The Gambler (1974) - full transcript

Axel Freed, a College Professor and very successful at his job, is a gambling junkie who wins big but loses it all at the same time. He borrowed from his girlfriend, his wealthy mother, and last but not least a Loan Shark from the Mob. It just gets worse for him because he loses all his cash each time and acts like it doesn't matter. But when his Girlfriend decides to leave him, his Mom decides to disown him, and the Mob wants to kill him, Axel decides to make a big score to win big and pay off everyone to stay alive and keep his dignity and come out ahead.

- Bet two.
- Two thousand.

What, is there an echo in here ?
Two thousand.


How much ?

Same bet. Been playin'
the same fuckin' bet all night.



Drink !

Play two.

Three thousand.

You take it.

What are you up at,
six ?
Send it all in.

Hey, Axel, we got limits.
You tryin' to snap
my rhythm ?

Two dime maximum.
You know that.
I just played three.

You wasn't supposed to play
no three !
Two thousand. No more.

It's for
your own protection.
Fuck my protection !

Five hundred on come.

Here we go.
Good roll.

Two aces, craps.

Two thousand, red.

No more bets.

Seventeen, black.

Axel, be hip, black's
been comin' up all night.
Thank you.

Bets please.
Twenty-four, black.

Red again.

No more bets.

Eight, black.

Hey, Axel,
you need some cash ?

Call the monkey.
I'll tell you where to go.

What could I tell ya ?
It's the worst luck
I've seen in 15 years.

Have you got any idea
how much you owe ?
Forty-four and change.

Forty-four dimes !
That's six eldoradoes.

$44,000, Axel !
It ain't just numbers.

I want another thousand,

You're gonna beat us
for 44,000 out of 1,000 ?

Axel, we shouldn't laugh.
This is serious.

You're the last person
I want anything bad
to happen to. You know that.

Come on, move it,
will ya ?

Get the ball !
Get the ball !

Take it, take it !

Come on.

Let me see you
make it from there.

Hey, man, you lookin'
for somebody ?

Which one out there
is the best ?

What's it to you ?

I wanna play him
a little one-on-one.

Twenty bucks.

Man, we don't got
no twenty bucks.

What you got ?

A dime.

All right,
I'll play him 20 bucks
to a dime.

Go fix it up.
You wanna be the fool !
Rather you than me.

Take him ! Take him !

Come on.
Man, come on !

Take it to the hoop.

Eight up. Eight up.
That's a rookie !

Play him, man.
Play him, play him.
Handle him, man, get on him !

He's a rookie.

All right !

It's nine-eight.

Twenty dollars, man.
Here's the big one !

Hey, hey.
Anytime you want a replay,
man, you just come on by.

I'll remember that.

Hey, white boy !
Hey, white boy !

First time I ever seen you
without a shave.
It's a disguise.

What did you do ?
Rob a bank ?

I took over the country.
One-man coup.

Thank you.

I may even make you a sheriff
down in Texas.


Okay, when dostoyevsky tells us
that he detests the fact...

That two and two
make four...

And that he reserves
his sacred right to insist
that two and two make five,

he's saying what ?

That his life is based on--

Frustration ?
Look, look, look !

Any cretin can prove
that two and two make four,
right ?

So the man that goes against
that notion must be riding
on sheer--

Will. He claims an idea
is true because he wants
it to be true,

because he says
it is true.

The issue isn't whether he's
right, but whether he has the
will to believe he's right...

No matter how
many proofs there are
that say he's wrong.

How many fingers do
you see sticking up here ?

Right now I see four.

But... tomorrow,
I might be absolutely sure
that it's five.

It's precisely that possibility
that makes tomorrow intriguing.

"Reason only satisfies
man's rational requirements.

"Desire, on the other hand,
encompasses everything.

Desire is life."

Yeah, well, I don't know
all about that,

'cause I'm dealing
in reality.

I'm dealing in things
that I can see.

Spencer, if you put half
the concentration
to reading dostoyevsky...

That you put into basketball,
you'd understand
what he was saying.

Look. What's your--
what's your shooting range ?

Oh, about 20 feet.
Twenty feet. And do you ever
shoot from beyond that ?

Why ?

Because sometimes I just feel
the ball is gonna go in.

That's why.
Does it ?

- No, not usually.
- Right.

But, for that one second before
you shoot, you're absolutely
certain that it is going in.

All athletes and poets
know that.
It's their secret connection.

They know it's going in.
They know...

That two and two are five.

That's it.


By the way,
I got buried last night.

Anyone wanna lend me 10,000
till the end of the semester ?

Ten thousand what ?
Ten thousand of anything
would help me out right now.

What's in it
for us ?
Oh, an a+...

And a letter of recommendation
to military school.

You winning ?
Tight, but I'm comin' on.

This is Ali.

Joe Frazier.

You couldn't deck
your own shadow.

Gettin' pretty reckless
for a little rebel pussy,
aren't ya ?

Cut it out.
Let me go !

You are-- big yankee freak,
you wanna fight ?

Whoo !

You got a class ?

Going hunting.
Huntin' what ?


What is it this time ?
Cock fights ?

Did you lose a lot ?

A thousand ?

Two thousand ?


You did not.

$44,000 ?

How are you gonna get it ?
I'll get it.

I don't know if I should be
associating with you.
You love it.

I love what ?

Strange smells.

Unfamiliar hands.

The possibility
of blood.

You think so, huh ?

Yes, ma'am, I do.

Excuse me.
Is my mother around ?

Yes, she's right there
in the next ward.
Oh, good, thank you.

You're welcome.


I think I've had it
for today.

Thank you.

I may need $10,000, mom.

You what ?

I may need $10,000.

You gambled ?

Is it that you've gambled
and already lost,

or you're waiting to gamble
if I say I'll help you ?

I probably won't
even need it.
I just...

Want to know
that I can count on you
in case I do.

