The Boy Next Door (2015) - full transcript

When a handsome, charming teenager named Noah (Ryan Guzman) moves in next door, newly separated high-school teacher Claire Peterson (Jennifer Lopez) encourages his friendship and engages in a little bit of harmless (or so she thinks) flirtation. Although Noah spends much of the time hanging out with Claire's son, the teen's attraction to her is palpable. One night, Claire gives in to temptation and lets Noah seduce her, but when she tries to end the relationship, he turns violent. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
I wanna come home, Claire.
Let me come home.

Just get out.

Get out!

Don't tell me Dad's not coming back.
Don't tell me that.

Kevin, wait. Kevin?


I love you like a sister,
but you have got to

get those divorce
papers signed

and move on.

It's been nine months.

What? Are you having
second thoughts?

I'm having dinner.

With Garrett?

oh, you pussy!

It's for Kevin's birthday.

Honestly, Vicky, sometimes I
think you're rooting against us.

Who's "us"?

You and me,
or you and him,

because I kinda
thought that was done.

He's the father of my kid.

Who cheats
with the secretary

every time he goes
to the home office.

Brings a whole new meaning

to "the San Francisco Treat."

Not funny.

He said she smelt like chocolate
chip cookies.

Goodbye. I'm just
quoting his email.

You don't have to! Okay?

Because it's
burned in my mind.


And for your information, he doesn't
go to San Francisco anymore.

So, stop bringing it up.
It's not fair.

Make a wish.

Happy birthday!

You made that?
Of course!

Come on. I've been
waiting all day.

I want you to see this.

I'll help you.

One, two, three!


Oh' my Gā€œ! Dam

It's like a high-powered

gaming tower
with an arctic cooler.

And you made this?

Three weekends in a row.
Triple processor.

Dad, thank you so much.

Let's do cake.

What are you guys
doing for Labor Day?

I don't know. Why?

I thought we'd go camping
like the old days.

Mom, too? Yeah, of course.
That's what I was thinking.

Oh, it will be a lot of fun.
We could catch fish,

and, Mom,
you could cook it.

Yeah, that sounds
like a lot of fun.


Look at you, you got schmutz everywhere.
Go clean up.

Okay. All right,
be rig ht back.

Come on, what do you say?


When were you
thinking of going?

I get back from
a business trip

the Thursday
before Labor Day.

Business trip?

Yep. Get back
Thursday night,

we'll leave, three days.


That old cabin we used to
go to at Mammoth Lakes.

That sounds great!

No, I meant where
is your business trip?

Let me guess. San Francisco?

It's work.
It's not what you think.

Does she still work there?

Claire, it doesn't matter.

No, I guess
it doesn't matter.


So, you coming or not?

Mmm. You know what?

That's the weekend
before school starts.

So, you know, you guys should
just keep it a guy trip.

You'll have a blast.


Honey, we gotta go.


I know.

Mom, the door is jammed.

Mom, look,
can we just forget it?

Because I don't wanna
see another doctor, okay?

He's not gonna tell you
anything any different.

He is the best allergist
in the Valley, okay?

We're going.
You know what?

I'll lift the door,
you pull the cord.

Okay. Okay.

Okay, you ready, Mom?

Just pull it up! It's too heavy.

It's too heavy.
Pull it up, baby.

I got n.

I can fix that
for you if you want.

And you are?

My nephew.

Oh, hey, Mr. Sandborn.

Noah. I'm staying
next door with my uncle.


He's hereto help me

when I get the, uh'
bone marrow transport.


"Transplant," Uncle Bob.

Oh, yeah.

He's got a real knack
for fixing things.

I can, uh, lake a
look at this real quick.

Hey, how you doing?
I'm Noah.

Kevin. Yeah. Um...

I don't know
what the issue is.

It might be
off the track, but...

Nah. Actually,
it's the clutch.

We can get another one at the
hardware store if you want.

You wanna go? Come on.

Well, you know, we actually
had somewhere to be,

but now that
we're gonna be late...



Go ahead.

All right. It was nice meeting you.
You, too.

Uncle Bob'?
Are you gonna be okay?

Yeah, sure, I'm fine.

Look at me.

Hey. Love you.
MR. SANDBORN: Love you, too.

