The Curse of La Patasola (2022) - full transcript

On a weekend camping trip, two struggling couples are haunted by La Patasola, a famed vampiric monster from Amazonian folklore, testing their relationships, morality, and will to survive.

I'm not saying
I'm anti-feminist.

What I'm saying is,
some feminists take it

way too far.

Oh so,
because you're uncomfortable

with some of it,

all women should just shut up
and not say anything?

When you say
that men are the reason

the world sucks?

Yes, I think it's bullshit.

Men have screwed up some
history, sure,

but Eve ate the apple first.

Oh, my God.

It's true.

How do you live with this
guy, Sarah?


Sorry, what?

You hear your husband?

Yeah, how dare I not just roll

and let you shit
all over men.

Sorry, if you can't comprehend

actually standing up to you...


Hey, man, are you sure
the forest doesn't close

at night?

How the hell are you gonna close
a forest?

Anyway, what was I saying?

Shitting on women and continuing
the patriarchy.

See, that's what
I'm talking about, Naomi.

Any time...

Daniel, I think we get your

No, let him finish, Sarah.

Overconfident mansplaining is my
favorite dish to feed on.

See! Right there!

That's what I'm saying,

anytime a man
has an opinion...

An opinion on something a man
don't get an opinion on.

I'd like to go on record
and say that

I, 100% support feminism.

Oh, thank you, baby.
That's all I need to hear.

Now, mind ya' business.


All I am saying,
is that

no matter what some feminists
wanna turn men into,

y'all need us.

Men are providers,
men are protectors.

It's in our DNA.


You can wow all you want.

You know it's true.
Women want a man.

James, you can have a woman run
the whole world,

if she's not satisfied...

Sarah, I seriously hope
your home life

is not like a 1960s commercial,

because I just...

I would love if we could just
move on.

So, I'm not allowed to have an
opinion on your shit,

but you're allowed to have
an opinion on mine?

James, you didn't tell me your
friend wanted

all the smoke.

Hey James,
will you tell your girlfriend

that if she's gonna serve it,
she better be ready

to take it.


Sarah, it must be nice having
such a dedicated provider

take care of you.

What is it that you do again for
work, Daniel?

You're funny.

I think any relationship should
be give and take.

Sometimes one person supports
the other and vice versa.

And I don't think
either of you

are really shitting
on anyone except each other.


What is that?

Oh, it's the park ranger.

See, I told you we're not
supposed to be out here.

Just chill, man.
We're fine, alright?

I got this.

How are you, sir?

Doing well, thank you.

Where y'all headed?

Bear Lake.

Heard the catfish are really
biting this season.

Little late for that,
don't you think?

Oh, we're taking these
two back for the weekend.

Gonna hit the lake
in the morning.

Not many people know
about Bear Lake.

I do.

Alright, well, we warning people
not to venture out

that far,
especially this late.

But if you know the area,

just keep your heads up.

We've had a busy season
for IRs.


Incident reports.

Missing hikers, strange
sightings, you name it.

We'll keep our heads up.

Good, 'cause you're be alone
out there.

That's how it should be.

I've got a flare gun in here,
just in case.

You realize you can burn down an
entire forest with that?

it's just for emergencies.


Y'all be safe.

Thank you, sir.

The fuck, man, really?


You're gonna talk
to an officer like that

with two black people
in the back?


You said you were
South American...

Officers don't care.

They see dark skin
and they just...

Okay, first,
he's not an officer...

He has a badge.

That's all the power
he needs!

Second, he has to tell us
to be safe.

It's literally his job.

That is not what I heard it.

So, how are you going to conquer
the world

if you're too afraid to sleep in
the woods?

Well, look, at least we got
a road trip out of this.

Uh, we're still going.

Babe, I know you were really
looking forward

to this weekend,

but that ranger made it sound

There is something out there
killing people!

That's what you took from that

I can read between the lines.

That's not what he said
at all.

Yeah, we're going,
thank you.

Oh, so now you speak
for everyone?

Not as good as you.


Okay, you two,
you've been going at it

since we got on the road.

Let's just take a vote.

No, we're not taking a vote.

I vote no.

I'm with him.

Are you serious?

We came out here to relax.

And so far, nothing about this
trip has been relaxing.

And who's fault is that?

Naomi, what do you think?

Well, do I want to come out here
with the alligators

and the rangers that
are probably in the KKK?

