The Flock (2007) - full transcript

The paranoid registrant administrator of the Department of Public Safety Erroll Babbage is forced to an early retirement due to his abusive behavior against the sex offenders that he should monitor, and shall spend his last 18 days training his replacement Allison Lowry. When the 17-year-old Harriet Wells is considered missing in his area of work, Errol is convinced that her disappearance is related to one of his parole sex offenders. However, his superiors do not believe on his investigations and he convinces Allison to follow him in the sick underworld of pornography and perversions trying to find the missing girl. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

of Public Safety.

Mr. Dennison?

Vincent Dennison is
a registered sex offender.

The sooner I can
verify his address,

the sooner I can
leave him alone.

- You've been here for...
- A year and a half.

Have you used any aliases
in the past six months?

- No.
- "No."

What do you do?

I mean, for fun.

Go to church.

I attend
a support group.

Uh-huh. What kind
of support group?

Come on, man,
you know.

What do you think about,

I mean sexual thoughts.

- I don't know.
- Come on.

Everyone has
sexual thoughts.

You ain't supposed
to ask me that.

That's not on
the questionnaire.

You're right.

- How've your moods been?
- Good.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

You taking
your medication?

- Yeah.
- Good. It's important to do that.

Any feelings that might
lead you to do something

you don't want to do?


How would you cope
with a feeling

that might lead you
to stray?

I'll settle down
with a nice girl.

Does that sound realistic
to you, Vincent?

I don't know.

What do you think about
when you masturbate?

You think about settling
down with a nice girl?

Or you think about
holding her down?


She starts today.

You'll be sharing
a desk and a car.

Oh, good good good good.

- You want to meet her?
- You know I got another month, right?

Send in Allison, please.

You can retire
right this minute if you want to.

- You've earned it.
- No. No, Bobby, no.

No, I have not
earned this.


- Hi.
- Allison Lowry,

this is Errol Babbage.

Mr. Babbage,
it's a pleasure to meet you.

Yeah, no need to be so wonderful.
You got the job...

- apparently.
- Errol,

would you excuse us
for a moment, please?

Surely, yeah.

Good, very good.

Usually, I'd ask
a seasoned guy like Errol

to help you
stay out of trouble.

In this situation,

things are the other
way around.

Any questions,
just ask.

Thank you.

You're not gonna learn
anything from them...

except how
to keep your job.

That's yours. This is your desk.
Move that over if you want.

- You coming?
- Oh, yeah.

We have a young man who just
moved here from out of state.

- What did he do?
- Rape.

Second degree,
plea bargain.

I don't care what he did.
I care what he's gonna do.

You know, these people
are registered as a...

as a courtesy
to the public,

to the victims, to the people who
testified against them.

Also because... because of what
they're capable of...

- Mm-hm.
...because of their potential.

Registering them is one thing,
but telling the future,

that's... that's
something else.

We're fortune tellers.

Predict wrong,
people die.

I was misunderstood.

The male is more sexually
aggressive by nature.

It's a way of passing on
their genetic material.


His mother couldn't
buy her off is what happened.

Like she did with
all the others.

- What's your name, hon?
- Beatrice Bell.

- What was it? Beatrice Bell? Nice.
- Beatrice Bell.

So tell me,
Beatrice Bell,

how often does Edmund here

pass on his
genetic material?

- I don't know.
- Mm-hmm.

Sometimes too often?

Sometimes when
things don't...

quite function...

you get the blame?

I don't think
this is appropriate.

Then maybe you
should wait outside.

You know, you can call me
when you've had enough of this guy.

I'll help you get rid of him.


What's that?

Did you do this?

You guys finished
with the survey?

- Did you do this?
- And by the way, I brush...

Hey, did you do this?

You're a hitter,
aren't you?

Likes the sound of knuckles
on a woman's body.

Maybe she enjoys it.

Maybe I do too.

Okay, well, hey.

All right, Edmund, okay.

I'm just coming... I'm here
to welcome you to the state.

So, welcome.

What are you circling?

I keep track of offenses

that might have been committed
by one of my people.

If a pattern develops,

or something occurs to me
that could help the police,

I pass it on.

Those questions
weren't on the form.

Mr. Babbage?

They were invasive.

