The Cabinet of Caligari (1962) - full transcript

Jane's car breaks down and she makes her way to a nearby estate, owned by a mysterious man named Caligari. Soon she finds that she has become a virtual prisoner, and none of the strange inhabitants of the estate are willing or capable of helping her escape. Caligari reveals himself as a passive pervert, showing her filthy pictures, spying on her, and trying to make her talk about intimate details of her life. She attempts to free herself by the only means at her disposal.

[Engine Humming,]

[Horn Honks]

[ Pops, Hisses]

I— I'm terribly sorry.
Could I-

Isn't it silly? I'm so exhausted,
I can't even talk straight.

— You see, I need-
— Of course I see.

You need help.
Good evening.

— Good evening.
— Won't you come in?

No tools. My car broke down.
Flat tire.

I've walked miles, ages.

Come on in.

It was getting dark.
I hadn't noticed it until you came.

Believe me, I'd noticed the dark-
outside, I mean.

— lf l could use your telephone.
— I'll take over.

How lovely! You can't imagine
how good this looks.

— Now, telephone?
— It's not necessary.

Please don't think badly of me,
but I am drained.

— Shall I add to it?
— Not this once.

I'm not usually
so desperate.

Well, you see,
I have been traveling for hours.

To say nothing
of the endless trek looking for-

For me.

Oh, Chris.
Where’s David?

What does it matter?
I heard you.

Our guest has a problem.
She's had a breakdown.

My car, that is.
I'm still in one piece.

— About how far away would you say?
— It felt like a hundred miles.

Perhaps a mile
or so...

on this lovely road
that eventually leads here.

It's one of those
little sports cars.

Good. Chris knows what to look for.
Go along with Eddie-

Our mechanic,
he's brilliant-

lf he can fix it on the spot,
drive the car yourself...

otherwise, have him
bring it here.

Yes, sir.

It's really more
than I had a right to expect.

Then we're both
pleasantly surprised.

You look tired out.
Won't you sit down?

You're a tourist.

Such a dreary word.

And hardly the word
for you.


A fever was on me.

For once in my life,
I responded to it.

"Go", it said.
"Be free", it said, "free as the wind".

— "Be adventurous".
— And?

And that's what you get
for being adventurous, a flat tire.

Start with your trip.
What brought you to me?

— An impulse. Poof.
— [Chuckles]

Now I want to know
about you.

For example,
that aquarium.

Tropical fish...

I suppose they must
symbolize something to you.

— They're very pretty.
— They're very sad.

Helpless little creatures in a glass prison.
Nowhere to hide.

They were a gift of the woman
who decorated this room.

I'd get rid of them,
but I can't bear to hurt her.

Ah! You see?
You've told me something.

You've told me that you're not quite
the master of your fate that you-

— that you seem to be.
— Dear foundling on my doorstep...

we are, none of us,
masters of our fate.

We're doing a decent enough job
if we can learn to accept it.

How about that fellow there,
with the lovely swallow-tail...

with the horrible notches
chewed out of it?

Do you think he's accepted
being nipped at?

“Accept” is a word
for people, not for fish.

Fish are,
people feel.

We have some freedom
of choice.

If you had absolute
freedom of choice-

no restrictions,
no limits-

I'd choose you...
like that.

[ Footsteps]


We had to tow it in. Eddie said something
about steering linkage.

It'll take some work,
but we'll fix it.

Please forgive me.
I must've been in a fog.

I should've been the one
to go with Eddie.

We enjoy being
good Samaritans.

Thank you. I seem
to be in good hands.

— And, now, I'll-
— You'll spend the night, of course.

— Thank you.
— There. It's all settled.

I'll go on ahead and make sure
you won't be needing anything.

Really, now, you mustn't
feel you're putting us out.

We have a large house
with plenty of room for guests...

and we're never
without a few.

You'll like them.
I'm sure they'll like you.

You'll just have time to freshen up
before meeting them at dinner.

Oh, no, I couldn't.
I'm much too tired for food...

to say nothing
of the amenities.

Well, then, rest
as long you like.

Here's a rule:
Do only what's right for you.

If only it were
that easy.

It isn't supposed
to be easy.

Now sleep.

You'll find some night
clothes in the dresser.

|'m sure you'll be quite comfortable,
but if there's anything you'd like-

Oh, no, really.
It's lovely.

You sure you won't
be needing anything?

— Last chance.
—just this.

Oh! It's never
felt so good.

Sleep well.

I'm in tune
with this place.

Somehow, it seems
right to be here.

I know what
you mean.

Many people who come to visit us
feel exactly as you do.

I want to apologize again
for last night...

and to your husband too.

He isn't my husband.

Tell me, is he home?

|'d like to say thank you
before I go.

He's in his study...

and, I expect,
he'd like you to stay.

Up on the next level,
the door facing the landing.

Come in.

—Good morning.
— Morning.

I know, you didn't
have the heart...

to hurt your decorator
about this either.

No, actually,
it was my idea.

— For one thing, of course, it eliminates drafts.
— And, for another thing...

if you see an unwelcomed visitor,
you can always hide.

You're wrong. The visitor sees me
as I see him- on equal terms.

The ordinary door
is either opened or closed...

this one is neutral.

