The Dark Side of the Moon (2015) - full transcript

Business lawyer Urs Blank is the undisputed star in his field. He is successful and has money and the perfect woman for him. When a business partner kills himself because of his tough negotiating tactics, Urs questions his previous life. He feels drawn to Lucille, who opens a whole new world for him with her alternative lifestyle--and seduces him into a trip on hallucinogenic mushrooms. After the trip come serious consequences: his personality changes and reveals his dark side, and the civilized lawyer becomes and instinct-driven individual--and unpredictable murderer. Deeply insecure about his change, Blank flees into the forest to look for an antidote for the failed mushroom trip. But for his unscrupulous client Pius Ott, the unpredictable Blank has become a ticking time bomb, because it threatens to endanger his biggest merger deal. Urs Blank becomes the hunted, and his struggle to return to civilization becomes a race for his life.


- Morning.
- Dr. Blank, I have concers...

- Do not worry.
- Dr. Nauer, we're well positioned.


then... we're so far today.

We are nothing.

Dr. Blank, we are very confused.

Why suddenly
the personal liability clause?

We'll come to meet you for months
with all demands.

It is normal

to protect ourselves against
any hidden indebtedness.

- Do you want to accuse us?
- In any way.

So an unbelievable insinuation!

I'm insinuating anything.

The clause corresponds to
international standards,

Which you should know.

Your personal liability
is only at 20 Million.

A symbolic figure, I would say.

And if I don't sign?

Why should you not do it?
You have nothing to hide?


Blank has done it.


The successful story of the
two most important

German pharmaceutical company

is written together from now on.

Urs, what a picture:

Fluri's face, as he realizes
that he has no chance.

You made the Opi so flat.

Do you still have them all?

What would you have done
if he doesn't sign?

- Real, man.
- You dumbass.

...not part of the system,

We can also use this system
to shape and dominate.

One moment, please.

Mr. Blank is there.

- Good morning, Mr. Ott.
- What a joy!

I greet you.

- Do you hunt too?
- No.

Isn't the wolf hunting
already prohibited?

The lad has poached in my woods.

There I'm responsible
for the balance in nature.

How did you get it,
check Fluri's Finance again?

First he keeps us out for months,

then it cannot go fast enough to him.

- It was obvious.
- I appreciate your work very much.

That's why you're here today.

Thank you.

Another Fusion.

With the British Life.

For pharmaceutical companies
in Europe.

And I want you to take over
the mandate of the Confed.


- Hi.
- What was "8 o'clock" misleading?

It took longer, unfortunately.

How do you like it?

As if you stand in the middle.

A sensual pleasure.

Yes, the eyes are looking
and are not sick, are you?

Yes, a pristine primeval full of...

vitality and innocence.

To the point.

Anyone who wants to understand
the art, must go into the forest.

Evelyne, I want to have the image
in my practice.

Gladly. I'll make you a good price,
but only if you take him here.

See you later.

Urs, looks as you
could use alcohol.

Much of it!

Moment. One moment, please.

You cannot simply take in.

Dr. Blank, I'm sorry.

Dr. Fluri, how can I help?
Everything OK?

You won, Blank.

And I lost.

You know the rules.

Let me congratulate you decently.

It was never something personal, right?

I hope it was worth it for you.

Hi, Mr. Blank.

Mostly I'm not mistaken.

I thought you was a man
who keeps your word.


I'm sorry,
but my decision is clear:

I stop.

I want to show you something.

Would you please tell me
on which intended to lead?

No, that you forgot
something important.

When you wasn't here, I was
sitting on more than 20 Million of debt.

And all that you see here
on the street.

Fluri has spent ten years
working on this drug.

He was obsessed
with to save his daughter.

He has run out of money
before admission.

He has broken it,
not bound by the clause.

Fluri's daughter has MS?

Stop torturing yourself!
Fluri has ruined himself.

This drug is groundbreaking.

It will save the lives
of thousands of people.

We need the fusion.

Help me!

And help Fluri so that
he can rest in peace.

My Lord and my God.

Give me everything
that I promote to You.

My Lord and my God,
take me from myself

and give me all to adopt You.

- Amen.
- Amen.

What is it?

I didn't mean to stare you.

But the... the T-Shirt...

I had the plate too.

From Pink Floyd to tailor-made suit.
Is that possible, without blushing?

It was a gradual process.

Excuse me.

Can you tell me
where I ended up here?

What were you searching
in the forest?

I don't know it exactly.

