The Christmas Chronicles (2018) - full transcript

The story of sister and brother, Kate and Teddy Pierce, whose Christmas Eve plan to catch Santa Claus on camera turns into an unexpected journey that most kids could only dream about. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Okay, here we go.
I think it's all set.

- Ah, yes! Okay.
- Did you get it?

- Here.
- You like it?

- Love it!
- Want me to do it?

you like your new fire truck?

It's just like Daddy's.

Ted. Teddy!

Look at the camera.
Look and say, "Hi, Mom."

- Hi!
- Hi, Mommy.

Well, look at her and say it.

- Hi, Mommy!
- Good job.

- Merry Christmas 2007.
- Merry Christmas.

- Oh, be careful, honey.
- Get the camera.

Teddy. Teddy, come here.

Look at this, huh! It's your sister.

Katie Cat!

Katie Cat! That's good, dude.
Gimme some.

Merry Christmas 2008!
Santa got Teddy a bike!

Santa got Teddy a bike!

- All right, wave to Mom. Say "Hi, Mom."
- Hi, Mom!

Say, "Thank you, Santa."

- Thank you, Santa.
- Thank you, Santa.

It's Christmas 2011! Whoo!
What did we get?

- You guys, guys!
- My turn!

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
What are you doing, you guys?

Come on!

All right? What... What do we do? We...

Hug it out.

- Hey, guys!
- Hey, come here. Look!

Okay, so most people don't know this,
but reindeer love candy canes. Watch.


- Hi.
- Is this true, honey?

- I want a reindeer!
- You want a reindeer?

Oh, really?
Where are we gonna keep this reindeer?

- How about a fish? You want a fish?
- No, let's go with the reindeer.

- Have two fish?
- No.

- Look, look! She's eating it!
- So cool!

- Look at that!
- Yay!

Teddy is about to open his present
from Daddy.

- Mommy doesn't really approve, okay.
- This is a big one!

- So cool. A knife.
- What's it say?

- "A Pierce always sees it through."
- That's right.

- Gosh.
- It fits you.

- Everyone get together.
- A picture. All right, guys.

- Everybody smile!
- What do we say?

- We say...
- Thank you, Aunt Peggy!

You look great.

- Hat!
- Christmas 2017!

Come here, baby.

- Merry Christmas!
- Merry Christmas!

- Come here.
- Come on.

I miss you, Daddy.

- Hi!
- Hi!

Happy snowman!

- Okay. Bye.
- Okay.

Dear Santa, this is Kate Pierce.

Eighteen Bridgton Road,
Lowell, Massachusetts.

Just wanted to say
that I've been really good this year.

I know I haven't been doing too well
in school,

especially since I got a D minus
in Spanish.

I have a really hard time with languages.

But I promise to get my grades up
in the new year.

I help out Mom a lot.

She has to work
at the hospital most nights,

so I start dinner three,
four times a week,

do the dishes, and take out the trash.

And I try not to get
into too much trouble.

I do say bad words every now and then,

but that's only when my brother, Teddy,
makes fun of me and I lose my sh...

I mean, my temper.

Anyway, Santa,
I'm not asking for much this Christmas.

Just a Bones Brigade skateboard.

You know, the red one
with the skeleton on it?

My brother, Teddy,
won't even let me touch his.

He says skateboards aren't for girls.

I wouldn't waste my time
getting him any presents.

He doesn't deserve anything.

He's turning into a real loser...
Ow! Teddy, what the hell?

Oh, sorry! I meant "heck."

- Talking smack about me?
- Let go! You're gonna break it!

Who cares?
This camera's like 20 years old.

If it's good enough for Dad,
it's good enough for me.

Now, give it back!

I can't believe you're still making
video letters to Santa.


- You're ten years old! Almost 11!
- So?

you really have no clue, do you?

What are you talking about?


There is no...

No what?


chance that he's gonna watch a video.

He only reads handwritten letters sent
in the mail.

Where are you going?

I gotta meet my friends.

Then I'm coming with.

- What?
- You can't leave me alone in the house.

I'm coming with you.

No, you're not.

- My fish!
- Hope they're hungry.

Don't worry, guys!
Everything's gonna be okay!

All right, come on.
Right this way.

Come on, let's go.

Dude, hurry up.

Teddy, do your thing.

Let's go! Let's go!

- Not too bad, man.
- Let's get outta here.

No freaking way.

You have a good time with your friends?

Get outta my room.
You're not allowed in here.

And you're not allowed to steal cars
from the deli parking lot.


- I didn't steal a car.
- I saw the whole thing.

Can't prove it.

Wanna bet?

Give me that.

When Mom sees this, she's gonna freak out!

She's so sick of your crap,

I bet she turns you in
to the cops herself!

Gimme that tape, you little creep!

Oh, you're so dead!

And you're so busted!

- Gimme that now! Come on!
- No!

Gimme it!

- You're such a jerk!
- Come on!

It's mine! Give it back!

- Ow! Stop! It's mine!
- Come on, stop being such a baby!

- Stop!
- What the hell is going on?

Is this what happens when I leave?

- She started it.
- Did not!

He did something really horrible,
and I have proof!

Oh, jeez...

What did he do now?

Come on, Kate! I'm waiting!

What did Teddy do?

He shoved me against the wall,
into this picture.

You know what I want for Christmas?

I want for the two of you to get along.

You're her older brother.
I expect more from you.

Teddy, please put the tree back up.

And put the lights on, while you're at it.
I've only been asking you all week!

Come on, you guys!
Dad would've had this place looking...

Kate, help me unload the groceries.

This does not look
like a Christmas tree. It looks like...

I think it looks great.

Whoa, whoa! You want some cookie
with those sprinkles? Golly!

Dad likes sprinkles.

Sorry. Sometimes I forget.

- I don't mean to.
- That's okay, honey.

