The Claus Family 2 (2021) - full transcript

Jules Claus has embraced Christmas again and is getting ready for the busiest time of the year together with grandpa Noël. Everything seems to go according to plan, until Jules receives a very special letter with an intriguing question.


Well, I'm not very good at this,

but I'd like to thank you all
very, very much.

Having my own cookie shop is,
um, a real dream come true.

Here's to all of you,
and to the cookie store.

And also to my sweet daughter-in-law,

the best darn cookie maker
in the whole country.

But, Joan, yours are
really quite delicious as well.

And, um, to my daughter,
and this new, um, uh,

well, bold plan.

And to the best mom in the whole world.

- Oh, sweetheart.
- And the most wonderful time of the year.


Yeah, I know.

I think so too.


Mmm. These truly are the best cookies
I've ever tasted.

Even better than last year's.

Yes. In my opinion,

I find that they're much better
than Madam Joan's cookies ever were.

♪ It is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh ♪

She's standing right behind me, isn't she?

Oh, you!

Oh! Oh!

Are you ready, Jules?

We have exactly one week to organize
everything and prepare all the presents,

and to deliver them all over the world.

Piece of cake, right?


Hey. You okay?

Waiting for someone?

My dad is coming to pick me up
in a minute.

I'm Jules.

I'm Marie.

Hi, Marie.

Here. You can have a snack while you wait.

I gotta go back in. They need my help.

- Bye.
- Bye.

You probably, uh...

That's a great idea.

I could bring a turkey.

Sure. We'd always have that.

Ah, Jules, there you are.

Do you know where your mom is?
I can't find her.


I wish he were here now,

so we could have
shared all of this with him.

I miss him a lot.


Do you ever regret it?


That you met Dad?

That way, if you never met him, well,

maybe you wouldn't be so sad now.

Jules, you shouldn't think like that.

Of course I don't regret it.

All those wonderful moments
we had together. And you guys.

I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Sometimes things happen
and you can't do anything about them.

But that doesn't mean
you should never try.

If you don't try,
you'll never succeed at anything.

But when you do try,
the most amazing things can happen.

Believe me.

Like with your dad, or with you.

Or my own cookie store.


promise me that at the very least,
you'll always try.

Everything okay?

Yeah. It's nothing.

- Are you sure?
- Mmm.

Hey. Are you seeing that?

I'll give you a hand
cleaning up tomorrow morning,

but I have to drive Fred to work first.

Yeah. Where is he?

I thought you were finally going
to introduce him to everyone tonight.

And steal your thunder? Not a chance.

You're so sweet.

Did you see that?

Yes, we're out of cookies.


No sense of romance whatsoever.
I'll have to do everything myself.

Where's that champagne?

About the decorations...

- Hello. Earth to Ella?
- Hmm?


"To Santa."

Dear Santa.

My name is Marie.

My parents are divorced.

They don't want to see each other anymore.

Not even during the handover.

That's what they call it
when I go from my mom to my dad

and then back again.

Here. Are you warm enough?

Why can't I just wait inside?

Honey, we already talked about this.

All right.

See you next week, okay?

Hey, you and me
are gonna celebrate Christmas together.

Bye, sweetie.

Sometimes I feel like a package
being handed back and forth.

Hey, my little angel. Come on, get in.

We used to live
at the shopping center together.

My dad's the boss there.

We lived all the way up on the top floor.

My dad still does.

But without my mom.

At least Mom's still
got her bookshop here.

That's why she's still here, kind of,

even though she goes back home
to the other side of town at night.

Sweetie, are you coming?

I wish my parents
would get back together again.

Could you make that happen, please, Santa?

Here, take these.

I'll order a thousand
right now, all right?

- Thanks for coming.
- Hey, Jules. See you tomorrow, all right?


Yeah, Jules promised
he'd help me clean up tomorrow.

There's some old toys
that need to go to the recycling center

and a few other places.

Okay, what are you two up to this time?

Hmm? Us? Jules and me?

Nothing. But, hey, see you tomorrow.

- Hi, Grandpa.
- Jules.

- I've got a...
- Later, my boy.

They're all waiting for us.

Finally, the most wonderful
time of the year.

Love, love, love, love! That's what
Christmas is all about, isn't it?

Love for your brothers and sisters,

love for your family,
love for your friends and acquaintances.

Then gather together
to celebrate Christmas.

There's nothing better
than that, is there?

- Yeah, and that's why I've got this...
- Jules.


my boy.

You would not believe how happy I am

that we're finally
going to do this together.

Come on.

We're going to the North Pole.

I can't wait!

Finally, everyone's going
to hear my voice again!

