The Domestics (2018) - full transcript

In a terrifying post-apocalyptic world inhabited by gangs divided into deadly factions, a husband and wife race desperately across the countryside in search of safety and must work together as they are pushed to the breaking point in order to survive. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
You probably
already know what happened.

Then again, you might not.

You might not even give a shit.

But I'm gonna tell you anyway.

We all went about
our daily lives,

oblivious to how bad things
were in the world.

And then they hit
the reset button,

erasing all of their problems along
with hundreds of millions of lives.

No one saw it coming.

The end.

The lucky ones
were dead in seconds.

As for the rest of us,

immune to the black poison,
we had to decide.

Hang on to the civility
of the past,

or become savages
in a new dark future.

Hey, kids, this is 99.2 KILU...

and you're listening to Crazy AI's
radio party, The Last Radio Show.

Here's another safety update for
all you domestics out there,

just trying to stay alive.

If you're new to the area,
listen up,

and I'll fill you in on all the
shit we've been dealing with

here, in the
once beautiful Midwest.

Still no word from the US government.
What a shocker.

But I suppose when you make the
decision to crop dust your country

with deadly chemicals,
there's really not much more to say.

I guess that's what happens when a
democracy turns into a dictatorship.

You thought
we had problems before?

Debts, disease,
dwindling resources?

Some barista put too much syrup in
your macchiato fucking Frappuccino?

You know what I saw
the other day?

A guy wearing a goddamn
deer head holding an AK-47.

The crazy thing is,
the son of a bitch used to be my neighbor.

This once great nation
on God's green earth

no longer belongs to God.

It belongs to the gangs.

That's right, daddy-o,
the Midwest may have been

the land of macaroni casserole,
fresh cut lawns and Schlitz beer,

but we've got some of the
worst gangs in the country.

Nailers, Plowboys,

Gamblers, Cherries, Sheets,

just to name a few.

They're all bad news.

So keep your eyes open,
your guns loaded,

because in this world,
you shoot first, then run like hell.

You dig?

Well, that's enough of my bullshitting,
let's play some music.

We're on day 902
of our weekend oldies marathon.

You might be asking,

"Crazy Al, is this not
the weekend anymore?"

Well, honey,
I just don't give a fuck.

With that said,
here's Roosevelt Nettles on the Chess label

with Drifting Heart.

So you're really doing this.

- Yep.
- Why?

You got everything you need
right here.

You think
I don't know that?

I know it's probably the
stupidest thing I've ever done.

But I still love her.

You see, this is why
I never got married.

Look, Mark,
I'm not gonna tell you what to do,

because I know you know
what's out there.

You get one flat tire,
you're fucking dead.

If you still feel this is the
only way to save your marriage,

for the love of God,

take a different car.

I fixed it.

- You fixed it?
- Yep.

Uh, are we still talking about
the same car?

I fixed it.

Crazy AI's radio party.
The music time machine...

Hi, this is Crazy Al.

It looks like it's gonna be
another shitty-ass day, daddy-o.

Thanks for tuning
into KILU radio.

No requests, no dedications,

just a kick ass soundtrack
to your new way of life.

Stay off the freeways and
watch out for those snipers.

And if you see someone
dressed like a ghost,

shoot that motherfucker because
Sheets ain't trick-or-treating.

As that great philosopher
Baba-Oom-Mow-Mow once said

"Doo-wop unto others as you would
have them doo-wop unto you."

Come on, let's make this quick.

Those fuckers
are still out there.

Fuck the Sheets.
Fucking pussies.

Those fucking pussies
just kicked our asses.

Come on, let's eat some beans
and get the fuck outta here.

We still got that town
up the road.

Open the door.

Hold down the gas.

You guys want
any salt and pepper?

Come one.

Here's another safety update
for all you domestics out there

braving the barren countryside.

It's official that Sheets
and Nailers are in a turf war.

I know you fuckers
can hear me out there.

So do us all a favor
and just kill each other

so we can get on
with our lives.