Compulsive rapists,
opportunistic rapists,

armpit rapists,
date rapists,


molesters of animals,

molesters of children...

You better tell me now
if you're too squeamish for this job.

Call your mother,
have her come pick you up.

So what are you
gonna do now?

I mean, when you retire?

I'm not retiring.

I'm being let go.

You could use
a new look.

Get some of that hair
out of your face.

I'll get the check.

Don't worry, the department's
paying for this.

"Next registrant:

Unlawful imprisonment,
attempted sexual battery,

three counts..."

- Sit up, please.
- Did two years.

Could have been much worse,
except for the plea bargain.

Partner executed in August.

For attempted battery?

- No, murder.
- This way, please.

Yep, they slowly
mutilated these women

till they died...
took over a week.

And then they
cut off their feet,

their legs, their hands
their arms,

their tongues,
their ears,

- and their hair.
- Jesus.

It was all over the news.
The one executed is Paul Gerard.

Partner who rolled on him
was his wife.

We're talking about
Paul Gerard's wife?

Well, she's using
her maiden name now.

Aren't you, Viola?



You okay?

Ah, Viola is my favorite
registrant, aren't you, Viola?

You should let me do
something about that gray.

You're never
touching me.

You can take care
of the registration.

I got a couple
things to do.

He enjoyed that.

So, um, how long
have you worked here?

A week longer than that last time
I was asked that question.

What's wrong?

I was as much a victim
as those women.

I'm not here
to go over that.

Paul would try out
behavior on me,

things he...

later did to those three.


he crept up behind me and
grabbed me around my neck.

I was told
to widen my eyes...

just so...

in surprise.



drag me off
to the bedroom

where he'd smother me
with a plastic bag.

The only reason
I'm alive...

is because my death
would have led to him.

He didn't kill me.

He killed who I was.

Usually, Mr. Babbage

comes to my home...

three, four times a month.

- What does he want?
- Same questions...

over and over.

I'll make sure that he...
he leaves you alone.

And I'll be doing
things differently.

Did she say
I saw her last week?


Did she say she
was innocent?

Did she say she got off on what
her husband did to those ladies?

I can't tell if you're
just green or indifferent.

Is indifference the same
as wishing you'd come up for air

once in a while?

I've got 18 days to teach you
everything I can.

I want you to see something,

feel something.

This is Viola's
childhood farm.

Now she says
she was the victim?

This is where
the real victims suffered.

Three girls
known murdered.

Three other girls disappeared
about the same time

she and Paul were caught.

Tried to get her
to confess,

take me to where
they buried them.

I want to give
their folks some peace.

I've always suspected
their bones

scattered all over
these fields.

This isn't a registrant.

Yeah, the daughter disappeared
from a college campus

six years ago.

I always suspected
Paul and Viola.

Don't tell them
I got fired.

Errol's visits
are difficult for me,

but Ann seems to find
some comfort in them.

I'm grateful to him
for that.

That's her.
That's Abigail.

- She's pretty.
- Mm-hmm.

We don't know
what happened.

Errol's the only one who promised
we would one day.

That we'd know.

The only one.

Why are we staying here?
We're just a couple hours from home.

We're not going home.

I have a little light
reading for you.

Oh, and if I didn't
already tell you,

always remember
to carry a fresh shirt.

Very important.



I'll have the nacho rapists,

the buffalo wing rapists...

the molesters of fried
mozzarella with some...

rib fetishists.
I circled them all for you.

- Hey, here's to Errol!
- To Errol!

Where is Errol, by the way?

Where'd you go
last night?

Did you look
in that book I gave you?


Good, because I want you
to always remember

people like Paul and Viola
Gerard don't just tell lies,

they are lies.

In public, they're decent,
socially-responsible folk

who look you in the eye,

but never long enough
to make you uncomfortable.

They shake your hand,
pat you on the back,

but never overdo it.

They're Christian if you are,
they swear if you do,

and they do this because
people like you

wrongly believe
that public presentation

tells us all about
private lives.

It tells us nothing.
It hides everything.

And what about you,
Mr. Babbage?

Tell me about
your double life.

What do you think about?

I think about a girl
who didn't come home,

what I might have missed,

and if I miss something again,
who's next?

That's a good boy.