I like it.

- Thanks.
- I think they should all be like that.

Hi, Angela.


Isn't there someone else that can...

Oh, no. That's terrible.

Yeah, no, of course.
I'll... I'll be right there.

Okay, bye.

You gotta work tonight?

- I don't want to.
- But it's Christmas Eve!

Well, even more reason for me
to be at the hospital, honey.

Some people have no one else
to take care of them.

But there's still so much to do.

We have to hang the stockings
and make the eggnog!

- It just won't be Christmas without it!
- Oh, honey.

There is more to Christmas
than all that stuff.

I'm gonna pretend
like I didn't hear that, Mom.

- Hey! Where are you going?
- Just out.

- Where?
- Me and my friends are going caroling.

You haven't been caroling since you were
in kindergarten, and you hated it.

Just wanna spread
a little Christmas cheer.

More like Christmas beer.

Okay, well, you can't go,
'cause I need to work.


- Yeah.
- It's Christmas Eve.

Which is why you're gonna stay home
with your sister.

- Come on, Mom. I...
- No.

You are not to leave this house,
young man!

You leave her alone again,
and you are grounded!

Until February.

You wanna spread some cheer?

Decorate the tree.



Take the cookies out
in 20 minutes, all right?

And don't stay up too late. And no soda!

And listen, absolutely no junk food, okay?

- You hear me? Gotcha!
- Mom.


See you guys tomorrow, bright and early.

I love you.

- I love you, too.
- Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

Wanna watch a movie? Mom's gone,
so it can be PG-13 or maybe even R!

- I'm gonna go to my room.
- But it's Christmas Eve!

Let's do something together.

Come on, Teddy Bear.

I told you to stop calling me that.

You used to laugh
when I called you Teddy Bear,

and I was your Katie Cat.

But ever since Dad died...

I mean...

all you wanna do is hang out
with your wannabe gangster friends.

You know... at least they're fun.

They're not boring slugs like you.

- Mm, cookies.
- No! You've had enough, mister!

Is there any chance I can open
a Christmas present early?

we have way too much to do.


- What is this? What is this?
- What are you doing?

This looks like mistletoe.

- I know.
- I think I like it.

- I love you.
- I love you.

Say "Merry Christmas."

Merry Christmas!

Where are you going?
Wait. Honey...

You're gonna wake up the kids!


Teddy, get down here!
You've gotta see this!

You're not gonna believe it!

- You know who that looks like.
- Aunt Peggy.

No way. That person isn't wearing
an ugly Christmas sweater.

And besides,

Aunt Peggy's never here on Christmas Eve.
And if she was,

why would Mom and Dad leave her alone
in the living room

in the dark?

Maybe it was a burglar.

Burglars take things.

Whoever it was

would've had to been standing flat up
against the wall like this, next to the...

Oh, my gosh! The fireplace!
I just got goosebumps!

Chill out.

Just let me think.

- Come on, Teddy. You know it's him.
- Kate...

Hey, we should make a video!

- A video?
- Yeah!


Maybe we can get a shot
of the whole Santa Claus,

and not just his hand!

You don't think anyone's thought
of that before?

Catching Santa in the act?

Yeah, but have you ever heard of anyone
actually pulling it off?

No! They probably don't think
it's possible. But it is!

This is proof!

A video showing exactly how he does it.
It's gonna get a gazillion hits.

No way.

Please? Mom always says
we should be helping each other out.

I don't think this is
what she had in mind.

Look! I'll give you back the tape of you
in the car.

Okay. Deal.

And you can never say anything
to Mom about it.

I swear.

What are you doing?

I saw it on Ghost Adventurers.

Lamest Christmas ever.

- Hey! Mom said no junk food!
- Yeah, well, we gotta stay up somehow.


sometimes, you gotta break the rules
for the greater good.

Can't even remember the last time
we did anything together, Teddy.

Just the two of us!
Pulling an all-nighter!

How awesome is this?


So good. So good.

Slow down, dude.

Oh my!

Teddy! Teddy! Teddy!


He's here!

- Who?
- Santa!

He's gone!

You're kidding, right?

- What the...
- He's on the roof, let's go!

- He's at the back of the house!
- Get your coat!

Be careful!

I don't see him!

Whoa! Gimme the camera!


Did you see that?
It's Santa Claus!

Come on!

We'll get a better view from the alley!

- Wait up!
- Hurry!

Slow down! Wait!


Tell me you're getting this.

Oh, yeah, right.


It's more beautiful than I ever imagined.

Kate, wait!

Come back!

What are you doing?

Do you realize how big of a deal this is?
I need to get a closer look.

- Get down.
- No way. Hand me the camera.


Be careful. You break your neck,
and Mom will kill me.

Kate... what are you...

No, stop!

You gotta be kidding me!

- Teddy!
- Are you crazy?

Why'd you do that?

I wanted to get a closer look
at the sleigh.


- Did he see us?
- I don't think so.

We got enough footage.
Let's get outta here.

- Why don't we just stay here?
- Stay here? In the sleigh?

Yeah! How many kids get to ride with Santa
in his sleigh on Christmas Eve?

No, okay...

On, Cupid! On, Comet!

It's freezing.

Hang in there.
He's gonna go back down again.

Maybe Santa has a blanket?

I'll look.


Help me, Teddy!

Kate! Help!


- Kate!
- Help me!

Grab my hand!

- Reach!
- I'm trying!


You got this, Kate!



Hold on to your sister!

Brace yourselves!


Teddy? Teddy?

Are you okay?

Where's the camera?

Still works.

Where are we?

- Teddy...
- I could have swore I saw Paris!

- Uh, Teddy?
- That plane almost killed us!

- Teddy?
- I was in the sky!

- Teddy!
- What?

Santa Claus?

Live and in person.

One night only.

You two okay?


