The Bride (1985) - full transcript

After the creation of his creature, Dr. Frankenstein researches and creates a perfect woman, Eva, to be the mate of the creature. However, the anxiety of the creature creates havoc in the laboratory that is burnt down and explodes, killing Frankenstein's assistants Dr. Zahlus and Paulus. Dr. Frankenstein believes the creature died too but he flees to the woods. Soon he meets and befriends the dwarf Rinaldo, who gives a name to him, Viktor, and invites him to work in a circus in Budapest. Meanwhile Frankenstein and his house keeper Mrs. Baumann (Geraldine Page) teach Eva how to behave and to be independent. One day, Frankenstein introduces Eva to the high-society, telling that she was found amnesic in the woods and has become his protégée. But Frankenstein becomes obsessed of Eva while Viktor and she have a strange connection. What will happen to Eva?

Dr. Zahlus?

Now, Baron?

Yes, but quickly.

Quickly, Doctor.

That's better
piece of work altogether,

my dear, Baron, than your previous effort.

Be quiet.


Now lower the arm.

She's coming alive.

Raise the arm.

She must come down.

Stop the sand!

Stop it, now!

Paulus, get her down!

Will you stop the sand!

God, we're losing her.

We've destroyed her!

Will you do something?

Will you do something?

She's gone.


Take your filthy hands off me.

For me.

Yes, she's for you.

Yes, for me.

For me.


For me.

Don't be so impetuous.

For me, you.

For me.

You fool.



Not mine?

Hate me.

You lie.

You lie.


Paulus, the globe!

I don't know if you understand.

Un, understand.

You've had a terrible dream.

You're safe now.


And you must sleep.



You stop it.

You kiddos, stop pushing.

Clear off.

Stop it, let me down.

I've got to get going, right away.

Stop it, let go of them.

Leave me alone.

Let me go.

Get out, go away.

Run away and leave me alone.

Oh, get off.

Run away, go on, get out of here.

Leave me alo...

Well, thanks for that.


Yes, I'm a man.

In every sense of the word.

If you catch my drift.

My name, in case you're
interested is Rinaldo.

And what's yours, sir?

No name.

Oh, no name?

In conk, on the run, aye?

Well there's nothing wrong in that.

I myself am on this road to Budapest.

Where I intend to join the circus.

We can walk together if you like?

If you want the company?

C'mon, it's a long way to Budapest.

You know, you look a bit

like the circus type yourself.

A strong man, stake driver, store mucker.

There'll be plenty of work
for the likes of you and me,

no questions asked.

Also, since we are going
in the same direction,

it occurs to me that a
gigantic fellow like you,

might set a tiny fellow like
me right up on your shoulders,

and not even know he was there.

What do you think, aye?

Give it a try?

Up there, Rinaldo?

No, no.





Now, up on your shoulder.

Very good.

Very comfortable indeed.



Secrets of a universe.

Really, Charles?

You won't get at those with machines.

Poetry, lewdness,

women, wine.

Those are the ways to wisdom.

Which you've undoubtedly achieved.

No, no,
my experiments blow up

in my face just as yours do,

but in my case only the heart is wounded.

And how's our guest, Mrs. Baumann?

She hasn't waked all day, Baron.


You have a guest here, Charles?

Not exactly.

An interesting medical
case referred to my care.

A young girl found in
the forest near Brucor.

She'd apparently been struck by lightning.

Robbed of all memory.

She knows nothing of herself.

Not even her own name.

But can you cure her,

and if not, is she pretty?

She's quite remarkably beautiful,

and as for the rest, I wonder if curing

is what she needs at all.

Well you mean, that she
might be taught a thing or two?

She might be taught everything, Clerval.

Think of it.

She might be made into anything.

The most pliant of mistresses.

I might make the new woman, Clerval.

Independent, free, as bold
and as proud as a man.

A woman equal to ourselves.

Charles, please.




My name is Frankenstein.




I shall call you after
the first woman, Eva.


She's gone away.

Baron, oh, there you are.

Get up and cover yourself.

Shame on you.

Mrs. Baumann?

Mrs. Baumann?
- It's shameless.

I just want to fetch her clothes.

Shh, shh.

