The Favourite (2018) - full transcript

In early 18th century England, a frail Queen Anne (Colman) occupies the throne and her close friend Lady Sarah (Weisz) governs the country in her stead. When a new servant Abigail (Stone) arrives, her charm endears her to Sarah.

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Jurgus Lanthemos

How was my speech?

.It was wonderful
Are you stunned? -

You do not complain

I know it was also disturbing
Thinking that suddenly he had done it.

Do not

"You have to greet the children"

Do not!

This is a funerary ritual.

I leave you

Do not

I love you but I will not

... if you love me -
Loving borders

Should not

{\ candHFFFFFF

Do not make fun, but you're crazy.

Can you give me a palace?

Well, a while ago I want
I'll give you something now

It seems to be the right time
"With the victory of Marlboro

{\ pos (317.814,204.136)} "Marlboro": The nickname of "Sarah"

This is a terrible blessing, Lady Morley, we are at war.

We have won

It is not over yet, we must continue.

{\ an8} Ms. Morley and Mrs. Freeman have two titles
Anne "and" Sarah "to each other before creating"
The same relationship between them when they are alone.

I knew that

{\ pos (191.223,196.317)}: First

{\ pos (153.134,176.534)} This

Take a piece of bread

Sally will take you to cleanse you, and you'll meet my mole.

This mud is fat

They defecate in nearby streets.

They call it a political position.

Go here and clean yourself

Thank you

"Lady" Marlboro

What you know is tubes
The new drain ends here.

"This is me." Abigail

My dear daughter

I have a letter from your aunt

.. Y

... Sorry, I did not want to be shown as someone

I fell from the car

... There was a man pulling

This is never important

The message of your aunt

Who are your friends


What's your name, girl, if we're relatives, Vtkrh?

"I did not do it?" Abigail Hill

From the Hill family in Somerset? -
The man who lost his head burned down his house and he ...

He lost all his money in the game "West

{\ an8} Blackjack was common: Whist
In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Nobody is betting on the west

My uncle was this guy.

I apologize for my appearance

The servant brought me here.

"It's relatively harmless, I think

And what do you want

I hope you're employed here, for you.
It's a job

A monster for children to play.

Yes, if you like

- Palace -
She seemed angry about good fortune and thought we were friends.

I really doubt that he made this mistake.

I was really upset
I thought you would understand that

He will not stand up

Good will be used
The best craftsmen in the country.

I hope it lasts 100 years.
As a sign of heroic victory for my husband.

Listen, I value the heroic victory of your husband.

But due to the unstable state of the national treasury.

This seems to be something that the queen had to
Take her to advise her sincere opposition.

{\ pos (295.818,216.747)} Sarah of the Liberal Party
And "Harley" from the "conservative" rivals.

. Then you will lose the element of happy surprise.


Horeshio did it again.

{\ pos (73.846,197.404}} "Prime Minister" Goodliffe
With "Sarah" in the Liberal Party

Prime Minister, we have to discuss who will go
To France for the presentation of the peace treaty.

We need a peace treaty.

We have won them

Will they surrender to us? -
A battle will not win the war.

I have gathered the word of my party as our owner
.. The field is basically paying for all this war.

I'm grateful that we're

While the merchants of the city took advantage of it.

However, I did not see your fat pigs.
I died while taking care of the battlefield.

{\ pos (61.409,218.921)} "Duke" Marlboro
Military commander

We spend our money, here is my idea.

The French were restricted, however
"It's not your defeat, oh," Harley

We have to destroy them

And make them seek peace.
.Bgulwb Xeirh and the appearance Mtrgih

"How nice is your wife, O" Marlboro

Pleasant and solid -
I can not agree.

We must let the queen decide

If you can ask for an arrangement
"Quote, oh lady" marlboro

Of course

I am ready to meet with the Russian ambassador

Who put you to be proud?

We did a theatrical style, did you like it?

They will look like Al Ghurair

You will cry


.. good

Who do you think you look like?


Do you really think you can comply?
The Russian delegation and you with this appearance?

Do not

I will manage

Return to your rooms

Thank you

You looked at me

You did it?

Look at me

Look at me

How dare you
Close your eyes

you are welcome

you are welcome
Mrs. Meg wants to touch the ground.

Until you can see a chubby face in it.


You may need gloves

The alkaline solution is dangerous

It burns with force


.I'm here

.I'm here

Remove the dressing from the cupboard.

The queen has a gout attack.


"Lady" Meg ", the" Brandy

I have pain

My love I know that

My cousin Give me meat

tell me a story

.I can not


.I can not -
You can -

My cousin, stay there

Leave everything else please

How did you meet for the first time? Tell me about it

.. the "cheever" villain boy

He grabbed me and spat in my face.

He is still a pig, and then what?

.. then I heard footsteps

Quick steps

Then I saw that pink shoe running around me

And then it disappeared

Then I heard an explosion

Then he fell from me

"Then I took my hand and said:" Hi, I'm Sarah

"You're covered in glue, let's clean up"

Do you remember how he hurried scared?

I remember

You have to try to sleep

You can go

Do not leave me alone.
I will not do it

You still there? -

Still ...? -

For the queen

Ask your doctor immediately

It is a very urgent matter.

