The Cassandra Crossing (1976) - full transcript

"Outbreak" meets "The Runaway Train" as a motley group of passengers are quarantined on a train destined to prevent the spread of the disease at the cost of their lives. Government intrigue, international smuggling, and the legend of the Cassandra Crossing add to the suspense. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
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Now, wait fellas, emergency
room is on the other side, de I'autre...

No man, no.

Thank God you're here.

Yes sir.

Yes, he's just arrived, it's for you.

He'll be right with you.

Sir? Yes sir, I'm on the scene sir.

I realise that. Don't worry. I'll handle it.

Can I speak to the doctor in charge please?

- I'm Dr Stradner.
- Mackenzie.

It's crucial you tell us everything you
know about this disease Mr. Mackenzie...

we're quite at loss to...

You know who this man is?
He's name, his nationality?

We've guessed, Swedish or Norwegian.

- Guessed? Then you haven't questioned him?
- As to what? How he's feeling?

- Try him Stack.
- Listen again fella.

Doctor, should you be
doing something in there?

Mr. Mackenzie, what can you
tell me about the bacteria?

- I thought you'd already diagnosed the case.
- It's a highly contagious pneumonic plague.

If that's true and I suspect it is,
there is no known antidote.

And if, as I also suspect,
the American Government...

was seek to be housing
this bacterial strain...

inside the International
Health Organization itself.

In direct contravention
of UN Resolution 816...

Which strictly forbids the
development of bacterial agents.

We're trying to find a
method to destroy this plague.

I find it odd that you should pick a
foreign country in which to experiment.

Listen Doctor...

if some half-mad terrorist group
hadn't tried to blow up this building...

in the name of
peace, we wouldn't be in this mess.

You're not in a mess Mr Mackenzie, because
you were lucky no-one else was exposed...

no-one else is carrying that disease working
the streets infecting half of Europe...-

then you'd have your mess, instead of this
momentary patriotic embarrassment.

Try him again Stack.

Hello Herman, first class
or second this morning?

Seems like a sort of
second-class day today Jean.

Good trip Herman.

Stand clear, pardon.

Get Staff Headquarters in
Munich and trouble them in.

We're going to work out
of your office here in Geneva.

I want this man's personal
effects brought up and analyzed.

And I want the top law enforcement
officer in this city and canton...

and the district head of Interpol.

- But only them, understand?
- Right.

We can't take a chance to starting a panic.

That's right doctor, he had a friend.

First class Father?

No, I'm afraid the church doesn't allow
us to go first class. Stockholm please.

Well, first class is fairly empty this run.

Here Father, no extra charge.

I'll be going first as well Jean, specially
now I see there's no extra charge.

- You know the rules Herman.
- How about a fine Zippo American lighter?

- Fully guaranteed.
- Sorry Hermann.

Thank you.

Come on baby, get a drink.

Go on, take a drink, come on lago,
it's a long trip, get some water, come on.

Oh, what the hell with you?

I'll have the body taken to the autopsy lab.

No Doctor.

The crime was committed on the
grounds of a US diplomatic mission.

Legally American soil, the fate of that
man body falls under our jurisdiction.

- Fate?
- Burn him.

Open the goddamn doors.

Thank you, I'm always late.

Not at all, need a watch
that clock on that lovely wrist.

♪ Tried to find why
time and tides are flowing... ♪

♪ To see why nothing in
this world is standing still... ♪

♪ Sometimes I'd like
to know the way I'm going. ♪

♪ But even so I guess I know I never will. ♪

♪ The sun will rise, the
sun will fall again. ♪

♪ And it's so hard to
see the coming of the day. ♪

♪ Somewhere there's an
end and I haven't made it yet... ♪

♪ But then I know I'm still on my way. ♪

♪ I'm still on my way. ♪

♪ Lately I've been
wondering what became of you. ♪

♪ Cos since the day you
left I haven't heard a sound. ♪

♪ All I want to say is boy, it's up to you if
there should ever be a second time around ♪

♪ The sun will rise, the
sun will fall again. ♪

♪ And so it's hard to
see the coming of the day. ♪

♪ Somewhere there's an
end and I haven't made it yet. ♪

♪ But then I know I'm still on my way. ♪

Thank you.

Don't tell me, black olives and a
large wild turkey on the rocks for No. 11.

- Yes madame.
- Thank you.

It's open.

- On the bed will be fine.
- Me or the tray?

I've heard you'd
gotten a new job, congratulations.

I find travel is so broadening, don't you?
You run into the most unexpected people.

I suppose I should be
flattered by your effort to see me.

I wasn't so high...

the celebrated Dr Chamberlain leaves
Geneva to accept his Strasbourg prize.

The same Dr Chamberlain who wet his
pants watching planes flying movies.

You had to be on this train.

You've gained a few pounds Jonathan Must
be on the fat of the land you're living on.

You're not doing badly yourself.

I noticed your latest book
made the bestseller list, just.

Each new divorce from you seems
to give me this passion inspiration.

Ah, that's why you're here.

Renewed inspiration.
Well darling, I'd love to oblige.

But I'm afraid...

I can't offer you a third divorce
without going through a third marriage.

And my business
manager would never allow me to.

- I never asked for alimony.
- You didn't have to, you kept all the rings.

I thought was your fault
for throwing yours at me.

Anyway doesn't matter,
I've already finished another book.

- Well, I'd love to read it, when I've time.
- Don't worry, you will.

Look Jenny, say what you've come to
say and leave me alone, will you?

- I didn't come to say anything.
- Then why did you come?