With that said,
it's time to get safe.

Pull off the roads,
find some shelter,

because the sun is going down.

thirty-five past the hour and you're
listening to Crazy AI's radio party...

We should
stay off the roads.

Crash here for the night.

Do you think it's safe?

We'll find out.

This will never be us,
I promise.

Miss Milwaukee,
this is Eagle. Over.

Miss Milwaukee,
this is Eagle. Over.



I just wanted to let you know
that we're on our way.

I wish I could hear your voice.

I know Mark
wants to fix things between us.

I just don't know how.
We've been broken for too long.

I wish you could tell me
everything's going to be all right.

I miss you.

You remember when we used to
complain about the Milwaukee drive?

Five hours.

Seems like nothing now.

You think
I'll be able to, uh...

To get your dad to give me
his gun this time?

The one you always steal
from his safe?

Mmm. The Wildey Magnum? Yeah.

I doubt it.

He doesn't like you.

No, he does not.

I'm actually pretty sure the
last thing he said to me was

"Get your shit together,
you clown."

It was nice.

That sounds about right.

Good night, Markus.

All right, kids,
it's 20 past the hour

and this is crazy Al,
bringing you words of wisdom

and a whole lot of good goddamn
music, too.

Hey, we are on day 903 of our
weekend oldies marathon.

With that said,
here's a sleepy little tune.

Denny Reed on the Trey label.

It's called No One Cares.

Where you headed?

You guys and your scary masks.


No, stop. Please.

Stop! Stop! Stop, please!

Please don't do it.

My guys are tired. Angry.

They need a little morale
boost. Understand?

Now if you happened to know where
we could find a woman's touch...

- No.
- ...we'd greatly appreciate it.

I wouldn't want these animals to have
to go to town on your friend here.

Not their preference.

We're the same, you and I.

You do this for me,
I'd personally see to it that you live.

Join the Nailers
and own the fucking world.

I'm nothing like you.

Fuck it! Come on.

Wait, please, please.
Listen, I saw someone.

A girl. A girl and a guy,
up Shadow Brook Road.

This house
had Christmas lights.

Did it have a manger?
You know, the baby Jesus thing?

Yeah, we hit that shit up
the other day.

No. No. This was last night.

You just let them go?

They seemed, uh...

They seemed nice.

What about this one?


Fuck him.

I don't want to die here.

We're not.

We are not.

I want to go home.

Hey, we are, okay? We are.
I'm going to take you home, okay?

It's going to be okay,
all right?

Look at me.
Hey, it's going to be fine.

Say it for me.

Come on, say it.

Be careful.

Miss Milwaukee,
this is Eagle. Over.

Miss Milwaukee,
this is Eagle. Over.


Here's another safety update

for all you domestics
out there.

Word on the street is
there's a renegade Cherry

saving women
and killing anyone in her way.

Look out, boys,
she's a fucking psycho!

There's also a lone wolf
roaming the countryside,

who likes to get kinky
with a straight razor.

I mean, come on!
Who comes up with this shit?

Is the world really this crazy?
Of course it is,

or my name isn't Crazy Al!

Hold it.

Drop the basket and put the
gun on the ground. Slow.

Don't try anything.
I'm not alone.


Just take whatever you want, okay?
Just let us go.

All I'm looking for...

Is a handshake, friend.


Take it.

Nathan Wood.

Mark West.

Pleasure to finally meet you.
And, uh...

Nina Monroe.

Sorry for the theatrics,
but you know how it is.

Been a while since
we've seen folks like you.

- We?
- I've been watching you.

Wait. Sorry.
That came out wrong. Listen.

We are the same.
We want the same things.

As a matter of fact, uh...
Well, I know this sounds crazy,

but I was wondering...

Shit. Go.

If you find the blond,
don't mess up her face.

Listen up.

My wife and I would like to
invite you both over for dinner.

- What?
- Uh, sorry, late lunch.

That's Theresa.

You don't have to dress up
or anything.

The girls can open a bottle of wine,
I'll make cocktails,

and you can meet my kids.