She is asleep

Should I tell the doctor that you are ignoring?
Queen of health and impose your own comments?

What will happen if you refuse?

..H -
This will mean that your skin will be skinned.

What are you doing

"This is Billits

The herbs

I'll look at it this morning

, Reduces swelling and inflammation
I think I could help the queen

You can not access here

Why did the doorman let you in?

It was not his fault, I lied to him.

"The Prime Minister and Mr. Marlboro-
I just wanted to help her

She seems to suffer a lot

She is the goalkeeper
Take it to the basement

Tell Mrs. "Meg", she is going to whip 6 lashes
To go

"They are billits

The herbs


You have to concentrate

We are gathering our army here.
Austrian Mass here

Any country this, would you repeat it?


"Marlboro" -
"This is the city of" Lille -

"In a valley ... in France"

We will descend men by
, Sending a small force to occupy them.

We chase it, and lower the numbers on the top.

Yes Yes -
Yes Yes It is a wonderful plan.

Queen Anne, do you agree?

Our people want the war to end.

Well, we all hope it ends.
But desire is not what makes it happen.

.. We can seek peace, but we

We will not get it


What -
The things placed on my legs relieve pain.

What is it? -
It's an herb, of some kind -

What's going on
Do it in the bathroom if you want, not in my kitchen.

Moulati said that six lashes would be burned for this.


Let go

Come with me

So maybe you're very nice
For their own benefit

This is what happened

This hurts the stupid ones.

The queen has been a bit relieved, so I thank you.

Go and bring me more of these herbs.

Do not cross the border again

While my father talked about you

I loved your father

The magic is burning

Then I think it was burned

You have lost your place

I was 15 years old when
My father lost me in blackjack

You are not serious

From this section here.

I was very upset about that

Go out into the forest with nothing more than a maid.
Wash dishes and a dozen bottles to forget.

Have you gone

I wanted to do something for my father

Religion was necessary for a German man.
It resembles a balloon and has a thin penis.

Fortunately, I was able to convince him that the woman was bleeding
At twenty-eight months of the month.

What happened to your hand?

Some of my colleagues are magical.

{\ pos (192,183,275)}: Second

{\ pos (130.365,182.834)} I
I'm scared
And accidents

Stratford, "Do not come near me and complain today"

Do not crush your little heart to the liver.

"Lady" Tourney

You can get a quote
The fabric you requested

, Spend an extra penny
I will take care of your nails theme

{\ pos (284.406,221.82)} The "penny": part of 100 of the British currency

Thank you

Abigail, "send the plate of oysters"
To the Dutch ambassador

Yes mulatti

"Colonel" Masham

"Lady" Marlboro

Queen travels on Wednesday

"Well, my lady," marlboro

Would you like to take a bite of my valet?
New before you leave?

Should the duck be here?

It is the fastest duck in the city.

, Horichio "Prize worth being stolen"
Wont let me

If he distances him from me, he will only be removed.
Cut it and pick it up with the cucumber in vinegar.


You have to know that I convinced my party that
They are waiting for us to announce the peace attempt.

We both have to make that proposal to the queen.

If where is the queen
We have been waiting for an hour

"Mrs." Sarah -
.I'm here -

Can I remind you that you are not the queen?

You sent me to speak on her behalf, she is not well.
What did she say? -

That "Harley" crazy for the eye, and has the smell of a vagina.
A French woman at 96 years old.

I really doubt you're quoting your words -
, I have decided to continue the war -

She feels that another victory will set us.
In a stronger position in the treaty.


How are we going to pay for this?

Taxes on land will double

This is crazy

The war you will fight against will be at the expense of our country.

"It depends on you and your love for" England.
The word conservative meets

There are limits
Love your country? -

As far as I'm concerned, there's no limit to that.

Our last penny will be put to protect it.
England "if we have to do it"

And our last man too?

The dead will be buried, as well as resentment.

This does not interest you -
I agree with all that

, And my heart beats every one of them.
I sent my loved ones with them to fight

So do not give me lectures about the cost

The treaty will save money and lives.
"It's a victory for all people" England

When we go to them after a victory.
And one, they will know that we are afraid.

While we buried more of them
They know that we defeated them.

"I decided the queen", Harley

I do not agree with that


I would like to mention this to the queen
"He explained my argument

He explained it to me. I love comedy

There is a cake?

This is an unpleasant distortion of the regime.

There is no place for you in this

I beg your eyelids

If you want to go fix
Makeup, we can follow this later.

You have to pay the repair fee so that

We have a war to finance, and every penny is calculated.

.Brbk, my friend, another victory

Did you have to bother him?

The dignity of a man is the only thing.
That prevents him from madness.

Sometimes women want
Just have fun

"We have to be careful," Sarah

He is a useful ally.

But it is a dangerous enemy.

Ask what you want

.Thank you

Thank you for your work

I have something for the weak.

"Lord" Marlboro


You have to be sure

Just do not get mad

Be brave, intelligent and confident.
I beg you

I will do it

Stay with me tonight

I have to sleep with my men

This is the only thing that is good.

