The Bravest Escort Group (2018) - full transcript

During the reign of the Kangxi Emperor, when Wu Sangui died, the senior general Ma Bao begins to seek protection to escort Chen Yuanyuan and his grandson to live in seclusion. Qingping Escort Agency, the No. 1 Escort Agency, takes the heavy responsibility by accident. In the end, they make a narrow escape after going through bloody battles with various forces.

On the 1st day of the 3rd month
in the 17th year of Kangxi's reign,

Wu Sangui proclaimed himself

as the Emperor of Great Zhou.

In the same year,
Wu nominated the general, Ma Bao,

to attack a strategic location
with the armed forces of 500,000 men.

The location was called Yongxing.

- I have a report!
- Speak!


The Emperor of Great Zhou, Wu Sangui,
passed away.

All troops returned
to the capital for his funeral.


The Qing army counterattacked.

- Wu's men were dispirited.
- General, spare my life!

To protect Wu's descendants,

Ma Bao made a plan with
the minister secretly.

They hunted for
the best escorts nationwide

to assist with their plan.

The plan was named
the Eulogy of Pear Blossoms.


Instead of starting a profitable business,

why did you establish an escort group?

That calculative Abacus Head,

will his ideas make a fortune?

As a foreigner who can't even work
in a government office,

- he's always counting money.
- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,

- 7, 8, 9.
- He is likely just a thug

who sells fake medicine!

This won't do!

What's more,

you can't earn a penny
by setting up an escort group.

At worst, you'll lose your life.

Moreover, if you lose
what you're escorting...

If it is lost...

I'll have to sell my house
to pay for the loss.

- How is that possible?
- It is.

- Bad news, Liu'an!
- What's wrong?

- Something happened.
- What's wrong?

- We lost what we're escorting!
- We lost it?

Untie me now! Untie me quickly.

No way! If you don't date that lady,

you can't go anywhere.

- Is this the time for dating?
- Exactly!

Untie me!

Lame Man, I'll stall for some time
and you'll play it by ear.

- No problem.
- Sure!



How is Chief Smiling Tiger?

I'm in charge today.

It's Master Eight.

The Qingping Escort Group
went past your turf.

Our men might have been oblivious
to your rules

and offended all of you.

I've come to apologize.

Since we have seized your item,

why are you apologizing?

He's lying.

We have been friends

with Chief Smiling Tiger for years.

If you, Master Eight, are now in charge,

The Qingping Escort Group will

have you as our friend!


I like making friends.

Chief Yang.

Go ahead!

Chief Yang!

If you can't get the wine in the jar

before the wood is burned down,

don't blame me
for not following the rules!

Watch out!

- Well done!
- Well done!

- Well done!
- Well done!

It serves him right.

Pockmark, wake up.

Wake up!

Someone carried Big Girl away.

For Big Girl's good looks?

Do you mean they like Big Girl?

It's exactly what you think.

- They...
- The antidote.

- Greetings, Chief.
- Greetings, Chief.

Smiling Tiger!

It's me!

- Pockmark?
- Yes!

Your disguise is amazing!
I didn't recognize you.

Enough nonsense. Get going!

- Greetings, Chief.
- Good day.

Stop fighting!

How dare you hit me? You dare hit me?

Stop it! It's me!

Kill him! How dare you steal our items?

He should be punished.

Throw him down hard!
Broadsword, pick him up again!

Stop! I'm Pockmark!

He's disguised as him! Kill him!

Where did you take our item?

Your item? Put me down!


Broadsword, that's Pockmark!

- Put him down.
- Don't! Don't let go of me!

What is it?


Don't yell now.

You can yell all you want later.

I don't have any evil intention.

- Let me untie you.
- Sure.

What are you doing?

It's only fun if I take this off.

Darn you...

- Chief?
- Who is it?

Chief, Master Eight asked you
to go to the hall.

Yell when I'm back.

The hall.

This way.

Darn you...

Don't yell.
Do you want everyone to hear you?

Darn you!

It's me!

Move the picture away.

Come closer.

It's me.


Wait a moment!

Does a cripple work for Master Eight?


Look up.

Are you kidding me?

Everyone's here?


You jerk.

I am a man!

Are you kidding me?

You didn't even judge the gender correctly

before you got him onto your bed.

