The Christmas Aunt (2020) - full transcript

When Rebecca Miller returns home to Tennessee two weeks before Christmas, the last thing she expected is to reconnect with her childhood best friend.

[Instrumental "Deck the Halls"] ♪

This is one of my favourite
pieces from the collection.

Her use of texture
creates movement,

and it makes it feel like
this piece is alive,

like it's breathing.

Abstract impressionists use
acrylic to create emotion

through colour and space.

It just creates this emotional


...that is absolutely

Nobody does it like
Blake Walker.

But I can go on and on,
and on.

Please peruse, take your time,

but if you have any questions,
please find me.


Rebecca, that was perfect.

Always working your magic.

No one sells my pieces
like you do.

Thank you.

Oh, by the way.

Did you get the email proposal
that I sent you

about the outreach program
for the gallery?

Hmm, yes, uh, the kid thing?

-Where we do stuff for free?

You know, it's just not
the right time for that.

We're so busy before Christmas.

Let's take a look at it
in the new year, okay?


Now let's go sell
some paintings.

My art is the perfect
holiday gift

for their loved ones

Because it's the only investment

that's both emotional
and practical.

Okay, okay. Go, go.

[phone buzzes]

Hey, sis.

What's going on?

You getting ready
for your big trip?

Yeah, about that...

I have some bad news.

Wait, what's going on?

You're leaving for Africa
tomorrow, right?

Courtney: Yes well, you
know how mom was supposed
to watch the kids?


Honey, it's Mom.

I know you're working,

but we wouldn't bother you
if it wasn't an emergency.

What's going on?

Well, I might've broken my leg.

Mom! You broke your leg?

She fell off a ladder putting
Christmas lights up.

Rebecca: Okay, Mom,
are you okay?

I'm just fine,
I promise.

Mom, what did we tell you about
doing dangerous things alone?

Girls, it's just a fracture.

But that's not
the real problem.

Courtney: Mom can't really
take care of the kids anymore

while we're on our trip.

Pam: I can't drive.

The doctor told me that
I had to take it easy,

no walking or moving around
for a while.

Courtney: So we were thinking
that maybe you could come

and maybe take care of
the kids instead.

Okay, wait. Time out.

You want me to come and take
care of Maggie and Dan

for two weeks?

Well, I'll be here to help.

It's just that I can't drive
them to school

or to practice,
or make dinner.

I don't know.

It would mean so much
to me and Jim,

and the kids would be so happy to have you here.

You know, it would be nice to
get there before Christmas Eve,

and be able to do fun things
like carolling,

and making homemade ornaments,

and oh, I could even take
the kids to do stuff with Santa.

Are they still even into that?

They would love it.

I don't know, it's just such
a busy time here at work.

Rebecca: I don't know if I can get away for two weeks.

Please try.

We've been planning this trip
for years.

If you can't come, we are going to lose our deposit.


Who plans a trip during
Christmas, anyway?

It was the only time Jim and
I could get off work together.

And besides, we'll be back
before Christmas,

so it's not that big
of a deal.

Um, yes it is.

It's Christmas.

So you'll do it?



I'm going to try.

Um, Blake.

I'm so sorry to interrupt,
but can I have a moment?

I have a little bit of
a family emergency.

My mom broke her leg.

Oh, how terrible.

I know.

And my sister and brother-in-law
are headed to Africa

in the morning, so they need me
to watch the kids.


I know, I know.

My mom was supposed
to watch them.

However, now I have to watch
all of them.

I have to go to Nashville
for two weeks.

Two weeks?

This is our busiest time
of year.

Don't worry.

I can get Julie to handle the
packaging and ground issues,

and I can work remotely.

I can keep in contact with
clients as well as distributors.


Very well.

You must of course take care
of your family.

But I expect you
to be working.

Lots of shipments to manage.

Don't worry, I will be
on top of it.

But you will be back in time
for a meeting

with Mr. Al Sabir, right?

He's coming here to personally
select works

for his vacation home
in the Seychelles.

I will absolutely be back.

I completely understand
how important that meeting is.

My flight is already booked
on the 27th, okay?

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

♪ Inside all the children
are singing♪

♪ Outside I can hear the bells
are ringing♪

♪ Everybody's feeling
just right♪

♪ It's going to be the best
Christmas tonight♪

Thank you.

♪ Everybody says they're going
to show, oh♪

♪ Running here and there
just like a yo-yo♪

Family, I'm home!

Oh, my!

Oh, Mom! Don't get up,
don't get up.

-It's so good to see you!
-Oh, my baby.


-Aunt Becca!
-Aunt Becca!

-You made it.

Come here guys!

I did.

Mom and Dad's flight to
South Africa left today.


It was on time for once.

That's what mom said.


I'm so happy to see you.

I'm so happy to see you too.

Well, wait. What is going
on around here?

Where are the Christmas

The garland?

The homemade ornaments?

I don't think they had time
before their trip.


Now that will not do,
will it?


Come here.

Oh, I missed you guys
so much.


I heard that you were playing
the bells

at the Christmas concert.

Yeah. We're learning Carol
of the Bells.

Yes, they're going to be doing
the finale on Christmas Eve.

Oh, nice.

All finished?

[tablet rings]

Oh, I can't wait for that one-

Ooh, it's your Mom and Dad!




-Hi Mom and Dad!
-Hi guys!

Hey guys!

I'm here.

We just arrived at the resort.

Long flight.

So, just wanted to say hi
before everyone goes to bed.



Hey bud.

You guys being good
for Aunt Becca?


That's what I like to hear.

Um, hey Court?

Where have you stored
your Christmas decorations?

Because it doesn't even
look like December in here.

They should all be in boxes
in the garage.

Help yourself.

Mom didn't have enough room
in her townhouse

for all our old Christmas

so there should be a ton
from when we were kids.


Because I'm going
to have it

looking like Santa's
village in here.

Jim: Oh, wow!


Two kids, a mom
with a broken leg,

and a full-time job.

Good luck finding
the time, sis.

[notification sound]

Jim: Now Dan.
How'd that math exam go?

Dan: Let's just say
it happened.

Courtney: What do you mean,
"it happened?'

We studied really hard
for that one.

Maggie: And I helped you
with that one, too.

Jim: You passed, right?

Courtney: All that matters
is that you did your best.