I had a dream of this .. A French man
.. very small covered in blood

It has the head of Marlboro, and it is served with white cheese.

He is a great soldier

It will be OK

We will prevail
"Of course we will, ma'am" Freeman -

Asha, majesty

I think I've cooled
When you harvest herbs for your feet.

Is this you


Let us catch something

This is very sad

It looked good


You really hurt the sky

Can I ask you something?

Since you realize, I am carrying a weapon.

You are fighting fiercely for this
The war and your husband in the forehead.

Your intentions are in danger.

How can you do that? -
- That's right.

If we do not do it, they will do it.
Come and come here

They cut our land into pieces in a year.

You have gone through a great property robbery.
.. And quite a few strikes, for this.

You have security and interest first of all.

The dead

Do not sacrifice your resources with German.
Chubby to save your father?

There is always a price to pay -

I am willing to pay you


Just relax and go

When you cross your eyes, pull the trigger.



I'll kill you someday

You follow me

I said to follow me

It seems you're following me, sir

I'm in front of you

But were you riding on horseback that morning?

I am a servant

Where do I get the horse?

You may have dreamed of me

Maybe you were

Maybe I should have let you know

I expect

You want to sleep with this, right?

It makes my blood run in a hurry.

"It's the new one for Mrs. Marlboro.

On the right

This is fun

Excuse me, for a moment.

Your Majesty

How beautiful to see you

Since you threw more money
To the abyss, in that silly act.

If we are going to win

Sarah assured me that we would win

So about the land tax, you can not imagine a storm.
The fire that she provoked in the field.

Are you really angry?

My queen the earth

How do you love my body?


I only explain to the queen
Bad taxes, and also war.

We must seek peace
Harley, "you're so boring" -

This is for the parliament

The dance party

And eat all these foods.
Traditional and sweet

Have you tried it?

I have trouble swallowing now

Your Majesty

I want to enjoy music now.
Yes, I love this music. I must dance




What happened? -
I want to go back to my room

"Master" Harley

I agree that I have left
In the absence of war taxes.

What -
It will remain as it was

We are willing, oh my kingdom.



It's okay

I have to go fast?

remember me

You're Abigail, right?

Yes sir

I have stolen a book as I see it

One reason may be licked and lashed by it.

My mistress lent it to me

Do we have to go ask him? -

Do not

Go up the stairs and spend the night here with me.

So I used to be
Ma'am, now you're nothing

A girl washing dishes something

This is very sad

.. I'm still the lady that was

In my heart
Without a doubt -

It is important to make new friends.

It is not like this?


Is this really happening here?

There are no valid threats under the disguise of courtesy.

Do you have to understand that you are smart?

.. want something

Should you sleep with me?

He is my friend Macham, he is totally fascinated by you.

"Tell me about Mrs. Marlboro

Gudolfin and the "queen"

Is something happening?

I love the rumors

That is defective. I know that

Mrs. Marlboro is kind to me

You saved me

I will not lose confidence

Of course


But interest as the wind changes direction all the time.

And then at this moment you will go back to sleep with a lot
Prostitutes prostitutes wondering the fingers of your ass.

You can not take many
Friends on the tiles.

"I need a friend", abigail

Someone with good ears and big eyes.

He was often surprised
Of the distorted situation in the tiles.

As leader of the opposition, I do not have to

I would love to know about any plan that could be
Mrs. Goodlphin or Queen

I will not betray my trust



This is nice

You're good?

Anyway, think about it

There is no pressure

You have to tell Harley that you are
You changed your mind about taxes.

Are people really angry with taxes on the land?

They will be more angry when they rape the French.
The wives of their wives, and they cultivate their fields with garlic.

Conservatives should not see the road so hard.

Will there be more deaths if we do that? -
.. The loss of men is painful, but -

We can not be vain, otherwise they are
They will see our weakness and we will face and lose thousands more.

Nothing to the queen


That you can not drink hot chocolate.

Sugar causes inflammation

"Give me that cup."
Do not act

I'm sorry I do not know what to do

Okay, give it to him

Then you will bring the bucket and the hyssop as punishment.

Give me back

Let us know about taxes in parliament

Select date

I have to tell you something

Select options

Mr. Harley came to me

And he asked me to betray his trust.

When discovering things that spin.
"Between you and the queen," Godlin

I understood

What are you going to do

I will not do it

This is clear -
It is not clear -

Your recognition can be a method to improve my confidence

Then you work as a double spy.

I am a person with honor, even
If my case is not

Even if you're the last person to
I will remain a woman

You are beautiful when you are upset

Are you safe with you?

All of them


Even your older brother


If you forget to put the load, the gun.
A sound was emitted but without a live bullet.

This is a big joke, do not you agree?


Maybe we'll think about it someday.

Sometimes it's hard to remember
Whether one has the filling or not

I'm afraid of confusion

And accidents

I am sure that people will take their precautions

Cow meat

Twelve pence


Mrs. Meg, your account is high

Do you depend on your treatment?

No mulatti

Can I preview it? -
Of course

Marvelboro, as always

The Queen

Have you signed?