You're so horny that you've become dumb.

I'm sorry!

- Good!
- Good!

- Place it here.
- Here.

Chief Yang, you sure are straightforward.

I promise,

as long as it's escorted
by the Qingping Escort Group,

I won't steal from you again.

Sure, we'll get going.


Hold the flag of the escort group high!

- Heroes gather!
- Heroes gather!

Brothers for life!

- Loyal to friends!
- Loyal to friends!

Minister. General.

How did it go?

Two out of the five escort groups fled.

The other two are still
looking for the lost items.

Only one group made it.

Which escort group is it?

The Qingping Escort Group.

How about their capability?

I've tried them out in person.

Chief Yang Liu'an stayed calm
in the face of danger.

He can take on great responsibilities.

All right.

You're dismissed.

Yes. I'll take my leave.

General, for safety reasons,

once this is accomplished,

the escort group need not return.


Thank you, sir. I'll get going.

Chief Yang, I have another important task

that I'd like you to escort personally
to the destination.

"Chong'an Chain Bridge"?

It's easy to make a fortune
in such turbulent times.

You are right.

Guys, after completing this task,

we'll lead a better life!

- Great!
- Great!

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

- Let's enjoy the wine!
- Enjoy it!

He's paying us so much

to escort a married lady.

Isn't that too odd?


This way, Madam.

Be careful.




Hold the flag of the escort group high!

Heroes gather!

Brothers for life!

- Loyal to friends!
- Loyal to friends!

Get those who appreciate flowers
to join us.

Ma Biao.

Which route are they on?

The minister is very cunning.

It's hard for me to guess
which route they are on.

I'll help you get what you want.

You'll get me the treasure map.

I got us some help
to make sure it goes as planned.

Zhu You wants the beauty in the palanquin

for the sake of true love.

You want to get the treasure map
for the sake of wealth.

I want to capture Ma Bao for a promotion.

There's no conflict of interest
between us.

If you think it through,

defect and join us.

I can guarantee
that you'll be rich and famous.

I'll handle my own business.

Ma Bao won't be fooled by your tricks.

Lame Man, make an arrangement.

Get Madam a place here to take a rest.


What are you doing?

What else?
I'm unloading the carriage after a day.

It's fine.

Madam will rest in the carriage.

The owner and horse are tired.
How can we travel without a horse?

I said, no!

Lame Man.

In such a desolate place,

there is no nice food.

I hope Madam won't mind.

It tastes good.
I thank you on Madam's behalf.

- Lame Man.
- Lame Man.


It's said that the royal consort
is going into hiding

with the treasure map.

Everyone is out to get the map.

There's no turning back.

Tell all of our men

to take down the leaders of the bandits.


Protect our item!

Protect our item!

What's wrong?

What's going on?

Broadsword, do you have inflammation?

Your urine has an awful smell.

Eat slowly.

Liu'an, here. Have a steamed bun.

- Mother!
- Mother!

Civilians suffer when there's a war.

- Physician Jia.
- Coming.

Let me take a look.

- When will the war end?
- Mother!

Let's go.

Let's go.

She won't make it.

My dear...

My dear, you mustn't die.

- Mother!
- My dear.

Sir, where are you going?

We are homeless. Where can we go?

We'll go where our legs can carry us.

Here you go.

Thank you.

My dear...

The Qing army has arrived.

Whatever the dynasty,

as long as there is a war,

it's always the civilians that suffer.


- Liu'an!
- Lame Man is here.

Lame Man, why are you hurt?

There's a small troop
of the Qing army ahead.

It's just a cut.

Lame Man, stanch the bleeding.

As far as I know,
they are still in Weng City.

They can't arrive so soon.

- Exactly.
- They may be scouts.

If we run into them,
we might get into a fight.

Let's take a detour.

- Yes.
- Yes.

You're still awake?


I took a nap.

You should get some sleep.

I'll take your shift.

I am not tired. You should get some sleep.

We're braving the wind and dew.

We didn't make much money
these years either.

How about this?

After we finish this task,

you can start a small business.

Don't keep working with us.

What do you mean by that?

Our escort business is looking up.

Do you want to kick me out?

No, I don't mean that.

What do you mean then?


Anyway, listen up.

I'll cling to the escort group for life.

It's not a big deal if you lose your item.

We can compensate for the loss.

