The Claim (2000) - full transcript

A prospector sells his wife and daughter to another gold miner for the rights to a gold mine. Twenty years later, the prospector is a wealthy man who owns much of the old west town named Kingdom Come. But changes are brewing and his past is coming back to haunt him. A surveyor and his crew scout the town as a location for a new railroad line and a young woman suddenly appears in the town and is evidently the man's daughter.


Come on, Buddy,
at the end of the city.

Let them go, Buddy.


Well, ladies, let's go.

I'm Vauneen.
I'll take care of you.

Go down and we'll put you
to work very soon.

Gentlemen, place
your firearms.

- Why?
- It's the law.

These weapons belong
the railway.

Not matter.

Mr. Dillon said:
"No guns to town."

Do not take them.

- Let them!
- Otherwise, you do not enter here.

We are happy to cooperate.
Give them your weapons.

Help me.

Come back!

Ilfaut clean
and wash.

It is clean.

It is not with me.
Come on, girls.

Take me to the dollar into gold.

- I do not understand.
- Come, Hope.

Come on, just a little turn.

Stop! Disperse!

Disperse! Go away!

Help me to remove the harness.

Come on, guys.
Separate yourselves. Move away.

- Stay away.
- Thank you.

I did not want
it torments you.

- You are the railroad?
- Yes.

I am the Chief Engineer
Central Pacific.

- I came to see Mr. Dillon.
- It's true.

You have family?

It's not my family.
I carry the baggage anyway.

- Very nice.
- It's the least we can do.

Did you hear that, Mom?
He wants to see Mr. Dillon.

Come on, guys.
We go to the warehouse.

Hurry up!

What is your name?

Hope. Hope Burn.

It's a pretty name.

Thank you.

What brings you
here in Kingdom Come?

We visit
to the family.

How many people live here?


- I'm waiting here for bags.
- Thank you.

I do not
herbs, Hope.

I'm on it.

Dalglish, if you want
wait here,

I'll see
if Mr. Dillon is ready.

Fernando, give him drink.

Come in.

The engineer of the railways.

It is how?

It's a blue. No problems.

Mr. Dillon will receive you,
Mr. Dalglish.

Mr. Dillon, he is here.

Choose a number.

I do not play.
I like to drink.

Get it in a number.
It will be finished before your glass.

- It's your money.
- I just give it to you.

I do not accept
gifts, Mr. Dillon.

Not matter.

You think I bought?

- You would not be the first.
- It is down to the hotel.

I said you had
a new bed, but no way.

This is when your birthday?

In September.

On 23.

I met a traveler
come of an ancient land ...

who said: "Two vast
legs of stone ... "

"Near them, on the sands ...

"Lay a face
half-buried ...

"Whose lips
crumpled and wrinkled ... "


- I lost your money.
- Do not worry.

The casino is to it.

- Your song was beautiful.
- Thank you.

Mr. Dalglish works
for railways.

Dalglish? What as the name?

- It's Scottish.
- 0h, Scotland.

How romantic.

Look at my work, while O
powerful, and despair-you!

The town of Kingdom Come ...

would wish
welcome ...

the Company
Pacific Railway.

In their honor ...

all dances
are free.

Do you women!


Let me introduce you
two lovely ladies.

The French name is Sue.
It will supplement your education.

- And this is Annie.
- Good evening.

I need to be educated?

He took lessons
by San Francisco.

You come from far away.

Will you refuse such
ladies? It is an insult.

He has his views on anyone.

There, you?

No, she arrived
in care.

A woman from the East.
They have no type.

I Luif forget.

You dance?

With Mr. Dillon, only.

I did not offend you.

- I am not.
- But I am.

- I did not offend you.
- How will I get over it?

I apologize.
Dufond heart.

My God! What a voice!

He is young.

- Younger than you.
- More beautiful than you.

No one is more
beautiful than me.

It is not more beautiful than you.

Ouch! My hair!

You're hurting me.

- You like to hurt me.
- No.

Vauneen ...

- Give us another whiskey.
- And a whiskey.

Mr. Dalglish, railways.


Welcome. You will
well treated. You want to smoke?

A cigar?

Vauneen! Come!


Sweetley! Stop it!
What tufais?

What's going on?

He tried to pay me with this.

- It's my bag of gold.
- He lost the card.

I never heard
that Delaney was playing.

