The Fan (1981) - full transcript

Douglas is a lonesome record salesman and a true fan of the actress Sally Ross. Every day he writes her gleaming letters of love. But the only response he gets are formal letters. So his love turns into hatred. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Dear Miss Ross,

I am your greatest fan

because unlike the others,
I want nothing from you.

The only thing that matters
to me is your happiness.

I have posters, playbills,

and a closet jam-packed with photographs

covering every stage of
your magnificent career.

Your presence alone makes
every one of your films

a true cinema classic.

I don't care what time
they show on television,

I will gladly stay awake
until any hour in the morning.

I bought a gorgeous new Lucite frame

for one of your most famous pictures,

the one of you singing
while President Truman

plays the piano.

I despise those desperate, pathetic people

who intrude upon your privacy.

Your happiness and peace
of mind must be protected.

I know of all the famous men in your life,

but I adore you as no other ever has

or ever will.

Thank you for the inspiration
you have given me.

You are the greatest star of all.

Your friend, Douglas Breen.

P.S. could you send me
your most recent photograph

as soon as possible?

Could you please write the date, too?

You were magnificent!

Could you just sign something?

Thank you.

Just for my mother?

She's loved you for years

and she's not even gonna
believe that I'm here.

There you are.

Thank you.

Please sign mine, Miss Ross.

Oh, doesn't work.

Here, one second.

Wait a minute, I've got one.

Miss Ross!


I think it's simpler
this way.

This is for my grandmother
in Tecumseh, Michigan.

I know she'll really be thrilled.


The nerve!

Dear Miss Ross,

I understand an important and
glamorous star like yourself

doesn't have time to answer
every letter personally,

but frankly, I couldn't help feeling hurt

when I got that note
signed by your secretary.

I know that after you speak
to her it won't happen again.

All my love, Douglas Breen.

Jake, thank God you're out.

I really shouldn't do this.

I've absolutely nothing to say,

except where the hell are you?

Aren't you in California?

I called last week and even
the machine didn't answer.

This was my last night in
the show, did you know?

I signed to do this
cockamamie musical next.

It's dark and late and
lonely in this room.

How long does this tape run?

I guess I should get
around to the message,

which is generally,

being divorced from you

is not exactly heaven every moment

and this is one of the off-moments.

Take care.


P.S. would you also tell her

that the photograph she sent
me was one I already have.

Dear Mr. Breen,

enclosed is another photograph.

Sorry I sent you one you already have.

The last thing I would want to do

is to disappoint any member
of Miss Ross's fan club.

Yours truly, Belle Goldman.

I've been holding since before the flood!

All I need is a simple
answer to a simple question!

Do you or do you not
have the practice shoes

Miss Ross ordered last week?

She's starting rehearsal tomorrow!




'Course she's not up yet.

What do you think she
is, a red-breasted robin

or maybe a secretary?

I'll tell her, I'll tell her.

How's the weather in London?

Well, let a
taxi be your umbrella.

It's good to talk to you, too.



Morning, everyone.

Happy birthday, you!

No, no, no!

No, no!

Listen, listen, you guys,

we're supposed to forget this one.

As of today I am going to be 45 forever.


The card on the top goes
with the flowers over there.


That's definitely my last offer.

Elsa, I'd kill for a cup of coffee.

Oh, I'll get you a cup.

What's that?

Your new pictures.

Burn them.

All right, what's the good news?

You've got a luncheon date.

No, I haven't.

As of 10:30 this morning.

With whom?

He says he's the ex-Mr. Sally Ross.


He's making a movie.

No wonder he hasn't answered my calls.

Here's your coffee.

Ah, thank you.

Listen to this.

"I hope you don't mind me saying this,

"but I think your secretary
needs a talking to."

She enclosed
a very snide letter

with the photograph,
actually referring to me

as a member of your fan club.

I'm not one of those cheap,
anonymous little stargazers

as she so smugly insinuated

and frankly, I think such
rudeness should not go unpunished.

"But I assure you I remain yours,

"faithful and adoring Douglas."

Who the hell does he think he is?

I've always liked the way you walk.

It's sexy as hell.

