The Doll (2016) - full transcript

Anya and Daniel just moved to their new house in Bandung. Daniel brings home a doll from his workplace. Anya, who is a dollmaker, welcomes the doll happily to their house. They later learned that the doll belonged to a little girl named Uci, who died when she and her family were brutally murdered in a robbery. Strange things begin to happen, like the doll mysteriously move places, door bell ringing by itself, and a little girl's voice late at night. What is really happening?

Last week...

the three of us went out of town
to drop off mom and dad.

Since they had work to do for a week,

we went home without them.

Since Rendi had to pee,

we drove around for 20 minutes
looking for a restroom,

but we never found one.


finally we had to stop at Siliwangi road.


There, by the tree.

-Hurry up. People are looking.

Since then...

weird things started to happen.

Who was it?

I don't know.

But there's this.

It must be from Kevin.

Your new crush?

Yes. He mentioned yesterday
that he wanted to give me a doll

for my birthday present. Isn't it cute?

A doll this ugly?

Who cares?
What matters is that he remembers me.


Why did you put the doll here?

I didn't put it there.

Maybe Rendi played with it.


Hey, honey!

Thanks for the doll. I love it.

Don't pretend like you don't know.


Who is it from?



What's the matter?

I don't know. But look at this.



What is it?

Did you do this?


Why did you bring that doll home?

That doll

was on the tree where I peed on yesterday.

Someone's being mischievous.




Sir, wait!

What's the matter, Miss?

Did you see anyone putting this piece
of paper in front of our house?

No. I didn't see anyone around here.

Thanks, sir.

-You're welcome.



Oh, god. What happened to your leg?

Rendi, what happened?

I've told this story
to my friends many times.

But none of them believed me.

Until Rani said

that her friend was acquainted
with Laras and Dedi.

Maybe you can help us.

What exactly is going on?

We have been married for 15 years.

But things haven't changed yet.

It's all still the same.


Please be patient.

Give me one more chance.

My store will open in a while.

I can't take it anymore.

I can't live like this anymore.

How can we pay our debts?

How can we pay the rent?

The debt collector after us.

Don't you want us

to live a better life than this?

I really love you.

Please take care of Daniel.




Let's go! Bojong!



What are you up to?


Smells good.

Of course. You know
that whenever I'm happy, I cook.

You just got a great deal, am I right?

Yes. And guess what?

I just got an order of ten dolls
for a child's birthday party.

-Are you serious?

Thank god.

Let's eat.


I made your favorite soup.

You have to finish it.


Why are you smiling like that?


have something for you.

What is it?

You know I work in construction, right?

My working hours are crazy,
sometimes I don't even come home.

And the pay isn't even that good--

Honey, it's okay. What's important
is that we're in this together.

I know.

The good news is, I just got a promotion.

The company gave me an opportunity
to become Mr. Haryanto's assistant.

He is the head of all
the real estate projects in Bandung.

The pay is great, honey.

We could even get a loan
to buy a house there.

A house?

Open it.


Are you sure we can buy a house?

We can take some of the money
from my paycheck each month.

We'll still have enough money
to get by each day.

And since my current position
is quite good,

the office will lend us a car
to use during my stay.

A car?

From now on, you don't have to think

about what we can eat tomorrow.

Or about bills and other stuff.

And you don't need to work
in a mini market anymore.

From now on, you can focus
on creating dolls.

We can make our dreams come true.

And raise a family.


I'm so happy.

Thank you for working so hard for us.

I am so proud of you.

The truck is here.

-Good morning, sir.

Let's go, honey.

Our new home.

It's beautiful.

I can't wait to start decorating.

Of course. I've prepared
one room just for you.

You can place your dolls there.

And you have your own working station too.


What's that for?

All houses should have this installed.
It's required by the neighborhood.


can you get some nails?
It's in the box in the garage.




You've just moved in?

From where?

Sorry, I don't understand.

Oh, you must be from Jakarta then?


I'm Niken.

My house is right across yours.

I'm Anya.

Finally, someone moved into this house.

I saw a lot of people
so I decided to drop by.

Yeah, we just arrived.
We're still tidying up.

Did you find the nails?

It's over there.

Honey, come here.

Meet Mrs. Niken, she lives across
our house.


You can just call me Niken,
since I'm from Bandung.

Are you still busy settling?

Not really. Why?

Actually, there's a party at my place.

If you want, you can join us
and I'll introduce you to everyone.

You can go if you want.
I should be at work anyway.

Is it okay?