She doesn't understand, Mrs. Baumann,

and you must teach her the
ways of polite society.

Bring her my robes from the university.

They should do until
she's ready for fashion.

What is circus?

I'll show you
the circus when we get there.

It's exciting.

You'll love it.

There'll be work for me,

and work for you.


And then, well
the world will be our oyster.


They'll be no stopping us.











Nothing tastes as good as a fresh chicken

done on the open fire.

What a team, aye?

What a team.



Not good.

Haven't you ever heard of sharing?


Didn't it ever occur to you
that I might be hungry, too?



Oh, eat food.

No, no, I only want my share.



eat food,



Now correct me if I'm wrong,

but I would say you've lived
a long time on your own.


Didn't you ever have a friend?

They're my friend.

She hate me.

Oh, it was a woman, was it?

Well, you and I are bound

to have a little trouble
in that direction.

Tell me,

was she anything like you?


Like me.

Oh, that's a different story, then.

What makes you think she hates you?

See me,


She screamed, did she?

My guess is you gave up too easily.


- Hmm?


Oh, she
was beautiful, was she?


Well if she was anything like you,

I shouldn't be surprised if she

was the most beautiful creature
on this earth.



You know, I'm glad we
had this little chat.

I always say you don't know a man

until you know what his dream is.


We've all got one.

It's the key to everything.


Miss Eva has no
difficulty in communicating.

Her structure of speech is intact.

It's perfectly preserved.

Although, she does has
difficulty in relating

the words that rattle around in her brain

to what they actually signify.

But Charles, have you taught her nothing

but table manners and alphabets?

Tell the truth, Charles?

Anything at all about men and women?

You know what I mean.

The relation of the sexes

does not interest us here, Clerval.

She is still in every
sense of the word a child,

and I have no patience
with your oriental morals

in this regard.

She's not even aware of
herself as a sexual creature.

Oh, well, we'll get around
to it sooner or later.

Everyone does.

You have very little
imagination, Clerval.

You can't see that this woman may one day

be destined for a new kind of love.

A love of equals.

And you will teach her this
love of equals, will you?

That maybe the last
thing I teach her, yes.

Before your statue

like Pygmalion's comes
to life?

One day, Clerval, she will astonish you.

My dear, Frankenstein?

I only hope that one day
she will not astonish you.

Good food, chicken.

No, no.

Leave the chickens.

We've had enough of chickens.

I have a much better idea.



Have a look on the wall.

It must be there in front of you.

Turn around, I can't reach.

- Yes, sir?
- Ooh.


- Please?
- What?

Ah, please...

State your business, man.


- Hungry?
- Want food.

Food? I have no food here.

- Money for food.
- Ah, so that's it,

is it, yes, money for food, hmm.

Now what do you suppose the world would be

if every beggar could walk into a church,

and get his living just by asking for it?

Keep talking.


Mm, I shouldn't wonder.

Those who will not work will not eat,

and that, my son, is part of God's plan.

It would be no charity to fiddle

with the wisdom of the Lord.

Now let's get out of here.

Thank you.

It's about time.

- Ah, iyo-ho.
- Mm.


Come along.

I cut the bastards
throat from ear to ear.


Yeah, what's this little runt?

Clear out you little Pygmy.

We don't want your sort 'round here.



Uh, what, you'll be wanting a beer then?

Yes, we will have a drop or two.

My friend here will lift me up to the bar.

We'll have two pints of ale, please, sir.


You'll like this.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Good health.

Say, who are they?



Another pint for me,

and something more capacious
for my friend, here.

Fill him up a pale.

Thank you.

- Good health.
- Good health.


He likes his ale, hmm?

Another pint,

and another pale.

Thank you.

Good health.
- Good health.


And now some more for my friend.


Hey, what is this? Stop.

Wait, look, I can't, no, stop them.

Help, help.

That should sober you up,
you pair of troublemakers.

Oh, head.

Oh, don't say that word.

And the pain is not the worst of it,

it's the remorse.

The bitter, bitter remorse.

Is not drinking a sin?


And does not sin lead to repentance?

And repentance to remorse?

Bitter, bitter, remorse?

Hmm, there's a lesson to be learnt here,

and I hope to God I never learn it.