It neither invites,
nor does it repel.

Close it, please.

You must like ambiguity.
It's clever.

It throws people off.


— Coffee?
— Why, yes. I haven't had breakfast.

I know.

And I don't even
know your name.


That's bitter.
And your name suits you.

It's exotic. I'm not sure
whether I like that thing or not.

An acquired taste.
I find it beautiful.

Really, I only came
to say thank you and good-bye.

Do you belong
to anyone?

I don't think so.
Not really.

— Have you been married?
— That's not always the same
thing as belonging.

— Do you have children?
— No.

If you had a son,
what would he look like?

Oh, I can almost
picture him:

huge eyes,
soft blond hair, cuddly.

What do these
suggest to you?

Tell me. Speak.

[ Door Slams]


That coffee-
That bitter coffee.

[ Man]
Easy, now.

[ Chattering]

— Have you seen her yet?
— None of us have.

She doesn't seem disposed
to mingle with us mortals.

Chris must've seen her. Come on, Chris,
tell us. Is she very pretty?

Not “Chris,” clear, “Christine.”
Even if she doesn't mind...

your familiarity,
I do.

Well, Christine?

You can relax, Ruth. I don't think
she'd be Martin's type at all.

— They are all his type.
— [ Laughs]


Thank you Jeanie.
I hope you didn't...

go and let them
put cream in this cocoa.

Cholesterol, you know.

No, ma'am.
Strictly skimsville.

Isn't that charming?

— [Laughter]
— I've got to watch my figure-

even though
nobody else does.

Oh, you have a noble figure,
my clear.

Oh, never mind.

Please, don't get up.
I'll be right back.

How do you feel?
You fainted, you know.

You know I didn't faint.
I know it. He knows it.

I was drugged. I don't know
what this filthy conspiracy is about...

but, I warn you,
I intend to find-

— Please.
— Don't worry.

I'm not gonna make a scene-
not yet- but I do intend...

to find some things out for myself,
and I don't think...

you dare stop me,
not now.

I would very much
like to meet your guests.

By all means
you must meet them.

I'm delighted at this opportunity
to entertain our newest guest.

|'ve already had dinner,
but we can talk while you eat-

That is,
if you don't mind.

I'd very much
like to talk.

I'd like you to meet
our friends.

Why not dispense with formality
and start on a first—name basis?

— This is Ruth.
— Charmed.

— That's her Martin'.
— How do you do?

—This is Vivian.
— Hello.

I wouldn't advise you to play cards
with her unless it's for buttons.

— [ Laughing]
— This is Bob.

— How do you do?
— And, of course, you know Chris.

— Everybody-
— I'm Jane.

And that is
a lobster bisque.

- It's unbelievably good.
- And probably drugged.

Drugged with...

all the dreams of the sea-
salty, spicy dreams.

That lobster
sounds like Martin.

— Come to think of it, it looks like Martin.
— [ Laughter]

— What'll it be tonight, bridge?
— Oh, I don't mind-

— If we play for buttons.
— [ Laughing]

I'll look for you later.

— We must have a good, long talk.
— You mean, you'll talk...

and she'll listen.

— Come along, my dear.
— [ Sighs ]

Chris, let me
impose upon you.

Only your coffee
could follow your bisque.

I'm sure Jeanie won't be offended.
She knows her limitations.

Well, I'm very flattered.
I'll see to it right away.

Excuse me.

[ Sighs ]

— That's me, plain Jane.

— Hardly that.
— At any rate, that's my name...

and I'm stuck with it.

Speaking of names-
uh, first names only, of course-

you still have me
at a disadvantage.

Oh, sorry.
I'm Paul.

— Your a friend of Caligari's?
— We're very close.

— I see.
— Well, what do you see?

What I see
isn't very pretty.

I don't understand it
and I don't like it.

— Well, give yourself a chance.
—To like him? Caligari?

Oh, I suppose you find him...

Maybe that's because
you don't know him very well.

Just between us, I find him
rather strange too...

and, maybe, that's
because I do know him very well.

— Cigarette?
— Yes, I would.

I'm not always
this ill-mannered.

You said you know Caligari well.
Tell me about him.

Of course.
What do you want to know?

I want to know
what kind of power...

what evil hold
he has on all of you?

— He has, hasn't he?
— [ Laughs ] What gave you that idea?

For example, the others didn't question
fora minute my being his guest...

and, even you, accepted it as a fact,
just because he says so.

— That's right.
— It is not right!

lam not a guest!

Don't you know what he's done to me?
Shall I tell you?

[ Footsteps]

I'm sorry to interrupt,
but there's a telephone call for you.

But that's impossible.
Nobody knows I'm here.

You are Jane Lindstrom,
aren't you?

— Yes.
— Then follow me.

This isn't a trick?
You'll let me talk?

Why shouldn't l?

Hello? Hello?





[Sobs Lightly]

So here you are.

— I've been looking for you.
— Go away.

No. After all,
I just found you.

Please, please, whoever you are,
go away.

Can't you see that I'm hardly
in the mood...

for that kind
of thing?

|'ll go if you really want me to,
but please don't make me.

I won't bite...

and it might do you good to talk
to someone who cares about you.

[Blows Nose]

All right.

