The Cow (1994) - full transcript

Adam is a young farmer. As a child, fleeing the bleak reality of his mother's life as a prostitute, he tumbled from a mountain and was mentally injured. Years later, his mother is dying, so Adam sells their only cow to pay for medicine. Rosa, a beautiful young maid, fleeing the sexual exploitation of a wealthy butcher, climbs up to join them on their remote farm and dares to become part of Adam's world. A cycle of life begins again, in a remote turn-of-the-century village tied to the land and its animals.

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It was a world for itself, up here.

Last few cottages, last few people.

The cottage of Adama
and his mother was the most last.

Adam's mother was the most
last woman in the village.


I don't want to buy it.
I've got enough meat.

Take it to Buxa in Reznovice.
Buxa might buy it.

I need one hundred.

One hundred? Do I
steal? One hundred'?

He doesn't have meat. He'll buy.

Ninety, it's a robbery.

Jesus, hundred?
Do you know how much it is?

One hundred for such poor cow?
Do you think I'm crazy?

Ninety five.
What a trading with you.

God is my witness,
what a fool I am. The biggest!

What have I done? What's wrong
with you? You know what.

I can't give you more medicine,
Adam. It's expensive.

I've given you 4x on credit
and it won't help to your mom.

Understand! I would bancrupt! I've got
enough of credits I'll never see.

I can't wait you'll pay me the morphium.

Give me a bigger.

Strange man. Who's his father?
Memory to her whoring. He's an ape.


Where are you, Adam?




Don't sleep, mom!

Wake up!

Why aren't you sleeping?
Go to bed, Adam!

You're a man, Adam, aren't you?






Adam! Come, return!

Stand! Come home!


Adam! Adam dear!

Mom, wipe your mouth!

Brok, come home!

What a misery!

Damn the stuff.

Shit, how can I drive this?

Don't stare and give the stick inside!

We need a fourth!

Not you! You wouldn't keep it.
I'll help you.

My condolence.

My condolence.

Don't be afraid, little one!

Tell me something!

Mom, what are you two talking about?
It wants us to let her go to its mom.

Shall we? Yes!

Mr. Adam.

Can you hear?

Mr. Adam, open!

I know you're at home, I saw you.

You're not lettin' me stand here,
are you? I've come a long way.

I knew you won't let me here.
Get off, or...

What will you do here all alone?
Who will wash and boil for you?

Get off!
Dirt will eat you!

You'll eat bugs for dinner.
Go away!

Where you've been whoring until
now, you can whore even now.

What are you thinking about yourself?
That some high lady comes for you?

Look at yourself, how you looks.
Just like an orangutang.

I'm not that bad, Mr. Adam.

If I were such bitch as you think, I
would go somewhere where is less work.

I can work! You and work? You
can do discgrace at most.

Why are you kicking in it, you jerk?
Kick in something yours.

If you've broken my pots, so...
Fuck off with your pots.

Adam deal, come here!

Doesn't it hurt?

Doesn't it really hurt?
Not anymore.

Where have you been?
Where have you hidden?

Can you hear me? Come out, you bitch.

I'm not asking for anything from you.

You can take your cakes away.

Let me be. Why are you beating me?
Who has asked you to come here?

Animal! Goon!


And what about your
mother? Was she saint?

Who was your father? Every night
slept with someone else.

And what you?

No! I don't want!

I haven't come because of it.

That's for me?

What are you doing?

No! Not that!

What do you want?
The ring you've stolen from me.

What ring?
Go, we'll look around.

I haven't stolen anything. I don't
know anything about any ring.

It was mine anyway, you gave me it.

And where do you have it?
I threw it away.

You're nothing to do here.

Why don't you fire her? Do you
want to have a public shame?

Don't you have enough of
a shame of your mom?

Get out!

No! They're waiting for
it, so they can frame you.

Roza, come with us!
What will you eat here? Stones?

You're not gonna make it here
until plums. Bet on that.

I'll never return! Never!

I've catch a golden fish.

Do you have any wish? Tell me!

We have one, don't we?

Fishy fish, if you're going
to fullfill our wish, I'll let you go.

Our dad liked to stray.

And always when he returned,
he was felt like gin.

He was telling us fairy tales.

One day, two children wandered off
seeking strawberries.

The sun set behind mountains and

suddenly lights over
swamps began to dance...

such blue lights.

The children were still too young
a they began to laugh at them.

The lights get angry and suddenly
big red flames arouse.

The children started to run
and they arrive to eremite.

He hid them in his beard.

And told them: Children, make the lights
good with you, or they'll take you away.

Collect all the slivers from bread,
and pour them behind the doors.

Children did it,
lights eat up and disappeared.

He himself made it up?
He was still making up.

Before he died from drinking.

How many left?

You'll wait to see.
You have to stick with it a while.

I can't.

I've said I can't. Can you hear'?

And can you drink beer with fire tender?

Come home Roza! Let
her go and have some!

What did she have? I'll pay it.

You don't pay anything, I ordered it,
I pay it. No!

It's dark now, wipe the color
and come! What color?

The red on your mouth. Wipe it!
You don't like it?

