The Brink's Job (1978) - full transcript

After a long spate of bad luck, the little criminal Tony and his gang successfully rob one of Brink's security transports, taking $30,000. Surprisingly their coup doesn't make the press. Curious Tony checks out their headquarters and finds out that their security standard is low beyond belief. Now a really big coup is prepared...

The Brink's Job

Cornuto !

Who does he think he is, huh?


Let's go!

- Come on!
- Hey, let's go!

Kiss your ass!
The way you talk to her!

Come on already!
What is it with you?

He'll be right back.
He's gonna get some sausages.

By Hardey! Bye, boys.

How are yuh, boys?

You give me a big buildup?

Was she askin' about me?
Yuh ready to do some honest ...thievin'?

Why not?

All right. let's go.


Jesus Christ!

- Put it over there.
- I'm sorry, Tony.

Sandy, over here. Gus, over there.

Open out toward me.

- Whatta you want me to do, Tony?
- Nothing.

- Swing it toward me. Now tip it
on its back. - Vinnie !

- Put your ass there!
- Where?

- Where's my finger?
- Here.

Right there.

- Spingete !
- Che fate ? No...

Vinnie, downstairs.
Get me the crowbar.

Vinnie, would you get dowstairs
and heat up the car.

Whatta you givin' me this for?
Easy! This bag is to small.

Tony, I think I found a cash box here.

I'm goin'.
Let's go!

Get the blanks.

- Second floor.
- No, it's on the third.

That's it.

We're surrounded!

I ain't shittin'!
Let's get the hell outta here!

I seen 'em! There's four of 'em!

Sandy, where the hell you goin'?

This way, Gussy, down the chute!

Be careful, Dave!

In there!

Pino, if you see my old lady
tell her I'll be late for dinner..

Tony !

# Vaffanculo a te
e a tutto il tuo paese ! #

I got you all the back issues, Tony.

- Who is that? Captain Marvel Junior?
- Yes.

- Captain Meraviglia never had no kid!
- Sure he did... with Lois Lane.

Lois Lane is Superman's girl-friend.
She didn't even know Captain Marvel.

While you was in the can she dumped Superman
and started shackin' up with Captain Marvel.

The trouble with you, you don't read
the comic books, just looked at the pictures.

- While you was away I stuck up a bakery.
- What'd you get?

Bucks 75...
and 4 months in the can.

Tony, how was everything out there?

Where's Mary?

Remember me?

- How yuh doin'?
- I can't kick.

I'm Joe McGinnis.
I own the bar across the street.

I heard about you.

Chippy Ruben says he knows you
from Deer Island.

Yeah, we were both partners with Johnny.

- Have you seen John recently?
- No.

He' completely bald.

You know Walter from over in Chelsea?

- Walther who?
- Yeah, Walther who.

He's a decent fella.

Seein' as though we're neighbors,
I thought maybe we oughta talk.

How about a coffee?

How about a radio?

Console model?

Yeah, that's what the wife wants,
a console model.


This one, or this?

- How much?
- 40 dollars. Take your pick.

- That's more'n I wanna pay at this
particular time. - 40's the price.

Who are yuh?

He's my brother-in-law. Vinnie Costa,

- Yeah, huh?
- Yeah.

Watch the Front. Move!
The girl's alone.

Joe, you need some underwear?

Maybe later.

I was thinkin' you and I oughta somethin'.

I'm plannin' jobs for other guys
while I sit at home and watch the money come in.

You got talent as a spotter,
and I'm the best planner in the country.

I think I got somethin' for yuh, Joe.

Here, take this radio, be my guest.

- You've a generous heart, Tony.
- What did you have in mind, Joe?

- A partnership.
- Partnership?

I'm not doin' too bad right now.

I got a nice crew, they're all all
friends of mine the hours are good.

I've been in a biggest jobs in New England
in the last 10 years.

I've never done a day in the can.
I've never left my own saloon.

Think about it.

No sale, Joey.

Don't move!

Don't turn around!

Now I want an order to go!

Walk up to that register.

Now put the cash on the counter.

Now, move.

- Okay, hope this is all the cash.
- Yeah.

You lyin' bastard!

Sandy, you son-of-a-bich,
you almost give me a heart attack!

- Did you miss me, Tony?
- You damn near killed me, you son-of-a-gun!

- I love yuh.
- Hey, what in the hell are you warin'?

- How do you like it?
- How many Japs you kill?

I never saw a Jap in my life,
but I was torpedoed twice.

- So where's you medals?
- Medals'?

Thei give me a dry uniform, stuck me back
on a ship to be torpedoed again.

I've been put on this earth to be double crossed.

All right, so here's the question
before the Board.

Are you ready to do some honest thievin'?

I'm a halfway through a 48 hour liberty.
I didn't even get drunk yet.

So take a couple o' hours,
we'll grab a pete.

And where am I gonna spend the money?
In the Navy Brig at Portsmouth?

I got 90 days left, Tony.
Lemme finish it up.

I get out we hook up
together like the old days.

I got no boys. I got no fellas.
I can't move.

I'm stuck here pushin' kidney pies.

There's a guy was overseas with me,
he's a helluva piece o' work.