I've met that lady.


she has protruding teeth,

it doesn't matter
that she's a bit short and ugly.

What matters is that she's very curvy.

She has the looks
that bring good luck to her husband.

When you look at her,
especially her bottoms,

you can tell that
she'll give birth to sons.

- Definitely. She's what I like.
- Father!

I like that!

- Protect Madam.
- Yes.

Don't go after them!


- Did you see the person in the carriage?
- No.

Those men are hard to tackle.

Our business is important. Retreat!

Madam, here you go.

Laohukou is not far from here.

Stay alert.

Stay alert!

- Yes, Liu'an.
- We will.

A good beginning is half the task.

Guys, it's a good chance.

Get ready.

Did you see whether Zhu You and Harar
brought their men here?

Not yet.

This can't be right. It's too risky.

Retreat quickly.

I didn't get to see her,

but I'm sure the person
in the carriage can't be her.

You knew it's a hoax
just by seeing the carriage?

If you love someone,

everything about her
is carved into your soul.

When the wind blows,

within a ten-mile radius,

I can recognize her scent.

I only know about body odors.

So many people are protecting an imposter?

If someone attacks the ship, ram into them

and take them down together.

Yes, Minister.

I'm certain she's not on the ship.

The wind didn't carry
the familiar scent of hers.

Sir, the woman in
Ma Bao's carriage is an imposter.

Could they really be
with the Qingping Escort Group?

How is it?

Wait for the wind.

Can you really smell her?

Is that her scent?

It's not hers.

Catch him! Don't let Zhu You get away!

How dare you steal
the consort's underwear?

- Lame Man.
- Yes?

We've traveled for five days.

We should be halfway
to the destination, right?

Yes, Liu'an.
We'll reach Chong'an in three days.

Are you writing a letter?

Do you miss your daughter?

Yes, Liu'an.

For half my life, I've achieved nothing.

My wife complained that I am useless.

She took my daughter to her parents' home.

Why do people call you a quack?

He's greedy.

He didn't cure poor patients,

nor treat those with little money well.

Ailments got serious,
and serious illness ended in death.

He's a capable doctor without any morals.

What is he, if not a quack?
Am I right, Broadsword?

Physician Jia, why are you so mean?

The worst immoral physician is

the one that uses expensive medicine

to scam you.

It's certain that you can't be cured,
but you'll feel better.

Untimely treatment is
the best way to earn money.

Who will get treatment from you
if your patient dies?

Am I right, Physician Jia?

Pockmark, don't imitate my stutter.

I give treatment for money,
you treat pocks for ladies.

We are soon arriving.


It's your sweetheart's shop, Pockmark.


Mr. Wang.

You haven't been here for ages.

Where have you been?

Don't say such nonsense.

We only met once. How are we that close?

Mr. Wang, I'm lucky to see you again
in such turbulent times.

I must have done good in my previous life.

If my husband wasn't here last time,

I would've accompanied you.

Men and women shouldn't be so close.

Aren't you worried about
damaging your reputation?

Mr. Wang, make yourself feel at home.

My husband wasn't here last time.

No, it's this time.

What she said is right.

Cordate Telosma Inn is your home.

Mr. Wang.

Mr. Wang!

- Don't touch me.
- Don't be shy.


Come and taste the cherry blossom liquor
that I made.

I am on a mission
so I can't drink alcohol.

You are so arrogant.

I don't want to serve you.

At Cordate Telosma Inn,

no one disrespects the owner.

I'd like to toast to you
on behalf of the owner.

Get going.

How about this?

I will drink this up
on behalf of the escort group.

You're not qualified!

What a vixen.

I think you should get cleaned up.

Gentlemen, how did you get so drenched

in such a short time?


no matter how the Qingping Escort Group

has offended you in the past,

I'll apologize to you first.

I hope you'll let us through.

Should we cross paths again,
I'll surely thank you handsomely.

Chief, don't act ignorant.

If you won't leave
Chen Yuanyuan with us today,

none of you will get to leave!

Chen Yuanyuan?

She's referring to the renowned beauty,

Wu Sangui's royal consort, Chen Yuanyuan.

We are from an ordinary family.

How can she be Chen Yuanyuan?

Gentlemen, you must protect us.

Chief, it's best to know
which way the wind blows.