Happy birthday, babe.

Thank you.

Elsa says you can bring your laundry over

while you're in New York.

I guess she's afraid
you won't like the way

the hotel irons your socks.

Well, I'm taking an apartment.

We're gonna be in
pre-production for three months

and then we'll have 10 weeks of shooting,

so I thought it'd be a
little more convenient.

Thank you.

I left a wistful message
on your machine last night.

I was feeling lonely.

Do you ever feel lonely?

Come on, babe, huh?

Let's enjoy ourselves.

That was always a problem
between us, wasn't it?

I'd try to run everything into the ground.

And I always avoid.

Basically, I'm a coward.

Basically, I'm a loudmouth.

In a week we start rehearsals.

Can you believe they've
choreographed a dance

for me to do in bed?

Now they're arguing about
whether I ought to do it

in pajamas or a nightgown.

I'm scared, Jake.

Maybe I'm crazy to be doing this.

Every time you say
you're scared to death

you go right through the roof.

I'm glad I'm gonna be
here just to remind you.

How's, uh, Little Red Riding Hood?

She come with you?

She's shopping this afternoon.

You know, as long as
you're in California

and just on my mind,

you are on my mind a lot,

it's okay.

Okay that we threw 15
years down the drain.

Okay that you're running
around with a girl

young enough to be our daughter.

Okay that I'm alone.

It's the way it worked out.

But now you're here and she's here.

I don't want to be alone.

She's quite bright, you know?

And she's very much in love with me.

She's very supportive.

She's always there.

I need that.

What else, Jake?

I'm gonna marry her.

Quick, let's think of something funny.

Doug, you want to finish
putting that shipment out?


We've been real busy.

Oh, yeah?


Lunch hour's 45 minutes,
you were gone for two hours.

Oh, no I had permission.

I had to wait in line--

How'd you do, kid?

Oh, I got 'em, thanks.

Concert tickets for the Nervous Wrecks,

they are incredible.

I've never seen 'em live before.

Not your kinda thing, huh?

What, too lowlife for you?

Can I help you?


I'll be sure to tell her.

I'm going now.

I had three chocolates.

I've had three drinks.

Maybe we should turn ourselves in.

Don't forget to lock up.

May as well do it now.

I'm not going anywhere.

Who was that on the telephone?

Peter Murray.


He's sure I haven't given you
any of the messages he left.

Thanks to you, the whole world hates me.

Thanks to you, the whole world loves me.

Your dinner's in the warming oven.

And don't stay up all night,
you have rehearsal at nine.

What are you doing tonight?

I'm doing steamed
vegetables, the laundry,

and the late show.

One of your old movies is on.

That ought to put me to sleep.

Goodnight, tiger.


I told you never to come here.

What do you want?

Douglas, everybody's worried.

The only time any of us hear from you

is when you ask for money.

Who's worried?

Mom and Dad are.

They like to worry.

I'm worried, too, Doug.


Why should you?

Are you in any trouble?

No, I'm not in any trouble.

Miriam, at the moment
my only trouble is you.

You interrupted a very wonderful evening.

Right now I'm having dinner
with a very famous actress,

a great star of stage and screen.


Never mind.

Look, Doug, it was one
thing when we were kids

to dress up and collect stuff and pretend,

but when you grow up you
got to face the world like--






Here's to us, Sally, darling.

Dear Miss Ross,

I know how busy you are

and the last thing I would
want to do is trouble you,

but I was wondering if you
had had that little talk

with your secretary.

If you could take a moment out,

I would love to hear from you.

The one who adores you,

Douglas Breen.

Okay, one, two, three, four,

and five, six, seven, eight.

One, two--

I'm sorry I'm late.


Hey, did you see the news?

No, no.

Sally, it's wonderful to see you.


I'll take your coat.



This, as if you didn't
know, is Sally Ross.

Hi, everybody.


Now, you know this is my
first time on the musical,

so you'll have to be very patient.

I'll need all the help I can get.

You got it.

I'll take it!

Okay, Bob will run
through the first number

and then Ian will start
breaking it down with you.


Why don't you guys get started with Leslie

and I'll work with Sally.

All right?