This is why you were trying
to take my head off
on the court just now ?

I don't know.

Look, I need
an answer, mom.

Well, I can't give you one
just like that !

You better call me

Axel freed ?

Monkey tells me
you're a teacher.

I have a class.

That's it !
That's the monkey's laugh.

You should do that
on television.
for the right offer.

What kind of class
you teach ?

Uptown college.
No kiddin' ?
Then you're a professor ?

I thought you were
a high school instructor
or somethin'.

Listen, would you straighten
me out on something ?

Why do I have to meet
this guy ?

Bernie ?

Well, you're correct.
Generally speaking,

Bernie don't go in
for personal interviews
with his customers.

But it's my understanding
that you're requesting
a sum of cash...

Somewhat larger
than he's in the habit
of loaning out.

I just don't wanna go through
a whole number.

Don't worry.
Bernie's a very personable
human being.

I got a nephew
that goes to college.

Hotel school.

Wish the fuck
I had went to college.

What for ?
Are you kiddin' ?

In a couple of years
the kid could be runnin'
the fontainebleu hotel.

So what ?
I mean, look what you've got.
What's that ?

Fresh air.

Open road.
Free afternoon.

Listen, I gotta see
a customer for a minute.

Wanna come along ?

Come on.

You'll like this guy.
He's nice.

How long is this gonna take ?
I wanna meet this Bernie.

We're goin'.
This'll just take
a minute.

Who is it ?
It's carmine.
Open the door.

He's not here.
Open the door.
I'm not gonna bite ya.

where is he ?

He's in buffalo.
He's visiting his father.

He said he'd have everything
for ya next Monday.

Next Monday, huh ?


well, next Monday
ain't soon enough.

This makes three times
he jerked me off !

Would you stand
over here, please ?

What does this guy think I am ?
Some kind of a hypocrite ?

Huh ?

Oh, please !
Get out of my--

Oh, please !
Please !

Oh, please don't !

Oh, please don't !
Oh, please don't !

Oh, god !
Oh, please don't hurt him.
Please !

Not that ! Not that !

You got 48 hours.

You hear ?

Oh, Ricky, Ricky.

What's the matter ?
Handsome kid like you
can't find no girls ?

You haven't missed a beat.

Okay, buddy,
this is it.

You'll find him inside.

How will I know it's him ?

Don't worry.
Bernie will know you.

"Alex" freed ?
That's close enough.

Sit down.

What do you want ?
Some clams ?
They'll fix you some clams.

Jerry, bring over
two dozen littlenecks.
What are you drinking ?

Good ! You should
put some weight on you.
You're too skinny.


How much do they pay
up in that school ?
Fifteen hundred.

A week ?
Oh, a month.
A month.

What else you got ?

Who's lending,
who's borrowing ?

You got any collateral ?
Collateral ?

Automobile, jewelry ?
What is this,
chase Manhattan ?

You don't seem to comprehend
the situation.

You have to pay three percent
a week every week.

I know
what I have to do.

Where are you
gonna get it ?
I'll get it.

You will, huh ?
How much you want ?

Twenty thousand.
Oh !

Did you tell that
to the monkey ?

I didn't really mention
a figure.

You should've.
Yes, I should've.

I would've, you know,
if he'd told me
he was sending me to a clerk.

Hey, fella.
Hey, come here, you !

Hey, buddy !


Hey, it's me.
So what ?

- So what your ass.
- **

listen, what are you tryin'
to do ? Chase away
the whole neighborhood ?

Fuck 'em.
I gotta use your phone.

Go ahead.
Do me a favor.
Turn that a little lower, huh ?

Hey, listen.
I tried to call
your office before.

Hello ? This is hips.
What the fuck
are you tryin' to pull ?

Yeah ?
Well, I wouldn't count
on that if I was you.

Because as far as I'm concerned
you could get the marines
and the arab guerrillas...

And 20 niggers with chains,
and they could all be
protectin' you...

And I'd still find you,
kick your fuckin' face in
if I ain't paid tomorrow.

Yeah ?

I'll come over right now,
throw lye in your eyes.
I'll boil your lungs in oil.

You dirty, lowdown stool pigeon,
motherfuckin' scumbag
degenerate dog !

Die !

What is that Italian ?

What ? "Stra morte" ?
It don't mean nothin'.

But anything
that sounds Italian scares
the shit out of them.

That's pretty good.

No, it ain't.
You don't got
to flatter me, Axel.

Anybody reads
William Shakespeare, he ain't
impressed by no match tricks.

To the contrary.
"To the contrary" !

I love the way you talk.
I don't know anybody
uses expressions the way you do.

Listen, would you like
something to eat ?
Little yogurt or something ?

I didn't come here to eat.
How much you got for me ?

Nothing today.

Listen, you know what's
standing between your skull
and a baseball bat ?

Hmm ?
My word.

I told my people
you're legitimate, so for
now they ain't too crazy.

But that could change

What is this ?
I mean, you never gave me
this shit before, hips.

You never been in this kind
of trouble before.

Let me tell you somethin'.
It's bullshit
when they say...

That a man which owe 50,000
is in the same doghouse
with a man which owe 15.

I have to finish
getting dressed now.
I'll get it for you, all right ?

I hope you're not thinkin'
of gettin' it by bettin'
with some other bookmaker.

I'll get it !
You let me worry about how !

I'll see youse.


Rebecca has a
little present for you.

Silver cuff links !
How lovely !
Ahhh !

My darling boy.
Happy birthday,

Ah, I see you're wearing
your favorite tie.

Well, I take my style
from the master.

Let there be--
let there be silence.


My grandson,
the distinguished professor
of literature...

And future author
of immortal books,

has requested
your attention.

We are...
Living in an age...

That subverts the breeding
of men like a.R. Lowenthal.

Hear, hear.