You look so... um, different.

Why? Because I'm not a big fat slob?

No, no. I... I didn't mean it that way.

Ah, that's okay, Kate.
I guess it's understandable.

I mean, who can eat millions of cookies
in one night and not get fat, right?

Well, I can.

Can you go, "Ho ho ho"?

I don't go, "Ho ho ho." That's a myth.

Fake news.


Oh no. Oh...

You two have really messed things up.

You were supposed to be asleep.

- It was all her idea!
- Hey!

- It was!
- Wait.

What did you do with my sack of presents?

It flew off the sleigh.

Oh, not good.

Not good at all.

First star's there...

Second star's there.

We came back over Moscow and...

and over Paris,

New York,

Boston... Oh!

Reindeer must've broken off
somewhere over Lakeshore Drive.

Lakeshore Drive?

We're in Chicago, young lady.


That means we traveled
thousands of miles in, like, 30 seconds.

- Epic!
- You mean epic disaster.

If I'm not up and running
in the next couple of hours,

half the continent's
not gonna get presents, and that,

well, that can never happen.

Uh, so a few brats don't get presents.
It's not the end of the world.

That's just the kinda lame garbage
I'd expect from a Lost Believer.

You listen to me, Teddy Pierce.


young boys and girls
all over the globe are waiting, hoping,

expecting Santa Claus to arrive.

And if I don't...

Well, you don't wanna know what happened
the last time I couldn't make my rounds.

Yes, we do. Tell us.

You've heard of the Dark Ages?

Read about all those wars in school?

Yeah, sure, but...

Wait, those happened
because you missed Christmas?

Christmas spirit is more powerful
than you could ever imagine.

People need Christmas to remind themselves
of how good they can be!

Without it, well, Christmas simply...

must endure!

All right,
I need to round up the reindeer,

find my sack of presents,

call the elves, and maybe,

just maybe, I can still save Christmas.

All right...


What is that?

Tracking device for the sack.

The closer you get, the faster it chimes.

- It's pretty cool.
- Yeah, it is.

That's good.

At least it's not that far away.





Santa, are you okay?

Oh no!

Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

My hat!

My hat's gone!

Do you want mine?

Oh, that... that won't help.
Your hat's not magic.


Well, how do you think
I can turn into coal dust

and leap from rooftop to rooftop?


My hat!

I can't believe this! She told me,

"You should always bring a spare, Nick!"


I guess I'm gonna have to do this
the old-fashioned way.

On foot.

Santa, just let us help you!

Oh, no, no, no.

I think you've done quite enough damage
already, don't you?

No, you just go on back to your house
and get some sleep.

No need to wake up early.

There won't be any presents.

You two are on the naughty list for life.

We can't just stay here! Santa needs us!

I don't know. He seems pretty mad.

- We should just head home.
- Home?

We're, like, a thousand miles away!

Teddy, you heard him.
We're on the naughty list for life!

We've ruined Christmas!

I mean, that's, like, the worst possible
thing a kid could ever do!

Do you really wanna tell your kids
that you were that guy?

The person responsible
for the Christmas Meltdown of 2018?

Okay, fine!

Wait, Santa!

We just wanna help!

Ah, well, I can't do anything to stop you.

You better watch out, you better not pout,
and you better not cry.

I don't have time
for any more of your shenanigans.

Ah, perfect.

Uh, I don't think I'm supposed to be
in here.

Just stay next to me,
but I'll do the talking.

Can I help you?


- How do you know my name?
- You got so big!

Excuse me?

Ah, you know what I mean. Grown-up big!

do you remember that letter you sent me

about dreaming
of being a fashion designer?

She used to always ask for sewing kits,

little toy sewing machines.

I think it was 2009 when you made
all the stockings by yourself.


Yeah, I think so.

Well, I'm sorry the fashion designer thing
didn't quite pan out.

Yeah, I wanted to go to Parsons
and live in New York,

but I couldn't afford the tuition.


- No.
- Wait, what is this?

Is this some kind of reality show?
How do you know all that stuff?

Kate, come on.

Did you talk to my mom?

Oh, no, no, no.
I certainly wouldn't ruin the surprise

of that beautiful scarf
you made for your mom.

Wendy, we've got a big problem.

We need a ride into the city.

Oh, I don't have a car.
Can you call an Uber?

Don't have an account.

Um, a taxi?

Oh, you guys got any cash on you?


Ah, right.

You think I can pay the driver...
with these?

Santa! Sorry.

You know what? Um...
Here, take my tips.

Um, although I don't think
it's enough to cover

- a cab ride...
- That's very kind of you,

but I'm sure somebody
in here will help us out.

Uh, sorry for the intrusion, folks.

- I'm...
- Santa Claus.

- The real Santa Claus!
- Yeah, that's okay, Kate.

- Not just one of those phony mall ones.
- I've got this.

You don't look like Santa Claus.

Yeah, well,
billboards add 80 pounds, Freddie.

As I was saying,

we've got ourselves
an emergency situation here.

Christmas is in trouble.

And if you all want presents
under the tree

and in your stockings in the morning,

then I need your help.


who here can give us a ride into the city
so I can find my reindeer?

Uh, Min-Jun.

Can you help?

I'm sorry, we can't help.

Vijay! Beena!

You guys have a car
you can lend me?

Please leave us alone.


And I speak English, you moron.

Hope you like coal.

Larry and Sheila Bumperton.


Hey, Larry! Sheila.

Larry, you drove your Porsche
here tonight, didn't you?

- Yeah.
- How would you like to trade that Porsche

for a mint condition 1952...

...Mickey Mantle rookie card?

I know you've always wanted one.

- Is this thing real?
- Oh, yes.

- It's a deal. It's a deal.
- I thought so.

- It's at the valet.
- No, it's not!

You're not trading our Porsche
for a baseball card, Larry!

