The Entity (2019) - full transcript

A family is haunted by what appears to be the ghost of their youngest daughter.

Hello? Mabini Hall.

Fajardo, Luis?

You girls do like to tease, don't you?

Luis, you have a call.

Fajardo, you have a call!


I have requirements for History
and I also have exams...


What are you doing here?

Where were you last night?

Does Ma know you're here?

Is Papa with you?

I was calling last night.

You didn't pick up.

Sorry, Manuela.

It's finals week so I've been studying.

What happened?

Are you really leaving me there?

Aren't you coming back?


I need you to come back.

Come back.

Luis! There's a call for you.

Just a sec!

Manuela, just wait.

Stay there.




You need to come home.


What happened?

It's Manuela, Luis.

Your sister is dead.


That's enough, Rebecca.

Where's my coffee?

A parent only wants
what's best for his child.

Go to sleep, Rebecca.



It's been so long!

My son.

Ma, what happened?

Your hair's too long.

What happened to Manuela, Ma?

Your father won't be pleased with this.

When was your last haircut?

Your father has been waiting for you.


How was your trip?

It was fine.

Your blend is really good.

Pa, what happened to...

Go get changed.

I'm going to fetch your sister.

Serve the guests in front first.

Yes, ma'am.

Doc, the priest is here.

Who's that?

I don't know.

This is the first time I saw him.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Thank you.


Are you Luis?

I am.

You shouldn't have come back here.

Excuse me?

I'm the one
who should have come back sooner.

Who are you?

Listen to me, Luis.

What's inside is outside.

What's outside is inside.

Do not ever go inside.


My name is Salve.

Be careful.


Thanks for all your help.

Call us in if you need anything else, doc.

All right. Get home safe.

-Thank you, doc.
-Thank you, too.

It's time to eat.


Can't you stay a bit longer?

I'm only excused for two days, Ma.

It's exam week.

I just missed you.

I'll stay longer next time.

I promise.


I will...

What happened?

To what?

"To what?"

To Manuela, Pa.

What happened to Manuela?

Why do you still have to ask?

Manuela is dead.

It's a bit bland, Rebecca.


I said the food is bland.

Is that so?

I don't know.

Maybe it's just me.

No. You're right, it is bland.

I'm sorry, I'll fix it.

It's too late to fix it now.

Leave it be.

Yes, you're right.

I'll do it right tomorrow.

I'll cook your favorite.

What about you, Luis?

What would you like to eat for tomorrow?


Yes, dear.


Before or after we bury my sister, Ma?

I don't know.

That’s enough.

I'm sorry, Ma.

More rice, my dear?

Your sister was weak, Luis. You know that.

She fell seriously ill.

That's what happened.


Yes, Pa.

I passed by the terminal earlier.

I got you a ticket back to Lucena
for tomorrow.

I'll drive you to the station.

Thanks, Pa.


Lucena isn't that far.

I'll be home every Christmas.

Papa said
their Engineering program is good.

You can borrow my tapes.

Just put them back in the case after.


I just want to die.

I've had enough.

I hope Luis gets into an accident.

I hope Lucena burns to the ground.

He left me.



You can't hide the truth!



Can't catch some sleep?

Something else caught me, Ma.

Tomorrow, when...

when we bury your sister,

she'll finally be in peace.

I don't believe that Manuela died
because of some disease, Ma.

I have the right to know
what really happened, Ma.

Why won't you tell me the truth?

Because your twin killed herself, Luis.

That's why it's so hard to talk about it.

That's why I didn't want to open the...

I just want...

to remember Manuela as she was

before any of this happened.

I don't understand, Ma.

Your sister was faint-hearted.

You know that.

Your father is right.

That's not true, Ma.

Manuela would never do that.

You've been gone for too long, Luis.

You have no idea.

You don't know
what your sister went through.

Manuela is now in peace.

Let her rest.

Today, we observe
the second Sunday of Lent.

Let us pray for the soul

of our departed sister Manuela.

Are you ready to leave?

Hang on. I'll just finish this.

Pa. I would just like to
ask for permission.

I won't leave yet.

I would like to stay a few more days.

If that's okay with you.


I would like to keep Mama company.

I'm just worried about her.

Your mother is really selfish.

She doesn't even think
that you have exams coming up.

That's not it, Pa.

Mama doesn't even know yet.

Manuela just died.

I guess I just want to stay a bit longer
with you both.

I can just give my professors
at San Carlos a call.

-Let's hang out this Saturday.
-What time?

Sorry. Party line, just a sec.

It's all right. Sorry.

-Good afternoon, doctor.
-Good afternoon.