- Ready, Holger?
- Ready?

Registering 500 new staff members?
Do you know how much work that is?

Paychecks, group insurance,
pension plans...

Holger! Ready?


Of course I'm ready.

Oh, welcome back, Mr. Claus and Jules.

Now he's also Mr. Claus.




What's ready?

- Oh, he's here!
- He's here!



From now on, we're Santa Claus together.

Your dad would be proud of you, my boy.

You're ready.

Trust me.

I'm really Santa Claus?

You are.


Ah, it's work time.

Um, what do I do?


- Oh yeah. Uh, a tractor for Leon.
- Yes.

A pirate costume for Jean.

A trampoline park for Victor.

♪ A tractor for Leon ♪

♪ Fourth shelf in Aisle C ♪

Great, huh?

It's my new composition.


An airplane for Henri.

A swimming pool with a sauna for Rachel.

♪ And for little Rachel ♪

♪ A swimming pool... ♪

With a sauna?

A swimming pool with a sauna?

Well, that girl knows what she wants.


Time for the first round.

Jules insisted on going to Grandpa's.
I never know what those two are up to.

I don't think I even want to know.

Mom, I'm so glad
you could make it yesterday.

My daughter starting her own business?

How could I miss that?

But, Suze, are you sure
this is going to work out?

- Mom.
- Yeah, sorry.

But I'm just a little bit worried.

Your own store, that's a big deal.

And with two kids, on your own.

We'll be all right, okay?

- Are we ready, Santa?
- Definitely, Santa.


It gets so dusty in here.
I'm filing a complaint.

Let's go to work.

Here, Jules.

Hold on.

That's Andrei.

Every year, he tries
to stay up and catch me

with his alarm system. See?

But I outsmart him every time.

Okay, go ahead.

- Ready?
- Yeah.


Dear Andrei,

better luck next year.

Santa Claus.

- Yeah!
- Yes!


Ah, great!


Nice, isn't it?


But why don't they have a Christmas tree?

Oh, Jules, as Santa,
we're here for all children,

whether they have a tree or not.

Our job is to give them presents.



We did it.

- Without extra paperwork.
- I...

Oh! Ow.

Paperwork after all.

Was that fast or what?

If we keep up this pace,

everyone will have their presents

a week early.

I have another letter here.

- From who?
- It's from Marie.

She wants us
to get her parents back together.


What's the matter?


We don't do that, Jules.

- What do you mean, "We don't do that?"
- Exactly what I said.


things that are broken just can't,

well... fixed.

But don't you always say the opposite?

That whatever is broken
can be put back together.

- Not this, Jules.
- Why not this?

Santa Claus can't do everything.

- But...
- Enough!

I said we can't do it, end of story.

What's up with Grandpa?

Don't worry, he'll cool down.

Get it? Cool down?

North Pole?

Never mind.
No sense of humor.

Oh, wow. I'll just adjust this.


- Mommy!
- Hey!

Is everything ready?

Oh, I don't know.
What if no one wants my cookies?

That could happen after all.

Hey, you make
the best cookies in the world.

Of course people are gonna want them.

- You're so sweet.
- Aw!


I know, I know, I know, I know.

I shouldn't have
yelled at the boy like that.

He has no idea.

He doesn't understand
why I said those things.

So maybe you should tell him then?

I can't.

I shouldn't, Assa.

Jules can never know about it. Never.

- Jules!
- Jules, Jules, Jules. Jules, listen.

We know what Mr. Claus does
with letters like that.

But it's our secret and he can never
find out that we told you about it.


- Because if he ever finds out...
- He'll turn us into Christmas ornaments.

Yeah, or he'll wrap us up in a package
and send us to the South Pole

with a huge red bow on top of...

Oh no!

Oh no.

There's nothing but penguins there,

and they'll never be able
to open that package.

Oh no,
I'll be trapped in there forever!

And that means
no one will ever hear my voice again.

Ooh. Ah.

All right, Jules, go, go, go, go, go, go!

The key is in the box
on the middle of the desk.


"I hereby give you my word

that I am taking this key
entirely at my own risk,

and the firm of Claus & Co.
are not at all responsible

for any potential accidents

or any repercussions
as a result of my own actions."

"And will not be disputed." Period.

All right, fine.


Gimme the pen.

And you guys.




- There should be a keyhole somewhere.
- Yeah.


Go ahead. You signed.


- Look at that.
- Wow.

What is this?

Go on!

Jules, at the end of the corridor,

down the spiral staircase,

third case on the left.



where is everybody?

Holger, where is everybody?


In the Hall of Presents.
Where else would they be?


That should keep him looking for a while.