Not really.

But I cannot spend another

cooped up in the apartment with

No offense, babe.

And I will literally
murder your husband

if he tries to call me scared.

Plus, we've got a flare

What the hell could go wrong?

Tied at two.

Fine, let's go.

Thank you.

I have a bad feeling about

Wow, look at that sunset.

It's good-looking sunset.

Alright, walk in from here.

Walk in?
Walk in where, Daniel?

I thought we were already at...

I don't have to walk forever
or mosquitoes biting forever.


It is pretty out here.

Do one thing for me
this weekend.

Grow a pair.

Oh, I'll grow a pair.


Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.

Get that bad boy, yes.

Daniel! Daniel!


well, can you wait?

the truck driver asked the woman

if she needed a ride.

Now why wouldn't he, right?

She's real hot,
she's by herself, crying,

all alone.

She says, yes,
she gets in,

he keeps on going,
just deep into the woods.

Feeling pretty good about
himself, right,

thinks he's about to get laid.

A few days later
some hikers find his body.

Two bullet holes
from a .22 caliber handgun.

When the hell will you men

when you see a woman walking in
the woods,

leave her the fuck alone.

And that happened here? When?


That story was cute,
but I got one better.

Eh, I'm not even done.

And it involves
a hot-ass chick, too

So, before grandma moved to the

she grew up in Colombia.

South America.

From childhood they
were told stories

about monsters that who lived
in the Amazon.

But one monster always
stuck out to me, because

it's one she says
our ancestors actually saw.

The woman who haunts the jungle
on one leg.

When she first appears,
she's beautiful,

that's how she lures you in.

But when you seen her true form,
it's way too late.

Legend has it that
she was a beautiful woman

who cheated on her husband.

When she got caught,
he murdered their children

in front of her,
then chopped off her leg

and left her to die.

Now, centuries later
she haunts dense forests,

just like this one,

looking for men who are
unfaithful to their wives.

And some families say,
she's got fangs, and claws,

and a hoof.

But others say,
just like a vampire

she sucks your blood.

One thing they all agree on is
that once she's claimed

her victim, she sings this
hauntingly beautiful song

you can hear it through
the forest.

Wait a minute.

Women cheat, too.

So what does she just let them

'Cause that is sexist.

The women, she bewitches.

That means she possesses their


Apparently, the only people

are those with legit
purity in their hearts.

No unfaithfulness, no ill
will toward anyone

So non-cheaters are safe?

Like, she just doesn't come
after them?

Apparently, they don't even
see her when she's around.

Oh, okay, I'm good.

That's lame.

Babe, make out with Naomi.

See if she shows up.


You wanna kiss James?

You can kiss my ass.

I just think my story's better,
I'm sorry.

In your story,
if you're not a cheater,

there's just nothing
to be afraid of.

That's according to one version
of the legend.

What's her name?

Oh, no, I'm not saying.


Legend says that if you say
her name, it invites

her presence.

Just like a moment of weakness
can invite

unfaithfulness into
your relationship.

You really want me
to bring all that on us?

Oh, like Candyman.
No, thank you.

You guys are weak.

I'm not saying it.
I'm not stupid.

I just... She tries to be so

You know, I just wouldn't
imagine her being afraid

of her grandmother's
ghost story.

She's called, "La Patasola".


La Pata-solo?

Come on, it sounds like
a Star Wars character.

Ooh, it was me,
I did it.


Yeah, I'd love to see something
try me right now.



We need more firewood.



You said her name.

Just in case.

That fire was weird, right?

What's up?

Nothing. It's just...


You were harsh today.


You've been rude
to Naomi all day.

She doesn't care, babe.

It's not personal
with chicks like that.

I've met a ton of them, okay.

They live to argue.

She probably wishes
James would stand up

to her like that.

Well, you don't have
to egg her on.

So, when she belittles me

for not having a job,

because I'm trying to get
my business off the ground,

that's okay.

But when I serve it back
to her, I am harsh?

Never mind.

'Cause you know
I'm working my ass off.

I know you are.

Did you hear that?

It's just the wind.

I don't know
if that's the wind.

Then it's Naomi
messing with us.

You heard the ranger,
we're alone out here.


I'll go check.

What are you doing?
That doesn't sound like him.

What he's not gonna do
is make me think I'm crazy.

How can he make that sound?