-Please come in. Dr. Fajardo.
-Good afternoon.

This way.

Luis, assist me, please.

Hello. Operator.

Hello. Long-distance?

Please connect me
to St. James at Mabini Hall.

Collect or charge?

Charge it here.

I'll double-check your form.

Mariel Alcantara, fifteen,



Is this your first checkup?


-How many months?


And the guy with you?

He is...

the baby's father.


Do you often assist the doctor?

No, not really.

Just when I'm here.

Were you here?

You were never here for me!

You left me here, Luis.

You abandoned me.

You killed me.

I will never forgive you!



Mariel, what happened?

-Let's go!
-Luis, what's wrong?

Why? What happened?


Just getting some air, Pa.


Your sister is in hell, Luis.

Don't be like her.

How are things at school?

It's all right, Pa.

I don't want what happened
last year happen again, Luis.

Do you hear me?

I was able to catch up, Pa.

-And I still made it to the dean's list--
-I don't care if you caught up.

And don't take pride
that you made it to the list

because you were already at the top,
yet you slunk to the bottom, Luis.

-I got sick for three weeks--
-Shut up!

Don't give me excuses, boy.

Sorry, Pa.

It won't happen again.


Remember, you're a Fajardo.

We are always ahead. Top of the class.

I was number one at the academy.

There was no one more diligent,

more hardworking,

more ready and willing to sacrifice.

Weren't you the youngest
valedictorian, Pa?

My dedication was unquestionable.

If it weren't for their fucking politics.

So don't let anyone get past you, Luis.

This world has no place
for the foolish and the weak.

Luis, when you graduate,

I want everyone to be looking up at you.

Because you are the best.

Do you have a girl?


A woman.

A girlfriend. Do you have a girlfriend?


Well, you're a man, Luis.

You're a man.

It's our duty to choose,

but when the time comes,
you need to take a proper wife.

I'll give you a tip.

Women with big tits are nice,

but when they get older,
it droops down to their belly.

So it should be just right.

You need to think about these things.

Look at a woman's hair.

If it's thick,

it's also thick down there.
Oral would be tough.

The bigger the pussy,

the hips, and the waist, the better.

Because aside from the fact
that it's good for fucking,

it's also convenient for childbirth.

Just hope you don't get stuck
with a bunch of daughters.

You'll need someone who can help you
continue my bloodline and pass my name.

Son of a...

Rebecca, didn't I tell you
to tape the bottom of the box?

Look! Your stupidity made this mess!

It's just common sense!

Sometimes, I don't know
where your mind is.

To think that you're a doctor!

What the hell is this? And this?

What's this? Look at it!

No wonder your useless daughter
took after you.

-Pa, I just took--
-Useless from her birth to her death.

Pa, I took the tape earlier
to fix something.

I just forgot to give it back to Mama.

You can leave this to me.

Throw away all of Manuela's things!

Why don't you leave him?

How long are you going
to put up with him, Ma?

How long are you going
to make excuses for him?

Your father's just tired, Luis.

Come here. Come.



That's not how I taught you, Luis.


Learn to strategize so you don't lose.

You're daydreaming again, Luis.
What's the matter with you?


Unplug all the appliances.

Plug them back in.




Ma! Ma!

Don't pretend to be blind!


Luis! It's been too long!

You've been gone too long, Luis.

Were you here?

Were you ever here?

You were never here for me!


Why are you still awake?

Go to sleep.

Did you know I was born in La Trinidad?

I haven't been back for 20 years.

Not until now.


Because I heard about Manuela's death.

I don't really know your sister, Luis.

I don't even have a connection
to your family.

Except for one thing.

I served the last family
who lived in your house

before your father bought it.

My employers were a young married couple.

They had three children.

All daughters.

They were kind.

Ma'am Marita was a music teacher,

and Sir Jaime was a bank manager.

Their family was growing,
so they decided to move.

They bought that house.

But not even a year passed...

What happened?

Where are they now?

They're dead.

One day, Sir Jaime took an ax
and killed his entire family.

I've been observing that house since then.

A small price to pay for my gravest sin.

What sin?

I left the children I was charged with.

I was afraid.

It was just about a month
since we moved to that house

when I asked for a leave.

It was around Christmas.

And I never came back.

You told me not to go inside the house.

What did you mean by that?

The police said

Sir Jaime went crazy.

That maybe he got
too much pressure at work.

Or maybe he caught his wife in an affair.

But that's not true.

That house is infested with evil.

It poisons the mind,

drowns you in darkness.

There's a demon living
in that house, Luis.

I just need to know
what really happened to my sister.