In Lithuania,
when he was 13,

he stuck a knife in the back
of a cossack pig...

Who had knocked his mother
to the ground.

At 15, he prowled New York
as a bandit...

Until he had the cash to feed
a family of five.

At 20, he opened
a furniture store.

Which he built into two,
then fifteen,

then 50, then 100.

Until finally
he had the largest chain
america had ever seen.

But no matter
where he went...

Or what he did,

he always found a place
for every person
bound to him by blood.

Your families and
your families' families--

to say nothing
of his own children,
my uncle hy here,

my dear mother Naomi,

whose rare intelligence
he nurtured,

and to whom he gave an
extra measure of support...

When she was widowed early
by my father's death.

But... I'm the one
most deeply in his debt.

Because every time
I think my reach
has stretched too far,

I remember the moves
that he has dared.


I drink this toast
on his 80th birthday.

This man that seized what
he wanted with nothing
there to back him up...

But wit and balls...

And will.

This killer...
This king.

Beautiful !

I-- "I drink
to the general joy...

Of the whole table."



Are you out of trouble
or are you just playing a game ?
I'm dancing with you.

Don't take that tone
with me.

I'm not playing
any games.

Do you still need
the money ?

Truthfully ?

I don't know whether
to believe you or not

Look at my grandson
and my daughter
cavorting around like gypsies.

Hy, go on, dance.
You can dance.
Go ahead, dance.

Any objections if I cut in
on the king's grandson ?
In a minute, hy.

That's all right.
Go ahead. I'll take
you swimming later.

Thank you.

Hy, be careful
with all that weight
you're carrying.

The water's warmer
than the air.

Ah, thanks.

That feels good.

How's that ?
Oh, it's nice.

What's that ?

It's what I owe.

How is that possible ?

Well, I gambled
and I lost.

You gambled and you lost.
Is that all
you have to say ?

$44,000 ?

Are you so naive,
you don't know...

What those monsters do
with the money
you give them ?

They shoot it right
in the arms of ten-year-old

I see them every day
at the clinic.

My god, Axel !

Have I been
such a failure...

That I've raised a son
to have the morals
of a snail ?

You gonna help me
or not ?

Axel, what will
they do to you ?

Axel, I asked you a question.
What will those people
do to you ?

For 10,000,
they break your arms.

For 20, your legs.
For 50, you get
a whole new face.

Axel, what will they do ?
I don't know, ma.
I don't know.

Threaten me.
Kill me.

Five thousand, fifteen thousand,
twenty-five thousand.
May I have an envelope, please ?

You know you're responsible
if you don't count it.

Yes, I know.

Here, here, here, here.

Can you help me,
please ?

Let me call you back.

You have identification ?

Do you have anything else ?
What for ?
What's wrong with that ?

This is $15,000
you want to withdraw.

I know how much it is.
Will you give me your okay,
please ?

I'm sorry.
You need two pieces
of identification.

Listen. I'm a doctor.
I have patients waiting
to see me.

Are you going to help me
or do I have to see
the manager ?

The manager will tell you just
what I'm telling you. You need
two pieces of identification.

Hello ?

Ah !

Yes ? I thought you said
you were having dinner
at your parents' house tonight.

What do you think
you're doing ?

This lady is trying
to be polite, and you're
taking advantage of her.

Now give her the money
that belongs to her.
I must see proof that--

I came out of her womb,

and I am telling you
that she's Naomi freed.

Give her the money.

Are you going
right home ?

When do you give it
to them ? Today ?

Do they come
to your house ?

It's all right, mom.
It's okay now.

This is the end of it.

This is the end.


we'll have our coffee,
and I'll take you home.

No. You do it now.

Axe ?

You better do
some painful thinking.

Unless you come to terms
with why you're doing this,

no money's
gonna get you out.

Who is it ?
What do you mean who is it ?


I need to use
your phone.

Did you get your debt
paid up ?

Are you using this place
to hide ?

You can if you want to,
you know.

Hello ?
Ray ? Axel.
Hips there ?

No, he's out on the road.
I'll call back
in a half hour.

Any message ?
Just tell him
I've got it all.

You got all of it ?

In cash ?
Yes !

How'd you get it ?
I won it.

Why are you angry
at me ?

'Cause I didn't call to find
out how you're makin' out ?
That's right.

I didn't have to.
You told me you were
gonna get it.

I knew you would.

You knew it ?

You should be a gambler.

You didn't win it,
did you ?

How did you get it ?

I killed somebody
for it.

Must've been somebody
pretty important.

Ah, I'm gonna go teach
a class. You wanna
come with me ?

You can jeer and throw
rotten eggs at me
if I get boring.

I'll get the eggs.
Hurry up.

"George Washington was,
I think,
the typically good man.

"Take it as you please.

"He, personally, was 90%
of the force which made
the American revolution.

"Know Washington and you
will know practically...

All there is to understand
about the American republic."

Now, that's the way
William Carlos Williams
begins his essay.

Washington is a good man
and a supreme symbol
of america.

But... as we get into the
details of this personal vision
of the father of our land,

we find
that he is not so simple.

That he wanted women

but stayed tied
to the apron of his wife.

That he lived
in constant rage,

but lost his temper
only once.

That he was a man
of massive size and frame,

but wore waistcoats,
lace and gloves.

So that by the time
the piece ends,

we find that Williams
has reversed himself completely.

"Washington is the typical
sacrifice to the mob.

In a great many ways,
thoroughly disappointing."

Now, what's happened ?

He seen all that
cherry tree stuff was bullshit.

Maybe it is,
but it's not the point
that Williams is making.

Well, it's the point
that I'm making. And I'm sorry,
I can't dig him, babe.

No one's asking you
to dig him, Spencer.

Williams doesn't dig him

He's trying to tell us
something about ourselves,
using Washington to do it.

He ain't telling me
a thing.

Why is Washington
disappointing ?

