The Experiment (2001) - full transcript

The movie is based on the infamous "Stanford Prison Experiment" conducted in 1971. A makeshift prison is set up in a research lab, complete with cells, bars and surveillance cameras. For two weeks 20 male participants are hired to play prisoners and guards. The 'prisoners' are locked up and have to follow seemingly mild rules, and the 'guards' are told simply to retain order without using physical violence. Everybody is free to quit at any time, thereby forfeiting payment. In the beginning the mood between both groups is insecure and rather emphatic. But soon quarrels arise and the wardens employ ever more drastic sanctions to confirm their authority.

Subjects wanted!

Profits: 4000 mark,
for a 14 day during experiment. a spurious jail.

Crown Plaza, please.


English Subtitle
by SuBHD

- Take care.
- You too.

Fighting dogs, fighting dogs?
Where for does someone need fighting dogs?

In former days the Romans used to have fighting dogs.

Sorry, don't I know you?

Hold on, B&S, cola, Spiegel and
don't take me wrong...

...Hubba Bubba, right or am I right?


Hey, now I know. Aren't you from
that booth down Aachenerstrasse?

And you are Tarek, right or am I right?

Yeah, that's right.

Yes, I know every cabdriver in this town.

I was one either some day.

Good day gentleman.

I am doctor Grimm, the scientific
assistant of this experiment.

You all know what you are here for?

The experiment is painless.
There's no need for medication.

It's about group-behaviour in an
imprisoned situation.

Are we playing guards or imprisoners?

You are divided into groups.
The computer will decide that.

We are doing a series of tests to
examine your psychic condition.

Previously I need to make the following remark:

Willing to participate in this experiment

means you will renounce
your private life and fundamental rights.

Anyone having problems with that?

Ok, then let's start.

No, ground personnel.

then it's about time!

Mr. Faahd?..

come with me please.

It says here you drive a cab.

Is that your real job or just temporary?

What you mean, temporary?

I mean, aren't you having any other jobs
besides driving a cab?


I'm just asking, because it says here also that
you have studied philosophy, architecture and sociology.

Yes, that is correct, it's true...


Good Mr. Fahd, your moral values are almost all
within the norms and you have a good condition.

That is important,
you can during the experiment

being exposed to very extreme situations.

Extreme situations?

But you will watch over me, don't you?

Uhm, the experiment will be guarded 24 hours
a day by video.

So nothing will happen to me.

Oh no!
- Yes!

He lives!

You've owed me 500 for two years.

I know, you'll get it.

Sounds interesting.
They say the army is behind it.

With plenty of money.

What do you want?

Start again? Say "sorry"?
Kind of late after two years!

l had stress.

You drive a taxi.


And you want to be
locked up for two weeks!

But it's a good story.

Ten thousand. lncluding photos.
No expenses.


-Hi, Fahd. l called.

l told you, don't jump on the sofa!

1 lux, 250 by 268 pixels.

Press right: freeze frame.
Press left: continuous motion.

Receiver and recorder disguised
as a Walkman. The transmitter...

...has a range of 100 meters.


Ready for tomorrow?
- Sure.

This is a reference test.
We'll do it again after the experiment.

Don't worry. It's not unpleasant.

Don't you feel well?

It's okay.

Do you have a problem
with enclosed spaces?

Everything okay, no problem.


Shit, shit, shit!

Are you injured?

You had red!
You could've been dead!

This is my father's car.

He'll be happy you're alive.

I'm coming from his funeral.


Where were you going?
- To Zandvoort.

Maybe you shouldn't go there.


I don't believe in coincidences.
Nothing just happens in life.

Even the worst things somehow
make sense.

l, for example,
should no longer drive a taxi.

This will hurt a little.

Funny, it seems to be deep,
but there's no blood.

lf you're right, why is he dead?

What sense does that make?

Don't know.

Worst thing is, l couldn't
talk to him anymore.

Didn't see him for four years,
couldn't talk to him anymore.

Maybe that wasn't necessary.

He was 65. He had a good life.

'Dora, be glad, he had a nice death.'

But I'm not glad.

I'm not here any more.

Sometimes life doesn't go on.
That's okay.

Can l lie down somewhere?

Are you going to stay here?

Yes, I'll be next door.
- No, l mean here.

Please meet Professor Thon,
the director of this experiment.

Gentlemen, l would like to thank
all of you for participating.

You are brave men.