Then, let's go! Come.

I just can't stand it
when my husband snores.

You're a new couple, though.

By the way, how long did you two date?

About a year.

Oh, just one year.

You need to throw a party
for your new house.

So nothing will bother it.


The doll is scary.

We're stuck because of this tree.

So what are we going to do?

We'll find out later.

Mr. Usman.

Mr. Siregar.

I'm Daniel, Mr. Haryanto's assistant.

Oh, good afternoon, sir!

Mr. Haryanto is running late
since he has a project to take care of.

So I will be in charge here
until he's back.

Yes, sir.

Why is that tree still there?

According to our schedule,
it should have been cut down yesterday.

We need this space
for the shopping center.

No one is brave enough, sir.

Not brave enough to cut down a tree?

We have the permit.

It's not about the permit.

That tree has a story.

A few months ago,
in a house that's not far from here,

a family was brutally murdered.

Including a little girl who was playing
under the tree with her doll.

Ever since the tragedy,

they placed her doll on that tree

and prayed for her spirit
to rest in peace.

That's true, Mr. Daniel.

That tree is like the child's home.

We're afraid that if we cut it down,

it would start to hunt us.

Last time, someone peed under that tree

and he was hunted by the doll.


If we don't follow Mr. Haryanto's orders,

we will all be fired.

If no one is brave enough,
I'll hire someone else to do the job.

But, sir...

If you read that book

you will no longer deny their existence.

Of course, whenever we pray,
we pray to God.

This is just another way to keep them out.

It's annoying when they haunt a new house.

Oh, here it is.


Have you seen one yourself?

I haven't.

If you haven't,

why do you still believe in them?


this is something that you believe in
even though you haven't experienced it.

I'm not trying to offend you,

but I'm sorry.
I don't believe in these things.

Fine, it's up to you if you want
to believe it or not.

But once you experience it,

you'll change your mind.

For example,

when you hear a sound at night,

you might think it's just the wind
or some animal,

but it's not.

Or when you smell something bad

but you can't seem to find
where it's coming from.

Don't you think those
are signs they exist?

What was that?

That's my daughter Cilla,
asking us to play hide-and-seek.

Cilla loves playing hide-and-seek.

She'll ring the bell...

Then we search until we find her.

Where did she go?

Maybe she's outside.

Got you!

Come here.

Meet Mrs. Anya. Say, "hi."

Hello, Mrs. Anya.

Hi, Cilla.

Mrs. Anya lives across our house.

Can I come over, Mrs. Anya?

She just moved in. She's still tired.

Maybe next time?

Of course.

I have plenty of dolls in my house.

I made them myself.

You should come and visit, okay?



Hi, honey.

Why are you so late?

There were a lot of work, honey.

I'm starving, let's go inside.


Honey, wait.

The door is still open.



Whose doll is this?

I don't know.

It was at the site.
Maybe it accidentally got in there.

Hey, what are you doing?

I'm throwing it away. It's dirty and ugly.


It still looks nice.

You just need to clean and fix it a bit.

It's still pretty. See.

It's okay. I'll use it as an inspiration.
This will sell well.

-Come on.

Watch your head.

Niken believes in the other world?


She's really kind and funny,

but once she starts talking about it,
she becomes kind of weird.

She has a point, though.

We need to pray for our house,
so we'll be safe and blessed.

But we don't need weird rituals.
Do they even work?

I know.

Honey, did you fart?


What's that smell?

Maybe it's you.

No, it's not.

Maybe it's me, then.

So it is you!


Let's go to bed. Come here.

I'm going to wait until the smell fades.








I heard something.

There's nothing.

It sounded like someone entered our house.

Maybe you're dreaming.

I think it's coming from here.

Look, a glass broke.

It's probably a mouse.


We have to set up mouse traps tomorrow.

Didn't you close that door?

I think I did.

It's just the wind.



Did you fart?

Honey, please.

It stinks!

Does my fart smell like this?

It must be from outside.

But it smells like your fart earlier.

But I didn't fart.


Come on.


Good morning, honey.

Good morning, honey.


Sorry I woke you up last night.

I thought there was someone.

It's okay.


Are you still having those nightmares?

Not as often as I used to.
I think last night was just a coincidence

because we're staying in a new house.

I'm not used to it yet.


Maybe it's better if you try
and consult a...

You mean

a psychiatrist?

No need, honey.

I'm not dreaming as often as I used to.

I don't even remember the dreams now.

I'll eventually forget all about it.

I should get going.

Bye, honey.