Of course

Good for tiles

The grass can ease your fall.

Do not care

"Lady" Morley


I stay for a moment

No, take a day off. I order it

Someone has to handle things.

I'm not food

You can not just eat it and eat it.
So, how did you become delicious and salty? -

I was a delicious meal

.very well
I'll see you tonight

"We can play the west

{\ pos (192.951,189.751)}: Third

{\ pos (145.425,180.115)} Hey


.. ask .. ask

Demanding that this war ends.

... we will not do it

We must agree here

The discipline

"Hey master" Harley

Adjust your flock

... I'm sick of this nonsense today

"I came in your time, ma'am" Freeman
This leg is broken

She attacked me like a monster

Can you really cut me? -
I do not think so, majesty.

Why are you here

"The lady sent me" Marlboro
"Being an accomplished player in the West

He has been worried about an irreversible process.
For the state

And then come here hastily.

It is my country

I'm the director of state affairs.

Have you really sent me your maid?

My Majesty, I was not always a servant.

I am educated I speak Latin and French

My family has had a difficult time.

I am also the daughter of your aunt.
Very incredible

.عليك Go straight to God and just tell him to come

They are wonderful

They are my kids

Now leave me please

How many of them are here?


"Today is the day" Hildebrand

And which one is it?

Who is there?

He is shy but stubborn

I can do that?

I love you

Seventeen children have been lost.

Some of them were born as blood.

Some without breathing

Some of them stayed with me for a very short time.


"Today is the day" Hildebrand

The day you lost it


Every time someone dies, one comes.
Of these small animals are placed.

You love Me

It's a delicious cake

He loves her

You like me -

.Happy Birthday

What dress!

.Thank you

I feel exaggerated

Have you come to Tgwini or have you raped me?

I am a gentleman

If it is rape

Do not
Not you

I have

She attracted me

And I really do

I'm attracted to what you look like when you're wearing this

.you're handsome

No wonder you're being covered

Who you are?

I am not an ordinary servant

I can say that I lost my place

This can be said

I want to hug you

Have you allowed it?

Now good night sir

Is it progressing?

I have

Some of me survived

These wigs are ridiculous.

I have to wear good clothes

I do not think she'll ever agree

If you try again, your way.

I have to send Abigail to accompany you.

She is really nice

Hildebrand loved her very much ...
It's just a rabbit -

"You are too sensitive"

I am very naive and indifferent in a few days.

But sometimes I am
All right, let's think about this


You are very childish

{\ pos (192,180.461)}: Fourth

{\ pos (156.831,171.788)} obstacle

I think rape is the hardest thing.

Make me feel helpless

But I was not

You are not a nerd, you are a dear person.

.Thank you

.You are so Beautiful

That's enough. You're making fun of me

I do not

If I were a man, I would.

I raped you





They stop






I promise you

They left

I do not want to hear you

Your Majesty,
I have to rest now -

I have to ...? -
.Inday and I -

... give me that

Give me that baby

Your Majesty

Where I am

Where I am

Your Majesty

You are in the West Wing Hall

Do not talk to me like that

Your Majesty

I said leave me alone


Give me back

Maybe we should dance

You are making fun of me

No, I just think you can

That would be delicious

I would love to dance with you


.Love to
Then the road

Take it off

Facebook Facebook

Throw it in the trash

Come to me with this head.
Then I approached with this head.

..Tv .. Altvi -

Eleven of twelve

"You are terrifying in a supernatural way" Abigail

She taught me well

I hope you have not found your time.
With the queen it is very boring.

Absolutely not

While you give me a break, I'm happy.

Do you sleep well? -
Like a badger


..The Queen

Unusual personality

Even if this is visible

She was hit by tragedies

Looks great

I will not charge you again

..I'm really happy -
I know that

"I'll be angry if I do not show up soon

I want to kill you

Take it off


The Queen

I will be there

.. queen .. your questions


, Sent at the request of some crabs.
I thought we could compete and then eat it

Hello -

I hope you asked for three.

I called Abigail to try
I suppose I suppose


They will come with crabs soon

Re scared

I think it was a bad idea on your part.

This is just an old-fashioned thing

Your lobster crabs, lady
Where should I put it?


you are welcome

Remember me

"Master" Harley

You always make me stumble

So what's up?

The queen and the marlboro lady play
Sea crabs and then eat them.

Do you want to be licked?

The queen will declare double
Tax on land in parliament

You are running

Although I do not think she's sure.

But Marlboro will make that determination.


And yet

That is all

Why do I feel that it is not everything?

I did my best

On the right

All right

Well, do not cry
Thank you and have a happy night.

Can I speak a moment after your Majesty's permission?

Can I invite the members of the Council to
Give your strong approval to his majesty.

In your remarkable decision not to increase the land tax?


Because doubling the tax would have been a disaster

Blood will flow in the fields as
The field revolves around our friends in the city.

She adds to the pile of dead of our children.
Those who have fallen in the sand of this war.

..Other times, I go to our property.

And to his deep wisdom of knowing where.
The borders that unite our country will be united.

There is no courage to win a war abroad
If we start another house


I'm sorry I interrupted you, Majesty.