You hear that?

That wasn't you?

I'm over here.

Yeah, I knew it.
It's just the wind.

The hell kinda wind is that?

Shouldn't tell ghost stories
if you can't handle 'em.


I'm so sorry.

I didn't get any sleep
last night.

I'm just jumpy today.

It was those ghost stories,
wasn't it?


Because you know
they're not real.


This ain't working.

I'm so sorry.

Girl, stop apologizing.

I know, it's a habit.

You said, you wanted
to relax, right?

So, Naomi's a little different

from your usual type, huh?

Yeah, that's the point.

To be a pushover?

Okay, she...
she does not push me over.

It's cute when someone
finishes your sentences,

but it's borderline abuse when
someone talks for,

over, and at you.

Okay, she's not all that bad.

Oh, yeah?


How's the sex?

Oh, my goodness.

But wait, don't think you're
gonna steal this one from me

like you did in high school.

I can fight now.

Bro, I told you
not to fall for Charlene.

She hooked up with everybody
on the baseball team.

I was...
I was just next in line.

Yeah, well, na...
Well, Naomi ain't Charlene.


I'ma marry this one.

You serious?

- Hey!
- Yeah.

You really gonna do that?

Do what?

Marry Naomi.


Dude, cut it out,
you're creeping me out.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yes.

Naomi is the one.

She's the one.

I brought the ring with me.

I'ma do it while we're here.

No, you're not.

Yes, sir.

What was that?

Catfish. It's a big one.

You were right,
that helps a lot.

I got you.

How do you do it?

Do what?

I don't know. You're just so...

I mean... I mean strong,
like you know what you want

and you just say it.

Why wouldn't I say it?

You should.

And I do.
It's that simple, babe.

Um, not for me.

Do you think you matter?

Uh, yeah.


If you really believed that, you
would demand to be heard.

You would demand that your voice
meant just as much

as everyone else
on this planet.

Daniel ain't shit.

No offense.
He's your guy.

But, to everybody else
in this world,

he is no different
than you or me.

You just have to know
what you want.

I know what I want.

Yeah, but it can't be like
happiness or something...

I want to quit my job.

Oh, shit.

I wanna go to nursing school.

Good shit.

Now, all you have to
do is tell Daniel that.

We can't afford it.

I'm the only one
with any income since

Daniel's been trying
to get the business going.

No, and I've always believed
that relationships

are never 50-50.

they're 60-40, 70-30...

How much longer
are you gonna sacrifice

your happiness?

If he's your partner,
that 60-40 has to swing

the other way
at some point.

You got dreams, girl.

And if you let Daniel
keep you from them,

you're gonna hate him.

And worse, you're gonna'
hate yourself.

Can I give you a piece of
advice, bro?

If you think Naomi
is the one,

then you have got to
stand up to her.

Chicks like that, they just need
somebody who can see 'em

eye to eye, you know?

I don't know, man.
She's everything I'm not.

Like, isn't your wife supposed
to complete you?

Complete you, yeah,
not control you.

She doesn't control me.

I don't know, man.

I just don't think you guys
are ready for that.

Damn. It's like that?

It's truth.

Your truth.

I got ants in my beer.

That's not gonna taste good.

Not to pry, but you
and James seem...

I don't know...

I thought if instead of
my usual type,

I dated the opposite.

I met James and I thought
we would yin and yang.

But it's been more
yin and yawn.

He's a sweet guy, though.

I don't dig sweet.

I think I'm gonna break up with
him when we get back.

Oh, wow.

He's gonna be heartbroken.

He'll live.


Check this bad boy out.'s

Can you believe
how big he is?

Dinner time!

It's not bad, man, first time,
it's beginner's luck.

Hey, well, I mean, I don't
believe in luck.

So, it's just something
I can do every time we go.

It's a Black River catfish.

It's good stuff.

Oh, thank you.

You're welcome.

Thanks, baby.

Y'all have fun gutting 'em, too.


Mm-mm, you smell like outside.

Well, we are outside.

You really have to do that
right here?

You don't gotta eat it.

We need more firewood.

James will get it.

Yeah, sure,
I'll get it.


I'll go with you.

I've been sitting too long

It's really nice how everyone is

to dinner.

Fine, I'll cook it.

No, you won't.

Yes, I will.

You probably didn't even bring
any seasonings.

You don't know anything
about cooking.