Everyone is searching for Chen Yuanyuan.

Only by handing her over

can you ensure the safety
of your escort group.

The Qingping Escort Group
goes by our own rules.

Madam, please let us through.

There are just a few of you
going against everyone.

Don't you think too highly of yourselves?

- Pockmark.
- Paralysis powder?

It's said the paralysis powder
is colorless and odorless.

It's only effective
when it's in contact with water.

That's right.
The "rain" is working to our advantage.

Minister, we'll arrive at the meetup point

within half a day.

We don't know how it is
with the royal consort and General Ma.

Please inform our men to stay alert.

Once we meet up with
General Ma and the royal consort,

block the river for three days
and let no one through.


Everyone knows that Chen Yuanyuan

holds the treasure map of Great Zhou.

Only by handing over Chen Yuanyuan

can you keep your escort group safe.

Otherwise, even if
you make it past this inn,

you will never get to the Chain Bridge.

Be gentle.

You'll regret this!

Go easy. Don't hurt your breasts.


An escort group's priority

is to uphold integrity.

It doesn't matter if she is Chen Yuanyuan.

We have to protect our client.

Hold the flag of the escort group high!

- Heroes gather!
- Heroes gather!

Brothers for life!

- Loyal to friends!
- Loyal to friends!

Principles are principles.

Friendship is friendship!

-With my brothers,
-With my brothers,

- the world is ours to roam!
- the world is ours to roam!

Sir, you were right.

Zhu You did keep some things to himself.

Chen Yuanyuan
is really in the escort group.

Ma Bao, your Eulogy of Pear Blossoms plan

is nothing more than this.

Once we get to the meeting point tomorrow,

our major troop will continue east.

You'll lead a small troop

to make preparations in advance.

Once the minister,
the royal consort, and Sha Ma

board the ship,

leave no one else alive.

It's better if fewer people know about it.

In the worst case,
your men will also have to be...

I disagree.

Ma Biao and the others are my comrades.

I have a question.

Will we all have to be killed

once this task is accomplished?

Do you plan to revolt?

I won't dare.

I've served you for years.

I know very well
that you regard us as brothers.

I also know that

for the sake of Great Zhou,

you'll stoop to anything.

Now that Great Zhou is gone,

I wish that you will show some mercy

and spare these men
who fought by your side.

The wind is rising.

The wind is rising!

Pay attention to the sand.
Don't let it get into your eyes.

Get up.

My brothers.

As subjects,

we can't live if our ruler wants us dead.

"We can't live
if our ruler wants us dead"?

That is nonsense!

Without a country,

how can there be a ruler?

General, as long as you spare them,

we'll part ways from now on.

- General, don't make us do it!
- General, don't make us do it!

- General, don't make us do it!
- General, don't make us do it!

- General, don't make us do it!
- General, don't make us do it!


- Attack!
- Attack!

Barge through!

Protect the lady!

- Go after them!
- Go after them!


Round them up from here!

Don't let Chen Yuanyuan run away!

Broadsword! Run, Broadsword!

I can hold them off! Run!

Bring it on!


Stop fighting! Run!

Step aside!

Stop it!

Ma Biao, the general has been kind to us.

We can't be ungrateful
and act without faith!

Loyalty is useless!

Loyalty is useless!




Liu'an, it's time for an alternate plan.

Lame Man, take them through Yedong River.

Their cavalry will be rendered useless.

We'll meet up at Baizhang Water Fall.

- Yes!
- Blacksmith!

Liu'an, I've got it.

A Duo,
arrange for our men to protect Madam.

- Yes.
- Sha Ma, get her out.

Be fast!

The others, come with me to hold them off!

- Yes!
- Go!

- Go!
- Be quick!

- This way!
- Be careful.

This way!

Ma Biao, bring it on.


- Stop.
- Stop.

It's empty.

Go after them!



Second Wolf!




Run! I won't make it.

Nonsense! If you die,
how about your mother?

- Do as I say.
- Let's go!

- Run!
- Leave now!

- Get up!
- Over there!


Pockmark, take Blacksmith with you!

Broadsword, run!


Don't let them run away!

- Broadsword!
- Liu'an, leave me!

- Broadsword!
- Liu'an, run!

- Let go of me! Broadsword!
- Run!

- Broadsword!
- Run!