Of course, tile

We hope to hear what you are saying

Men should not attack women.

- Look scared.
- They hurt me.

.. Wait wait

Kiss me first

I realised that
"I want to marry you", Mesham

I can not marry a maid

But I can enjoy it

I know that marriage will destroy you

I'll fix it, trust me

Do not you think we can fit in with each other?

I think you're very suitable

I looked like a fool

They were all watching, right?
I can guess even if I did not see it.

"I've heard the word" fat

"Ann" -
"And ugly -

Nobody will dare to say this, but I did not.

I feel you
Your mistake has been deceived. This is our fault

I do not know what to do
I could not follow it

It's okay "Ann." Not bad

He was ready for us

Maybe you just guessed that it was
Change your mind

Small obstacle

We have already set the time.

What are you doing

Your Majesty

Mrs. Marlboro asked me to wait for her
..And only me

Now your bed is very beautiful, I could not resist.

That's so stupid, I'm sorry.

Well, take me out now

I'm sorry again, majesty

What happened to your dress?



My feet

Does it hurt so much?

More than I can stand

.. pain pain

Marlboro wrote a letter

It is in the specified place.

The battle can start at any time.

He will win

Of course

I will not grow tonight
I can stay and sit with you

.I'm fine

"Good morning, Mrs." Marlboro

Have you seen the poetry book that
Was it with an equestrian?

I did not see it

Do not

Do not

Do not

Do not

Do not

.I do not understand -
You took it? -

.Kapi -

I think you're a bit of a liar, but I was wrong.

What I meant was that

The queen is the one who forced me.

You are part of my service

Go back to Mrs. "Meg" and tell her.
, To find a place in the things of the kitchen.

: If you ask why, tell him
"Because I'm a traitorous little whore"

Present my mulatti

.. it was an honor for me to be

.. If you do not go

I start in your lap and I will not stop.

"I've become close to Abigail

She is dear to me if

Unfortunately, I had to get rid of them for the theft.

It is false and a thief.

Your language seems unusually silent.

Listen to your words

She is my maid, and she was not fired.

I made her a maid for my bedroom.

Did not you hear what I said?

But, you see that she is a liar and a liar ...

I do not see it, it seems.

They will do it

I do not want

I love her when she puts her tongue inside me.

{\ pos (193.901.185.77)}: Fifth

{\ pos (149.682,192.11)} What if
I beat
And slipped

It is a strange feeling to be here.

Is good for you

This can eliminate toxins from the body.

What if I was overcome by the dream and slid down?

Imagine the hot chocolate.

If I die happy

After your departure, I thought how much an idea was.
Great to go down to the mud

To get rid of the toxins that
One bears an external name

Abigail, "Hala brought me"
Some refreshing drinks?

.. I like that of course, but

I have to be close to the queen and ready all the time.

This is my job

What loyalty

How nice and sexy to be
You can draw personality.

Do not disturb them

"Mr. Freeman

Mr. Morley

You're so handsome

"How handsome you are, Mr. Freeman

.. know me

I forgot my glasses

You'll be back on the street

Do you remember when we were young?
We were not allowed to go out to the snow?

We open all the windows on the dance floor.
We were there waiting for the snow to enter.

And when the governor arrived, we made a snowman.

Our hands were blue

It was fun
- Looks great -

We did many things together

I love ancient history

I'm sorry, Abigail. Did you say something?

Oh singing

There is a song that sticks to my mind.

There is a lot of space for that.

"Marlboro", you have a real sense of humor.

Abigail, "you are dear"

I think I should rest for tonight.

Do I have to take you?
Your bed, queen anna?

Or you and I should go
To your room to eat some cherries?

The cedar looks very pretty.

"Good evening, O" Abigail -
"Yes, good evening, dear." Abigail -

Hey more, right?

It's the feeling I love, of course.

I see you trying to beat me

How do I not like it, dear?

You should stop this silly pastime

I have achieved your wishes

I may not want anything

Maybe because of my past

Maybe I have an ugly side in my heart

And of course my father did it.


I do not have to control my second chance.

I need to behave in a way
I do not agree with my moral side

If I finally go back to the street, I sold.
..Mother of soldiers with syphilis.

Ethical stubbornness would be foolish
Our eyes make fun of me every day.

I do not follow what you really say.
! صه -

I'm sorry, but I was silent when I was thinking.

Your hair is shiny

It's something that I listened to the people in the court fixing it.


I always thought it was like a nest.


"Mrs. Marlboro

Green Tea

"What a good idea, thank you," Abigail -
Of course

Can you greet the children?

Of course

You will make that speech an increase.
. Taxes in parliament next week.

I dreamed about that man
Next to the one-eyed road

Any man

We are on our way to the city.

Look at me in a way that made my blood break

This is great kindness.

Abigail, "Do you think people are angry?"


She does not know

We have to ask people

Some people from the town come and ask them.

This is not how the state works.

There are people to come. No carrying

Will you leave Marlboro without coverage?

He needs more troops
, Ready to join

. And that means money.
Do not yell at me. I am the queen

If you run like queen once.

Will the queen also mount the horse?

Do not talk to me

I have thought about the terms of our friendship.