Guys like it, don't they?
Yes! Sure!

Once more, inn-keeper!
Not anymore! Let me be!

What is he doing to
her? Stop! Let me be!

Tell him to let me be. Help me someone!

Guys, do something,
he'll kill her.

He's an animal!
Let her go, Adam! Let her go!

Give it to him!
You bastard!

Stop, jerks! Are you out of your mind?

Come here to me!

Enough! Let him be! Can you listen?

Don't you see it?
They'll kill him. Enough!

Let it be, you'll kill him.
Do you want to end in jail?

Bastards, let it be.

Adam, what's with you? Can you hear?

Adam, can you hear?

You killed him!

See? There's nothing with him.

Adam, you can't carry it.
I can! Release!

Why are you blinking at me?

Count it! Why, I already did.
Count it again!

Wait, come back!


It'll be nice milk cow.
We'll have much milk.

And I will be making butter.
And we'll have curd.

And cheese.

Beautiful shepherdess fed cows,
in a green wood under a maple...

Isn't it too tight'?

She is great and strong!
She is strong and big.

And beautiful!

Why are you shaking?
You're not going to him.

I hope he won't kill her.
Nobody died because of it.

You should have known.
Or you have forgotten?

Even the smallest can carry the biggest.

Are you crazy? What are you doing?
I'll kill you! Stop it, damn!


I'll hand you over to policemen.
I'll come to kill you!

I'll burn your house!

They can even hang me,
I don't care. Release him!

Don't show yourself here!
Move on with the cow to Rapotice.

In order to be all right,
in order to have calves...

and to bring it to the world. Amen!

Look! See?
It's the eremite.

From the the fairy tale I told you.

He assigned me? He got what he
deserved. He did nothing to him.

I'm here because of her!

And because of the stolen ring.
I threw it away.

And he gave me it! So let me be!

Who sell it to the
watchmaker in the town?

You'll pay or you'll be arrested.
Neither this nor that.

We'll talk at the station.
Sign this.

If you're not coming,
we'll send you an escort.

Wasn't I right, when I
told you to fire her?

You weren't listening,
and now you'll in it too.

You're sitting here like stone,
and you say nothing.

You think I'm a thief?

We don't have money to pay.
I'll serve my sentence.



Don't, Adam!
Hold still, little one! She'll stay here.

Don't be afraid! I won't give you.

Roza, be reasonable.
Do you want to be arrested?

Do you want to viewed as dirty sheep?

Let them to.

What is this about?

You're seeing everything
according to testimony.

But down there it's not like that.

Is it her fault?
Look at her!

Look at her eyes!
Sell it who knows where.

Just now, when she'll have the calf.
How could you?

Come, little one! We're
going home! Come!

Be with her at home and I'll
come down. We'll see then.

What did you miss, Roza?
Tell me!

I would really give you the ring.
I bought it for you.

Why didn't you do that?
Roza, come back!

I will settle it down with policemen
and you'll have everything here.

And I'll be a girl for all again.

No! Believe me!
After you have left I realized...

How many did you pay for it?

He gave me only 30,

I'll give you the money,
but you have to wait.

Ludva, what the thieving whore is
doing here? Tell her to get out!

And comes no more, bitch.

Where are you son?
Will you wait'? Yes.

Butcher promised, he'll wait.
We can service the debt.

What did he want in exchange?
He wanted me to return.

But he failed as you can see.

In order to forgive him all his sins.
He's got more!

We sell the calf and
we'll give it all at once.

We'll never sell this girl. She
belongs to family as you and me.

That's nothing, Adam! I'll have a child!

We'll have children!

It is necessary to bless your tie in a
church, so the child will be healthy.

It has to raise in a proper family.
Do you understand'? Yes, tell him.

Adam, disgrace of people is terrible.
You knew it yourself.

Remember, it would afflict even the
child. It depends on Roza, what she says.

We can discuss the term now.

Isn't it late, father?
There's never late.

Join your hands.

What does God join,
human don't unjoin.

I join you in a marriage, in the name of
the Father and Son and Holy Ghost. Amen!


Adam, it's here!

Take yourself and run
to the keeper-house.

Get to the cot and stay with it.

Heat the stove, I'll carry wood.

He's healthy, congratulations.

Thanks, young mrs. , good luck!
We also thanks.

For his good health!

Have you heard? He said me young mrs.




You've got Adam!

Very health boy, Adam!

But let mother better be careful!
She's very weakened.


Here little!


Why are you here? I told you I'll
take care, since you're sick.

Wait! Did you pour them? Whom?
The lights.

I've seen them dance on the stove.

We have to give them something.
I'll do it, don't be afraid.

She'll make it, but it
won't be in a moment.

She has weak lungs,
it needs time and patience.

A lot of patience.

I've heard, you need someone
who can take care about child.

My name is Anezka.


I'll kill you.

I'll kill you whore!
I'll kill even the child!

I'll kill myself!

Can you hear? He's probably hungry.

I'll build the wall here and
carry the loam from downstairs.

It'll be a good piece of field.

As every day, as always,
as the whole life.

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