His name's Jazz Maffie.
We pulled a couple o' scores together

I'm not lookin' for new company.
Who is he?

Jazz Maffie, he's a bookmaker.
He steps out he likes the excitement.

I can't see robbin' with no bookmaker.

Where's he live?

- Who is it?
- Tony.

- Tony who?
- Tony Pino.

- Are You Jazz Maffie?
- Hi yuh. How are yuh? Come in.

- Have a drink?
- I don't drink, but I'll have a drink anyway.

- Good, what'll it be?
- You got any Chianti?

- No, I don't keep that cheap stuff in the house.
- Well then, forget it.

I'm better without it.

A friend of mine asked me
to take a look atcha.

- What friend would that be?
- Sandy.

Sandy's a good guy. How is Sandy?

He wanted me to ask yuh if you
wanted some work.

- What sort o' work?
- Sandy didn't tell yuh?

Not that I remember.

- Where'd you get that tie?
- They're handmade.

Do me a favor. Next time you're in the North End,
boost a couple for me. I like to give'em away to my help.

Listen, I didn't come here
to talk about clothes.

I take petes.
I'm the best Goddam pete man there

and I don't need nobody along
who don't know that.

You don't need me along them, do Yuh?

Jesus Christ, fella.

- You're givin' mi a lotta heartache.
- Why don'tcha have a drink?

I don't wanna Goddam drink!

I wanna know if you're good and
if you wanna come along.

Well, you're not gonna know that until
I actually do come along, now, are yuh?

- Ain't you gonna finish dinner?
- I'm too nervous...

...before I go work.

You got all your stuff?


- Where's your screwdriver?
- I got it here.

- How about your gloves?
- I got 'em.

Here you take this in case
you get hungry later. Okay?

Take it easy.

Wait a minute. Why didn't we
all just drive here together?

'cause I'm the boss and
we do things my way.

Listen, Mister, you better start
showin' some respect around here.

Just be a good fella, now!

Come on. Goddam.
I'm not in the mood.


Be there, baby.

Jesus Christ! Outside!

- This is the last straw, Tony!
- Outside!



Horse ass!

Nice goin', Tony!

Get outta here !

- Where is it?
- Get your stuff, come on!

Right around the corner.
We got this thing licked.

A piece o' paper!
Be outta here in no time.


This pete is brand new!

Vinnie, that hore's ass, he said
that this was an old Mossler.

- I'm gonna peel,go warch that hall.
- What for?

It's gonna take a long time.

Who says I'm gonna peel?
Who says I ain't gonna blow?

The way you been swingin' that bag,
I know you're not carryin' nitro.

There ain't no way to peel this pete.

It's made outta that
new wartime metal.

Pino, I ain't got all night.
Let's take her with us!

Sure! I'll stick it in my back pocket!
It only weights a ton!

You're goin' full out for a hernia!

Look, Tony, I didn't wanna say
anything in front o' the new guy.

We gotta have few things between us.

This was my score.

I gotta have some respect.

Look, what am I a twig to be bent?

Now, while you was in the joint.
A lotta guys would'a' cleaned you out.


18 dollars.

You guys can keep my share.

Brutto figlio di puttana !
Ti ammazzo !
You dumb son-of-a-bitch!

Lasciami ! Aiuto !
come on, leave me alone!

- Quanto ?
- 100.

E' troppo ! Cosa sei, un ladro ?

- No !
- Cosa c'é in quel cappello ?
- Whatta you got in that hat?

- What about the lettuce?
- Two heads for a quarteer.

Gimme another head.

Can I help you?

We've been makin' some very big
investments in this neighborhood...

and we was very impressed
how you people been fixin' thing up.

This kind of work makes the price go up
and helps us on our end.

We figure this outfit was a good
cause an' we wanna make a donation.

Why how very nice.

It's so unusual for someone to come
in personally with their donations.

Most of our assistance comes
through the mail.


We was just happenin' in the neighborhood
and checkin' real estate properties.

- How much shall I put you down for?
- You could put us down for 50 cents.

You better make it a dollar.
50 cents each.

What'd I tell yuh, Ton?
This one is chocolate cake.

There's no way to miss.
It was sittin' there wide open.

There's gotta be two grand
bein' held every day.

A couple o' old ladies playin' with dimes.
You ain't playin' with a full deck.

Tony you saw those old dames.
We could go in with cap pistols.

Not me. I bar goin' in on the heavy.

What if she drops dead
of a heart attack?

- Wanna kill one o' them old ladies?
- No!

Mothers o' God!

- Hey, you got a card there, Mr.. uh..
- Lacey.

- Well, you take those by me.
- Here you go.

Why don'tcha go up and wait
in the office, huh?

How do?

- You got the keys to 706?
- Should be there.

- They're not here.
- Whyn't you look in back?

Maybe it's over in maintenance.

I got 'em.

Dave, your A and P payrolls's over here.

Christ sake, they got no
consideration at all up there.

They know I'm on my Goddam break.

- Paul, you goin' to lunch?
- Jesus Christ, is it that late?

- Yeah, it's 12.30.
- Yes.

I didn't know, what the hell
time it was, you know.

Mr. Lacey? I'm Hank Rightmire,
Vice President o' the Brink's.

Now what's this about a free offer?