The fuck was that?

My son, Steven. All clear?


My dad had one of these.
He liked it.

- Yours '81?
- It's '82.

Four wheel drive standard.
Yours five speed?

It's, uh, converted
to automatic, actually.

That faux wood on navy.

Man, it was a different era.

It's running rich.

My guess is the float level
in the carb is off,

but just been messing with it.

Well, my offer still stands.

You can talk it over if you like.
But if you did happen to come,

I might just have an original
service manual for an '81 Eagle.


My old man's.
It'll definitely have the float level specs.

- You into cars?
- Nah.

I like guns.

You know, uh...

It would mean the world to my wife and to me,
if you would join us.

Oh. We really should get going.

I understand.

I just can't help but think
that we met for a reason.

People like us don't just cross paths,
not out here. And seeing you two

gave me hope.

And I might add that Theresa

makes the best goddamned green
bean casserole you'll ever have.

I guess, if it's on the way.

Well, now that's the spirit!

Steven, let's get this beautiful
car hooked up to the rig.

It'll be safer for us
to ride in the truck.

Pull her around back,
I'll go get the truck ready.

I can't wait for you
to meet Theresa.

I think you girls
will really hit it off.

Shit! Plowboys.

Just sit tight.


How's the family?

Safe. Yours?


So what are you boys
doing out here?

Just patrolling the neighborhood.
Hunting for Gamblers.

You know they stole
nine of my girls?

Fucking freaks!
Probably using them to make babies.

You have some fresh faces
with you.

They're friends.

Couldn't help but notice
the merchandise.

K-98. Where'd you get it?

You see the cooch in the truck?

I call her Betsy.

Is she a Cherry?

- What's she doing down here?
- I don't know.

Deserter, maybe?

Didn't see any more of those
man-hating bitches, so,

I assumed she's alone.

She will turn a pretty penny.

Just relax, sugar pop.

I even injected her with one of
those animal tracking devices.

Just like old Ginger.

This one ain't getting away.

She's a wild one, too.

She bit Bruce's finger clean off
when we caught her. Oh, yeah.

I am going to test drive
her tonight.

So, who is the cha-cha
in the truck?

Don't worry.
Plowboys are pussies.

Don't tell my dad
I said "pussies."

I would
really appreciate it

if you would move your plow.

Gonna be late for dinner.

What if I don't?

Give my best to Theresa.

Will do.

I really appreciate
you guys doing this.

As promised.

Oh, my God.

Wow, thank you.

So obviously,
you wanna stay off I-94 and Highway 10.

If the snipers don't get you, the gangs
will spot you from the radio towers.

- Mmm-hmm.
- You came from Two Harbors?

- Yeah, yeah.
- Quaint.

Why did you leave?

Nina wanted to be
with her folks,

so we're making the trek
to Beer Town.

You having second thoughts?

No. No. It's, um...

They, uh... They don't know
that we're coming.

They used to speak over the CB
about every day,

and we haven't heard from them
in a couple of weeks.

You think something happened?

Can't really say that
to her though, can I?

- Dinner's ready!
- Come on.

- Oh, no, I couldn't...
- I don't believe you.

Thank you.

Oh. Sorry, generator.

So what did you do, Nina?

Out there, before.

I worked in a design firm,
in downtown Minneapolis.

And Mark?

Uh, I was in-between jobs.

You know, did some handyman stuff,

Mark was trying to get
his contractor's license.

I wasn't trying to get,
I was getting it, um...

- That's what I meant.
- Right.

So, Nina, bringing home
the bacon. That's neat.

Bet you took advantage
of that, Mark.

Fishing, drinking beer,

Hell, I would have.

For all you lovebirds out there
brazen the barren countryside.

On the Caprice label,
it's called Till by The Angels.

Oh, hon?

Come on, now.

So sorry, our song.

