The Girl Next Door (2007) - full transcript

Based on the Jack Ketchum novel of the same name, The Girl Next Door follows the unspeakable torture and abuses committed on a teenage girl in the care of her aunt...and the boys who witness and fail to report the crime.

Hi David, this is Charlie. I call to you
a happy birthday wish

Sorry to those tickets
could not give.

I know you counted on me,
but my brother said ...

Call you next week.
We can also agree.

Have a good birthday.

You can reach me on my cell ...

You think you know all about pain?

Talk again with my second wife.

When she was 19, she became
between two fighting cats.

One attacked her, climbed on her,
like a tree.

Comments left on her thighs, breasts
and belly, you can still see.

There were 30 stitches needed.
She had high fever for days.

That is real pain, says my second wife.

If I replace the man
under the car could reach ...

I would have done that.

But also can feel his pain,
might have mitigated the mine.

It was the fiftieth.

A period of foreign
suppressions and secrets.

A period in which even the guilty
showed a rare innocence.

Remembering what happened.

Remembering what we had done.

I am now on the wrong side
of the fifty.

I earn $ 300,000 per year
Wall Street ...

twice married, no children ...

a house in the countryside,
a flat of the firm in the city

My current wife knows nothing af
of what happened many years ago.

I do not know whether I had ever
will tell.

Why should I?

Nothing in my life was still good
Since the summer of 1958.

When Ruth, Donnie, Willie, and we all
met with Meg Loughlin ...

and her sister Susan.

What are you looking for?

- Can I look?

I'm Meg.
- I'm David.

What they are beautiful.

I catch them, look for some
and let them go.


Usually they try to run away.

Have you ever seen a crayfish?

There are none in New York.
Well lobsters. They can hurt you.

Can you as a pet?

They are there to eat.

Crayfish are also eaten.

In Louisiana and Florida and such.

So much to eat is not.

We will try some large
to catch.

Can I try it?
- Yeah.

What is that?

We have had an accident.

Do you have more scars?

A few, but this is the worst.

I have one.
A big one.

In my first attempt.

Good catch.
Did you know that they sometimes kill each other?

You could she recover?
- I always do.

I must go back.

But I wanted to look around.

We had never

Thanks, David, it was fun.

Where you going now?

We stay with our family,
the Chandlers.

The Chandlers? We are their neighbors.
- Goodbye, David.


Yet one days longer with your sister
and you could call the mad house.

Will you help, David?

Hello, Woofer.
- Hi, Dave.

What's in that can?
- Pier.

Donnie is here somewhere?

You're crazy, Woofer.
Seriously disturbed.

I'm black too.

I will complete this stabbing
to an ant war.

Want to bet who will win?

The red will win.
Red ants always win.

In there without calling.

Hey buddy, I am.

Are you there?

That was not funny.
- The face that you drew was.

Help me out with this.

In order to fastest.

- Mormel.

So you've met her.
- Who?

Oh, your cousin.
Yes, in the rock.

She caught a crayfish
at her first attempt.

Yes, she is quite good at things.

She is beautiful, no?
- She's your cousin?

Step-niece. Ma says
The one difference.

She has one sister, huh?
- Susan? That is disabled.

She did thanks
that accident.

They should always very cautious steps.

She wears those things,
such as polio patients.

Both parents are dead.

Ma said that they were killed.

Ma says she does not know
who had aanreed.

In fact they were
hit by a Chrysler.

Therefore they are now with us.

Ma says Meg lucky.
That she has come good.

What do you louts here?

We go to the carnival.
They have them up this morning.

We shall see.

Another summer between children
and fairs. It can not go wrong.

There's dumb and stupid.

Keep your big mouth,
before I do that for you.

Dad wants to know where you go.
He says you've grounded.

Tell Dad to hell runs.

Now you're in trouble well.
I'll tell him.

Then tell him what you and Cheryl
you did yesterday with pillow.

Hey, fellas.
- Hello Willie.

How was the dentist?
- Shut up, idiot.

Ma was mad at you. She says that
it was your turn to babysit.