If I told you that I was held here
against my will...

that I desperately
wanted to get out of here...

and I needed help as I've never
needed it before...

would you help me?

I'm not sure.

They have electric gates,
security guards.

— It wouldn't be easy, unless-
— Unless he allowed it-

And I'm right back
where l started from.

Believe me, please,
believe I want to help.

You, too, seem
to be in trouble-

deadly trouble.

— Are you?
— Yes.

Well, then, we're both
in the same boat, aren't we?


Forgive me. I shouldn't
have picked on you.

Forget it.

How can I?

Do you know your name?

Of course, silly.
lt's Jane.

— Do you know yours?
— Of course, silly. It's Mark.


How beautiful.

It isn't really
darkness and danger.

This was made
for children's eyes...

and people
who love each other.

Mark. Mark.

I believe it's time
to say good night.

Wait. I have something
for you.

— Where are you going?
— Please wait. It's a surprise.
I'll be right back.

Wait for me? Promise?

It's a music box,
an old-fashioned music box.

Does it work? I used to love these.
How did you know?

I know everything
about you.

I had one like this,
exactly like this-

only mine had forget-me-nots,
and these are daisies-

when I was a little girl.

Tell me, what kind
of a little girl were you?

I thought you knew
everything about me.

Everything, but not
as a little girl.

— Please tell me.
— Hmm.

- ♪♪
— Listen.

—| remember-
— What do you remember?

Well, for one thing, when you're a little girl,
it's always summer.

I was a little girl with large eyes
and skinny wrists...

and I liked to be alone
in my secret place in the garden.

I was an ungainly
little girl with pigtails.

Wait a minute,
I'm wrong.

That particular summer, they cut my hair
into bangs and I hated it.

It's really
hard to remember.

It seems
so very long ago.

So- So very, very
long ago.

Don't look so sad.

I'm all right.

— Sure?
— Sure.

Now you're
looking sad.

— [Lid Closes]

Not if you're not.

Just because I started
thinking about a silly little girl...

sunshine and tears,
daydreams and growing pains?


Thank you
for the music: box.

I'll keep it
and treasure it.

l-l want to sleep.


The gate is locked, girl.
How long have you been here?

Hasn't anybody told you
about electric time locks?

Like a vault in a bank. Nobody gets
out of here- not until morning.

But that's for the birds. I mean,
look, my boyfriend is picking me up.

— He's been waiting in his car.
—That's my fault.

I guess I should've
briefed you sooner.

Hereafter, you tell your young man
to pick you up at the back exit.

Take that path there,
past the trellis.

—You'll find it.
— You mean I can get out that way?
No electric locks?

No electric locks.
Eddie's there. He'll let you out.

Thank you.


Oh, God. Oh, God.
Oh, God.

I didn't know
it was you.

I didn't. I didn't.

lt was a nightmare.
It's all over now.

Oh, it is. Oh, God.
A nightmare.


Well, you're
soaking wet.

I want you to go
to bed...

and give yourself
a good toweling.

Oh, please, I-
I don't want to go back there.

I think I feel
a bit hysterical.

I say you need
some sleep...

and, besides, I don't
want you to catch cold.

lam tired.

I feel a thousand years old.

Tomorrow, I'll be young
and beautiful for you again.

When shall I see you?

I'm sorry. I can't
come before dinner.

Why so late?

Something terrible can happen before that,
something awful.

l just can't
come to you sooner.


[ Door Closes]

— Good morning.
— Are you being funny?

No. It's a beautiful
day outside.

If the sunshine ever struck you,
I believe you'd writhe.

— You don't really mean that.
— I do.

Yours is a dark world, mine is not,
and I want to go back to it now!

Please sit.


There's some problems involved.
You know about your car?

Damn you! My car
is perfectly all right!

Look, I simply won't put up with this,
not a minute longer...

not after what happened

— Tell me. What did happen?
— You pretend you don't know?

After insulting me, violating me.
Those sordid little cards!

— Ogling me in my bath last night.
—What if l did?

You blundered,

At first, you were attracted to me,
and now you are no longer.

— Is this what you're saying?
— I feel such contempt for you.

— Why?
— Spying, peeping- It's cowardly, vicious.

I was completely
vulnerable in my bath.

My bath, my house,
my sphere-

and you are my guest.

Guest? We both know
I'm a prisoner!

Behind locked gates,
surrounded by watchdogs-

— lf the police ever knew-
— The police can't help you. They can't reach you.

Oh, please!
This isn't a desert island.

Let us understand one another.
I control things here. Do not doubt it.

Then tell me this:

Why are you doing
these things to me?

What have I done?
I haven't touched you.

And, what's more, I give you my word,
you will not be harmed.

Really not.

Then, please,
let me go.

I'm sorry we got off
to a bad start.

Well, let's try to put that
behind us, please.

All right.
What do you want?

I want to know you completely,
totally, without inhibition.

It's too late for that now.

And to know you,
I must hear it from you.

You must tell me everything.
You must tell me...

you as a woman, what is it like
with you and men?

You must tell me every thought,
every yearning.


It's filth you want.


[ Buzzing]

No! No!

Tell me, what does
it feel like now?

— No! No!
—Te|| me.