You're not cooking the fish.

Why? Because you're so good at


But you can't...

And I caught it
and I'm cooking it.

You clearly don't know what
you're doing.

Look... look at how ridiculous...

Okay, you don't even know what
I'm doing.

Neither do you!

I never seen anything
like it.

I mean, they can't go
five minutes without going

at each other's necks.

It's like watching two lions
fight over territory.

I should've brought
a first aid kit.

Look, look, if Daniel gets
anywhere near Naomi,

he will end up in the lake.

Didn't think I need it
for her.


You know, I read that leaving
markings for yourself in case

you get lost can save
your life.


Fun fact.

I caught the fish,
I brought the pan!

I'm cooking it!

I brought the seasoning,
and the sauce,

and my people fry fish
better than yours.

Of course, this is
a race thing!

It's a taste thing!

And you don't have any!


- Give me the fish.
- No.

I'm not playin', gringuito!

- Give me the fish!
- No!

Give me the damn fish!

So, Naomi?

Thinking she could be
the one or just a fling?

I know she's the one.

Were you checking me out
last night?


May... maybe we should...

I'm already ahead of you.

- Something in...
- The woods behind.

I tripped and fell.


So, who's cooking?

He is.

She'll season.

That woman hates to compromise.




Oh my God, guys.

This is delicious.

Hmm. You two could open
a restaurant.


What would we even call it?


Oh, so now we're cooking duck,

No, it's what we'd tell to all
our guests

so they'd know to dodge
the pans we'd be throwing

at each other.

Dinner and entertainment.


You can try and hide it,
but I know

what's going on here.

You two
are actually getting along.

Well, I'ma go throw up now.


Well, I think it's nice.

We should celebrate.

This should still
have some left, right?

I'm already high.



Give me that shit.



This is exactly what I wanted
this weekend to feel like.

Yeah, this is dope.

And thank you, you guys.

I knew you didn't really hate
each other.

Of course.

Just what we needed.

New beginnings.

Speaking of new beginnings...

What are you doing?

I'm growing a pair.

Naomi, I've never met anybody
who pushes me

the way that you do.

Who makes me want to be the best
version of myself

that I can be.

Oh, my God.

I want to spend the rest of my
life with you.

No, you don't.

Will you marry me?



Babe, I'm still kinda' high
and I'm horny as hell.

How are you not angry
right now?

Oh, come on!

You know they don't
belong together.

But his proposal
was so sweet.

No, it wasn't. It was stupid.

Well, she didn't have to
do that.

Do what?

If you don't want to marry
someone you say, no.

Not like that.

She didn't have to humiliate him
in front of us.

That's your best friend.

And I told him it was
a dumb idea,

and he didn't listen
to me, so...

You are unbelievable!

You treat other people
so savagely.

I was just telling him
the truth.

I want to quit my job.

You wanna hear the truth?

You want to know
how it feels?

You're taking advantage
of me.

Come on.

I'm killing myself
to support both of us

and honestly, you're not doing
your part.

I'm working my ass off.

Are you?

'Cause I pay the bills.

I take care of the house,
laundry, dishes.

Yeah, I'm... I'm starting
a business.

That doesn't take five years,

It's a failure.

It's not happening.

What do you want from me?

I want you to support
my decision

to go to nursing school.

We can't afford that.

We can if you get a job.

Are you serious?

I've done my part.

I've held us together,
now it's your turn.

This is bullshit!

What are you doing here?


Anything left in that?

Why would he propose?

So stupid.

I told him not to.

Not surprised.

The hell does that
supposed to mean?

You're a dick.

Oh my God.
Go screw yourself, okay?

Big words coming from
a spoiled man-child

who thinks he's tough,
but really he's just

some puss living off
his wife's salary.

So, you're the reason why Sarah
all of a sudden

wants to blow up
our entire life?

Oh, I'm not the reason,
I'm the realization.

You think
you're so smart.

You think you're better
than everyone

'cause you got a bigger mouth.

Oh, I have a big mouth?

Yeah, you do.

When someone actually comes back
at you,

you don't know what to do,
so you just yell louder.

James is a good dude.

He didn't deserve
what you did.

And you think you deserve Sarah?

That woman would die for you,

but your head's
so far up your own ass

that all you see
is your own shit.

Hmm, you know it, too.

She is miserable,
because of you.

