The Eye 3 (2005) - full transcript

In Thailand, Chongkwai is welcoming his friends Ted and his cousin May and Kofei and his girlfriend April from Hong Kong. While in a tourist tour, they see an accident on the road, and when they return to Chongkwai's home, they decide to tell ghost stories. Chongkwai shows them a mystic book with ten ways to see spirits and they decide to follow the procedures. When Kofei vanishes, April tries to find him, while Ted and May runs back to Hong Kong. But the spirits do not leave them and insist to play with them. Ted and May return to Thailand trying to stop seeing ghosts.

- What's that?! - Very gross!

- Wow! - Cool shot!

Are we there already?

Yes! Let's go



Why do we stop here?


Oh, shit!

Oh, shit! You moron!
How dare you taping this?

- Cut that out! - Okay, okay

You heard me!

Give me some

This is the best time for horror stories

Ever heard about the story
of the All Souls' Day?

Depends on which year's
All Souls' Day, right?


There is this one concerning... friend's uncle who owns a newsstand

On the last All Souls' Day and...

right at his stall, he has... encounter!

It was past 4 am.

Still dark

He was piling the papers like usual

Hi there, Mr. Chan!

Do me a favor!

Call an ambulance

Granny here...

She... she said she's not feeling well...

How about that?! Scary?!

Hell no

Listen to mine!

This story happened to the god-sister...

...of my friend's brother

They lived at the Jordan Firemen's Quarter

It was an evening 2 years ago

It was cold...

...about 8 degrees Celsius

The god-sister slept till 2am...

...only to hear people drilling outside

She thought... how strange

It's far too cold and early...

...for the firemen to drill now

So she got up to take a look

Too bad she did


One of the Japanese soldiers spotted her

He yelled at her...

pulled out his samurai sword and...

...charged right at her!

Was the girl killed?


She went nuts afterwards though


There is this true story, super gross!

A friend of mine was listening to
a ghost story and...

She died choking!

Cut down the snack or you'll die!

Come on! Cheers... cheers!

Your horror stories are all second-handed

Frankly, 'ever had an encounter before?

You guys should read more often!

What's that?


This is the 10 ways... encounter ghosts
from Thai's ancient rites

You can't find this book just anywhere

One evening, I took the wrong bus

Then got off at the wrong stop

A book store was still open

So I went in for directions

Anyone in? Hello?


Pay first and read later... hmm...

How much is it?

It's karma that brings you to this book

I'll give you a discount then

How about 500 bahts?

You must be kidding!

Too cheap, aye?

Then pay me the full price

Here's your 500

Listen up, kiddo

Don't you ever turn to the last page
of the book

Or else misfortune will come to you!

You'll regret it if you don't believe me!

Still, I cannot avoid misfortune!

Don't you ever turn to the last page!

Fix Price: 100 bahts

Sale Price: 50 baths? Bastard!


Even an old man can fool you!

Men, this book is no bullshit though

The rituals are authentic

And I have 2 real-live cases on hand
to back it up!

The first one is
'the condemned cornea transplant'

The second one is for...

...women only
- to attempt suicide while pregnant!

I think...

...I've heard these 2 cases previously

Me too...

You see?

What's this? Yoga?

It's "Peek-a-stoop",
a Thai custom still practiced today!


What are the other ways?

Let me see

Comb your hair at midnight and...

...the ghost you desire will appear
in the mirror


Gees... something wrong with his eyes?

The book says

Smudge the graveyard soil
over your eyes and...'ll be exposed to the world
of the spirits!

Aren't there any... simpler and safer ways?

Sure! Simpler way...

Open an umbrella indoors

You'll score for sure!

So you mean

If we follow the instructions

...we'll get to see ghosts for sure

It depends

Different players have...

...different success rates

Why not try it out then?

Damn right!

We sure need a game to get through the night!

Well... why not?!

Given there are different success rates...

...we might not get to see them after all, right?


Then listen carefully

Once the game has started

You can't quit playing no matter what happens

Or else, misfortune will come to you

You've heard me

Now let's begin!

Let's try the most convenient way!


Thai's "A Glass of Spirit"...

Chinese's "Plate Genie" & "Witchy Board"
of the West...

...are all alike

That is: Invite a ghost
to spell out his messages

Gees... it's moving...

You moron! That's not funny!

- God... it's here! - Stop shuffling!






- Why are you calling me? - Ah!


Mom! Why are you still up?

You're scaring my friends!

Serves you right!

You guys are killing my ears!

It's late already! Go to bed now!