Do the double.

That's right.

Back, back!

Turn faster!


Shall we give it a try?



That's okay.


Two, three, four,

five, six, seven!

Come on, go for it!


Dear Sally,

I'm afraid your secretary
doesn't realize her place.

She doesn't understand that
I'm much more than a fan.

I'm a friend.

And I'm someone you can turn
to in times of distress.

And even more than that.

It has taken me a long time to say this,

but I know the time is now right.

We will be lovers very soon, my darling,

and believe me, I have all
the necessary equipment

to make you very, very happy.

How's it going?

Oh, it's going.

Listen, I have a few appointments.

I want to sort it out with you--

I'm starved!

No, that's mine.

That's yours.

Can't we deal with all this later?

Anything special?

Jake call?


He left a message, quote,
"Are we still friends?"

What's that supposed to mean?

Here's your personal mail.

I'll look at it later, thanks.

Anything else?

What am I doing tonight?

I thought you said you wanted to crash.

No, there's nothing else.

Except, you got a really raunchy letter

from that weirdo fan I
tried to tell you about.

Listen, you remember that black dress?

The one with the straps?

Did you remember to have it fixed?


Listen, Sally, he's driving me crazy.

You got a minute?

I'd like to talk to you.

You got a minute, John?

I'd like to talk to you.

I've got something I want
to say to you, Vetta.

Do you got a minute?

You got a minute?

I'd like to talk to...

I've got something I want
to say to you, Vetta.

Not only was she gone during
the busiest time of our day,

but she screwed up the
whole musical comedy bin!

They're completely outta order.

I know she's attractive.

If you like that kind.

But frankly, I think her
brains are all in her tits.

I think she's taking
advantage of you, John.

I recommend you fire her.

I recommend you fire her, John!

You know what
I mean, just fire her.

Do you got a minute?

'Cause I'd like to talk to you.

I've got something I'd like
to talk to you about, John.

Oh, yeah?


And I'll go first.

I asked you to put that
stuff in the bins right away.

Instead, you were off the
floor for the last 15 minutes.

Well, Linda's supposed
to help me with that stuff.

Linda wasn't even here
when I asked you to do it.

She's with a customer now.

Get moving, will you?

You had something to say to me?

I finally had it out

with that Hitler in the record store.

When I finished with the despicable worm,

everybody in the store applauded me.

Now I can devote all my time to us.

Dear Mr. Breen,

point one: I have no intention of showing

your tasteless letter to Miss Ross.

Point two: I believe there is a law

against sending pornography
through the mail.

Point three: If you
should be so ill-advised

as to write her any more letters,

I can assure you there will be no reply.

Now I know why
I haven't heard from you.

Your secretary has been
intercepting my letters.

Obviously she is jealous
of our relationship.

Her possessiveness worries me.

Has it occurred to you that she might have

lesbian tendencies?

I think you should get rid of her.

I will put all this in a letter

and deliver it to you directly.

I won't use my last
name or return address.

You know where to write me.

Let's take lunch, all right?

See ya.

Finally let us out of that place!


Hi, see you later.

Still want to be a dancer?

Oh, are you kidding?

I'm having fun.

Can I get you anything, Miss Ross?

I was just going to go across
the street for some coffee.

Ah, coffee'll stunt your growth.

Come on, why don't you walk
with me to the health store?

Wait a minute!

five, six, and seven!

On eight!


Now, now, now!

Can I help you?

Thank you.


Something here for your boss.

Oh, thanks, kiddo.

Here, take a look at this.

Who are you going to
Joe Colton's party with?

David Branum.

No comment.

What in God's name did you
say to him in your letter?

I hope you haven't taken to
treating all my fans like this.

All your fans aren't
trying to screw you.

I told you he was a weirdo.

I told you that days ago,
you weren't interested.

Well, we've had lots of weirdos.

I mean, what about the
guy that kept trying

to jump into the taxi with me?

All these people have fantasies.

You don't
know the half of it!

You don't have to, you
got me to protect you.

Yeah, well, sometimes you go too far.

You're supposed to be my secretary

and I don't pay you to upset my fans.

You don't even know your fans!