Show yourself, butterfly.

What did you see?


And there was someone else.

But I couldn't see things clearly.

I need something that belongs to Manuela.

Something easy to hide
and won't be looked for.


It's painful! Luis!




Don't come near me!

Look at what you turned
your back on, Luis.

Please stop, I can't take it anymore!



Let me wash it for you, dear.

This won't end until she finds peace.

Go to the bathroom. Take a shower.

-We're not safe here, Ma.

Don't worry. I'll take care of it. Go.


I'll just finish this, Arturo.

I'll just--

He didn't mean for it to happen.

Do you have an idea

what it's like to be toyed at?

When you think you're the master
of your own fate, but you're not.

You realize you're tied
by the neck, hands, feet,

even your balls.

A slave to the whims of a presumptuous God

who uses your vulnerabilities against you

to serve for his holy

fucking amusement.

I never had a single good fortune.

"You weren't given
a good fortune, Arturo."

My seniors told me,

"Choose Rebecca,

she'll give you sons worthy of your name."

Where did you get this, Luis?

In our room.

I don't know when she made it

but I have a feeling
that she gave it to me.

You're not the only one who sacrificed.

Luis tried everything too, didn't he?

When you forced him into military school,

even though he almost died
on his first year there.

When you allowed him to transfer,

he had to leave his twin behind

because you wanted him to study in Lucena.

This didn't come from Manuela.

How do you know?

This will work, right?

Yes, it will do.

Arturo, he obeys you without complaint
just to make you happy.

All I'm saying is,

maybe it's time you accept
the things you cannot change.

That not everything you want in life
will happen.

Are you giving me orders, Rebecca?

Luis has been wasting
almost his entire life

waiting for your acceptance.

Has it ever occurred to you...

that maybe there's nothing wrong
with my child?

That there's nothing wrong with Luis?

That maybe...

Maybe you're the one
who needs to change, not him.

The world can smell weakness.

The same way blood can tempt sharks.

That's why I need him to be strong

so he won't get eaten alive.

I was wrong to think he's already strong.

He isn't.

I'll make him remember.


What are you planning?


Arturo, that's enough.

Please stop, I'm begging you.

-We already lost Manuela!
-Shut up, Rebecca.

-I am not losing Luis, too!

-I won't allow it!
-I'm not asking for your permission!

Hurt my child again,

I will kill you.

I will bring this family back
to what it should rightfully be.


You know me.


I don't know you anymore.

This isn't how we started.

What happened to you?

What happened to us?

Be careful, Rebecca.

You're the one
who should be careful, Arturo.

You know what happened that night.

Yes, I know, Rebecca.


and I

did this.




Sorry, Teresa.

Is it Manuela?

Did you see her?

I saw what really happened.

I was right.

Save yourselves while there's still time.

This won't end with Manuela.













Good dog.



Listen to me, Luis.

This is for your own good.

Nothing will happen here
that you haven't been through before.

I have toughened you up.

I have made you stronger.

You have to make me proud, boy.

Is that clear?

-Please don't! Pa, please!
-Is that clear?

Pa, please! No, Pa!

What kind of weakness
are they teaching you at that school?

This isn't even half the voltage

and you're crying like a hog in heat.

Man up!

Man up!

Man up! Soldier!

Man up!

Please have mercy. I did nothing wrong.

Be quiet, boy.

You will address me as "sir."

I didn't say...

you could speak.


Man up!

Stop it, Papa!

We barely even started
and you already want to stop?

Are you weak?

No, sir.

I trained you

to be strong.

Don't show me any weakness!

-Do you hear me?
-Sir, yes sir!

Are you tough?

Are you strong?

Answer me!

Sir, yes sir!

I can't hear you!

-Sir, yes sir!
-Are you a strong man, soldier?

Sir, yes sir!

Who are you?

And why are you here?

Pa, please.

Who are you and why are you here?


Luis Fajardo, sir!

Who are you and why are you here?

I am Luis Fajardo.

I came to bury my sister.

Who are you?

Who are you and why are you here?

I came to bury my sister.

You're a liar!

You can't fool me!

-Who are you?



Rebecca, put that down.

I already warned you.

Give me my child.

I'm not joking.



Dear Lord! My child!

What happened?

What did I do?

What happened?

Ma, let's leave this place.

That's not Papa anymore.

We're almost there.

You can do it.

Gather your strength first.

Don't worry.

I won't let this happen again.

Sit down.

Who are you?

Who are you?

What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?

Man up, soldier!

Are you weak?

This world has no place
for the foolish and the weak.

The world can smell weakness.

The same way blood can tempt sharks.