I am on, guys.
Time for some real action.

It is summer.
Why we played the game yet?

Are you sure she sees nothing?
- She sees no balls.

Ready to run away?
The big tree is the safe zone.

Stop it, Eddie. I know it's you.
- Shut up.

Hey, bitch.

Walk Donnie!

I got you.

What happens now?
- Now they tell the truth.

A person may ask. The rest looks on.
- I first.

Tell the truth.

Have you kissed a boy?
- No. But you do.

Tell us how you and Cheryl
playing with yourself.

We did not.
- Liar.

Have you ever sucked?

A thick, long, hot dick?

Hold on.
I tell Dad.

What is that?

Tell us what you bitches
those pillows did.

High, huh.


Are we agreed on?

If you want me.

If you're afraid
it is not very.



It seems like I can fly
and the whole world.

My parents.

They always like to
bring to an amusement park.

That will now no longer come.

I heard what happened.


This is great, David.

You look as if you do
whole days doing.

Are you serious?

Of course.

I have two tickets,
if you want again.

Very happy.

But I had asked home
of Ruth.

Sometimes she's very funny.

Ruth is great,
exactly one of the gang.

What that whole fair miss,
hoochiecoo is an old-fashioned.

What is a hoociecoo?

You know, the hoochiecoochie ...

Dancing girls, Ralphie.

And the oddities show.

When I was as old as you,
those things still existed.

I once saw a man with three arms.
- Something does not exist.

Speak to your mother.
I really saw that.

I saw a man with three arms.

One was a tiny stump,
that came here.

What else did you see?

Things in bottles.

Stillborn babies.

Little things shrunk.
Cats and goats, everything.

When I was a little girl,
The fair was worthwhile.

Tell me more
hoochiecoo about that.

I still do not understand it well.
What should the proposals?

Dancing girls, I said.

Some were half naked.
In a very short skirt ...

and a tiny bra.

Or a jewel in the navel.
And painted dark circles.

Here and here.

What do you think that?

But something will our social committee
no sponsors. Not at all.

They would like to do that.

She would really like to.

But they all have one woman.

Drink your beer, boys.

Time to go to the carnival to leave.

We may not last night
not miss.

I go with the boys
get an ice cream at the fair.

Stay here for your
sister to care.

And stay out of the ice box.

You may not be too thick.

Especially if you once
hoochiecoo to the dance.

That I had heard.

Maybe I read it in Playboy.

You read that in Playboy
and I screwed all the bunny's.

My father buys every month
Playboy, asshole.

Have you seen that with Jane Mansfield?
- Yeah, I saw that.

The biggest tits I ever saw.
- Bigger than that of Carol Baker?

Greater than that of June Wilkinson?
- Bigger than Willie.

Where is Donnie?

He may not out of ma
before he has finished eating.

One of you has already seen a woman?

A real woman, I mean.
- Counts Meg them?

See anything?

I'm not even elbow.

Hey, wait.

To hell with her.

Maybe get her
to join the game.

Fucking assholes.


I do this.

Look closely again, then
you do the rest.

Looks nice.
Greasy and flavorful.

Take this down.

Note that I want to keep the garden.

And not in the woods.
The wood for themselves.

I will not.

Are you dissatisfied because of
some worms, darling?

No, I just do not ...
- Have you ever.

Here we get a lesson
of femininity, boys.

The sensitive Meg.

You know how girls do
sensitive, not?

And Meg is a lady.
Without doubt.

What am I in hell?

Am I not a lady you think then?
- No, I just wanted ...

Note well what you say.

I suffer no such insinuations
of a child ...

that not even her own face
can clean.

Scroll down and help your sister
with the laundry.

When you're done,
I show you something else.

My boys can handle this.

Right, boys.

A cheeseburger and a lemonade.

Hi Meg, how are you?

Want to buy me something?
I have not eaten in two days.

Can I still get one?

Why did not you eat?

I can not.

Why not?
- I can not.

I do not understand.
- Ruth says I am overweight.