I'm the one that has to put up with them!

He's the one that's gone too far!

He wants to be your
lover, for Christ's sake!

What was I supposed to do,
give him an appointment?

You were supposed to handle it.

Firmly, but nicely.

That's your job.

Did it ever occur to you

that my job isn't exactly heaven?

Neither is mine.

Who ever told you that
life was supposed to be

uninterrupted bliss?

What is this bliss shit?

I'm a Secret Service escort,

a butler, a nurse, letter
writing machine, floor mop!

I got a phone growing out of one ear

and a big fake smile on my
face eight, 10, 12 hours a day!


No, she isn't, I'm sorry.

And she'll be sorry to have missed you.

Yes, I will.

I will.

I'll tell her.



Who was that?

Bergdorf Goodman's, I don't know.

Heart Foundation.

Corner deli, the, what
difference does it make?

Just one of those little
unimportant details

I handle for you.


How long have we been together?

Seven years.

I must be a masochist.

And I'm a spoiled bitch.

One of the greatest.

I'm sorry.

Don't be.

What would I do without you?

As for this, just
ignore him from now on.

He's harmless.



I'm David Branum.

Oh, Mr. Branum, yes!

Come on in.

Thank you.

Uh, your coat?

Yes, thanks a lot.

You're welcome.

Please, come on in.


Ah, there you are.


You look terrific.


David, why don't you go on in

and make yourself a drink?

I'll be with you in a second.


Goodnight, Elsa.



You're David!


Hi, I'm Belle.


Can I make you a drink?

Too risky.

I'm gonna hit a couple
of sales on the way home.

The bank likes it better
when I shop sober.




Sally, hey!


You look sensational.

Jacob, this is David Branum.

How do you do?

My pleasure.

Oh, Heidi Callan, this
is Sally Ross and uh--

David Branum.


I am so glad to meet you, Sally.


Well, what?

Well, that'll be enough out of you.

Nice to see you.



Can I help you?

No, thanks.

Miss Goldman?

Excuse me, I was looking for Sally Ross.

She's uh, here--

Yes, she's waiting right there.

Oh, thank you.


Oh, I shouldn't have asked
you to come down here.

Oh, shut up, I'm your best friend.

Can I get you a cup of coffee?

Or even better, why don't I take you home?

Oh, no, I'd like to
stay a little longer.

All right.

The weird thing is that
he didn't take anything.

Her purse was right there
when they found her.

It wasn't robbery.

Oh, Jake, why would anyone want to

do something like that to her?

You're gonna drink this.

You're gonna smoke another
one of your damn cigarettes

and we're gonna talk to the doctor,

then I'm gonna take you home.

You know, you look so much better today.

The doctor says you're doing great.

You know the policemen
keep coming around here

asking me questions
about the men in my life.

I haven't had a date since
last year.

How you doing?

Did you get somebody to take my place yet?

Oh, no chance.

Elsa's coming five days a week.

She's even learning how
to talk on the telephone.


What about the mail?

I'll get to it.

Nobody writes letters anymore anyway.

There's just junk mail, fan mail, bills.

Listen, this may come as
a great surprise to you,

but if you don't pay the bill,

the telephone company cuts off the phone.

The electric light company
turns off the electricity--

- Okay.
- You--

Okay, okay, I promise.

I promise.

My darling,

it was over very quickly and I feel glad

because I never wanted her to suffer.

The important thing was
to get her out of the way

so that we could be together.

Without Miss Goldman to worry about,

you can answer this right away.

But remember, we'll have
to keep our relationship

secret for a while.

I know it's agony, my
darling, but be patient.

Soon we will be free to express our love.

Fiercely, openly, over and over again.

I know how you ache and burn for my touch.

It will be easier for
you if you write to me.

Now, this second.

These don't sound like
the letters of a stranger.

Inspector, a lot of
people feel close to me,

people I don't know and I'll never know.

Well, according to these

he's written several times before.

I'd like to see those letters

and copies of the replies, please.

We don't keep fan letters.

There's no last name
and no return address

and yet, he says you know
how to get in touch with him.

You had his address?

I think the lady answered
your question, Inspector.