His parents died last year.

I'm all he's got now
in the way of family.

He seems like a nice boy.

Yeah, he is.

You up for some coffee?

Yeah, sure. Sure.
Come on.

So, the entire time,
it was the clutch.


How old are you,

Almost 20.

But you're not
from around here.

No. San Bernardino.

My uncle, actually,
my great-uncle, uh,

he needed help,
I needed a change,

so I figured I'd go
back to school here.

You mean college?

There was this, uh...


So, I lost some time.

So, I'm gonna finish up
at Monroe High.

That's where I go. My mom
teaches there, actually.

She seems way too cool
to be a teacher.

She is cool.

For a mom.

Okay. We got everything.

Good to go?
Yeah, let's go.


Here you go, sir.
Thank you.


Can you, uh, pay for this?


that's Allie Callahan, okay?

She's the most
beautiful girl in school

and I just can't think when I'm around her.
So, just, can you...

I don't know.
I hate to tell you this,

but she's already seen you.

Just go on
and talk to her.

And say what?

Just tell her,

"Here are some garage parts.
How much?"

Wow. Very funny. Yeah.

Come on.
Thank you.

You want me to fail.

Hi, Kevin.

Hi, Allie. Um, I didn't
know you worked here.

My dad's making
my brother and me

do split shifts
to earn gas money.

It could be worse.

If you didn't have a brother,
you'd be working full time.

Noah Sandborn.

Allie. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you, too.

I'm friends
with Kevin here.

I'm gonna go look around.

Okay, sure.

So, you're having
a good day?


How about you?

Hey, check it out.

LOOK who it is! Whiz!

Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Okay, okay!

Jason! Guys!
FORREST: Did you pee-pee?

Oh, what is this, huh? Come on.

Is this your EpiPen?

Your little
penis purse?

You guys, stop it!
Get out of the store!

The kid still pisses the bed.
All three of you, get out!

Okay, all right,
fine, fine.

See you later, Whizzy. Stay away
from liquids.

Hey, Noah,
are you ready to go?

Uh, Allie, how much
is this gonna be?

I'll ring n up.

Clutch is in.
We're all good.

You thirsty?


Thanks for fixing the door.
And for including him.

Hey, there was this kid
at the hardware store

giving him a hard time.

Jason Zimmer?

Um, skater kid, red hair,

permanently dumb look
on his face?

That would be the one. Kept
on calling him "The Whiz.ā€œ

He actually had an incident

a couple of years ago
on a playground

where he got stung by a bee,
and his throat swelled up

and he panicked

and lost control.


on, man.

Kids can be cruel. Especially
kids like Jason Zimmer.

But, please,
don't tell him I told you.

He'd be mortified.

You can trust me.

Anyways, uh, you're all set.

This is very exciting. Very
exciting moment.

It works!

Thank you.

I'm gonna take off
this cover real quick.

Put it over there.
On the ground?

Uh, wherever. Just set
it down, doesn't matter.

Set it down'?

All right, now this
bad boy right here

is the alternator.
You know what this does?

It charges the battery.

So, I'm gonna
do one piece of it,

you're gonna do the other, all right?
All right.

All right?

You're actually
going the opposite way.


All right, we're gonna
check out the alternator.

You're loosening it up
rather than tightening it.

How's that?

It's in there. You wanna
finish it off, Noah?

I'll just do it in there.


Yeah, this one
needs two...

Make sure it's
actually in there.

To the right?

I'm changing the subject.

Um, how long will your
uncle be in the hospital?

Um, I don't know.

It's all about
the transplant taking.

Well, until he's better, you
can come over for dinner here

anytime, okay?

I don't want you eating
by yourself. I mean it.

Thanks, but I don't
wanna impose.

Oh, I do. Especially if
she's making the guacamole.

You are not an imposition.

Are you saying I am?

Well, in that case,
l wouldn't mind

imposing on your
literature class.

Oh, no, dude,
you don't wanna do that.

They call her
"The Crusher."

Is that what they call me?


You know what? Carry your own plate.

Clean up all the dishes.

Now he's really
worried about it.

Strange kid.


Can't put my finger on it.

Don't try so hard.

Okay. He's interested
in literature?

In the classics.

