't mean
you're actually special.

I think it does.



Come on, come on, come on.


Okay, okay, okay, okay.

Program encrypted.

To run Firefall,
enter value for:

"The snow
comes early this year."

To run Firefall,
enter value for:

"The horses stand silent
in the fields."

To run Firefall,
enter value for:

Help me!


It's me, Balder.

I think I made
a terrible mistake.


You did the right
thing by calling me.

I have a data-track
on my program.

So I know she got to it.

And she won't
give it back to you.

Last week...

she assaulted one of Stockholm's
most respected businessmen.

Emptied his bank accounts.

Just one of many men
she's targeted.

I don't know why...

but I thought
I could trust her.

I promise you.

I'll do everything in my power
to protect you.



You okay?

I fucked up.

I need your help.

That's the first test
of Project Firefall.

It's a tool designed...

to breach and control
most online defense systems.

Frans Balder developed it
for the Americans...

and he hired me
to take it back from them.

"Take" as in steal?

I think he wanted
to destroy it.

Who's that?

He's the man
who stole it from me

before I could
give it back to Balder.

And if you find him...

what are you gonna do?

I'm gonna take back
what he stole from me.

So you want me
to help you find a ghost?

You're good at that.

I couldn't even find you
for three years.

You just vanished.

And I...

825 from Washington Dulles

arriving at Gate 47.

Mr. Needham. I'm afraid
you have to come with us.

NSA Special
Division Edwin Needham.

Former U.S. military.

Field ops: Afghanistan,
Mexico, Ukraine.

"Special Division."

Is that
an American euphemism for

"no accountability
and no oversight"?

I don't know. Um...

I mean, I'm feeling
pretty overseen right now.

Look. I'm aware
that someone stole

of high value to you.

And I presume you're here
in Stockholm

to find that someone?

But I'm here to tell you
that that's my job, not yours.

The NSA has no business
on Swedish soil.

Funny part about that is
I'm not here on business.


Is that so?

am I being deported?

No. No.

For now,
you're just getting this.

- A tourist guide?
- If you engage in any activities

not listed in that book,
I'll have you arrested

and put on the first plane
back to Washington.

Now have a nice day.

You, too.

You have to take care of this.


And I need to borrow
some gear.

One day we'll talk about

your interpretation
of that word.

- "Gear"?
- "Borrow."

- You need a hand?
- No.

What about Balder?

Checked out of his hotel.

Cell phone disconnected.
But get this:

Look who he went to.

His last geotag showed him

at SAPO Headquarters
this morning.

I'm guessing he thinks
you stole this from him,

since you missed
the drop-off.

That means she moved him
to a safe house.


Balder's program had
a FREAK encryption.

He's the only one
who can open it.

That means these guys are going
after him next.

I find Balder...

...I find him.

Hello, Lisbeth Salander.

"Sofia Novak."

The fuck happened here?


You Vilma?

200 crowns a night.
No pets. No drugs. No friends.

I can show you
how the heating sy...

I got into the SAPO servers.

They're keeping him
at 774 Birger Jarlsgatan.

There are two plainclothes
officers in a car

and several more uniformed
officers on the premises.

Careful, Lisbeth.

August. Let's move away
from the window, please.

August. August, hey. Hey.

You said it would be
a couple of days

and then I'll go
back home to Mom.

"A couple" means two.

No, I'll tell you what.

When this is all over,

I promise that I'll take you
back to San Francisco.

And you'll stay with us.

Yeah, of course.

Why don't you go back
to your drawing, all right?

All right?

- Whiskey. Neat.
- Sure.

I'll have the same.

- Mikael Blomkvist.
- Deputy Grane.

What a coincidence.

This is the man you should
be after. Not Salander.

Your friend Salander has
perpetrated a cyber attack

on the most important security
agency in America.

I don't really see how
this makes her any less guilty.

She doesn't have
the monopoly on guilt.

You should be looking
for this man, too.

What makes you think I'm not?

Now, if you will excuse me.


It's Malin. I
got a hit on the spider tattoo.

Text it to me.

Sure, sending now.

You Milos?

Do you know this man?

He has a tattoo like yours.

So are you a cop?

No, worse.

I'm a journalist.

That guy, he's part
of this group.

Heavy people.

Pretty much the worst psychos
you can find in Stockholm.

You used to work for them?

What makes you think that?

Your tattoo.

This is a scar.

- He cut it into me with a knife.
- Why?

I used to do photo work.

Tried to sell him
some good ones

of a politician
they were blackmailing.

I pushed the price too much.

This is what I got
in return.

You like it?

I'm sorry.

This is what you get when you
try to fuck with the Spiders.