Sally never saw the first letters

and obviously Belle threw them
away after she answered them.

Do you have to tell her about this?

Miss Ross...

There's information here
we've never had before.

We're dealing with a
psychotic, a potential killer.

Protecting your secretary's feelings

is not gonna help this investigation

and neither is blaming yourself.

All right, I'll be in touch.

Goodnight, then.

Don't bother, I'll show myself out.

Uh, goodnight, Inspector.

- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.

I'm keeping you.

No, no, I'm here for
as long as you need me.

Cross your heart?

Listen, do me another favor instead

and forget I said that.

Can I get you something?

You must be starving.

No, but I do have to
make one phone call.


It's a party we agreed to
go to, but it really isn't--

Listen, I'll be fine, really.

I do not have to go to the party.

It isn't just a party
we're talking about.

Call me tomorrow?


How did he recognize me?

That's uh...

That's not important.

The main thing is that he knew

you were Sally Ross's secretary.

That's the main thing.

All right, now I know you're tired,

but let's try it again, hmm?

All right, Douglas what?

Douglas A?

Douglas B, Douglas C?


I have a good memory,
I think maybe I'm just

blocking it out and that and the fact that

by the time I really started
paying attention to him,

he quit signing his last name.

Yes, I understand.

All right.

Douglas what?


I don't know.


Just catch that son of a bitch.

I'm sorry.



Excuse me.

- Uh--
- Could you autograph this?


Thank you.

Here you are.

See you later.


Give my best to Belle.

I will, thank you.

Metropolitan Hospital, please.

My dearest darling,

once more I have proven my love.

I am ready to do it again and again.

You know that.

But still you refuse to acknowledge me.

Still you seem to delight in tormenting

your one true champion.

This is sadistic and insane.

Be warned: There is a
limit to my patience.

I expect a letter tomorrow.

Tomorrow, Sally.

What are you
people doing about this?

Sally's getting 24 hour protection

and Officer Stolz is staying here nights.

Well, uh, the young
man, uh, what's his--


Yeah, David.

He's out of danger.

Oh, well, we needed some good news.

Well, we...

We haven't had a letter for several days.

You're not smiling.

Oh, well, optimism is a luxury

that few cops can afford, Miss Ross.


Would you like some coffee?

Thank you, yes.

How do you take it?


Tell me, um, what's your first name?


Do you come from a family of painters

or a family of angels?

No, my father was a mailman in Queens.

My mother was a secretary
on Chambers Street.

Not very exciting, is it, Raphael?

Well, I'd love to spend
the rest of the afternoon

here with you, but I'd like
to get to the point now.

This is nothing serious, it's uh...

It's just precautionary.

What is it?

Well, our experience has
been, in cases like this that--

He's after me, now, isn't he?

That's not bad.


You all right?

Is there somebody you
can talk to about this?

I'm talking to you.

Somebody else.

I'm not around all the time.

I like talking to you about it.

You make me feel safe.

Am I safe, Inspector?

Who knows?


- I'm sorry.
- Wait a minute, just a sec.

It's the first time I've done it.

Yeah, I know.

Hold it, hold it!

Hang on a minute.

I mean--

But you have to take--


Could you start your stage right cross--

What is it?


I can't hear you.

Could you start your stage
right cross a little earlier

and make it a little faster?


Because you're not moving
far enough fast enough.


But the guy up there is not
moving far enough fast enough!

You worry about what you're doing,

let me worry about the lights!

All right, let's take it from the top.

Okay, back to 38.

Leslie, would you take
Sally's place, please?

Oh, hi.


Is she in there?


Why haven't you called me?

I've left messages twice.

I've got the Inspector.

He's taking care of me these days.

Oh, well, fine.

You know, I might have been of some help.

I didn't want to disturb
your domestic bliss.

Oh, come on, Sally.

What's the matter with you?

What's the matter with me?

At the age of 50 I'm about
to burst upon the world

in a musical.

The first preview for this
masochistic little adventure

begins in about three days

with a lighting man who appears
to be learning on the job.

My secretary's been
attacked, now David, and,

oh yes, just a minor detail,

there's some fruitcake out there

who apparently wants to kill me.