Bye, Harriet. See you tomorrow.

See ya.

This next
registrant's a fellow

by the name
of Glenn Custis.

He's turned his
perversions into a business.

He's a pornographer...
movies, magazines.

He also runs
a little dominion.

- What's a dominion?
- You'll see.

Why don't you look down that way?
I'll go this way.


I'm okay.

Do you know where Glenn...

I'm looking
for Glenn Custis.

Yeah! Mmm...

Rasputin here
says Custis is out.

Glenn, this guy's
looking for you.

I'm not Glenn.

Nice hands.

Nice fingers.

- You're white.
- Let go.

Let go, let go.

Hey hey hey hey hey,
look at me.

Look at me, look at me, look at me.
You know who this is?

This is one of
Custis's girls.

That's right, one of
Glenn's girl... Look at me.

Just look at me.
Look in my eyes.

Tell Custis
I'm looking for him.


So you're not seeing anyone,

I mean anyone
who stayed.

What did I tell you about
the personal stuff?



It's just that l...

I didn't see a spare toothbrush
or a man's razor, so...

But I did see a large
pea coat hanging there.

Shiny elbows and
missing buttons, so...

A smoker. It's not exactly
your style, I don't think.

But I guess it suited
your needs for the time.

Do you ever just have
a normal conversation?

This is normal

No, I mean,
"Hey... hey, how are you?

Nice weather, huh?
Hey, thanks for the drink."

You don't talk,
you pump.

The fire has consumed over 1700 acres

and 14 houses.

In other news, police
are investigating

the disappearance
of Harriet Wells.

The 17-year-old is believed
to have been abducted

in the Paradise Hills area
sometime yesterday.

Harriet's parents made
a plea in help

tracing their daughter's

We just want
our daughter to come home.

We want her to come back.
She's our everything,

our whole life.

If anyone knows
where she is,

please just help me
bring my baby home.

Police have no suspects
at this time.

If you have any

It's one of my flock.
I know it. I missed something.

- Errol, slow down.
- Are you watching this?

- Yeah, I just turned it on.
- I'm not gonna go out like this.

I'm not gonna have
a mista...

God damn it.

- Are you okay?
- No.

No. No, I'm not okay.
I'm not okay.

Errol, you can't
take this personally.

You take this stuff

I've been on this job 18 years.
You haven't even fucking started.

You haven't even started.

...may have been the last to see her.

While friends and family
continue their own search efforts... #

Harriet's parents
made a plea today

for help in tracing
their daughter's whereabouts,

but, investigators say,
false tips continue

to complicate
the investigation.

Sorry about
the phone call.

of Public Safety.

All right,
come with me.

Can you wait here,

- Officer in charge?
- Yes.

Can I talk to you a second?
Something I want to show you...

Babbage, we're on it.

There are over 40 registered
sexual offenders...

- I know.
...within two miles of here.

I know.

We're handling it.

...responding to the possible 211.

2110 Emerson.

Just hope and pray.

You're right, you're right.

You can take off, okay?

Sure, okay.

I don't know what else to do.

What'd they say?

They're gonna
give me a medal.

- Really?
- Yeah, it's in the mail.

- Have a nice day.
- Thank you.

Did you see who was...
was sitting there?

The newspaper...
left it there?

I don't think there was
anybody sitting there.

All right.

- Did you put this here?
- No.

Someone left this here.
They left it for me.

How do you know
somebody left it for you?

Look at it... it's circled.

It's folded just like me.
Everything's the same.

Look. Don't don't don't
don't... don't touch.

This is the one
I bought.

See that?

Each of those
are offenders.

Red ones committed violent sexual acts
against teenage girls

or young women.

We'll start with
the registrants

that are closest
to the missing girl.

It could take weeks to
track down all these people.

Someone I know has her.

Someone who knows me.

Someone on
my registry.

Did she meet
a boy here?

A friend?

Was someone waiting
for her here?

Did someone see?

Between 4:00, 4:30,
you're the only engine on that track?


Car was white...
light color, anyways.

Shit, maybe even Jap.

She was talking to somebody
in the car, but hell,

looked like she was just
trying to catch a ride.

Did you see him?
Did you see the driver?

- The guy she was talking to?
- Nah, we didn't see anyone.