That says it for you to tease.
- David No, she hates me.

Everybody hates me.

Why was she so angry last?

Maybe they just

She was not accustomed to
girls in the house.

It is not just this once.

It happens all the time.

I can never do anything right.

When I lie in bed at night
I can think of nothing else.

Before we came here to
I painted.

Just in watercolor.

I do not think I
very good, but ...

My mother liked it.

I've tried, but I
here can not paint.

Because I know what Ruth would do.
I know what she will say.

She would look at me.

And say I'm a stupid weight
and my time trying to peel fresh.

That does not sound like the Ruth I know.

Come on, why do not you?

Why do not you paint watercolor
for Ruth?

She will love it.

I really can not.

Create one for me.

Would you really want?
- Very happy.

I make a painting.

And thanks for everything, David.
- Sure.

I do not want you hanging around outside.
I need your help in the house.

Better to continue immediately.
- Yes, Mrs. Chandler.

Aunt Ruth.

In hell, you even know?

Stupid bitch.

Dinner is ready.

Give the stuff here.
It will brains.

Hello there.
- Hello Mrs Moran. I'm Meg.

How nice to finally

Want to come and eat?
- I can not, I ...

I did this to David.

Thanks, Meg.
- It is a bit stupid.

Throw it away but
if you do not like.

What have we here?

That is really nice.

She has something, right?

Mrs. Chandler is happy
to her house.

You must be David.
- Yes. Hi Susan.

Meg says you're nice.

What you got?

I have something for you.
- Turn off the TV, Ralphie.

What is it, David?
- A present.


She has painted for you.

It is beautiful, Meg.

Do not kid me.

She made this for you, Davy.
- Surely not.

Just look.

It's a boy to a river.
Course is for you.

Take it. I will not.
- They made it real for you, Ruth.

She just wanted ...
- Do not, David.

Come learn something, guys.

Listen well.
This is important.

You just need love but are
for a woman.

Then she does all kinds
good things for you.

Look at David.

He was kind to Meg
and she gave him a painting.

That is what you got, huh David?

Is that all they gave you?

You're a bit young,
but these days you never know.

Today, girls
so easy. That is their problem.

Promise them a trifle,
and you usually get what you want.

Believe me, I know
I am talking about.

Look at your father, Davy.

He fucked half
the women in this city.

Everyone knows that.
Even your mother knows that.

Do not be ashamed.

He is at least a hard worker,
that his family maintains decent.

Your father would have his own business
when we married.

We would be richer than
my parents were when I was little.

And they were quite rich,
believe me.

And look what I got.

And that beautiful Irish bastard
Noorderzon to the left.

Believe me Fri
Girls are stupid.

Girls are easy.


Through and through.

Take this painting on back, Meg.

I know you've made for Davy.

And try to make me anything else wise.

What I would like to know, Meggie ...

What do you get to this?

We all know that David
a nice guy, but ...

From him you expect nothing.

I only hope that this painting
the only thing you gave him.

You have all men want in the house.
And that's not your painting.

If you guys now what they want
Makes no more than a slut.

You know what a slut is?

Can you, Susan?
Of course not, you're too young.

I will tell you what a slut.

This is someone who's legs
spreads open for a man ...

so he could slip inside.

Stop giggling, Ralphie.

Anyone who is a slut
deserves a punishment.

There will everyone in this city
to accept them.

I am warning you, darling.

If I notice that you hang the slut ...

your ass is a lawn
Aunt Ruth and the lawnmower.

Who wants a beer?

As if I am yesterday.

I always painted for my mother.
I also wanted to try.

I do not care what you
your mother did. You're a slut.

Want to waste your time
a boy?

Hands off.
- You are a liar and a slut.

You can not forget your sister.

What an exemplary behavior.
- Yeah, I think the whole day to him.

So do you act so.
The whole day fantasizing about one boy.

Good night, girls.
It was blissful.

Hold on.

Come watch, David.
She creeps.

Leave me alone, please.
- Grab her.

Why did you do that, bitch?

