The Earrings of Madame De... (1953) - full transcript

In the Paris of the late 19th century, Louise, wife of a general, sells the earrings her husband gave her as a wedding gift: she needs money to cover her debts. The general secretly buys the earrings again and gives them to his mistress, Lola, leaving to go to Constantinople. Where an Italian diplomat, Baron Donati, buys them. Back to Paris, Donati meets Louise... So now Louise discovers love and becomes much less frivolous.

Madame de... was a very elegant,
distinguished and celebrated woman,

seemingly destined to a delightful,
uncomplicated existence.

Probably nothing would have happened
had it not been for those jewels...

If only they weren't the ones
he gave me for our wedding.

What should I do?

If Mother were here,
she'd tell me for sure.

All of this won't get me
20,000 francs.

I refuse to give up my furs.

I'm too fond of them.

I'll have to dress simply for this.

My God!

I've never needed it so much.

I like this one.

I'd rather die
than give this up.

My cross?

No, I adore this cross.

I like these the least.

After all, they're mine.
I can do with them as I please.

In you go.


Good luck.
- Thanks, Nanny.

What about your breakfast?

The countess is up
early this morning.

I didn't sleep a wink.

Is the count awake?
- He'd have rung.

Tell him I had to go out.
Be as vague as possible.

Dear saint, please make him
buy them. I won't forget it.


Four cents.

- Mr. Rémy, please.
- Yes, madame.

- Countess!
- I must speak with you.

First, you must promise
to tell no one.

It's you ladies who bring us
our gentlemen clients.

Discretion is part
of our profession.

I assumed as much.

Please sit down, madame.

The thing is...

I'm in debt.
- You? In debt?

- You know I spend a great deal.
- Everyone knows that.

- Too much.
- Never too much.

I'm in financial straits at the moment,
and I thought of selling

these diamond earrings.

You'd know their value
better than anyone.

Particularly since
I sold them to your husband.

That's right.

Shouldn't you be
looking at the earrings?

You will buy them, won't you?

I must think it over.

Think it over?
But you can't.

I need it right away.


My God!
What's the matter?

- What is it?
- Look!

But not for too long!

Do something!

What's happened?

This is terrible.

Drink this.
You'll feel better.

How do you feel?
- Better now.

Of course we'll come
to some arrangement.

Then it's settled?

Of course, madame.
It's settled.

Does this sum seem reasonable?

I'm hardly one
to speak of reason.

But the sum seems agreeable.
It's settled.

- Then I'll have it delivered -
- Tomorrow at 5:00.

Excuse me, but -

It's none of my business,
but what will you tell your husband?

I'll think of something.
You can count on that.

Home, please.

My earrings are gone!

Madame wasn't
wearing them this evening.

My earrings
must have fallen off.

You didn't have them on tonight.
I noticed that earlier.

You're mistaken.
I chose them over the emeralds.

You couldn't have lost
both of them.

You probably held them in your hand
to put on in the carriage.

No, I'm sure.

Tell my wife that I'll look
in the carriage.

It's this way, sir.

- Well?
- I'm coming.

Hurry up!

- Let's have it.
- Did you lose something?

My dear friend, what are
you doing on all fours?

Looking for the 15,000 francs
you returned to me.

You did return them, didn't you?

I need just a bit more time.
I've been in a fix.

Just as I thought.

- Good evening. We'll meet again soon.
- Are you sure?

- Marvelous, isn't it?
- Marvelous.

Looking for something?

No, nothing.

My wife lost her earrings
with the diamond hearts.


Since she came
to see you at intermission...

she may have lost them here.


Next time I'm not getting up.

- I can't believe it!
- Perhaps in her room.

Good lord, what bad luck!
I said as much this afternoon.

The four of diamonds and
two black sevens mean great loss.

Don't get me any more upset.

I didn't think
it would happen this soon.

I should have known!

Be quiet.

Her and her cards.

I said I wanted
to question everyone.

Where are the others?
- They're getting up.

I was hired to cook,
not look for earrings.

Come. I'll ask her.