Blake: Rebecca, can you give us a status on that delivery?

Did we create
the shipping label?

Well, we can't deliver that
piece until after the exhibit.

Hey Aunt Becca?

Blake: We need to figure
this out soon.


I cannot lose that piece
in the winter show.

[mute button beeps]

Okay, guys, listen.
It's muted.

I am so sorry, I have to take
this work call, okay?

But have fun at
bells practice.

And I'll be right here waiting
for you, okay?


Thank you, Aunt Becca.

Love you.

Blake: Rebecca?
You there?

Yes, yes, yes. I'm here.

Um, I mean, I don't have
another solution.

That's the only choice
at this point,

so it's going to have
to work.

I understand.

"Joy to The World"]


Oh, hi. How are you?

Excuse me.


[gasps excitedly]

[class chatting]

Put a smile on your face, guys. Today was good, right?

-You're off your call!

I am off my call.

I thought you'd never
stop talking.



Are you ready for dinner?


Oh wait, one sec.
I forgot my sheet music.



Hey buddy, you dropped-
dropped some.

Oh, thanks Mr. Drew.




Do you two know each other
or something?

It's so good to see you.

It's been so long.

Well, Drew and I, we were
best friends in high school.

Yeah, we were like two awkward
peas in a high school pod.


Were you two boyfriend
and girlfriend?

Drew & Rebecca:
No, no. No, no, no.

We were best friends
and neighbours.

Remember Nonnie's old house?


I lived next door.



So wait. What are
you doing here?

Teaching music, what?

I'm doing the Christmas concert.

Ahhh, okay.


Court, she didn't tell me
about that one.

Can we go eat dinner now?

Yes, we can.

Hey. You want to hang out
while you're here in town?

You know, catch up?


You got the same number?


Well, I'm going to call you.


Come on, guys.

-Bye, Mr. Drew.

Bye kids.

It looks the same in here.

I thought we were going
to make Santa's village.


You guys. I am so sorry.

I just got busy with work,
and I didn't have any time.



[melancholy music]

Everything okay?

It just doesn't really feel
like Christmas.

Hmm. Why do you say that?

I think he means it's because
Mom and Dad aren't here.

Yeah, but it hasn't even
snowed yet.

And Nonnie broke her leg,
you won't stop working.

I'm sorry.

I don't know. I'm just


Well one, your parents will be
back on the 23rd,

and they really needed
this vacation.

Don't you think?


Yeah, okay.

And two, Nonnie breaking her leg
was a complete accident.

And she's strong,
so she will be okay.

And now, we get to spend
more time with her.


And three, I think you guys
have lost the Christmas spirit.

I think you're right.

Well, I don't want to brag,

but your Auntie Becca
has Santa's email address.

So we've been in communication,

then, you know, we have some
things we're working on

to get your Christmas
spirit back.




So you guys need to be
on the lookout, okay?


All right. Go get Nonnie.

Let her know that dinner
is ready.


Mom, I want to do something
special for the kids.

For some reason, they're
not excited about Christmas,

and I don't know what to do.



Well, we have what,
like 12 days

before Courtney and Jim return?


What was that thing
you used to do

with the Edwards
when you were kids?

With Drew?


Oh, I forgot about that.

You know, I saw him today.



[laughs awkwardly]

No one told me that
he was teaching the kids

for their Christmas concert.

Well, maybe someone wanted you
to have a nice surprise.

A trip down memory lane.


I got it.

I know what I'm going to do.


I'm going to need coffee.

Lots of coffee.

I'm so excited!

Aunt Becca, what is this?




It's beautiful in here.

You know, kids.

I think there's something
with your name on it.


Okay, what does it say?
What does it say?

First day of Christmas!

Welcome to your 12 Days
of Christmas!

[reading] "Dear Maggie and Dan.

"I've noticed that you lost
your Christmas spirit this year,

"so I've decided to team up
with your Aunt Rebecca

"to change that.

"Welcome to your very own
12 Days of Christmas."

[Dan gasps]

"Day one.

"After school, get ready
for a fun snowman surprise

"and hot chocolate with
your favourite aunt."

That's me.

[reading] "Don't forget
your Christmas sweaters.

"Happy wishing,
Santa Claus."

No way, no way, no way!

Yes, way.

Twelve Days of Christmas?

Like partridge in a pear tree?

Well actually,
it's better than that.

Because Santa and I
have teamed up,

and we are doing our
very own version

of 12 Days of Christmas.

I can't believe you're working
with Santa.

I know, right?


And guess what?

There's another little surprise
right outside.

Let's go!

Come on.


So where are we going exactly?

Just keep your eyes closed.
It's a surprise.


We're at the stairs.
So step down.

Down again.

Okay. Stand here.

Turn around,
and open your eyes.


It's beautiful!

Oh, my god!

Dan: How did you do
all of this?

Merry Christmas.


It's Christmas time,
it's Christmas time!


Have fun at school, guys.

I'll see you in a bit?


Rebecca: Love you.

["We Wish You a Merry

Alright, let me know
if you need a hand.



What up, stranger.


What you doing here?

Oh, I saw your Dad's old pickup
out front,

and I thought maybe
he was in here,

so I figured I'd say hi.

Ah, sadly no,
because he's on a cruise.


So I'm driving his truck
while my car's in the shop.

Your dad is on a cruise?

He won a raffle.


A raffle?

No, not that raffle
that he's been entering

since we were like 17?

The exact same one.
He finally won.

Wow, good for him.


I'm looking at these photos,

and it's like they took them
out of my memories.

Like that one?


That time in fifth grade,
you remember,

when you just had
to go sledding.

Meanwhile, I wanted to stay in
and play Super Mario Brothers.

Well, you just got it
for Christmas.

And then what happened,

You broke your arm.


Completely, accidentally
broke your arm.

Okay, wait. Hold on.

So I shoved myself
into that tree?

Well, I didn't shove you.


Mr. Robbins saw you.

All right.


So after all these years,

you're still upset about
the sled incident, huh?

I just like giving you a hard
time, that's all.

Okay, all right.

So whatcha doing tonight?

Well actually, I'm going to do
a little Christmas event

for Maggie and Dan.

Oh, that's cool.

Yeah, yeah.

I guess we should catch up
another time.

Well, why don't you come over?

I ordered a truck load of snow
for the kids,

and I could use some help
setting up.