♪ Till then I'll worship you ♪

♪ Till the tropic sun
Turns cold ♪

♪ Till this young world
Grows old ♪

♪ My darling, I'll adore you ♪

♪ You are my reason to live ♪

♪ All alone I would give ♪

♪ Just to have you adore me ♪

♪ Oh, till the rivers
Flow upstream ♪

♪ Till lovers cease to dream ♪


Okay. Okay, we have guests.

Sorry, I get carried away.

Man, Crazy Al.

World may have went to shit,
but damn, did radio get better, huh.

- Language.
- Sorry, hon.

You like this music?

It's okay.

So you're a designer.
No artist gangs for you to join?


No, I... I used to work in the office,
handling monetary things.

Budgets, contract negotiations.

I don't think they have
a gang for that.

- The Gamblers.
- The Gamblers?

I saw this Gambler once,
he was wearing a buffalo head.

Hey. You should tell Mark
about the Bobbies.

- The Bobbies?
- I found this Nailer

with my dad once
on the side of the road.

He was stabbed
all over his body.

Blood was everywhere.

All his cuts
were below his chest,

like, whatever was stabbing
at him was short.

Like Bella.

We're thinking
they're kids.

Little stabbers.

Hey, Bella. How about
you show me your room?


Let's go.

Mark and I
will wash up.

You guys seem
really happy.

We are.
Nathan is amazing.

What about you and Mark?

Come on. Don't pretend I didn't
see that little thing at dinner.

It's complicated.

Try me.

We were going through
a divorce when

everything happened.

You're still wearing your ring,
I see.

It feels weird to take it off.

In the beginning,
things were different.

He would sneak into my office and leave sweet
notes all over the place for me to find.

We were crazy about each other.

But then life got hard.

All we did was fight.
It broke my heart.

And then the world changed.

Happiness isn't
out there, Nina.

Not anymore.

It's in front of you.

We need more wine.


Dinner was amazing,
by the way.

That's all Theresa.

Those, uh, hamburger steaks
that we had tonight,

do you think you'd be willing
to do some trading?

Dry foods have been getting
a little bit old,

and I've got bullets,
tools, gas.

How about if I just
give you some?

If you can guess what it is.

Um... beef?

Now when was the last time
you saw a cow?

That's a good point. Um...
Uh, venison?

Mark, when was the last time you saw a cow,
a deer, a dog, bird?

Hell, they all died out
before we started to.

It was...
It was meat, right?

I mean,
it wasn't a veggie burger or a bean patty,

or, I don't know,
some vegan shit.



Not bad, right?

I mean, a little gamey,
but tender.

You okay?

I ate a fucking person?

- We all did.
- Jesus Christ.

Come on, Mark.

The Darwin Awards, we made it.

We didn't drink the government

We escaped the race wars, toxins didn't
do jack shit to our immune systems.

When they hit the reset
button and we said fuck you.

Now I think that allows us
a little freedom.

Good people
didn't survive, Mark.

We did.

If you tell Nina what we ate,
I will kill you.

Keeping secrets from your wife?

Not the healthiest choice
in a marriage.

- I assume you tell your wife everything.
- I do.

Then you're a fucking liar.
We're leaving. Nina!

Whoa. Wait, calm down.
Now, listen.

Let me tell you
what's gonna happen.

You and Nina will stay and
continue to have a wonderful time.

And if you don't,

I will bleed you both out
like pigs,

and feed you to my wife
and children. You understand?

Or maybe just you?

Seems to me Nina
would be better off.

One a day,
keeps the blues away.

Is everything all right here?

I was just about to mix up a couple
of cocktails for Mark and me.

You ladies want one?

I make a killer Old Fashioned.

I'm okay.

Yeah, I'm good.

So who wants
to play a board game?

How about Monopoly?


Bella! Bella!

Oh, my God!

Didn't expect to see me again,
did you?

Should've finished the job.

It's okay.

Mommy's here.
You're gonna be okay, baby.

Please don't hurt her.
Now, what do you want? Anything.

Just don't hurt my...


And her.

They're yours.

Just give me my daughter.


It's okay. Mommy's here.