I don't really know.
Just to take a look perhaps.

Well, it is rather cold in
here for me to drop my pants.

Don't be crude, it doesn't fit in your image.

Oh, it's not a new image Jennifer.

- You're the one who's keeping up the image.
- You used to like that image.

Just go, Jennifer, will you? Let us...

stop this harrying,
thrust and lunging and just go.


Thank you for coming doctor.

Won't you sit down please?

I know you're not
exactly thrilled to be here doctor.

In fact I'm not happy about it either.

But there's no time
for recrimination, I need your help.

Now let me brief you on the situation.

Is a good chance that our man
got on the Transcontinental Express...

is left just a little while ago
and is led to Stockholm.

Now, we've tried contacting the
train, as so far, with no success.

But if he is on that train, then what I'll
need from you is your best medical advice...

so we know how to play him.

There would seem to be only
one way to play him General.

- Colonel.
- Stop the train.

Remove the patient and
isolate him immediately.

Well, that would
seems to make a lot of sense, but...

suppose he's walking up and down the isles...

talking to other passengers,
moving among them, eating with them.

It's a thousand people on that train doctor.

Just how many isolation
rooms do you have? Excuse me.

We covered the airports, nothing.

Here the local hospital reports.

Zero, colonel.

Sure looks like he's
on that train, doesn't he?

- Where's your vector control?
- It's on monitor sir.

Assuming they're running on
schedule, they should be just about...

there sir, Halfway to Basel.

Will you lift me up, please?

Katerina, leave the gentleman alone.

Why don't you read one of your
nice comic books, Ok sweets?

Here the reports you asked for sir.

- Any news from the train?
- No, no reply colonel.

Are you sure colonel there's...

no possible way of seek the stopping
the train and removing the patient?

Doctor, read that.

Get me Traffic Control in Basel.

The truth is doctor...

that now no civilized country in Europe will
let us unload the train in their territory.

Including the Swiss, so much for neutrality.

I can't really blame them,
after all, is not their disease, is it?

What's holding up Basel?

It's open.

An arm bone, seven letters, beginning with H.


- I'm being perfectly serious.
- So am I.

Humerus, H - U - M - E - R - U - S.

Oh. That's right. Humerus.

- Finished already?
- Halfway through.

Bet you can't wait to see how it turns out.

It borders on being slanderous.

Famous doctor sues ex-wife over unauthorized
biography, vicious court battle to come.

That should drive up sales.

No, you won't need my help for that, it's
a basic scientific principle, hot air rises.

How about the part when you save me
from drowning in Central Park Lake?

At least it's accurate.

I forgot to mention I only
fell in three feet of water.

Ah, but you were shorter then.

Did you really love like each other?
I tried not to let my prejudice come through.

It's an accurate portrait of a young,
idealistic, hard working doctor...

who after years of poverty and
dependence upon his wife's earnings power...

suddenly makes
an important medical discovery.

He becomes rich, lazy and callous, kicks his
wife out without as much as a thank you...

and the proceeds to
become a weak, shallow monster.

No, I wouldn't say that any
of your prejudice sneaked through.

You'd read it all the way through,
it's not such a bad book, is it Jonathan?

There is a lot of love in it as well.

It's a good book Jenny...

only I wish that you hadn't
thought that character was me.

You don't realize how glorious
you used to be Maybe just plain forgot.

Maybe I did.

Why Dr Hippocrates, is
this the new bedside manner?

Just for once in your life, shut up.

It won't work you know,
I'm still going to publish it.

Upset because I saw through your little game?

That's the trouble with you and I Jennifer.

We've played so many games that neither
of us don't know what's real anymore.

Jonathan, I was just trying to...

Don't, you might really mean it
and then I'd never know for sure.

Shit, I did it again.

Light me baby.

You finished that damn thing yet?

- Come on, we're going to be late for lunch.
- Go and see about lago, would you baby?

Must be so draughty
in that miserable baggage car.

- I told you he's fine, at least he's eating.
- Then after, we'll have lunch.

I don't see any reason
to check on him every hour.

For god's sake, his only a dog.
I mean, what that make me?

Perhaps the conductor would be kind enough.

I'm not a piece of luggage that you
check through all the way, you know.

- Don't be so dramatic darling.
- I'm hungry now and I want to eat.

- Come here.
- Now, dammit.

Come here, you're such a beautiful baby.

I don't mean to make you angry.

- You love it.
- I love you baby, you.

- Oh, excuse me madame Dressler.
- Don't be silly, thank god you knocked.

Now, why don't you make
yourself nice and comfortable?

- What about lago?
- Never mind lago.

Are you all right?

I'm a doctor, you, you sure you all right?

Wild Turkey on the rocks please.

- Herman Kaplan.
- How do you do? Jonathan Chamberlain.

And some black olives

I could not help but notice
you do not wear a watch

I've a particularly fine one
in my possession which is for sale.

On the contrary Mr Kaplan
I've got a very fine watch.

I hope you will not take offense.

I hope you will not take my watch, thank you.

- Dr Chamberlain, your table is ready now.
- Oh, see you inside.

We strongly suspect
our man is on that train sir.

In which case, we can take them past
Basel, Nuremberg and on into Poland.

I know sir. I know it's a Warsaw Pact
country but I think we can handle it.

Besides, it's the nearest available choice.

Then there's the additional problem
of housing 1,000 people in quarantine.

There is a way of putting it sir.

By keeping alive the sense of
urgency without leveling with them.

Well Mind you it's just a contingency plan.