Mrs. Anya.

Help her, sweetie.


Where are you going?

I'm taking Cilla to her piano lessons.

Mrs. Anya?

Why is the mouse trap so big?

Well, it's to catch more mice.

There are mice in your house?

We don't have any.

Yeah, there were some noises.
A glass even broke.

Are you sure it's a mouse?

There's a foul smell as well.

If it's not a mouse, what is it?

There are no cameras in the kitchen.

We can't see the broken glass clearly.

You said you heard the sound
of a door opening.

When you checked,
the door was already opened?

Yes, upstairs.

But that's because the window was open.

So the wind came through
and opened the door.

Let's see.


It opened by itself.

There's no one around.

Maybe it's...

It's just the wind.

Listen, the mouse is upstairs.

It must be from my doll room. Come on!

Sweetie, wait here.

Who are you?

Do you want to play with me?


Let's go.

See, it's just a mouse!


Where did you get that doll?

From Daniel's construction site.

What's wrong?

That doll's name is Ghawiah.

It's the name given to it
by the little girl who owned it.

In Arabic,

Ghawiah means one who is evil
and follows its desires.

That little girl is now dead.

She was brutally murdered along
with her family during a robbery.

Her spirit is not in peace, Anya.

You should return this doll to the tree.

I'm not joking.

Whether you actually believe it or not
is up to you,

but this is not just a doll.

It's an evil spirit's doll.

It's haunted.

Mrs. Anya.

Can I borrow that doll?

For what, sweetie?

My friend wants to play with it.

Which friend?

The one outside.


No one is outside.

Your friend isn't there.

Maybe she went home?

What's her name?

I don't know, Mom.

Let's just go home.

Maybe it's just a neighbor's kid?

You better return that doll
to the tree as soon as possible.

This could be dangerous
for you and Daniel.

Let's go sweetie.

A huge meeting?

Yeah, I have a meeting at the office.

I have to leave early.

The meeting will last all day.

That means you will come home late?

It's okay.

I need to work hard for both of us.

What's wrong?

I would kiss you,
but you have toothpaste all over you.

Right! I'm going to finish brushing
my teeth.


Let me open it.
I need to get some water too.



Who was it?


Cilla, she wants to play hide-and-seek.


It's late, come inside.

This late?

You know, children.

Why are you so pale?

Nothing. I'm just paranoid.

Niken told me a story.

Let's go inside.

I'm leaving.

Take care, honey.

Call me if you need anything.



Is there someone calling?

Sweetie, pick up the phone.


Did you leave a note
to play hide-and-seek with me?


You left a note, right? Like last night?

I didn't.

If it's not you,

then who left this?

It's my friend who came
to your house yesterday.

I have to go, Mrs. Anya.


What are you doing here?

I'm hungry.

I just made some soup.

Do you want some?

What's your name?


Let's go inside.

Let me get you some soup.


Eat up. Go on.

Hello, Anya?

There's a little girl here.

She's around five years old.

Who is it?

Cilla is the only
five-year-old girl in here.

Vita's daughter is still a baby.

Fitri's kids are all boys.

Akina, Karin, and Mutia are all grown up.

Who is it?

I don't know either.

She's eating in my house right now.

I plan to take her to the police
once the rain stops.

What's her name?




You haven't returned the doll
to the tree, have you?

I haven't.

Why are you asking?

Did you see her face?


She refused to take off her raincoat.


Yes, sweetie?

Can I use the bathroom?

Yes, of course, it's over there.

Listen to me carefully.

Uci is the name of the girl
who owned the Ghawiah doll.

She was a victim of a robbery

who was killed and had a hole
in her head from a gunshot.












Anya, open the door, Anya!

Hang on!





Anya! Come here.

Where is the tree?

Here. It should be here.

It has been cut down.

We have to call Ustad Wahid.

We need to bury the doll right there.

Then we'll pray for it. Okay?

Let's go.

Thank you for coming.

Where's the doll?

We have it.

Please forgive us, Lord.

In the name of God.

Are you sure you don't want
to stay with us until Daniel comes home?

It's okay.

Daniel said he's almost here.

Okay then. Everything has been
taken care of anyway.


Anya, do you know where Cilla is?

She has been missing for an hour.

She was playing hide-and-seek
with her father.

Then she suddenly disappeared.

Have you checked next door?

Yes. She wasn't there.

If she's hiding at your place,
tell her to come home, okay?

She loves visiting your place.

All right. After I take a bath,
I'll help find her.

Okay. Thank you.