These are all the letters
Mr. Claus never answered.

"Hello, Santa."

"My dads are fighting and they don't
want to see each other anymore."

"Could you bring them back together?"

"That would be
the greatest Christmas gift."


"Dear Santa, my mom is now in love
with another man."

"Can you have her
fall back in love with my dad again?"


Why won't Grandpa answer these letters?

We don't know.

He's always saying Christmas
is all about love and being together.

He doesn't believe that anymore.

What are you all doing?


How dare you, Jules?

Meddling in Mr. Claus's business
like that.

And you?

It's an outrage!

You never should have
shown that room to Jules.

But why won't Grandpa
answer those letters?

Isn't that his job as Santa?

Technically, you're Santa now, Jules.

All right, fine, I'll do it. I'm gonna
bring Marie's parents back together.

Last time I looked
at our charter agreement,

our service was
delivering packages for Christmas.

Not a dating service.

Bringing families back together
can't be all that hard, can it?

That is just the point.
It's not as easy as you think it is.

Sure it is.

I'm Santa now too,
and I wanna make this happen.


It's my job as Santa.
I have to try to do what people ask.

There is a very big difference
between delivering presents

and bringing a family back together.

Isn't that what Christmas is though?
About friends and family.

Isn't that much more important
than delivering presents?

- I know I can do it.
- Jules, why is this so important to you?

Because, well, Grandpa always said
that Christmas is about love

and I just want him to believe that again.


it's just that... family can't be reunited.

But maybe another family can.

Well, we might be able
to change the charter just this... one time.

He's Santa now too, isn't he?

I-I mean, from now on,
we should actually listen to him as well.


We'll help you, b-b-but tomorrow.

We'll have to think of a plan first.
Oh, my heart!

There you are.


I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have yelled.

I'm sorry too. I shouldn't have insisted.

I'm glad you understand.

After all, us Santas only have one job.

Delivering presents.

Hey, Mom.


- How's it going?
- Only five customers.

Five? That's good, isn't it?

You've only just started.

Well, I expected more.

Maybe I should have
just kept working at the cookie factory.

But this cookie store has been your dream.

And a wise person once told me,

"If never try anything,
you can't succeed."

"But if you do try..."

Well, let's hope.

- Hey, Jules.
- Hey.

- Is everything okay with your mom?
- Sure is.

She's happy
I'm taking such good care of you.


That means the two of us have

all day to take care of the presents.

- What happened in here?
- Sorry, Mr. Claus.

I, uh... I wanted to air out the room,
so I opened the front door.

Think twice next time, Ikka.

Ah, she meant well.

Oh, you're so sweet, Holger.

Nothing sweet about it!

Employees are entitled
to at least one hour of fresh air.

Come on, Jules.

Gonna have to clean this up.

But thanks.

Come. Here.

Easy. Easy!


Thank you.

Jules, now. Hurry.

Shh, shh, shh.

Come on, my boy, we have to get going.
We still have America to do.

Uh, yeah, shall we do
the same as last year?

Yeah. You read the letters
and then I'll collect the presents?

Yeah, why don't you read
and I'll do the running?

I get it.

I was just like that when I was younger.

All right, you've got a deal, my boy.

- You go downstairs...
- Yep. Got it.

And I'll read the letters.

Thanks, Assa.

I, uh... I'll pick you up again
at three o'clock, okay?

Why don't I keep the globe?

No, you can't. If Mr. Claus needs it
and can't find it, we'll get caught.

Ikka and Gunna are gonna help me
put it back without Mr. Claus noticing.

Don't worry, Assa. You will not regret it.

I sure hope not.

- See you later.
- Yeah. See ya.


Ikka? Gunna! Come on!

I know that everything's changed.

But I'm going to make sure
that this will be the best Christmas ever.



What do you want for Christmas?

You can choose anything you want.

I want Mom to come back.


she can't.

Why not?


Mom and Dad just, uh...

can't make it work.

Sometimes things happen

and it's nobody's fault.

I remember when your mom and I were...

just like pepper and salt.

Or oil and vinegar.

Strawberries and whipped cream.

We went together perfectly.

And now? Now, mmm...

Now we're like fire and ice.

Do you understand?

Mr. Jacobs? Do you have a minute?

Caro, are you serious?

I asked you to clear my schedule.
I'm spending time with my daughter.

But it's about the bookshop.

Dad'll be right back, okay?


Debbie and I decided it would be better
if she closed the bookshop.

Uh, there's a Christmas fair going on here
at the moment to benefit Marie's school.

Debbie's working one of the stalls today.
I'm working there tomorrow.

She's decided to close her shop
right after her shift.

All right?