Oh, the world is so big.

What's this?

What's the matter?

Are you tired?

Head, it goes around.

Like a bird.


Huh, well that's very odd.

Nevermind, we'll rest soon.

There's a long way to go to Budapest.

We want to reach there
refreshed and renewed, don't we?


It's nuts and cake to a
couple of sharp fellows like us.

Nuts and cake.

Nuts and cake.

There, that should do it.

Now, give me your shirt.

Give me your shirt.

You can't walk into Budapest
with a shirt with rips in it.


That's right.


Oh, my.

Here's a man that's been
mistreated in his life.

I'm not a real man.

Stuff of nonsense.

I've been around the world a time or two,

and I've traveled with many men

for a long way or a short way,

and I can't say I ever had better company

than I've had with you.

You're a man to be
reckon with in my books.

You're a man of virtue.

A friend?

Yes, I'm proud to call you that.

Now I think it's time you had a name.

No name.

I don't ask for your real name,

but I shall give you one.

You'll need on in Budapest.

Give me name?


What, what name?



That's it, Viktor.

It's means he will win.


Yes, he will win his heart's desire.

Budapest is just the beginning, you see?

When we've made our fortune,

you can return home with
lots of lovely things

for your lady friend,

and I, well I have dream too, you know?

What dream?



I've always dreamed of going to Venice.

I've been told all the
streets are made of water.

Can you imagine that?

All the streets made of water.

I must find out if it's true.


Viktor, my friend.



We will win.

You must always be firm
with a horse, Eva, and calm,

and you must never ever show fear.

Guide him with the reins,
gently, with great conviction.


I see you already have a feel for it.

He knows what I want him to do.

How far can we go?

As far as you like.



What's that?

That's a murderer.


We're here, Viktor.


I think
we're going to like it.

Rinaldo, look.

They'll be plenty of horses
where we're going, Viktor.

Look, Viktor

- What?
- Toffee apples.

Let me down, quickly.

Two toffee apples, please.





Out of the way you beastly little man.

Take that, that.

Oh, Chopin,

you are a wicked, wicked man.


Come, let me

take you by the hand,

and lead you to a promised land.

Where you'll eat upon

the souls of those are wicked are, indeed.

No, Mr. W.

There you are.


Excuse me.

- Viktor?
- Rinaldo.

What do you think you're doing?

Men, little men because he steals,

and he comes and hits and hits...

Splendid, marvelous, brilliant drama.

Can we go now?

- Yes.
- Yes.

No, stop.

I like Budapest.

I told you I'd get you here.

- Oh.
- Mm, he doesn't look

well at all.


- May god rest his soul.
- Amen.


what is that?

That's an elephant, Viktor.

Would you like to ride

one of those?
- Right this way,

- Yes.
- please.

- Way from the greatest
- Ooh.

traveling circus
- Look.

- in the whole world.
- There's someone to look

up to.
- Yes.

- Visiting here now.
- Yes.

This way, this way.
- Wow, the circus.

- Take your seat.
- Where here, Viktor.

This way, this way.

- Don't be, Viktor,
- Fire.

Don't be scared.

- Watch this never before...
- Excuse me.

Now, wait here a minute.

The fact is
that I don't need a midget.

Not a midget, Mr. Magar, the midget.

I have here a document
signed by Windhill Castor,

the renowned doctor and
phrenologist of Krakow,

stating that I am without doubt,

the smallest living human
on the continent of Europe,

and in all the Russias.

I've got documents
that say the same thing

from every midget that ever worked for me.

The fact is that I don't need a midget.

The fact is that the
public are sick of midgets,

and so am I.

The fact is that I need somebody
who can drive tent pegs.


Hey, hey, you, you.

Give him the mallet,

and everybody stand well back.

Now, hit that stake with the hammer,

and knock it right into the ground.

Tell 'em not to drive 'em so deep,

but he's got the job,
on trial, half wages.

I still don't need a midget.

We sign on together or not at all.

Alright, you can have one
wage between the two of ya.

To start with.

Take it or leave it.

We'll take it.

You, take the the ape and
go set the rest of the stakes.

Follow me.

And now let's see what you can do.