- Let go of me! Broadsword!
- Run!

- Broadsword! Let go of me!
- Run!

As long as we live,
we keep our items safe!





The medicine kit!

The medicine kit!

My brother, hang in there.

Quickly, get me the gauze.

Quickly, the gauze.


- Blacksmith.
- Hang in there.

Physician Jia, don't bother.

Liu'an, the bleeding won't stop.

- There's nothing we can do.
- Blacksmith!

Who are you?

Why are so many people after us?

What about the treasure map?

What are you doing?

Go away!

- Speak!
- Black Tower!

Liu'an, I'm an uneducated man.

But if I were to die,
I want to know the reason!

We work as escorts just to make a living!

We must at least know
who we are protecting, right?

We feel sad that the men
in the escort group were killed.

But you have to abide by your rules!

You have to accomplish
your task after accepting it!

Our group also has a rule.

We can't shelter criminals.

Liu'an, it's a tough task.

You must be more careful.

- Blacksmith!
- Blacksmith!

- My brother!
- Blacksmith!


Just deduct the money

for my father's coffin from my wages.


I'll still be your friend
in the next life.

- Blacksmith!
- Blacksmith!

- Blacksmith!
- Blacksmith!

- Blacksmith!
- Blacksmith!


Harar, Zhu You is bringing his men here.

Good timing.


Harar, that's a wise plan.

We'll take advantage of their fight.

Fourth Wolf, get our men here.

Minister, Yang Liu'an's escort group

and General Ma haven't arrived.

We've sent out our scout
according to the planned route

to welcome them 50 miles from here.

But they haven't shown up.
Minister, please advise.

Keep on checking along the way.


The warriors of the Qingping Escort Group,

I'm sorry.

Liu'an, this is a tough task.

If we're escorting a criminal,

our families will be killed.

I especially miss my daughter.


Forgive me for leaving.

Physician Jia!

- Physician Jia.
- Wait a moment.

Bring your daughter home.

I can't accept the money, Liu'an.

Take care, my brother.

- Take it.
- Thank you, Liu'an.

Physician Jia!

Physician Jia!

Physician Jia!

Physician Jia!

Physician Jia!

Physician Jia!

Physician Jia!

Chief Yang.

We had no choice
but to conceal our identities.

The war has caused
the civilians great suffering.

I'm returning to Chong'an

to persuade General Ma Bao and King of Chu

to dismiss the 500,000 soldiers.

Only by ending the war

can we bring peace to the people.


I know you're sad about

Blacksmith's and Broadsword's deaths.

But as escorts,

don't we make a living
at the risk of our lives?

Though we were born into lowly families,

we can still uphold our integrity.

I'm aware of that.

It's hard to predict

what will happen later.

Be it right or wrong,

we'll follow you.

A Duo, why don't you...


Do you remember

how I showed up at your house?

My father was ill
and we needed money for treatment.

He had no choice,
but to sell me as a concubine.

However, before the marriage
was consummated,

that man died.

Since then, I was called a widow.

If you didn't take me in,

I'm not sure

whether I'll still be alive now.

If we can get through this safely,

I'll marry you officially.

Let's get to Julan City
before it gets dark.

That's probably still
within Zhou's borders.


If you want to survive, get lost!


Lame Man, watch the stairs.

- Go after them!
- Go after them!

Here I am!

Black Tower!

Black Tower, I'll save you.

Black Tower, run!

Physician Jia, why have you returned?

Being an escort is risking
our lives to make a living.

How can you not have
a physician in the group?

Go and help Liu'an!

Big Girl, be careful!

Quickly! Go and save Big Girl.

This isn't how to use a pot!


I'm sorry, my friend!

Black Tower!

Black Tower, are you all right?

Young master...

What "young master"?

I've served your father as a child.

That makes you my young master.

Master made me join you
for fear that you'll starve.


I didn't like being an escort.

I just wanted to protect you.

My brother...

My brother...

My brother!

Liu'an, there's a path behind
that leads to the theater.

- Lame Man, keep watch.
- Yes!

Come on!

Come this way!

Come here!



Old man.

Remember to write to my father.

Tell him I'm working with Liu'an...

Da Biao, don't worry.

I'll take the letter to your father.

Hang in there.

Da Biao!

Da Biao!

Big Girl!