Get out of my face.

You ain't shit.

I said, get out of my face.

Or what?

The hell you gonna do?

The hell you gonna do?


Hey, James.

You okay?

I thought I heard you crying.

Yeah, I'm fine.


Are you okay?


Hey, James?


Have you seen Daniel?

Think I saw him walk by
a minute ago.




Get off me, get off me!

What happened?

Your tent!
Something's in your tent!

You okay?
Something bite you?

I'm fine,
I... I didn't see it.

I saw it, okay.
There was a shadow.

Something's in there, man.

Like an animal?

Like a person.

I think it was a woman, man.

Hey! Come out!

Come out now or we're
gonna call the police!

I swear to God something
is in there.

It's your last chance,
come on!

It was right behind her.

Well, it's not there now, man.

I... I... look, I swear,
I saw something

right behind her.

It... it was a shadow...

James, just chill!

I'm not crazy, okay!

I saw something in the tent!

There's somebody out here with

Where, dude?

There's no one's out here!

I know what I saw, okay!

I know what I saw.

what's he talking about?

I... I don't know.
I never saw anything.

Okay, I know what you guys are

but this is not me being scared
of shit, okay!

James, there is no one
here, man!

What, you think I'm making
this up?

You've been afraid since before
we got here!

So kind of, yeah, I do.

Fuck you, Daniel, alright?

With all your macho-bro shit.

We're leaving, right now.

Oh, okay, oh, yeah, yeah.

Where you gonna go uh, without
these, huh?

Daniel, please!
Stop, he's terrified.

No, he's not.
He's pissed that he got dumped

and now he's just
throwing a fit!

Will you please listen
to someone else for once?

No! I'm not driving home
four hours

in the middle of the night
because he's scared!

Whatever, okay.

We leave first thing
in the morning.

I'm fishing.

Daniel, please.

I'm going to bed.

I'm sleeping in the truck.

Are you serious?

I'm dead-ass serious.

Oh, my God.
It's pathetic.


Come on, Sarah.



I'm not sleeping in a tent
next to you.

Naomi, do you mind?


Oh my God!

You have all lost your freaking

Okay, fine here, let me do
a huge favor for all of us.

And I will just bounce myself
down all the way here

with the alligators,
and the turtles,

and the frogs that way you never
have to see me

again, alright?

That what you want?

Son of a...
Goddamn it!

What if James did see something?

That story you told us.

About the woman with one leg.

You said her name.

She could be here.

She's not real.

But some people
can't see her.

And I swear I heard
singing last night.

She's not real, Sarah.

It's a legend
used to scare people.

In the legend, how do people
fight her off?


Would you like
me to re-light it?

Thank you.

She can't be real.

Come here.

Hmm? Hmm.

Come, Daniel.


We're gonna get caught.

Will you cut that shit out?

I don't...

what you're saying.

This better?

Are you lost?

Are you okay?

What the hell.



How'd you sleep?

I didn't.

Yeah, that was some night.

Yeah, I don't wanna
talk about it.

Just wanna get out
of here.

I'll get Daniel up.

Hey, Daniel,
I think that we should... could...


He's not there.

Are you serious?



I just wanna get out of here.

Maybe he's at the lake.

He did say he was going fish.


I'll go get him.

Oh, hey.


Where is everybody?

Uh, James went to get Daniel
from the lake.


Hear, let me help you...

I got it.

My bad.

Naomi, I'm sorry that...

Girl, stop.

You are the last thing that
needs to be appolog...

What is it?


I need to pee.


Daniel, come on now,
we don't have time for this.


I get the point, okay,
let's go!

Come on, Daniel, please.


He wasn't there.

Where... where's Naomi?

This is unbelievable.

Where the hell are they?

What did you see last night?

I don't know.

But there was something
out there.

I thought I felt something.

In the tent with me.

You believe me?

I don't know.

But I keep thinking about
that woman

Naomi told us about.

The Pata-something.

She said,
not everyone can see her.

What if she was coming
after me?

You know what you're saying?

She only appears
when someone's cheating

on their partner.


Daniel and Naomi came back
together last night.

No, no,
they'd never do that.

But they did came back together.

That's not
what they were doing.

I saw something behind you.

You couldn't see it.

And they both were gone
when it happened.

Shouldn't have said anything.

You think it's impossible?

I'm not talking about this!