- Okay, good.
- Okay.



What are you doing here?

What are we doing here?
Helping you, of course.

And shopping!

Are you guys insane?

What if someone sees you?

Everything okay over here?

Yeah, yeah, sure.

What's in that backpack?

Uh, nothing.

I swear, there's nothing in it.

- Nothing? Come on, give it here.
- No!

You'd better not
have stolen anything.

All right.


Okay, get in my backpack. Make sure
no one sees you. I'll be right back.

Giddyap, giddyap!


Marie, wait!


- Is he gone?
- Yes, I think so.

Yes! Yippee!


Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Wait just a second.

Oh, I can't believe
I'm actually saying this, but...

We have to

keep a

low profile.


- Yeah, you're right.
- Oh, how do we do that?



Ah, how's Norah?

She's good. She's working
on her letter to Santa Claus.


How are things here?

I just knew it.

This was not a good plan.

Yeah? What are you still doing here then?

If you're only staying
to criticize me, don't bother.

Oh, Suze, I just want to help out.

I don't need your help.

Everybody buys their cookies
at the shopping center

while there to buy other things.

It's a lot more convenient
than coming all the way to my little shop.

Then we should make sure
they want to buy their cookies here.



- Marie?
- Go away.

Cool place.

I'd like to have a place like this.

To get away
from my annoying little sister.

Do you come here a lot?

Just since my mom and dad got divorced.

I can see still see my mom's roof
from up here.

She always leaves the light on
in the attic,

so it's sort of like I'm still with her.

Do you want your parents
to get back together?

They never will.

They don't want
to see each other ever again.

What if we make sure
they have to see each other?

If they're together long enough,

maybe they'll remember why
they liked each other in the first place.

We just need to think of something
that will bring them back together.

Imre wants a board game. I see.

- Oh!
- Ah.

Assa. How are things going downstairs?

Uh, very good. Good, good, good, good.
Right on schedule.

Jules has already mastered
the art of collecting presents.


- Hey, where's the snow globe?
- It's downstairs.

I can't find Ikka and Gunna,
and I can't lift it by myself!


Gunna, come on!

Oh, hello, tiger.

Hey, Ikka!

- I'm the Barbie doll here.
- No you're not.


- You like my costume?
- I've got the same one.

So I was thinking... Oh!


Look, there's Miss Elly from first grade.

Come buy some delicious cotton candy
to benefit the school!

And that's Miss Miriam from third grade.
That's who we need.

All right. You know what to do?

- Great.
- Ah, Noah and Charlotte.

- Hi.
- Yes, you both start at three o'clock.

- At the waffle stall.
- All right.

- All right.
- First floor.

- Thanks.
- Okay.

- Hi, Miss Miriam.
- Marie!

- Are you here to support us?
- Yeah.

- And to say hi to my Mom.
- Aw.

Could I please see the list?
I don't know what time she'll be here.

Yes, of course. Take a look.

- Have you seen that Christmas tree yet?
- I have. It's beautiful, isn't it?

Which decoration do you like best?

Oh, uh...

Which decoration do I like best?
Um, that one, there.

- Here you go.
- Thank you, dear.

We're going to hand out flyers
at the shopping center.


Your cookies too. Yeah!

Hey, that is a fantastic idea.

Yeah, but wait a sec.
I can't just leave. The shop's still open.

Oh, come on, Suze.
I'll look after it. Yeah.

Yeah, I'm sorry, honey.
You were right before. I...

I'm not helping you
by hanging around, complaining.

It can't be that hard to do, right?

No, it's not hard at all.

Let's go hand out flyers.

Flyers? Where?

At the shopping center.

To let everyone know
that Mom has the best cookies in town.

I think that's a fantastic idea.

I'll go and get ready,
and I'll also rustle up some more people.

I know exactly who.

Thanks for your help.

Ah, Miss de Jonghe.

Just in time.

Huh? Your ex-husband switched his time.
He's taking the same shift as you.

- Uh...
- When did that happen?

It's so good that you still
do things together for your daughter.

- Very good.
- Yeah.

Mr. Jacobs,


Ah, Miss de Jonghe. I'm glad I caught you.

Uh, did you happen
to see my daughter around here?

I, uh, can't find her anywhere.

I don't believe it!

She's been with you two days
and you've already lost her?

- I haven't lost her.
- You haven't?

"I can't find her." What does that mean?

Marie is okay.

I just saw her a moment ago
near the stalls.

Mr. Jacobs, I'm so glad
you switched your time with us.

It's gonna be very busy here.

Sorry, switched?
I didn't switch my time at all.

Hmm? You didn't?