It'd be fun.


It's not, you know, imposing
on family time?

No, the more the merrier.

All right.


Okay, so since you're coming,

do you remember that Christmas
sweater that your grandma made

when we were in high school?

You have to wear it.


-Yes, please.

We're doing a thing, please.

All right, I'll wear
the sweater.

Okay. Good.

It will be amazing,
and we will have fun.

♪ Bells are ringing♪

♪ There's a magic in the air♪

Two arms.

♪ Choirs are singing
Full of joy and happiness♪

♪ The stars are bright♪

♪ As we share a winter's night♪

♪ Here's to Christmas♪



♪ Here's to Christmas♪

I have no idea how you pulled
all this off.


I have a few tricks up
my sleeve.

There you go.

Thank you.

You're like their
Christmas Godmother.

Oh, you know.

That's what auntie's do.

Here you go.

Ah, thank you.

One for me.

So, what's going on with you?

You here just for the holidays,
or you move back?

Yeah, I moved back
from Atlanta.


You were out there teaching,

Yeah. I just needed
a change.

Wanted to be closer
to my dad.

So I came back home.

Ah, okay.

And well, Elaine and I broke up
for good.


Well, I'm sorry,

because I know going through
a breakup

this time of year isn't easy.


We were off and on
all through college.


But she wasn't...

it was never going to be...

Yeah. I get it,
I get it.

Yeah, I just, I hate that
I don't know anything

about you anymore.


You know, everything
that I'm doing for the kids,

this is what your mom used
to do for us.

Twelve days.

Yes, 12 days.

I put my own little spin
on it, though.

Okay, so the letters from Santa.


All the festive activities.

Those were some of my best
memories from childhood.

Your mom's cookie recipe?

Going shopping
for the star tree?

Oh, do you remember the year
it snowed a little bit

and we did snow angels
on the trampoline?

Of course I do.


[small laugh]

Hey Bec, I just, uh...

Hold on one second.

Hey guys, come on.

Come get your hot cocoa,
it's getting cold.


One for you,
and one for you.

Drew: Young man.

And I put extra marshmallows in.


Come on.


"Dear Maggie and Dan.

"For your second day
of Christmas,

"go to the tree farm
after bells practice,

"and pick out your favourite
little tree.

"Decorate it, put lights on it,

"and have your very own

"Rockefeller Center tree
lighting in your bedroom.

"Happy wishing,
Santa Claus."


Come on!

Bye guys!


Hey guys, hey.

Um, give me one moment, okay?





Here we are,
what do you think?

I like them all.

I wish we could take them all.

Oh yeah. We tried that one year.

We did.

A bit of a fire hazard.
Just saying.

Well, Santa said to pick out
our favourite little tree.

Yes, he did.


So this one's fuller, but this
one has a nicer colour.

This is tough.

Well, what about this one?

No. That one's so ugly.

Well maybe now, but
with a little bit of lights

and some decorations,
it'll be really pretty.

I just feel like someone's going
to take these trees home

and give them lots of love,

but I'm not sure if anyone's
going to want this guy.

So Dan?

Sounds like a pretty wonderful
reason to pick that tree.

I guess.

Anyways, it does have
some potential.


Okay well, I think you can
handle it.


Here it is.

-Ready, guys?

♪ We have our tree.

♪ We have our tree!

This one, there you go.

You know,
he asked about you today.


Yeah. When we were practicing.

He asked if you were coming
to pick us up.


I think he might like you.

Well, that's good.

Because once upon a time
we were best friends.

Once upon a time?


Yeah, and then you know,

we went to college
and two separate places

and lost touch after that.


I think he's nice.

He's not bad.

So listen.

I think we're finished.

What do you think?
Is the tree done?


All right.

Well how about you go
get Nonnie

so you can help her hobble
on in here?


That's good, that's good.


We don't need these.

Yeah, I don't think this little
tree can handle any more.


You remember our first tree?

Um, how can I forget it?

Do you want to put that-


It was the most epic
tree-lighting ever.

Yeah, because it caught on fire.

Well, that's why I said epic.


You're killing it,
by the way.

This whole aunt thing.

Thanks. You know I'm trying.

This is going to be a really
magical Christmas for them

because of you and all the work
that you've been doing.

And their favourite
music teacher.

Thank you.

Hey guys.


Let's get this countdown

Rockefeller Center style.

You ready?

All: Yes!

All: Three, two, one!


That's so beautiful.

I just knew it had potential.



It's a good tree.

Yes, I can do that.

All right, I'll send you
an email,

and I will circle back
with Julie.


Will do.



Hey Mom.

Oh, is there anything I can do?

Oh no, I'm good.


Pam: How about you?
Was everything okay?

Oh, yeah.
Just, just working.

We have all of these orders,

and it's just not what I want
to be doing right now.

How long have you worked
for her?

Four years.

And you like it?

Mom, it's gallery work.

It's exactly what I wanted
to do out of college.

Well, I just thought you wanted
to be a curator.

To help others get their work
out there,

and do social programs
for the community and stuff.

Mom, I do.

It just takes time.

I've submitted several proposals
to the gallery

about outreach and education.

I mean, we'll see.

I'm just not the final say.

I mean, you can't just magically
open your own gallery.

Well, I know, baby.

I just feel that you deserve it.


Oh, I'm so happy
that you're here.

Mom, I'm so happy to be here.

[doorbell rings]

Oh. Book club's here.

Oh, well, let me get
out of your way.

Are you sure? Do you need me
to help you do anything?

I'm fine.


Have you ever had so much to do
that you just do nothing?


But I also can't think of
anything more Rebecca

than that, so...


Oh, I forgot who I was
talking to.

Mr. Drew Edwards, who has never
procrastinated about anything

in his entire life.

I can't take the stress.


I cannot take the stress
of procrastination.

You are one of a kind,
Mr. Edwards.

You are.

Oh, Dan's bragging to his class

about getting letters
from Santa, by the way.



That young man is quite vocal
about his feelings.

All the time.

Yes. That is Dan.


So, when do you head back to LA?

Well, I have to head back
on the 27th

because I have an important
client meeting on the 28th.

You, uh... must really
like it there.

Meh. It's okay.

But I must say,

after spending this time with
the one and only, Drew Edwards,

I definitely miss Nashville.