I'm watching you now.
How does it feel?

ls this how it felt
in your bath last night?

—Oh, no. No.
—Te|| me!

— No! No!
— Yes! Yes! You can tell me.

You will tell me everything,
sooner or later.

Oh, please! Please.

Let me get out of here.
Please! Please!

I want to go home.

I want my mother!

Listen to me.

If you ever want to leave here,
you must come back.

— Do you understand that?
— [ Sobbing]

— You must come back!
— [ Sobs More Loudly]

It's the only way.

— The only way.
— [ Buzzing]

[Lock Unfastens]


[ Chattering]

Well, what are you doing here?
It's 1:00. Lunch is being served.

Oh, please, don't
let me disturb you.

Uh, carry on with
whatever you've been doing.

I'm on my way.

I don't believe we've been
formally introduced.

I'm David.

Well, I'll be
running into you again.

That's one thing
I'm sure of.

[ Man On TV]
And relieves your pain twice as fast...

as ordinary preparations.

[ Ruth]
You’re sneaky, boy.

Creating a demand by personally
giving us that pain that
only that thing can cure.

[Man on TV Continues ]
Remember; this is the quick,
easy modem way to get relief

I'll show you
my way, boy.

How's that
for quick relief?


Good morning.
Good morning.

Do you like television?
I hate it.

I keep the set running sol can talk back
to the commercials.

Being that I'm a very mild woman,
I need a good quarrel occasionally.

It perks up
my appetite.

On a day like this,
I love everybody.

I could even find
a kind word for Martin.

— You're a little hussy.
— Yes, ma'am.

And you're a living doll.

Let's start
our gossip.

Tell me, is our boy
giving you trouble?

I saw that look
in his eye.

Well, I- I don't know
what to make of him.

— Uh, that will be all. Shoo!
— But I was only, uh-

Get lost!

They certainly jump
when you say “jump.”?

I'm beginning to feel
sorry for Martin.

Don't let Martin
fool you.

He may look like an ass
and sound like an ass

but he's clever.

Girl, let's indulge.

I have some wicked,
little pastries here...

that I smuggle
in whenever I go to town.

How often do you go?

H-How often do you go?

Whenever I'm in the mood for a change
of scenery or a change of diet.

Well, how do you
do it?

Go in and out as you please,
I mean.

I take myself down
to the garage...

and tell that
grease monkey I'm going out...

and I point to the car
I want and he hands me the keys.

— What's the next question?
— Uh, well...

could you do me
a favor and-

And sneak you out?

If you hadn't taken so much time
to come to the point...

we could've had
an interesting gossip...

about you and my little
Napoleon, for instance.

Oh! I haven't gotten
a word in edgewise.

You won't forget?

You want your car?
I'll do it.

Really? You'll
really do it, Ruth?

I'm not usually required
to repeat myself, girl.

[ Door Closes]

— Martin.
— Oh! My very dear Jane.


What a delicious way
to start my day.

— I've just talked to Ruth, Of course, I listened too.
— [ Laughs]

She's invited me to lunch today,
and we're going-

— [ Bangs Book Closed]
— That's it!

— That's what?
—The quotation I was looking for.

I have a bet with Vivian about
its exact wording and here it is.

“Words have tongues,
as walls have ears.“

First time in the memory
of man that Vivian ever lost any bet.

Excuse me, my dear.

Good morning, Paul.

Sleep well?

Are you on a fishing

Just snatching
a moment of calm.

I'm glad you found me.

I see they've captured you.

How terrible to be defenseless
and to be peered at.

Mm, almost every time people
gaze at these creatures...

they begin to imagine
all sorts of things about them-

and about themselves.

— I don't know why.
— Perhaps that's because you
haven't been netted and caged.

That could be the reason.

— Please don't bother.
— No bother. All I have to do is
press the buzzer and order it.

I thought he was the only one
who gave orders in this house.

[ Scoffs ]
Everybody gives orders.

The trick is
to get them carried out.

Paul, tell me,
how can I escape?

Jane, first you've got to decide
exactly what it is you want to escape.

— Him, of course.
—Jane, your own words
make clear what you must do.

Please don't speak
in riddles.

Listen to me.

You said that what you want
is to free yourself from him.

Whether you're right
or wrong, he's the enemy.

Face the enemy Jane.
Fight your battle.




♪♪ [ Stops]

[ Woman Screams]

[Screaming Continues]


Let me go.

Let me go.


H-He killed her.

He killed her.

—You killed her.
— Shh.

Why did you
murder her?

Oh, no. It's my fault.

— Come.
— Why did he have to kill her?

Come. Stop. Come.

Come now.

I've never seen
anything so horrible.

There aren't any words-


I‘ve never seen-

I wish you hadn't.

— [ Sobbing]
— Look.

Shh! There, there.


— [Stops]
— That's better.

The masks are off now,
aren't they?

And, now that I know,
aren't you relieved?

You don't have to
bother any longer...

not to even pretend
being civilized.


I saw it all.

He was-

He was watching...


That's all
he ever does-

Watching while
other people live...

or die.

And what about you?

What sort of
a monster are you...

that you could live
with such a beast?

You do live with him,
don't you?

No, I'm not
his mistress. No.

But you do love him?

We love
the same things, yes.