You're scheduled to be manning
the cotton candy stall

on the next shift,
together with Debbie and Elly.

- Yeah, but, uh...
- Your name is Steven, isn't it?

- But that's not my handwriting.
- Yeah, but it's still there.


Luc wants a basketball.

Hey, psst. Psst, hey.



What do you want?

"It is almost..."

It's almost what?

It's almost... It's almost three o'clock!

The next list is ready.
I'm just gonna take it downstairs.

Oh, I'll come with you,
see how Jules is doing.

I've been very hard on that boy,
haven't I?

After all, he's just
trying his best, isn't he?

Yes. His very best.

What did you say, Holger?


Nothing. Maybe you should
just let him work. Uh...

They're already four bags behind.

Uh, why is that?


Because, um...

Holger's a slow typist.


Well, then, I guess I'll leave them to it.

"Holger's a slow typist."
Who's the one who's always typing?

I may be a slow typer,
but at least I'm not a crazy type.



Well, I'm sure I'll be fine.

That vintage vibe may look good,
but it's not very user-friendly.

Mom, that register isn't vintage.
It's just old.

That's not old! That's medieval.

Well, it's younger than you.
What does that make you? A dinosaur?



Is that what you're wearing
to the shopping center?

Uh, yeah. You?

Yeah, well, I mean, yes.
We are going there to sell cookies.

Okay, Jet, what are you up to?


I'm getting cookies, that's all.
To sell them.

That new scarf of yours.
You have to wear it.

And th-th-that perfume you have.

The one with the flowers
th-that smells so delicious.

Wear that.


could you ask Debbie if she would
pass me the cotton candy sticks, please?

Debbie, would you pass
those cotton candy sticks, please?

There you go.

- Here you go.
- Thank you, Elly.

Oh, Elly, could you ask Debbie
if she could add more color, please?

Debbie, could you add
more colorant, please?

More color. Voilà.

- And, Elly, could you please ask Debbie...
- Listen up, you two.

We're not playing this game anymore.

What would your daughter
think of all of this?

It's cotton candy, and it's sticky.

Huh? It's sticky and sweet.

Pink and romantic.

It's like pepper and salt,
oil and vinegar,

whipped cream and strawberries.

They are to be enjoyed together.

Is this good?

Yeah, yeah. It's perfect.

- Yes, they're laughing!
- Hmm.

I knew it.


Merry Christmas!

Ikka? Gunna?

- I've gotta go.
- But our shift isn't over yet.

Yes, but this is important.

Yeah, it's always important.

See, Elly? This is what I mean.

Mr. Jacobs, please report...

Debbie, what's your problem?

- My problem?
- I just said I have to work.

- Work always comes first.
- Because it's important.

- It's always important.
- Come on.

Don't bother, Elly.

We just don't see eye to eye anymore.
We haven't for a long time.

Elly, it was very nice to meet you.

There! A rat!

Yeah. So now what?

I don't know!

Come on!

- Ikka, how are we gonna get out of here?
- I don't know!

Hold on tight.

The brakes! The brakes! Hit the brakes!

Okay. Phew.

I knew it, I knew it,
I knew it, I knew it!

We're all right. Don't worry
No one will see us here.

Oh boy.

That was a close one, ladies.


Reading all of those
makes me thirsty.

What's my teapot doing there?

Hey, where's my snow globe?

Come on, Jules.

Jules. Jules.


We're too late.


what's going on here, huh?

Hmm? What's my snow globe doing here?

And where is Jules?



Oh, if Mr. Claus finds out
we're not in the Hall of Presents, then...

- He'll send us to the South Pole.
- Yes.

Does it hurt to be eaten by a polar bear?

- They don't live at the South Pole.
- Oh, that's good.

They're here at the North Pole.

- No?
- Yes.

What are you talking about?

Mr. Claus is gonna kill us.

No way.

When he hears how well we did with
Marie's parents, he'll be proud of us.

- You think so?
- Yeah, for sure.

Oh. Hmm.

All right. So?

Back to the shopping center.
We can't get to the North Pole

and we can't go home
'cause Mom thinks I'm at Grandpa's.

- Mr. Claus is really gonna kill us now!
- Yes.

No way. We're talking about Grandpa here.

Yeah, exactly.


I want to catch those rats.
Every last one of 'em.

- Come with me.
- Why?

- Come on. Come with me.
- No. Why?

Get off me! I have to go back.

- Marie needs me!
- Marie doesn't need you. I need you!

Christmas is your job now too.
Your responsibility!

Yeah? If you're such a good Santa,
why aren't you taking responsibility?

- That's what I'm doing!
- Why didn't you answer all those letters?