Because he's afraid.
Afraid of what ?

Losing ! Washington
is terrified of failure.

And if failure
is the absolute evil,

what must be eliminated
at any cost ?

The element of--

Risk ! There are certain
questions Washington
just won't ask.

Certain borders
he'd rather die than cross.

D.h. Lawrence says,

Americans fear
new experience more
than they fear anything.

They are the world's
greatest Dodgers...

"Because they dodge
their own very selves."

Beautiful, beautiful !

Look at that golden hair
and the slender legs !

She's all right.
All right ?
She's terrific !

She's superb.

What else can you do,
darling ?

I can do a few things
pretty well.
Such as what ?

Tennis, dancing,
riding horses.

She has a sense
of humor too !

I bet you used to handle
yourself pretty good,
Mr. Lowenthal.

You see what I mean ?

"I sing
the body electric."

You know
who wrote that ?

Walt Whitman.

Did Axel ever tell you
about the land I owned
down in Texas ?

I owned a lot of land
down there.

Beautiful part
of the country.
Beautiful !

She is not for you.
What are you
talkin' about ?

Avoid her.
Break it off today.
She's not for you.

There's nothing that girl
wouldn't do for me.

Don't tell me !
I see that smile.
I see the way she looks at you.

Well ?
No, no, she was not meant
for a scholar.

That girl was meant
for a club man, a playboy.

Not for a man
of character and virtue.

Not for a Jew.

Put this in
the glove compartment.
Give me the post.

What did he say to you
by the pool ?

He said he wanted
to marry you.

You always take
your girls out there
so he can look 'em over ?

Three a week.

Is that what
you think I was doin' ?
Isn't it ?

Read me the college
basketball lines.

I thought
you killed for this.
I thought you owed it.

Look, put that in
the glove compartment.
Give me that.

What would you do
if I let the wind
blow it all away ?

Put you out on the street
till you earned it back.

That's what you think
you are, huh ?
A pimp ?

My money's gonna blow,
I'm gonna be the one
that does the blowing.

What are you
gonna do ?

Buy an island
in the pacific.

Jimmy, how are you, sweetheart ?
I'm back in action.

You're happy ?
How do you think I feel ?

Listen, I want three games
for tomorrow,
15 dimes a pop.


It's only insane if I lose,
and I'm not gonna lose.

What do you mean
"cash up front" ?

You're the one that's been
slow on the draw with me !
I've never held you up a day !

It's too much.
What difference
does that make ?

So what I haven't played
with you in 90 days. That mean
you treat me like a stranger ?

Too big.
Too big for what ?
Lay it off. You've got time.

Hey, forget it !
If they won't let you,
they won't let you, will they ?

What happened ?

I asked a weasel
to do something for me.

Axel, you might be ready
for that. I'm lookin'
to stick around for a while.

I'm getting out
of the car.
Go ahead and walk.

All right, Jimmy,
you lowlife,
we'll play it your way.

Yes, I have it.

Yes, in cash !

Okay ? All right.
Ah, what's the line
on Harvard-brown ?

Pick 'em ?
You serious ?
Give me Harvard.

What's, uh,
Georgia tech-auburn ?

I'll take tech
with the six.

Okay, wait, one more.

Twelve ? These games
are like handouts.
Yeah, I want ucla.

That's right, the same.
15,000 on each.

Stop whining !
I've got every cent of it
here in my pocket.

If you're smart, you'll play
these games yourself.

They can't lose.

Why ?
Because I'm betting on 'em,
that's why.

I've got magic powers.
I'm scorching.
I'm hot as a pistol.

Yeah, you too.

I once tried to commit suicide
over a girl named Billie.
Did you know that ?

I was nine, she was thirty-six.
I had to have her.

She wouldn't have me.

So I climbed to the top
of the George Washington bridge,

tied a rope around my neck,

swallowed a cyanide pill,

and I jumped.

But, my luck was
awfully bad that day.

As I was falling,

a tugboat came by
and cut the rope,

and I plunged underwater
upside down
and choked out the pill.

They pulled me aboard.
As I looked around, there was
Billie standing over me.

She said,

"you're the bravest man
I ever met,

and I love you."

I said,

"I don't want you anymore.

It's just too easy."

You really think you can get me
with a third-rate
bullshit story like that ?

That happens to be
a first-rate bullshit story.

Come on.
Take me home.

Why don't I take you
somewhere that
you've never been ?

Where's that ?

Vegas ?
For a day.

Don't you think you better
pay back that money
before you go and lose it ?

I'm not gonna lose it.
I'm gonna gamble it.

Shoot 'em, shoot 'em,
shoot 'em !

How do you like it, Tex ?

Bet you won't keep that up
all night.
Come on, any crap.

You won't fool us, boy.

The dice don't lie !
The dice don't lie.

But neither do I !
What you say !

Come on !

Shit !
Your hat for sale ?

Is your hat for sale ?

Just as soon
as you throw a seven.
Heaven's gonna bring me seven.

Come on, seven !

There ain't seven
on this dice.

There's gonna be when
they're "throwed" this time.

Here you go, little Joe.
All the way.

Those dice are gonna jump up
and bite you on the nose
this time.

Come on, seven.
Here they come.

Bite him, dice !
Bite him, seven !

The dice don't lie !

Nine !

Vodka rocks,
twist, please.

You hear
any early scores ?

What games you need ?
Georgia tech,
Harvard, ucla.

You're pullin' my leg.

Those are three of my games.
I'm with you on every one.
See ?

Same line.

Tell you somethin'
confidentially, these are
must-win games for me.

I got a wife
who pisses away money
like it was branch water.

Three for three.
That a promise ?

Straight from heaven.

Columbia and Cornell
tied at 36.

Harvard is having
an easy time with brown,
38 to 24.

In the south,
also at halftime,
Alabama leads lsu, 51-38.