- Know what that is worth?
- What it's worth? Nothing!

That's what it's worth!

Get outta here, you bum!

Merry Christmas.

There is a maniac dressed
in a weird Santa costume

harassing the customers.

He's got two kids with him.
It could be an AMBER Alert situation.

- We gotta get out of here.
- Jeff! I know

- you've had a hard time believ...
- Okay, sorry, folks!

- Grandpa's a little...
- What are you doing?

- What has gotten into you?
- Okay, Santa, let's go!

Hey! You three! Out!

Well, well, well...

if it isn't Charlie Plummer!

Now, old Charlie here is
in the Naughty List Hall of Fame!

Ah, you just got outta the joint again,
what, about a month ago, Charlie?


Armed robbery...

money laundering, grand theft auto.

You know what, Charlie?

I don't think your parole officer
would be too happy

if he knew you'd stolen
that red Dodge Challenger

a couple of days ago, do you?

Yeah, well, what my parole officer
doesn't know won't hurt him.

You, on the other hand,
might not be so lucky!

No judgments!

After all, my friend Teddy here
is headed down the same path.

I mean, he's still a little young, but...

you keep going, couple years,
this could be you.

Prison tattoos and slinging tequila shots!

- Okay, that's it!
- All right, out! Out, out, out, out!

Bye, Wendy!

Good luck!

Let's go! Okay, hold the doors!


Be careful.

Sweet dreams, Charlie.

Oh no!
Christmas spirit's already down 35%.

We need to get things back on track.

- Hold on.
- What?


You better run!

She's our friend and she's crazy!

If you come back here, she'll kill you!
You hear me? She'll kill you...



No, no, no, no. Teddy, Teddy,
I don't think this is such a good idea.

Neither do I.

Oh, come on!
Do you wanna save Christmas?

Well, not by stealing a car.

Uh, that kinda undermines

the whole naughty or nice concept,
don't you think?

Don't you break into, like,
a billion homes every year?

- I mean, technically, that's illegal, too.
- Fair point.

And, plus, it's not just any car.

It's this car.


I mean, we're not even breaking the law

you know, the car's already stolen.

- And when we're finished, we'll just...
- Turn it in to the police.

- Yeah.
- Let's go.

All right, now, slow down.
Just be cool. Walk regular. Regular.

Hey, hey, slow down! Slow down!

You're not even old enough to drive!

- Hey!
- Oh, no time to argue! Look!

That's my car!

- No, it's not! You stole it!
- Get in, get in!

No, stop! Stop!

That's my car!

Hey, don't worry, Charlie.
I just reported it stolen.

You did what?

How we doing?

No one's following us,
so you can slow down.

Oh, come on, I'm not even going that fast!

Here we go...

All right, now we're getting somewhere.

Uh, Santa,
you know that stuff's junk, right?

Yeah, well, Katie Cat, one man's junk...

is Santa's treasure.

Teddy, I'm gonna need your knife.


Uh, Santa,
that's not how you work the radio.

- ...disturbance...
- Cool!

on the corner of Naperville and Roslyn.
Car 476 responding.

- How did you just...
- I am the greatest toymaker on Earth.

All units,
we have a reported grand theft auto.

A 2014 red Dodge Challenger, license plate
six, Bravo, Lima, seven, two, four.

Stolen by two kids
and an extremely large man.

A guy goes to the gym every day,

stays away from sugar and carbs,
what difference does it make? Oh man.

we have sightings

of what appear to be...

running down Michigan Avenue...

- Just what we're looking for.
- Not a joke.

I have a team of reindeer headed
southbound on Michigan Avenue,

toward Water Tower.

They're not that far away.

- That way! Go!
- The, uh... The car can't fly, Santa.

Right, habit. Okay, left on State,
right on Erie, left on Michigan.

How do you know so much about Chicago?

I know every street in the world, kid.

Teddy, you think
we could pick it up a little bit?

Put your seat belt on.

State Street, go!

Good move, Teddy.

All right.

Slow down, Teddy.

See if we can find my reindeer.





You guys! There...
There they are!


Back down that street!
Turn around, Teddy! Turn around!

Teddy, stop the car!

Prancer! Dancer! Get back here!

Comet! Cupid! Donner!

Did I say Dasher?
I always forget Vixen. Vixen!

Guys! Guys!

All right. Kate, come here.


You go after the reindeer.

- Teddy and I are gonna buy you some time.
- What?

We can't leave my sister
all alone out here.

Teddy, I can handle it.

- But I think...
- She said she can handle it, Teddy.

I've always believed in you, Kate.

I've always believed in you.

Unlike some people.

Guys, we better move.

You can do this. Go get 'em.

All right, all right. Hey, hey,
hey, hey. I'm driving! I'm... Dude! Out!

Get out of the vehicle.

Come on!

Come on, quick! Here we go!

- Hey!
- Get outta the car, man!

Yeah, yeah, I got it.

Oh, my God! It's an automatic!

- I'm a little rusty! Relax!
- It's not that complicated!

All right!

I mean, I'm used to something
with more pop under the hood,

but, man, this baby really handles!

I mean, can't you just wave your hand
and Jedi mind trick the cops?

I'm Santa Claus, Teddy, not Yoda.




Where are you?

Shh, it's okay. It's okay.

I won't hurt you. I'm with Santa.

You can trust me.


It's just a candy cane.

Don't you want some?

It's okay.

I'm one of the good guys.

You can trust me.

There you go. It's okay.

It's okay.

I'm Kate, and you're...


Comet? The Comet?

you're really famous where I come from!

Santa's really worried about you.

Is it okay if I take you to him?




Trading in eight reindeer
for 400 horses!

We've been in enough crashes

for one night, don't you think?

Hang on. I think I can lose 'em!


Hang on!

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

If you ever meet Mrs. Claus...

maybe just...