But someone like me
must indeed be lost in the woods.

I'm happy, of course.

- Thank you for that you drove me.
- With pleasure.

- It's really nice.
- No problem.

I'm Urs.


I'm pleased, Lucille.

- Thanks again.
- Please.


If you have time Saturday.
Friends of mine are in here.

Thank you.

Our autumn wind.

Butter biscuit leaves
with forest raspberry.

And French cream
on chestnuts shortcrust.

All the best for you Birthday,

Blow it?

And? What you wished for?

- That all this remains as it is.
- At standstill.

I'm sorry.

We know what happened.
I think it's a joke.

To shoot himself in front of another,
who would do that?

Don't care what the guy wanted.

So simple, it's not now.

I'm not good company today.

I don't want mess up your evening.

- Should I come with you?
- Stay in peace!

I'll see you later, okay?

I wish you a nice evening.

Excuse me. Congratulations.

Can I help you?

Thank you. That is nice.
Everything okay.

But might you take Evelyne home?

- I do it.
- Thanks. Ciao.

Hey! Hi!


Nice that you came!

- What do you drink?
- Gin tonic.

Could I even two...

- Yeah, cool here.
- Yeah?

Ah, Pat, that's Urs. Urs, Pat.

Hello. I'm pleased.

Thank you. Come in.

How much is that?

Here everyone pays as much
as he likes and can.

So, Urs. By the way, what do you do?

I'm a lawyer.
Business law, mergers and so on.

And what do you care about it?

Troll, that's Urs,
for that we can call

if we have urgency in the fusion.

That was long ago.

Once you smoked a lot of weed?

Nah, not so.

And other things?

Mushrooms, trips?

No, not at all.


I feel as if I had awakened
from a coma.

Well, then...

Welcome to life.

Yes, I tell my communication assistant.

You then log tomorrow morning at ten?


Yes, the pictures are great.

I like it too. Wonderful.

See you. Bye.

How long does it take?

Won't you tell me
where we're going?

Let yourself be surprised.


Hello, my sweetheart.

I thought you would proceed.

You were far from here.
Oh, you look good.

Good day! I'm the Urs.

- Joe. Welcome.
- I'm pleased.

- So you can make it.
- You cannot, you should.

Or so.

- New boots. Look great.
- Yes, that's true.

You go on a journey

that the Aztecs called
the "King path of enlightenment".

The ritual that awaits us
is as old as humanity itself.

As anything that would advance
the human race,

it is also forbidden.

Three of the mushrooms contain
1 gram of psilocybin.

Depending on the weight
you need more or less.

I, for example, take four.

- How many do you take?
- I take four.

- I'll take four.
- Coward!

Those things look shriveled
and also taste shit.

But the effect is magnifique.

Let's see!

One, two, three, four
and the small.

And don't forget,

chewing while you can,
then unfolds the whole aroma.

Bon voyage.

- Hey!
- Sssh!

I hope it was worth for you.




I was so worried.

Urs, what is it? Look at me!

- Ey! Stop it!

What should that?
Stop it! Chill out.

Treasure, all right?
Need a doctor?

Sit down.

What are you doing?
What about you?


I've never cut anyone.

You had a total bummer.

It was quite funny,
I had just the feeling...

that I have understood.

What did you understand?


Urs? Hello.

How was it like in London?

I'm just moving.
Help me, please?

I want to put the table over here.

Then we have a great view.

The sofas there and the sideboard
to the other side.

The sofa has to go.

All right?


I want it all no longer, Evelyne.



And all this here.

I'm sorry.

Are you crazy?


Have you ever been in... Mexico?


- Guatemala?
- No.

Perfect. Then we go at there.



Maybe tomorrow? You've got free.

I have to do something.

Right now?

I'm partner in the store.

I can't just overnight

stand everything and leave it.

That sounded differently yesterday.

When this fusion that I intend comes

about a drug that can reach
the market,

that can save the lives
of countless people.

Is your job about human lives?

Since when you know
what is involved in my profession?

- Hey.
- Weren't you going to the office?

I'm late, I have to go now.

Is it all okay?

Yes, everything's right.

Dr. Blank, this is Jack Taylor
from the British Life.

- Nice to meet you.
- Likewise.

Dr. Blank is the best man
in this store.

- I've heard a lot about you.
- I also heard some of you.

For example?

That you have tried in
London Pharmaceutics

to make a planned fusion
to a hostile takeover.

Don't do that here.
Otherwise, I end up with you.