You've seen what he did.
- He did nothing.

You have his face scratched.
- I'm going to tell Mama.

I want nothing with you

Your sister is a fucking whore.

Can someone tell me
what happens here?

Meg has Woofer attacked.
- She scratched his face.

Someone should have challenged her.

We were tickling her
and when she scratched in Woofers face.

You too, David?

Did you also tickled Megan?
- No, I just came inside.

I do not blame you, sweetie.
I suggest you just one question.

Where is she now?
- I do not know. She ran away.

Susan, you saw what happened here?

And you tried her
to stop when they hit Ralphie?

I could not.
- You had to try, sweetheart.

Meg is finally your sister.

Do you know what it means ...

the accomplice to
of someone doing something?

This means that you may owe.

Even though you yourself might
nothing specifically done ...

yet you somewhere complicit.
Do you understand me?

I will try to explain.

You love your sister, right?

Because you love her,
it would also forgive you, no?

She wanted to hurt him.
She was just angry.

Of course.
But you forgive her, right?

So there you are totally wrong, sweetheart.

This Makes her accomplice.

What they did was wrong.
This is misconduct.

If you forgive her because of you
love her, you're wrong.

Go to on this side of the bed.

Pull your skirt up
and your underpants down.

Come on, do it.

Let Aunt Ruth not force.

It also comes with.

I give it five for your complicity.

Ten Meg.

And another five for disobedience.
That makes twenty.

Stay here, guys.

Girls just cry.

There is nothing to do.

This is for her own good.
Your presence there contributes to this.

Dare not to touch her ...

Not as fun as your little sister
be beaten.

Right, Megan.

You might teach people
your own age to address.

Hold on, vixen.
- I'm not ready, sweetie.

Please stop.

You have two more credits.

Give me that ring, Meg.

That was my mother.
- Your mother is dead.

You live in my house,
I determine the rules here.

Give me the damn ring.

I gotta go.

This is only a small domestic
disagreement. It remains among us.

You saw what you saw ...

but nobody goes
else to.


Hey guys, what do you want?
- A red popsicles.

For me a brown cow.
- Thanks, guys.

What time does the fireworks?
- Around half past eight, I think.

Come sit with us.

Donnie, get a few beers.

You sent a policeman
to my mother.

Sit down, Willie.

Sit down, I say.

What I wonder is
what you expected, Megan.

What went through your head?

Did you really think he is you
road would bring?

You and Susan.

You are away?

I assure you
that it will not happen.

He takes you nowhere,
because he did not care.

What's left?

What else can you do?

Did you think I scared him
would be?

The question is.

What do we do now?

Nothing on this man or to the
Any man scares me.

If you did not know, I hope
that you have by now.

But I can not even five feet
the police to let go.

So the question is ...

What do we do?

Was there a place where you
can go, I would send you there.

I is not stupid slut needed
to damage my reputation.

And they pay me enough
to be stabbing you in much trouble.

I will have another good
about it.

Go to your room.

I mean everyone.

You too, Davy.

Sorry, but I must
think hard work.

Would you go for a beer?
- No, thanks.

Tell your papa but not who gave it to you.

Thanks, Ruth.
- Aunt Ruth.

Have you even thought about?
- What?

Meg to the game
to participate.

We now have our own game.

I think not, David.

I stayed there so often before sleep.

The last time no longer.

Is it because Megan and Susan?
- Yes.

I do not understand.
For me this is the same as before.

It is not the same,
and you know well what is at stake.

I do not know, ma.
- What is it about?

He wants to spend the night there again.
- Besides?

Let him sleep.

You clearly know the latest
developments not.

When the Chandlers live now
two young girls.

Do not be silly, Robert.
- You're silly.

Is there any coffee?

Thanks, Dad.
- Sure.

Now we are complete.

The game is something to tell.

What say?
- A secret.

Sounds good. But how do they
with the gag in her mouth?

They may still not
talk, Mom.

You want something, Meggie?
- No, she's not ready.

What happens now?

Now we take a book.

Confession it.

Take a book down.