- What letters?
- The ones in your secret chamber!

They're about love and friendship.
What's wrong with that?


sometimes irreversible things
can happen in life,

things that nobody can change.

Not even Santa Claus.

Santa Claus can. Santa can do anything
if he tries. And I'm gonna prove it.

Well, look who's here. Oh!

- Hey!
- Isn't this a nice coincidence?

What? I thought you asked me to come.

No, no. That wasn't about today.

Uh, but since you're here anyway, we're
going to hand out flyers for Suzanne.

Wanna join us?

Uh, yeah, of course.


Oh, Norah, Ella and I
will hand out flyers over on that side.

And you two

can do this side.


Jet, are you sure we can do this?
We're their competition.

Oh, it's all right.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Where are you going?

To see Marie.

I have to see...

All you have to do
is fill bags with presents

while I sit here and read the letters.

Then Holger will pass the orders
on to you.

That is your job now, Jules.

Roller skates.
Roller skates on Aisle 14.

Mr. Claus won't let him out of his sight
for a second.

If he keeps this up,
Jules is going to hate Christmas again.

There's no way
we can let that happen.

No, no, we've got to think of a way

that'll enable Jules to leave
without Mr. Claus noticing.

- Okay.
- Yeah.


Uh, no. Uh, oh yeah!

I think I have an idea.

For the best cookies
in the world, Miss Cookie!

Here you go.
They're the best cookies in the world.


- Here you go.
- Here you go.

It's going well, huh?

Yeah. Splendidly.

- Do you want a cookie?
- And a flyer too?

Do they honestly think we can't see them?

Why are they hiding behind there?

You don't think that...

Is that why she wanted me
to come to the shopping center right away?

Oh, that explains the scarf,

and why she wanted me
to wear my "delicious" flower perfume.

Should I maybe call in the troops?

- All right. I'll do it.
- Yeah.

Here you go.
They're the best cookies in the world.

Here, they're the best cookies
in the world.

Would you like a flyer?

Thank you.

They're the best cookies!


♪ A doll for Emelien ♪

♪ Rack seven, aisle ten ♪

Never thought I'd say this,
but I miss Gunna.

Where is Gunna?

In the bathroom... In the bathroom.

♪ So I'm taking over ♪

Okay, Jules, aisle ten, rack seven.
Go, go, go!

But a...

A-a doll for Emelien,

that hasn't come up yet, has it?


Yes, it has. Uh...

Emelien, uh,


a doll, yes.

With remote control.

Okay. I don't recall that one.

Who can?

Jules! Jules, Jules!

Don't be scared.

I've come up with a plan.

- Go on.
- No, you go.

- Heads or tails?
- Okay.

If it's heads, you go.

Oh, okay.


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

It's been really nice

knowing you, Ikka.

Oh, you are kidding!


I just finished doing the insurance forms.

- Ikka!
- Jules, go! Go, go, go!

Help! I'm trapped!

Oh, I'm stuck. Help!



Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry!



think carefully.

Either do what you're supposed to


never set foot in here again.


All right then.

- I'll do what I have to do.
- Ah.

I'm helping Marie.


Would you like a flyer?

Here. For the best cookies in the world.

Yes, closer. Yes, come on.

- This is great.
- Yeah, well, I kind of think so too.



- Hey.
- Hey.


I knew all about this and, well...

- I always have.
- Oh yeah?

Yeah, I did. Well, yeah, but it's just...

Uh, th-th-that flyer, that was only
meant to, uh, get you to, you know...

Uh, yeah, sure. Of course.

Jet, this is Fred, my partner.

- Fred, this is Jet, the Cupcake Queen.
- Yeah.

- Nice to meet you.
- Same here.


Marie, are you in here?

It didn't work.

My mom and my dad are still fighting.

Maybe they'll make up.

My mom is going to start
clearing out her bookshop.

It's not over yet, I'm telling you.

You saw how they smiled at each other.

They still love each other,
I'm sure of it.

But if they're still in love,
why do they keep fighting?

I don't know.

I fight with my little sister a lot,

but I still love her.

I promise, I'll find a way.
I'll get your parents back together.

- What do you think you're doing?
- Hmm?

You can't just come in here
and promote your own cookie store.

Oh, uh...

Without even asking for permission?

Get out of here before I call the police.

And take that junk with you.

What? Junk?

- Mom?
- Jules?

Jules, I'm gonna ask you
one last time.

Why were you at the shopping center?

Why weren't you with Grandpa?

What's going on? What are you up to?

Oh, Jules, come on, just tell me.
I don't like it when we keep secrets.

Oh, you don't?
But you're allowed to have secrets?