There was a glare
on the windshield.

But you got it wrong.
She wasn't talking to the driver.

She was talking to someone
in the passenger seat.

Harriet talks to someone
on the passenger side.

That means we're
looking for a team.

Could be an old team,
could be a brand-new team.

Teams are glued together
by common sexual appetites

and fetishes.

So you hit the files.

I'll hit the phones.
I'll see who's quit a job,

changed their patterns.
I'll listen to their voices.


You're looking for abductors,
rape or assault charges.

Any perps with victims
or MOs that match,

you red-flag it,
give it to me.

Can I talk to your boss
to confirm that?

If you think
that's really necessary.

Put your boss on, Randy.


You know, I got
a phone call today

from a very agitated
sheriff's investigator.

It seems a girl
has disappeared.

And you were out
at her house?

Errol thinks one of
the registrants may be involved.

And how did Errol
come up with that one?

Someone circled an article
in the newspaper

and left it
for him to find.

Errol was a no-show at his
retirement party the other night.

I'm not sure
I understand.

These guys here are all familiar
with Errol's routines

and his habits.

Like how he dissects
the newspapers, for instance.

There was talk at the party
of getting back at him.

You think someone here
circled the article?

Yeah. Could be.

I mean, he doesn't have
a lot of friends around here.

Well, maybe not.

Are you gonna tell him?

You're gonna tell him.

Oh, and this
abduction thing...

has nothing to do with
what you're being paid for.

We're not police officers...
we're public servants.

All right?

So we have 40 offenders
within a two-mile radius,

89 within a five-mile

We're gonna hit
every single one of 'em.

Shouldn't we narrow
down the list first?

No, I want to
start now.

I'm gonna call it a day.

Yeah, you do that.
Just call it a day.

Two months... that's how long
you're gonna last.

But why should this job
be any different than the others?

I'm not one of
your registrants, Errol.

Just lay off
the personal stuff.

Your mother says
you spook easily.

- You talked to my mother?
- Among others.

Said you change jobs at about
the same rate you change men.

Does privacy mean anything
to you, Errol?

You are a nosy person,
my friend.

He didn't just leave that
newspaper for me.

He left it for you too.

When they find
Harriet's body in a month,

you'll be the one sitting
at this desk, not me.

Police are investigating
the disappearance...


Police have
no suspects...

- Hello?
- Matt?

Hi, it's Allison Lowry...
from the department.

Ah, the new girl
in town.

Uh, the new girl.

Listen, I have to ask you,

do you know if people
in the department are taunting Errol?

- No.
- What about that...

the gag with the newspaper?
With the circling?

No no no, none of us.
Wasn't me. No.

- Not you either?
- No.

Okay, I was wrong.

All right, well, I'll see you
tomorrow at work, Allison.

- You have a good...
- Well... but, hey?

Since I have you
on the phone,

um, what else can you
tell me about Errol?

Well, he likes
to circle newspapers.

Right, I've noticed.

- Well, Errol's a good guy.
- Mm-hmm.

When he started,
he was great.

- Yeah.
- It was this one case...

a young girl named
Abigail taken,

and he got obsessed
by the whole thing

and, oh, he got in some
serious trouble that time.

He started carrying
a gun around

and we don't carry guns.

It's not part
of our job.

Well, thanks, Matt.
I appreciate it.

- Have a good night.
- Good night.

She was friendly, outgoing,
usually got along with everyone.

I don't think she ran away,

but if she did,
she should really come back.

Hey, Harriet,
you're on TV.

Miss you, Harriet.
Please come home.

Oh my God!

What are you
doing here, Errol?


uh, I have to
tell you something.

I have to tell you that...

that I have trouble

I have trouble
trusting people.

Um, even non-registrants.


and I apologize for being
insensitive to your privacy,

even though a background check
is not entirely unreasonable.

Apology accepted.

You were right.

We got to narrow down
that list.

"Daniel Barden:
former CPA,

husband, father,
peeper, rapist,

once partnered
with Randall Adams."

"Carlos Hugo Catalan:

unlawful sexual intercourse
by fraud or fear,

believed to have had
different accomplices."

"James Ray Ward:
solicitation of an individual

under the age of 18 to engage
in sexual conduct,

assault with intent to
commit rape, second degree,

teamed with
Stuart Zimmerman."