I do my act on the trapeze.

How interesting.

Just watch this.

This should be fun.


I stand up here and wobble
a bit, whoops, whoops.

That's very exciting.

Then I tell a few jokes
about how scared I am.

They love it in Dubrovnik.

Then I start to swing a bit,

and then I say, oh, my
God, I'm feeling dizzy.

I don't think I can hold on much longer.

It's quite easy, really.

I fixed it up top before I fall.

It's attached to the harness here.

It certainly gets them on their feet.


I've seen it before in Prague.

Hundreds of times.

Who the hell goes to Prague?

It'll do.

I should think it will.

You and the ape can sleep
in the properties van.

If you can fit him in.

He's not an ape.

His name is Viktor.

That's how it's done.

What's that?

It's the old monastery.

A very old and sacred place.

May we go there?

If you wish.

It's where we all come sooner or later.

To the grave.

When we're dead.

Well, what is dead?


Sleeping forever.

One day we go to sleep,
and we don't wake up.

I don't think I could sleep that long.

Come up, will you?

It's not healthy here, Eva.

What is this?

That was a monk.


Yes, I've told you about
bones and skulls, haven't I?

This was a man?


And this is what we look
like underneath our faces?


Can I take it with me?

No, it was laid to rest here,

and this is where it belongs.

- I'm sorry.
- You drunken.

- I didn't know she was
- Sot.

- your daughter.
- Get out, get in.

How many times do I have to tell ya.

Don't mix with the locals.

We're in business now, my friend.

We're on our way.

Fame and fortune lie ahead,

and all our troubles are behind.

What are you thinking about?

Oh, I want to ride horses.

One day in the city,

and he wants to be

a gentleman.
- Yes.

Riding horses.

I don't know.

Baron, Baron, wake up.

Baron, you must...

Get up.


What on earth is the
matter, Mrs. Baumann?

She's gone.

What do you mean she's gone?

I heard her call out,
she'd been dreaming.

She said she'd gone to
the monastery by the pass,

- Monastery?
- and she left all

of her books there,

and had to go fetch them.

Well, I went to get some
brandy to calm her mind,

and when I got back she'd gone.

She's nowhere to be found,

and I've searched everywhere
from the cellar to the roof.

Steady, steady.


Who am I?

You're Eva, my ward.

Where's my father?

He's not here.

No one knows who your father is, Eva.

Where did I come from?

From Brucor where you were found.

I wanna go home.

To my home.

I can't send you home.

I don't know where that is,

but I can give you a life here and now,

if you trust me.

I'm so cold.



- Yeah, right.
- Let's go, loves.


Oh, Rinaldo?

- Get out of the way.

I know what I'm doing.

Clear out.
- Oh.

Rinaldo, oh.

Oh, no, no.


Oh, my friend.

Rinaldo, Rinaldo.

Oh, Rinaldo.

- No, no, don't fall.
- Oh, no I'm feeling dizzy.

I can't hold on much longer.
- Oh, no.

- I'm gonna fall.
- No, no.

Get away.

You idiot, I told you
to get out of the way.


- Take a bow, take a bow.
- Huh?

Thank you.

The monkey and the ape.

You were terrific.

Yeah, yes, take a bow.

- Thank you.
- Thank you, thank you.

Thank you.

Rinaldo and Viktor.

Of course he can do it,

but it's going to cost you something.

Full wages.

Out of the question.

You ought to be paying
him double anyway.

He's doing the work of three men.

Why don't you take a walk outside?

I prefer to deal with the ape on my own.

If I go, he goes.

That's the way it is with us.

Why don't you let him
speak for himself, aye?

- My friend.
- Mm-hmm.

Alright, full wages on trial.

It's a deal.

C'mon, Viktor, we have to practice.

Thank you.

I don't like you, Rinaldo.

I don't like you at all.

That's something to remember, isn't it?

We're late, Mrs. Baumann.

It's very like a lady, isn't it sir?



Remember everything I've told you, Eva,

and be calm.

I will.

My lady.

Madam Countess,
the Baron Frankenstein

and Eva, his ward.

Run along and play, my dear.


You have become a
stranger to us, Charles,

and I think it's very wicked.