Do you remember that one
Christmas we got tickets

to Harry Potter and
the Chamber of Secrets?


And you were so afraid
of spiders that you got me

to check your room every night
until we went back to school.

I still don't like spiders
to this day.

We were way too young
to see that movie.

Twelve, Grade 12.


Yes, but I found that this
iteration of A Christmas Carol

was a bit confusing.

It was impossible to follow.

Well, Tommy. You have
the next pick.

What will it be?

I was thinking of something
shorter, a classic.

"The Gift of the Magi".

Oh good.

What a wonderful choice.

Well, thank you again for coming
to my daughter's home

and, as you can see, I'm a bit
immobile right now.

Oh, it's no problem.

-See you next week.

Oh, please. Allow me.

Thank you so much, Tommy.

Do you need anything else
before I leave?

Water, tea?

Um, actually,
tea would be lovely.

But only if you join me.


My granddaughter's
two years old now,

and I couldn't bear not
being close,

so I had to move here.

Her name is Lily?


Oh, she's beautiful.

Luckily I only had to move
a few miles.

Just to downsize
from a big house

to something
more manageable.

Well, I'm very glad
we're neighbours.

These teacups are beautiful,
by the way.

Oh, thank you.

I made them, actually.

You're kidding.

I always really enjoyed
making pottery.

And now that I'm retired,

I admit it's become a bit
of an obsession.

Well, these are exquisite.

You're an artist.

You're too kind.



Hey Mom, who was that?

Who, Tommy?

I mean, I don't know.

I just saw someone driving
down the driveway, so maybe.

He's in my book club.



So, you guys were just, um,
hanging out?

We're neighbours.


At my townhouse.

We're friends.


-You're "friends."
-Oh, stop it.


Mom. It's been forever
since you dated someone.

Okay, I don't date much either.

Like mother,
like daughter.

Let's see what it says.

"Day four.

"Spend your Saturday
with Aunt Becca

"making your own winter
wonderland in the barn."

"It doesn't always snow
on Christmas in Nashville,

"but maybe we can make it feel
like it does.

"Happy wishing,
Santa Claus."

It's snowing!

Okay, guys.

We are making snowflakes.

Have you made snowflakes before?


Okay. Well, show me
your best snowflake.


We have markers,
and some snow.


What colour do you like?

I like yellow.

Okay, go for it.

Glitter, glitter,
glitter, glitter.

Glitter, glitter, glitter, Mom.

I'm looking for the glitter,
where's the glitter?

I think she has some
in the hall closet.

Okay. Thank you.




What is that?

Hey Mom.


Why does Courtney
have my stuff?

Oh yes, I asked her to hold
onto a few things

when I moved into
the townhouse.

That's some of your
childhood stuff.

Oh look!



Well, we'll be in the barn.

That's a really good snowflake.



Hey guys.

Look what I found.


And... I found this.

We can hang it
from the ceiling.



What's all this stuff,
Aunt Becca?

Oh, just some old memories.


Come on, let's make
some snowflakes.

I think this will look good
on your snowflake.


♪ I'll be there
I'll be there♪

♪ I said I'll be there♪

♪ I'll be there for Christmas

♪ I'll be there for Christmas

♪ I said I'll be there
for Christmas.♪

Let's see what I have in here.



Hey buddy.

I'll put you here.


Oh boy.


[maraca rattles]

"Dear Bec, it was me!

"I'm your Secret Santa,
you guessed it.

"I know you hate it when I get mushy and poetic and stuff,

"but I'm really glad I got you for Secret Santa,

"because I knew exactly what you wanted without asking anyone,

"and you deserve the best,
because you are the best.

"Merry Christmas.



So, on the fifth day,

Santa asked us to come
to the Star Tree.

I don't get this.

Why do we need to buy presents
for random kids?

Isn't that Santa's job?

Well yes, but you know how Santa
comes down the chimney

on Christmas Eve?


Not everyone has a chimney.


Santa sets up Santa accounts
at department stores,

and he shares a Christmas list
of kids who don't have chimneys.

So we pick out toys for kids and
put them on the Santa account

because Santa can't get to them?


Got it.

You know, I heard Jimmy Fallon
does this every year.

Jimmy Fallon works with Santa?


Oh yeah. Big time.

Oh, wow.

You got your stars?


Come on.

This is so fun.

It makes me so happy to know
that we will wake up

to a bunch of presents
on Christmas morning.


And we're working for Santa.

I mean, how cool is that?

Very cool.

I finally found it.

It's my final thing, yes!

Hey, um...

Guys, just stay right here
where I can see you, okay?


I'll be right back.


What are you doing here?

I volunteer the Star Tree.

No way.

We were, um, just getting
our gifts.

I didn't know you did this.

Yeah, it meant
a lot to my mom.

You know that, and we did
it as kids,

and never really stopped working
with them, so.

Yearly tradition, I guess.

That's really nice.

I just, you know,

I do help with the sorting
and the delivery and...


And the gifts.

Are you making a list?
Checking it twice?


That's a good one.

You're like a real life Santa,

I just want to help make sure
these kids

have a magical Christmas.

Okay. I see you, Santa.



What are you doing tonight?

Hmm, nothing I don't think.

Let me take you to dinner.

There's this excellent

I've been meaning to try.

Could be... could be nice.



That sounds amazing.

Yeah? Okay.

Oh, but um...

What would Mrs. Claus say?


I'll pick you up at 7:00.

Better be in a sleigh.

Yeah. All right.

This one.

What'd you get?


You got all sorts of stuff.


Rebecca: I like it.

All right.

Ohhh. For your date
with Mr. Drew.

Okay, first of all,
I'm not going on a date.

It is just dinner.

Sounds like a date to me.


No ma'am.



Um, I'm not going
to a funeral.






What are we going to do
with your hair?


Come on, let's see it.

He'll be here any minute.

Okay, I'm coming.

Oh my!

Look at you.

Aunt Becca, you look
so pretty.

Why thank you.

Are you sure
it's not too much?

All: No!

I mean, it's just Drew.

Yeah, but it's Drew.

[knocking at door]

Maggie & Dan: Ooh!

Shh, shh, shh.

You guys cut it out!

Shhhh! Behave.


You look... great.

Thank you.

Doesn't the dress look nice?

Yeah, it does.



Okay. Bye, family.


Have fun.

Thank you.