...skip this part.

Hands outside the vehicle!

- Step out of the car!
- You gotta be kidding.

- Get out of the car!
- You heard the man! Get out! Now!

Dave? Little Mikey!

Look at the two of you,
all grown up!

Now, they were always good kids.
Well, almost...

You are under arrest
for driving a stolen vehicle!

Yeah, the car's stolen,
but we didn't steal it.

We were just borrowing it
before bringing it back to the station.

That's the first time I heard that one.
How about you, Dave?

This job's always full of surprises.

I'm not joking!
We're gonna return the car, good as new!

Yeah? How you plan on doing that?

My crew of elves.

Elves? Right. They're good with bodywork?

They're amazing, actually.

They build thousands of cars every year.

Oh yeah? They work in Detroit?

Little further north.

Oh, he's serious.

What was I thinking, Mr... uh...
You know what? We never got your name.

Come on, fellas. Really? I...

Claus. Santa.

Right, right.
Why don't you give us a "Ho ho ho"

- so we really know it's you?
- I don't do "Ho ho ho."

All right, then, Santa Claus.

Tell us what you're doing
on Christmas Eve borrowing a car.

We're trying to save Christmas.

- Oh, is Christmas in trouble?
- Big trouble.

Speaking of which, it would be great
if the two of you could help me

- track down my reindeer.
- No can do.

- Reindeer fall under Animal Control.
- Give 'em a call!

Okay, Santa Claus.
That's enough fun for one night.

- Gotta take you to the station. Let's go.
- Wait! Look, it wasn't his fault.

This was all me. I took the car.

What is your name, kid?

Teddy Pierce.

What's this man's relationship
with you, Teddy?

Well, he's my, um...

my... well, he came down my chimney.

- What?
- So, he broke into your home?

No, I... He's Santa Claus.

what he does. I...

Look, guys, okay,

I wouldn't have believed him either,

- I mean, I saw the sleigh, the reindeer...
- Where do you live, son?



Let me get this straight.
You broke into this boy's residence

- and took him a thousand miles from home?
- Wait.

This wasn't my idea!
Look, Mikey, Officer Jameson...

- Impressive. You can read a name tag.
- Unfortunately...

Unfortunately for you,

- saving Christmas ain't in your cards.
- Yeah, well, it's gonna be tight!

- Let's go.
- Wait.

Huh? Ah.

What is that sound?

Sleigh bells!

Are you listening?

To what?

- Ha!
- Help me, somebody!

I'm falling!

Comet, you can slow down!

I'm new at this!

You're going too fast!

All right, Kate. Slow down.
Slow down, Kate!

Whoa! Slow your roll. Get back here.

- All right, all right.
- Comet, stop!

- Help me!
- Teddy, here. Take this.

Find my sack of toys.
It'll lead you to the elves.


- Teddy!
- Kate!

Hey! Mikey, get the kid!
I'm putting this guy in the car!


I can't stay on! Help!

- Attaboy, Teddy!
- Hey!

- Come back here!
- Find the elves!

- They'll know what to do!
- Teddy!


- They need to get up.
- Come on!

- They need to fly!
- Hey!

- Attach Comet's jingle bells!
- Get back here!


Jingle bells!

- What did he say?
- All I heard was "jingle bells."

Jingle bells... Jingle bells...

Jingle bells!

Up! Up!


Come on, Comet!

Fly for me! You can do it!

Fly, fly, fly!



- Hey!
- Get down!

- Yeah!
- We did it!

You guys! Turn around!


Just turn around!

What am I looking at?

Damn it!

Sorry you missed it, Dave.


I can't believe it! We're flying!

I know!

I'm on Donner. What about you?

Comet! How cool is this?


The bag of toys!

- That means we're close!
- Where do you think it is?

Must be around here somewhere.

Let's land.
It'll be easier to find from the ground.


Take some. Go on!

Come on!

- Hang tight and blend in!
- Come on! Let's go, let's go!

We're really close.

You think it's inside the church?


- It's gotta be around here somewhere.
- Yeah...

This was his favorite song.

He sang it every Christmas Eve.

You know, I haven't been to church
since he...

I know. Me neither.

- What's wrong?
- Nothing! God!

Would it kill you to leave me alone
for one minute?

He would be so disappointed in me.

I know Mom sure is.

That's because she knows, deep down,

you're not such a total screw-up.

Thanks. You're, uh...
You're making me feel great.


No, I deserve it.

I know I've been an awful brother,
it's just...

I've been so mad at him.

I mean, he spent years
helping other people, but where is he now?

When I need him?

Why did he have to go
into that stupid fire?

He had a wife...
and two kids, and he gave it all up...

just to save some random strangers.

And now,
I'd give anything just to tell him...

Tell him what?

Teddy, you aren't such an awful brother.

Dad wouldn't be disappointed in you.

You know how I know?


Because I see him all the time...

in you.

You're just saying that
'cause you wanna save Christmas.

True, but...

I also believe it.

You just gotta believe it, too.

Thanks, Kate.

Should we hug it out?

In your dreams.

Come on.

Why must they keep drawing me like that?

I mean, does my butt really look that big
to you?


Now, sit down
or I'll cuff you to the desk.

Listen, pal. You can lose the shtick.

I've had a long day,

so just tell me your name,
and I don't wanna hear Santa Claus.

And you won't. Officially,

it's Saint Nicholas. I prefer Saint Nick.

And I'm actually...
I'm not officially an official saint.

I mean, they haven't bestowed that title
upon me officially, so...

- I guess it's who you know.
- Buddy,

I'm about at the end of my rope here.

Me too.

So, what? Did you rob a toy store, too?

Wait a minute.

We frisked you.

Yeah, you did.

So, what is all this stuff?

You honestly don't remember, do you?

These are all the things
you ever dreamed of when you were a kid.