Okay, after you

Sorry guys

My mom did some heavy channeling last night

She needs to rest... we'd better be quiet

So your mom is a spiritual medium?!

No wonder she looks kind of weird

Late Dinner Alert

Thai people believe that...

...crossroads emit a lot of negative power

They are the favorite hangouts for stray spirits

To catch a glimpse of them

Go to an intersection after midnight with...

...a meal for 3, bowls and chopsticks

Our target...

...the hungry ghosts

Tap the bowl with chopsticks and...

...hungry ghosts will come for the food

Is it really going to work?

Of course! Believe me, sure thing!

When you see them, don't scream, huh!

Look who's talking! Just don't flee before me!

Once you start tapping the bowl, do not stop!

If you stop, the ghosts will see you

You don't want to risk being possessed, okay?

Let's roll!

What is it?

What's the matter?

Stay cool, keep on tapping

What did you see?

What is it?! What's going on?!

What did you see?

I didn't see a thing!

- What is it? - Did you see that?

Stay cool...!

Keep tapping!


- What's wrong? - What did you see?

- What did you see? - What now?

...I see "them"!

Keep tapping!

Stay cool! Tap!

What's wrong?!


I see nothing!

Hey! I didn't get to see anything!

What is it that you see, Gofei?

- Over there! - But there's nothing there!

It's not fair!
Everybody got to see it except me!

Told you we all have different reception
of ghosts

Maybe you're just the type
who can't see them!

Chongkwai, are there any other ways?

Don't you guys chicken out now!

I've got to see ghosts tonight!


Play Hide n' Seek at midnight
carrying a black cat

Ghosts will come join us and...

...block one of us from our view

We then let go of the black cat

The cat can make the ghost appear before us

So, not only will we find that missing person

We can also... see the ghost!

I quit! Come back out!

I quit!

Papa! What's this stinky water? Papa...

Where is he?

What now?

I think a ghost is blocking Kofei

It's okay, it's okay...
I'm letting the cat go now

Ebony, lead the way!

Kofei! Kofei!

- Kofei! - Over there!

Ebony... seems... dead!

Even the cat is dead?

What do we do now?!
What happened to Kofei?!

What do we do?! Where the hell is he?!

- Kofei! - Kofei!

Kofei, we quit the game! Come back out!

Kofei, call it off!

- Kofei! - Kofei!



Hello? Kofei! Kofei!? Hello?

April, you okay? The phone didn't even ring!

No, it did ring!

Don' worry too much! The police will follow

We will find Kofei for sure!

It's all you fault

You'd better go back to Hong Kong first

The police might not be able to help this time

- But auntie... - Just listen to me

Leave while you still can

Someone could be setting you up

I don't think you can defend yourselves!





April, are you okay?

April! Close your eyes,
don't open them, not now!

Close them tight... listen to me!

You'll be in trouble if you open them now!

We're here for you! You'll be okay!

Hold on for just one more sec

Okay, now you can open your eyes

- Hey, April! - April, 'you all right?

It hurts!

It was so scary! My eyes, they fell out!

No way

Your eyes are still there

Don't worry, everything's okay now!

You guys were only lucky to save her in time!

She almost slipped into the limbo world!

If she did, she'd be trapped forever!

You should know better not to play with fire!

You're not a child anymore!

What did auntie say?

Does she know where Kofei is?

My mom blamed me for teaching you...

...the usage of graveyard soil

I nearly caused you trapped in the limbo world

I'm so sorry

I never thought things would turn out like this!

There're too many things that you don't notice

There are other dimensions in this world!

Do you understand?

Apart from our human world...

...there are numerous unknown dimensions

April was lucky not to slip into the limbo world

When I was a kid, I saw this young woman

She entered the limbo world by mistake

Let me out! Let me out!

Now you know!

Always stay away from black magic

When things get out of hand... won't be able to
survive the consequences

But where is Kofei now?

Who knows?

Just don't stay here!
Go back to Hong Kong now!

No, I won't! I won't leave without Kofei!


Wouldn't it be kind of low if we leave?

If we leave, yes, it is low

Then we shouldn't do this!

But then...

...the cab is here already

Low or not low...
we can discuss that on the way!

How could they ditch April like this?!

You call them your friends?!

I didn't talk to Ted
after we're back to Hong Kong

He didn't call me either

Maybe he just wants to forget
about what happened

Me too

But I know it's not possible

For the first two weeks, Chongkwai did call

I didn't dare ask him about April though

I wonder how she is now...

I pretend everything's normal... I go to school

I play, I eat, I went out

Damn right, everything is normal

So what am I pretending?