Who shall see you home?
Marcel or I?

Perhaps both.

- Nothing yet.
- See you at the Café Anglais?

No, we'll be dining at home.

All our friends are waiting.

Your suitors annoy me.

Each by himself is a bore.
Together, they're insufferable.


Mr. Paramère wishes me
to ask you a question.

Ask away.
I love questions.

He feels that
while looking for those earrings,

you gave his wife
a rather unpleasant stare.

- Meaning I suspected she stole them?
- I wouldn't go that far.

Good. Tell him he should have
chosen a less attractive wife,

and that I've often caught him
looking at my wife,

yet surely he never
suspected her of theft.

as I was telling your wife,

you needn't worry.

We'll involve the police if necessary
to get those jewels back.

- Please do.
- You can count on me.


- Let's have that article.
- Yes, Father.

And the jewels.

Get my hat.

And my cane.

Coming, Father.

Here, Father.
- The bag.

This theft business is terrible.
It could ruin the shop.

Would you say hello
to her for me?

You want a good slap?

The general can see no one.
He has a very important meeting.

What I have to say
is very important too.

- For you?
- No, for him.

Very well.
But he has to leave by 8:00.

- Mr. Rémy.
- Show him in.

Here to tempt me again?

No, General,
I'm sorry to say.

I've never been
in such an awkward...

What's that? such an awkward position
as I am at the moment.

I'm afraid I have no time
to share your distress.

I'm afraid you must.


Before disturbing you...

You already have.

Or, worse,
wounding your pride,

I must ask you -

It's the new 90mm.

I must ask
for your utmost discretion.

Discretion too?

- It's about the countess.
- What?

She brought these
to me yesterday.

The earrings
with the diamond hearts.

What's that?

I couldn't believe she'd sell them
without your knowledge.

Sell them?

I thought that by buying them -

What are you saying,
Mr. Rémy?

I thought I was doing
both of you a favor.

I don't follow.

I sometimes do favors for others,

but I avoid letting others
do them for me.

A good policy.

This morning,
when I heard talk of robbery -

Not another word.

You did me a favor indeed
by coming to see me immediately.

Come in.

And I should thank you.

Please send me your bill,

including, of course,
your time lost here today.

I insist.

I'm sorry...

to sell you these earrings
a second time.

Don't apologize.
I'm delighted.

But only you and I must know
of my wife's careless mistake.

A charming carelessness,
to be sure.

You can count on me.
- Good-bye, Mr. Rémy.

- Your 8:00 appointment, sir.
- I'm coming.

- Something's up.
- I think so too.

- Good evening. I'm late.
- I thought you weren't coming.

Come now.
You know I promised.

This hurts me very much, Lola.

You'll never know how much.

If I knew,
I might not want to leave.

Don't worry.
I'm just joking.

In just 15 minutes
I must begin to forget you.

I hope it won't take too long.

You're incredible.
One would think it was I leaving you.

One way of leaving a woman
is to let her leave.

- We can't always do as we please.
- Especially generals.

Especially generals.

One of my officers was
in the same situation a few months ago,

but it was he who left.

Did you punish him?


Very good. Thank you.

No kiss?

You want to make it
even more difficult?

You're exquisite.

A woman saying good-bye
forever can afford to be.

- What's that?
- A souvenir.


At least look at it.

A woman can refuse a jewel
she hasn't yet seen.

After that, it takes heroism.

Then don't be heroic.

- All aboard!
- Good-bye, my dear.

Thirteen - a sign of good luck.

Send me your address
in Constantinople.

What for?
You won't write.

Why do you say that?
Or perhaps my letters

might upset someone there?
- I hope so.


I'll keep it after all.
- Wonderful. Thank you.

That's a real souvenir.

Are you asleep, Louise?

No, I'm on edge.


Because of those earrings.

You mustn't be.

I'd never have thought you'd attach
such importance to a little memento.

I'm flattered, mind you,

but don't you think
our newspaper friends

are making too much of it.

Less than I am.

Do you suspect someone?