Auburn is nine points
behind Georgia tech,
49 to 40.

At this rate,
I might get back to even.
Just came in--

don't you want
to hear the other score ?

I know the other score.
All we got is a couple
of early leads.

Not leads, omens.

* isn't it romantic

* music in the night

* a dream that can be heard

* isn't it romantic

* moving shadows write
the oldest magic words *

* I hear
the breezes playing *

red seven.

* in the trees above

* while all the world
is singing *

you okay ?
Don't know yet.

Yes !

How much money is that ?
Twelve thousand.

* isn't it romance

* isn't it romantic *

there's only one way to win,
my dear.

You gotta sting, spark,
table hop, finger pop,

feint, weave
and blast.

The game of baccarat, folks,
where nine is the high number.

You can bet with the bank,
you can bet against it.

The bank wins
with a natural eight.
The bank is the winner.

Five hundred.
All set ?

Players, two.

The bank, two.
One to the player.

You have seven to beat,
The bank wins with eight.

- Eight over seven.
- Two thousand.

Cards, please.

Flyin' towards ya.

Player six to stand.

The bank wins
with a natural eight.

I guess this is
our lucky table.

It was.

Pass the shoe.


Hold it.

You're crazy.

But I'm blessed.

- Double it.
- You wanna double an 18, sir ?


Gimme the three.

That's it.
It's over.

Where are you goin' ?


What's the matter ?

Go back to bed.

You know,
I was here once before.

This friend of mine,


He rode wild bulls
at the rodeo.

And every time he won
some prize money,

he'd run off to Las Vegas
to try his hand
at Blackjack.

One summer, he asked me
to come with him.

He bought me
this gingham dress for $100
in Spanish town.

Said it'd bring him luck.
Did for a while too.

He had this-- this buddy
of his who was a dealer.

He made $10,000 off of him
first two nights we were here.

Then, of course, his luck
started goin' bad.

Kept gettin' drunk.

And losin' a lot.

Yellin' at me.

And then one night...

We were, uh, in the casino,

and he starts accusing this
dealer of cheatin' on him.

So he threw us out.
The manager came up
to the room...

And told us we had
to leave the hotel.

And Eugene started, uh,
bangin' on him, really bad,

till these two big guys
came up-- ugly guys.

One of them had this
fresh purple scar
on his neck.

And he grabbed Eugene
from behind,

and the other guy
broke a bottle on the floor.

And he beat Eugene
in the head with it.

And he started diggin'
the edges...

In his face.

You couldn't even
recognize him.

Blood was pouring out
of him.

What were you doing
while this was going on ?

Watchin' !

Buffalo bill's defunct.

What's that ?

It's the first line
of a poem.

What's it mean ?
What it says.

Where's he now ?

I think he's here.

Why don't you go
see him ?

I don't want to.

Come on. Let's get out of here
before this place gets to us.

Yeah. Who is it ?
Jimmy. Come on.

How are you ?
Joe was telling me you must've
went out of the country,

but I told him
you was too smart for that.
What would I go for ?

Some people get in trouble,
they run away.
Who's in trouble ?

Come on, come on.
Where's the money ?
Where's what money ?

Look, Axel. I really indisposed
myself because you wasn't here
when you were supposed to be.

And I got subjected to a lot
of unnecessary aggravation !
So just give me the--

I'll give you shit !
You owe me $45,000.

Yeah ?
You bet Harvard,
you bet Georgia tech.

And I bet ucla.
So what's that,
a hat full of winners ?

Axel ?
You mean they lost ?

Where you been,
Siberia ?
I went to Vegas.

Is everything all right ?
I mean, Harvard was way up.
Georgia tech must've been--

they don't give out no prizes
at the halftime, Axel.

Axel, what's goin' on ?
Nothing !

I'll be with you in a minute.
You're not gonna tell me you're
gonna come up short, are ya ?

How could all three of them
have blown leads like that ?

I mean, Harvard was up
by 14-- 14 over brown.

Brown ! The most pathetic
bunch of lard-ass scumbags
in the entire northeast !

Brown !
I sympathize with ya 100%,
but I'm in a hurry.

I don't understand.
I mean, I was on a streak.
Yesterday was mine.

I had 13 passes in a row
at the table !

I hit an eighteen.
I drew a three. I couldn't
have lost all those games !

Well, you did ! And I want
the cash, and I'm in a hurry.

Who is that ?

I hate wakin' up
like this.
I hate his voice.

He's leaving.

You didn't lose all of it,
did you ?


Okay, okay.
I owe you forty-nine five
with the vig.

There's five packets
of ten each.

Two... three.

Huh ? I told ya.
Axel freed's an honest man.

Ah, come on.
Count it outside.

Axel wants to be alone
with his girl.

Hey. Sorry, buddy.
Tough luck, huh ?
Keep in touch.

Do you have to do this
all the time ?

Do what ?

I don't know. Whatever it is
you're out there doin'
with those morons.

What time is it ?

I said,
"what time is it ?"



You bring them back in here
again and I'm leavin'.

Jimmy !

Jimmy. What's the line
on the laker game tonight ?

You gotta be kidding.
It doesn't start for 15 minutes.
What's the line ?

Lakers are pick 'em.
Pick 'em.

They're not even on television
tonight, Axel.
It's on radio.

What side do you need ?
Lakers. Every wise guy
is on Seattle tonight.

But I don't want to book--
wait, wait, wait.
I-I'll bet the Lakers.

You don't even like the game !
It ain't fair.
I don't operate that way.

What are you, a bookmaker
or an investment counselor ?

It's your bananas, Axel.
How much do you want it for ?
Fifty thousand.

Fifty thousand !
Yeah, come on.
It's your figures I'm balancin'.

I don't know, Axel.
I've seen nuts before,
but you've got watermelons.

I gotta take the money
up front.

You're an insect,
you know that, Jimmy ?
No bet till I get the cash.