Look at how you have ended up.

How can I let my daughter marry you?

Liu'an, I'm a real man.

I'm still single and childless.

Don't ask me to dress up
like a lady next time.

Gentlemen of the Qingping Escort Group!

If you back out now

and stop meddling in this business,

I, Harar, won't hold it against you!

How much did Ma Bao pay you?

I will pay you double!

How's that?

Liu'an, we have our rules.

Do you want us all dead?


Chief Yang and the other heroes,

they are after me.

I just hope you can protect my grandson

so that he can return to Chong'an

and fulfill my last wish.

I will be grateful.

- Madam, don't!
- Madam, please get up.

Madam, please get up.

It's my honor to have taken on this task.

The most important escort task
in the world

is to fight for the people.

Madam, I hope you can remember

what you said.

Please don't worry, Madam.

The Qingping Escort Group
will never quit a task.

Barge in and attack!


- Search carefully!
- Yes!

How's the situation, Pockmark?

Liu'an, they got in.

Let's stick to our plan.

General Ma will arrive
if we hold out until dawn.

- Be careful.
- Yes.

Search upstairs!

- Ahead!
- Go after them!

Over here!

Over there!





Unless necessary,

you mustn't expose your identity.

Don't worry, Father.

Go ahead.

Yes, Madam!

- Take good care of Madam.
- Yes.

Who is it?

Liu'an, go upstairs!

A Duo!

I'm fine. Protect Madam.

A Duo!

A Duo!

A Duo!

A Duo!

Physician Jia!

Physician Jia!

Becoming a real physician...

Makes me so proud.

My wife...

- Father...
- Let's go.

Take our daughter home.


A Duo.

I hope that
when I meet you in the next life,

I will be unmarried.

A Duo, don't say that.

Hang in there.

I'll take you home now.

I'll marry you when we get home!

Hang in there.

Promise me...

In our next life,

we'll be together again.

A Duo...

A Duo!

Ma Biao, good timing.

Let's wipe out all the rascals
from the escort group.

We'll share fame and wealth.


I've told you,

if you talk about
defecting to the Qing Dynasty again,

don't blame me for being ruthless.

Mr. Ma, it's great that you can make it.

Where is my father?

Why isn't he with you?

Ma Bao, all lives are destined.

You saved me in Yongxing City.

I'm repaying you now.

The Ma Biao that you know...

Just let him go.

Your Highness, hand over the treasure map.

I'll spare you and the prince.

You dared to sneak up on me?

How am I a bandit
if I don't sneak up on you?

Let me end your life then.

Where is Madam?

Zhu You?

How do you know my name?

You left the palace in a rush that year.

I heard that your mother
was alone and uncared for.

For fear that my men will
hurt an innocent lady,

I had her taken to the palace

to do laundry in my quarters.

My mother is still alive?

Go and visit her.

Your Highness, you're in danger.
I can't leave.

I've always thought that I was useless.

It was until I met Liu'an.

He got me running again.

And I could run fast again.

That's why I'm always the one
carrying the flag.

Liu'an said that
as long as we uphold integrity,

we'll be the best escort group.

That makes us the best bodyguards.

General Ma, I have a favor to ask of you.

Please do tell, Your Highness.

The soldiers' greatest wish

is to become civilians again.

Aren't wars supposed to bring peace?

General Ma, please give them
the chance to be civilians again.

The happiest life
is the one away from all wars.

I, Yang Liu'an, am just a warrior.

I'm not interested in power and fortune.

I just want you to remember

the promise you have made

and offer the people a peaceful life.

Don't forget my brothers
who sacrificed for you.

- Liu'an, we're here!
- We're here!

Liu'an, we are the best bodyguards!

Liu'an, we're the bravest escort group!

Yes! The bravest escort group!

My brothers, let's go home.

Your Highness, no one must
find out where you reside.

Chief Yang.

Let's end our grievances with this arrow.

It's time to part our ways.


- Catch it!
- Catch it!

- Catch it!
- Peck it!

Chase it!

Hit it!


Are you all right?

That's so scary!

This way!

Come on.

Come on.

- Well done!
- Well done!

- Well done!
- Well done!

- Well done!
- Well done!

Everybody, don't worry.

As long as I'm here,

I will keep everyone
in Xiasi Town safe forever!