You laugh, but I'm serious.

The next two weeks will be
a new experience for you.

You'll undergo and exert pressure.

Some of you will have
no civil rights for two weeks.

Do not underestimate that.

lf anyone wants to go now,
it's your last chance.

Your safety is number one priority.

Violence must not be used!
Whoever gets violent... out of the experiment.
Is that clear?

Fine. Would the following
gentlemen please stand up:

Are we prisoners or guards?

Please, gentlemen.

Guards! Cool!

Please put on your uniforms.

But we get 4000 too?

Four? I get 8000!

No, we have to pay.

Hands on your back, legs spread!


You are now guards
at a penitentiary.

Your job is to maintain
peace and order,

to make sure the rules are obeyed.

Take it seriously! The experiment
succeeds or fails with you!

lf you don't do your job right...

...the experiment makes no sense
and we can stop it right now.

You don't play guards,
you are guards!

Your first task: to explain
the situation to the prisoners.

Please turn around!


Next one, please!

Go over there!

Put on the dress!

What about underwear?
- No underwear!

Can l have number 69?
- Quiet!

I hope it's a mixed sauna!

They're crazy, women's coats!
Maybe we have to piss sitting down!

Quiet, 69!

Let's go!

Everyone out, please!

Really cool!

The 1st day

Keep going! Everyone in line!

Is there Pay-TV?

They're nuts, look at this!

Keep going, please. Quickly!

Did you imagine this?
- No. Quite a professional slammer!

Now we're in deep shit.

Stand in a row on the marker line!

What happens now?

Prison rules. One: The prisoners
address each other by numbers only.

Two: The prisoners address
the guards as "Mr Prison Guard".

Three: At "lights out",
the prisoners must not talk.

Then we'll sing!
- Quiet!

Four: Meals are to be
eaten up completely.

Read the menu to us!


Five: Each order of the guards
is to be obeyed immediately.

Six: Failure to obey the rules
will result in punishment.

What kind of punishment?

We'll see to that. We're flexible.
And now cell assignments.

When l call out your number
go to the cells!

21, 74, 86- cell 1.

82, 15, 94- cell 2.

77, 69, 38- cell 3.

53, 40, 11- cell 4.

I'll tell you, l snore.
- Great.

You get the bottom bunk.
- Alright.

I'm Joe.
- Tarek.

And you?
- Thirty-eight.

Why do you want to take
part in this experiment?

Because l think it
can be very interesting.

4000 marks is a lot of money.

You can really relax and
experience something new.

You have to be open to ideas
and I need the money.

It might be lots of fun.

Because of the bucks.

General interest.

l was never in prison.

Me? No!


No, really.

Jeez! I'm a regular guy!

I have a kiosk, corner of
Brussels and Aachen Street.


I have a few people
working under me.

I'm a school teacher.

I perform as Elvis.

l work for an airline.

Here's my card.

In seven years I was never late.

Where's the next cigarette machine?

Downstairs and to the right!

Hey, Elvis.

Sing something!

Yes, sing a song!

When do we get to eat?

We're hungry!

Do you have something
against anal burning?

What do you do in real life?
- I'm an electrician. High voltage.

Them with the big cables. You?
- Taxi driver.

And you, 38?
- You ask too much, 77.

I guess something with numbers.

Bus driver.

Numbers and staring straight
ahead silently, right?

Life guard!


You know this one?

Which animal has only
one lip on the vulva?

Half a roasted chicken.

What do the Arabs call
a cow barn? Moobarrac!

Why do women always watch
porn films to the end?

They think they'll get married.

I know one that's a bit longer.
Three guys in front of a sauna.

One of them goes in and there is
a giant, fat woman with a huge...

Three against three!

Come on, you coward!

The cheese is so dry
you could smoke it.

I've got a kiosk, there's
always something going on.

I've got an open ear for everyone.

Listening you can't learn.
You're born with it.

Drink your milk, 82.
- I don't drink milk.

I get postcards from Jamaica,
Sri Lanka...

Rule number four, 82.
Consume all your food!

I never drink milk. I hate milk.

Go on, a rule is a rule!

Milk makes me sick.
- Drink. Your. Milk.

One to zero for us, Schutte!

Eat up! You have two minutes.

Back to your cells!


Is there a problem?

Away from the doors!

Now: Shut up! Bedtime!

Anyone hurt?

Quiet! Whoever talks now...

...does push-ups.