Absent, my dear countess
but hardly a stranger.

I'd like to present Eva, my ward.


Tell us, my dear,

how you came to the house of Frankenstein?

The Baron is a distant relation
of my family in Budapest.

When my father died,

and left us without any means,

I was obliged to throw myself
on the mercy of the Baron.

She's very gracious, Charles.

Is she not?

The Baron has told me

that if I wish to learn graciousness,

I must sit at your feet, Countess,

since you are the very soul of it.

And so very well spoken.

Richard the third
was much maligned character

by the historians.

I don't think he was as grotesque a person

as they make him out to be.

The Tudor's, of course,

had a vested interest
- Eva?

in making him out

to be as disreputable a
character as they could.

Henry II had no right to
the thrown whatsoever.

Charles, Count
Malavar was speaking

of Shakespeare's Richard the third.

I'm sure I have no opinion
at all on the subject.

For the most part I find
Shakespeare's histories

less satisfying than his fantasies.


The histories have a musty air, I think.

Shakespeare was happiest
when he was dreaming.

Who is this girl?

I think all books have a musty air,

and I find all talk of
them intensely alarming.

Those who make history
needn't read about it.

Need, they say.

Charles, she'll break a
few hearts, will she not?

Before she is done?




Have you gone mad?

I was frightened.

Of a cat?

You never told me about cats.

I thought it was a tiny lion.

- Rinaldo?
- Would someone please get

that woman out of the ring?

You come down.

- Oh, my baby.
- Oh.

I don't feel very well.
- Oh.

I'm feeling dizzy.

I can't hold on much longer.
- Oh.

No, oh, no!

Thank you.

- Look out.
- Ooh.


Oh, you're a naughty boy.

Thank you.



Anyone can do the trapeze act.

It's the ape that gets them on their feet.

The ape would work for peanuts
if it wasn't for that dwarf.

I don't like that dwarf, Bela.

I don't like him at all.

We're almost there.

The song of the gondoliers,

the woman of your dreams.

You can't buy a lot of
shiny, sparkly stuff

with a coin like that.

She was beautiful.

Like stars.

She walks in beauty like the night, aye?

Hey? That's poetry Viktor, poetry.

Hates me.

None of that now.

None of that.

Remember, follow your heart,

and you'll be fine.

Follow your dream.

It's the key to everything.

- Secret.


Miss, I would hardly presume

to talk to you since we
haven't been introduced.

But I saw you at the Countess's.

Yes, of course,

but not formally
introduced, only announced.

Don't be ridiculous.

Tell me what your name is?

My name is Josef Schoden.

My name is Eva.


I'm delighted.

What'd ya think you're doing?


The man's a genius.

I want to ride a horse.

- You do?
- Yes.

I think that can be arranged.

Come, aye.

Go on, hop.

- Ride?
- Aye.

- Ride.
- Ride.

He wants to ride a horse.

Get him up, up.

Do you hurt yourself, aye, aye?

What do you think you're doing?

That's my friend.

Now leave him alone.

He's done nothing...


C'mon, let's go.

Back to work.

Good day, Bernard.

Why is the door to the tower sealed off?

There was a fire up there.

The wall was damaged, it's not safe.

Well, why have you never repaired it?

I've no need of the tower.

Why were you thrown
out of the university?

Who told you that?

The young officer from the Countess's.

I met him while I was riding.

He was lost.

He was lost?

Hardly seems likely, does it?

Anyway, I wasn't thrown
out of the university.

I left.

Who found me in the forest near Brucor?

A woodcutter found you.

You were unconscious.

He brought you to a doctor in the village,

and he sent for me.

And no one recognized me?


You'd apparently traveled
a great distance.

Inquiries were made as
far away as Budapest.

There was no response.

It's strange, isn't it?

Yes, it is.

You're a complete mystery, my dear.

A genuine enigma.

Where's Rinaldo?

The elephant is sick,
you have to go on now.


Nevermind, I'll find him.

Bela, Bela, he was...

Viktor, I know, he just told me.

Well hurry up, then.

We're on.

Rinaldo? Bela...

Thank you, very much.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Oh, that's my baby.


My baby, oh, my baby.

Oh, oh.