I look forward to our cooperation.

Troll is gone.
Did you let him out?

I... don't know.

Then think about it.

Maybe he has left.

And then what happened?

No, no, no.

Nothing happened to him.

I hope so.

He comes back.

Greet you Mr. Ott.

Thank you for accepting my invitation.

This is a side lock drilling.

Custom built.

Optical sight, trigger,
security lock.

Draw it on!
It's for your own safety.

Come on!

Pretty impressive
how you deal with Taylor.

You could smell his fear formally.

I have never seen such a thing.

I don't know what you mean.

In his eyes.


An hour. 100 meters.

Well seen.

Nice shot.
Now we have to be quick.

He is for you.

I can not do that.

The longer you hesitate,
the longer his torment.


I give it to you.

something is wrong with me.

- What do you mean by that?
- I don't know.

Since that...

Since the fungi in the evening,
where I beat you...

Now forget that,
it was the trip.

What if I'm stuck on it?

- It does exist. Something they say.
- That could be different.

I've lost all inhibitions.

I'm doing things that I...

I do things without hesitation
that I would never have done before.

That's not bad.

Do not you hear about?

I'm trying to explain
that it's like shit, okay?

That's no reason to shout at me.

Alfred, I'm, ahn...

I need to talk to you urgently.

Call me back, okay? It's urgent.


Everyone is there, Urs.

The main attention in
the forthcoming negotiations

now lies on the drug.

- What about the registration?
- The process is running.

- Important message from Dr. Ott.
- Only formality.

Excuse me, I'll be right back.

Good Morning.

Dr. Ott says
that your tire was punctured.

We have exchanged it for you.

He wants you to fully
concentrate on the Fusion.

The EEG shows no abnormalities.
Your blood tests are fine.

That's good news, Urs.

Except for the mood swings since
this mushroom trip,

what do you have to tell me?


I've killed the cat from Lucille, Fred.

It has annoyed me.

I've licked and flipped its neck,
just like that.

And then?

Trees pull me.

The forest calms me.

As a psychiatrist,
I advise you of treatment.

- And as a friend?
- Listen to your psychiatrist.

I need help, man. Now!

You say you're the only one
who feels so since the trip?

There are mushrooms
with other drugs as psilocybin.

Dried they look damn similar.

You mean it could be
another fungus there?

Theoretically it's possible.

And that would mean?

If we know this fungus,

I can identify the active ingredients

and a treatment would be possible.

- Then you could help me?
- Yes.

Good morning.

- What do you want?
- Can I come in?

- Do you want a coffee?
- No, thanks.


The mushrooms... May it be

that there was another fungus?

What makes you think that?


I have symptoms,
I'm not doing well.

Excuse me,
but what type of symptoms?

Some of it.

Hey, come down!
Are you completely nuts?

Show me the mushrooms
that I have taken.

- Now!
- They are over there. Come on!



- Are all the same?
- Yes, what do you mean?

With me must have been
a different case.

Yes, there was another.
I wanted to take it myself.

Babs must have a well-established
under the other.

- What was with that fungus?
- No idea.

What was with that goddamn mushroom?

Well, it was yellowish
and had a blue vein in the stalk.

Barbara has found it in the woods.

Listen, man. That was a mistake.

It happens. So is the life.

Who do you think you are?
A super boss?

You come in, take my stuff,
strike my guests,

say no thanks, give no Euro.

You act as if you know,
but you have no idea about nix.

An asshole like you have nothing
more else to deserve than a horror trip.

Shut your damn mouth!

Keep your goddamn...

Shut your mouth!

Shut your mouth!

Shut your mouth!

Beer is in the fridge.

Is it still edible?

I'll get you a jacket.


Hey! Sim?

Lucille, I was right,
it was this shit trip.

Are you beginning that again?

For me, another fungus was in between.

Such a nonsense.

Then it is my fault,
because I've taken you with me?


Now you listen to me!

If I find this mushroom...

I can undo it.
Then everything will be fine.

A fungus takes out from you
only what is already contained in you.

Why do you say that?

Why do you say that?

Because it is so.

Does that mean that
I've always been a monster?

You mean,
I have always been a monster?

Don't touch me!

And fuck off!

Get your stuff and get out.

Lucille, alright here?

Yes. All right.

The key!

Come on!

I'm sorry.

Urs, we need to talk.
What the hell is wrong with you?

Do you know how many people
depend on this fusion?

You are no longer there.