That's why he lost.
Lack of experience.

You'd better
introduce you to Mr. Dillon.

Tomorrow at dawn. Get out.

The show is over.

Let it work.
A tour here.

It's coming.

- Why not lock them up?
- No need.

Failure to appear
not Dillon,

they must leave the city.

It is a city clean.
It's good for the company.

And you! Going on.
Sorry, it's mine.

Why not both?

Down the hall,
The bed birds.

We want to treat it.

Have a good week.

Take it easy,
the girls. He is young.

- Where is he?
- At the end of the corridor.

It's been hours
I wait.

Ilfaudra wait.
Have you brought the train into town?

You've missed the boat again, Jim.

Come on, do not mind.

It's true that you will choose
the name of the station?

Give him my name.

- What is your name?
- Sarah.

He'll call Sue, like me.

Sue City.

The railway
is the largest ...

of all American history.

It's not you who selected.

- Ilfaut deserve it.
- No kidding, really?



Why it is called Sue?

Because I
fuck you so deep ...

so, so deep ...

that your cock will be found
somewhere in California.

Come here, quick.

That's him.

It's Mr. Dillon.

He, on the horse?

Here, take this.

Give them to Mr. Dillon.

A one else.

How are you?

Hurry up.

I ...

Harry Grimes,
concession Roughwood,

November 30 this year,

have been found guilty
of intentionally ...

racked color and dust
Mr. Delaney gold ...

when he was
drunk and asleep.

I know I was wrong.

I deserve punishment.

The normal sentence
is 50 blows.

Mr. Dillon was transferred to 25 ...

because he knows that this
will not happen again.

The show is over,

Go home!

Mr. Dillon!

I was told to give you this.

What is it?

This is the part of Mrs. Burn.

Hope you are?

Mr. Dillon.

Burn miss!

- Can I accompany you?
- Yes.

Mr. Dillon is your parent?

Yes, indeed.

Our rich parent.

It's good to have
a parent like him.

Unless he does hunting
with a whip.

In many cities,
this man would have been lynched.

Mr. Dillon has probably
saved his life.

Have you ever seen a lynching?

J'aifailli lynched
myself, once.

- Really?
- A city waiting ...

its railway.

I had to tell them that
pass 25 km to the north.

The idea of ??a rope to the coup
I would change my mind.

But no.

It must be fascinating
to be in the nature ...

with the lynchers, grizzly bears
and wild Indians.

It is.

Can I accompany you?

It's not very pleasant.

I am strong.
I do not slow you down.

- Okay.
- When?

Tomorrow morning.

The path
above the city.

We will return in the evening.

It makes me happy.
Thank you, Mr. Dalglish.

See you tomorrow.


I Dufeu and eat ...
if you want.

It's pork stew.

I have a bowl.

- Where are you from?
- In Dublin.

- And you?
- In Poland.

Want to drink?

Thank you.

I have not seen a woman ...

long time.

I understand.

- You have found?
- There is no gold in America.

No more gold than elephants.

It provides no pleasure.

A man loses his courage.

Even if it discovers
a pool, he loses.

There's more?

I do not need gold.

I need a woman.

Take that.

- On exchange.
- You do not part with.

I dragged on for six months
on this forsaken land.

I started with two mules,
a cart and luggage.

- I no longer owns it.
- You do not possess me.

The concession.

I give you the concession.

- Daniel.
- Shut up. Let me think.

I take the child as well.

I will be happy.

Want to sell your child?

I'm serious.

This is my breath.

You see how
he clings to coal?

Yes, he has taken.

More slowly.

It warms the outside ...

and when it's hot ...

you pass on your face,
your hands ...

Get warm all day.

Thank you.

- You want good shoes?
- It's OK.

- You're not cold?
- No.

- Tell me if your feet are freezing.
- I come from pioneer.

My father was one.

My mother also.

I was a baby when all
California was like that.

They found gold?

A little.

Not enough.

They never
said as it was beautiful.

It's beautiful.

HowTo mount
a train here?

Ilfautfaire jump
the mountain.

That may be what will be done.


Can I have
more water for my mother?

- Of course.
- Thank you.

You're welcome.

- Miss Burn?
- Yes?

We have a mutual friend.

A Mr. Dalglish?

Oh, yes.

My name is Lucia.

Enchanted. Mine is Hope.

- It's a pretty name.
- Thank you.