Let's see how long they stand it.
- It must have hurt after a while.

She is still too easy.

Should they not be allowed
to confess to?

No, not so fast.
Take away the other book, Willie.

We have to undress her.
- Yes, her dress.

Shut up.
- I do not think this is good ...

We got the admission.

Let her undressed.

That is the game, right?

Then we start it.
- I got it.

Want to save her clothes, ma?
But then I just underpants.

No, I do not care.

I want to hurt you.

But if you try something ...

I will have to.

Do not be stupid.


No stairs.

Ready to confess, Megan?

Let me do the rest.

Then let her confess.

Now you can confess.

Get the ropes.

Do you untie my arms?
They really do hurt.

You get no more.
- Come, confession.

Tell us how you play with yourself.

You stick your finger in there might not?

Tell us what you do.
- In the sly.

Is David here?
- Yes, that is here.

Where is Susan?
- That there is.

The hell with Susan,
where is your confession?

I have nothing to confess!

Let me go.

Touch not that girl.

I do not want one of you
touch her.

One girl even if it is not proper.

Keep your hands off her.

First we have the gag
back into her mouth.

That is totally disgusting.

So it is not dirty.

They may not all night
are called. Push him into it.

Maybe you have a slightly
thinking, girl.

About two things even.


Your little sister before you can hang
instead of you.

And second.

I know what nasty things you did.
And I wanted them to hear from you sometimes.

Perhaps this confession
yet so no children's game.

Either I hear it from one ...

I hear either of the other.

Think about it.

I wonder how it feels.

As long standing position with hands
tied above her head.

It must hurt.

Terribly hurt.

Have you seen her?

How they looked.

Down there.
- I've never seen anything like it.

Let us go see what they make.

Then we have another good look.
- Are you crazy? Mama would hear.

We can silently.
- Are you kidding?

Even if farting
under the sheets, they hear it already


She'll want some water.

You idiot. If we give her water
we must remove the prop.

So what?
She will not make noise.

You will make any noise he Meg?

Otherwise make your mom awake.

If they make noise, they find problems.
She is not stupid.

My arms and my shoulders
do so much.

Maybe we can ...
- A little.

On one condition.
- All you ask.

You must promise that you will not fight
and you will tell it to anyone.


What say?
- You know.

We will hurt you,
we only want to touch it.

None of you will touch me.

Wrong. Who will stop us?
- I.

Really? How?

You will only get one chance to
touching me, you bastards ...

for I will start screaming.

That leaves the ropes where they are.

And you get back a lump in your mouth.

And that's that.


Gag me.

And then make out of here.

We do that.

Open your mouth.

Remember our deal.

You got your water.

But we have not been.

Come on guys, learn the ropes
looser. Ruth will not see.

Look at her.
It takes long before the morning.



Eat your toast on, sweetie.

Come on sweetie, eat some of.
- Better not.

I will not squander food, Meg.

I made that toast for you.

What do you want me to do?
Discard it?

Put him there.
I eat it later on.

This attracts insects.

Cockroaches and ants.

I do not want bugs in the house.

You must eat now.
While fresh.

I would eat it,
but I can hardly swallow.

I will drink tea.
Is that good?

Nobody has said
it would be easy.

You're a woman, Meg.
And that's not easy.


You have broken my head, damn.

Do you think tea is cheap?

I've not broken.

What is this?

Who will clean up the mess?

I do though.
I promise.

Susan, come here.

You love Meg down, the
case they mean or stupid to do.

Come stand here.

So we clean the floor.

We start with the slut.

We will insert a new regulation.

Once you disobey ...

speaks to me, strengthens me energy,
anything, missy ...

will pay them.

We will try that.

Do you think honestly, Suzie?

Do you think you should pay
for what your dirty sister doing?

- Of course not.

But nobody says
that life is fair.

Put the dress the girl up
and pull her panties down to Mama.

Where you going?

I need help with my dad.

We will later play in the water tower.

Have you ever seen a guy
a girl look whack?

I think so.
Drunks or children.