Bye guys.

Thank you.

So, tell me more about
your move.

I know you're working at
the art centre right now, right?

I'm starting at the middle
school in January.


You'll be doing music and...?



There's only enough budget
for one music class, so...

Oh, that's terrible.

I know, that's why
they say support

the local arts scene,
I guess.

-Like the Arts Centre.
-Like the Arts Centre.

Speaking of which, I want
to introduce you

to the director of
the Arts Centre.

She is so passionate
about local Nashville artists,

she puts on all
these amazing programs.

I think you'd love her.

That would be great.
Thank you.

Yeah, you got it.

Where to next?

We'll see.


Listen, don't get me wrong,

I absolutely love them
to pieces.

I just had no clue how much
fun they were to hang out with.

Yeah, they're both pretty great.

They are.

I just don't get to spend
enough time with them.

I don't feel I've really gotten
to even know them until now,

you know?

You wouldn't by chance

be talking about moving here,
would you?

No, no, no.

You know, my job is in LA,
my friends are in LA.

Well, I mean,
some of my friends.

[Christmas music]

Drew: Surprise.

[sighs happily]

It's beautiful, right?

It is gorgeous.

So what made you move back
after your breakup?

I'd been thinking about it
for a while before,

but I had always planned
to come back here, settle down.

I get to see my dad
all the time,

hang with my goddaughter,

Just happier.


Oh, by the way?


I love the way you are
with those kids.


It's been so long, but you are
the same Bec.

You're funny, you're goofy,

Oh, come on.

You were like Mr. Wonderful.

You're giving and thoughtful,

and I mean everything that
you're doing for those kids

with all your volunteering
and music classes.

Well, you just
dropped everything

to come take care of
your family, so...

I work for a millionaire artist,

all the way across the country
from my family, normally.

Well, I think you are the most

ambitious, dedicated, caring.

I think you're the whole
package, Rebecca.

Well, I like you,
grown-up Drew too.

[both laugh]

I really miss you, and I know
it was my fault.

I have a lot of regrets,
but I want you to know

that I never stopped thinking
about you.

Drew, I'm not going to lie.

I cried a lot that Christmas.

Hopefully it's not too late
to make up for it.

Hopefully we can make up
for lost time.


But I should really
be getting home.

I'm sure my mom needs me,
you know,

with her leg and everything.

But we can do this another time,
like next week, right?


I just panicked, Mom.

Oh, why?

I don't know.

He was being so sweet
and so perfect,

and then I just left.

It's just... complicated.

It's Drew.

I know.

It's scary.

I know, I know.

And then it's like he wanted
to be together,

but he didn't say he wanted
to be together,

but that's how it felt, and
I don't even know how I feel.

No, it's okay to be mad
and afraid.

For a time.

I just feel so stupid.

Oh, you're not.

You're just hurt.

And if he's saying he's sorry,
you should believe him.

It's Drew.

That kind of love and trust
from your friendship

just never goes away.

Just sleep on it.

Listen to your heart,
and have a little faith, hmm?

Thanks, Mom.


[knocking at door]

Come on in, it's open.


Hey, Ms. Pam.

Nice to see you again.

Just wondering
if Bec was around.

Oh, she's out, actually.

You can put those in the freezer
for her if you want.

All right.


Why don't you have a seat?

You working on pottery?

Oh, idle hands, you know.

I'm not very mobile these days.

Oh yeah, I heard about that.

I'm so sorry, Pam.

Oh, it's nothing.

Glad I'm getting more time
with Rebecca.

[small chuckle]

Is everything okay, Drew?


You know... we had a falling out
years ago.


Things have just been different.

You guys were friends
since diapers.

[laughs] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We were.

Well, you know Becca
as well as I do.

She loves the chaos of
the hustle and bustle,

but is terrified of change.

Yeah, that's Bec.

Well, you know, if there were
other feelings involved,

more than feelings
of just friendship,

I think that would make
a lot of sense.

But before you have that
conversation with her,

I think you should know
that she's still grieving

the loss of her best friend.

Your friendship meant
the world to her.

Remind her of it.

-All right.
-All right.

So, we switch out artists
twice a quarter,

and we try to host as many
events here as possible

to help the artist
with recognition and sales.

Prudence, it is so great
what you're doing

to support local artists.

We also have multiple
outreach programs,

including our education
and summer camps

for students of all ages,
and our volunteer work

with the at-risk
youth initiative.

This is just amazing.

Like, all of these
local artists.


But the truth is, you don't
really need my help.

[phone beeps]

Oh, excuse me.

Would you like to grab lunch?

You know?

Yes. I would love to.


Tommy, come in.

I know I'm a tad early
for book club,

but I wanted to bring
over your mail.

Oh, that is so thoughtful.

It was overflowing a bit, so
I figured I'd bring it over.

Thank you so much.

I really appreciate it.

I didn't have a chance
to get over there yet.

So, what did you think
of "Gift of the Magi"?

Oh, of course I read it.

That was a long time ago,
before my husband passed away.

It reads a little bit different
now that I'm older.

I know exactly what you mean.

It's been a while

since I've had a romantic
exchange of gifts myself.

Oh, absolutely.

I really appreciate
the selflessness

of both of the characters.

Um, they both sacrificed
something of theirs

in order to make
the other person happy.

It has a beautiful message.

It's not about the gift.

It's about the gesture.


It was a great pick for the last
book club before Christmas.

It really highlights the true
meaning of the season.

It does.

I'm glad you see that too.

[laughs nervously]

I really... cherish
our friendship, Pam.

I do too.

[laughs nervously]

[Instrumental of "The First

So, how does Santa
have time to come

to all of these meet and greets
before Christmas?

Well, um, Santa
is a magical being.

So he can be in more than
one place at a time.

It's how he's able to travel
around the whole world

in just one night.


That makes sense.


Will you guys give me
one moment?

I'll be right back, okay?
I'll be right back.


What are you going
to tell Santa

you want for Christmas
this year?

I don't know yet.

Merry Christmas.


Oh yes, right this way.

So, Dan.

I heard you were helping me out
the other day.



With the Star Tree?

I can't thank you enough
for helping out

with Marco's presents.


He's going to have a great
Christmas this year.

Oh, it was nothing.


So, what would you like
for Christmas.

I just want everyone to feel
the Christmas spirit this year.