I thought it was unconditional love.

, I'll get you to meet the queen
He asked her to be known to me.

Wait You -
Harley: "You do not want me to consider you an enemy" -

It turned out that I could
Do a lot of hate

And I also ...
Do not you feel tired of being like that? -

The queen pays special attention to me.

I can whisper poison in your ear

Until your madness comes out of your hatred.

We can have a friendship of mutual benefit.

Back to three
Yes or no?

, If you are very close to the queen
Why do not you ask for the service yourself?

I do not want her to think I want something from her.

Did you convince her to put herself on our side? -

The future of the field is in a volatile position.

I think I just said what I wanted to say.

You do not care about that?

I thought you were on our side

I'm by my side


Sometimes it will be a happy coincidence for you.

Like now

I had the opportunity to save the field

{\ pos (191.223,189.796)}: VI

{\ pos (149.247,166.061)} Stop
The inflammation

It's a great coincidence that I found you in the garden.

We went out to breathe the air.

You do not like war
I know that

I do not like her
But we have to fight for what we fight for.

It seems that "Goodlove" and Mrs.
, Marlboro "Istglanc"

So that you do not enjoy your sincere opposition.

I'm well informed

It was personal, to be honest.

I'm usually sick
On the right

It is true and sad

The war with "France" will stop us even if we win.

We are in the strongest position now

But if Marlboro loses this next battle.

We can lose everything

You must know that people hate war.

They started to hate you

"Did not Marlboro tell you?
About the riots in "Leeds"?

No, you do not

All I ask is to ask your heart.

Of course
It's not Mrs. Marlboro's heart,

I should also tell you about your server.

Abigail? "-
I think this is his name -

Colonel "Masham" seems to have
He fell in love with her and hoped to get married.

She is only a maid

It is unusual and difficult to explain.

, But emotionally
It affected me as much as possible

What does it mean that nobody has seen it?

I have taken a horse, majesty.

And neither he nor she returned.

I will send a horse

Do not

I think she's going to make fun of me.
Do not send our horses.

... in case you fall -
She is an excellent gentleman in something like this ...

I know who you are
Do not go behind her

Where I am

You are in paradise

That is God

You'll see later

.I have to go

I do not think that happens.


Stop inflammation

"Bring the lady" Marlboro

Do not

Take me to her

Find them

Find it

There are wolves abroad, right?

No majesty

.I do not think so

"Maybe I went to" Blenheim

- Shorten -
There is still no palace, it is the forest.

We have to check the trees to make sure that ...
"Master" Harley -

I apologize

I hope we do not find them dead in a ditch.

State affairs, however, can not stop.
.. Your Majesty -

No message from the front arrived in two weeks

There is no doubt that Marlboro is in trouble.

We need to send the piece immediately to help her.

This will cost you a fortune based on your excessive doubts.
And it goes to something that only God knows.

We have to wait

I'll think about this for a while

This can not wait

We must act now

He does not seem to go to a late party.

If the concert goes well, they understand.
They will not need you, and you will be upset.

But if you go wrong, you can not save them.

All you can do is be sober and sober.

It's not like a party

Mr. Prime Minister, just a fleeting idea.
I think it's like a party.

Traveler reviews -
We will wait

Make sure they wear the best dresses.
They are ready for instant notification.

Move the piece to the coast and prepare the ship.


I worry that she has fallen

It is night, and there is only one.

Is strong

It will be OK

You saved my whole life

Without it, I am nothing

This is not true

You are the queen
I'm tired

I feel pain, everything hurts.

Everyone leaves me


At last

If she's not dead, I'll cut her neck.

Maybe she is doing this to hurt me

It may be soft, but I will not be deceived.

You'll be fine

You will find it
No apologies -


Beautiful person

You're beautiful

We will marry you

What -
Colonel "Masham" wants to marry you

Really -
Yes, I really attracted him ...

This is ridiculous

I have nothing to offer

I'm a bankrupt maid, it'll be
It is a disgrace if you are associated with it.

The first idea was about him.

You are dear

I worry about the

Not like I care

But is marriage enough?

I will not lie, I would like to be a lady again.

Yes, that is correct

.. while it is far. We expect
You will come back and scream and you will avoid.

But you have to do, this is my gift to you.
Your acceptance

Good when ...? -
! Leave us ... Leave us ... Now -

"I ..." Abigail Hill

"I take from him .." Samuel Macham
Your husband is legal and legal.

.. "I am .." Samuel Macham

Of which Abigail Hill was taken as a legal and legitimate wife.

This generosity is unlimited.

I was deeply touched

As a gambling religion, what do you think, Mr. Harley? -
.Mataz -

I want you to take an apartment in the east wing.
Thank you Majesty

.Thank you

It's fun to be queen sometimes

You can only imagine

You are looking in the wrong direction

Where did you go

Have you sent the knights to look for them? -
I told you before ...

, You must have been sick for several days
But you must have recovered now.

Could not she have returned to Southampton?

To do that?

To plan why?
So prepare yourself?

The organic is like rock, and this is the night of our wedding.

Keep your place

Now I'm gone, I feel
There is a greater concern than if he were here.