"The Spiders"?

They call him the "Otravitel."
He's the worst of them.

And if you wanna keep
that pretty face,

I'd stop asking about him.

No, thank you, no.

Tell me not to worry.

- What do you mean?
- I've seen this before.

- Seen what?
- You obsessing over Lisbeth.

This is not about Lisbeth.


There were two key stories

that made your name
and built the magazine.

The first you couldn't
have written without her,

and the second was about her.

I think you are scared

what would become
of Mikael Blomkvist

if there were no
Lisbeth Salander.

I'm sorry.

- Lisbeth.
- I haven't heard of The Spiders.

They sound like
the last people on earth

you'd want
to have control of Firefall.

You alone?

Do you want me to come over?

Tell me where you are.


I wouldn't want to ruin
your evening.

Hey, who's this?

The blonde there.

Who the fuck are you?

Ned the Bathroom Stalker.

Listen, I need to get into
contact with somebody you know.

You know
who I'm talkin' about.

What did she give you?

A phone?
Some kind of contact?

Yeah, she did.

Okay, good.

Now, listen,
I know you think

you're the only girl
she fucking in here.

But I got about three
or four other girls

I could be talkin' to.
And that's just in this place.

All right? So while
I respect the loyalty,

I gotta say it's a little bit


"Bitch" is right.

She gave it to me.

It's the only way
I have to contact her.

Hope you find her.


I will.


You fucked me.

Fucking bitch!

- Good morning.
- Hey.

- Did you find your Russian?
- Russian?

Maybe you misspelled it,
but isn't otravitel

Russian crime slang
for "poisoner"?

It's Russian?

What are you doing?

Here you go.
They're from Holtser.

Thank God.
Freezing my balls off.

- Who is Mr. Holtser?
- Me.

Lisbeth's father.

He was part
of a Russian crime ring.

I'll come with you,
but leave him out of it.


Come on.

That's a good boy.

Safety first.

Stop the car!

You have to come with me.




Get in the car.

Aw, fuck!

I want to go back
to my mother, please.

"The horses stand
silent in the field."

"The snow comes early
this year."

You know the answer
to those questions.

You know how to open
your father's program.

I want to go back
to my mother, please.

Police believe that the killer
has abducted the victim's

young son and is still at
large. The suspect has been

identified as Lisbeth Salander,
a Stockholm resident with

a criminal history
ranging from cybercrimes

to aggravated assault.

She is believed to be armed
and highly dangerous.

Mr. Needham.

Was this area part of
a walking tour in your guide?

You know,
I always thought a safe house

was supposed to be,
I don't know... safe?

You're done crashing
around my city like a wild boar.

Arrest him.
Send him back to Disneyland.

You play whites.

Your father taught you?

He's dead now.

Maybe I shouldn't
think of him anymore.

- Why not?
- Because that's the past.

He once said the past,

can be like a black hole.

If you get too close...

it might pull you in.

And you disappear.

I don't want to disappear.

You won't.

Who was that woman
on the bridge?

The past.

Hey! Hey!

You don't want
to finish the game?



It's okay.

- He's a friend.
- Hi, August. I'm Micke.

It's her.

I know. We need to talk.

That's for you to keep.

Until the rematch.


What's that?

It's the answer to "The snow
comes early this year."

It's a number problem.
Each letter is a number.

So I figure out
the big number,

then I break it down
into prime factors.

Father said he made his program
based on how I think.

You think I'm a freak.

No, I don't.

Get some sleep.

When I realized that
the man that killed Balder

worked for your father,

I tracked all of
his ex-associates.

And every one of them
seems to

link back to
Camilla Salander.

She's been picking up
your father's network

where he left off.

But now she calls them
the Spiders.

She worshiped that pig.

And now she's become him.

Lisbeth, you're bleeding.

I know.

Do it.

It's done.

I bet you can't wait
to write a story about all this.

About me...

...and my psycho family.

Just like you did last time.


They need August
to run Firefall.

Without him,
they have nothing.

We have to get him
out of the country.

Out of her reach.

His mother lives
in San Francisco.

But even if we did
get him on a plane,

that won't guarantee
his safety.


But I know someone who can.

Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

What the fu...?

Wanted suspect in
Terminal 3.

Follow me.

Wearing a bright pink hat.

Back in the room.
Back in the room.

Lady, be quiet. Just relax.

Hey, you.

Stay in your cell!

Passenger Needham, please
proceed to Gate 45 immediately.

Passenger Needham, please
proceed to Gate 45 immediately.


North end of the terminal.
Personnel-only door.

Tell me you got the boy.

For now.

I need you to get him back
to the U.S.

and make sure that he's safe.