The railroad line hasn't
been used for years...

but the Polish Government says
it's been checked regularly.

We can bring them into Janov
on the other side of the Carpathians...

through the Abluka Pass over
the Kasundruv Preyersiv Bridge...

what they call the Cassandra Crossing.

- Potatoes Sister or rice?
- Rice please.

For what we are about to receive
may the Lord make us truly thankful.

- Don't you say grace?
- Katerina.

You said enough for all of us.

But I must confess Dr Chamberlain,
your name is so famous and yet...

I'm ashamed, I really don't know why.

- I wouldn't want to bore you with all the...
- Don't.

- God forbid we should both bore her.
- You were saying doctor?

Well, that I've developed
a process whereby...

defective brain cells can be
rejuvenated in retarded children.

Oh, you see darling, thanks to the
good doctor there's hope for you yet.

- Hey conductor, when do we get to Basel?
- I'm the Radio Operator.

Ok radio operator, when do we get to Basel?

In half an hour.

- See? We do have time.
- Yes, we do.

Tell me.

- Madame Hugo Dressler. Damn it.
- Hugo Dressler?

Wife of the German arms
billionaire, he'll raise a hell of a stink.

Interpol reports a
heroin peddler on the train...

they've been tracking half way across Europe.

I wish they'd track down
that goddamn Radio Operator.

Where the hell is that chopper I ordered?

- Give me Central Air Control.
- Oh My God.

- Jonathan Chamberlain is aboard.
- Is that good news?

It could be, he's a brilliant neurosurgeon.

Right, the chopper's airborne sir.

Have them stand by.

Tell them to hang in there,
we'll get right back to them.

Well major, doctor...

at least we got every option wired.

Whirlwind 297 to Control.
Turning now and heading 210.

One whole entire half hour to Basel.

Oh boy, we might as well have started
as the train was rolling into the station.

- Just lay off, will you?
- Guess I'll wash up.

Hey, what?

Iago will be so grateful doctor, do you mind?

I wasn't quite finished.

Maybe this be some
compensation Madame Dressler.

Thank you very much.

Jonathan, I have to speak to you.

I knew it Doctor, you've
been hiding someone from us.

- This is my ex-wife madame Dressler.
- Hello.

RJ Navarro, how do you do madam?

Jonathan now.

It will have to wait darling, after all
it's going to be quite a long trip.

You bet it is, but not to where you think.

Another one of our hunches?
My wife is a great believer in hunches.

You see, once upon a time, she'd
a hunch that I was the right man for her.

We've been divorced twice
and still I can't get rid of her.

We're not headed for Basel...

and the police are preventing
anyone else from getting on this train.

Dr Chamberlain, radio telephone, it's urgent.

Excuse me, order some
more champagne, I'll be right back.

I wonder what's going on.

Oh, don't be alarmed darling
It's a simple love spat, so crude.

That's got to be it. Whirlwind 297 to
Control, we've established visual contact.

You know, if this
really turns out to be something...

- then you can really belt me.
- Oh, you bet I will.

Hey conductor, there's a pervert
around here who tried to...

Oh gracious,
I don't think I like First Class so far.

Pardon. Pardon.

Le Doctor Chamberlain est arrivé.

- Dr Chamberlain?
- Yes?

This is colonel Mackenzie,
United States Army Intelligence.

Attached to
the International Health Organization.

Well, what can I do for you colonel?

Now listen carefully doctor,
there's a plague carrier on that train.

I repeat, a plague carrier, pneumonic plague.

Dr Chamberlain, this is Dr Stradner.

The patient would've
contracted the disease at Geneva.

I'll handle Dr. Stradner.

The man is in his late 20s...

medium height,
Swedish. He's sort of bloated...,

discolored, sweating,
if he's not a corpse by now.

- My God.
- Have you seen him?

Yes, yes.

Ah colonel, your man is on board the train.

- He is alive, at least he was an hour ago.
- Alive?

Well, then find him, find him doctor.

But it's impossible,
his friend died more than...

Find him Dr Chamberlain, find him.

Late 20s, Swedish.

Check the kitchen area.

- Hey, you got a match?
- I don't smoke.

Hello, have we solved the mystery yet?

Ain't she should've given you some applause?

Conductor, the passkey.
Quick, give me the passkey.

- Do you mind?
- I beg your pardon.

First a sweating, puffing pervert and now...

What sweaty pervert?

- Jennifer, the baggage car.
- Yes.

The only possible place.

Follow me, we need your help.

You speak Swedish?

Great, come on, follow me.

Please, take care of the suitcase.


I want you to find out where he's been...

and who he's contacted, find out
anything, understand? Anything.

- Let's go.
- You sure it isn't measles, eh?

Just find out anything.

You'll be all right.

MacKenzie, we've
got him, he's still conscious.

Fine doctor, now hear this...

We've got a helicopter hovering above
the train, I want you to get the man off.

- Stop the train.
- No doctor, keep it moving.

You want a thousand
potentially infected passengers...

getting off and walking
about whenever they feel like it?

Put me through to the helicopter pilot.

On the move sir? Can't you slow it down?

We'll try sir.

- Have you found out anything?
- Might as well be talking to the dog.

What is? Is it catching?

If you haven't caught
it by now you never will.

- Quick, come on, quick.
- We're coming.

Quick, we got to hurry.

Come on.

- Get the rope, tie his feet.
- Here, hold him.

A tunnel is here about 12 miles sir.

After that no chance,
they'll be in the mountains.

Goddammit, Jennifer...

- Come and hold me.
- So we can both fall out?