You love sadism, bestiality, perversion.
ls that what you love?

You don't know
what you're talking about.

Never mind.

I made-
I made a mistake.

It's nothing.
I'm wrong. Wrong.

Yes, you are wrong.

He has no hold
on me of any kind.

Then why would you stay here?

— It couldn't be for money.
— I'm sufficiently paid-

— Not royally.
— Paid for what?

Spying? Sentry duty?
Being a female watchdog?

You know what a female
watchdog is, don't you?

What is the going rate
for these valuable services...

for these loyal,
faithful performances of duty?

Because, look...

I can match it.

Here. One thousand dollar's
worth of travelers checks.

That ought to buy your loyalty,
shouldn't it?

My vacation money.

If I could just
go home.

Chris, please.

Whoever you are,
or whatever you are...

help me.

Please, help me.

I talk to you
as a woman.

You must feel it.
You must hear it.

You must hear me.

Help me to get
away from here.

In the name of your womanhood,
don't let him.

You won't help me.

— I can't.
— Of course you can't.

Nobody can.
Ruth wanted to.

It's no use.

Even if I was selfish enough
to ask...

or to allow
anyone to help me.

I'm beyond help now.

He knows that
I saw it all up there.

He knows I'm
a witness to murder.

I'm beyond help.

No more
and no less than before.

Listen to me.

He didn't see you. He doesn't know
you were up there-

And I'll do this much...

I won't tell him...

but that's all
I can do.

I hope this helps you-

helps you stop
torturing yourself.

You still have
your own big problem to face.

I promise you...

I've been facing
my problem.

I'll face it again.

I'll face him again.

So you came back.
Tell me why.

Once and for all, I want to know
when you will let me go.

— That's up to you.
— Stop playing games!

I'm sorry.
I'm not gonna lose my temper.


You understand howl feel about you,
don't you?

— I told you before.
— Tell me again.

I loathe, despise,
abominate you.

I'm revolted by you,

You're the opposite
of everything I—

Brutal, sadistic, cowardly-
And I mean every single word.

I will say
one thing more.

Despite this, despite
my bottomless contempt...

I'll do anything—anything—
if you‘ll let me go.

— Anything?
— Yes.

Within reason.

You see,
I am cooperating.

I was here in this room
only two hours ago...

and when I left I said
I'd never come back.

You said, “Come back.“

I have.

You said,
tell you everything.

I shall.

— Begin. Tell.
— What do you want to know?

Everything— Who you are...

who do you wish you were?

What have you thought, dreamt?
What do you feel?

This above all:

What do you feel?


But no lies!

|— l-l think I...

But it isn't hard...

nor is it very interesting.

I could make it lurid,
of course, but you said, “No lies.”

The fact is that I honestly don't know
very much about... your kind of thing.

— [Hits Desk]
— Not true!

Well, if you mean,
haven't I ever-

Well, yes,
there was one man...

but there wasn't any
real love between us.

— So it didn't really matter.
— Not true!

I tell you it is true!
Who should know better than I?
Please don't contradict me.

It's you who
contradict yourself.

You tell me where to begin.

I don't care where you begin,
but begin... honestly.

My name is Jane-

Jane Lindstrom.

I'm 27 years old.

I live at
243 Palmerstone Boulevard.

— [Slams Desk]
— Not true!

Please don't contradict me!
You can't!

— How can I tel/you-
— Try this:

How old were you when you first
let a man make love to you?
Next: Who was he?

Next: How did you feel at the time?
Next: How did you feel afterward?

What did you feel?
What did you think?

Were you pleased? Frightened?
Ecstatic? Disgusted?

What did he say? What words did you speak?
That's what I want to know.

Now. Tell me. Now, now.
All of it. Now. Tell me. Yes!



No. No.

This is something a woman
is privileged to do.

It solves nothing,
dissolves nothing.


Please, have pity.

Have mercy.


Those tears are
just delaying things.

But nobody,
no one can help you.

Think David or Chris?

They cannot interfere.

Or Paul.
He does as I say.

Or someone I haven't thought of?
I rather doubt it.

Yes, rather.

You see, here it is:

It doesn't matter who. It doesn't matter
what name you're tucking away.

There's not a one of them can help you,
I promise you- not a one, not for long.

— Then nobody-
— But me.

There is a way out for me you haven't—
you-you couldn't anticipate.


I could... die.
You couldn't stop that.

That wouldn't do.

Wouldn't it?

Then let me tell
you something:

When I die you'll have problems
that you’ve never dreamt of.

— When I die the police will want to know why.
— This is nonsense.

And when I die
you'll die too.

You and all of this-
finished, because my death-

Your death won't be
on my conscience.

Then I shall have to
put it to the test.

I just happen to have
some sleeping pills.


You had that David
of yours steal them.

All right.
It doesn't matter.

There are other ways.
I'll find one.

That won't be necessary.

Here they are.

[ Carafe Thuds]

Go on.



Mark, help-help me.

[Gasping Softly]



Mark, please.

Mark, help- help me.


♪♪ [ Stops]


How beautiful!

Sugar pills.

I don't care. I'm alive!


— Have you seen him?
— Have I seen who, ma'am?

— Mark.
—We||, I saw him all right.