I wanna show yuh, if you don't mind
and got a little time.

I got somethin' here.

I'm from the Globe Spark Plug Company.

We're top o' the line outfit.

Here's what I have in mind.

I wanna give new spark plugs...

and a set o' these dura-life
fan belts for all o' your trucks.

- These are free samples?
- Only if you like 'em.

We start you off with a 100 $
worth o' free supplies.

We give 'em to you for over a year,
you gotta do one thing.

You gotta let us use the Brinks
name in our advertising.

Well, Mr Lacey, afraid we can't
go along with that.

I'm talkin' about Life Magazine,
Saturday Evening Post.

Brinks is very prestigeous. We never
lent our name to any advertising.

We don't even advertise ourselves.

To be frank with yuh
I don't have an answer.

All right, let me do this for yuh.
Just so it wasn't a waste o' time,

let me pick out a fee selection of samples
and you use 'em

and if you like 'em, if you can remember
that I got 10 kids to feed,

maybe give me a call and make an offer.

- Is that fair enough?
- Well, that sounds reasonable.

You just leave the stuff here,
our service manager take a look at it

when he comes back from lunch.
Thanks very much for coming by.

I enjoyed it.

The could have some electrical system
to fry yuh when you touch the door.

I was in the joint. I seen what they got.
They got nothin'.

They got cheep locks and 75 Watt bulbs.

- What if they got radar?
- No, they got nothin'.

What's radar?

There they go for coffee.

They're right on schedule.

- Isn't it a great country?
- Aren't you glad you finally caught the boat?

Come on, over there!

That's a hundred grand give or take a few bucks.

- I'll give you 20 cents on the dollar.
- How much?

That's it. We're outta here.
Pack it up ... let's go.

Take a stand on the attitude, Tony,
and nobody's gonna deal with you.

There isn't a fence in New England
will touch that garbage.

- I'll take 30. Any you guys pay 30?
- I'll buy 'em myself for 35.

- Not me.
- You got it for 33.

What in the hell is he laughin' at?

We worked Goddam hard for that money.
Can't give it away for nothin'.

Aw' right, come 'ere.
Today is my grandson's christening.

I'll give you 22.

I can get 50 from the paramutual guy
at Narragansett (hippodrome).

- Well, why don'tcha?
- It's winter, the track's closed.

- Why not wait till spring?
- We don't need this bullshit, let's get outta.

- Would you not use that language in my home?
- Take it or leave it!

- Take what?
- Not 22.

- Not 33.
- We were put here to be doublecrossed.

For 10 years I worked with Jimmy Sincere,
I've never gotten less than 35 cents on the dollar.

- I made him rich.
- We all know what happened to Jimmy.

God rest him, but You're dealin' with me now.
23 and that's final.

Make it a quarter.

Not a hope.

- Oh, Poppi.
- You like it?

It's beautiful.

And that's a 100% muskrat.
It says it right there on the label.

This is the first thing you ever
give me that was gift wrapped.

I ain't gonna tell yuh what I paid for it.
'cause it's a present, that ain't right.

But here's the receipt. Just in case
somebody asks where you got it.

I'm through wid them trucks, Mommi.

If I can hit some people for nickels and dimes,
I oughta be able to take their pete.

People been talkin' about for years, Poppi.
That might be too tough for yuh.

Why do yuh think they never reported
what we grabbed?

The only thing I can figure's
they don't want no headlines.

Who's gonna wanna put their money in a place
where you can take a 100 grand off'n 'em.

They got a reputation to cover.
That's gonna take 'em down.

Trucks are one thing, but pete's
gotta be guarded like the King o' England.

Mommi, buildings are like people.

They got stories, and the got secrets
to tell yuh. All you gotta do is look.

Some buildings got smart faces.

They're starin' right back atcha, sayin':
'I dare yuh to come an' grab me.'

There are other buildinga that are dumb.
Like Brinks.

When I was a kid I thought to myself
if I ever went in a place like that.

I mean, them people are bored.
They's dead, dey don't know it yet.

They got all that dough in dere,
they treat it like it was garbage.

Dey got no feelin' for daere work.
The building is asleep.

An' all dat money is in dere and
it' bei'n held prisoner and

it's screamin' at me through da walls:
'Hey Tony, come in an' grab me!

I'm goin' in and I'm gonna get it out.

To the Brink's Poppi!

The Rat Finks call that big window... One.
Margaret's locker room.

Window 2 and 3 counting rooms.

Window 4, that's where my baby is.

Boo, trick or treat ... buy your leave.

It's 7.45, they start comin' to work.

At 7 pm they're all outta dere.
Exept for those 4 guards.

No alarm?

That don't figure.

Puttana miseria !
Joly shit!

Non c'é modo di aprirla.
No way t' pic dis bitch!

Hey what the...

50 Watt bulbs?
Cheap bastards!

These hacks I'd like to sleep in.
...gotta watch out for that.

Now I know where I am.


All right, this is the counting room.

Right throug there, through that door
is the pete.

No lock on this door. Nothin'.


What's that? A little window?

I get through here.

I can't get through here.

Dirty bastard! Son-of-a-bitch!

It's opened.

Gotta feel around here. They must
have some trip wires on the floor.


But it is.