Everything you ever really wanted
for Christmas.

Starting from the age of six.

You're right.

Now, you interrupted me at age nine.

- Should I continue?
- No. No, that... that's enough.

Good, let's just fast-forward
to this year.

You know what I want for Christmas?

It's my job, Dave.

Okay, then, smart guy.

What do I want?



- Your ex-wife.
- I know who Lisa is.

- How did you...
- She left you a couple years ago,

and all you want
for Christmas is for her to come back.

- Yeah, well, that ain't ever gonna happen.
- Yeah, I think maybe.

Okay, look, pal. You don't walk in here
and talk about my ex-wife.

Dave, just... just give her a call.

- She doesn't wanna talk to me.
- Yes! Yes, she does!

Now, she's...
she's having second thoughts and...

she's lonely, too.

And she really misses you!

Now I know you're out of your tree.

Will you please stop this?

You know who I am!

I mean, you've always been a suspicious,
doubtful type.

That's probably why you're a good cop.

But deep down, you know that I know
what everybody wants for Christmas.

So, just give her a call, Dave!

I don't know how you know all this stuff.

I don't know where the reindeer came from.

I don't know where they went,
but I know what the reality is.

You stole a car.

You evaded a police officer,
not to mention child endangerment

and potential kidnapping.

These are some serious charges.


You know what's serious, Dave?

Christmas spirit is already down to 31%.

The longer I stay in here,
the lower it's gonna go,

and the lower it goes means
people are gonna start acting cranky.



And that's
when bad things start to happen,

like a lot more crime.

More than you've seen here in a long time,
and we're in Chicago, for goodness' sake!

Oh, I expect this station will be bursting
at the seams come morning.

But there is a bright spot, Dave.

There's still time
for you to make it right.


Let's make it right.

I knew, given enough evidence,
that eventually you'd come around.

I don't know
if you're some kind of Las Vegas magician

or a freak who hacks into
people's personal lives on the Internet.

Either way, hope you didn't make plans
for New Year's.

You're gonna be here a while.

- We're really close!
- It's gotta be here!

Teddy, look!


Now we just need to get back to Santa.

Be careful, Teddy!

Don't fall.



We're with Santa and we need your help!


Anybody in there?

What are you doing?

I'm just looking!


Anybody there?




Kate! Can you hear me?

Hey, what you doing?

What's inside that bag?

Who you talking to?

Nothing, nobody.

Well, that ain't what it sounded like.

Listen, guys.

Okay, respect.

If it's okay with you,
I'll just be on my way.

Nobody said it was okay.

Come on, guys.

- It's Christmas.
- Come on.

Why are we even bothering with this fool?

Yeah, you're right.

Just hand over that bag.

No, I can't do that.


- Tough guy over here.
- Oh yeah!

You think you're a tough guy?

What can possibly be in that bag...

that could be worth
what's about to happen to you?

You're coming with us.


- The bag!
- Don't touch that!

Put him in the car!


Teddy, this is incredible!


Anyone there?

Hey! Come back!

Where did you go?

Come back!


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!


That is so cool.

I think I'm in the North Pole.

Dear Santa...

I know I haven't been doing
too well in school,

especially since I got a D minus
in Spanish.

Dear Santa, This year
we would like a pony for Christmas.

But Mom says the house is too small,
so maybe just a puppy.

A robot...

And a really cool pair
of awesome sunglasses.

I'm Bing Bellamy, and all I want
for Christmas is a snowboard!

Teddy wrote one this year?

"Dear Santa, This is Teddy Pierce.

I haven't written to you in a long time.

You know how it is,

once you get older,
the whole Christmas thing

seems pretty lame.

But this year is different.

This year, I have a special request.

I'd really like to see my dad again.

I'm not even sure
if it's something you can do.

But I really need to tell him that..."




I'm Kate.

What's your name?


Hey, guys.

I'm Kate Pierce.

Santa sent me.



Guys! Let me go!

What are you doing with my camera?

Give it back! You're gonna break it.

Hey, let me go!
Guys, let me go!

Hey, come on, let me out!

Let me out of here! Let me out of here!

Start talking!

Where is Santa Claus?

Let me explain what happened!

You see, after the sleigh crashed,

we lost the reindeer.

- You lost the reindeer?
- Blitzen!


Santa Claus told me to find you guys!

He said you guys were the only ones
who would know what to do!

He said Christmas must endure!

"Christmas must endure."

Christmas must endure?

- Eh?
- Christmas must endure!



To the book!

True Believers?


My family tree.

Everybody except Teddy.


But, wow! I come from a long line

of True Believers!

She is a True Believer!

And then the reindeer just...
Boom! They just flew away!

Oh, you're gonna walk away from me? Huh?

I saw a bunch of reindeer fly
into the night sky!

- I am not crazy!
- Yes, you are.

have you ever seen anything like this?

I've never seen it this busy
on Christmas Eve.

He said this would happen.

Are you locking me up
on Christmas Eve?

The least you could do is play
some Christmas music.

- Am I right, Santa?
- I hear you.

Oh, brother, the mood in this place
is really bringing Christmas spirit down,

way down.

Whoa! Christmas spirit is down to 19%?

If I don't do something quick,
this night's over.

Wait a minute, music!

Maybe you're onto something!

- Wolfie! Dusty!
- Huh?

Do you remember what you got
for Christmas in 1971?


I got the super fly
Sunburst Epiphone Casino, man!

Two-tone Gretsch Anniversary.

Where are they now?

In, uh... In the pawn shop.

That's a shame.

'Cause you two guys were really good.

Unfortunately, some other habits
took precedence, you dig?

I know, I know.

But this is Christmas Eve...

and that means there's magic in the air!


- Magic.
- Wow!


- What am I supposed to do with this, man?
- Play it.

- I can't play this thing!
- Are you sure?