- You hold me.
- Ok.


Good girl, Ok. Conductor, get the dog.

Jesus Christ, look out, the trees, reel in.

I lost it.

- Ok, get him up.
- I'm trying to.

My God, the tunnel. Hurry, for God's sake.

Ok, lift him up.

Reel in, reel in.


He's in a coma.

Mackenzie, he's gone
into coma, I need some answers.

Mortality rates, antiserum?

- Dr Stradner.
- There is no antiserum doctor.

The bacteria seems to spread by
aerogenic droplet transmission.

I estimate it has
an infection rate of some 60%.

The first symptoms are those of a
common cold, sinus irritation, a sore throat.

- That's it? That's all you know?
- That's all doctor.

I don't have to tell you
what we're up against.

What you're up against?

I may be the only
doctor for a thousand potential...

plague victims if I
haven't already caught it myself.

That's exactly why it's
important to contain the disease now...

and why you'll all be heading
for an isolation facility in Poland.

- Where you'll get the very best...
- And in the meantime...

what do you intend I fight it with colonel?


Now, I want medical
supplies, doctors, nurses, drugs.

All right doctor, you'll get them.

The entire train will be
completely sealed at Nuremberg...

you'll get your medical team there.

And after you've sealed
the train colonel, what then?

Drop it in the ocean? Hope it doesn't leak?

For God's sake doctor, let's
not panic, I'm sure you can handle it.

- Don't patronize me MacKenzie.
- I'm not, Chamberlain, I'm not.

I'm going to give the
passengers a sort of cover story...

something designed hopefully to avoid panic.

Well, you give them
whatever cover story you like...

but make sure I get the medical
team and the medical supplies I need.

Chamberlain sounds a bit panicky.

- Could be trouble.
- He's all we got.

If it's the disease that worries you
you couldn't have made a finer choice.

- What's your name conductor?
- Max doctor.

Max, as far as I know that man's
only contacts were in the First Class.

I want you to station yourself at the
end of the dining car and make sure...

nobody goes through either way.

Perhaps we can prevent the disease
from spreading into Second Class.

I'll do that.

- Oh sure, here sweets.
- Thank you.

Say, if your name is Haley why
you have a J on your handkerchief?

Why, for Baby Jesus sweets, I
thought surely you'd know that.

She's such a sweet girl.


Sir. What will we do with the dog sir?

Bring it back.

Bring it back.

- All right major.
- Thank you.

Bring it in.

You can wash for a week, it'll not
make the slightest bit of difference.

- What would you prescribe doctor?
- Stop breathing.

- That's how the disease is transmitted.
- Christ, are we all going to die?

60% she said, a
thousand people on the train...

- So 600.
- How do you get into the 400?

Natural immunity, fate, God, I don't know.

- They don't know.
- Scared?

Absolutely terrified.

Ladies and gentlemen...

ladies and gentlemen this is
the railway authority in Geneva.

I'm afraid we've encountered a problem...

is going to mean an
alternation in the train is schedule.

The French railways have just
notified us of a bomb threat.

A terrorist organization has placed
several bombs on main railway lines...

railroad bridges and
stations throughout France.

These claims are being
investigated at this very moment.

However for greater safety of the passengers
we have decided to re-route your train.

The regular stops at Basel and
Paris will now not be made.

We're very sorry for this inconvenience.

We hope you'll understand our
caution, which is entirely for your safety.

There is, of course, no danger I repeat...

no danger of anything
happening to the train itself.

We'll keep you informed just as
soon as we have further news.

Thank you.

Mummy and daddy are
going to be very cross about this.

Just imagine,

the wife of one of the world's
greatest arms manufacturers...

being blown to bits by an anarchist's bomb.

Hugo would be furious.

He'll swear was all
about just to irritate him.

Don't look so cross baby,
you still my brave mountain climber.

You don't mind if I have a little fun with
you in public now and then, do you?

Don't worry sweetheart, if they blow up the
train you can die with a clear conscience.

This always happens in Europe for crissake.

I'm going to sue the bloody
company, I ain't coming back to Europe.

Keep calm, nothing is going to happen.

- Would you like a sandwich madame?
- No, thank you, I don't want.

- Conductor, do you know who I am?
- I don't care who you are.

Please let me off the train.

- Hey, you speak English, don't you?
- Of course I do.

Then look, I got to get
off this train in Paris

I have some very urgent
business there, you understand?

But what can I do sir?
You heard the announcement.

- You think of something.
- That's impossible sir.

Look, you cannot force anybody
to stay on this train.

I suggest sir, that you go...

- back to your compartment.
- Well, I suggest you go to hell.

Now gentlemen...

better one day late in Paris
than 20 years early in heaven.

I think the Father has a point monsieur
and since we're not stopping in Paris...

I've a beautiful Cartier watch.


Of course.

Get me the MP Headquarters at Nuremberg.

Let's see if we can seal the goddamn thing.

You know what?

I don't fly, I haven't
smoked a cigarette for over a year.

I am watching my diet.

- Point is, for what?
- I don't know.

I'm sorry Jonathan, truly I am.

- Sorry? For what?
- About the book.

I was thinking, if anything should happen
to us that book would be your epitaph.

And it's not quite true.

And not quite false
either, like our relationship.

Almost, not quite,
could've been, should've been.


- How about a smoke, yeah?
- Oh God, I'd love it.

Oh God, I've missed it.

- And flying?
- That too.


- And?
- And?

That too.

- You've a new ring.
- I's fake.

But this is still real.