Ready or not, here I come.


Anya! We found her.

She was hiding under her bed.

Sorry for bothering you.


Honey, it's me! Honey!


It's me.

Everything is on there.


Everyone has been really careful
with that doll and the tree.

No one would even touch it.

Even when people would just pass by,
they would pray for safety.

Now the doll doesn't have a home.

You're the one who cut down
the tree, right?

She felt disturbed,
that's why she followed you home.

This can be dangerous for the two of you.


I know you love reading fiction.

Just like that book about the other world
that you believe in.

In my opinion, those do not exist.

You don't have to make up these stories.

Anya is getting even more paranoid.

I'm not making up stories, it's the truth.

You said yourself that people at work
are talking about the doll.

-But, we haven't--

It's true.

I have experienced it myself. I saw it.

Honey, I was like you before.

Analyzing everything logically.

But I saw how the doll moved
with my own eyes.

And I saw the little girl.

Yes, hello?


Is the doll still in the storeroom?


I locked the room yesterday.
I haven't opened it since.

We need to call Ustad Wahid again.


There's a problem at work.
I need to go change.


Can you keep me company
until Daniel comes home?

Mr. Haryanto.

Look at all the mess you've made.

People can't work now!

What's happening?

It's still related to the tree
that has been cut down.

What now?

The person who cut down the tree
died last night.

He was haunted by the little girl
and the doll.

His neighbors are also restless.

Especially when they found out
that the tree has been cut down.

They're all afraid
that they will be haunted too.

Look, sir.

They won't leave.

Not until they are assured
that the little girl won't bother them.

Listen, this is madness.

I know, sir. I understand.

You might not believe it.

But the people here really believe in it.

It's true.

Okay. Let's just do what they want.

They are asking us to find someone
who can really deal with that little girl.

They say it'll be useless
if the person is unable to do so.

This little girl's spirit is angry
because she lost her home.

This is your responsibility, Daniel.

But, sir, I was following your orders.

You can't just follow orders
when there are people angry.

This project could be terminated!

We could lose a lot of money.

You could have called me
and asked for advice.

But, sir...

If you can't take care of this matter,

you will be fired!

Let's go there.

How so?

Okay, we will look forward
to hearing from you.

How is it? What did he say?

Ustad Wahid can't take care
of this problem.

But he will ask help
from someone who has experience.

I have to go home.


Maybe we'll get some good news
from Ustad Wahid tomorrow.

Let's talk about it tomorrow.

I'm really tired.


Anya! Anya, honey!

It's me.

Honey, don't.


What you've been doing up until this time

-has helped so many people.
-Don't run inside.

I know that there are differing opinions
about this.

Some support it while some oppose it.


and from the assembly,

we thank you a lot for everything
that you've done.

I don't really think about the pros
and cons when doing what I do.

My job is just to utilize my ability
to help other people.

It's as simple as that.

It's my responsibility

to the one who blessed me
with this ability.

That includes protecting these objects.

Which have been a medium
for the other world.

To keep those who can't return
to the other world

trapped inside the object
it possessed, forever.



I told you not to come down here.

Go upstairs, okay? Play with Ms. Sumi.

Yes, Mom.

Is all of this bothering you?

I'm sorry.

Ever since your husband died,

it seems like you never had time
for yourself.

You are always focused

with work or with Shera.

I focus on my work

so that what happened to my husband
won't happen to someone else.

Helping other people and taking care
of Shera is enough for me.

Actually, Ms. Laras,

I'm here because I have one case

that I hope you'll be willing to solve.

But if you refuse,

I would totally understand.

You seem to have a lot
on your mind, Ma'am.


Ustad Wahid came this morning.

He asked me to help him handle the doll
that I once tried to take care of.

-But, Ma'am.
-I know.

When we did the exorcism and
prayed for the doll...

It was difficult.

We were not careful enough.

And I lost my husband.

But after we prayed
and returned the doll to its tree...

There was no problem.

The spirit was in peace.

Now we can't guess what would happen

since the tree has been cut down.


If something ever happens to me,
please take good care of Shera.

Make sure nothing happens to her.

Ms. Laras.

I'm Niken.

This is Anya and Daniel.

Please come in.

Where's the doll?

It's upstairs.

I will perform an exorcism in this house.

And I will also recite prayers
so that the little girl can rest in peace.

But before I do that,
we have to communicate with her.

I will try to calm her down.

Once she agrees,
we will perform the ritual very carefully.

We'll find a new tree,
place the doll there, and pray.