Good night, ladies!

Can you live from that?
- Sure.

You can't let them push you around!

What should I do?

They have to take us seriously
or we can forget it.

If you say he has to drink
his milk, then he has to.

Yeah, sure.

But the Elvis number is good!
- Cool hip swing!

My wife made that.
- No, thanks. Do you have kids?

A son, four months.

Sweet! These are my rug rats.

Twins? Cute, too.

Can I see them as well?
- Sure.

What about you, Berus?
- A daughter.

How old?
- She'll be twelve in three days.

Do you have a photo?

No photo?
What kind of a father are you?

I'm a good father!

Eckert? Do you have kids?

What's up now?

Out you come, 77.

- I said, out!


Can't you say that friendlier?
- Push-ups!

I heard you the first time, homo.

Very easy - just say please once.


Fine, the whole cell, out!
38, 69, out!

Wait a sec, did you sleep
on your Superman comics?

They're not involved. Talk to me!

And down! Twenty!

I didn't do anything!

Remember who
you have to thank for this.


And another twenty for that!

I had no idea
you could be so hard!

Great show!

Did you see that?
They're doing everything.

Get up! Out of the cells!
Line up!

The 2nd day

Get moving!

The ladies in cell three,
sore muscles?


If I installed a taxi radio
the drivers could order some meat...

...and I have it deep fried on time.

Gentlemen, finish breakfast!


you didn't drink your milk.

I said that I don't drink milk.

Well, milk or push-ups.

But I miss some enzyme!

Wonderful, let's do push-ups
instead of milk.

All together, right? Let's do
push-ups for Schutte.

Sure we'll do push-ups!

Excuse me, Mr. Prison Guard!

One, two, three...

...four, five, six..., eight, nine...

That's clever.

What if he really is allergic to milk?
- Nonsense. The problem is 77.

Come on, bed check!

He really stinks!

You learn that as a lifeguard?
- The very first thing.

77, made your bed yet?

That's mean.

You'll have to do it again!

Do it again, I said!

I'll count to three
and the bed is made.

And one!

And two!

And three!

Shall I call the guards?

Jutta, quickly!

Come on, I'll help you.

We don't want to get out
of here anyway, do we?

We want gummy bears!
And cable TV.

That's a walkie-talkie, no phone!

What about pizza?
- Yeah, pizza.

And porn magazines!

What about basketball?

Admit it! You lost!
It's just a game!

Here we go now, here we go now!

Piss off, cocksucker!

Barricades, barricades!

What's going on there?
- We didn't do anything!

In two hours they're exhausted.

We have to react or
they do what they want!

77, the asshole.

Professor, what should we do now?

Bosch, that won't do any good!

We can't use violence.

We stick together.
They're twelve, we're eight.


Berus, what about you?
Don't you ever say anything?

I once read...

What? I can't understand you.

I once read that you get
control in such a situation...

...with humiliation.

We don't want to hurt anyone,
they just have to respect us.

After 36 hours - it's incredible!


Get up! Strip off your coats!

We give up!

Hey, they gave up!


Keep calm, it's all a game, okay?
- Go, Berus!


Your hand!

And down!

Wasn't that a bit too hard?

No, as long as they don't say
anything up there, we're doing fine.

They do want
some action down here!

Bosch, it wasn't violence.

Fire extinguishers, Berus, cool.

Gentlemen, you've restored peace
and order, solved your problem.

Keep going! But please remember
to act appropriate.

Perhaps the next conflict can be
solved differently. Thank you.

This is Tarek Fahd,
messages after the beep.

What happens next?

Nothing happens. Stay calm,
that's the best strategy.

You can get the bed.

Get out!

The 3rd day

Good morning, gentlemen!

l think no-one wants
to repeat last night.

We still have eleven days to go.

We stay reasonable...

...then we all get our money
and that's it.

Or does anyone like stress?

Good. Is that okay, 77?


Yes, Mr Prison Guard.

Yes, Mr Prison Guard.
- Fine.

See! It wasn't that bad.

82, if you have to puke,
then go to the loo.

That's the rule.
He has to drink. We can't help it.

We thought we'd restore
order, make them obey us.

So it runs smoother for us.

That we have them in our hands,
that we're at the helm again.

After all, it wasn't violence.

We'll see what happens.

Hi, Schutte
- No names!

Tell me, why are you doing this?

I do it often. Guinea pig.