This sample was taken from the dog.
Notice, it's reproducing much more rapidly.

- It seems to have mutated.
- Meaning?

I don't know yet.

Amazing, you've been
winning for over an hour now.

- I've been cheating for over an hour now.
- I know, but how do you do it?


- Where are we going Max?
- Poland.


- I can't go back to Poland.
- I know Hermann.

It's going to be difficult on this
train for everybody from now on.

A lot of people are going to get very sick.
You and I are old friends Herman...

I'll be looking for you to help me out.

This is no good, need help.

You look tired, here, let me.

Now, here's where we going, Ok?

It's just the Conductor
with our planned route into Poland.

He said that some people are
beginning to complain of chills and fever.

- Here we go?
- Here we go.

The dog is approaching coma.

Everything set at Nuremberg?

Just ironing out the
final details now Colonel.

When you do, get me
Captain Scott, I want to talk to him.

- Privately.
- Yes sir.

I want one.

- Hey, how you doing?
- I'm fine.


Oh, she's much better at
this than I am More patience.

Doctor, you have a patient.

This is now a hospital car,
everybody else, please leave, please.

- Say, what's happening?
- Nothing to worry about.

A few people, nothing
serious, but we need this car.

But we need the car,
please leave, thank you very much.

- Excuse me, are you the doctor?
- Why?

I think she's real sick.

Kaplan, hold the baby for a second.

- Feel chilly?
- Yes.

Just follow me, follow me
down to the other compartment.

- What is it?
- She'll be all right.

Keep an eye on her.

Don't look too good, eh?

Ach, liebschon, even now
you make me wish I was fifty again.

Please, I must feed my baby.

- Get some food for the baby.
- Ok.

Any passengers attempting to escape
from that train must be stopped.

Shot and killed, if necessary.

I repeat, shot and killed,
you read me Captain Scott?

I read you Colonel MacKenzie.

- Doctor.
- One moment.

- You're not ill?
- You?


Doctor, she's very sick.

- Will you come with me please.
- You'll be all right.

Well, what is it? What's it all about?

Say, a slight case of
food poisoning, I think.

Either you're a lousy doctor or a lousy liar.

Attention, attention please.

This announcement will be made in English...

German, French and Italian.

One time only,
so please pay careful attention.

You have all been
exposed to a highly contagious...

communicable disease.

It is necessary that you be transferred
immediately to a quarantine site...

health camp in Janov, Poland.

Where you will be kept under
medical observation for a period...

not to exceed 21 days, you will
arrive Janov Station by noon tomorrow.

The night Messieurs, dames
she is stuck to the window.

A medical team
is joined Dr Jon Chamberlain...

who is in charge of medical
attention on the train.

They all wear Red Cross insignia, they have
drugs and all necessary medical supplies.

I'm Dr Chamberlain.

All modern health care will be provided.

Your names will be
collected, your families notified.

The following life-
saving measures must be observed.


Obey all orders of the
Security Police now boarding your train.


The train is being sealed.

Anyone attempting to break the seal
by force will be stopped by force.

I repeat...

Anyone attempting to break
the seals will be stopped by force.


All matches, cigarettes,
lighters and electric appliances...

of any kind will be collected.

Four, remain in your
compartment, please cooperate.

These precautions are
necessary for the safety of your lives.

We wish you a safe journey.

I don't feel any well.

Father, Father, Father please, help me.
Don't just stand there.

Come on.

Try that window.

Take your hands off me.
Can't you see she's pregnant?

She needs fresh air.

The Lord will take care of his children,
It's ok, it's ok, you'll be all right

Jonathan, Jonathan...

Jonathan, this woman
here she's got chest pains.

Hey look, what's happening?
I'm allergic to penicillin.

Ok, ok, just take it easy.

Look Cheryl, look.
Look at those men in white.

Tell the truth.

Tell the Conductor that
we must lock this door.

Halt, halt, halt.

Get up and get back on the train,
we don't want to kill anybody.

Oh baby, come on,
come on baby, come on baby, come on.

Don't be an idiot, even lago is getting
medical attention, see the doctor.



What you doing?

You mind? These are expensive cigars.

You can't do that.

Please, please, please...

That's everything I have.

Please, I'll do everything you want.

Please, that's my
whole life, that's all I've saved.

Leave him alone.

That was very silly
of you, wasn't it Mr Kaplan?

I think the bullet passed through.

Gunshot wounds I can handle.

Follow me, come on.

Mr Kaplan, you'll get them back.

Let's take care of the arm first.

You don't have to aim that at me
You know, you can put it down.

What do you think you're doing?

- I'll get it, I'll get it, here.
- One way to stop smoking

Cassandra Crossing.

We're headed for an
isolation camp just outside there.

So that's what they call it now.

But that bridge couldn't exist there now.

I can't go.

Quite frankly,
it's not my first choice either.

Ich kann nicht gehen...

- Mr Kaplan...
- No...

- Mr Kaplan...
- No, I'm not going. I can't.

Mr Kaplan...

Hold him there, will you?

Ich kann nicht zuruck gehen, no.

Please no, no, no please, no, no, no.

I'm sorry, I really am.

I can't go back.

- Jennifer...
- Yes.

- Roll up his sleeve.
- I can't go back.

Ah, Ich kann nicht zuruck gehen.

Meine Frau Meine Kinder

Cassandra Crossing

Cassandra Crossing.

I can't go back.

Can't, can't...

go back.

Notice this point on the graph Colonel,
the dog seems to be holding its own.

- Interesting.
- Sir...