But Sarah,
so you're gonna act like

you didn't see anything
happening between them

all weekend?

Look, I know you're upset
because Naomi humiliated you

in front of us,
and you're looking

for any reason to get back
at her,

but I think it's really shitty
of you

to even remotely assume that
that's what happened.

Then, where are they?


It doesn't take an hour
to pee.

He may be brutish sometimes, but
my husband

would never cheat on me.

I found Daniel,
he's hurt badly.


Something attacked him!

Oh, my God!

Come on!


Daniel's hatchet,
did he take it?

We don't have enough time!

We need something
to protect ourselves!

How did he get
all the way out here?


Naomi, this doesn't make
any sense.

How did you find him
all the way out here?

One thing makes sense.


Oh, are you okay?

Yeah, I'm okay, I'm good.
I'm good.


Oh my gosh.

Do... do you have any idea
where he could be?

Isn't there some kind of
an activity that you guys

should know like where each
other are, like...

This is a goose chase.

What type of game you
and Daniel playing, huh?

Or is this a joke?

You guys working together
to get us back or something?

Or did you guys hook up
last night,

and you're trying
to cover it up?

So, now's the time that
you say nothing?

That sounds guilty to me.

What's going on, Naomi? Where's

No, look, we're not doing this.

They did something,
Sarah, okay?

And now they're playing games
with us.

They fucked up, now they're
trying to hide it

with all this bullshit, okay?

Like, I don't care
what you guys think,

there is something out here
chasing us, alright?

Like so, I'm gonna take
my keys

and I'm gonna get the fuck outta

Oh my God!

That was uncalled...

Where'd she go?

Okay, to hell with this,
I'm out.

what about Daniel?

I'm sorry, Sarah,
but we have to go right now.

You would just leave
your best friend out here?

We don't know where he is, we're

Okay, what if the story that
she said is true,

and the Patasola is out here
with us.

Then, according to her story,
he's already dead.

I can't believe that.

Come on, we gotta get help.

I have to find him.







He's fine, he's... he's fine.

We're all fine.









I'll be in the truck.




Screw you, screw you!

Come find me.

Stop... stop, please.

Please stop, please.

Stop, please!

I said... I said stop!

This is... what's going-
It's... it's...


Get away!

What's going on?

You have to stand up,
we have to go right now.

What's happening?

- She's here, get your light.
- Hmm?

Get your light.

James, James, James!



- Naomi, say something.
- Naomi, come on!


- Daniel!
- Listen, Sarah! Wait.

- No! No, Daniel!
- Sarah, look at his...

look his at eyes,
look at his eyes!

Look at his body.

- What's wrong with him?
- I don't know.

I don't know, look at his body,
look at him.

What... what are they doing?

What are they doing?

Daniel, can you hear me?

Daniel, wake up.

- No!
- Wait, Sarah.

- No!
- Sarah, come on.

It's not true, no!

That's what she's doing, Sarah.
She's got them both.



I'm so sorry, babe.

I didn't mean it, I promise.

It was just one moment,
I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry,
please forgive me.

I'm so sorry,
I... I love you.

I love you, too.

I'm so sorry,
but I... I didn't mean it.

It was just...
it was just a moment.

That is not your husband.
No, that is not...

that's is not...
that's not your husband.

Daniel I love you too.

That's not him,
that's not your husband!

James! I love you, too.

Don't listen to him.
He's lying!

- No!
- Sarah, it's her!

I'm so...

Sarah, don't!

It's what she wants.

Sarah? Sarah?

Can you see her now?



Come on, run!

Let's go.

What do we do?

We gotta get back
to the truck.

That can't be good.

Faster, come on!

Come on!

We're not gonna make it.

We're gonna make it!

We're too far.

Is that...

Her true form.



Down here.

Where is she?

Why, Daniel, why?

Naomi said, you can fight her
with fire.

Okay, I hear you.

Got anything else?


Let's get this bitch.

The highway.

We have to get to it.


You can make it.


You can make it.


- Just run as fast as you can.
- No, no!

You know you can do it.

don't look back.

What are you doing?

I'm growing a pair.

Hey, hey!

Hey, hey!

Hey, hey!

Oh, no.


I forgive you, Daniel.

I forgive you.




Are you...
are you okay?

Yeah, I'm alive, you?


I saw that flash.

What the hell happened?

We need to file an IR.