Don't show me any weakness!

Do you hear me?

You're crying like a hog in heat.


Everything will be okay, dear.

Just hope you don't get stuck
with a bunch of daughters.

It's just common sense.

-Are you a strong man, soldier!
-When are you going back?



A parent only wants
what's best for his child.

Can't you stay a bit longer?

Stop it!

Stop it!

Who are you?

Who are you?

Manuela has a secret.

Are you Manuela's daughter?

Are you Manuela's brother?

Who are you?

Not a king nor a priest,

but wears different kinds of clothes.




What are you doing here?

Why did you hide her from me, Ma?

Did Manuela get pregnant?

-By whom?

Did you lock her up?

Luis, what are you talking about?

I won't stop. I won't rest until--


That's enough.



I did everything that I could
to protect you.

Forgive me, Luis.

Put on my makeup.

Me too!

I'm a model.

We're hosting a party!

What the hell are you doing?

What about this? What is this?

All you do is act like bimbos!

Come here, both of you!

Let's run away, Luisa.

Luisa, we're going to die here!

Between you and your sister,

you're the strong one,

you're the clever one.

You'd be surprised
with what the human mind is capable of.

And from that early age,

slowly but surely, you made yourself
believe that you are a man.


Manuela is running away.

Stupid! Imbecile!


-Imbecile! Useless!



Stupid! Fool! Imbecile!

After that, Arturo started
treating you differently.


Beat your sister.

He finally got what I couldn't give him.

Do you want me to hit you?

Do it harder!


-Until Luisa was completely forgotten.
-Pa, stop, please!



I left her here, Ma.

I left my twin sister.

This is my fault.

This is my fault.

We are all to blame here.

All of us, Luis--



I'm going to kill him!


Luisa, don't!

-He is a demon!
-Listen to me.

I don't know
what is possessing this house,

but I won't let the evil that is killing
your father enter you, too.

Do you understand?

I know what he did is unforgivable.

But I believe that he's still there.
There's still some of him left in there.

Maybe it's not too late,

and we can still fix this.

Maybe we can still save your father.

-Luisa. This way.
-We need to try.

You won't get Arturo back, Rebecca.

He's mine now.


Darkness is hidden.

It seeps into corners unnoticed.

Evil is cunning.

It only waits for the chance to enter
the door we, ourselves, will open.

Out of anger,


greed, and spite.

You are a bad girl!

In another time... an orphanage.

-Open your mouth.
-Stupid child!

Stop crying!

Pieces of shit.

Ungrateful bitch!

-Finish your chores!
-You are a burden to this world!

They were punished with endless cruelty.

-Pieces of shit!
-Stop crying!

The darkness in this house
was just intensified.

Stop crying.

Do it right! That's wrong!




Japanese soldiers.

Come here!

Women who are abused.

I'm going to kill you!

Follow what I say!

Merciless, cruel beasts!

If only you were never born!

War has killed their very soul.

Be quiet!

Let us begin.

I will use these mirrors to extract
the demon devouring your husband.

The demon has a weakness.

It can't resist basking
in its own victory.

Our father who art in heaven
hallowed be thy Name,

thy kingdom come,

thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread
and forgive us our trespasses

as we forgive those who
trespass against us.

Lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom and power

and the glory forever and ever.


Our father who art in heaven
hallowed be thy Name,

thy kingdom come...

Give us this day...

Who are you?


Who are you?

Tell me who you are.


I am the first and the last.

The lover and the betrayed

who flew, fell, and crawled
in the deserts of Judea.

I kissed the cheek of the prince of light,

son of the Father
to the whore, Virgin Mary.

You talk too much, Satan.

You have no power here.

"You have no power here."

That's what he told you, right?


Stop fooling around!


How much is one night with you, Salve?

For every man that your body received?

Do you remember...

the first man who used your body, Salve?

I can still hear your father moan.

You're so beautiful, Salve.


Come, Salve.

Make your father happy.

Come, child.

Go on.

Your mother told you to.

Shut up, demon!

You cannot pass!

You have no power here! Satan!

Lucifer! Amon! Asmodeus!



Father Azazel!

Father Azazel!

I am the child of the great snake
and savior of darkness!


I am the promise.

I am the promised curse

of the forty days of Lent.

For the rejection of the damned,

son of a whore, child of God,
Jesus Christ.

I am Azarel.

Descendant of Azazel.

Miss Ve?

Miss Ve?

Miss Ve?

Miss Ve?


Miss Ve, don't leave us.

We're afraid of Papa.

Be quiet!

-Please stop.
-Shut up!


Where is Miss Ve?