Give it a try.


Now, ladies...

...let's get this party started.

Talk to me, ladies!

Is there a piano in this joint?


What do we got here?

Well, Christmas came early this year, huh?

Where did you get this?

From this little dude.



Is this some kind of a joke?

Next time you morons waste my time...

you're done.

No! No, my sister's in there!

Your sister?

Look, I know it sounds crazy,
but please don't do that!

Come on, man! Please!

Get back! Get back!

Let me go, and nobody gets hurt!

Take care of him!

Put him in the dumpsters out back!

Oh... and not recycling.

He's compost.


What is that thing?

Hey, he's... he's actually kinda cute.

Hey, little guy! What's your name?


You're done! Naughty! Naughty!

Time to take out the trash.

Ready! Aim!


Let's get outta here!

Wait. We missed one.


Get him!



Wait! I'm one of the good guys!

Wait, wait, wait!


He's with me.

I never have any fun.

- Kate, are you okay?
- Better than okay!

And I brought help!

- I can... I see that.
- Ow, ow!

- Let's get the reindeer and the sleigh.
- The sleigh's busted.


Can you guys fix it?

Are you kidding?

Now we just need to find Santa!

You guys know where he is?

It's not good.

He's in jail?

Poor Santa. I'll bet he's freaking out.

One more thing!

Down your chimney!

Listen to me now!

Yeah, I'm back!


And the reindeer just... flew away!

Who's crazy now? I quit!


Not too bad for our first gig, huh?

I have seen a lot
of strange things in my time, but this...

this takes it to a whole other level.

Oh, wait till you see what happens next.

Okay, I want answers.
Real answers, right now.

We all want answers, Dave.

Especially Lisa.

So first, why don't you answer that?

Answer what?

Lisa, hey!

Why are you c...


That'd be great.




She invited me out
for coffee this morning.

I thought she might.


I mean...


Merry Christmas, Dave.


Well, that's, uh...
That's my little buddy Hugg.

He's, uh... bringing me a present.


Mrs. Claus told you to take a spare.

I know, I know.

Well, guys.
It's been great jamming with you.

- Yeah.
- You too!

- Ladies...
- Bye, Santa.

That's my cue!


is back on.

- All right, man!
- Yeah! That's cool, man!

Oh, um...

Try to be good.

- I don't know, man.
- We'll try. We'll try.

We can keep these, right, Santa?

Well, Dave?

- Go.
- Welcome back.


- Santa!
- Santa!

I can't believe it!

- You busted outta jail!
- First time for everything, Katie Cat!

How's the sleigh looking? Oh...

Looking good, Lars!

Thank you, Santa.

Let's go to work.
Whoa! No, no, no, no, no, no!

What's wrong?

I lost all track of time.

We've only got less than an hour
before the sun rises.

But... we can still save Christmas, right?

We're at the end of my window, Kate.

Well... I mean,
there's gotta be something we can do.

I'm afraid not, Teddy.

But that can't be!
There can't be Christmas without presents!

Without Santa Claus!

We ruined Christmas!

Listen, Santa.

We started something last night,
and we're gonna finish it.

Now, I don't know how you guys
do things in the North Pole, but...

a Pierce always sees it through.

I admire your passion, Teddy.

But I haven't cut it this close in,
I don't know, maybe ever.

I... I just don't see how it's possible.

You do the entire world in one night
all by yourself!

I mean, imagine what we could cover
if we all work together!


Just think of us as Santa's helpers!


Well, I've never had human helpers
in the sleigh before...

I dunno, maybe there's...

some way we could work together to...

make things move faster.

We've only got a little bit
of North America left.

Wait a minute!

Wait a minute...

If I didn't have to carry my sack,
I could move twice as fast!

All right, this just might work!

Now, Kate, you're in charge of getting
all the presents ready to go!

You just call out the addresses
and the names,

and you throw 'em outta the sack.

Just chuck 'em out.
I'll catch 'em, and I'll deliver!

And that means, Teddy, you drive!

What? The sleigh?

No! The cop cruiser!

Of course the sleigh!

You want me to drive... that?

Oh, I've seen you drive!

Yeah, a car.
But, I mean, this is... This is...

Now where is all that huff and puff
about "A Pierce always sees it through"?

That was before you told me
I was gonna have to drive!

Well, this is the only way
we're gonna make it,

so I guess it's gonna be baptism by fire!

Well, maybe I can help Kate
with presents, right?

Let's go!

I told you, we're gonna have to move fast!

Come on! Hop in the back!

On, Donner! On, Blitzen!

All right, Teddy, stand up!

Take them!

- What?
- Come on!

All right, you gotta hold them.

Now we're gonna see what you're made of!

Now, just think
about where you wanna go...

and go!

Oh no, no, no, no! Santa, I can't do this!

Some things we gotta figure out
on our own, Teddy.

You can do it.

All right, here's the book
with all the names and addresses.

- Take a good look.
- Okay.

- Got it?
- Got it.

Don't be afraid!
Don't be afraid.

If there's one thing reindeer
can smell, it's fear!

Santa, help him!

I can't control them!
Santa, this isn't funny!

Eight reindeer! How tough can it be?!

Teddy, watch out!

Take that, fat man!


They won't go up! What do I need to do?

You've always just had to do one thing,


- But I do believe in you!
- No, no, no! I'm not talking about me.

You have to believe in yourself.

The way your mother believes in you.

And your sister.

The way your father believed in you.

You are a Pierce, Teddy!

And a Pierce...

- Always sees it through!
- Yeah!

Let's go, young man!

On, Dasher! On, Dancer!
On, Prancer! On, Vixen!

On, Comet! On, Cupid!
On, Donner! On, Blitzen!

All right, slow them down.

Slow down! Slow down!


All right! Here we go!

Tony Brooks!

Adam Maple!