Do what you gotta do.
Just give me my daughter back.

Just give me my daughter back.




Shit. Grab your stuff.
Grab your stuff.

- What about Bella?
- We gotta go.

You okay? Are you hurt?


I can't do this anymore.

What? Do what?

Play this delusional game
of survival with you.

Delusional? You wanna talk
about delusional?

Who are you talking to
on that radio, Nina?

I want to get home
to my parents.

You know what?
That's your problem.

If you had just played along
in any of this

instead of running home
to Mommy and Daddy,

you would have realized,
you know what, it's not that bad.

Not that bad?

Look around!

Shit, Nina!

Stay with me.

Just stay with me,
stay with me. Nina. Nina!


Goddamn it! Shit!

Jim, you copy? Over.

Jim, you copy?

Nathan. How's dinner?

Theresa and Bella are dead.

Oh, shit.

What happened?

You remember those friends of
mine I introduced you to today?

How could I forget?

What if I told you,
you could have the girl?

Hell, yeah.

Shit on a fucking shingle.

Oh, my God!

She's a Cherry.
I think she's a Cherry.

Can we go?

Hi, this is Crazy Al

with another safety update for
all you domestics out there.

Gambler territory is now
spreading like a fucking cancer,

so keep your loved ones close,
stay indoors,

because if those horned sons-of-bitches
catch you and spin that wheel of death,

chances are they're gonna
send you straight to hell!

Now, here's Rickie Paige and her
never released 1959 track, Forever.

♪ Forever ♪

♪ Yes, I wait forever ♪

♪ Darling, I will never ♪

♪ Love somebody new ♪

♪ Believe me ♪

♪ When I say I'm sorry ♪

♪ Darling, please forgive me ♪

♪ Give me one more chance ♪

♪ Since you went away
The tears are falling ♪

♪ Just like summer rain ♪

♪ Can't you see my heart
Is slowly breaking ♪

♪ Please come back
And ease the pain ♪

♪ Forever ♪

♪ Yes, I'll wait forever ♪

♪ Darling, I would never ♪


♪ Love somebody new ♪

Holy fuck.

Now where do I get one of those?
Right there!

It would be such a shame to splatter your
brains before all the fun and games.

Will you kindly place that gun
on the ottoman there?


You can do it.

So handsome.

Let me out of here!

Let me out
of the fucking truck!

Let me out of here.

Let me out of here, you...

Is that all you got?


You know
these two poor souls?


Seems that they were
following you. Why?

Why what?

Why were they following you?

Why were you following me?

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is William Cunningham,

but you, my new friend,
have the divine pleasure of calling me Willy.

Oh, that's fantastic.

There are two things
that Willy loves.

A show, and a bit
of the ultra-violence.

That's very original.

- You know it?
- It was my favorite film when I was 17.

Not anymore?

A shame.

Surprised me though. You're the first
person to ever call me out on it.

These fucking simpletons
out here are clueless

when it comes
to classic cinema.

Could you believe this one,
he'd never even heard of Eyes Without a Face.

But, uh...

I was getting ready to...

...teach him all about it.

What do you want?

Ooh! Ah! A man who likes to get
right down to the nitty-gritty.

I like it.

I'm pretty tired, man.
Can you just get to the fucking point?

Meet Bill.

I, uh, call him "The Big."

Now, you and The Big...
Come on, Big.

You're gonna get to know
each other a little bit.

Unless, of course, you wanna finish the job
that I started on these two poor bastards,

with me watching, of course.

That allows you to leave with your
findings and your good looks.

What do you say?

You wanna go Big,

or you wanna go home?

This is fucking bullshit.

Now that's freedom.
Feel it in your fucking veins.


Feel the electricity.

Come on, explore the fear.

That's right, experience life,
you motherfucking cocksuckers.

Goddamn it!

Fucking cow!

You're different
than the rest of us.

Make sure she understands that.

Come on.

Target practice?

Yeah. I, um...

I found a scope down in the cellar.
I'm trying to see if I can make it work.