Once I got an intestinal probe.
It was worse than this here.

The people were nicer,
but I got only 900 marks for it.

What do you do with the money?

I've got sort of a dream.
- Yeah, what?

No, you'll laugh at me.
- I won't laugh at you. I promise.

A Ferrari.
- Do you know what a Ferrari costs?

Not a new one.
l know a dealer, he likes me.

Maybe a '89
if the bank plays along.

Fine. But to fill her up
you'll need another loan.

A yellow one.

I'd park it at my kiosk
so that everyone can see it.

I dreamed of it all my life.

It's important to have a dream.

I read that somewhere.
It's true. What's your dream?

Does anyone have drugs here?
I think this is a jail!

Keep your trap shut today, 77!
- What do you want?

Kiss my ass!

Mr Prison Guard Berus,
I've got a question.

That number yesterday,
could it be that it turned you on a bit?

I think I saw it clearly.
Did you fuck your wife hard at home?

Shut up, you idiot!
- Or don't you have a wife?

Could be.

Ground staff, right? You're all gay!

And Mr Prison Guard,
there's something else.

You smell a bit strong.

Yes! Has anyone ever told you
that you stink, man!

There's something,
people call it soap.

If you'd use it you wouldn't
stink any more. Although -

I reckon for some people
even that doesn't work.

Shut up!
- Yeah, hit me, girlie!

Hit me and you're out of here!

No, you won't hit me.
You're really hot for this job here!

Tarek, stop it!

Don't spoil it! There's so much
more you could do with us!

What's going on here?

Nothing. 77 is going back to his cell.

Not bad.

Give me that thing!

What are they paying for the story?

Phase 3: Prisoner attacks prisoner.
You're pushing it on purpose!

Kiss my ass!

They pay more if it really gets wild!

And what are you doing here,
soldier?! Name, rank, outfit!

Come on, you can't fool me!

Steinhoff, Air Force, Major.

- Yes. Who are you working for?

'Reporter'. What else
is going to happen?

They're going to provoke
a series of stress situations.

What is your job?
- Observe and report.

And not let myself be manipulated.

So that's it.

Yes, that's the way it is.


...21, 74, 94, 15, 82...

...38, 77, 69, 53, 40, 11.

Whoever talks now sleeps in the
yard without a blanket. Clear?



We can't do that!

What do we have here?

Guys! It's just to warm up!

Sorry, l wanted to ask if
I could go a bit earlier today.

l thought we'll deal with 77!
- Yeah, I know.

What "I know"? No, Bosch!
"When?"... then everyone.


I brought something else!

Are you crazy?
- It's only a gas gun with blanks.

Dennis, it's me.
I'm not selling the house.

I have to go back to Cologne.
I'll call you.

You got along well, didn't you?

He was the cleverest person
I've known. Showed me everything.

Ain't easy having such a father.

My father... an asshole.

The greatest asshole in the world.

We had this little game.

He said don't do that and I did it.


Everything. Always.

He's a photographer.

When I was eight he locked me
in his darkroom. For a whole day.

l was really afraid in there.

I cried, whined, begged for hours.

My mother didn't dare to let me out.

At some point...

...I didn't have the strength
to scream any more.

Then everything got really quiet.

I thought I was going to die.

But I only pissed my pants.

Fasten your seat belt, sweetie!

You stupid little asshole!
You think you're smart!

No cameras!

We're all alone here.
- We just want to talk to you.

You're not saying anything!

Make sure to leave no marks!

How sweet he can look!

I'm not sure if
I should hit him or fuck him!


Sit still or it's gonna hurt!

Give it to me!

Do it properly! Got to look right.

lf it's gonna be cold,
we'll knit you a cap.

You will no longer
endanger the experiment.

We'll say you applied for release,
then you're out by tomorrow.

We don't want you any more.
- Did you get that, 77?

Hey, dickhead!
- Let me hear you understood, 77!

I understand.
- Say it right!

Yes, Mr Prison Guard.

I've got to piss.
- Did it hurt?

I think I have to piss, too.

Well, who stinks now?

You can sing him a lullaby, Bosch.

You asked the guards?
- Yes.

The 4th day

- It itched.

How do you feel?

Fine, thank you.

You made an application?
- What kind of application?

The guards told us that you
would like to leave, Mr. Fahd.

That's complete nonsense.

Listen! 77 has decided to
stay with us to our great joy.

Now: if 77 gets out of line
everyone has to pay for it!