- What are you saying?
- Grandpa.

What happened to him?
Why doesn't he believe in love anymore?

I'm sorry, Jules,
but it's not up to me to tell you.

See that? I have to tell you stuff,
but you won't tell me anything. Forget it.

Excuse me. Mr. Claus?

Don't bother, Assa.

You've done enough already.


- I want you all to leave now.
- Oh.

Mr. Claus!

There's no point anymore.

All is lost now.

Jules obviously doesn't
want to be Santa Claus.

He does. He does, he does.
Of course he does, but in his own way.

He does. He does!

That's... That's good, isn't it?
He's still young.

After me...

it's all over.

I'm not writing resignation letters
for 500 people. Forget it!

Over my dead body.
Come on, Ikka, let's get out of here.

Wait, Holger! Wait! Mr. Claus...

All right, we're going
to help you with Marie.

So come back to the North Pole with us,

because I'm telling you, if you don't
deliver presents on Christmas Eve,

Mr. Claus will close shop
and that's way too much paperwork.

- I'm not doing that.
- You mean now?

No, this summer.


Everyone in position?

- Ikka?
- Check.


Holger, what about you?


Holger, are you in position?

- Check.
- Okay.

Ma'am, quickly! It's about Marie!

How do you know Marie?

- That's not important.
- But what's wrong with Marie?

She's in her room.
Go up, quickly. Come on!

All right, Ikka, go.

- Did they find that rat yet?
- No.


There it is. Catch it!

Stop it! Get it!

There! Come here!
Come here, you filthy little rat!

Ha ha, I got you now! Come here!


Hurry up, Holger!

Nah, I can't do it. The lever's too heavy.

You've got to.

All right.

Come on, Holger. It's now or never.

Stupid thing!

There, I did it.
I hope you're happy now.

- Emergency dispatch.
- Send someone as soon as possible.

We're stuck in the elevator
and something's wrong with our daughter.

All right, madam. Just a second.


- Can anyone hear us?
- Dad?

Is that you?

Jules, what did you do?

I made sure they're stuck together
and can't get out.

- What?
- In the elevator?

- A technician is on his way.
- All right.

They're coming.

I had no idea
Marie could do something like this.

Maybe you should pay more attention to her
when she's with you.

- What exactly do you mean?
- What do you think?

You promised me, Jules.


We need to talk about this.
You're grounded!

I think we made it worse.


Did you hear me?

You were right, Grandpa.

I'm sorry.

Santa can't do everything.

I told you
never to set foot in here again.

- Grandpa, I...
- Just get out.

Or go see Marie.

You made it clear she's more important
to you than Christmas, right?

Hey, where are you coming from?

I thought you were upstairs.

Jules, I've really had enough.

Walking out on Grandpa, lying. If we can't
trust each other anymore, there's no hope.

Mr. Claus?

Mr. Claus.


You're going to listen to me now,
all right?

Are you just gonna mope around and pout
like a little child?

Do you want to lose Jules as well?
Is that what you want?

I'm begging you, please. Please, I don't
want you to make the same mistake again.


May I sit down?

I'd like to tell you something.

A very long time ago,

your grandmother and I had a big argument.

And it got worse every day.

She accused me of being,


never around.

Of being

too focused on my work.

As Santa Claus?

Well, that was the problem.

She didn't know that.

She had no idea that I was Santa Claus

and I couldn't possibly tell her because...

Well, because I was convinced
she couldn't know.

But I was wrong.

And thanks to you,
I finally opened my eyes.

And now I know
that I should have kept trying.

I should have told her everything.

She would have laughed about it.

Maybe she would have even played along.

What happened to Grandma?

We grew further and further apart.

We never spoke about it,
and rarely spoke to each other.

And in the end,

she died,

quietly and alone.

So you failed too.

Just like me.

But you are not a failure at all.

At least you tried.

But I failed.

I failed Marie.

Now Mom's mad at me as well.

I really want to be a good Santa.

I really do.

And a good son.

I guess I'm not.

But you're already a great son.

And you're going to be an amazing Santa.

You can't know that.

But I can.

Every day, more and more,

I see your father in you.

And he was a great father.

And the best Santa ever.

Now you...

You need to change tactics.

What is Santa's strongest weapon?


You always say that, but it's not the most

important, right?


it depends, of course,

on how you use the present.


This is Jack.

In his letter to us,
he said that he doesn't have any friends.

Dear Jack,

turn on channel three

and go on the balcony.

Hi, this is Jack. Can anyone hear me?

Now what?

Quiet. Just wait.

Yes, I hear you.

I can see you now.

What present do you think could help
bring Marie's parents together?

- We have to go back.
- Aha.