Yeah, well, if you'd 'a called

I would have come over and--

Oh, sure you would've.

You'd comfort me, hold me, make me laugh,

make me think I could take it,

made me think I could take anything.

Then you'd look at your watch
and go meet Heidi for dinner.

That's not a relationship.

That's the Red Cross.

I've got a hell of a lot more to offer

you or anybody than just my troubles.

The problem between you and me is that

everything's lopsided

and I don't want to depend on you anymore.

It always makes me feel
shitty about myself.

I want to give, too, not just take.

So now will you please
get the hell out of here?

Would you think it patronizing of me

if I told you you don't
talk like a policeman?

Well, would you think it rude of me

if I told you that you didn't
put any salt in these eggs?

How would you know?

You haven't tasted them yet.

Thank you.

Looks good.

When is opening night?

Two weeks from tonight.

We have our first preview next Tuesday.


Well, why don't we let your
understudy do the previews

until we get this all cleared up?

Oh, no.

I've got to keep working.

It's all I've got.

You've got yourself.

I am my work.

You can't stop me, can you?

I'll look it up in the police manual.

All right.






Thank you.


Shh, shh!

Miss Ross, may I have your autograph?

Oh, there they are.


Wait right here.

Dearest bitch,

see how accessible you are?

How would you like to be
fucked with a meat cleaver?

Miss Ross?

Would you like me to call Jake Berman?

Hello, Sally.

I want to kiss you.

I want to touch you.

I want to make love to you.

Talk to me, Sally, I don't
want to have to kill you.


Is Mr. Berman there?

No, he's not.

This is Heidi.

Can I take a message?


No, thank you.

Miss Ross?

Miss Ross?

Miss Ross?

Miss Ross?


She's gone.

What happened?

Must've been
something in my tea last night.

I've been out for 12 hours.

So Sally Ross,
believed to be in seclusion

at her apartment after withdrawing

from the previews of "Never Say Never"

is not, according to my inside sources,

at her apartment, but is
believed to have left town.

The question is where?

Nobody knows.

I'll be back with news
of another major star

down in Sydney, Australia, whose antics--

Oh, Miss Ross!

I didn't know anyone was here.

I was riding by and I saw the light.

Are you all right?


Dear Sally,

this is the only way I can atone

for the pain I have caused you.

Now, my dearest, you are free.

Let my burning body be a monument

to the great love that might have been.

All my love,


If there was going
to be a last stop for me

I wanted it to be here.

How many times do you suppose

we've walked this beach together?

Remember the summer we
unplugged the phone?

Tried to kill each other at Scrabble,

drank gin fizzes, slept on the sand.

We were something, weren't we?




Oh, Belle, darling!

Oh, I'm so glad to see you!


Jake sent a car to Watertown to get me.

Why don't you two get married again?

Never mind, it's none of my business.

Oh, I called Inspector Andrews,

I invited him to the opening night

and he was thrilled!

So I got him a house seat

and you have to meet with the
director at eleven o'clock

to go over the changes they
made during the previews

and that'll take hours.

And then you have to be back
in the theater by six o'clock.


Eat your breakfast and
get your ass out of bed.


Oh, hi, Mr. Berman.

Hiya, Pop, how you doing?

Hey, nice flowers, are they--

Yeah, they're not for you.


I've always had a thing for men

who deliver their flowers in person.

And I've always had a thing
for half naked actresses.


Could we be serious, please?

As a matter of fact,
that's why I'm here.

Do you remember the day I told you

I didn't want to depend on you anymore?

Even threw you out of here.

Oh, I was very sorry for myself.

Wanted to punish you for having Heidi.

You, my dearest friend.

Well, I'm over it.

If you love Heidi, you love Heidi.

But you also love me a little.

I can accept that now.

I thought it wasn't enough before.

Instead of being grateful
for your kindness

and your loyalty, I...

I put Heidi on a plane
for California this morning.

It's over.

I realized that when I saw
you at the beach house.

Maybe we're not grownup enough
to make it work all the time,

but I think we could
give it a hell of a try.

Oh, think of something funny.


Please think of something funny.