I don't hear anything.

Yes, Mr Prison Guard.

You're so stupid.

I'm getting out of here,
but not this way.

What's your plan?

Head down, 94!
Chin to your chest!

No lies, no dirty words!
We'll read each letter.

Why aren't you writing?

Who to?
- Your pals from the kiosk.

I just made all that up.

I don't have any pals. I might know
what they smoke, but...

Don't talk, write!

...I don't really know them.

Write: Bilker Strasse 278,

50300 Cologne.

Are you gonna be quiet there?

Write to me!

From there on there are no cameras.
- And you didn't see any of that?

I was changing the tapes.

Someone always has to watch!

I don't like it. A serious
assault on the fourth day!

It's the power struggle between
Berus and 77, as expected.

The lock in the basement door
has to be changed!

Put the letters into the envelopes.

And don't seal them.

Just a moment! 77, step out!

You're not interested in
writing letters?

So it was your last one!
Back in line!

Turn left!

Now the song!

Whoever doesn't know the words
by tomorrow really has it coming!



You want to bust it? Maybe the
others just want their money!

You think what's happening
here is okay?

That's not the point.

I can't manage it by myself.
You're the only one I can ask.

Are you going to help me, pilot?

Are you going to help me, Steinhoff?
- No.

Go fuck yourself.
- You too.

You're a soldier! Embarrassing,
if you broke it off!

I reject any escalation.
- But you forgot one thing:

It's not a war, it's a simulation!
- Is it?

You always do what they tell you!

You really think Berus
wanted to get rid of you?

He wanted to see if you'd come back.
You did what they expected you to do.

You're endangering the whole
group. So l won't help you.

Let me out!

What's wrong with you? Stay calm!

From now on 69 is called Sissy.

Calm down!


14, 15...

It's only an experiment, a joke!
You apply, tomorrow you're out!

You want to leave us?

Yes, it's too much for me.

You know you won't get paid?
- Yes.

But you said you did it
because of the money?

That's right.

And now you don't care
about the money any more?

I want to go!

Mr. Maier, how do you feel now?

I want out!

l couldn't live without cigarettes.

What if we decided
not to release you?

But l can go any time!
You said it's voluntary!

Or isn't it?

Tomorrow we'll let you know
our decision.


I'm not going back in there.
I want to go now!

Klaus? This man worries me.

No, he's only faking.

The man has had it!



Leave me alone, damn it!

What the hell am I doing here?

What's the matter there?
- Number 53 doesn't feel well!

- Guards!

I want out!

The man has a serious concussion.
Berus hit him in cold blood.

He acted his role. But I don't
approve of the accident.

If we don't take Berus out,
we are forcing the escalation.

Intervention, yes.
That was our approach.

This is going too far!

We need 77, we need Berus.
These are dynamic factors.

If we take Berus out, it means
aborting. Do you want that?

If I see you hit a prisoner again,
you're out.

That was necessary to restore
peace and order in the prison.

Don't tell me how to do my job.
If there are problems...

...I want to hear it from
Professor Thon personally.

Good day, Doctor.

What? l can't understand you!

You have to speak louder, Dora.
I can't hear you.

Hold your breath!

This is a panic attack.
lf you hyperventilate you'll pass out.

Breathe shallowly, calm down.

Never had anything like that before.
- Sit down. Real slow.

Everything all right?

It's fine. It's a joke.
Everything's just a game.

That's your mistake!
You're lost with that attitude.

It's never a game, get that!

What do they know about you?

No idea.

What are you looking at?

Do I look like shit?

I got Dumbo ears, right?

You asshole!

What are you going to do
when you're out?

Fly away!

Are you going to help me now?

I can't!

Okay 69, time's up,
back to your cell!

Move it!

I'm scared shitless.

I keep my mouth shut.

I don't wanna...

get beaten up in there.

Did you see that on video?

He hit him full tilt!

Is the man well?

I'll still go in there,
see that nothing happens.

But I don't wanna talk
about obvious feelings.

It was right
he got one, the jerk!

We could get insulted
or injured any time.

If they do what we say,
no problems, good feeling.

We gotta be more careful...

...opposite the prisoners.

Nobody comes near me any more!

The 5th day

What is it?

Oh, God. Shit, how do you look?

Guards, we need help!
- Not the guards!

No, please don't, not the guards!

We need someone who can help us!

No! They want to kill me! No!