I'm so happy that I found you.

This is so much fun.

All right now,

one more time.

Trust me.


- Another prank by Marie?
- Well, how should I know?

She's been with you for the past few days.

So I put her up to this?
Is that what you're saying?

Clearly she gets all her sneakiness
from her father.

And the lying,
she must have gotten that from her mother.

Stop it! Just stop it! I get it.
I know I'm a bad daughter!

- Marie?
- Honey! Wait, angel!


How can you two fight so much?

Marie is your most precious gift.

Check around here.
I'll look at the apartment.


- I was really hoping that they...
- I know.

You did your best.

That's all you can do.


You just can't change
the way things are. I know.

That's true, but that's not
what I was going to say.

Sometimes, all you have to do
is plant a seed.

Patience, my boy.





Ah, Caro, have you seen Marie?

Oh. No, sorry.

- Miss de Jonghe, have you seen Marie?
- Did she run off again? I'm sorry, no.

I can't find her.

Let's look together.

Now what?

And then there was the time
when I quietly entered an apartment

where an old lady was waiting for me

with a cast-iron bedpan.

Well, she thought that I was a burglar.

Where are they going?

Hmm. To the shopping center maybe.

Jules! Jules!

Hey, you there! Hey!
Do you know where Marie is?

- We can't find her.
- What happened?

- There's a fire.
- If you know where she is, tell us.


I think I know where she is.

- Jules!
- Hey, kid, get back here!

Marie! Marie!



Unit 53 on the scene, responding.

Marie, where are you?

There they are! Come on.

Oh, Marie!

- Oh, sweetie. Marie.
- Jules!

Are you okay?
Are you okay, honey? Are you hurt?

Well done, my boy.

Go, go.

I'm sorry, Marie.

I thought it would work, but I can't
get your parents back together.

Sometimes you can't change
the way things are.

You did your best. You tried.

Sure did.

Thank you, Jules.

That's what big brothers are for.


Sorry, sweetie.

We were so busy fighting,
we forgot what's most important.

And even though we don't have
the same feelings for each other anymore...

We still love you very much. Both of us.


And we promise we're going
to make things better for you. Okay?

If we were able
to make something as precious as you,

there's gotta be
a lot of love there somewhere.





What's been going on?

Excuse me, ma'am.

Your son is very brave.

Obviously you're doing a great job.

Oh. Thank you.

Chief, have you got a minute?

Excuse me.

Are you this boy's mother?



Thank you.

Your son just saved my daughter's life.

What can I do to thank you?

- You don't have to do anything.
- Yes, I do.

No, really. We're just glad
your daughter's okay.

- I can think of something.
- Jules.

Here, take this.

If it's true
that with age comes wisdom,

then my young grandson

is actually a very, very old man
on the inside.

I know that's impossible,

but clearly he's wise beyond his years.



So much dust in here.

Here you go.

And then there's that other saying
that also rings true.

There you go.

You're never too old to learn.

And this one's for you. Enjoy.

Oh, I'm sorry I doubted you.
You're doing great!

Twenty euros and 30 cents.
Thank you.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Yes!


- Whoa!
- Wow!

Wait, we forgot something.

The star!

It's almost as beautiful as Daddy's tree.

If you don't at least try,

if you don't even attempt to help others,

nothing would ever change in this world.

Life would be dull,
uneventful, and boring.

Hi. Honey.

- Merry Christmas.
- You too.

- Want another one?
- Oh yeah.

In the grand scheme of things,

the only thing that really matters

is love.


- It looks great.
- Hey.

Uh, here you go.

- Oh, thank you.
- They're beautiful.

- Who's that up there?
- An angel that's waiting for us.

Good choice. Truly.

My trusty old female intuition
really hasn't failed me this time.

I'm sure of it.

That's Christmas, you see?

Fortunately, my old brain remembered
just in time.

Come here.

- Merry Christmas, everybody!
- Right back at ya!

Merry Christmas.



♪ When the lights and candles are alight ♪

♪ And the world is dressed in white ♪

♪ 'Tis the season full of pure delight ♪

♪ It's a merry Christmas night ♪

♪ As the gingerbread and mistletoes ♪

♪ Lift the spirits of the world ♪

♪ It's a joyous, cheerful, precious time ♪

♪ It's a merry Christmas day ♪

♪ People coming home ♪

♪ No one is alone ♪

♪ Stars are shining bright ♪

♪ Oh, divine Christmas night ♪

♪ When the chimneys
Start to warm your heart ♪

♪ And their scent is in the air ♪

♪ Feel the magic moment drawing near ♪

♪ Have a merry

Christmas time ♪