No, not at all.

The new valet?

You only say that
because he's cross-eyed.

Nanny knows his family well.
You mustn't accuse him.

What about your chambermaid?

She's beyond reproach.

A young girl couldn't need
that much money anyway.

Julien? Impossible.



Stop it now.
You're upsetting me.

I think you were
probably right to begin with.

I just lost them.
It's all my fault.

Don't make others pay
for your wife's carelessness.

Your wish is my command.

But are you sure
you lost them?

Of course I'm sure.

Just tell everyone
you found them again.

Tomorrow at dinner,
beg our friends' forgiveness.

I lie so badly.

I know.
But it's just this once.

It was an awkward blunder.
I'm sorry.


Say that again?

I'm sorry.

I didn't know you were deaf.
- The artillery, you know.


Let's never speak of it again, all right?
- Never!

What's done is done.

Good night.

- What's this?
- A gift.


Don't you understand?
A gift.

A man who loved me.

Ah, love.

I understand.

No more bets.

Twenty-two black.

Split bet, corner bet.

I lost everything.

Would you buy this?

- No more bets.
- Everything on 13.

Twenty-six black.



Ask me where these jewels
came from, for example.

I bought them three months ago
in Constantinople.

You have a diplomatic passport.
I can't search your baggage.

- Just pretend.
- Pretend?

I need an excuse to stay here.

Ask me if I have any cigars.
- Any cigars?

I want the lady to hear.

- Do you have any cigars?
- Yes. No.

If I do, count them.

However many you like.
Just count them.

Imagine - paying customs
on luxury items!

My tickets.

Your passport, sir.

I'm not leaving.
I have to speak to that lady.

Sorry, sir.
That's impossible.

- I'm a diplomat.
- That's what everyone says.

Your passport.

I must have left it behind.

Have you seen my passport?

- I'll be back.
- My apologies, Your Excellency.

Watch out!

Why don't you open your eyes?

Clumsy oaf!


You couldn't steer a pushcart!

What's going on here?

I don't know how to apologize.
My driver is so clumsy.

Not at all.

I'll have to reward him
for his clumsiness.

I don't understand.

- I never thought I'd see you again.
- We've never met.

Yes, at customs in Basel
two weeks ago.

That's right. A suitcase for a friend.
Some gowns from Paris.

I had to pay duty on them.

It's fate.

I noticed you too.

You wore a plaid suit,

a grey silk scarf,

and cuff links shaped
like horses' heads.

Your eyes were jet-black,
like today. It's fate.

We're ready to go, Baron.

So soon?

We did our best to hurry.

- Will we meet again?
- Certainly. Fate is on our side.

I'm not so sure!

The name is Fabrizio Donati.

And I am Madame de...

Where are our seats?

Here's mine.
Could yours be -

Right next to each other.

Fate has worked twice
to no purpose.

May I?

I'd still like
to know your name.

My dear friend,
I'm delighted to see you.

I thought you were still
in Constantinople.

I'm sorry I couldn't visit sooner.

Don't be silly.

I see you've met my wife.

You'll get along very well.

I've seen your husband
at several embassy functions.

The last time was in Madrid.

- I didn't get a word.
- The marchioness is quite upset.

She wanted to introduce us.
She's throwing a parity for us Thursday.

She says that we're made
for each other.

The colonel is very sorry.
He wanted to introduce us.

He's throwing a parity
for us on Friday.

He says we're made
for each other... of course.

- You enjoy tormenting me.
- That would be too easy.

What must I do?

I was hoping -

I was hoping to see you

when the general
leaves on maneuvers.

You can always hope.

Believe me,
she'll find you very entertaining.

But I'm warning you:
She's an incorrigible flirt.


She's an expert
at dashing men's hopes.

You know,
torture through hope.

Yes, I've experienced that.

Very painful indeed.

General, you never replied
to my newspaper's question:

Is it true what they say?

Are we speaking
of the same thing?

- Certainly.
- And the answer is no?

There was never any question.
You've already said too much.

No, please stay.
The gentleman has finished.