You cheap sons-o-bitches.
A 10 cents stomp alarm.

Come 'ere, baby.

I love yuh.

This joint's mine.

I own this joint!

''It is moreover the supreme headquarters
a privately owned armored force''

''that operates throughout
the United States and Canada.''

''Behind its 27 inch (70 cm) walls
are iron barred vaults...''

''and arsons of machine guns, carbines...''

''and assorted small arms.''

I don't know all this shit!

- Back again, Pino?
- What's goin' on?

- The New England Mutual got hit last night.
- How much'd they get?

200.000, the whole payroll.

- Whatta you want with these bums?
- Just a routine round-up to keep
you people happy.

'Course that wasn't no splash, Them Goddam
flyboys jumped in and grabbed up all the credit'

There wouldn'ta' been any landing craft
on Normandy Beach without ne and my boys

at ten fathoms of water
freezin' our asses off

tryin' to blow up them Goddam obstructions
them Krauts left behind.

Hey, Sir Winston Churchill shook this hand.

Now I can't do no cockney accent
but he said:

'You guys did a jolly good job'
Without UDT it wasn't no fuckin' D-Day.

- What's UDT?
- Underwateer Demolition Team.

I put that whole thing together.
Say, you got a cigarette, Gus?

- What are you doin' now?
- Specky's the best pete man I ever worked with...

exept you.

They got petes... I don't know if you
see 'em. Fancy new metals.

You can't burn 'em.

The thickest pete in the world's got
maybe 5 inches (15 cm) o' plate on 'em.

But you know a German Panther Tank
has got 12 inches of carbon steel.

That's the finest there is.

I was puttin' armorpiercin' through that crap
like you'd stick your finger

throuh a loaf o' Wonder Bread.

Ordinance, that's my game.

Big stuff, cannons, rockets delaye
charges, crap like that.

He got decorated.

Yeah, well, I was at Iwo.
I, I don't wanna talk about that now.

front and center.

That's him. That's the guy.

You're a Goddam liar, Mr. Just because
I'm wearin' a checked coat and 2 $ shoes.

Your identification's a piece of shit!

Because the man was wearin' a mask.

I'm doin' a favor showin' up here,
for Chrissakes I'm an ex-paratrooper.

- Just give your name.
- Joe. My friends call me Joe.

Your name is James Joseph O'Keefe
your street name is Specs.

Real good. You just keep readin' it off.
I'll tell yuh when you're wrong.

Smiley, the one next to him.
You know who I'm talkin' about.
You come out here.

Come on, front and center.

What the hell do they call you?

Come on, what's your father's name?

Well, we call him Dad.

Your name's Stanley Gusciora, Gus.
What's your excuse for the Mutual job?

I was outta town and I got
a witness to dat effect.

- Where's your witness?
- We was both outta town.

- Where the hell is my beef stew?
- I've been sitting here for one hour!

- What the hell is goin' on?
- Fire!

Where's this beef stew comin' from China?

Why the hell did you go and hire
a cook from the Salvation Army?

Mother o' God!

Whatta yuh gotta do to get a beef stew here?

All right, I hear you!

Get a move on, will yuh?

Comin' up!

They all guards carry pistols?

They ain't guards, Naw they're just
drivers from the trucks comin' off duty.

Dere's mah boy. Look at him.
Mr. America o' 1920.

There ain't no night shift.

Mr Brinks he don't believe
in payin' night rates.

Up 7.15 this joint is empty.

- They just lock it up and go home.
- Dat's what I'm tryin' t' tell yuh.

After 7 pm everybody goes home.

Exept them 4 guys.

- Well Who's that?
- Heavyset guy?

- He's the guard from the rotunda.
- Well, he ain't wearin' a gun.

He never wears a gun, this guy.
Now he's gonna get the sports page.

How do you know that?

He does it every night. He comes in he gets
the sports page, he goes into the head
for an hour.

I call him 'the long crapper'.

It's the same routine every night,
boys ... never changes.

At 7.15 they close dat safe and
they're outta dere...

so it's never opened after 7.15.

Jesus, it's cold as a morgue in here.

- You ever check this place for infra-red
detectors? - What's that?

It's a bug that works off
temperature differential.

Keep the place cold so
a man's body heat will set it off.

Dis place is cold because Brinks
is Goddam cheap to pay for the heat.

Hold it, you guys?

From here on in you gotta crawl.

Like John Wayne in 'The Sands of Iwo Jima.''

What the hell are you talkin' about?

In case o' sneaky pictures.

- Me, too? - No, you especially.
Get down on your ass, move.

Come on, boys, move it.

Over the wire and we're in.

Tough to get in here, huh, boys?

Come on.

- I don't know if I can do this thing.
- Walk in the park.

Move in !

Make like a gazelle, come on !
There's a bag o' bones in it for yuh.

The door is locked.

It's opened.

You son-of-a-bitch !

Ho trovato questo attaccato.
This sign means there's a wire from
this pete rigt over to the ADT.

- Where'd you get this?
- On the wall in the corner.

Oh God, these are
the biggest payrolls in the State.

See, they don't lock nothin' around
here might discourage thievery.

General Electric.
800 grand every week.

Be careful of dis stomp alarm,
don't wanna wake anybody up.