The Polish Government,
they want us to review these figures.

The stress tolerance at that bridge.

We haven't heard back
from Chamberlain yet, have we?

No sir.

- Captain Scott?
- Yet sir

I'll handle this doctor

Cassandra Crossing.

- That look...
- What?

That look on poor Mr Kaplan's face.

I must say I was quite
surprised the way you handled him.

I never thought of you as
an old fashioned practical nurse.

I never thought of you as a country doctor.

Someone who cared.

It's what doctors are for darling.

Not the one I knew darling.

- Where're you going?
- How far can I go?

- I'll be back.
- Don't take too long.

No, I won't.

- Where are we Conductor? Poland?
- Not yet Miss Rispoli.

But when we get there, I'll let you know.

You've been over this Cassandra Crossing?

Yes Many times but not since 1948
when they closed that part of the line down.

- I'm surprised it's still standing.
- What you mean?

The peculiar name comes from the
legendary Trojan princess Cassandra...

whose predictions nobody believed.

The people who lived around there were sure
the bridge would collapse many years ago.

So they all moved out.

I see I've upset you,
there's nothing to worry about.

After all we've been through
it's not logical to assume that...

my train is going to wind up
at the bottom of a gorge, is it?

I know that sir but...

Sir, if you'll allow me
to read these stress figures...

you'll see there's cause for genuine concern.


I understand, yes sir.

Of course.

Doctor, doctor...

Don't be fool.

- Doctor, he won't admit that he's...
- I'll be fine, just leave me alone.

Please, just leave me alone,
everyone. Please, leave me alone.

A stubborn baby, just like on that mountain.

For God's sake there may be something wrong.

- He's a mountain climber?
- Yes, yes, that's how I met him.

I was at the ski-lodge at Cortina.

And he and a couple of other
characters decided climb this...

sheer mountain
face about 10 thousand feet up.

- He obviously made it.
- Yes and me.

Roll up your sleeve.

Roll up your sleeve please.

I think we'll hold off
the medication for a while.

Will he be all right doctor?

Well, he climbed the mountain, didn't he?

Let me know if he gets worse.

There, see, that might be so...

This Cassandra Crossing you've been over it?

It is bad as they say?

People once lived
underneath but they moved away.

By the end of the war
only sheep walked under.

It's all the same now.

Don't you see?
Whatever happens here is God's will.

He wants me to go back to Janov.

To the camp, where my wife My babies...

Rachel, Elaia, died.

He must and I must stop fighting Him.

I understand Mr Kaplan.

I sympa, sympathize.

- MacKenzie, Colonel MacKenzie.
- Go ahead doctor.

- We're holding steady at 61 cases.
- Any fatalities?

Two, one elderly and both
died from secondary causes.

One respiratory and one coronary.

But the good news is there are
no reported cases in Second Class.

Therefore, I suggest we
stop the train for a moment...

un-couple that section and
isolate them from the infected area.

Doctor, I'm afraid that I can't do that.

Why not?

We can set up a
special quarantine for that section.

Chamberlain, I'm not
stopping that train, it goes to Janov.

- Colonel MacKenzie...
- Now you listen to me MacKenzie...

- Stay out of this Dr Stradner.
- Colonel, the dog is recovering.

Well, just ask him Jonathan, that's all

I can't believe that a thousand people...

be intentionally sent to their death
by International Health Organization?

Defer of the first
purpose of the group, doesn't it?

- Ask him.
- On a hunch?

My last one didn't turn out too badly.

- Dr Chamberlain.
- Yes?

Sorry, we got cut off, you'll be arriving
in Janov in a little over four hours.

Everything is been arranged, if you think
of anything else that you might need.

- Yes, there's one thing.
- Yes?

The Cassandra Crossing, it's unsafe.

- What do you mean by that?
- I mean it's unsafe.

It's a disused line
that was closed down in 1948.

Now doctor, the
railroad authorities assures that...

And the people around there
won't even live under it anymore.

Oh, you've been there, have you?

No, but the Conductor has
and one of my passengers.

They're standing right
here beside me, would you...

Now Dr Chamberlain, you listen to me.

We've had that bridge
tested for stress for stress tolerance...

by computer and personal inspection.

I got the figures right here in front of me.

The Polish Government has spent
more money in the last two years...

rebuilding that bridge than it cost to
build the goddam thing in the first place.

Why, there's no more risk to you
than, than flying a scheduled airline.

That's the point, I don't fly.

Colonel MacKenzie is a liar.

Thanks for the thought
Father, but he's an atheist.

So am I.

This is insane.

Hardly madam, we've been tracking
your Mr Navarro for quite some time.

Yeah, but he's sick,
can't you see? He could be dying.

Yeah and he may not.

Since I'm evidently immune to this disease...

he'll have to remain
my prisoner during quarantine.

For God's sake, what's he done?

The charge is trafficking in contraband.

- To be more specific, narcotics.
- Oh my God, what have you done?

You just keep your mouth shut and do exactly
as I say and everything will be alright.

If you shoot me, there's a
guard every car, cut you to pieces.

They'll have to go
through you first babe, let's go.

Tell him I'm very sick,
got to see the doctor.

Now, this man is very sick,
he must see the doctor.


Look, tell him Madame
Hugo Dressler would like to see him.

Don't move.

Now open the door very slowly.

Nobody move.

All right, who's in charge here?

- I am.
- All right, tell them to drop the guns.

- Tell them or I'll blow her head off.
- Ok, drop them.

You too.

I applaud your decision sir.

Although I seriously
doubt that he has guts for it.