I know I was feeling down,

but you and my Aunt Becca
helped me find it again.

Christmas has never felt
so magical before.

And I just wish everyone had
an Aunt Becca in their life

to make their Christmas
like mine.


That's wonderful.

I'm sure you're going to have
a very merry Christmas.

How about a photo?


Merry Christmas to you.

Let's see this one here.

♪ I just want to be here♪

-Oh, yes. Drew dropped by today.


You've had a pretty busy day,

What does that mean?

I mean, both Drew and Tommy
came to visit you today?

How did you know?

Well, you have your mail,

and I saw his car outside
this afternoon.

Yes, he was here.



I mean, so do we like him?

Are Pam and Tommy going
to be a thing?

Don't change the subject.

We were talking about Drew.

Okay, I know, and I will go
see him tomorrow.

It was very sweet of him to
bring my favourite flavour by.

He really cares about you.

And apparently, Tommy really
cares about you too.

You're avoiding the subject.

Um, aren't you?

♪ Please send my baby...♪

Okay, listen. I just want
to talk about this.

I don't want you to be alone.

I'm not alone.

I have my girls.

I know.

But Mom, Dad died
when I was 16 years old.

I just want you to be happy.

And you know, Dad would
want you to be happy too.

I am.

You always put on
this brave front,

and I think it's time for you
to do something for you,

to take a chance on yourself.

Okay, okay Mom.

I get it, I get it, I get it.

It's just if he's nice
and he makes you smile,

and he's handsome,

well then, why wouldn't you
give it a chance?

I could say the same
about you.

Yeah, we're not
talking about me.



I see you got my present.


I got our favourite flavour.

I have not forgotten.

Oh my goodness.

I had to go and get another one.

These things are
completely addictive.

Boop, boop.

You can't get these in LA?

What? Sugar is one of the seven
deadly sins in LA.

That makes sense.

Hey, listen.


I'm sorry about the other night.

I guess I just really like
grown-up Bec.

I really like grown-up Drew.

You deserve the best.
You know that?

Because you are the best.

You remembered your catchphrase.

My catchphrase?

Yeah. You said that to me
when I got into college.

You said it on all of
my Christmas cards.

Not to say I don't like it,
but you said it to me a lot.

It's because I meant it,
and I still do.

All right.

"Dear Maggie and Dan.

"It's the seventh day
of Christmas,

"and today we're making
gingerbread houses.

"Happy wishing,
Santa Claus."

That's fantastic.

Here you go.

You're doing pretty
good yourself.

"Enjoy making homemade
Christmas cards

"for your friends and family.

Your mom, she is
something else.

"Don't forget to show your
ornaments to your mom and dad

"when they return."


"On the tenth day of Christmas,

"go carolling around
the neighbourhood."

"Make sure to sing
your heart out.

"Happy wishing,
Santa Claus."

♪ Hey, jingle bells,
jingle bells ♪

♪Jingle all the way

♪ Oh, what fun it is to ride

♪ In a one-horse open sleigh

Last time I went carolling
was in fifth grade

with the cast of the play.

Yes, I remember.

That was the best Christmas
pageant ever.

You were the best
leading lady ever.


I think they regret casting us
as little bad kids,

because we were a mess.

That's why it was
so good though.

It was authentic.


Hey guys, what's going on?

We have a surprise for you.

Nonnie told us something
the other day.

And we thought, well,
you'll see.

-Oh, okay?

-What is happening?
-Come on.


Come in, come in.

Come on.


What is, what is this?


Give me your coat.

Didn't you skip the Christmas
Formal in high school?

Yeah, Nonnie told us you guys
bailed on going

to the dance that night.

But you watched a movie instead.


We thought you guys missed out,
so we recreated it.

Isn't it pretty?

Wow, it's beautiful.

What is this?


You are the king and queen
of our Christmas Formal.


Okay, so I guess that this
is happening.

Come on, you two.

Let's let them enjoy
their formal.

Have fun.

Mom, you are in trouble.

Oh well.

Come on.


Thanks, guys.

Well, I definitely feel like
this is a set up.


I feel like I'm a little

What do you think?

Oh, no. I think you look nice.


Would you care to dance?

I think we must.

♪ ...By the fire♪

♪ We'll turn on the lights♪

♪ And cover the tree♪

Wow, this is so cute.


Just this.

What the kids did.

They really care about you.


Well, I think they're nosy, but
they must really like you too.

You know, I really feel like
a kid again with you.

And I finally feel like
I'm back home.

I feel like they're trying
to tell us something.

Dan and Maggie.

Maybe we shouldn't have bailed
on Christmas Formal that year.

We were supposed to go together.

Maybe things would've
been different.

Maybe they still could be.

Yeah. But we had fun
watching Elf.

Um, I should really get going,

It's starting to get late.

Bec, don't do this.
Don't walk away.

Why would you say this to me?

Like you didn't...
Like you didn't choose this.


Talk to me.

You were the one
that decided

that we shouldn't even
be friends.

You chose her over me.

You know what, Drew?
I was so mad at you.

I was so mad,

and I couldn't even be honest
with myself about it.

I know it was wrong.

She felt threatened,
and honestly looking back,

she had good reason
to feel that way.

You boxed me out of your life.

I was in a serious relationship.

She gave me an ultimatum.

Obviously, I regret
that decision.

But at the time,
I felt like...

That Christmas?

After college?

You were 20 feet
from my parents' house,

and you sent a text.

You sent me a text

saying that we couldn't see
each other again.

I know.

I don't know how
I can forgive you.

I don't think...

I don't think you know
what that did to me.

I just don't think you have
all the information.

There's more...

Okay, well, you know what?
Tell me. Tell me.


You know what?

I want this to be right.

I really do.

But this?

This is a lot.

ably just scared?

No, Mom. I'm mad.

You're hurt and afraid of
what could be.

Mom, I'm just so confused.

I mean, one moment
I'm enjoying his company,

and I'm having such
a great time.

And then the next
I'm just angry

that we ever lost touch.

And then I'm sad.


Because he also...

He also makes me remember
so many great memories.

Especially memories about Dad.


Christmas without him...
It's just hard.

Even after all of these years.

I know.

And Drew just...

Makes me remember the good,
and the bad.

And sometimes it's just,
it's just too difficult.

Don't you think that's
a quality

that you want in
a partner though?