- How much?
- 800.000 !

Look at this.
Gilette Razor. 470.000 $ a week.

Lemme see dat.

I found the thing!

'Four Rivers Shipyard, 168.000.
Necco Candy, 87.000.'

Vault contents Tuesday the 6th.

There's 4 million in there right now?

Who would ever dream they kept
kind o' dough in there?

Nobody would except me and my
brother-in-law Tony the greatest pete.

That's right.
Vinnie's right.

What we got here is
a trajectory to this point.

Now, from the Northeast position
on the roof of that building,

we got an A and B prime target area here.

The head of the shell after piercin'
this outer plate will melt the bell

crank and freeze som lugs.

One guy's gonna jump through the hole
and jerk out the lugs with a pipe wrench.

We'll have 2 guys in the room wearin'
asbestos suits, mind durin' impact.

just in case the secondary explosion
sets fire to the contents of the vault.

Now as far as gettin' the weapon up
on the roof without usin' any winches.

Hold it! You wanna fire a cannon
off the roof o' buildin'?

It ain't a cannon, an m91A anti-tank gun.
It's a bazooka.

- A bazooka?
- Veah.

Where yuh gonna get one bazooka?

Every Army in the States got one.
We'll boost it.

You ever heard the sound one
o' them things makes?

I was in Omaha Beach, fella, '44. Howitzers.
I heard every Goddam gun they make.

Wait a minute! You wanna blast that pete
with a cannon?

You gotta have a hole in your marble bag.
What about the bug?

That involves a separate offensive,

synchronized with the impact of the shell.

At that exact instant a squad o' 7 men
is gonna raid the ADT with machine guns.

Now a couple o' grenades will take out
the swich panel

and the cops won't get an alarm.

'course we might, uh have to kill
a few o' the ADT employees,

but I don't see no way around it, do you?
Uh, you got a match?

The guy is looney tunes. He ain't got
the full dollar.

Maybe it was the war. I seen a lotta
guys get crazy over dere.

- They call it: 'Battle Fatigue.'
- So whatta we gonna do wid him?

He's gotta come wid us.
We got no choice.

Well we better chain 'im up.

- Chain 'im in the cellar.
- No.

You know, Tony, if we could just cut
the ADT wire.

That bazooka idea he had with the armor
piercing shell that makes lotta sense.

I was noticin' myself on the roof
that it could work.

Some o' the Specky's ideas could
really make a lotta sense.

Heat up the stew like I taught yuh.

On the heavy, Tony.
There ain't no other way?

Whatever you guys want.

- Whatta yuh say, Joe?
- How yuh doin'?

Yuh picked a freezin' cold day
to wash your car.

I wash it every Sunday.

The kid down at Frank Socony's
he doeas it for 2 bits.

It ain't to spend the 2 bits.

That punk he bent the aerial,
and got water on the brakes.

It's from '36.
How many miles you got on it?

60.000, she runs like new.

Them post-war cars is all junk.

Come on inside, I'll buy yuh a drink.

The last time we talked, Jou, you said...

that, uh you might be able
to move some cash.

That's right.

- How much you could handle?
- How much you bringin' in?

Very large.


Jesus Christ, Joe you almost
give me a heart attack.

Tony, Boston's a small town.
It's my business to know.

Frankly, no one thinks you'll pull it off.

- Who's no one?
- Everyone.

- The joint's a fortress.
- Let mi tell you somethin'.

I spent more time in dat den
the people dat work dere!

Why didn't you bring me the money
from the trucks?

I get a quarter on the dollar
from Mutt Murphy.

You got 23 cents! He took you apart!

He offered me 20, the stuff was hot,
I get him up to 23.

You know where that money went?

He's got some kind o' connection in Cuba.


His connection was a third rate hustler
named Shelly Biederman in Philadelphia.

- They gave him 60 cents on the dollar.
- 60?

Bullshit, that's three times
what he gives.

He srewed you and they screwed him.

You know why? I'll tell yuh.

Because he's a dumb, moon-faced Mick
who got rich stealin' hot cars and hubcaps.

He thinks 60 on the dollar
for that kinda dough is good.

You brought him platinum, Tony,

He gave you horseshit!

The Brink's dough is the best there is!

I'd'a' given yuh 80 cents on the dollar!

Come on, Joe, don't bullshit me!

80 cents on every dollar, in your kick...

That's my offer on the North End job.

But I got one condition.


I want in from the Git Go.

Shit, Joe, that's one thing I can't do.
I give my word.

We got beat outta what we took off
them trucks, 'cause nobody makin' change.

Joe McGinni's got the best connections
in the State.

And if he handles the count we get
80 cents on the dollar!

- We don't need no more guys, Pino.
- What the hell do you know about it?

We gotta big score an'
you gotta work big handed.

The guy's a blood-suckin' leech
and a scavenger!

Everything he gets near he sucks up dry
and den takes an' screws it up!

Where yuh gonna get the guns?
Did yuh ever think o' dat?

Joe McGinnis, he got
a connection for guns.

Well, what are we?
A bunch o' crippled welfarers?

Come in, Joe.

You all know Joe McGinnis.

Joe, Sandy Richardson.

Gus Gusciora.

Jazz Maffie, Specky O'Keefe.