Have you ever wondered
or could do?

You mean if I got talking?

This is a difficult question.

A woman is a man
sometimes rod hunting.

But you must always think
that the weaker sex.

And you're not tough.

But despite ...

I have seen women who
it deserved.

If you work in a bar that you see sometimes.

A woman has too much to drink.
She is bold and boisterous.

Sometimes they give a stab at the man
who is with her. What should they do?


So he gives her a slap.

But you just said ...
- There are exceptions to the rule.

You should never hit a woman.

And I care but
you never see it.

But sometimes ...

you are bound.

Because they have driven too far.

But for both parties.

Good advice.

Keep your hands off and makes you
your own business. Man or woman.

You will avoid problems.

Hi, Susan.

Ruth is here somewhere?

She is top of the rest.

I can not stop them.

Do you?
- I know.

I would do it I can.

Do not you think it enough?
- Not dicks.

Get up, piece of shit.

Your turn to tie her down.

Were you forget something, David?


I have something to say.

Stop moving.

Good morning, David.

Take a beer if you want.
- Maybe later.

Goddamn, Donnie.

Now we close fires.

Shut up.

Shut up or I'll do it again.

You go look.

Did you hear me?

I said:
Shut up or I'll do it again.

Do they handle
when someone at the door?

Should you not control that, Ruth?

Suppose again
Mr. Jennings is.

- The police, Ruth.

I can monitor her for you.

Her guard.
- To ensure that they are not running away.

But monitor her.
Good idea.

If I hear a noise, I died
you both. I promise.

Not simply punish, but murder.

Do you understand that, David?
Is that clear? Well.

Very good.

Here she comes.

Good afternoon, Mrs. Chandler.

I was in the neighborhood and come to see
how the girls go.

That is kind.
They make it very well.

Come in, please.

The girls are going shopping.

Want a cup of coffee?
- No thanks, Mrs. Chandler.

Or a glass of lemonade?
It is such a hot day.

No thanks.

I will help you out, Megan.
I have some money saved.

Everything is okay.

I make sure that nothing
Susan happens.

And that is all right
when you return.

Go to the police.

And show them this.

I promise.

He is my shadow.

Ms. Chandler, I ...

Everyone calls me Ruth.

I got a call from
Ms Marina from the street.

Apparently, her eldest son, Tony ...

We know Tony very well.
A very sweet boy.

He told his mother that his boys
Meg saw whack away.

You know that children always exaggerate.
It would have been a familieruzietje.

He told her that she
used as a punching bag.

Something my boys would never do.

How did he know?
- What did he know?

Did you tell him?
- As told? What do you mean?

Do not kid me, David.

According to her ma told you that Jennings
at the door.

How did you know that he was?

I assumed that.
- You had or guessed.

I just wanted Ruth ...
- What did you do to her?

I wanted her here wegkrijgen.
She looked exactly a zombie.

She was indeed quite strange.

That is true.

What happens to Meg?
- What do you mean?

We need something that burns
lubrication, for they become infected.

To hell with her.

I'm not quite finished with her.

But then ...

I am perhaps.

I do not know.

I just do not know.

Turn that TV softer, Ralphie.

I will leave the back door.

They will think that I forgot.
Give me half an hour.

Here, take this.
- I can not do this, David.

If something goes wrong.

And they find it in me.

Then they will know you were here.

And then we never get any chance.

Hide it for me.

Among the large stone.

You have really gone, believe me.

I'm so sorry.

It is the last thing you did
that is important.

Come in and close the door.

Stay here.

There good for you, girl.

You will now have a disease,
but that's not bad.

Today they
there treatments.

I want my mommy.
- Shut up, dammit.

Who wants another round?
Eddie? Davy?

I want it.

I do not know. So right after your brother.
That seems incest.

Come on, ma.
- No, not really.

It would be here hooker
do not care, but ...

it seems to me ...

much more appropriate as it would be Eddie
or Davy.

Perhaps you are wise guys.
I would not touch her in any case.

But I'm just not a man.