He didn't give me a second glance and
didn't talk to a soul. He just walked out.

I think I know. I think I know
just where he is.

Thank you.

— I knew I'd find you here.
— I was afraid you'd forgotten.

I want to know everything
that you've done today.

I've thought about
you practically all day.

I take that back— not practically,
exclusively. And you?

I did too, not quite exclusively.
So many things have happened to me.

— But I have thought about you, almost exclusively.
— [Chuckles]

— I'm thrilled to see you so carefree.
— Right now I am-

— carefree, happy.
— You look reborn.

Oh, Mark...

I've died
so many times today.

And just a couple of hours ago,
I really, actually, physically died.

And I said, “I don't want
to die,” because of you.

And then a miracle happened.
I didn't die.

I mean, I did,
and then I was born again.

I know it all sounds confused,
but that's the way it- it happened.

I did! Don't look
at me like that.

|— I don't sound any crazier than you
did to me last night.

Was it only last night
that I first set eyes on you?

Young man,
you're hurting me.

It feels good, but you are hurting me.
Unhand me.

No. This is right.

I've been told many things by many people,
many oft hem wise men...

but this is the way
I feel.

I can't-
I won't let go of you.

And I don't care how unwise, how dangerous-
|‘m taking you away from here.

No, I won't go with you.

We've only just met.
We hardly know each other.

Let's not risk both our necks
before we're sure this thing is worth it.

Believe this.

Please believe
as much as I believe it.

Soon I promise we'll be happy together
in our own house.

Our own house?

You'd have to
grow up first.

My problem is, you see,
that sooner or later...

I find boys of your age
terribly vacuous.

Perhaps you'd better start
looking for another girl...

a more dependable one.

You seemed so happy
when you came out tonight.

You seemed yourself again.

I could almost... cry.

There you go. You don't need a girl.
You need a mother.


Hi. Did you find
your young man?

—| found him.
— Well, you didn't have your dinner...

and I was told to see to it,
so I've set a cold plate at the table.

— I hope it's all right, because-
— Because your young man is waiting for you with his car?

Why, yes,
at the back gate.

Go to him.


[Frustrated Gasp]


[ Growls, Barks ]


[ Growling ]

[ Barking]

Barking Stops]

That’s a good boy.

[ Parting Dog ]

That's a good boy.
Good boy.

[Dog Whimpers]

You can relax now.

He can't hurt you.

After all, he is a watchdog. They untie him
at night. He was just doing his job.

You're all only doing your jobs.
And you're all his watchdogs!

How do I get out
of this maze?

Foolish thing
for you to do.

I can't agree.

It was exactly the thing for me to do
until I can think of a better one.

You'd really like to get out of here,
wouldn't you?

That's the understatement
of the week.

Suppose I were to tell you
there might be a way.

Suppose I told you
I would like to help you.

— I wouldn't believe you.
— Why?

— You're his man.
— Oh, I am unquestionably,
but not unquestioningly.

I don't like what
he's doing to you.

I believe I can help you-
if you'd let me, if you'd cooperate.

What's your price?

— Really, it's not a matter of price. It's-
— It's a matter of principle?

It is, but I see
it's no use.

What role has been assigned
to you for tonight's play?

The comedy relief?
Because I don't think you‘re a bit funny.

“Help me to leave,“ indeed.
Why don't you leave?

I'll tell you why:
because you can't.

You can't help yourself,
let alone me.

I know about you,
all about you.

I saw your face this afternoon.
I'll never forget it!

Go on.

You were more
in character then-

caught red-handed,
raiding a girl's room.

I told you then I was sure
I'd run into you again.

I have.

And now, good night.

[ Caligari]
Chris? Chris!

[ Chris ]
I’m right here. What's wrong?

I expect my instructions
to be followed exactly as given.

That's what's wrong. There have been
too many slipups this week.

I want you to round up David
and all the others.

This includes that idiot at the gate,
the one who calls himself a guard.

I intend to ask several questions,
and I’ll expect some answers.

— When do you want to see them?
— Now, in my study.

— Well?
— Easy now.

— I’m Chris, remember?
— [Whispers] 9:30.

The time lock
shuts the gate at 10:00.

The guard is
just about to be called.

[Phone Rings]

- Jane
- [Gasps]


— Good evening. Lovely night, isn't it?
— Yes, lovely.

Couldn't be any lovelier on
the other side of that gate, could it?

Oh, yes, it could,
and how it could.

Don't do it, Jane.
It's not the answer.

— Who are you to decide?
— Nobody, really.

But I think you believe I wouldn't
fool you, wouldn't want to hurt you.

— You do understand that, don't you?
— Yes.

I've never lied to you, although there are
things that I couldn't and can't tell you.

But all I've ever told you was the truth,
and now I tell you this.

If you go on with your dangerous plan,
it could be the end of you.

However dangerous,
I have a plan, and it has a chance.

And I have to take that chance,
because it's an immediate chance.

No one will help me- no one.
I'm about to help myself.

You're wrong. Your plan
doesn't have a chance.

You're also wrong
when you say no one can help you.

— I'm offering you my help.
— [Gate Whirs, Lock Clicks]

The lock. How unfair.
It's 20 minutes early.