You just have to go to a doctor.

No! Help me! I don't want to!

86, 23, 74, 94, 15...

...82, 38, 77, 40, 11.

We have two losses today:


and 53.
In exchange we have a new cell.

All light- and sound-proof,
but you can get air inside.

I hope no-one has a problem
with enclosed spaces?

No, Mr Prison Guard.

Fine. Today is visiting day.
You may put on your good coats.

Don't get them dirty. Understood?

Yes, Mr Prison Guard.

Do you get a visitor too, 82?

No, Mr Prison Guard.

Why not? Don't you have
a wife, kids, relatives?

No, Mr Prison Guard.

And no friends! No visitor!

"Dear Tarek, you are the only one
I can write a letter to...

...because you're my only friend."

"I hope
I can do something for you someday."

"You can always count
on me. Your Gunter."

Are you a faggot, 82?

Yes, 77?

Was that attempted assault
on a prison guard?


Because 77 still hasn't got the rules...

...he'll clean the toilet with his dress.

No visitors until everything
is impeccable!

I didn't know about that.

We agreed not to use the black box!

It's for psychological pressure only.

53 and 69 are in hospital.

82 is depressive.

We have extreme helplessness,
loss of sense for reality...

And disorientation, yes!
That's our field of research.

In five days we had submission to
authority, subliminal violence...

...and complete de-individualization.

Exactly! We achieved our goal.
Stop and present the results!

No! We have a stable moment.

So far nothing is happening
which we didn't expect.

There's no comparable data
anywhere in the world.

We have nine more days.

If we stop now, we're giving away
the chance of a lifetime.

Perhaps it's a mistake.

I didn't realize what we were in for.

I have the feeling we're losing control.

Jutta, what can happen?
We can intervene any time.

I can no longer be responsible.
- What is that supposed to mean?

I'll meet the committee in three hours.
I need a clear decision from you.

Do you still stand behind
the project? Yes or no?

Our nude cleaning lady!

There's still something
sticking to the edge.

It will not work like this, 77.

Very nice!


What about the coat?
- It's your coat, 77. Put it on!

On the line!

Very nice.

Let's make a good impression.
No lies and no complaints to visitors!

We all feel very comfortable,
don't we?

We all want to earn our money
in peace and quiet. Right?

Is that you, 77?

Yes, Mr Prison Guard.

Whoever stinks gets no visitor.

All prisoners to the visiting room,
77 back to the cell!

I wanted to help you...

Then help me now!
- What?

My visitor, you have to
give him something from me.

That's impossible!
- It's possible!

Go to the caf?
and give this to him!

What is it?
- Doesn't matter.

I can't do it when the other
guards are watching.

Yes, you can, Bosch. Please!

You don't look good!

How did you find me?
- I saw the contract...

...and talked Ziegler
into letting me take his place.

I live at your place.

How much longer will this last?
- Nine days.

I have to go back to Canada.

You can leave here any time, right?


So, let's go!

There's a caf? above us. A guard
will give you something from me.

Visiting time is over!

Take it to Ziegler.

Wait for me!

Don't worry so much.

It'll be alright. It's just a game.
Tomorrow we're out.

I've got everything organized.
And we're gonna get the money!

Then we'll all drive over
to your kiosk...

...and drink a nice cold beer.

All of us.
No stress or anything.

I promise!

You're off already?

No. Have to make a call, private.

Nervous, Bosch? Got something?
- Me? No!

Yes, you've got something!

Are you the friend of Mr. Fahd?
- Yes.

You have something for me?
- No. Tarek, he changed his mind.

I guess you know
what he's talking about.

He didn't say anything else?
- No.



- Don't worry.

I'll make sure nothing happens
to him. Bye.

Is that necessary, Mr. Eckert?
- It is.

I'm a cuddly bear. You'll find out.
We got enough time!

I wouldn't be sure about that.
If it goes on like this...

...I can stop the experiment any time.

I thought only the professor
could do so.

He won't be back until
tomorrow. I'm responsible now.

What's up?

The late shift should have
taken us out for the count.

Your sense of time smells!

Something else smells here!

I'll summarize.

77 is trying to bust the experiment
with Bosch and the girl.

Dr Grimm threatens
to stop the whole thing.

And Professor Thon went away.
- What are you trying to say?

I think this is a test. How we react to
outside disturbances.


77 has made trouble
from the very beginning.