You can call me Lucy.

I came to ask you
from Dillon ...

if you wanted
visit us.

Oh, yes. Thank you.


- Here's your water.
- Thank you.

Whenever you want.
Now, if you want.

I'm not sure.

- My mother ...
- Oh, come with your mother.

- I will ask.
- I'm waiting here.


Dillon is below.

I must visit him.

- You too.
- Dillon?

It is below.

- She knows we're here?
- Mr. Dalglish told him.

- Can I go?
- Yes.

Cap up.

- I have no time. She waits.
- It will wait.

Come here.

Do not talk too much there.

Okay? Answer when
it speaks to you.

About Dillon.
Say nothing of yourself.

Do not worry.
I know quoifaire.


- Where are you, Hope?
- In Boston.

I would go to Boston.

Tonight, Mr. Dalglish will fall
madly in love with you.

I do not think.

- Why would he do?
- Because you will be splendid.

Let moifaire.
We captives.

I tried to do
like San Francisco.


- Let's start.
- Okay.

What do you think of the form?

I've never worn
like it. I do not know.

Here is the skirt that goes with it.

She is so beautiful.

- You can change the lace.
- It will be too big?

We can fix that.

Come on, guys. Move
boxes and boards!

Thank you.

We want to get
before nightfall. Go!

Go on. Keep it up!

Ladies ...

Ladies and gentlemen ...

we have a guest tonight.

A distinguished pianist
you just heard ...

and a famous actress
throughout the Americas.

Hope Burn miss.

There is a gorge ...

- What a beautiful song.
- Thank you.

What was she talking about?

It's a song about
the homeland of my ancestors.

- Portugal.
- You know what?

She has a mole
on the buttock.

The neighbors liked
the charming girl.

Calm down!

All of you!


Then one day
a letter arrived ...

with its passage already paid ...

for land flowing
Missouri and Mississippi.

She made her luggage
and everything was ready ...

and a day at the door ...

the widow, the brokenhearted,
separated from her Noreen Bawn.

I'm going to change.

The widow waited
many years.

But one evening through the door,
a slender woman entered.

It was
expensive clothes.

She said: "Mother,
you know me?

"I only caught a cold."

But two scarlet spots
his cheeks ...

their sad story.

There is a grave
Old Shooting Connail ...

where the wild flowers
stir gently.

An old woman sobbing
kneeling at the grave.

She said:
"Noreen, you hear me?

"I am alone
since you left.

"The curse
of emigration ...

"Put you there, my Noreen Bawn."

Daniel, stop!


So, dear youth
and tender girls ...

think before you leave.

Your humble
Irish houses ...

you do not see
that there really.

What gold and pleasure
without his health and strength?

If you are thinking of emigrating,
remember Noreen Bawn.

It's been years ...

- Sit down.
- Thank you.

- It was lovely.
- Thank you.

Sing, Dalglish.

- Sing! Sing!
- Oh, no!

- Sing!
- No!

Sing! Sing!

I know this ballad.

I recited
often to my father.

He was still crying at the end.

How was it?

My father?

You are not parents?

Mom said you
are related by marriage.

Oh, Shenandoah

Because I miss you

It's too high.

Again. Again.

- Do it again.
- Right now?

Do you have children?


Oh, Shenandoah

Because I miss you

In the distance, river flood

Oh, Shenandoah

As I hear you


I am far

I crossed the great Missouri


Stop it.

You are special.


Very special.

No, you say that ...

and then you go with your big
nitroglycerin box ...

and you never come back.

If I come back.

What are you doing in the hallway?
You have men in there.

The job before the cigarette.

Bellanger. The time has passed.

I want money.

- Annie?
- Yes.

No gifts. Go!

- On the table.
- I know.

- Now.
- Where have you gone?

- It goes well ...
- It takes me another 30 dollars.

Mary, it is not there?

Bring your ass over here.
You do wait.

Going to do your job.

Dillon asked
from you.

What did you say?

You were a researcher
gold and should be wary.

You are very perceptive.

I have to go again tomorrow.

I must consider
the next valley.

You come back?


- What are you looking for?
- My turn.

It is there.

It was a good night.

Yes? How?

$ 900 and 4 ounces.

It's good.

One of them pays Annie
for each minute of the day.

- I liked your song.
- Thank you.

watch your man.