I'll see you later.

This peace conference
is a catastrophe!

I must warn you.
They say I'm a terrible flirt.

I don't believe it.

I'm not aware of it,
so there's nothing I can do.

That young Englishman
claims I encouraged him.

Perhaps I did.

You're very nice.

I'd hate to see you
caught in my game.

It's simple. I have only
to refrain from hoping.

- Exactly.
- Until Thursday, madame.

Until Friday, madame.

Four days without seeing you.
Does no one in Paris dance anymore?

It's to leave you time
for foreign politics.

What's the gossip
at the embassy?

Nothing much.

It seems we're having
trouble in Montenegro.

Who told you that?

Henriette de Grandpierre.


She knows Mr. Sainte-Croix quite well,
and he was in a tight spot down there.

I wouldn't worry about it
if I were you.

Any word from your husband?

He's very well, thank you.

Two days without seeing you.

My secretary complains
that I'm a nervous wreck.

This ball tonight is delightful.

Have you seen the costume
the admiral's wife is wearing?

- They're seen everywhere.
- They can meet nowhere else.

- Why the tone of pity?
- Just a simple statement.

Stop stepping on my feet!

- Any word from him?
- From whom?

Oh, yes. He's very well.

Twenty-four hours
without seeing you.

It's torture, I know.

This ball tonight is gloomy.

I don't think so.

Why do you smile at him?
I can't stand that young man.

Don't tell me
you're beginning to hope.

Yes, I am.

I heard from my husband.

He's very well, thank you.

Those two are always the last.

- Who is he?
- Baron Donati.

- And who is she?
- Madame de...

Baron or not, I've had enough.
I'm going.

Good night, gentlemen.

Aren't you going to ask
if I've heard from my husband?

You're wise not to.
He's returning tomorrow.

All's well that ends well.

Charming spot, eh?

Too bad the deer fell
so far from the inn.


It was very well organized.

Thank you.
I think we're all here.

Here's our friend.
The general's waiting for you.

- Is everyone here?
- I believe so.

But I don't see Mr. De Rantzau

or Baron Donati.

Over there!



May I?

Here you are, madame.

It's nothing at all.

My wife has these spells often.

Odd homecoming.

I'd appreciate it if you didn't let
your fainting spells go on so long.

They've never exceeded
three minutes before,

as befits a woman
of your good breeding.

And you needn't worry
anymore about the baron.

The word is he's doing very well.
- I know.

I'm sure I'll see him
tonight at the club.

I envy you.

You seem very happy.

Nice shot!

Nice move!

You were soundly beaten,

No doubt about it -
luck's not on my side today.

I'd like to apologize.

For winning?
It's only the first round.

- I wasn't speaking of that.
- Oh?

I was speaking
of something else.

To your health...

so precious to so many.

To yours.

I beg your pardon
for this morning.

I'm not a very good horseman.

It didn't show. You pranced
like D'Artagnan himself.

As if hoping
to impress someone.

I apologize for inadvertently causing
your charming wife to faint.

No apology needed.
It's a habit of hers.

In the Lisbon earthquake, she was
unconscious for over 20 minutes.

That's some consolation.

Good night, Louise.

I'm sorry
you can't come along.

See you tomorrow.

I'm going away.


I don't know yet.
Our estate, or London.

In any case, far away.

I'd like to know why.

I made a spectacle of myself.

I want to give our friends
time to forget.

I'm sure they already have.

I want to go away.

I need a rest.

I want to go away.

Are you afraid
that your weak heart

might play tricks on you?

Shall we have
a serious conversation?

I know neither of us
is in the habit,

but I trust
we'll muddle through.

You know, I appreciate
your considering going away.

Of course,

only a woman of your good breeding
would think of it.

But it's not a good idea.

You're not in as great
a danger as you think.

Nor am I, for that matter.

I'll tell you a secret.

Our conjugal bliss
is a reflection of ourselves.

It's only superficially

We've been playing with fire -
especially me.

But your desire to leave proves
that my faith in you was justified.