I just want to cut her.
- Me too.


Why let her fuck you Donnie?
- Shut up, I am talking to Ralphie.

What do you mean cut, baby?

Something in her letter, so everyone
knows that she is a whore.

We cut it, ma.

This show you do not do?

The boys have decided.

So we do it.

You know what that slut
wanted to do last night?

She tried to get out of here.

Someone left the door open.

We think it was Donnie.
He was here last.

And he's always been kind to her.

Why can not I?
- What then?

Fuck her.

As I say, damn.
That's incest.

Would you mess your brothers in dirt?
You're disgusting.

Just like your father.
Say nothing to me.

This may not make you, Ruth.


This is not right.

Please tell me no
hear or what not, boy.

Never say that to me.

Here we go.

We will have heat.

Otherwise she gets an infection.

I'm outta here.
- You're not going anywhere.

I want to see this.

Close your eyes, damn.


That there forever, Meggie.

You will never have married.

You will no
exposing your clothes.

That is best for you.

No man will want you.

You will never have problems with children.

Price you happy.

You liked to be nice to see.

To be sexy.

This world is a woman
more ugly.

So many states they are no longer.
- I told you.

A woman knows such things.

She does not look out.

Fuck me.

You would better her
hang again.

Hold on.

We have ensured
that no man will want her.

But the problem is.

That Meg perhaps even
a man wants.

Then life becomes a torture.

A woman is not over her
a body man.

She wants him only
at a particular place.

You know what I'm talking about?

That'll come, dear.

A woman wants a man
between her legs.

In a small place.

If you spot away ...

You know what happens then?

Then you take away her desire.

You take that away forever.
That succeeds.

In some countries they always do.

It is very common
as a girl a certain age.

In Africa, for example,
in New Guinea.

They find it even
a civilized custom.

So I wonder
why would we not do?

We just take
that one little spot away.

We burn it away.

Then our work will be perfect.

What do you think you going?

Wanted this to your whore of a mother
to tell?

If you wanted to send Jennings agent?

Now hear her.

I do not know what to do with you
to do, but I find something.

Be happy that you have no place
as it has.

But you yourself have two boyfriends
where you can to make sure.

Tie him up, boys.

Where were we?

You hate me?
- Not at all.

And even Meg.

It's all my fault.

Without Meg yesterday i had to
run away and never return.

She has tried, Susan.

But they have caught her.

She grabbed her when she came up
to fetch me.

She could not leave.

I left the door open.

She would come and collect you later.

Why is not immediately fled?

Probably because ...

It happens that Ruth ...

touching me.

At one time she did me bleed.

I told Meg.

That was very angry and told Ruth
she knew what she did with me.

And when Ruth began beating her.

She hit her very much.

She had to run away without me.

I've never liked it
pain was made.

Calm down, it will be fine.

No Meg, do not.

I'm here, and Susan is there.

It hurts so much.

Do not move.

Sorry, Megan.

I am so sorry.

It is good, Susan.

We have tried.

Is it night?

Therefore, I think ...

my parents are worried
if I did not come home.

I can not, David.
- Rest.

I have to find something that I
can hurt them.

So we miscarry.

There is nothing.

You know how many times
I've tried?

There is something.


But there must have something else

Put the knife away.

Throw it away, I say.

Take him away.

What happened?

It was Ruth, Mr. Jennings.

It was Ruth.

She has done Meg.

Because that gave her problems.

Stay here with her.

Not talking.

Would you do me a favor?

Of course.

Want the ring of my mother

Thank you.

I thought it was a dream.

That you tried to help me.

A dream.

But it was no dream.

You have not abandoned me.

Do you mind?

Now she can ...

I do not hurt anymore.

You will now take care of me, right?

And Susan too?

I do not think I will save.

I love you.

The past always catches up to you.

Whether you like it or not.

This can be a gift,
or a curse. If you allow that.

I will never be the gift
Meg Loughlin forgotten.

Although I am haunted by
the agony that I have failed ...

somebody to save.

But as she taught me ...

What you did last,
is important.