It isn't only a time lock.
It can also be operated by remote control...

when it's necessary.

I hate you.

I hate you.

— I could cry.
— I don't believe you'll cry...

— and I don't believe you hate me.
— I do, I do.

Oh, no, I don't,
not really.

Help me, Paul.
Please, help me.

— Help me now.
— Of course I'll help you.

— When?
— Starting now,just as you asked.

Starting in 30 minutes.
We have a meeting upstairs.

Oh, that's right.
I've heard.

Are you going to your room?
I'll meet you there in 30 minutes.

I'll be waiting.

I have nowhere
else to go.

[Engine Starts]

[Gate Clicks, Whirs]



♪♪ [ Stops]


— I've been looking for you.
— I'm sorry.

I find that room oppressive.
I was restless.

— And you went looking for Mark.
— No.

I don't even know what part
of the house they keep him.

Let's talk.
Let's be comfortable.

No, thank you.

Well, if you don't mind,
I'll sit down.

It's been a long day.

A long day.


I can trust you,
can't l?

It seems to me
you haven't much choice.

— It's not too late.
— Oh, it is late, very late.

I was so unequipped.

But I've been puzzling
things out, and, Paul...

I do believe that
I've found the key-

the key that will
get me out of here.

— And you can help me.
— You have the floor.

Well, I'll start
with a question.

Will you answer it?
It's to do with my very first deduction.

— Try me.
— It concerns you.

Almost from the start,
I had a feeling.

There was something about you-
about your manner-

that made me think of you
as a medical man.

— Was I wrong?
— No, you- you weren't wrong.

You see, at first
none of it made sense.

I was Alice
in Nightmareland.

Caligari, this house,
things like his revolving door-

an absolute despot...

running his own sealed-off,
private world.

And his friends accepting him as such,
putting up with him.

There was only one explanation
that made sense.

Caligari was a madman

with a friend...

who seems to share
the run of the house...

who seems to wield
almost as much power.

as he does himself...

who is a physician...

who is his keeper.

— An engaging theory.
— A good theory...

and it explained
many things.

It even explained you.

There's a lot to be said for the...
logic of your deduction.

— But you see it's not-
— I know. But I said it was my very first deduction.

As a matter of fact, it's only a very
small part of the whole truth.

- Right!

The question that has been
gnawing at me is, “Why?

You see, Paul

incredible as it
may seem now

when I first met him...

I was strongly
attracted to him...

and he knew it.

And he must have known that under the
right circumstances, I might have been his-

that he could have had me
in the right way, the wholesome way.

Instead, he chose to torture me
by obscene words, to peep at me...

and all the time insist that he would never
touch me or lay a hand on me.

— I'm sure he wouldn't.
— Of course he wouldn't, and I'll tell you why.

Because he can't!
Because he's impotent!

That’s Caligari's secret.

And that's my weapon-
the only one I have, but what a weapon.

Paul, what would
such a superman do...

if it became known that
he wasn't even a man at all?

You've posed several...
provocative questions.

I'm sorry, Paul. l- l realize that you
can't discuss your patient.

But as my friend, there is one question
that I want you to answer.

— And please, Paul, answer it honestly.
— I will.

When I use that weapon in-
in desperate self-defense...

when I face him with it,
he'll have to get rid of me.

He'll have to let me go,
or he will kill me.

For the love of God,
Paul, tell me.

You know him better than he knows himself.
Which will it be?

He won't kill you.
He won't harm you.

Let me add this:

I approve of your determination
to face him and challenge him...

and I admire the courage
it must have taken.


Please don't think badly of me,
but I am drained.

— Shall I add to it?
— Not this once.

You see, I am not
usually so desperate.

We seem to have said
these same things before.

Supposing I was willing to pretend
that there was no before.

If this were the first time,
what would you do?

Give you a drink.

And ask me to,
uh, sit down?

It's a bit late in
the day for a party.

We have all night.

Won't you join me?

What's the matter?

Past your bedtime?

— You do have a bedroom, don't you?
— Of course.

I thought perhaps you
slept in that swivel chair.

— My room is down the hall.
—Are you inviting me to visit?


Then I'll just have to
drown my sorrows in drink.

Let's be friendly.

Must I do everything alone?

Forgive me.
I don't care for a drink.

I wasn't only talking
about drinking.

You could come and sit over here,
you know,just this once.

You're not very talkative tonight.
That's not at all like you.

It's getting late.

You already
pointed that out.

Time is fleeting, and we are wasting
a golden opportunity.

So, you're beginning
to unbend after all.

To think that you once
terrified me.

I told you
I'd never touch you.

But you didn't say...

you didn't even hint
that you couldn't touch me.

I'd like to find out-

I'd like to see what kind
of a man you really are.

What are you thinking now?
Tell me. Now.

What are you feeling?
Tell me. Now, now! Look at me!

Go ahead, look at me!

What does it feel like
not to have any feeling?

I wish the whole house
were here, all of them!

Not to see me, to see you, because
you're the one who's been stripped.

They'd see their lord and master...

who likes to ogle this girl
while he's hiding behind a peephole...

who doesn't know how,
who cannot reach out and take her...

when she's right under
his nose!


[ Door Clatters]


Whoever you are,
go away!