You're a fucking termite.
I'll be right back.

Where the hell's the rest
of my fuckin' money ?

You know, you look a lot better
standing up in front of your
class than you do right now.

I'm not putting on a show
for your goddamn amusement !

What are you doing ?
Making sure you got
nothing left at all ?


All right. Lakers come through,
I'll be here with this in
the morning, plus what you win.

Plan on it.

You all right ?

Look, I don't understand
any of this.

Do you like havin' people
come up, break in on you
while you're asleep ?

Huh ?
'Cause I sure don't.

I mean, the way it seems to me,
you're just throwing it away.

And I don't mean
only money.

Look, it's just something
I like to do.

I like the uncertainty of it.
I like the threat of losing.

And the idea that, uh,

I could lose,
but that somehow I won't,
because I don't want to.

That's what I like.

I love winning.

Even though it never lasts.

Will you come to bed
with me now ?

In a little while.
I-- I want to take a bath.

supersonics have a spectacular
rally in the fourth quarter.

They've got the lead now
over the Lakers by a score
of 109-108,

and they're about to blow
the lid off this place.

Right now, with just nine
seconds remaining in the game,

Jerry west is at the foul line.
A three to make two situation.

He could put the Lakers
back in front.

Jerry is up there
for the first one.

It dips in, spins around,
comes out. No good.
Piece of shit !

Like a motorcycle
in a motordrome.
Here's the second one.

That looks short and is short.
Comes off the lip of the rim.

And now the pressure really
mounts on Mr. Clutch.
Missed, you... scumbag.

Now all Jerry can do
is tie it up.

Something is said there
between hairston and Jerry west.

Here's the third shot.
It's no good !

He missed with the hat trick.
He missed all three.
Three fuckin' shots.

It comes right back to Jerry
west at the free throw line.
He fakes to his left, goes up.

Fires from 15 feet.
It's good !
All right !

The Lakers lead it,
110 to 109.

Seattle has no time-outs left.
Here's a surprise.

Seven-footer Jim mcdaniels
having the ball out. He throws
it the length of the court.

It's intended for
Spencer hayward.

Gail goodrich hits the ball.
It rolls into the corner.

Hayward's after it.
One second left.
He picks it up.

He hooks.
There goes the buzzer !

The shot is good !
Seattle wins the ball game.

Fans, Seattle has defeated
the Los Angeles Lakers
on an incredible shot.

Seattle 111, Los Angeles 110.

The crowd coming out
of the stands. Hayward punches
the shoulders of his teammates.

This is one of the most
inspiring victories
in the history of the Seattle--

Not home.

Billie ?

Billie ?

Hey, Axel !

Pull up a chair.
What do you wanna eat ?
Just orange juice.

Orange juice ?
That's all ?

Gus, four orange juice.
Here, eat this while
you're waitin'.

What are you gonna do
with four orange juice ?

That's Axel freed.
He's a famous writer
and professor.

He just got out of the
worst trouble of his life.

Yeah ? I had a teacher,
used to bet with me.
Horses and baseball.

He disappeared last year.
What do you teach ? Shorthand ?

- English.
- Yeah. That's what he taught.
Shorthand and speed readin'.

Roast beef sandwiches
all right with you guys ?

Talk about food. I'm so sick
about the Columbia-brown game,

I'm lucky I could swallow.
Tell us about it, Benny.

Tell what ? I got
middled on the game.

Rotten, lowlife,
Ivy league faggots.

Axel's for Harvard.
That's all right.
He don't mind.

Come on.
We'll be right back.

Leave us alone,
all right ?

I'm, uh, short, hips.

How short ?

I had it all, but I, uh,
lost most of it back.

How much you got ?

Fifteen, huh ?

Fifteen thousand is all
you got out of forty-four.

Fifteen hundred.

What did you tell me
you had it for ?

Don't you know
what this does to me ?
I had it promised out.

Now what am I supposed to do,
print it myself ?

Give me a week.
I don't have it
to give you.

If you don't come up
with that money in 24 hours,

it's outta my hands.

Whose hands is it in then ?
Don't even ask me.
Just get the money.

Yeah ?
It's Axel. Is monkey there ?

Who are you with ?
No one.

You sure ?
Come on.
Push the buzzer, Howie.

Can't be too careful.
You know what I mean ?


Where have you been ?

How are ya,
you sick fuck ?

I been lookin' for ya.
You have ? How 'bout that,
you degenerate !

I'm mad at you. You got
that big Bernie on my back !

He's a creep.
Axel ?

What's the matter ?
You don't snort no more ?

Not even to be sociable ?
Come on. Just to be
sociable, huh ?

Hey, Howie.
Tell Axel to be sociable.

Be sociable, Axel.
I need cash.

Hey, I told you to play black,
didn't I ?

Black was the hot color,
and you had a nice streak goin'.
Yes !

Axel's in the hole again.

How'd you get in the hole
again, Axel ?
I maneuvered.

Losing's easier than winnin'.
Am I right, or not ?

** what do you need, sweetheart ?
Another shylock ?

There's a smelly Syrian
just opened up downtown, babe.

I need three winners
to get back.
Do you hear him ?

If I was sittin' on three
winners do you think I'd be
with an ugly junkie like this ?

- Gimme a winner, you germ.
- Stop calling in a winner.
The game ain't even started.

How do you like this guy ?

Give him a game.

Lakers over Orlando,
layin' nine.

- Get down early. It'll
be off the board by 6:15.
- Thank you.

Hey, Axel. You wanna
fuck my girlfriend ?

She's $60 on the street.
For you, nothin'.

I'll take a rain check.
I won't even watch.

I'll lock the door.
You can tape the keyhole.

Sports in the NBA tonight.
The Knicks were idle,

but Boston gained on first place
by downing Atlanta, 108 to 94.

Detroit slipped past
Chicago, 96-95.
Hey !