You met my brother-in-law, Vinnie Costa.

Now let's go over it again.

17 GENNAIO, 1950
January 17, 1950.

- Does that thing work?
- It should.

- If there's 3 guys in whatta you do?
- Whatta you mean?

If there are 3 guys in the vault
do you give a signal?

I wait till all 4 o' dem guys
is in the vault.

How much time we got left?

4 minutes.

No !

Oh, my God!

We should'a' never put him up there.

He ain't gonna signal until everything
is right! Yuh understand?

Come on. Take him home.

We're on!

What the hell is the matter?

What the hell is the matter?

Goddam thing!

In two minutes they're
gonna close the pete!


Get outta dere!

Jesus! Somebody put a padlock dere.

It's not locked.

You got your screwdriver?

I brought it.

- You got one?
- No.

Anybody got one screwdriwer?

Let's come back Friday!

- How much time we got?
- We got less than a minute.

This is a serious miscalculation.

I'm gonna pee in my pants any minute.

- We're on the money.
- Right on the money.

All right, boys, get 'em in the air!
Go on, get 'em up!

Now get over here and open this thing.

Now get over here and open this thing
and no one get hurt!!


On the floor.

Put your head up!

- What the hell is that?
- Goddammed alarm!

One o' these bastards tripped the alarm.

What is that?

Let's get outta here!

- Tell us what it is!
- Someone's tryin' to get in.

- Get over there and show me.
- It's a button outside the door!

- Get 'em up!
- Pick him up!

- How do I let 'em in?
- Rheostat here, push the buttom!

It's the long crapper.

- What's he doin'?
- He's readin' the newspaper.

Let's get the hell outta here.

Get on dat floor!

Get on dat floor!

Come on !

We did it!

Ha, we did it, Tony!
Blessed Madonna, we did it!

Come on Tony, you can make it!

Did you try the bell?

Let's try it.

Give us a break !

Let us through !

They told us to get down the floor.

- How many they get?
- 2 million dollars.

- Get these reporters away from that money!
- Get the cops away from it too.

Okay, get 'em up! Come on!

- Get your hands off me!
- Get in there!

- I don' hafta open it !
- Where you goin' ?

Whatta yuh doin'?
Who do you think you are?

You can't do that to me!

Shut up !

It is beautiful !

( radio ) ''The final figures are now in
on the spectacular Brinks robbery.''

''Over 2 million dollars taken by gunmen
in the crime of the century.''

''My sources in the FBI report evidence
indicating an inside job.''

''Responsible links to Organized Crime
and Communist subversives.''

Well, how far'd you get?

I got 2 different figures here.
I don't know which one is right.

Dat's it. I can't count no more.

All right, beat it. I'll finish it myself.

Whatta yuh mean you can't count?

I'm tired and I'm nervous.

Besides I never was any good at figures.

- Go on, geet the hell outta here.
- Lighten up, Skinhead.

I'm filthy rich! We can spent the res
of our lifes countin' that dough.

And you can spent the rest o' your life
in jail, if you're not careful.

How would you like to hold one
o' these for a week?

I ain't gonna smell like
a meatball no more.

We're outta dat dump for good.

No more diner? What's Tony gonna say?

There's somethin'
you gotte remember, Gladys.

The Brink's thing was my idea.
I put Tony into it.

Now Tony's a regular genius,
I ain't takin' nothin' away from him.

I done it for you,
Tony's gonna hafta respect that.

- For me?
- Who else?

You're just my guys, Vincent.

- Didn't I tell you what smart you was?
- Yeah.

- I'll hold the bag, you throw gum in.
- I can't throw for beans, Vinnie.

Come on, try your luck.

Come on, honey!

Go on. Dere yuh go! All right!

- It didn't go in.
- It don't matter. It'll sink.

- I'll go get it.
- You'll get your feet all muddy.

- It's got my fingerprints all over it.
- You ain't got a record, no worry!

- Just what exactly does the statute say?
- The FBI has no real jurisdiction.

No federal money was involved.

How about the Coas Guard, National
Parks, Forest Service, anything!

One bag apparently contained checks
from the Veterans. Administration.

- That should bring us in.
- The theft should be not less then
100 dollars.

Well then list a 100 dollars in cash
and let's get on with it.

I have special reasons beyond the
obvious for wanting this case.

This robbery could be the missing link
between the Communists and Organized Crime.

Our best information out of Boston
is thet it was local boys.
They've got 20 or 30 good leads...

What those Kexstone Cops
up there know ?

How any subversive activities this
kinda money could finance.

I want the FBI not only involved
in this case, I want it in charge.

Our Boston office isn't staffed
to handle anything this extensive.

Get up there and staff it! Put a dozen
men in, I don't care what it costs.

This could be the most dangerous
conspiracy threatened this nation.

Tony, you okay? Wait.
I think I'm slippin'.

Wait a minute. All right.

Now, remember this is a present.

- Happy Birthday.
- To her.

- Happy Birthday, Mommi.
- Happy Birthday, Sis.

- What's this?
- It' for you birthday. You like it?

- My birthday's not till next week.
- Well, we got it a little early.

- Where'd you get it?
- I bought it. Here's the receipt.

Let's take it in.