- As he looked at the small ...
- I beg you.

Well, it's just a child.

You were a
when he found you.

It Luif
marry an engineer.

I know very well
what I do.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Back to work.

I do not think
that you will return.

Of course there is.

I leave luggage here.

And me?

You'll come back looking
your luggage and you will let me.

I'll be back for you too.

You think more
in your luggage to me.

Go to sleep now.

It's going in the room
Mrs. Burn.

At the top of the stairs, right?

It's almost frozen.

It's so pretty.

- It seems not stupid?
- It suits you very well.

Thank you, Mom.

Where do I ask this, Madame?

Oh, that.

Mr. Dillon sent me
you up, ma'am.

I am not a package.

No. I wait for you outside.



Look at that.

That's it. I will
help you down.

How are you?

- You wait there.
- OK, Dan.

They say you're sick.

I am dying.

Burn died.

It did not leave anything.

I do not want that Hope suffers.

I hope you either.


I want $ 200 a year.

That's it.

If it's too, we can negotiate.

But I want
a written promise.

I no longer drink, Elena.

I want you to know.

I need money.

I need money for Hope.

Does she know?

It's cold here here.

Sweetley you deposit.

Mr. DeWolf.

Mr. Dillon.

Remain seated.

- Hello, Mr. Dillon.
- Open the door.

Oh, Dillon ... my love.

What is it?

A gift.

And that?

The titles of the show.

It is yours.


We have to finish this.

What are you talking?

It is a comfortable settlement.
You will not ...

I am not a whore!

I do not want.

Tell me why.

- The titles of the tobacco ...
- Stop with that!

- Why?
- It's impossible.

You think I do not know.
It is this girl.

You want to fuck her!
Sort of ... pig!

As soon as one has passed
the mountain, I will leave.

- You will see.
- You always say that.

She has one child.


She left him in Sacramento.
We'll get him.

It will not be a life
with a kid.

I will find
a piece of land ...

and I'm going to
build a house.

Bellanger, you are
so full of shit.

You did not sit
since 1862.

I sat down.


In a brothel in San Francisco.

It is too narrow, boss.

- We will never build here.
- I've seen worse.

Come on, guys.
Bring the nitro.

Cross far.

Go right to the edge.

It peutfaire skip the rock.



It's good.

Lord God!


"Surely goodness
and mercy ...

"Be with me all my life ...

"And I will always
in the house of the Lord.



You can not pass.
You know that.

The train will stop
not to Kingdom Come?

So what?

And Annie, then?

There 's plenty of Annies.

But it is not Annie
you think.

Be careful
where you put it.

Hey, John?

T.J., you ready?

Come on, guys. Walk straight.



Straighten up and there!




Continues to descend, T.J.!

Straighten up there!



There is music out.

Mrs. and Miss Burn,

Mr. Dillon asked
the pleasure of your company.

- When?
- Now.


Dillon wants
tell you in person.

Come on, straighten it!

Ms. Burn ...

I must speak.

Why all this?

I want us to get married.

- We are already married.
- No one knows.

It would settle everything.

You should have all the money
you want.

I have no other family.

Hope inherit after death.

And your little lady?

It has nothing to do with it.

- You did not marry?
- I was already married.

It would be a family again.

I served as his father.

On one condition.

I do not want her to know.

It was not me who would tell him.

We agree?


How can you marry him?

I do not understand.

They were never married.

It does not explain
why marry you.

I knew before.

Before Dad?

Before Dad.

Hey, guys!

Engineers are back!

Come on, hurry up.

I hurry.

Hi, Dalglish.

We are waiting for you, you know.

Where is everyone?

At the wedding.

Why not you?

It is the marriage of Mr.
Dillon and Mrs. Burn.

Forward, guys!

I want you to be happy.

I am.

- Are you well?
- Yes.

How are you?

Take care of it.

- Bellanger, just dance.
- I arrive.

Excuse me, ma'am.
Excuse me.

Hello, miss Burn.

Good morning.

- How are you?
- Want to dance?

With pleasure.

How did it go?

All right.

It starts quickly.

Kingdom Come needs
a railroad.

Everyone needs it.

The nation needs it.

Hope everything will be in one day.
Think about it.

I do not want, Mr. Dillon.

It is up to you,
whether you like it or not.

Now ...

you dance with me?

- Sorry.
- How are you?


Now I want
a beautiful wedding photo.