He might even be
a calculated disturbing factor.

The asshole gets more than 4000?

What should we do now?

We seal ourselves off until
Professor Thon returns.


We do our jobs, stick to the rules!

The rules say to react to
all events appropriately.

Shut your mouth!

Professor, Lars here. The guards
have beaten up Bosch.

And I can't reach Jutta. l don't
know what to do, it's urgent!

No connection.

We're going to take a little trip.

77 to the line!

77 and a guard attempted
to attack the penitentiary.

Thanks to the alertness
of the guards...

...this threat to the internal
security could be prevented.

The guard has been suspended
from duty. He's one of you now.

Into the cell!

Dora was worried about you, 77.

We had a long talk.

I took her home. Nice place.

She smells so good. I'll take
care of her personally later on.

Professor Thon, this is against
the law and violates human rights!

I demand to abort this experiment!

77 into the black box!

This is torture!
Stop the experiment!

77 will stay in the black box
until his behavior is corrected.

You stinking pig! You coward!

You dirty, rotten, shitty
fucking Nazi pig!

Come out!

Are you finished?


Into the black box!

Look at me!

Good evening, Doctor.

Please call Professor Thon.

What's going on here?

Call him!

Professor Thon is unavailable.
- Nonsense!

- This is just a test.

You don't fool me!
This is just a test.

No, Mr. Berus!
The experiment is over now.

It has just been terminated.

Bring her downstairs.
- Come along, Doctor.

What do you think you're doing?

- Don't touch me!


No! Give me the coat.


Everything, please.

Well, Jutta, you shave your pussy!

Eckert, stop that! Go downstairs!

Put this on.

It went well.

Sometimes one just has to
remind people of simple things.

Lars here. The guards
have beaten up Bosch.

And I can't reach Jutta. I don't
know what to do, it's urgent!

Quickly, my car!

This mess you'll have to clean up
yourself later, 82.

Out, the cell belongs to the lady!

Listen! Whoever touches the tape...

...will be sitting next to 82.

This applies especially
to the new prisoners!

How long this state of emergency
lasts depends also on you!

Don't tell me about some stupid
test! They said no violence!

Stay calm!


This is an emergency. We'll wait
until Professor Thon is back.

They want to see
if we can keep it up.

I just can't!

If you want to go, go! No need
to be afraid. Think about it!

I have to speak to Mr. Fahd!
- It's against the rules.

I insist or I'll call the police.

Come on!
You'll see everything is okay.

I'll try to arrange a meeting
with Tarek.

But you must promise
not to tell anyone.

Take care of Schutte!

Schutte! It'll be alright.

Stop it!

Unlock the cells,
let the people out! Now!

He's dead.

Tarek, the man is dead.

We're going out now.

We're going through this door.

We can't get out of here.
We don't have a key for the elevator!

They'll just beat us up!

Nonsense! What's back there?
- The basement.

Supply corridors. You can go
directly to the Medical School.

Be quiet please or
I'll get into trouble.

Yeah, sure.

If you wait here for a moment,
I'll see if I can get Tarek.

Would you like a cup of coffee?
- No, thank you.


Do you have a cell phone?
Mine's got no power.

Thanks, I'll make it quick.


To the left!

We can't leave him lying there!

Bosch! You're one of us!
Stop them! That's an order!

You traitor pig!
I'll get you all!

They're breaking out! Come!

I'll get you!

The back way!

Mr. Berus, please be reasonable!
- Shut up!

Mr. Kamps, the experiment...
- Quiet! Tie them to the bars.

The others must be
in the Medical School.

There's only one way out.
They don't stand a chance.

Mr. Eckert, what happened here?

I didn't want this! I wanted...

I thought that...

Wait, Bosch!

It's over! I have...

Can you hear me?

There you are!

I told you, I'll get you!

On the floor, hands back!


Stop it!

Give me the gun!
It's not real anyway!


The key, quick!

You started this!

You damned pig!
You killed Schutte!

Stop it.

It's over!

The sad outcome:
two dead, three injured...

...among them project leader
Professor Klaus Thon.

Obviously the experiment got
out of control after two days.

The district attorney is investigating
2 cases of suspected manslaughter...

...and several cases of mistreatment
and failure to provide assistance.

One of the test persons
has been arrested.

The project directors will probably
have to answer to a court.

According to statements by one
of the scientists involved...

...the escalation
could've been prevented... earlier aborting the experiment.