You will stay in Paris.

No, André. Please.

You're going
through a difficult time.

Fine. We'll go
through it together.

Napoleon was only wrong
twice in his life:

At Waterloo,

and when he said,
"The only victory in love is to flee."

One must face the foe.

You can do it.

You can do
anything you wish.

You're a proud woman.

I respect and admire you.

And I love you.

One, two, three, four, five...

- What do the cards say?
- Eight of diamonds: A journey.

How insightful.

Wait. There's also
the nine of diamonds.

- Which means?
- The trip will be postponed.

Or it will be shorter
than we think.

I have no idea how long
I'm going for anyway.

Wait. I also have
the seven of spades...

and the seven of diamonds.

Your husband will cause trouble.
That surprises me.

Me too.

It involves the king

and the ten of diamonds -
a foreigner.

Just who could that be?
- You're getting on my nerves.

All that wouldn't mean much
if I didn't also have

the nine and ten of hearts.

My, my!


A great love shared by two.

What is it?

Baron Donati is downstairs.

The baron is waiting
in the library.

How did you -

How did you know
I was leaving?

Ah, but I didn't.

I came to reassure you

and to thank you
for the concern you showed.

You were admiring
that painting.

It's the Battle of Waterloo.

"Waterloo, Waterloo,
mournful plain."

That's Blücher.

Napoleon's on the right.

I'd never have recognized him.

It's when we have the most to say
that we can't speak.

Why are you leaving?

Why shouldn't I?

Where are you going?

The Italian lakes.

Without me?

Once I'm there,
I'll wonder why I ever left.

Then why go?

Yes, why?

My dear,
I've done something foolish.

Since you haven't scolded me for it,
I'm afraid you're not yet aware of it.

Something foolish?

I included a gift
with my roses.

I bought it in Constantinople,
not knowing at the time for whom.

If my husband -

I wanted to make sure
you'd think of me.

Is Madame in?

She'll be right down.
Baron Donati is waiting in the library.

Imagine that!

They had to go to Constantinople
to make their way back to me.

I'm delighted
you dropped in, Baron.

Especially since nothing in
our conversation yesterday at the club

suggested I could
look forward to this pleasure.

Yes, it was quite by chance.

A fortunate one, I must say...

for you're just in time
to wish Louise a pleasant journey.

She's leaving for a few days...

or perhaps a few weeks.

Or didn't you know?

Heavens, no.

You mean
you didn't just see her?

I mean, yes.

And she didn't tell you?

Women are all the same,
my friend.

The simplest things
become mysteries.

Good evening, dear.

- You really amuse me.
- Why?

Our friend will explain

as you show him out.

Your train leaves in an hour.

Good-bye, my friend.

Where can I write to you?

My maid will send you
my address.

Come back soon.

I don't love you,
I don't love you...

Come back.

Do you have all the bags?
Did you get her shawl?

All ready!

Take this.

Louise, I'm waiting.

I'll be right there.

Take good care of yourself.

Get plenty of rest.

And you,
don't work too hard.

I'll have your room redone
while you're gone.

And don't forget
to write to your aunt.

You know how sensitive she is.

I won't forget.

Don't forget your shawl
in the evening.

The night air is cool
on the lakes.

You've never been
in such delicate health.

Be kind to Nanny.
She's sure to feel very alone.

You know she's like
a mother-in-law to me.

Come back soon.

Try to get some sleep, madame.

The luggage is ready.

But why must we go so soon?
We just arrived.

This is the seventh town
in five weeks.

You wouldn't understand.

Now leave me alone.

The ministers
are growing impatient, sir.

Don't they have personal lives?

See that this letter
is on the train for Rome.

I know: It's very urgent.

And come back
in five minutes for this one.

Same addressee.
This time in Florence.

"My beloved, in three months
all I've received were some flowers.

Not a single letter.

Where are you now?

Wherever you are,
you are always accompanied...

by my...


"I've answered
all your letters, my love.

But I never had the courage
to mail my replies.