Stand up
in front of the camera.

- I sit here?
- Yes, please.

Maybe the bride
should sit?

The bride ...


- Do you love me?
- Yes.

- Really?
- Of course.

You do not amuse me?

I have to leave tomorrow.


Yes, we must
examine the other side.

But I shall return.



Does Dillon will
have what he wants?

I do not know.

Everything would change.

For the better.

There will be a school, church.

Even the sidewalks?

Ilfaudra rename it.

Dillonville, probably.

Dillonopolis or Dilladelfia.

There are so many possibilities.

Hope is a nice
name for a city.

You build the road
iron to the Atlantic?

It is already there.

We will meet
in the middle.

It's not that far, then.

- Come, we are in the saloon.
- No, I'm too tired.

- We got engaged.
- Really?

You are engaged?

- Yes, we celebrate.
- Come, both of them.

I promised my mother
to help. But, thank you.

Come, Bellanger.
I want to tell Sue.

You must come.

- Okay.
- Congratulations.

You're sure not to come?

I would like
but I can not.

Just a drink.

I really
go help my mother.

I understand.

Okay, okay, it's good.

In honor of the engagement
Mr. Bellanger ...

and a certain lady
of the parish,

Railway Company
Central Pacific ...

pays the tour!

And some
amount of tobacco.

- I'll go see Sue.
- Go ahead, darling.

Hi, bitch.

Do not be sad, Sue.

You're gonna make me cry.

You look lost, Lochinvar.

- You do not want a girl?
- Not tonight.

You bring me back home?

Impossible. I have a big
day, tomorrow.

You're so polite.

I like it.

It hurts?

Our equipment
is at the warehouse.

- Send us an invoice.
- It will be free.

We will pay
what seems right.

If you do not build,
do not come back.

- Thank you.
- I bring you something?

No, thank you.

Look at the piano.

Dillon offered to you?

The man, now
identified and isolated the power ...

which is originally
of life and had galvanized.

This force is electricity.


The frog ...

is dead.

But if we introduce a
small electric shock ...

in the frog,

and ...

Of course, it's too late ...

forces to revive the ...

This poor frog
a sustainable manner.

Excuse me.

But the sound absorption
electricity ...

for a disease can ...

revitalizing forces
life of an individual ...

and strengthen the will to live.

Take them, yes.

Do not be afraid.

This equipment generates
a small electric shock.

Did you notice?

It's narrow.

Was constructed
in worse conditions.

It's expensive.

$ 50,000 per km,
perhaps 40,000.

And this city, Kingdom Come?

What will happen to him?

They can move,

We will give you trouble?

I guess yes.

- Do what you must do.
- Yes, sir.

Do not try to get
one day of work without token.

All right, guys.

And that's it.

Water, please.

Let's remove him his nightshirt.

Raises his arms.

Thank you, Mr. Dillon.

Thank you.

Good morning.

Can you give me some herbs
like last time?

Do not lose the head, Bellanger.

We do not want the fight.

Can you give me
a little more of it?

If you walk a little,
it will pass.

The engineering team
is going to pack.

I'm coming.

The current needs
time to circulate.


You are leaving us, Dalglish ...

or the railway
will go through my corral?

No, it does not.

Where is it?

It will aufond Valley.

Aufond Valley?
It's far from my city.

Yes, but the land there
belongs to no one.

- The railway ...
- You got me wrong.

Why are you back?

We must recover
the material of the company.

Mr. Sweetley ...

these men are
weapons in our city.

We have spent
the limits of Kingdom Come.

I decide
the limits of my town.

Go to the home.

Do not move, Mr. Dillon!

There is no
other injuries.

Sorry for M. Sweetley.

We pack and leave
as soon as possible.

You have until dawn.

Take him to the sheriff.

Take off your hat.

Lower arms.

At work.

Come on, faster.

Let's go.

What happened?

Sweetley died.

Dalglish was killed.

Come here.


Sometimes you turn
back to someone ...

and when you look
again, your life is gone.

Do not stay here.

Do not stay for me.

No one rejoices, Lucy.


Francisco, where Bellanger?

Gentlemen! Come!

Come on, girls. Will.

It is on the house tonight.

Do not sit as
a band of virgins.

It did not. Will.

You pay, you pay!

Do not go, Bellanger.

Please, do not go.

I'll miss you.