Hey, you wanna turn
that thing off ?
Golden state beat Philadelphia--

in later starts,
a final has come in,
Jesus ! Come on !

The Los Angeles Lakers...
Hey, go on out
if you wanna !

Come on !
Stomped the Atlanta hawks,
156 to 102.

Yes !

What is this, a joke ?
It's gonna help you about as
much as a roll of toilet paper.

Wanna give me a ride
to Mexico ?
It ain't far enough.

As a matter of fact,
nowhere's far enough
for you right now.

I don't understand you,
Axel. You didn't need
this shit !

You could've coasted
on what you had goin'.


I'm gonna tell you something
I never told a customer

Personally, I never made
a bet in my life.
You know why ?

Because I've observed firsthand,
what with seeing the kinds
of people addicted to gambling.

What we would call degenerates.
I've noticed there's one thing
that makes all of them the same.

You know what that is ?
Yes. They're all
looking to lose.

You mean you know that !

I could've wiped the floor
with your ass.
Yeah ? How ?

By playing just the games
I knew I'd win.
Then why didn't you ?

Listen, if all my bets
were safe, there just
wouldn't be any juice.


Well, whatever that's
supposed to mean, I hope you
got a lot of it saved up,

because you're sure
gonna be needing something.

Billie ?

Who was that ?

I said who was that ?

Axel, it's no good.
You gotta leave me alone
for a while.

What do you mean
leave you alone ?
Is it some burden to see me ?

Some sacrifice you're making ?
That's not
what I'm saying.

It's just that I can't go
trailin' after you everywhere.

I got my own stuff to do.

Come here.
No, Axel !

Come here.

Stop it.
No !

Come on.

* simply because
you're near me *

* funny
but when you're near me *

* I'm in the mood for love *

* heaven is in your eyes

* bright as the stars
we are under *

* oh

* is there any wonder

* I'm in the mood

* for love

* if there's a cloud above

* if it should rain
we'll let it *

* but

* for tonight

* forget it

* I'm in the mood

* for love

* why stop to think
of whether *

there's someone
waiting to see you.
* this little dream-- *

come on.

Who told you to move ?

You're scared, huh ?

Wanna know what
we're gonna do to ya ?


Where do you come off,
bettin' figures like this ?

I need time.
I told hips that.

Who told you
to mention hips ?

I don't know no hips.

Got 12,000.
Ten thousand of that came
from the laker game last night,

which you had no fuckin'
business playin'.

You're not comin' down
on anything anymore.

I've dealt with hips
for three years.
Let me straighten you out,

just so we understand
each other.

You're here to tell me
how you're gonna make good
on that debt right now.

I teach.
You could have
my salary checks--

I'm gonna get very impatient
with you if you don't come out
with something better than that.

What family you got ?

My mother.
Father died.

I have a grandfather--
a.R. Lowenthal.

You know about him ?
Know him. Known him
for 30 years.

My father knew him.
Know about his money.

What good is that
gonna do you ?

What's his is mine.

What does that mean ?
I already asked him
for ya.

You asked him what ?

He said no.

He couldn't have.
Why not ? He's no schmuck.
He's a businessman.

What else you got ?

Any cars, got any boats ?
Got any property ?

Huh ? You haven't got
anything, you motherfucker.

What about that school ? What
have you got up there besides
that pigeon shit they pay ya ?

What do you mean ?

You got any athletes
in that class of yours ?

Basketball player.
Colored kid ?

Get him.

Take time.
No, it won't.

They play at home
tomorrow night.

They'll be eight-point
favorites, minimum.

Now, if he wants, he can
win by seven, but no more.

But you get him
for tomorrow.

Can't do that.

You'll do it.

Hi, Mr. Freed.

I want you to come by my office
after practice, Spence.

How 'bout tomorrow ?
Got a game tonight.

No, uh, today.

What's it about ?

It's personal.
Personal ?



Come in.

Sit down.

Take your foot down.

How'd you like to make
5,000 cash ?

For two hours work.
That depends on
what you have in mind.

There's a guy that's willing
to pay you 5,000 cash...

If you help him out tonight.

You don't have to lose the game,
you just have to make sure...

That you do not win
by more than seven.

You ain't just playin'
with all this gamblin' shit,
are ya.

You know, I could get
into a lot of trouble
off a thing like this.

You could get into
a lot of trouble
off a thing like this.

Now, you lookin' to be
my cell mate ?

George Washington ?
Are you up to it,
or not ?

I don't want to talk to nobody.
I don't want to see nobody.

I don't want to hear no names.
I'll take the money from you.

And I'll take it
all up front.


See you later.



What are you doing here ?

Vernon, turn down
the victrola.

I said down, not off.
How you doin', Axel ?

Vernon, go away.


you let me down.

I let you down ?
That's right.

The first time in my life
I needed you behind me,
and you were not there.

Just a minute.
Let's get this straight.
You deceived me.

You were the one
that lied.

It's true I kept things
from you, but I loved you.

What's the difference!

It's best things worked out
this way. I didn't want
to bring you into it anyway.

You were sniffing for my money
just like all the others.
Then why am I here now ?

Because you still need it.
No, I don't.

What do you mean ?
I took care of it.

how ?

How did you
take care of it ?

Your way.
I fixed it.

My way ? How would you
know how I did things ?

I was as honest as any man
with great responsibility
ever could be.

I dealt with those vipers
because I had to,

not because I wanted to.

Yes. And I spoke
with your mother.

Have you any idea
the pain you've caused her ?


Are you sure you don't need
my help ?

All right, Spence.
Let's go, man.

Keep right, keep right.

- To the key, Tim !
- Come on, Spence.

Come on, Spencer !

What the hell
are they doin' ?

Three-twenty remaining
in the ball game.

Ten-point lead
for NYC, 60 to 50.