Because it's like hitting.
.. from any place ... at any time

I do not know what will come

I must be calm

I went

She married

Well, I must be ready
But how can I prepare myself and I do not know where my enemy is?

My life is like a labyrinth, I follow
I think I did not get anything.

How will I find another dilemma completely in front of me?

Chico Bring me a cart

Can I refuse?

I've gone

Help me

Can I refuse?

Do you feel better

Is my horse alive?

What did you eat -
Sell ​​it

I still have my city

You can make your own dinner

And from now on I'm going to take

They will be noble

Men will respond to this.

Have you ever seen ten gold coins?

In my dreams

"Go to the fountain" Hydepark
At nine in the morning

Strap a man walking with a duck

What happened?

You're good?

Abigail has poisoned me

"Mary Madeline" here has found me

Did they get used to you?

No they did not

But they gave me a job offer, even if I did not need it.

Abigail did this?


How is the kingdom?

"Lady" Marlboro

.Oh God

The maid wears ladies clothes, how is that?

Oh hit
My dear friend, my daughter Khali.

.. It's good to see you come back from -
- hell

I am sure that someday you will visit him

I lost some things

My marriage

It was a simple party, but it was done very well.

Everyone .vlegadr

If you give me tea
Favrey Lee if I did not accept it.

.. I have consulted my heart
I have no confidence in it, and that is my fault.

I could not just stand up
And I invite you to destroy me.

Maybe you showed me this

But it's over now.

I won

I am safe

, We do not have to fight again
Is not that great?

Just forgive me, we can be happy together.

Obviously you still have
A little anger to make up for it.

I allowed this this time

Congratulations for the blessing of marriage.

Your face

Does it look so bad?

If I were a man, this scar and my medal would have been added.

Where were you, Sarah?

Why did you leave like that?

I went for a horse ride

Some bandits attacked me

It took time to defeat them

Your poor face

You had to see them

I think they are treating you very well

I heard some people came looking for me here.

... I was worried about you, I thought you were

You were not trying to hurt me?

I do not play games with you

I know I know that

Look at me

I said this once, and of course, dear.

Abigail must be sent away

From the bottom of my heart, Lady Morley, do that.

I do not want

It is a snake

You are jealous

You will do what I say

"Prime Minister and Mr." Harley-
What happens -

I apologize a thousand times, majesty
But there is news from the front.

What happened? -
.Marlboro Ready -

He managed to surround them.

We need the band to attack the beach.

Let them go to the concert now

Of course, majesty ...
Any ... a party? -

I passed while I was away

Thank you gentlemen
I am aware of the developments

It's good to see you come back, and you
"You look good, ma'am" Marlboro

Now I have done a good job cutting the army.

Yes I know

However, the two new centers are in
The parliament must remain with the liberal party.

I am the queen

Do not try to do this what you do

Do not try to manage this, you can not

I know that Harley took your ear and Abigail your bed.
- Enough!

You will be like me
From now on, do you understand?


Do not do it

No no

Your face scares me
Do not do it

"Good evening, ma'am" marlboro

{\ pos (193.555.190.883)}: VII

{\ pos (} Leave
I like it

.Good morning

!Good morning

It seems strange to be here, dear

It's better to be there

I think I'm getting more emotional as I get older.

I do not think you have a passionate side.

I thought that too

But many things have surprised me recently.

I started reading many, many and many.
From the messages you wrote to me.

"I'm anxious to hug you"

"I long for the warmth of your naked body on my body"

This is very severe
This is very frank

I thought I had lost some of them.
A few days ago, it was just fear

What do you say if the son of a bitch?
Jonathan Swift "got his hands on that?"

.. in his diary ... and the next day.

You will be destroyed

Never do that

You have no idea
About what I can do for my order.

And you

Do you destroy me?

Are you doing that? -
.. I will use these messages -

However, the tax increase was announced and modified.
"Parliament as I want, and disposed of" Abigail

Do you want to know what you have decided?

I just wish you were happy, and that
Your psychology will rise after you finish it.

The queen asks you to return your keys.

Come back and avoid the chips today.

where is she? -
You have a turnkey

The queen will not give you a meeting.


I gave my key

Mrs. Morley, you are angry. I know that


"It took me a crazy moment

Just open the door

... please, just

.. you can only

Ms. Morley, open the door

The letters were burned

I burned it

do what you want

"I will not come back"

You understand

I will go and I will disappear

Abigail did this

She does not love you

Because how can someone do?

She does not want anything from me, not like you.

She does not want anything from you, however

Somehow I became a lady with
Two thousand pounds a year

Harley sits on her knees most of the night.

I hope you can love me the way you do.

Do you expect me to lie to you?

You look like an angel fallen from heaven.
Your Majesty

Do not

Sometimes you look like a badger

You can count on me to tell you

Why -
Because I'm not going to lie. This is Love

I have my homework to do

I have

I have spent many months
I'm unhappy with the government

Mr. Godelfin lost my confidence

I will announce a new prime minister

"It will be Mr. Harley


Thanks for your service

We will seek peace with France immediately.