Come with us.

You can build a city.

What do you mean?

Why not?

Are you recording land, you
organized money. You can.

- You would do very well.
- Yes, I could.


She is dying.

If you go,
you never see her again.

What's going on?

- Where is he?
- Who?

Where Dalglish?

Answer when I get off the woman.

At Lucia!

- Go away!
- Go, go!

I told you to go away!
I'll kill you.

Going on.

What are you doing here? Your wife
await you and your daughter.

Hope your daughter, right?

How are you?

- Where are you?
- On vacation.

Why? Wait!
What's going on?

- What do you mean you go?
- C'estferm?.

- Just you and me, then.
- What, you and me?

It is so hard that
I could prick coal.

Ilfaudra do that by hand.
Sit a little cream.

I for two minutes.

Sue was found
something to you!

It is precisely
what we need.

The tobacco shop and saloon
will close today.

We will
installed in the valley.

There will nifemmes,
or alcohol to Kingdom Come ...

From now on.

If you want women
tobacco and alcohol,

you know where to find them.

If you want to stay,
God bless you.

You will find our camp
in the valley.

We will take
of you there.


Do not forget us.

We will not forget you.

See you there.

Do not forget me

Do not trouble

Because my heart is sincere

And can not disappoint you

My hand and my heart

I give them

See you after all this?

The next time you see me
you do not talk to me.


You'll be the woman most
rich north of Sacramento ...

and I'm an engineer
of railways.

You would not stay
to build a city?

It is a railway
I want to build.

You would stay if someone
you asked.

- Who?
- Hope.

You have a name for your city?

I want to name it
after my father.

I've always dreamed
to return there.

He pronounced it so well.

I belong now.

And you, Dalglish?

You would not
belong to one place?


When I finished
the railway.


Farewell, Dalglish.

Return to work.

I would
she is my daughter.

So you do it
tell the truth.

What's going on? Tell me.


It's going to go, it will go.

Let me give you water.

Wood as much as you can.


You have to keep drinking.
I beg you.

Please, wood.
Wood, please.

You'll feel better in a minute.
It's going to go.

Look at me.


You will work this afternoon ...

Weapons are prohibited
in my city.

I came for a priest.

- Why do you need?
- Elena died.

Where are you?

I'm going.

I'll get Dalglish.

She told me not to
abandon those you love,

no matter what they do.


I would like to show you

You come with me?

Wait for me here,

I will be here.

And there.

Who is it?

You know who it is.

It's you.

The baby is you.

The woman is your mother.

I do not understand.

I have sold.

I sold your mother.

I have sold
Burn in against gold ...

here in this hut.

Welcome, Mr. Dalglish.

- It's nice to see you.
- Bellanger Here!

Here it is.

Where is the priest?

- He is not here.
- Why?

- He went to Kingdom Come.
- Why?

Dillon died.

- He went to bury him.
- It will come back?

I hope so.

Come see the church.
It is not over yet.

Friends ...

we are gathered to see
the beginning of an era ...

and the beginning
a new city.

In many years,
when you tell the story ...

men and women
North America ...

who conquered this territory
blank with steel strings,

you can say that
you played your role.

And on behalf ...

the railway
Central Pacific,

I wish you happiness
and prosperity ...

in your new city ...


Here the priest.

Miss Burn it.

I come back.

Let me help you.

Thank you.

Miss Burn, I
sorry for your loss.

She was sick
for a long time.

I have done wrong.

When one is left
not in one place

it behaves differently
in other circumstances.

It is unfortunate that
circumstances have been.

I would like to attend the wedding.

Yes, of course.

Thank you.

You are etfemme husband.

Embrace it, Annie!

Annie, are you working tonight?


Alan! Alan, saddle the horses!

Kingdom Come is burning!

- Horses!
- I gotta go.

- I bring the horses.
- John! Robert!

It's too hot!

Be careful, guys.

Come back, come back!

We lost!

Come on, guys!

- Have you found?
- No.

We start again at dawn.

What is it?

Father, wake up,
I beg you.

Please, wake up.

You can help me return it?

Bring the horses.

Help me to return.

Stop the horse. Stop!



They were like kings.

- Who?
- Pioneers.

Men like Dillon.

They came here
when there was nothing

they built these cities
and have reigned as kings.


Let's go get it! At the bank!

- Quick!
- It's ours now!