Can I try?



It's, uh, not bad.

- Can I just show you one thing?
- Mmm-hmm.


Square up.

Okay. Now, step...
Lean into your front foot.

- Okay.
- There you go.

And relax.

Now, when you pick out a target,
you wanna pick something small.

So, let's say, the zipper,

and then when you pull
on the trigger...

Don't pull just squeeze.
Nice and easy.

Okay. That was really good.

Felt good.

I didn't think I'd like it.

Yeah? A little change of heart?

Just trying to play along.

Are you gonna ask me
about the suitcase?


I wanna show you something.

We're almost there.
We should go.

It'll only take a second.

This is it, right?



This is it.

I mean, my seats were black,

but I kind of like
the red better.

Man, a lot of memories
in this car.

First real date.

First ticket. First accident.

First roadie.

Goosin' down the on-ramps.

And what about back here?

Uh, yeah, I was pretty cool
back then,

but no, not that cool.

So you never ever?

Not even in the backseat?

Never in a car.

That makes two of us.

And here we are.

Oh, my God. My God!

Come on!



Yo, Wanda, you got my money?

Oh, baby, baby.

- Vanilla latte.
- Whoo! Baby!

Oh, baby, they smell like
sweet Kool-Aid.

Special cream.

Check out this dame.

- Kick his ass, Scratchy!
- Cheating, motherfucker!


What's the money for?

Names, please.

What's the goddamn money...

Money's the only God
you have left.


Mark and Nina.




Take them
to the Snake Eyes Suite.

- Yo, this is bullshit.
- Fuck you!

Stay the fuck out of here
with those manners.

- Eat it!
- Get out of here, you fucking creep.




All right, bets are open!

Bets are open! All right!

Get in there.

Now, bets are open!
Bets are open!

Big money now! Come on now!


No! No!

Bet them up! Bet them up!
Bet them up! Yeah!

Let's see some gambling now,
we got fresh meat here.

We got some live ones, come on!

Come on, let's see it!

All right, bets are closed.


I don't know.


after my count down from five I
want you both to pull the trigger.

If you both fail to pull
the trigger on my count,

I will be forced to add
two bullets to each gun

thus making the total
bullet count three.

I think you see
where I'm going with this.

So, do yourselves a favor

and pull the fucking triggers.

I heard you two are married.

You make it six rounds,
and you get to go home.


Hey, give me my money.


Count down with me now.

Nina, point the gun down as far
as you can and pull the trigger.

- I can't.
- Three...

- It's our only chance. You have to.
- Two...


You got a kiss for me,
little sweetheart?

A wager.

I'm listening.

You put three bullets
in his gun...

And we walk in two.

Nina, what are you doing?

Playing along.

Higher stakes. Bigger take.

Ladies and gentlemen,
the stakes have just risen!

Three bullets
in his gun

and one in the little lady's.

Three and one!

This was a good idea.

Count with me.

Five, four, three,

two, one.

Round two!

Place your bets!

We got a marriage
on the line here!

Count down with me.

Five, four, three,

- two, one.
- I'm okay.


There you have it!

A short game but a good game.

Pay up, bitch! Come on!

Calling me bitch!

Whoa, ladies!

Wanda! Goddamn it...

I'm gonna kick your ass
out of here!

Sit the fuck down!

Fuck yeah! Bitch is hardcore!

Somebody stop her.

Stay the fuck back!

Bitch, you better have a plan
because we're coming to get you.

Shut your fucking mouth!

Ooh, I'd run as fast
as you can, girl.

Give me the fucking jacket!

This bitch is crazy!

Let's rush her.
She can't kill us all.

Then I'll just have
to kill you first.

It's okay. Let her go.

This is gonna be fun.

Bitch, I'm gonna give you
to the count of five.


M-3 grease gun.

The fucking gold grease gun,

Give me my fucking Uzi!

Goddamn it!

Come on!

Come on!

Shoot those motherfuckers!

Fucking cunt!


Yeah! Come on!