My innumerable letters...

that would have told you

of the depth of my friendship...

that has blossomed into love...

on this endless journey. "

We stand on the threshold...

of a new year,
one of peace and prosperity.

We're pleased
to welcome you, gentlemen...

as the representatives
of friendly and allied nations.

Alliances between nations,

as my years with the diplomatic
corps have often shown,

resemble -
if you'll pardon the analogy -

certain marriages.

The man who says,
"I'll never marry that woman"

after two months' reflection
says "I do"

with great satisfaction
and pleasure.

After all,
what is a wedding ring?

A small circle of gold
that binds you.

Fraternity among nations
is neither an idle phrase

nor a mere utopia.

That is why, in conclusion, I cry,
"Long live France and her allies!

And may her enemies of today
become her friends of tomorrow."

- We never see you, my friend.
- Forgive me, General.

I've had some sensitive
correspondence to attend to.

- Anything serious?
- I don't know yet.

Have you had any news
from your wife?

I meant to ask if you had.
I believe you dropped something.

Happy New Year.

There's not a soul around.
You needn't worry, madame.

We'll wait here.

It's been an eternity.

I wondered
why I went on living.

I saw only your face.

- Couldn't you speak more plainly?
- What should I say?

My favorite phrase.
The one you say so sweetly.

"I don't love you."

My earrings.

Thanks to them,
you were always at my side.

They were my only comfort.

I shall wear them always.

- How will you manage that?
- You're such a child.

I don't love you,
I don't love you...

Oh, these gloves!

I can't wear these.
They're too somber.

Go to your room.

Louise, come along.
We're late already.

What's the matter?

I'm coming.
I'll wear this pair.

My earrings!

It's incredible!

Incredible indeed.

I'll put them on right now.

Are you sure
they're the same ones?

- You must be joking.
- Yes, of course.

It's coming back to me now.

The night I thought I lost them,

I went up to get a pair of gloves,

and my earrings must have fallen
among the gloves.

It's quite possible.

You can't imagine
how happy I am.

Yes, I can.

Have a nice time.

Good evening, sir.


Second waltz - Donati.

Polka - Donati.
Why not?

Every dance - Donati.



Aren't these earrings becoming?

Like they were made for you.


But how does your husband
allow you to wear them?

Thanks to a little white lie,
the first I ever told.

Well, one of the first.

Forgive me.
I told it just for you.

It will be our little white lie.

It's so easy to believe.

Tell me.

One of my mother's
elderly cousins

gave me some beautiful jewelry.

No one will be surprised
that these were among them.

Since she can't stand my husband,

I'm sure they'll never have
occasion to discuss it.

Do you forgive me?

He gets on my nerves.

I detest the whole world.

I want to be seen
by you and you alone.

Let's go to your country house
on Thursday.

That's three days away.

That's a long time.

The general wishes to see you
in the smoking room.

He's waiting for you.

Excuse me.

I'm too tired.

There's something
I'd like to ask you.

Put this on.
You'll catch cold.

- The baron is waiting.
- Don't worry. He'll wait.

Please give me those earrings.


You have your secrets,
and I have mine.

What will my friends think?

Tell them they hurt...
which may well be true.

Are you certain the general
expects me here?

Absolutely certain.
Perhaps he was detained.


Beautiful city.

Beautiful women.

Beautiful jewels.

Did you know the woman who -

I mean... the prior owner.

Did you know her?

No, I never had the pleasure.

Then she's not doing
as well as I'd hoped.

But that's neither
here nor there.

You understand, my friend,

that it's incompatible
with your dignity and mine

for my wife to accept
a gift of such value from you.

Of course, I don't know
just how intimate...

a confidant you are.

Perhaps she didn't mention
that I gave these to her

as a wedding present.

So let's not play innocent

and simply close our eyes
to the matter.

So may I suggest -

and I hope you'll heed
my suggestion -

that you take these back
to my jeweler

and advise him how much
to charge me for them.

General, your wife has fainted.

No, please stay here.

Water, quick!

Very odd. Every time I see her,
she collapses.