Back in San Bernardino,
we were studying the Odyssey.

You want me to help
you outwith that?

Sure. Here you go.

You know, I'm teaching
Homer next semester.

Really? He's my favorite.

You're kidding, right?

Second that.

Dude, you gotta
read the Iliad.

Achilles is this
total badass.

Hot-tempered, full of pride,

completely consumed
by his emotions.

You know what he
called Agamemnon?


"A pitiful excuse
for a king."

To his face.

He killed this guy, Hector.

But instead of hiding out
like a pussy, he...

Dragged his dead body around
for everybody to see.

Yes! He stood by his
actions, right or wrong.

Well, because to him
they were justified.

Do you have any idea
what they're talking about?


Homer's a genius,
my man.

Just like Shakespeare,
Byron, Zeppelin, Dylan.





I'll have him
back Sunday afternoon!

Bye, Mom, I love you!

Oh, hey, Noah,
come on in.

You know,
Kevin already left.

Actually, I, uh, picked
something up for you.

Oh, my God,
this is a first edition?

I can't accept this, this
must have cost a fortune!

It was a buck at a garage sale.
One man's trash.ā€œ

Noah, I can't.

Claire, please!

I've been eating here
every single night.

It would mean a lot to me.

Thank you.

Those yours?
Oh, no.

They were a gift
from Vicky.


Those kind of shoes are for
women trying to be sexy.

You don't need to try.

I'm sorry,
I shouldn't have, uh...

No. No, it's okay.

Where are you?

Almost there.

Well, hurry up!

Vicky, I can't do this!

I haven't had a date
in 18 years,

I don't even know
what to do anymore!

Three things.
One, laugh a lot.

Two, take off
your wedding ring.

Three, give him head.

Just get here, pronto!

And the closer
I get to this car,

the smell is getting stronger
and stronger.

And I walk up to
the guy's window,

rolls down the window,

I look and on
the passenger seat is

his dead dog!

You did not tell me that.

So, Ethan tells me you teach.

English, is it?

The classics.

What does that mean?

Oh. No, he just
means as a compliment,

like, "Wow, you teach
the classics."

It's fancy.

I mean, I don't know

how many kids nowadays
are going to use

what they learn
from classics.

No offense.

Oh, none taken.
lam a vice principal

and I just want to see
these kids employed.

Shall we order?

Silly me,
I just want them educated.

I'm fine with education,

but we gotta
get them working.

Practical skills.
That's where the money is.

Ah! Money!
That's the goal, then.

Oh. Ethan,
how's your mom?


Oh, gallstones.

Are those the ones you pass'?
Or are those the other stones?

she's getting better.

You know, money's fine, except
when it's motivated by greed.

You're a little firecracker when
you get riled up, aren't you?

I think it stopped raining.


Is that how you regard
women with an opinion?

Only when they
disagree with mine.

Pleasure to meet you, Benny.

No, Claire,
stay, stay!

J. K. Rowling.

I'm sorry?


Classics major.

She's a lot of laughs.

You gotta get to know her.


I tried to defrost
a chicken in the microwave.

And some of it's
kind of cooked,

some of it's kind of not.

Do you think
it's still cool to

eat the cooked part?

No! Do not eat that!

Then, please, come over
and bail me out. Um...

Um... Uh...


Perfect. Okay.


See you soon.


I mean,
that date was awful.

Like that chicken.

I'm sorry I couldn't salvage
it more, but... You did fine.

The damage was done.

Yeah. I'm glad
I had you next door.


God, you're beautiful.
You know that?

Oh, no, I'm...


And sweet,
natural and sexy.

So sexy.


Kiss me, Claire.

I can't.
Just once.

I have to go.

Tonight, in the window...

You were watching me.

I can't do this!


I want to watch you now.

This can't happen.
We can't.

It's wrong!

It doesn't feel wrong,
does it?

It feels so...

Oh, my God, stop.



Please, please stop.

Noah, please!


No judgments.

No rules.


Oh, my God.

A woman like you

should be cherished.


Let me love you, Claire.

You are perfect

in every way.

oh, my God!

Hey! Where are you going?


I gotta get home.

No, you don't.

Kevin doesn't get home till later.
Have some coffee.

I can't. This...

Was incred