That's my baby.

That's my baby.
- Look, get out the way.


Look, get out of the way.

Oh, oh.


Yes, don't stand there.
- You, get down here,

- Thank you.
- Now.



It's been cut.


Get me out of here.


Almost spoiled the show.

Yes, the show.



Okay, Rinaldo?


you must leave here.


Take this.

No, no.

- Take this.
- No, no, no.

Take the gold.

Go and find the woman of your dreams.

Rinaldo, I...

Just follow your heart,

and you'll be fine.

I don't have a heart.

Of course you do.

It's breaking.

Oh, oh, Rinaldo?

I suppose Venice is out?

Oh, no.





He's dead, Viktor.


Leave him.

My friend.

Oh, Rinaldo.

I love you.

My friend.

Where is it you little runt?

Shut up, you always go too far.

We had to leave Prague because of you.

It was your idea.

You wanted him gone.

You told me to do it.

I said I didn't like the dwarf.

I said I wanted him out of the way,

but I never told you to...

I know what you said.

I know what you wanted,

and you got it, so shut up.

I never told you to cut his harness.

I never...



Bela? Bela?


What are you doing here?


Going now.

Well, I didn't mean to frighten you.

You have no other place to sleep?


Going up the road.

Well, where are you going?


Far away from men.

Someplace unknown?

Where men don't go.

Like the Congo, you mean?

Or like America?


Well, you have a long
journey ahead of you, then.

Here take this, you might need it.

Go on, take it.

Take it for luck.

Godspeed to you, sir.



Why are you looking at me that way?

Do I know you?


Where have you been all day?


What have you got there?

I met a strange man at the monastery.

A poor wretch who was
passing along the road.

Well you sure it wasn't
your calvary officer

lost again?

What are you talking about?

A token of affection from
one your admirers, perhaps?

I told you, it was a perf...

Whoever he is, he has very poor taste.

Don't speak to me
that way, how dare you?


Oh, no, no, buy.



Well, why didn't you say so?

What exactly did you have in mind?

Something for ladies.

Something for the ladies.

My friend, you're in luck today.

I have this van the largest
selection of baubles

and sanitary sundries known
on the continent of Europe.

What'll it be?




No, sparkles.

Like stars.


- Jewels.
- Jewels.

And don't I have them.

Like diamonds?

Rubies, aye?

I'm not saying, they
are diamonds and rubies.

I'm not saying they're
anything but cut glass,

but don't they sparkle, sir?

Don't they shine?


How much?

Well, how much have you got?

I imagine it would take most of that.

Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.


That'll do.

Thank you.

How do you like them?

Thank you.

Thank you.

Are you looking forward to it?

Yes, I do.

Good evening.

Good evening to you.

Good evening, sir.

I've never seen the Baron so relaxed.

It is his ward.

This way.

Take this Mrs. Baumann.

- Oh, very beautiful.
- Oh.


Thank you.

Yes, it's wonderful.

- Baron?
- Will you excuse me?

Yes, of course.

I think he's made a subtle motion

for you to go upstairs behind him.

- Hello, Baron.
- This is delightful.

Ah, good evening, sir.

My dear, you
have the perfect skin.

Like alabaster.


Yes, yes.


Come now, Charles.

We are but children picking up shells

beside the great unexplored
ocean of the truth.

And what is that ocean

if not man's boundless imagination?

Keats Prometheus is a case...

Shelley's Prometheus.

Keats, my dear, if you don't mind.

John Keats never wrote

anything even remote...
- Don't interrupt us.

The trouble with free women, Charles,

is that they're free to despise us.

It's a risk that I find unacceptable.

Prometheus Unbound

by Shelley.

Who is she, Charles?

What is she?

What on earth do you mean?

Sometimes her eyes,
they're not like a woman's.

Let me ask you a question, Clerval.

Who's Prometheus is it now?

Magar, he's here in Brucor.

He's here.

Who's here?


The man who killed Bela.

I'm telling you, he's here.

It's the same man.


Let's get him, c'mon Roger.

Let's get the bastard.

The man's a monster.

He's wanted for murder,

and he's passing through
town at this very moment.

Do your duty, man.

Do your duty.