Where did you go, Salve?

Where is Salve, the archangel?

I can still hear her scream, Salve.

And I can still taste the blood

as it flowed from the cracked
skulls of those children.


Stop it! Teresa!

Stop! Cut it out, you filth!

You cannot break me!

Leave this vessel!

-Kiss my ass.
-Leave this body!

Get out!

Leave this body!

-Go fuck yourself!
-"In the name of Jesus Christ..."

-Shut up!

"Dispel and drive you
out of my husband..."

In the name
of St. Michael the Archangel, leave!

-"...who was made in the image of God..."
-Weak fool.

-"...from the souls made by our Lord."

Kiss my ass!

-"By the power of Christ our Lord..."

Leave this body!

-Stupid girl!
-"Sacred lamb..."

Leave this body!


-"Sacred blood of the beloved lamb"?
-Leave this body!

Leave this body!

-You weak imbecile!
-Leave, Azarel!

-"Most poisonous snake..."
-Leave this body!


"You have no valor
under the power of Christ.

-You no longer have power
-You no longer have power

-to deceive humankind!
-to deceive humankind!"

Shut up!


-Leave, Azarel!
-"The power of God compels you!"

Eat my shit!

-Eat my shit!
-"Cower in fear for the power of God

-who orders you to leave this body.
-...power of God.

-Jesus Christ,
-Jesus Christ,

-shroud us in your holy blood
-shroud us in your holy blood

-which flowed from you on the cross
-which flowed from you on the cross

-to save mankind."
-to save mankind.


-You must resist, Arturo!
-I will devour you!

Didn't you say you're strong?



We succeeded.

Arturo is free from the demon's clutches.

What happened?

Why am I bound?


Is that you?


Thank God.

Thank God, you didn't give up!

We will start over.

We'll return to how things were,

how we were at the beginning.

Thank you, Rebecca.

You are right.

We, men, are pigs.

And you women...


You are fools!

I do not permit a woman to teach

or to have authority over a man.

She must be silent.

God offered up his son as a sacrifice.

-Pa, I'm your child!
-If only you were born

-with a real set of balls!
-Please, Pa.




Luisa, thank God!

I was afraid I lost you.

You're a liar.

What did you say?

You killed Manuela.

You don't know anything.

You won't understand.

You weren't there.

Do you know what's worse than a person
who does evil things?

The person who does nothing.

The person who closes her eyes while evil
happens in front of her, again and again.

Ma, I don't want it anymore.

-I ended...
-End it. daughter's suffering.

Help me.

A parent only wants
what's best for her child.

The curse...

The curse of this house lives
not because of Arturo's evil deeds,

but because you allowed it, Rebecca.

Arturo was right.

You're weak.

You are worthless.

A failure of a mother.

Not my child.

Leave my child alone, demon!

Am I the real demon here, Rebecca?

I believe in God, the Father Almighty...

...heaven and earth...

I believe in one Lord Jesus Christ,

the only-begotten Son of God...

Lord, please forgive me
and all of my sins.

Jesus, please give me strength.

Please save me and Luisa.

Leave, Rebecca.

Give your child to me.

She is wasted on a stupid mother like you.

Why don't you leave?

I see.

You can't leave?

Your powers are chained to this house.


Is this tiny castle
all your master could offer?


Luisa, listen to me.

We are not fools.

-He is the weak one.

Leave now!

Is this why your master threw you here?

Or were you banished?

You are nothing.

Just how weak are you

that you need humans to do your bidding?

How are you different from leeches,



I call you a pest.

You son of a prick.

I've had enough.

You've already taken everything.

So if you think
I will give up my child to you,

then you are the fool, Azarel!


My sins to you and Manuela
have caught up to me.

But I am ready to pay the price.


Remember dear...

No matter what happens...


-...a parent only wants...


A mother...

Silence. ready to do anything...

for her child.

-I love you very much, Luisa.

Mama loves you very much.


-Please, Ma.
-Don't be afraid.

Call on God.

-Know that they are already defeated.

What's inside of us is stronger
than those spreading darkness.

The stench of your cowardice
is foul, Rebecca.

You don't have the balls to do as you say.

Their gravest mistake
is believing that we are weak.

I don't need balls!


Luisa, my child.

Hold on to me.

Hurry, dear.

Hold on to me.

Hold on to Mama.

You want some, dear?

I'll hold it for you.

Just tell me when you want to drink it.

Fely will pick us up at the terminal.

Do you still remember her?

We used to visit her when you were little.

We'll stay there for a while, all right?

You're okay with that, right?

Subtitle translation by Philbert Dy