I said what I have

I leave you all

Leave this I like it

The mirror will remain

Sir, do you really think you won?

I did not do it?

We play very different games.

.. well, what I know is
Your vehicle is waiting for you

And that my servant comes to see me.
With something called pineapple.

I'm going?

To go

{\ pos (192.951,189.751)}: VIII

{\ pos (145.511,196.268)} I dreamed
I am
I stabbed you
Your eyes

Do it again

.I'm here

Hala Dalkt my feet, please?

Of course

Hot towel

You're drunk

Bebi the wine

very well

You have to eat some of that

I bring you a little, what do you think?

Do not

I can not understand these papers

I do not feel well

.. my lover

I'm not well

I'll call the doctor for you, my love.

.Thank you. Thank you


What's going on

"Sign a peace agreement with France

With many concessions, of course.

Of course

Marlboro will be back in a week

Harley will move to replace it

... Now that peace with "France" has been

The return of "Marlboro" to "England" is imminent

I wonder, Your Majesty, yes
He was in a position to remain at the head of our forces.

He removed his eyes from his face.

"You have to stop it", Godlin

He is our hero who won peace for us.

Actually, but we would have fought another war.
It would destroy us, and that is reality.

It will be easier to return
My strength, if I return to the court.

A new era of peace and prosperity.
A new day. A door to a new future.

It is a metaphor on the subject.
I'm tired, I'll think about it -

Thank you

Obviously you have chosen that
Maintain the privacy of your exclusion.

I will leave a gap in the speech so you can take care of it.

I do not know about women and their emotions.

But I know they are taking care of their hearts.
As newborn babies cry


I have a great desire to see your broken nose

What do you mean

Your Majesty

Allow me to speak on the subject.
With Mrs. Marlboro?

No, you are not allowed

Talk about deep friendship
It can certainly be addressed

Some wounds do not close

I have many of these wounds.

, Coexists with them.

Sometimes you feel full of blood

A message

An apology of some kind makes his return easy

There are limits to what one can offer

Maybe she can write to you

We can try to repair a wound.
At least one of ours.

I can not stop it

, I imagine it will be useless
I'm going to push the message towards the fire.

But I can not stop it.


A prostitute


.I miss you

Are you sure all this is mail?

Are you looking for something?

Oh, I am

"A cloth of my cousin in Florence"

I'm sure she'll come

I dreamed

..I am

... Thank you

.. in

I named you

That can not be everything.

... It's like that, oh-
Do not bend me -

Do we have to ask for a cloth?
Another of your cousin in "Florence"?

It may have been lost or lost on the long road.

No, I just wanted to know what.
If all my messages are here

Of course, goalkeeper. Go and check again


Those who are helpless



.. the Lady

.. "Morley"

I am in trouble

And you are the most loved person

.. and I do not know if

.. I would say that -
What happens -

I'm not sure
Bien I do not like this

If I say what you have or else you will eat me
I have to deal with terrible possibilities.

"It's not terrible, dear" Ann

It's just money


.. I found myself in the fortifications

That many amounts of money seem
"He has flown to Marlborough

But they do not reflect the declared military expenditures.


The money disappeared

You want me to ask you
Should I return it when I return?

Maybe silent

You mean Sarah was sending you money?

This seems to be the case

More than seven thousand

What she was doing

..Only matters -
What they were doing ...

Of course I may have misunderstood the claims

.. Sometimes this nonsense feels dizzy, and

There are special people who are in
They usually know these things.

In the second or third attempt

This is a simple explanation that I did not understand.

Let's keep this away from our minds

Should we take the children for a walk to the park?

No thanks I need to rest

You can go





I want to restore the message

To go

, "Marlborough" in "Southampton"
We need a decision

Your Majesty, if you allow me,
Very little mail today -

Well, leave me
The situation with "Marlboro"?

It steals me


Your Majesty, this is unreasonable

, Mrs. Abigail, finance manager
Is not that true?

They steal and hurt us.


Everything is black and white.

It must be destroyed

, "And leave our beloved" England
They are not sincere

They will hurt us, our country, and the queen.

.. Your Majesty, if you allow me -
No, it's not allowed -

He will be accused and will be punished.
I said what I have, go

The mail arrived

Why am I suddenly tired of "England" dear?

Maybe we can go somewhere else


! "Is"

- We're going to take you to the chair.
How dare you touch the queen like that? -

.sorry -
I do not ask you to speak -

My legs

- You have to lie down -
You have to talk when I ask you to ...

I feel dizzy

I need to hold on to something

Translated by Nizar Azzedine


{\ candHFFFFFF

أطلق Leave me in your hands

دع Let me fly to distant lands

فوق Above green fields, trees and mountains

والأز The flowers and the jungle springs

فال The country is facing the corridors of the respiratory tract

في In this only dark room

يظهر shows dark shadowy shadows

وع My eyes are mirrors of the outside world

تفكر Think of the way you can.
بها by the wind that changes tide

وتت Shadows change pink وردي
إلى to gray

فقط Only for a pigeon on the horizon.
تح Dream of emptiness and waiting for the day

يمكنها She can spread her wings.
وتط and fly again

ط Go flying oh dove horizon,