What are you doing, James?

Am I gonna take this
to your parole officer?

You want me to do that?
Is that something I'm gonna have to do?

"Viola Gerard:

abuse of a minor
in a sexual performance,

aggravated sexual battery,

charged as an accomplice
to murder with Paul Gerard,

- got out on a plea bargain."
- Take care of the registration.

disappearance of
Harriet Wells, age 17.

Reported missing from her
parents' home in Paradise Hills...

You make a sound,
I'll kill you.


No. Well,
this is his phone,

but Custis isn't here.

You can ask, but I'm
not gonna tell.

Hey, is this Babbage?


Uh-huh, this is Babbage.

Did you get
the newspaper?

Did you like the circles?

# I feel it in my heart #

# I feel it in my face #

# It's like a boom boom boom,
like a boom boom boom #

- # Going in my head... #
- Don't stop, baby.

Glenn Custis!

- Custis!
- # I need your love... #

Who the fuck are you?

I'm looking for...
for Glenn Custis.

Are you sure?

Are you Glenn?

Glenn Custis!



Get in the car!
Get in!


I got friends in low places.
Isn't that right, Louis?

What are you doing here?

I just wanted to see how
the new job is shaping up.

I hear you do good work.

I don't handle
the photo center.

And the woman who does
won't be back until...

Who do you think
you're talking to?

Louis Louis.

Let's see, your hobby
is photography...

boys and girls at play,
as I remember.

And I do.
And I do.

Look at that.

I don't do that

He says he doesn't
do that anymore.

Should we believe him?

People get well.

Not my people.

She thinks she knows you, Louis,
but she doesn't, does she?

- No.
- No. No.

This room is the only reason
you took this shitty job.

Tell her.

Do you think that's
the missing girl?

Do you think
that's Harriet?

Not unless she has
two left feet.

There are at least three
people here, probably more.

Do you think he did this?
Did he cut these women?

I think he has a friend
in a funeral parlor or a morgue.

He probably did
the carving.


I don't get this.

Well, you're probably
holding it wrong.

Yeah, like a centerfold.

Porno, you know.

This is all porno.
Just porno.

Every bit of it.


- I'd like you to see these.
- No, I can't.

I want you to
see this girl.

- Is it Harriet?
- No.

They're staged,
all of 'em.

He didn't touch her face.
The real thing isn't so pretty.

I saw Custis back
at his house.

He was 10 feet
away from me, Errol.

Does that mean
anything to you?

That could have been me,
only for real.

I'm scared of Custis.
Yeah, I am.

But you know what, Errol?
I'm also scared of you.

You have blindsided me
at every turn

and that has got to stop.


Do you think Custis knows
anything about Harriet Wells?

we can ask him.

Do you think
we can find him?

One of our flock is gonna
know where he is.

Haines Ownby...

four counts solicitation
of underage individual

to engage
in sexual performance.

What's he doing here?

It's his feeding ground.

Doing some shopping,

Well, there's
a sale on panties.

Men's department. You might
wanna check that out yourself.

I'm looking
for Glenn Custis.

She might know where he is.
You know where I can find her?

You know, I don't do
that type of thing.

Violence turns
my stomach.

Oh, I forgot, yeah.

Did you hear

I'm being put out to pasture.
Did you know that?

Now someone wants

to take what's left
of the man in me.

They've been
fucking with me,

trying to break me.

And I feel
that if they do,

and I don't find
a certain missing someone...

we're going to lose Errol Babbage
as we know him.

He will emerge
as a total stranger,

and then all of us

will have to take
our chances

and someone might
get hurt.

Well, maybe I've seen her around,
and I could make a call.

Yeah yeah, thank you.

My name's Errol.
What's yours?

- Nadine.
- Nadine, nice name.

I'm going to ask you something.
I work for the city.

I'm looking for someone...
this is kind of important to me.

Is this you?

Fuck off.

I think this is you.

- It looks to me that that is you.
- No, it's okay.

Did Glenn Custis
take these?

- All right, I'll catch you later.
- Okay.

- If I tell you, will Glenn find out?
- No no, I promise.

I don't know where
to find him,

but I can tell you
how he found me.