Anyone in?

"The Ten Encounters"...


That man has gotta have something
to do with Kofei!

He even drew the 5 of us playing
the damn game!


It's obvious that he's cast a spell on all of you!

You guys just can't overcome this on your own!

Midnite comb


What's wrong with you?!

It's only a ball!


It's disturbing! Just answer it!
Maybe it's urgent!


Teddy? This time I really saw it!

You saw ghosts again? Where is it this time?

Right outside my front door!

Have a drink and you won't remember it

Don't play dumb anymore-it's no use!

There is really a ghost
playing ball right outside!

Just come over now!

Are... are you sure?

100 percents!

I did the Peek-a-stoop bending over
and I saw "him"!

I am so very sure!

Then... I... then...

Cut the crap and come over now!

Okay, I will

Well, I must go...

Where' you going?

May? It's Chongkwai! April has vanished!


Already 2 people among us have disappeared

My mom wants you guys to be careful!

Why is it still so crowded so late at night?

Unit 12C

Mister, have you seen my report card?

You little damn thing!


I thought you were a ghost!

Don't cry... I'm sorry!

So what if there are ghosts?

Messing with us?

What' you doing?!

Where am I?!

It's dangerous here


Thank god you're here!

Don't cry... come sit down first

We are dead meat

I see ghosts all the time!

Our problem has not ended
just there in Thailand

Remember what Chongkwai said?

Once we've started the game

We just can't quit playing until it's all over!

Looks like we must return to Thailand...

...before we can settle everything

Ai? Where's that girl?

What are you looking for?

My Friend, the girl who came in with me!

The one from Thailand!

We share the same ride together, remember?

It's okay now! Come out!

I think... I only saw you...

...coming in alone!

Why are you watching these tapes?

Don't tell me...

...she's here!

But... I can't see her now!

Wanna try and look between your legs?

But how?




We shouldn't be doing this! Too risky!

Our lives are at stake anyway!

This method could be our last resort!


Let's think it over!

You're not in this with me, right? Suit yourself!


That's not what I mean

I'm in

The last frontier


To advance your death

You have to play dead wearing
a used funeral suit...

...and then you can infiltrate the limbo world

Your time there is limited
and you must leave on time

Once you hear me ringing a bell...

...enter the stream of white light right away!

It's your only way out; don't stall

Or you'd never come back!


I still can't fall asleep

What a drag...

Well then...

...let me help you!

- Where are we? - Don't know


- I'm kind of scared - I...

...I'm scared too!


A ghost!

But he is smiling!

That's right! Chongkwai said...

If we don't meddle with them,
they won't bother us!

This one is kind of cute!

Hey, they seem quite friendly too!



Up there!

Something's not right!
It's getting crowded here!

And they aren't smiling; not so friendly either

Quick, think of something!


Has Chongkwai ever said that...

...ghosts are afraid of the verve in our breath?

He said that?


Gee, it works!

Man, you stink!

Get up! Let's go!

They've stopped hunting us

How' you doing, Ted?

I need to rest!

So do I

Be careful, cousin!

You found me, how boring! I quit!


Thank god you're alright!
We've finally found you!

Calm down, girl!
You didn't see me for only an hour!

Where were you guys?

- Listen! You were gone for a month!
- A month?!

We messed up!

A ghost has blocked you
from our view all these while

We play dead to come here for you
in the limbo world

Huh? This is...

This is the limbo world?


It's all over! I'm darn pooped

Same here

Kofei, you're new here

Greet them with your breath!

My breath?


What... do you mean?

They're afraid of it

But how?

I really can't do this anymore! I'm breathless!

Show them your specialty!

You can still fart, can't you?


- Where are you? - April?

- I've come to stay with you! - April?!

- Kofei! - It's April!

April! I'm here!

Kofei? Is that you?!

Yes! It's April!

Yes! It's April!

- Kofei! - April!

Come with me now! Hurry!

Don't look back!

You hear that?

I do!

Do you hear that? We are safe now!

- It's Chongkwai! - It is!

What about him?

He said, run to the white light once
we hear the bell

And we'd be out of here!



There it is! Let's go to the light now!

What white light? What bell?

How come I don't hear or see any of these?

How did you come here?


I thought you were dead

That's why I...

Mom! We're running out of time!
Do something!

Cous, what do we do now?
Are we leaving or not?


You guys go ahead! I'm staying!

Just go!






I told you

This is a curse you can't overcome!

The Ten Encounters


Interested in this book?

What if I give you a discount?

You like that?