I'll only be a minute.
I just wanted to congratulate you.

Congratulate me?
I wish I were dead.

He didn't break. I did.
I made a mess of it.

You should've seen me.
But you should've seen him too.

The look on his face.

It almost worked.

I'm sorry I couldn't come to you any sooner.
I would've told you not to cry.

— [ Blows Nose]
— I would have told you it did work.

How in the world
can you say that?

I know this man.

I thinkyou‘ve gotten through to him-
to use your words, broken him-

a little, anyway,
and now it's up to me.

What are you going to do?

I'll have a talk
with Caligari.

I want you to see him
in his study first thing tomorrow.

If my hunch is right, you may well
walk out of it a free woman.

I don't want to raise your hopes too high,
but we have a heck of a chance.

Sleep well.
Tomorrow may be your day.

Butl can't! I'll never be
able to face him again.

— I won't, not ever.
— Of course you will.

You said you trusted me.
Trust me now.

Anyway, I'll be nearby.
I promise.



You've been sitting there for
over three minutes.

Cat got your tongue?

Why do you find it
so difficult to talk to me?


You talk to your friend,
don't you?

Your charming friend-
so gentle, so full of promises.

You tell him things-
the things you won't tell me.

And he tells you things-
how well he knows me, how close we are,.


And you trust him,
don't you?

That's why you're here,
because he told you he'd help you.

He will help me.
He will. He must!

[ Laughing]

— [ Laughing Continues]
— No!

What have you done to him?

He told you he'd be nearby,
didn't he?

You murdered him too.

If you must know,
if you really want to know...

he is near.

Very near.

Now you know the secret.

At last, you're beginning
to understand.

You understand
that nothing-

nothing is quite
as it seems to be.


[ Laughing]

[ Roaring Rumble]


[ Wind Howling]

[Jane ]
No revolving door.

It wasn't my car.

I had the breakdown.

I understand now.

I was insane-
completely insane.

Sanity, insanity-
These are relative terms.

It would be more accurate
to say you'd lost touch with reality.

Reality, you see,
is also a relative term.

[ Door Opens ]


Yes, Dr. Frank David,
my associate.

As you know,
this is Jane Lindstrom.

You're part of the nightmare.
I conjured a vision you were his henchman.

I even imagined you offering
to double-cross him to help me escape.

You didn't imagine that.
I did make you such an offer.

— You see-
— Dr. David and I do not always see eye to eye.

That's as it should be.
Still, you were my patient...

and I chanced keeping you only
under observation and chemotherapy-

that is, drugs such as tranquilizers
and narcotics-

until I could find
an opportunity...

to precipitate a cure
through some traumatic shock.

Yesterday you broke through.
You went on the offensive...

and that was
the traumatic moment.

Don't rub it in.

After all, your fugue, your flight
from reality came on suddenly...

and I gambled that you could be
shocked out of it just as suddenly.

It did take all of
two and a half days.

With more orthodox methods,
it might have taken years.

— You have to rub my nose in things, don't you?
— [ Laughs ]

All right, I do believe
in orthodox methods.

— But this time, you were right, and I was wrong.
— [Chuckles]

And I'm glad.

[Jane] But I was insane.
I even made up my own monster, Caligari.

[ Paul]
You didn’t make him up.

This is what a psychiatrist is, must be,
to a patient completely at his mercy:

relentlessly, cruelly probing
into the most intimate areas...

deliberately causing pain,
making you feel naked and defenseless.

This is monstrous,
but necessary too.

He must try to get to the very thing
that the patient is struggling to conceal.

—And it is a struggle, and he must win.
— Or we lose.

But I also saw you as Paul,
so gentle as my friend.

Jane, all that your imagination
created was a face-

a face to fit a monster
very real to you.

There's so much
I don? understand.

I still don't understand
those terrible, obscene cards.

[ Drawer Slides Open ]

A man called Rorschach
originated these.

We used to
call it the inkblot test-

abstract patterns in which the patient
sees what he wants to see.

Yes Jane,
everything's different.

[ Drawer Thuds,
Slides Shut]

- And so are you.
- I know.

— Am I free to go?
— Go get your things.

Chris is packing them.

I've made arrangements
for you to be picked up.

All set to go?

Chris, Chris.

Is there anything that
I can say or— or do...

to make up for
my behavior towards you?

—Just tell me that you're going to be happy again.
— [Suitcase Locks Click]

— When I first came here, I knew what I was in for.
—I promise you, I didn't.

Dear me.

What a time to be reborn.

One thing for sure-

I won't spend much time
looking in mirrors.

I can't tell you how much better you look
than when you first came here.

It's like day and night.

My flight, or whatever
he calls it, is over.

I'll go home now.

Jane! Where have
you been, girl?

And where are you going?

But you're here!
You exist!

Girl, I more than exist.
I am.

But I saw you in that room.
You were screaming.

And then I decided that I dreamt it all,
including you!

She gets electroshock treatments
at least once a month...

and she knows
they relax her.

Still, Madame carries on
every time.

Come along, my love.

[Engine Re wing]


You're all right.
You're all well.

I can hardly believe it.
On visiting hours you were so-

Don't carry on so, Mark.
I'm fine.

I'm taking you home.

[Engine Starts]

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