The lady that cuts
my hair.

What did you do,
go shopping?

You stay away from here,
you hear me?

Yeah, I got a new tie.
What do you think?

Did you know Custis
and Viola Gerard know each other?


Did you know he's been
hanging around her beauty salon?

Is Viola here?

No, her chair's been empty
the last couple of days.

Of course he would hang
around the salon.

He can watch the girls get
their hair done, their nails done,

hands, feet.

Do you think one of those girls
is Harriet Wells?

Look, Viola was
on the passenger side.

Custis was the driver.

Harriet recognized Viola.

That's why she got in.

Errol, look at this.

That's what's wrong
with the registry.

We don't just alert the public. We alert
every degenerate in the country.

You think Custis found
Viola on the registry?

I think they found
each other.

Is that the bed?

Is that the bed
from the photos?

Looks like it.

She's running
a fan club.

So that's the team.
Custis is the photographer.

Custis hooks up with Viola,
mistakes her for a kindred spirit.

She tells him
about the fan mail.

So Custis has the idea
for this fan club setup.

They find some girls

and they take
some photos,

but that just
turns Custis on.

So now he needs
the real thing.

He forces Viola
to help him abduct Harriet.

They find some girls,
they take some photos.

Errol, look at this stuff.

It's unbelievable.
"Dear Mrs. Gerard,

my heartfelt condolences
for your husband's senseless execution.

And I thought
I was misunderstood.

Would it be possible to pay
my respects in person?"

It's always
the same kind of stuff.

It's all the same.

This is
a family restaurant.

There are children

Well, maybe we're

Maybe we
like it that way.

expose themselves

usually to make
an impression

with an otherwise
unimpressive cock.

Now what you are
is an agoraphiliac.

You get turned on
by having sex in public.

You need
to shock strangers

in order to boost your otherwise
deficient genital prowess,

to beef up your beef...

so to speak.

Hey, get the fuck out
of here.

Fucking pervert.

What the fuck
is your problem, huh?

Don't you get it?
Get the hell out of here.

Harriet called her mother
today from California.

She wasn't abducted, Errol.
She's a runaway.

- He's getting killed.
- You wanna let me in on the damn joke?


There's a direct connection
between at least one of our registrants

and that missing girl Harriet Wells...
Glenn Custis

and Viola Gerard.
They're both AWOL.

And Errol led you
to this conclusion?

Yes, it was his

Harriet called her mother
today from California.

She called?

Mm-hmm, I mean,
they're following up,

but she is now

just a runaway.

Did you tell Errol?


Well, looks like he's
cleared out his desk.

It's all yours.

So why don't you start your job over
before you lose it?

We got two missing

Begin with
finding them.

So that's it?

I mean, for Errol?

Errol says he can tell
when someone's offending

or about to offend.
They get all hyped up.

They start drinking
too much, stop grooming.

And look at him.

Could be his own profile.

So, yeah,
that's it for Errol.

Fucking Babbage came by!

How did that happen,
you fucking asshole?

How did it happen?


It's okay.
It's okay.

Stay quiet.

Just trust me.

I'll protect you. It's okay, baby.


If they come...

if they come,
just stay calm.

- I promise you. I promise you.
- Hey!

No no!



If I asked you, you think
you could make a phone call?

You could say you're
in California

alive and well.

I don't know.

Could you make it
sound convincing?

Put the gun down, Errol.
Put it down!

Custis and Viola
have Harriet Wells,

and I don't care
what she told them...

Get the fuck out
of my house!

Get out!

I'm sorry.

Look at these.

We thought that these... all of these
were taken at Viola's house.

They weren't.
They were taken here.

- Look at this.
- Stop it, Errol.

Look, you see that?
It's the same, the same bed.

- It's the same bed.
- Stop it, Errol.

This is where it happened,
at the site of the original murders.

That's where it was.
See, that's where they go.

- Viola... she lived here in this house.
- I'm not listening to this.

Her and Paul,
they lived right there.

- That's where they've taken Harriet.
- I don't care!

- I don't care.
- Harriet is here.

- Harriet...
- Stop this!

You have to stop this.

Please leave!

Get out, get out!

Shit, Errol,
what are you doing?

I don't know.

You have to let
it go, Errol.