Somebody get my Stutz.

Who's coming with me?
Who's coming with me?

Huh? You?

I just painted flames on my car
so I don't really want to...

Fuck you! Let's go.

I don't understand.

Your father was very ill.

This was in her hand
when I found her.

I think your mom just wanted
to be with him.

- Hey.
- Hey.

How you feeling?

I've been better.

Are you okay?

No, I'm not.

But that's okay.

I'm sorry.


I never would have made it here
without you.

Mom wrote me a letter.

What'd it say?

Don't shoot your husband.

- How you doing, sweetheart?
- Hey.

I didn't think people mowed
their lawns anymore.

Well, normality.

Uh, routine, home life.

- Keeps us going.
- What about out there?

The gangs.

We get a Gambler or two
every so often.

That's why we have
the car barricades.

That's why it took so long
to get you in here, hon.

Thank you.

And we do lookout shifts
on the rooftops.

Javier is up there now.

Why don't you leave?
Find some place safer.

Safety doesn't exist anymore.

You have to fight for it.


You want to see something cool?

What am I looking at here?

Well, basically,
it's a trip wire on steroids.

Instead of stopping a man,
in theory, it should stop a tank.

Mark's gonna love this.

See, someone has to turn the
crank on the boat lift here,

and that picks up
the slack in the line.

Once the line is taught,
whatever runs into it

takes the brunt of that little
bad boy right over there.

And inside,
enough explosive matter to level a house.

I made that.

Well, look at this beautiful
ray of sunshine.



Welcome home.

We'll talk later.

- Come by for a refill.
- I will.

Phil, I need you to
reset that barricade.

Roger that.

I'm sorry about your folks.
They were good people.

Thank you.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Welcome to the neighborhood.

- That's so sweet. Thank you. You shouldn't have.
- You're welcome.

And what's your name?


You can say hi.

She's shy.

Well, that's a very
pretty name.

I swear I'm looking
at it right now.

All right, thanks, Phil.
We're coming.


Phil, a minute from your place.
What's your 20?

Oh, my God.

Cynthia! Come here.
Come here. Jump up.

Run with me. Good girl.

Well, shit.

- Whoa, whoa, what's going on?
- Gamblers.

What? They followed us?

No. Phil sold us out.

- What? Who's this?
- Cynthia. It's the neighbor's daughter.

Hi, sweetie.
Whoa, what are you doing?

What does it look like
I'm doing?

Nina, no. We should go.

We can't just leave
these people, Markus.

This is all they have.

Nina, wait.

Cover me.

Fucking suburbs!

Remind me to come back here and burn
this whole motherfucking place down.

That's it.

Radio Jerry,
tell him we found his brother's car

and that bitch
who popped a cap in his ass.

Where the fuck is Phil?


Shoot that bitch!

Machine gunner at nine o'clock!

Here we go.

Hey, hey,
should I get the wheel?

Fuck the wheel! There are people
trying to kill us. Kill 'em back!

Oh, fuck! Go! Go! Go!

Cynthia! Cynthia!

Oh, shit!

Fucking shoot!

Oh, fuck! Mike!

Holy buckets!



Gamblers? What the fuck are
Gamblers doing here?

Who gives a shit!
Kill the whore.

Fucking Cherries.

Let's go, motherfucker!

Come on!

Oh, shit!


What do you wanna do now?

You hold the street.
I'll handle this bitch.

Goddamn it!

For her.

Thank you.


Fuck you.

One more.

Cynthia. Cynthia!

Hurry up!

I love you, Markus.

Here's another safety update

for all you domestics
out there.

Just when you thought you've heard it all,
something like this comes along.

Rumor has it,
there's a husband and wife

that just took out a platoon of Gamblers
in Milwaukee, and they're heading west.

Let this be a warning to all you
gang banging sons of bitches,

these two lovebirds
ain't fucking around.

You see, this is why
I still have hope.

Because amongst all the savagery,
there are still the ones who love,

and it's the ones who love that will
change the motherfucking world.