You keep your mouth shut.
All right, kick that one over here.

You move over there.

All right.

- I want this train stopped, now.
- My orders come from Colonel MacKenzie.

Now, listen to me fella.

I don't give a damn about
your orders, I'm giving the orders now.

I said I want this train stopped.

And I want a helicopter brought here
immediately, she's going with me.

And any funny stuff out of you
and she's dead, is that clear?

I'm not authorized to stop this train.

Now you're authorized.

There are 43 armed guards on this train.


Then, I'll start with you.

Then, I'll go through every
damn one of them if I have to...

till I find the one who'll
give the order to stop the train.

Go ahead Robby, go ahead.

Well Robby, do it.

Start with him, then him,
then him. Don't forget him.

And then, you've got 40 more.

Go on, come on Robby.

I know you can do it well.

What do you need Robby?

What you need?

Another shot of heroin?

Heroin, how common darling.


And without courage.

Going to shoot me?

Go on, go on Rob.

Do it.

Go on, do it.

I know you can do it, do it.

- Do it, go on and do it.
- Get back.

Do it, do it.


You know that my Hugo makes these,
he'll be delighted that you're using them.

I want this man confined up in front.

- Oh, no, he's going with me.
- Now, wait...

I mean, where do he go to?

- Ok, take him.
- Come on baby.

Guess what Doc?

She's hungry.

There's no doubt about it Colonel, the
dog's vital signs are steadily improving.

Call Doctor Chamberlain, tell him.
That information might be useful to him.

Tell him what?

That a Basset hound appears
to be temporarily recovering?

I'm not raising any false
hopes on that train doctor.

Or worse, giving your colleague
any ideas about stopping before Janov.

Why does stopping the
train bother you so much?

Thank you, it's a miracle.

We could do with a few more, here we go, yes.

- How you feeling?
- I feeling fine Much better.

- Throat still sore?
- A bit, but it's ok I think.

- Here we are, now tell me, how are you?
- I'm well, thank you.

You are? Now, let's see this lot.

It's just my rotten luck and
I could've used a priest too.

- For what dear, a death bed confession?
- No My wedding.

I believe this belongs to you Padre,
my friend has no further use for it.

It's no go Colonel, the
radio is still out at their end.

- What the hell goes on with Scott?
- The oxygen, the oxygen.

It's the only possible answer.

The bacteria, they are in effect
being killed by the enriched oxygen.

They reproduce at an increasing rate as their
virulence subsides at a corresponding rate.

They literally burn themselves out.

The dog was in oxygen,
the train is highly oxygenated.

That's why only two people have died so far.

Yes, but the man in the
hospital, he was given oxygen.

But he absorbed the disease directly into
the bloodstream through an open wound.

Don't you see? The people
on that train will also recover.

You must tell Doctor Chamberlain.

Doctor Chamberlain, doctor
Chamberlain, this is Doctor Stradner...

Come in, Doctor Chamberlain, hello, hello.

Now Captain Scott...

if you'd heard MacKenzie you'd know
there was some concern about that bridge.

Doctor, you're to be
commended for an excellent job...

you're tired, go get some rest.

- How about that radio?
- Look goddammit, people are recovering.

I don't know why but I do
know there's every possibility...

we don't have to cross that bridge.

Now I'm asking you to stop the
train for a couple of hours, one hour.

Let me do a proper examination.

I'm telling you exactly what
I told Mr Navarro, I've no authority.

You're not MacKenzie's robot.

A thousand lives are at stake
here, including you and your men.

Now pick up that phone,
tell the driver to stop this train.

I'm not letting you out of this compartment.

You're not doing very well,
is not up to him, right?

From now on, it's up to us.

- There must be a way to stop that train.
- It'll stop, when it reaches Janov.

Guess what, I've finished.

Don't you like a drink?


We're having a meeting in my compartment,
perhaps you would like to join us.

What sort of meeting doctor?
Some sort of group therapy?

We're taking
over the train before it's too late.

I don't want you to go Robby.

No, no Robbie,
you don't have to go, not for me.

It's not for you.

You still don't get it, do you?

Traveling back and forth across Europe
being able to pass through customs...

without question because I was with you.

And all the rest of it babe,
nothing was ever for you.




Whatever you are I need
your help for a slight diversion.

- Of course.
- And that gun will come in very handy.

Do something.

Send a plane to warn
them, put flares on the track.

- Give them a signal, anything.
- It does no good getting hysterical doctor.

Besides, it's a good chance they'll make it.

What so suddenly makes you an expert?

When even that goddam computer isn't sure?

For the love of God woman...

you think I'd
purposely murder a thousand people?


No, but I think you'd
simply let them be killed.

That's almost worse.

- What can I do for you Inspector?
- Stop this train.

Now, you have no legal authority
to impose martial law on these people.

As a matter of fact Captain...

there's only one
International Law Enforcement Officer...

on this train and and that's me.

And I am giving you a
direct order, stop this train now.


Go back inside, go back inside.

How the hell do you use one of these things?

Each clip has 20
rounds, this is your automatic.

But you promised
there'd be a minimum of violence.

We got to have something to fight
back with in case they start shooting at us.


I'd better check on Tom in the dining car,
we don't want them running up our backs.

Jennifer, go with him.
For crissake, keep down.

- Miss...
- Yes?

Take Nicole with you, tell her
I said it'll be safer back there.

Mr Kaplan, we'll be in the next car.

You'll find me in the dining car.

In my opinion, you won't be able
to make it through to the Engineer.