Hi, Hilda.

Bye, Hilda.

Bye, Mr. Berman.

Goodbye, Miss Ross.

Hello, Mr. Berman.


How are ya?

Oh, I'm too nervous.

Oh, no, you're perfect.

Let's knock 'em dead.


What are you doing after
the show tonight, pal?

Not seeing you.


They loved it!


That's it, guys, you've
got thousands of pictures!

I'll see you there.


The kids are waiting.

- Bye-bye, love.
- Bye-bye.

See you later, Sally.

Mm, Bob!

You know we have a
recording session on Sunday.

Oh, get outta here!

You are joking!

Ah, we did it!

Oh, did we ever.

Oh, terrific.

It's been a real pleasure.


See you at the party.

Goodbye, sweetheart.

You think I could have one of those?


I think you could have many, many, many.

My turn.


You were wonderful.

And I finally decided to catch you, right?

Yes, you did, thank God.

Yeah, I'll see you at Sardi's.

- Okay.
- Bye.


You were something else!

Oh, Emily, I'm so glad
you were here tonight.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Good luck, you deserve it.

I'll see you soon, I hope, huh?


Sally, Raphael won't come to the party.

- Congratulations.
- Oh, you must!

No, no.

No, I'm afraid I'd be out
of my element over there.

Two drinks, you'll be in your element.

You sure?

Oh, yes, please!


You think you'll need any help?

Well, if I get any from
you I'll never leave.

All right, I'll go over to the party,

I'll be back to pick you up in 15 minutes.

Oh, I think it might take me 20.


Awful cute!

Oh, yes, but so are you, darling!

Oh, Hilda!

I feel terrific!

Well, you are terrific.

Conquer the world!

Well, you did.

You conquered it tonight.

Oh, thank you.

I'll get the dress, darling.



the news from earlier--

Take it easy, Pop!


Goodnight, Pop.

See you, pal.

See you tomorrow, goodnight.

Goodnight, Pop.

Goodnight, goodnight.

Oh, you got the key?


See you in the morning!

Then in the second race,

Mr. October, first under the wire--


Come on, you're holding me up.

I just have to stash these.

I've been telling you for 20
years I can't drink champagne.

Today's fourth race, 11-L,

Mr. Sample is first under the wire,

Chris Izzo, the rider.

The favorite paid 2.40, 2.20, and 2.10

Three seed Pooh was--

Goodnight, Pop.

Goodnight, son--

3.11 CL, $5.60.

Fifth race winner 10-J, Dissolver,

Michael Winkler, the rider,

and that favorite paid $5.40.








Shut up!

Shut up!





Now you know how much you meant to me.

You knew everything I
was feeling and wanting

and thinking.

But it didn't matter
because I wasn't famous

and important like you!

Do you think being who you
are gives you the right

to treat me like garbage?



I never wanted to hurt you, Sally.

I lived my whole life for you

and you never answered me once!

Not once!

Not one letter.

I don't know you!

That's not true, Sally.

You know my name!

You know where I live.

You really disappoint me, Sally!

Everything I did, I did for you.


I worship you!

I expected so much more from
a star like you, Miss Ross.


You're pathetic.

I gave you everything.

You took.

You took like the animal you are.

Come on, Douglas.

Here's your chance to
be one of those hoodlums

that kill their victims for nothing,

the thief who murders little
old ladies for a quarter.

Goddamned terrorist who
slaughters innocent people,

that's what you really are.

Don't you think the
world's had enough of it,

enough of people like you?

Well, I've had it.

It's not just me.

We're all sick of this reign of terror--


I will not be a victim.

Stop it, Sally, you're making me angry.

Isn't that a pity?


What was that, Douglas?

Speak up.

I love you.

Please love me.


That was what you wanted, wasn't it?

I want you.

I love you.

Of course you do.

Dear Miss Ross,

I have finally worked up
enough courage to write you.

You do not know me,

but who I am does not matter.

If there is such a thing as a soul,

which is the basis of all life,

then you are my soul

and your life is my life.

This is the first letter of what I hope

will be an everlasting correspondence.

Your greatest fan,

Douglas Breen.