Timmy Burks!

Can you believe that?

James Hanson!


All set, go!

Hit that white button.

- All right, this one's to...
- Ah!

- Bing Bellamy!
- Ha!

All right, guys!
This is it! Last city!

Getting tight!

Kate! Send in the troops!

The troops?

The troops!

Guys! Santa needs you!

- Reporting for duty!
- Reporting for duty!

Ryder Robinson!

2547 East 26th Place!

Melanie Hong,
845 Landers Street!

- Whoo-hoo!
- Joe Frankel,

2540 East 28th Street!

Jessica Martin, 8470 Franklin Avenue!

Dino Arnali, 139 Pond Street!

Sion Pack, 1902 Ridley Street.

Ray, Scarlett, and Brooke Stuber,
3947 Jackson Street!

Sheila Vondersack, 341 Wood Street!

Jennifer Lesbilenti,

852 Beechwood Street!

Hunter and Connor Morris.
They live on 4433 Pacific Avenue!

Hey, Santa!
I just spoke Elvish!

Welcome to the club!

We did it!

Hey, what's he doing?

His list. He's checking it twice.

What is this?


I told you, no food
or drinks in the sleigh!

I can't help it, Santa.

I just love my candy canes.

- What's wrong?
- We missed one!

Sanchez family, Mexico City!
We got exactly nine seconds!

Teddy, want me to take the reins?

Yah! On, Dasher! On, Dancer! On, Prancer!

There! On the corner!

- There's no chimney!
- Well, sometimes you gotta improvise!


- How much time we got?
- Three seconds.



- Where's Santa?
- What's wrong?

- You did it!
- No! We did it!

All the presents delivered in record time,
and Christmas spirit is up to 95%.


Hey, hey! We gotta get back
to your house before your mom does!


I think I kinda like sitting over here.

On, Dasher! On, Dancer! On, Prancer!
On, Vixen! On, Comet! On, Cupid!

On, Donner! On, Blitzen!

All right, now ease them down.

Ease them down, that's it. Easy.

All right, pick your spot.

Let them down!

Perfect four-point landing!
And we beat your mom home, too!

- Yeah.
- That was awesome!

- What was your favorite part?
- Easy! Riding the reindeer!

- Being in the North Pole!
- The car chase with the cops!

You know, Santa?

Hey, that was the best night
of my whole life!

Mine, too.

Oh, Christmas Eve is always the best night
of my life.

But now, it's time for me to go home.

Will we ever see you again?

Uh-uh. Not if I can help it.

But in the future,

if I ever need two helpers...

I know where to find the best
I've ever had.




He said the best human helpers
he's ever had.

I expect to see
your Spanish grades go up this year.

Now that you've learned another language.

Oh no!

- What?
- We forgot to get Mom a present.

Oh, gee. Well...

Oh, that reminds me, though.

Something I want you to have.

Your hat?

But... won't you need it to fly?

No, Teddy.

I'm Santa Claus.

Wait, so... this whole night,

- anytime you wanted, you could've just...
- Shh.

All right, now, I don't want any more
people to see me, so...

- Santa?
- Yeah?

Can you do it?

No way.

- Please?
- Not happening.

- For me?
- Kate!

Just this once!

All right.

Just this once.

And just for you.

Be good.

We will.

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!

He did it.

That just really happened.

Yup, and I've got it all on...

Oh man!

He took the tape.

Did you really think
he was gonna let us keep it?

Guess not, but...

what if I forget everything
that happened tonight?

Come on! I won't let you forget anything
about tonight...

Katie Cat.

Me neither, Teddy Bear.

- Hug it out?
- Yeah.

Were you two just... hugging?


What are you guys doing out here?

Waiting for you.


What's that?

It was a... a gift from a friend.

Hmm. Merry Christmas, guys!

Merry Christmas.

We should go inside.
It's freezing out here.


- So, how was your night?
- You'll never believe it.

- Yeah?
- Good.

Well, what did you guys do all ni...

Oh, my God!

This is exactly the way Dad used to...


This is the best Christmas present ever.

- Look, there's presents.
- Go open some presents.

- Oh, this is yours.
- This is yours.


It hurts my eyes.

Aunt Peggy sure outdid herself this year.

What are those two?

It's from Santa!

It's for you.

I was kinda worried you weren't going
to make the cut this year.

Yeah. Guess I kinda worked it out
in the final hour.

- Oh boy!
- Yes!

Just what I asked for.

- Oh!
- Bones Brigade skateboard!

- It's the exact one?
- Yes!


That's awesome.

What's that?

Santa wrote me back.

You wrote Santa a letter?

Yeah, I did.
Figured I'd cover all the bases.

Well, what's it say?

"Dear Teddy, I got your letter.

I'm sorry, I don't really have the power
to grant your wish.

This was the best I could do.


An old ornament...

Well, that's sweet.

There's a perfect spot for it on the tree.

- So, you're gonna wear a helmet with this?
- Yes.

Let's see.

I'm proud of you.

I'm proud of you.

- Yeah.
- Everything okay?

Never better.

Sounds like you had quite the night.


It was a bit more hectic than usual...

But, I did get to speak
a lot of English last night!

Oh! I heard!

- The whole village is buzzing.
- Mm.

Something about a... car chase
and a... jailbreak?



Oh, you know how the elves exaggerate.
They get excited at the drop of a hat.

Especially when it's yours.

Well, there was that.

Purely intentional.

I knew it.

- Well, Nick...
- Hmm?

Were you just a little bit naughty
last night?

Oh, I...

Mm, I... In a nice way.

That's why I love you.

Do you want to watch a movie?


It's a Wonderful Life?

White Christmas?

The Grinch!

Well, actually...

I had something else in mind.

Something... really cool.

Talk to me, ladies!

One more thing!

Listen to me now!

Yeah! I'm back!