You hide yourself in your fucking corner,

you are erratic
and is not doing your job.

Should we know something about?

I'll take care of everything.


And take a shower again.
You look like shit.

"blue veins in the stem."

"No results."

Bathroom is in the hallway,
last door on the left. Breakfast at seven.

The Confed shall withdraw
the authorization application immediately.

- Do you take anything back.
- Do you want that fusion bursts?

Are you mad?
Don't understand that?

The study proves that
every third patient

will die because of liver cancer.

That's not our job.

What do we know?
Are we physicians?

If that comes out, Urs,
then there is no Fusion.

You filthy pigs!

It's just about you,
but to all of us.

"Saffron Yellow conocybe. Special
feature: blue coloration in the stem."


How are you?


Where are you going?

In the forest.

I'll come with you.


- Are you okay?
- Yes.

- Are you okay?
- Yes.

Now go, please.

It is better.
Please go, okay? Now!

- Where can I go for?
- I don't care. Just go.

What's wrong with you?

Shut your mouth!

I don't know it myself...

I do things I don't want to do.
I do hurt people.

I'm no longer by myself.
I lost myself.

Now please go. Go now, please!


Goddammit, fuck off now.

Evelyne, please go, fuck off.
I'm doing out of me. Fuck off!

I'll put this thing in your face.
Fuck off!

Run, you cunt!

Your visit is there.

Go away. I'll do it.

Thank you very much.

Hm, tintling.

They are indeed
a very special delicacy.

- Are you familiar with mushrooms?
- You too, apparently.

For me today no, thank you.

There's something
I have to discuss with you.

For sure you talk from the study.

- You know about it?
- Naturally.

But if the drug turns out to be sham,

I'm already out.

You have taken that into account.

I had no idea that Fluri
didn't destroy the documents.

Glad that you found it.

I'm doing no longer with that.

Well, you will need.

Or should emerge evidence
of your hit-and-run?


The tintling is badly tolerated
with alcohol.

Of this you bet heart palpitations,

hot flashes, vocal
and visual disturbances.

In tragic cases it leads to death,

even if the last drops
were taken day ago.

Don't join me in the cross!

Mrs. Roth?


I must urgently talk to you.

Do you have to mess
also the Evelyne's birthday?

Like you look at all?

I found the fungus.

- Are you sure?
- I think so.

I'll investigate it tomorrow.

I'll call you as soon as I have
the results from the laboratory.


Just tell me
if you need me, will you?





What time is it?


How are you?

Pretty good.

You know that Joe is dead, right?

I've read it, yes.

The police asked for you.

Your car was seen.

On the day when Joe died.

And the farm burned down.

The police are looking
for you as a witness.

They said that someone
has tried to revive him.

He had broken ribs.

Urs, you tried to save him?


- I got the lab results.
- Well, tell.

- Come over.
- Come on. I have no time.

Just come over, okay?


Now tell me!

The fungus has no
hallucinogenic effect.


The results from the laboratory
are clear.

That can't be.

The fungus can't have changed you.

That cannot be.

Yes, what's up?

A moment, please.
I have a patient.


Urs! The police want to talk to me.

Take the back door to the left,
through the emergency exit.

- Mr. Wenger?
- Yes?

We have not found him.

Is that the handwriting
of your husband?

Does the name Joe Gasser
mean something?

In the letter your husband

takes responsibility
for a serious accident.

He has also made a confession
about the murder of Gasser.

Perhaps it is best for all concerned.

You believe in that
with the mushrooms?

Blank has taken the wrong drug,

was crazy and killed himself.

He was unpredictable.

The Blank I knew only lost control,

that is the difference.

At the end he made statements.

His body was not found.

Yes. But today we complete the fusion.

We can't take any chances.



I'm so sorry for everything.

You have to ask yourself.

We'll get you a good lawyer.
The main thing...

One thing I have to do.
Will you help me?

- Yes.
- We meet at the Inn.

Stop! Stand down! Police.

Continue please.
You have to maneuver the area.

There is a searched in this forest.

Here. Search! Search! Search!

The rarely fusion of two
pharmaceutical companies

fueled such high expectations.

Be quiet!

The fusion of British Life and Confed

leaves hope to millions of sufferers
from multiple sclerosis.

It is the drug Tabafumarat,

whose approval is expected soon,

the basis for the successful negotiations.

This creates the largest
pharmaceutical company in Europe.


Mr. Ott, Geiger here.

- We were here so far.
- Well, I'll come.

- Start it.
- Good.