- Why didn't you get me a radio?
- Whatta you mean?

This receipt is from a radio company.

They don't sell no refrigators
at the Brookline Electronic Company!

- When was the last time you were dere?
- You boosted it.

- I'll bet there's some guys dinner in it.
- I was gonna buy it, but no chance.

And the Goddam thing
just walked into da car.

It had your name on it. And yelled:
'Take me. Take me home to Mary.'

You picked a helluva time
to go out boostin'

We done all dat.
I got rid o' the guns myself.

You let him get rid o' the guns?

Tony and me is partners.
We don't like no wiwes in.

Strumz, keep your mouth shut,
show some respect around here.

- What about the masks?
- It's all done.

Specky and Gus dey took care
o' dat last night.

What about the money, Tony?
Why ain'tcha down keepin' an eye on Joe?

I got Sandy on dat.
Mommi, I got everythin' runnin' like clockwork.



(Tv) 'In cooperating with local law agencies
the FBI begins...

''..the largest criminal roundup in history.

''In an effort to find the men responsible
for the spectacular Brink's holdup,

'' stone will be left unturned...
as G-men place leads to known criminals
and subversives.

- Where you born, Pino?
- Uh, Salerno.

- It says here Palermo.
- I always get those two mixed up.

If you don't start cooperating
you're goin' back in.

I got a theory why dose guys
were wearin' Navy Peacoats.

What's the theory?

Dey got away in a submarine.

On a submarine you would look
suspicious in civilian clothes.

I don't know a lot about subs,
but I would say search the seas.

Could be a foreigner.

I just tell yuh dis because it's my
duty, but I want the 100 grand reward.

- Let's get this monkey outta here!
- Come on, get outta here!

Any o' you fellas in the market
for a shirt?

You'd look good in brown.

- Here's a lovely town, ain't it?
- I spent a week here, one night.

- Whatta you think?
- It's a beauty.

Where the hell are we?

Towanda, Pennsylvania, kid.

How far is Pittsburgh?

Oh, about a hundred miles.

Whatta you got there in Pittsburgh?

You got a sugar doughnut
down there, huh?

- Oh, wait'll you see her.
- Oh, yeah?

- She got a sister?
- M'm, a roomate.

With legs up to her eyeballs.

Let's get the hell down there.
Whatta yuh say?

For violation of the Uniform
Firearm Act,

to wich you have pleaded guilty,

I sentence you,
James Joseph O'Keefe,

to 3 years in the Bradford County jail
and a fine of 3.000 dollars.

There ain't no precedent for that kind
o' sentence on a violation of the UFA.

The maximum ever given was 18 months
in the case of Rasmussen versus Pennsylvania.

Then we will male legal history
and set a new precedent...

in the case of Commonwealth
of Pennsylvania versus O'Keefe!

Stanley Gusciora,
A jury of your peers...

has found you guilty
of 2 counts of burglary,

possession of stolen goods
and resisting arrest.

And in restitution for these crimes,

I order you to be sent to the Western
Pennsylvania State Penitentiary

at Pittsburgh where you will serve
20 years.

Your Honor, I can't do no 20 years.

Well, do as much as you can, son.

They got themselves pinched
because they're assholes.

- And it ain't our fault.
- Right.

We can't let 'em sink.
We gotta do the rigth thing here, Joe.

- I can't handle it outta my own pocket.
- There ain't nothin' we can do.

Well, we gotta do somethin'.

Gus's lawyer needs 10 grand for the appeal.

And Specky he needs about 6
for his sister's doctor.

She's got some kind o' cancer, Joe.
She's maybe gonna kick.

She ain't got no cancer.
She's a rummy scumbag.

I brought her 2 grand personally,
she boozed it up.

I wouldn't piss on her if she was on fire!
We can't spend another dime on that score.

And this whole problem comes about
from you bringin' in 2 guys too many.

Hey, wait a minute! You're sittin'
on a million and a half because o' me.

You know damn well some o' them bags
filled with new bills and checks.

I personally had to flush
50 grand down the toilet.

50 grand? Dat's not your dough.
Where do you come off flushin' 50 grand?

Dey was new bills with consecutive
serial numbers. Dey was worthless.

How do I know what you flushed
down da toilet?

- Listen, Tony...
- I can't believe it! 50 G's?

You're pullin' my tape !

I'm holdin' dat dough 'cause you
wanted it dat way!

Hey, Mick, where the hell are you goin'?

Goddamn it!

I want dat dough!

And I want it right now!

- You ain't gettin' no dollars!
- I ain't?

Open the gate!

How are yuh, Specky?

You're lookin' okay.

There's these 2 doctors at John Hopkins
Hospital they got dis new treatment.

- Where the hell's that magazine?
- I brought yuh the book you wanted.

I brought yuh a carton o' cigarettes
but they'll only let me give yuh 2 packs.

Dere's dis long article about lukemia,
I wantcha to read.

Damned Leroy must'a' took it
while I was in the shower.

I wantcha to get my sister
in John Hopkins right now!

- Joe, give her 2 grand. Did she tell yuh?

She's in a charity ward
at Massachusetts General.

- All right, I'll go see 'im!
- And I wantcha to read dat article.

- Leroy, what'd you do wid my Popular Science?
- I ain't seen it, Specky.