May I be of assistance?

Thank you,
but it's nothing at all.

Enough playacting.

Learn to hide your feelings
as well as you lie.

Why did you ask
for my earrings?

Let's go to the theater.
I hear Sarah Bernhardt is wonderful.

Why did you ask
for my earrings?

Strange how you always choose
our topic of conversation.

Well, tonight I shall speak to you
only of Sarah Bernhardt.

Over already.

Do you really feel ill?

You're so pale.
Let's go home.

Wait for me here.
I'll get your coat.

I must leave right away.
When will we meet again?

I just spoke with your husband.
We can't ever meet again.

Who decided that?

I did, after what he told me.

He told you
who gave me those earrings?

I sold them because
they meant so little to me.

You told me you couldn't
live without them.

I meant now.
That was before I met you.

You owned them before?

Who gave them to you?
- My mother.

Then why the tale
about your elderly cousin?

It seems I'm the one you told
"our little white lie" to.

What did you tell the general?

That I found them again.

- So you'd lost them?
- Yes, at the theater.

The theater?

I made that up
so I could sell them.

You were saying?

I've gotten a bit lost
in all your stories.

My husband gave them to me
as a wedding present.

Can you forgive me?

Not right away, of course,
but one day you will.

I'd like to, and even hope to,

but it will be difficult.

I'm trying my best,
yet I'm no longer here.

I'm no longer with you, Louise.

I hope to see you
again soon, madame.

It wasn't serious, I see.

No, it was nothing. Thanks.

A real bargain.

I can't get over it.

I was astonished
to see them turn up again.

Fine objects, like fine people,
know the finest merchants.

When the gentlemen said,

"Sell them to the general
and to no one else,"

I was astounded,
since this is the third time.

A dozen jewels like this
and you can retire.

What a coincidence!

is only extraordinary

because it's so natural.

So I told the cook -

I said, "I've already got beans
coming out of my ears!"

May I come in?

How do you feel
this morning, my dear?

Much better, thanks.

I've never seen you so pale.

I hardly believe that.

Did you sleep?

Yes, very well.

Next you'll tell me
you ate a hearty breakfast too.

Why don't you let in
some of the wonderful sunshine?

No, please.

How dare you interfere!

I'd like to speak to you alone.

What should I do, Louise?

I'll call you.

Is it true you've canceled
all your social engagements

for the next two weeks?

Please don't be angry.

The slightest pressure
and I could go mad.

Please understand

and go out without me
for a few days.

What are you
suffering from exactly?


Nothing's more quickly cured.

Think no more of Donati.
I'm sure he's forgiven you.

Forget him
as he's forgotten you.

And be careful, Louise...

very careful.

is our own invention.

At times I'm sad that I lack
the imagination for it.

What do you think of these?

Thank you.

If I may.

I'm sorry.

These no longer belong to you.

I'll tell you what you're
to do with them.

Be strong.

Lean on me.

Don't be afraid.
Hello, François.

You think I'm being cruel.

You feel that,
in your great pain,

I'm adding to your grief.

But you'll soon be the first
to laugh at how you feel today.

These earrings
you're so attached to now

will seem like
so much broken glass.

And this way
they'll stay in the family.

- I'll never forgive you.
- Here.




Have you seen my son?

Hello, Elizabeth.

You know your aunt
has always been fond of you.

So on this most happy occasion -

They're beautiful!

I couldn't possibly accept.

No need to be
so dramatic about it!

This great happiness
will one day be yours too.

Does anyone have
any face powder?

Here, Auntie.

Nothing does one in
like crying.

You again?

Forgive me, but I've come
on our usual business.

- What's that?
- You know.

I'm afraid I'll have
to be indiscreet.

Go right ahead.

To save her husband from bankruptcy,
your niece sold me the earrings.

- So what?
- So what?

Why should I care?

These things become a habit.

I thought you might buy them
a fourth time.

Don't bother me
with those infernal earrings!

And you're a civilian. Imagine how
he's treated us for two weeks now.

Don't bother.
It's just a merchant.