Niken, I'm sorry.
You can't be here during the process.

She doesn't like you since I am here
because of you.

This process is dangerous for you.

Let me talk to her.

You two can just watch
and speak whenever it's needed.


Sweet little girl?

I'm calling you, sweetie.

Can you hear me?


I know you're here.

You can hear me, right, sweetie?



We meet again.

I know you love playing hide-and-seek.

But I'm sorry, sweetie.

You can't play here.


Because this isn't your house.

This is Anya and Daniel's house.

You will disturb them if you play here.

So go back to your home, okay?

Rest in peace there.

I know

that the tree isn't there anymore.

But I'll try to find you a new tree.

A bigger one.


Well, why not?


I know that the tree is no longer there.

But please, you have to understand
the situation here.

We're all sorry for what happened.

Daniel is sorry too.



Don't be like that.

Revenge is not good.

Revenge is evil.

You're not that kind of girl.

Daniel wants to say sorry to you.


I'm sorry.


Uci, don't talk like that.

Calm down.

Uci, calm down.


Uci, calm down.



Uci, you should calm down.

Uci, calm down!

Don't talk like that.


It's too strong!

In the name of the Creator, let go!

Let go!

You are in contact
with what we call the other world.

The other world is just like ours.

There is kindness.

There is evil.

This little girl's spirit
is now much more evil

and much more wretched compared to before.

Her soul is full of anger
because of her tragic death.

She chose to make a deal with the devil.

Devils enjoy doing anything
that can corrupt a human's soul.

With this corrupted soul,
the devil will always do three things.




First, they will try to play with you
to get to know you.


they will bother you
until you're terrified.

Because it's easier to possess someone
who's terrified.


once they have controlled your fear,

they will possess you.

And they will take your life for the sake
of revenge and anger.

She wants to possess you.

You will be controlled to kill Daniel
for cutting down the tree.

Because your fear is easier to control.

After that, she will kill you too.

We can't negotiate with this little girl.

The devil has total control over her.

I can't do the exorcism properly.

We can't find a new tree
and place the doll there.

So what are we going to do now?

We have to forcefully perform
a binding ritual.

I will trap the soul inside the doll.

But to do that, we need help
from the assembly.

Salt will limit the area of those
from the other world.

We will be safe.

Holy water, which is water
that has been blessed or sanctified,

will help weaken the devil.

They will also recite prayers later.

The devil will become even weaker.

Stay in one place.

By then, we will force it
to enter the doll.

And we will lock it in there.

Something's wrong here.

I can feel that she isn't
inside the house.

But she's still around.

She's trying to play with us.

She knows what she's doing.



Niken, come down! Niken!

Niken, don't!

She's been possessed. She's going to jump.

-Come down!

Don't do it, come down!

-Don't do it, Niken!

-Niken, don't do it!

Niken, no!




Niken! Look at me!

Niken, don't listen to her!

Niken, hold my hand!



I just bought this drink.

It's tasty and even healthy.


I'm home. What do you want to drink?

Oh, hot tea.

Here you go.

What do you want to eat?

These cupcakes? Here you go.

Who are you?

Do you want to play with me?

Come here.

Putri, I have a new friend.

Yes, mom is away.
That's why I'm playing alone.

But you're here now.
So I'm not alone anymore.

Shera? Who are you talking to?


If her target is the one
who cut down the tree,

why did she hurt Niken?

Now, whoever stands
in her way will get hurt.

She doesn't like Niken because Niken
is the one who brought us here.

Can't we restart the prayers?

Prepare all the stuff from the beginning?

It's useless.

We don't know where she is.

If she's not here, we can't do anything.


Shera is locked in her room.

She's screaming. There's another voice
in her room, Ma'am!

Ustad, recite prayers for this house.

Don't let anything in. I'll be back.



Go get an ax.




Stay back.



Are you okay?

I'm okay, Mom.

Who were you talking to?


But she's gone now.


It was a trap.

Oh, god.

Oh, god. What is that?

Let's go to the doll room!

Anya, go in first!



The door is locked!

I'll go in through the window
from the other side.

Hurry up!

Daniel, hurry!







Do you still want to call her honey?




Got you!

Uci, get out!


Anya, listen to me.

I won't be able to get her out
if you don't help me.

Anya, I won't be able to get her out
if you don't help me.

You damn bastard!

You are just like him!

Once I am done with this,
I will rip Shera's heart out!

Shut up!

Anya, don't let yourself lose to her.

Don't let yourself be weak.


Remember everything that makes you happy.