Someone who makes you feel.

Someone who knows
what you've been through,

who knows you even better
than yourself.

And I know that he hurt you.

But Drew cares about you.

He deserves your forgiveness.

It's just, he makes me
so angry sometimes.

And then there's just
this unconditional love

that just pulls on me.

That's your gut.

Listen to it.

He made a mistake,
but Drew is family.

It's time to let it go.

And baby, it's okay to feel sad
and nostalgic about your father.

Maybe Drew helps you honour
his memory,

and in that way,
he's always with us.



Mom, thank you.

You're welcome, baby.



Hey, Bec.


Um, about last night.

Yeah, I'm sorry that was...

No, no, no. There's no need
to be sorry.

There's not?


Because it made me realize,

no matter what's happened
between us,

I still want you in my life.

I still want you
in my life too.

I'm so sorry that I reacted
that way.

I shouldn't have said
all those things.

It was too much.

Listen, we're fine, okay?

We're good.

I just never want
to not be good again.

I agree.


So, tonight we're going
to do Christmas cookies

and I was thinking...

Get my mom's recipe?


Yeah, of course.



So Court and Jim come
back tonight,

so it's kind of like
our last hurrah.

So, you want to come by
around 7:00?



But where, um...

Where are Maggie and Dan?

Oh, um...


It's gonna be okay.


Dan was getting picked on
by some of the older kids

for talking about Santa.

I figured I'd give him
some space.

What they said was not nice,
and they just don't understand.

They don't have the Christmas
spirit like you and I do.

The best thing for us to do
is to just be nice to them,

and maybe with a little bit
of Christmas magic,

they'll find the spirit
of Christmas too.


We have some more cookies!

Get in there.

All right, we need
a little more flour.


Oh, looks great.

Rebecca: Okay,
let's put it there.

Do I look like Rudolph?


You look cuter.

Let me help you with that.

[phone rings]

Oh, hold on, hold on, hold on.

Ooh, it's your mom.


-Hi Mom!
-Hi Mom!


[all greeting Jim and Courtney]


So, are you in Chicago?

Uh, Becca, can we please speak
in private?

Yeah, of course.

Give me one...
one moment.

I'll be right back.

Hey Court, what's going on?

We're in London.

Drew: You got enough flour.


Courtney: I know.

Jim: We got rerouted.

We're at an airport hotel.

Oh no.

We're trying our best
to get back home,

but there's bad weather
over the Atlantic.

Okay, so...

When are you guys going
to be able to get back?

We're trying to find another
route to get there,

but I don't know
when we'd be home.

We'll probably miss
the concert.

Oh, I'm so sorry.

Jim: Can you put Maggie
and Dan on?

Yeah, yeah, hold on, hold on.

Hey guys? Mom wants
to talk to you.

They're coming.


There you go.

Hi Mom.

We're making Christmas cookies.

Courtney: Awesome.

Jim: I can smell them
from here.

Courtney: What kind
are you making, sweetie?

They had a crazy delay,
and they don't know

if they're going to make it home
until Christmas Day.

Courtney: It's like Rudolph!

Jim: Save enough
for the reindeer?

Courtney: Save enough for us?

d you like a littlemilk and cookies?

Whew, count me in.


Look what I have!

Oh, you're talking about
the adult kind.



All right.

A little update on
our old tradition.

A little booze thrown in.

You know.

I like it.

Just a little bit.
I'll even make it pretty.

Spice it up.



Thank you so much
for tonight.

You can bribe me with cookies
and milk anytime.



Oh, this looks so good.

How do you always miss
your mouth?


-You do it every time.

-You always do this.

You got a little something
right there.

Of icing?

-Corner of your mouth.
-Right here?

Yeah, yeah. You got
most of it.

That right there? Boop!


You think you're slick.
Oh, come on.

You always fall for it.

I do, I do.

They're so good.

It's still there though.

Thank you.

That's the last one.

Appreciate it.


Bec, think you'll ever move
back here?

I don't know.

[phone vibrates]


Blake: Rebecca. Finally.
I've been emailing you.

Mohammad Al Sabir is flying
here tonight.


Wait, no...

I thought our meeting was set
for the 28th.

Well, his schedule changed.

He shuffled around his flights

to make sure that this meeting
could still work.

He's going to be purchasing
multiple pieces.

This is huge.


Blake: Yeah, Julie booked you
a flight out of Nashville

at 10:00 AM.

That's in, like, two hours!

Yeah, that's right.

I need all hands
on deck tonight.

I have to have you here.
This is not negotiable.

But it's Christmas Eve.

Rebecca, you've been with
your family for two weeks.

I'll be emailing you
on the plane.

I need you here.

Thank you, Rebecca.



I have to go to LA.




My boss called and she said she
needs me back in LA right now.

That is unreasonable.

I know, but...



You're leaving?

Oh my goodness, you guys.

I am so, so sorry.

I am so sorry that I'm going
to miss your concert.

I do have to go, but Nonnie,

you're going to record
the concert for me, right?

I will.

Nonnie's going to record
it for me,

and then I'm going to be able
to see it.

It will be like I was there.

Please don't go.

This isn't fair.

First Dad and Mom, now you?

Baby, I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry,
I'm so sorry.

I really am.

But listen, I need you all
to be strong for me, okay?

And take care of Nonnie.

Make sure that she's not walking
around too much on that leg.

Can you do that for me?

Oh, I have one more thing
for you.

Your final letter from Santa.

"Dear Maggie and Dan.

"It's the 12th day
of Christmas.

"Tonight, celebrate your hard
work at the Christmas concert

"where you show off your skills.

"Then, don't forget to leave out some cookies for me

"before you go to bed.

"I hope you realize the Christmas spirit is within you,

"no matter what has happened.

"Your mom, dad and aunt
love you very much,

"and look forward to watching Nonnie's video of your concert.

"Happy wishing,
Santa Claus."

You guys.

Tonight is Christmas Eve.

Santa's coming tonight.

I promise it will be amazing.

I'm so sorry.
Come here.

I love you two so much.

Merry Christmas.

I'm sorry.


What are you doing?

Um, listen, I have to go.

I have to go to work.

I just came to say goodbye.

I don't have much time.

Wait, you're leaving now?
Before Christmas?

Will you be back for New Year's,
or any...