If Spencer Lewis ever snaps out
of this slump, he'll team with
Russell in the pivot position.

He's working very--

set it up.
Let's go, go, go !

Get it in there ! Aw !

Way to go !

Come on !
Get it away from him !

Shoot it !

And NYC continue to have
fantastic luck...

Despite the poor play
of Spencer Lewis.

Sixty-four to fifty.
A 14-point lead for NYC.

Spencer has the ball,
right side of the Lane.

He drives.
Blows the easy layup.

Rebound pulled down
by Tom Russell. Banks off
the backboard, up and in.

Tom Russell making up for
another Spencer Lewis mistake.

Sixty-six to fifty.
A sixteen-point lead
for NYC.

- What the hell is goin' on ?
- And NYC calls time-out.

With one minute,
twenty-eight seconds
remaining in the ball game,

NYC leads, 66 to 50.

Hey, they're taking out
your boy.

The only question remaining now
is what NYC's final margin
of victory will be.

You know, Jon, the only man
who hasn't had a good ball game
for NYC...

Has been Spencer Lewis, and
he's usually the man coach Beck
expects the most from.

That's true, Mitch. And
now I see that coach Beck is
sending Spencer to the bench...

And replacing him
with sophomore Duane Allen.

Let's go !

Let's get it together !
Let's get it together !

Aw, come on !

That's good.
That's all right.

Watch the steal.
Watch the steal.

- Get up with 'em !
- Oh, no !

- Yeah !
- Sixty-six to fifty-six.
A ten-point lead for NYC.

Come on ! Run !

Hey, where the hell
are you going ?

Press, press.

What you doin' on the court ?
I think you're making
a mistake with Spencer.

He'll get hot any minute.
Look, you teach English.

I'll coach basketball.
Cover the ball. Cover it.
That's right.

This game has really
slowed down now.

Neither team seems as if they
care very much. It is towards
the end of the season.

In the right corner now, it's
spider price. Hands to Smith
in the left corner.

- Short jump shot is good.
- Hey, Axel.

Sixty-six, fifty-eight.
And the NYC lead is now
just eight points.

Inbounds pass
goes to Dennis page.
Page having trouble.

Stolen away by price.
Price lays it in.

Ten straight bsc points,
and coach Beck wants a
Send in Spencer !

Just twenty-eight seconds left
in the ball game. NYC's lead
has been cut to six points.

They've stopped running.
They're throwing the ball away,
and they're not playing

Excuse me, Mitch, but coach
is sending Lewis into the game,

no doubt to try and dribble out
the clock.

Perhaps we'll get to see
one of his patented backwards
stuff shots at the buzzer.

Ten, nine, eight,
seven, six,

five, four,

three, two, one !

Okay. How do you feel ?

Some game.

It's all straightened out.
We're in the clear.

As a matter fact,
the way I see it, you even got
a favor comin' your way.

What do ya mean ?
What, are you crazy ?

You think they're
just gonna let this guy
slip outta their hands ?

He's got another year
in college, and then
maybe even the pros.

He did it for me.
He won't do it again.
Don't kid yourself.

Once you ain't a virgin
no more, you're a whore.

what the hell do you care ?
You're in the clear.

I'm afraid you gentlemen
will have to be on your way.
We're closing now.

What're you talkin' about ?
You know who that is ?

That's professor Axel freed.
He teaches the classes
around here.

I'm sorry, sir.
I'm just following orders.

You see what this world's
comin' to ?
Okay, let her go.

When you think about it,
you was pretty fuckin' lucky.

I mean, if they didn't put
your boy in there at the end,
you was dead.

Luck had nothing
to do with it.
What !

You think them odds
was in your favor,

you escapin' out of the mess
that you was in ?

What odds ?
There was never any question.

You gotta be certified.
They had a noose
around your neck.


Come on.
Let's get outta here.

We'll eat some lasagna,
grab some pussy,
drink some wine.

I'm supplyin'.
Come on.

Tell you what.
Bet you a thousand
I make this shot.

Two thousand.
Fuck gambling.
I'm hungry and horny.

Five thousand.

What are you, an animal ?
Don't you ever have
any fun ?

What fun ?

Hey, Axel, you could've
been a star.
I know.

Hey, where you goin' ?
Axel !
For a walk.

A walk !

Come on.
I don't wanna lose
my best customer.

Hey, there's nothin'
but cannibals down there.

Hey, you can't go down there !

You'll get killed !

Hey, honky. What the hell
you doin' in our neighborhood ?

Man, them dudes always tryin'
to get into somethin' up here.

Where you goin' now ?


You fuckin' up the sequence
in my songs.

What can we do for you ?

Nothin'. She can.

But what can you
do for her ?

- I can make her rich.
- Oh, yeah ?

How rich ?


Come on.

You wanna gimme my money ?

What do you want me
to do ?

Take your clothes off.
You got my titties, baby.
That's all you need to see.


Skirt and boots.
You crazy ?

I ain't pullin' off no shirt.
I got a wig on, and I'm not
takin' my boots off for nobody.

What the fuck are you doin' ?
You gimme that back.

You think I done come all
the way up here for nothin' ?

Shit, I got better things
to do with my time, sucker.

This motherfucker done drug me
all the way up here...

And now he tryin' to steal
my money back.

Is that true ?

I think you're
in the wrong suite.

And I asked you
a question, sucker.

I heard ya.

Give up the money.

You don't understand, man.
I'm gonna kill you, if you
don't hand over what you got.

I understand.

Go ahead.

Are you out
of your mind ?

No. I'm waitin'.

Go ahead.

This motherfucker's crazy.

Why don't you kill me,
then you can have the money!

Stop it ! Stop it !

Hey, Joe, he's crazy !

Stop it !
He can't fight anymore !

Stop it ! Stop it !

The knife !

You had your chance.
Stop it !
You're killing him !

Closed-captioned by
captions, inc. Los Angeles