- Anything new?
- A lady is waiting.

Mr. Rémy, please help her.

She's so upset.

Please do what she asks.

- The countess?
- Yes. She's waiting upstairs.

What can I -

Her niece told her
she sold you the earrings.

- Did my husband buy them?
- No, he did not.


I must have them.
I'll sell everything to get the money.

Don't get excited.

Promise you won't
sell them right away,

so I can come see them
now and then.

I don't understand.

Two years ago
you were anxious to sell them.

This time you'll have
no trouble with my husband.

I'm not buying them to wear.
In fact, I'll have to hide them.

Isn't that right, Nanny? I'll sell my furs.
I won't need them anymore.

And my diamond cross
and emeralds.

What do you say, Mr. Rémy?

I'm sure we can come
to an understanding.

You really did that?

Nanny, please leave.

I don't see your diamond cross
or your emeralds.

I sold them.

Here's what you're looking for.

I'm not angry.

I simply pity you.
You're ill.

You're not seeing clearly.

You're trying to turn remorse
into memories.

Up until now...

though I know I didn't play
a large part in your life,

I was the only one.

There was camaraderie,
even gaiety between us.

You know, Louise...

I've never particularly liked
the role you gave me to play.

But I played along
to avoid displeasing you.

It's not what
I would have chosen.

There's still time.

Don't escape like this

into a world
of sickness and silence.

I'm not blaming you.

I'm your friend.
Let me help you.

There's no one
who can help me now.

I think there is.

You mustn't hurt him!

He doesn't even love me.
This isn't his fault.

It's precisely his fault.

I'm not that stupid.

Donati, did you say

that Lamoricière shouldn't have
meddled in others' affairs?


You never grasp what I mean.
Perhaps I speak too clearly.

I'm sure
I'll understand you now.

You also said that the army -
and hence its generals - was useless.

I remember
phrasing it differently.


"If diplomats did their jobs,
we wouldn't need such a large army."

- You consider me superfluous.
- Take it as you wish.

He's a diplomat.
He thinks differently from us.

Did you choose Mr. Bernac here
to apologize for you?

Certainly not.

In that case,
these gentlemen are my witnesses.

Kindly tell them where and when
to meet your seconds.

You think I'm superfluous?
Prove it!

You're not going to fight
over professional matters!

Right in the heart,
three times in a row.

He's as good as dead!

His Excellency has gone out.

If Madame insists on waiting...

he won't be back
before midnight.

I know he's here.

I assure you, Countess.

He gave you orders
not to let me in, didn't he?

I respectfully beg Madame
to control herself.

We can't permit
a scandal here.

I tried to spare you
the pain of this meeting,

but since you insist -

- You're going to fight a duel.
- What idiot told you that?

Nanny heard
Mr. Bernac mention it.

How can you fight
over a crazy woman like me?

I'm not worth it.
I'm not even pretty anymore.

- You're prettier than ever.
- Really?

You see? I'm incorrigible.

A frivolous liar.

The woman I've become suffers
because of the woman I was.

I won't let you do it.

He had no right
to provoke you.

We've given him no further reason.
- He found one.

But you don't even
love me anymore.

You don't, do you?

He's an excellent shot!
He'll kill you!

It's suicide!



Save him, dear saint.

You know that we were guilty

in thought only.

And what are thoughts?

Will you save him,
my dear saint?

I thank you in advance.

Blessed be your name
in heaven as on earth. Amen.

You should have stayed in bed.
You're feverish.

I have to go.
Perhaps I can talk to them.

Do not raise your arm

before my command to fire.

You'll have just three shots.

The offended parity fires first.


Stop here!
- Stay inside!


Stay here!

At least take my shawl.
It's cold.

It's too far away.
You won't even be able to see them.

Think of your heart!

Remember: The doctor said
to avoid all strain!

Are you ready?



Nanny, come quickly.

Why wasn't there
a second shot?

Run, Nanny.


I'm not feeling well.

What's the matter?
Can you hear me?

What is it?

Help! Help!

She's dying!