Look, I have to get back
to meet a client today.

And then we have
a winter showcase.

I mean, Drew, my life
is in LA.

I can't just fly here any time
that I want to.

[sighs heavily]

I guess this is it, then.

I guess so.

Okay, wait.

Stay with me.

Who knows, Bec?
I don't know.

But what if this is
what life is about?

Timing is everything.

Us reconnecting like this,
it could be a sign.

Maybe we just...
knew each other too early.

Too early?


We were kids.

I've felt this way
since high school,

but I couldn't risk losing
my best friend.

Well, you did that anyway.

Rebecca, I was in love
with you.

I've been in love with you
for as long as I can remember.

She could tell.


My ex.

She knew it.

You are my family.

I couldn't bear the thought of
losing another family member.

So, being afraid of change,
I chose consistency.

Why are you just telling me
this now?

Because I've made
enough mistakes in the past

from being afraid of change.


I have to go.

Becca, don't, don't go.

Stop running.

We keep cutting ourselves short.

What if we just didn't do
that for once,

and see what happens?

I have a flight
that I have to be on.

If I don't leave now,
I'm going to miss it,

and I'm going to lose my job.

I have to go.

[knocking at door]

Come on in, it's open.



Maggie, Dan, Tommy's here.

We'll be leaving in five.

What is this?

Oh, just a little Christmas
present for you.

For me?

Of course.

Open it.

I have to admit, I've owned this
for a while but never used it.

It's top of the line,
I promise.

I just thought you'd get
more use out of it.

I don't really make
a lot of tea,

and you have those
beautiful teacups, so...

I just thought
you should have it.

This is so beautiful.

It's so kind of you, Tommy.

I have a little something
for you too.

When did you have time
to get me a present?

Oh, I have my ways.


They're so beautiful.

Well, since I gave
my kettle away,

I don't think I'll be using them
for tea.

Well, you'll have to come over
for tea more often.

You bring the teacups,
and I have the kettle.

Nonnie says she's going
to record the whole thing,

and we'll watch it with Mom
and Dad tomorrow morning.

We have to do our best,
for Nonnie.

And to show her
the Christmas spirit.

Yes, of course.

I'm just kind of bummed.

I know.

Me too.

Why did she have to leave?

Sometimes, adults have to do
things they don't want to do.

Aunt Becca wouldn't have left
unless it was really important.

I know it.

And, she said she'll fly out
for your birthday next month,

so we'll see her soon.

I just wish she wasn't
so far away.

I know, bud.
I do too.

I do, too.


Ah, there she is.

I'm here.

Okay, so much to do.

Can you make sure the champagne
is chilled,

and then come find me
and we'll talk strategy.


Oh, that painting cannot
go there.

It will ruin the flow
of the room.

[crowd applauds]

Drew: Thank you,
thank you.

Maggie: They made it!

And for our final act
of the evening,

Carol of the Bells.


[playing "Carol of the Bells"



Thank you so much everyone.

Happy Holidays!

[shutter snapping]

Bye, thank you.

Just got it...


Team, that was amazing!

We have to celebrate.

Who knew that he'd buy
five pieces?

Rebecca, waiting on you.

We have to toast.

I couldn't have done this
without you.

Truly, you are my rock.



I quit.



What is this?

Rebecca: "The movie we saw
together that made me afraid

"of giant spiders for weeks.

"Whenever I asked you to check
my room for spiders,

"you always did it,
never complained.

"You never wanted me
to feel scared."

"All the countless memories
we made growing up together,

"playing capture the flag
in the neighbourhood,

"camping in the backyard.

"The infamous maracas
need no explanation.

"Am I right?

"Our parts in
the Christmas play.

"You helped me memorize
all of my lines,

"and gave me the confidence
to go on stage.

"You were always
the best supporter.

"Yeah, you shoved me
into that tree.


"But, you did play video games with me inside

"when everyone else was out playing and made me feel better.

"It was like we could
have fun together

"no matter what the situation."

I um... I took the red eye
back last night.

I couldn't stay there.

I quit.

You what?

Prudence offered me
the curator job here.

She's ready to retire,
and I... I said yes.

I want to live in the city
that I love.

I want to help local artists
in the community.

I want to spend more time
with my family.

I want to spend more time
with you.

This is all...

I can't believe you did this.

This is the story of us.

This is the story
of Drew and Bec,

inseparable best friends,
and now maybe more?

I thought about everything
that you said to me yesterday.

I was on a five-hour flight,

and all I could do
was think about it

over, and over,
and over again.

Drew, everything that I said
to you was out of fear.

Everything was out of fear.

You're my best friend,
and I've lost you once.

And I simply can't bear the
thought of losing you again.


I have always,
I have always loved you.

And you broke my heart
that Christmas,

because I was finally going
to tell you how I felt.

I was finally going to tell you
that I'm crazy about you.

And that I've never loved
someone the way that I love you.

Yes, we were best friends.

Drew, I wanted more.

I wanted more than that.

I wanted all of you,
and I still do.

I have loved you
since I was 16 years old.

You're my dream girl,

You're literally
the girl next door.


And there's not another person
in the world

that I could love like that.

Reconnecting these past
two weeks has reminded me

of all the things I loved
about little Drew

that now I get to experience
again in grown-up Drew.

This is what I want.

I want you, us. I want
my best friend every day,

spending days together
laughing at inside jokes.


Understanding each other
in ways that no one else

on the outside could
ever comprehend.

You are the smartest,
the funniest...


woman that I've ever met
in my life,

and you deserve the best.

Because you are the best.


We have one more test.


Are we in class?

A chemistry test.



I don't know.

Okay, stop playing.

You know I'm kidding.


You nailed it.


Dan look!


It's snowing!

Dan & Becca: Aunt Becca!

Merry Christmas!

-Hey guys.

Merry Christmas, Rebecca!

Merry Christmas!

[blows kiss]

It's snowing.

It's what I wished for.

What? When?

Santa always wrote
"Happy wishing."

-I wished for snow.

And I wished for you
to come back to us.

And get everything
you wished for.

Everything you deserve.

Oh, I love you.

Merry Christmas.

♪ It's snowing!
It's snowing! ♪


You did this.

Court, I can't make it snow.

No, everything else.

You brought back the magic
of Christmas to this family.

Thank you.


That was a close one, mister.

It's on.


Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.