Remember all your dreams.

Remember what can make you stay
in this world, Anya.


You are just like him!

You are going to die too!

Daniel, help me.

Anya. Honey, it's me.

Make her remember, Daniel.

Can you remember the first time we met?

That unplanned meeting?

We found each other through that.

Go on, Daniel.

Anya, listen to Daniel.

Do you remember our wedding?

Our vows to live till death do us apart?

Living a life together...

You agreed to be my wife, my friend,
and my partner.

Remember me.


Honey, remember us.

Remember our dream!

Our dream to have a child.

To raise that child.

To live comfortably.

To live with happiness and laughter.
In this house.


I need you to fight with this child.

Get her out of you.

You can do it, Anya.

I will help you.


I command you to get out of Anya's body!

In the name of the Creator,
I command you to get out!






Thank you.

Ms. Laras?

I was wrong.

The girl's spirit was after you not just
because her tree was cut down, Daniel.

I saw everything.

And I think you know why she is so full
of hatred.

Your fear of your past blinded you.


I didn't want to live a hard life
with my wife.

I don't want us to suffer.

I want to make Anya happy.

I want her to have a nice house.

And a life that we both have been
dreaming of.

What is it, honey?

Oh, it's nothing.

I was afraid that our marriage
would become like my mom and dad's.


At that time,

I was with a friend
who had the same problem.

We just thought
of quickly getting the money.

So that everything will be resolved.

For a much better life.

That night,

we thought there wouldn't be anyone
at that house.

Shut up.

Follow our orders.

Where is the safe?


Come on, wake up.

Wake up, sweetie.

Hurry and wake up, sweetie.

You should hide in here for now, okay?

Be careful.

Don't go anywhere.

Be quiet!

Everything makes sense now.

She wasn't after Anya.

She was possessing her to kill you.

So this house isn't from the office loan
that you took?

The car isn't from that either?

Everything that we have
are all from your robbery?

Even though I did get a promotion,

the pay that I'm getting
is still not enough.

I just wanted you to be happy.

I didn't want...

to not be able to make you happy.

If you ever leave me...

I would have never left you.

Not even if we lived on the streets.

Living with you...

even if it's hard and we're poor,
I was still happy.

The important thing is that we're in this

That we're making our dreams come true.

But not like this.

You killed a family for money.

How can we be happy
if you destroyed another family's life?

I'm sorry.


I'm sorry.

Those who aren't in peace

will not leave this world
unless they finish their business.

And if they meet the person
who is responsible

for everything
that they have been through,

they will take revenge.

Because that is the only way for them

to continue their journey
to the next realm

and leave the other world.


You need to turn yourself in
to the police.

So she can rest in peace.

I will turn myself in.

I was wrong.

You are much better than me.

You're not like my family.

I have to go to the police station.

We have to leave now.

You have to quickly turn yourself in
or else, you will die.

You go first.

Quickly! Come on!




The door is locked!

Try another door!

Come on.

It's locked too!


Get out, quickly!

Please forgive him.

Please forgive him.

Get out of there, quick!



Daniel, get out of there!



Forgive me.

I am sorry!

I'm willing to turn myself in.

I'm willing to go to jail to pay
for what I've done.

But please give me
a chance to live! Please.






Dear, God, forgive them. Forgive them.

Forgive Daniel. Forgive Uci.

Help us. Please open this door.

Please help us open this door.






Forgive all their mistakes.

All their badness, all their faults.
Erase all the revenge.

Please help us open this door.









When we see that their problems
in this world have been solved,

but they still stick around...

It means there are other things
that are unfinished.

Things that we don't know,
Things that only they know.



As long as those things remain unfinished,

they will keep picking a place
that they like.

A place that doesn't necessarily have
to be the same as the one before.

Once they have chosen one,

we can only pray that they remain in peace
in their new place.

It also leaves us with no choice but
to stay put and never disturb their place.

If we don't want to be disturbed
in return.

How are you doing?

What am I going to do now?

I don't have a husband.

I don't have a family.

I don't have any friends.


We all exist in this world for a reason.

Everyone has their own reason

to exist in this world.

You have to find your reason.

Why don't you live with me for a while?

Thank you, Ms. Laras.

But I don't want to be a burden.

I can take care of myself.


I know you are independent.

But I also know the pain
of losing a husband.

You need a friend that you can trust.

You have to give yourself time
to heal the wound in your heart.

Once you are ready,

you can find your happiness again.

Subtitle translation by Arina Nurul Azizah

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