Very well, very well,
c'mon, c'mon, c'mon.

Come along, here.

- There he is.
- Get him.

C'mon, get him.


- C'mon.
- We'll beat him.

- This way.
- C'mon.

After him.

C'mon, head him
off this way, quickly.

- He went that way.
- Get him.


Right, spread out.

- This way.
- Spread out.

This way.

- Here he is.
- Oh.

- Here he is.
- No.

- I've found him.
- No.


That's for Bela.

And that's for me.

Alright, come along, that's enough.

Is she coming down?

No sir.

Go and fetch her.

- Sir...
- Go and fetch her,

I said.
- I can't, sir.

Mrs. Baumann?

She isn't here, sir.

And where is she?

Sir, I don't know, sir.

Mrs. Baumann, you tell me where she is,

or I swear I'll break your arm.

She went in a carriage, sir.

Who's carriage?

Who's carriage?

Tell me?

Captain Schoden's, sir.

She made me, she made me swear.

You'll leave this house
immediately, Mrs. Baumann.

You're employment here is terminated.

When you said you would
do what you pleased,

I hardly thought that...

I shall kill you for this.

As you like, sir,

and you may choose the weapons.

I'm equally skilled at all of them.

Put your clothes on.

I don't know if this makes

any difference to you, Frankenstein,

but the girl means nothing to me.

She flung herself at me.

Get away from me, the both of you.

I took up the challenge.

I am a man, after all.

I can't believe you'd do this to me.

To you?

What has this got to do with you?

A woman should do as she
pleases, just like a man.

You taught me that.

It's different with us, Eva.

We belong to each other.

I don't belong to you.

You don't own me like a mare.

You taught me many things.

You fed me, and you clothe me,

but I can make my own way now.

I can pay you back.

There are things you
just don't understand, Eva.

What things?

I've told you enough already.

You must trust me,

and you must obey me.

I will not obey you.

I will not.

Don't provoke me, Eva.

I will provoke you.

You lied to me.

There was no girl found
near Brucor, you lied.

Don't insult me

because I won't have it.

You won't have it?

You won't have it?

Who do you think you are?

You continue like this, Eva,

and I shall tell you.

Tell me then.

Tell me.

You taught me out of books,

but I have a life of my own.

You didn't create me.

As a matter of fact,

I did.

I sewed you together out of corpses.

I brought you to life by
means of an electric charge.

I created your body just
as I created your mind,

and I can uncreate it, too.

I don't know what you're talking about.


Then you soon will.

These are my journals.

Records of certain experiments.

I'm sure you'll find them interesting.

The hands of the
corpse could not be salvaged.

New ones must be grafted
onto the existing limbs.

What are you weeping for?

Your mystery is solved.

You really ought to be pleased.

Where is he?

Where is who?

The creature I was made for?

Oh, he's dead.

He perished in the fire.

I'm sad to say.

I am alone.

There's no one else in the world like me.

Oh, I think you've
missed the point, Eva.

It's true I made you to
mate with that abortion,

but I quickly saw the foolishness of that.

I thought you were fit for finer things.

What do you mean?

I taught you many things, Eva.

I made you my equal in
thought and reasoning.

The last thing I meant
to teach you was to love,

but you nearly jumped the
gun, except I caught you.

You forget, I made you out of ashes.

I can always reduce you to ashes again.

You can do what you like.

You can take apart the
body you put together,

and you can take away
the life you gave me,

but you cannot have me.

Not ever.

Not even if you murder me,

and raise me up a thousand times.

You cannot have me.

Oh, I made you for a wedding,

and our wedding night has come.

Why postpone the inevitable, aye?


My friend, my friend.

Help me, yes?


Come on, now.

Come back.

Come back, I say.

Stop going, you.


Stop now, look out.




No, no.

No, please, please.


Always afraid of fire, weren't you?

Don't go.

It is you.


I have a name.

What is it?


That's a good name.

It means he will win.


Do you know who made you?

He hurt you,

and he's dead.

Do you know who I am?


I know.

Then you must tell me everything.

I have so much to tell you.

The world is so big,

and so full of things.

Remember, follow your heart,

and you'll be fine.

Follow your dream.

It's the key to everything.