I don't want to make it through,
that's why I got the mountain climber.

Maybe what we're
doing is God's will, who knows?

Get everybody back into Second Class.

Come on, everybody out.

Sir, we're evacuating this car.

- That's it, Ok?
- Ok?

Give me a strut.

Somebody, get the gun.

Get down.

- How are we doing?
- He must be halfway down by now.

- What the hell are you doing here?
- It's no good, I can't make it.

- What you mean, you can't make it?
- They're all over the top.


If you don't believe me,
go up and have a look for yourself.

Katerina, Katerina...

Katerina, where are you?

Let's get out of here, quick.

Halley, come up here.
Tom, you cover us from that end.

Haley, cover us there.

Why don't you surrender doctor?
We're in a hopeless position.

What you mean hopeless? We can keep
them from eating. Will you stop.


Max, there's maybe one other way.

Is it possible to disconnect
this part of the train from the rest?

Each car has its own control box doctor.

But the electronic coupling is serviced from
underneath, right there, under the kitchen.

- How the hell do we cut through here?
- For what?

I'm going to try disconnect
this part of the train from the rest.

There must be something down here.

Jonathan, Jonathan,
what about the other people?

I'm thinking about the other people,
I'm thinking about these people.

- We have no choice.
- They're all going to die, the children.

- The girl over there, what's her name?
- Jennifer, stop it.

- Katerina...
- Stop it.

- But how can I?
- Stop it.

That's part of the
train is going to be lighter.

They'll get a better chance of
crossing the bridge, do you understand?

- That, how does that work?
- Gas.

- Gas?
- Propane.

- Gas from where?
- Propane, here.

I'll be back babe.

- No.
- I'll be right back, sit down.

There's the valve, remember that valve.

Propane is heavy, it sinks. At the slightest
spark the whole thing will blow up.

You understand?

Just so it doesn't blow
the entire train off the tracks.

Now, get any paper, boxes, wood
anything, a ball of twine to use as a fuse.

And most important,
matches or anything that lights.

- Ok, go on.
- Wait a minute, listen to me please.

Look, I might be able to reach the Engineer.

And stop the train by
crawling along at the side of the car...

and these still shutters here.

- It's impossible.
- Maybe not.

Hey now, wait a minute, I've been
tracking this man for two months.

He goes crawling around outside of this
train, he'll jump off and let us all die.

- At this speed?
- What's his alternative?

The lives of hundreds of people.

Now Navarro, are you sure you can make it?

I'd like to try.

Navarro, I see you touch the ground
for any reason, I don't care why...

I'm going to close your case
right then and there, you understand?

I understand.

Max, give me a hand I got to
find a pair of tennis shoes, quick.

Tom, let me have those shoes.

Hey, don't worry babe, you know me. I didn't
think this a cinch I wouldn't waste my time.

- Ciao.
- Katerina...

For your information Colonel,
the dog has completely recovered.

Fine, why don't you go take him for a walk.

There four men dead already, you
have no hope of stopping this train.

- Ready?
- Yeah.

Dr Chamberlain...

Ok, go.

Mr Kaplan...

Ok, go.

Go back.


Good luck.

- Jennifer.
- Yes?

Navarro, he didn't make it.

So, quick hurry on.

- Here.
- Good girl.

Now, turn on the gas valve and make sure
everybody is gone back to the Second Class.

- I don't care how you do it.
- You don't intend to stay here, do you?

Oh, get the hell out of here, will you?

- Get out of here, let's get out of here.
- We're free,

- You don't understand Katerina is out there.
- So is my husband.



Tom, Tom, he's hurt.

Dr Chamberlain, come out doctor.

Come out quick, come out.

You leave me no choice.

Haley, have you
got a match? I can't light the fuse.

I need a match.

Mr Kaplan.

Mr Kaplan Mr Kaplan
Go back to the Second Class.

Go quickly.

- Nanny, nanny...
- Sweets.

Come on Sweets, come on. Run to me Sweets.

- Jonathan.
- Nanny...


Jonathan, Jonathan...

- Major Stack?
- Yes sir.

See this goes out right away.

Congratulations Colonel,
they're finally in quarantine.

There may be survivors, you know,
the disease could've been spread.


But not if your theory about
the oxygen recovery is correct.

That same oxygen would've caused
a tremendous explosion in all the cars.

I see.

Well, as you said,
you had every option wired.

Goodbye Colonel.

Dr Stradner...

I know you must've
seen me as some sort of a monster.

Don't flatter yourself Colonel.

You're only an obedient
link in the chain of command.

I realize it's no longer
fashionable be a military man.

- But it's my job and I do it well.
- I'll grant you that.

My job was to contain this disease, not
just the bacteria but the very idea of it.

If you undo what I've done
when I walk out of here...

then those people really will have
sacrificed their lives for nothing.

I understand Colonel, completely.

Remember, you're a
doctor and a damn good one.

Stay a doctor please, for your own sake.

- Stop pushing.
- I must pass through.

Please, let me pass through.

- Don't let go.
- Just hold on to me.

It's all right baby, come on.

Come on, come on, quickly, come on.

- Max, have you seen Jennifer?
- No.

Come quick, come on, come on, quick, come on.

Come on, come on.

MacKenzie here.

Sir, there's been an accident
a tragic accident, no survivors.

On that you have my personal assurance.


Thank you sir.

By the way Colonel,
how well do you know Geneva?

There's a terrific little place
around the corner, quiet, private.

How about I buy you a drink?

Stack sir.

He just left, the woman too.

No sir, they're both under surveillance.