Dat thievin' damn Leroy!
He took it, I know.

Ihey just steal everything around here.
For heaven's sakes.

- Specky?
- What?

Just 9 months more
and we're all in the clear.

I told my Mama I was gonna take care
o' my sister,

And now my sister's dyin'
in a charity ward.

You better get up some o' the gough,
buddy, you better get it!

Because I don't care what I'm doi' anymore.
Do you understand me?

I don't care no more? You got dat?

I come up here to tell you somethin'.

We all took that oath

- And you gotta stand up to it.
- Well, I can't do no more time!

I ain't doin' no more time!

My sister's dyin',
for Chrissakes. I'm tellin' you!

I ain't got no more control!

It's slippin' outta my hands,
don't yuh understand that?

You gotta hold it.

You hold and I'll get back to yuh.

Hold on now.

100% you got it.

I'll be back.


You son-of-a-bitches.

All right, Gus, let's run it down again.

All right. Jack LaRue is a faggot.

Whatta you wanna hear first?
How I did the Lindberg kidnapping...

or I started the Korean War.

How's it goin' so far, Gus?

- We all look like the Boy Scout Jamboree.
- We just wanna settle accounts.

- I't all in the process.
- What process?

The complicated process I launder the dough.
Yuh think I just pull it outta my ear?

You're holdin' out, Mister!

Did you give Specky's sister 2 grand?

Of course. Outta my own pocket.

Them why the hell is he tellin'
me you didn't?

She drunk it up so fast,
she must'a' forgot.

- She's been drunk for 12 years.
- Give the money, or you're dead.

I ain't goin' to the well until
the statute runs out an' that' 2 weeks.

2 weeks you can cut it up on the
Ed Sullivan show, if that's what you want.

Ain't gonna hold for 2 weeks.

The whole thing's comin'
apart, believe me.

That bandaid O'Keefe has got you
buffaloed. That piece o' shit!

He's gonna spend the rest
o' his life in the can.

Well, he'll see Christ do the miracles
before he sees a dime outta this score.

We'll take care o' Specky,
but we want our end now.

See yuh in 2 weeks.

Jesus, kid!


if you walk outta here now
you're never gonna walk again.

Jesus Christ!

You threaten me, Bookie, you're gonna
end up a rumor in this town.

I told yuh this stasin' was no good.

Listen !

We 're not killers! Killin' this bastard
ain't gonna get us our dough!

Brink Case Solved
Thank You O'Keef

Hello, Mary.

When are you bums gonna quit
annoyin' innocent people?

If I was to tell yuh somethin'

- How yoh doin', fellas?
- Let's take a ride down to Tony.

- ...would you promise me somethin' in return?
- We don't make promises.

Tony is a decent family man.
This is a harrassment.

Then kiss my ass!

When are you run outta questions?
I run outta answers a long time ago.

No more questions, Tony.
This time it's an indictment.

Is that a fact? Mommi, get me
a clean pair o' shorts, will yuh?

Boys have one o' Mary's
good home-cooked meals?

You'll feel a lot better.

Why not!

You're outta clean short, Poppi.
Couldn't find any.

They gotta be dere somewhere.
I just boosted a pair yesterday.

Don't matter. I'll be home
in the time for the Ed Sullivan show.

See yuh.

We want the money and
we want you to name your accomplices.

You're perpetratin' a gross miscarriage
o' injustice.

Some days you guys are gonna to beggin'
me to forgive you for dis

I'm gonna sue you for every minute
I spend in the joint.

I'm gonna see yuh in court!

Thank you.

Mr. Hoover, Could you point out
the evidence to us, please?

Could you just raise tha hat up
just a little bit? Thank you.

Would you, uh, show us
the route that the robbers took?

- Through here.
- Hold it just like that. That's good.

Is it true that less than 50 thousand $
of Brink's money has been recovered?

Yes. But an ongoing investigation
is to locate the rest.

I am confident that
it will someday be found.

- Thank you.
- Sources in Washington mentioned...

that over 25 million $ have been spent
investigating this case.

Yes. The importance of a case like this
cannot be measured in terms of what it costs.

The Brink's robbery was
the crime of the century.

It excited the imagination
of the Youth America.

It was our solemn obligation to prove
to them that crime does not pay.

Thank you, Mr. Director.

- It hadda be an inside job.
- You're wrong. It was Tony Pino!

He's the only who could'a' planned
dis kinda thing.

- It was an inside job!
- Hey, I know.

- An Irish guy could'a' did this.
. Yes it could..

Tony, there we are !

Vincent !

Gladys !

- How yuh doin'?
- I'll always love yuh, Vinnie.

- Will you wait for me, Gladys?
- Forever!

You got style!

I always said you had style.

Tony, over here!

Sign this, Tony, please.
You are the greatest.

Mamma mia.
You used to rob-a my my store

He's my friend!
He used to rob-a my store!

Via ! Muoviti !

Vai, Tony !

Tony, you're the gratest thief
that ever lived!

After serving 14 years in prison,

the men who robbed Brink's

were paroled

and returned to live comfortable
lives in Boston.

To this day, despite continuing
efforts by the FBI,

less then 50.000 $ of the
stolen money has been recovered.

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