No, no, no.

Not without Firefall.

I have eyes on the American.

Without August,
there is no Firefall.

You have to let it go.
It's what Balder wanted.

You don't understand
what this is.

I've spent years waiting for
Balder to deliver Firefall.

- I won't give it up now.
- Think you have a choice?

What I have is a responsibility
to my country.

Something somebody like you
wouldn't understand.

I understand
how to open that door.


- Freeze!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Agree to take the kid back
to the U.S. or it stays locked.

Or you could just jump.

- Fuck.
- Up to you.

You! Stop!

I'll get the kid out.

I have your word?

You have my word.

I said, on the floor! Now!

Get in the van.




Why do you make yourself
so ugly, Libby?

I've imagined this moment
for so long.

I had a whole speech

And now I'm nervous.

I should've
written it down.

The boy is secure.

Listen, a client
is willing to pay us

a lot of money
for this thing.

I don't care.
Just shoot me.

"Shoot you"?

You're my sister.

I have so much to tell you.


Someone always has
to carry the pain, Libby.

Well, now it's your turn.

Bring her.
Kill the journalist.




Hey, man,
you got some creamer?

No, I do not.


Please don't touch that.
It's vintage.


Uh, when was it, '02?

Took down Big Pharma
with this bad boy.

The King Pharma crash was done
from a 7792.

Actually, I
did it from a 7770.

But who's counting?

You're Warchild?

The Warchild?

Yeah, I was
for a little while.

NSA pays way better.
Way motherfuckin' better.

- Creamer?
- My boy.

Heard that went well.

Is that August's location?

Where's she takin' him?


Hello, August.

You know, a little
birdie told me

you know how to open
your daddy's work.

I need you to do that
for me now.


Anyone in there?

You will help me.


You'll see.

Such a big boy.

We need to share this
with Tactical.

Put together a team. Fast.

Get inside.



How did they know?

How did the Spiders know
Balder's location?

Your guess
is as good as mine.

You're the client.

You're buying Firefall
from her.

Access by a single user
to online nuclear weapons...

Would you rather have that
in the hands of the Americans,

the nation that
never missed a war,

or us, the nation
who never went to war?

Now August and Lisbeth are
paying the price for all this.

They'll hurt him.

People have taken
the fall for

far lesser causes,
Mr. Blomkvist.

Do you see him?

Tracker puts August
in the west wing.



Get out of there!


Give up.

Breathe, Lisbeth.

Would you like
a glass of water?

Please get her
a glass of water.

He needs to open
the program for us.

Would you please talk
some sense into him?

Fuck you.

I made these
just for him.

I will start with this one,
the red one.

It will not kill him,

but it will blind him

The black one, though...

he won't survive.


You have to tell them.

You have to trust me.

To run
Firefall, enter value for:

"The trees fade in the mist."

13, 23, 31.



"The trees fade in the mist."

Access granted.

Firefall online.

It's done.

I won't let them keep it.

Is that really necessary?

I'll transfer the funds

You don't have to.

Why is that?

It's okay. It's okay.

You can't...

Thanks for
all your help.

But I think
we'll keep it.

Calm down.

You'll suffocate.

Trust me, I know.

You know where we are?

This used to be
Father's bedroom.

Until it became mine, too.

But you know that.

There is something
that you didn't know.

When he died...

an odd thing happened.

It was like an awakening.

I could finally see
our father's true face:

A monster's face.

And I was nothing.

Do you remember
that morning

that you jumped off the balcony
and left me behind?

The things he did to me
that day.

And the day after.

And the day after that.

For 16 years.

And for that, Libby,
I blame you.

And so now
the world will burn.

And everyone will know
it was you who lit the match.

Goodbye, Libby.


Uh... there.


Targets down.
Give me more.

I got you, Warchild.

I need
to get you out...

I have her.
She's on the move.

Where's the kid?

Come on.

Get up, Lisbeth.



Come on. There.

Come on.

House is clear.
Where is she?

She's on the other side
of the house. She's leaving.


You should have
visual on the car.

I see her!

Got her.



On the move.

She's on the main
road going around the lake.

Cut through the woods
to intercept.

Well done.

Yes, ma'am.

You can't blame me
for leaving that day.

"That day"?

This is not about a day.

It's about a lifetime.

Are you not
Lisbeth Salander...

the righter of wrongs...

the girl who hurts men
who hurt women?

All those lucky ladies...




I could never
figure it out.

Why did you
help everyone but me?

For 16 years...

every day...

you chose not to save me.

I couldn't.

I c...

I couldn't go back.


You chose him.


Oh, yes.

Okay. Okay.

Subtitles by explosiveskull