You have to let it go.

You've done your best.

A girl didn't come home.

Lots of girls
don't come home...

a hundred a day.

Sometimes I think
I could have done better.

Let it go.

Because sometimes
I think...

Think about what?

Think what, Errol?

Sometimes I think
about hurting them.

And when you say hurting,
you mean killing.

Someone has to pay.

I gotta take a trip.

This girl didn't come home.
I'm gonna bring her home.

Are you coming?

You have to
promise me something...

that this is
your last trip.

Say it.

This is my last

#Ooh, you come on like a dream #

# Peaches and cream #

# Lips like
strawberry wine #

# You're 16,
you're beautiful... #

- How can you do this to me?
- Hey, shut the fuck up!

I'm singing.

# Ooh, what a girl,
eyes that sparkle and shine #

# You're 16 #

# You're beautiful #

# And you're mine #

# And you're my baby... #


Where is Harriet Wells?

Where is she?
Is she in there?

- I'm gonna go call for help.
- It's too late.

Where's Harriet Wells?

Where is she?

Tell me, you motherfucker.

# When we kissed,
I could not stop #

# You walked out of my dreams
and into my arms #

# Now you're
my angel divine... #

Stay back.

Where's Custis?
What have you done?

That's it.
They were here.

Oh, shit!


It's a girl's hand.

- Flashlight in the car.
- Yeah, I'll go get it.

I'll pick the car up.


I don't think it's Harriet.
I don't. Come here.

Look at her tooth.

# Why does the sun #

# Go on shining? #

# Why does the sea #

# Rush to shore? #

# Don't they know #

# It's the end
of the world? #

It was Grooms
with Viola.

He moved here for the sole purpose
of meeting her.

He probably paid Custis
to help with Harriet.

They could be anywhere.
We need help.

What do you want, Errol?

I want my 18 years back.

You and people
like you

have wasted my life.

If I'm disposable...

so are you.

Viola Gerard

and Edmund Grooms
have strayed!

They've taken a girl
and disappeared.

Just like that.

Not so easy.

Brought some kind of help.

Carlos, did you help them?
Did you help them?

Did you help them?
Did you? Did you?

This is gonna get
very very messy now.

- Here, Louis.
- Someone tell him!

Put your hand up here.

- You know where they are?
- No!

Stop stop stop!

Stop stop, man, stop.

I think I know
where they are. I do.

I know where
they are, man.


# Why does my heart #

# Go on beating? #


# Why do these eyes #

# Of mine cry? #


# It's the end
of the world... #

Fucking stubby fingers.

# It ended
when you said #

# Goodbye. #

It's time, Edmund.

Can't we just leave her?

Now you sound
like Custis.


Come to me, your worm.
Come to me, come to me now.

On your knees.

Crawl! Faster!

Fucking faster,
you fucking hear me?

Cut, cut, cut!

Shut your fucking mouth!
I will cut your air off!

- Which one is it?
- I'm not sure.

It's okay.
It's okay.

It's okay.

Hey, it's Custis.
I'm out. Leave a message. Hoot!

Keep calling.

It's so good.

Do it!

Get the big knife.
Get the big knife!


Shut your fucking mouth!

- It's Babbage.
- Where?

It's Babbage!

Shut the fuck up!

Shut up!

Shut the fuck up.

Hey, it's Custis.

No, please.

Hey, it's Custis. I'm out.

Leave a message.

Put it down!

He killed Harriet.

Just put it down.

I was trying to help.
I didn't mean to hurt him.

She's not dead.

Get the fuck out,
you crazy fucking...

Drop... drop it!

- Is she okay?
- Yeah.

Get down.

Down down.

Shut up!

Give me the gun.


You're enjoying this.

You gonna return her
to her parents?

Take me.

I'll tell 'em
how she died.

I always thought something
could have happened between us.

Maybe I should
have made the first move.

Are you gonna do
yourself too?

Don't make a mess
of it.

Tell you what.

Why don't you
go first?

Please fucking do it now!

- I am nothing!
- Shut up!

Shut your fucking mouth!

Stand up,
stand up!




Okay, yeah.


there are more.

There are more
buried here.

Let me show you.

Let me show you.
Let me show you!

Subtitles by LeapinLar