The Big Day (2018) - full transcript

When Su Yu, a free-spirited diving instructor, says "Yes" to Nuo Yan, a modern funeral director, she imagines a simple, peaceful wedding. But the reality is just the opposite! From overbearing in-laws, to oppressive loansharks, to a jealous best friend, to a house on fire and a funeral on the wedding day itself, Su Yu and Nuo Yan's love for each other is tested by family, foes and fate. Will their wedding be the event that brings them closer or tears them apart?

Most stories start at the beginning.

This is the story between me, An Shu Yu,

and him, Xu Nuo Yan.

You could say we met by accident.

Truly, by accident.

This story, however,

isn't like most stories,

because it starts from the end.



So here I am at the end of the story,
dressed in this beautiful wedding gown.

And this is my husband Xu Nuo Yan.

This was supposed to be

the happiest day of my life...

But things got kind of complicated.

Do you have about 90 minutes?

Let me tell you how it went down.


Hey, dear! Dear!

Can't you see I'm busy?

You know the glass is transparent, right?

I'm not blind
or short-sighted or an idiot.

You know that, right?

I don't want others to see you naked!

There's a white cloth,
use it to cover yourself.

This is not...

Of course not!

You think I'd let you use it if it were?

Cover up, cover up!


You really managed it!

You think it's easy changing into
a wedding gown in a hearse?

You want to try it?

What are you doing? Careful!

Coming back to the land of the living!

Be careful, dear.

Are you okay?

No, I am not okay,

we have only fifteen minutes!

All the guests have arrived!

We're still on our way!

Relax, dear!

I'm the speed demon of Bukit Timah.

I will get you to the hotel
even if I have to risk my life.

I swear, okay?

Xu Nuo Yan...

You listen to me,

your life is mine!

So nobody but me

gets to joke about your life!

Okay. Nagging for a year already,
don't you get tired?

You save my life once,
you shouldn't keep saying it.

A year is nothing!

I'll nag you all my life, and when I die,

I'll return from the grave

and haunt you with even more nagging!

All right, all right!

My life is all yours from today, okay?

Today has been a day of disasters!

What do I do
if more disasters happen tonight?

What should we do? Sounds serious.

It's just Wira the pessimist,
or he wouldn't be the jinx, right?

Anyway, we already survived today,

what more could possibly happen?

-Sorry, sir...
-Call me "madam."

Not you again?

You again?

What? Rushing to your wedding?

What a beautiful bride.

You have good taste!

So what is it now,
bridal car in the morning,

hearse in the afternoon?

Your wedding in the morning
turned into a ghost wedding now?

We had just been to a funeral.

Who attends a funeral
on their wedding day?

The fact is, we run a funeral business.

If someone dies, we have to go to work.
Here's my card.

It's called "professionalism."

Congratulations on your big day!

But I'm still going to give you
a speeding ticket.

It's called "professionalism."

Dear! Dear!

-What's wrong?
-She has anxiety.

She can't breathe when she's nervous!

She was worried about being
late for our wedding!

And now this!

If she has a relapse,
I'll have to rush her to the hospital!





We've been planning
this wedding for six months!

I can't bear to disappoint her,

our elders, my father, my mother,
her father, her aunt...

Ma'am, do you really want to
be the Wedding Terminator?


I'll let you off this time.

Take this back.

Keep it, you might need it someday.

Go! Go! Go!

Aren't you in a rush?


Thanks, madam!

Dear, let's go.

What is it?

I don't know how to tell you...

You're not changing your mind, are you?

It's like Wira said,
we've had so many accidents today,

could that be a bad omen?

Marrying you is the biggest blessing.

Remember, whatever happens you need to...

Relax, right? I know.

But I still worry...

Wuya, that's enough...

You really want him?

Marry me instead.


Does he have a "talk or die" disorder?

I really wish to kill him.


I can understand Mandarin.


You guys are finally here!

You don't have to entertain that lunatic.

It's all right. Hurry up!

Are you ready?


This way.

Everyone's here.

We can start now.

When you hear Uncle Wira say,

"Welcome the bride and groom,"

then you...

Aunty Jojo, I want to pee.

Me too.



Such is life,

full of desperation and helplessness.

And through me, you learn
the meaning of desperation

and not able to go to toilet.


You know I don't like crowds.

You're brilliant with ideas,
I need one right now.

That's easy.

You think?


Just use the technique I taught you.

Since childhood, I've always
had trouble socializing.

That's why I became a diving instructor.

It's easier being with fish
than complicated human beings.

I don't understand
the need to host a banquet

for a hundred strangers I barely know.

As to why I agreed to marry this fool
and hold this wedding?

I guess it's because

I really love this man of mine.

Co-in-laws, how are tonight's dishes?

The chicken in Singapore tastes good.

We have fatty chicken, fried chicken,
village chicken, and 3-Cup chicken.

If you like, you can go with Nuo Yan
and "do" some chicks (hooker)!

Chicken, huh?

The chicken in Singapore,

they don't get much exercise.

My farm-raised chickens

are free to roam about and exercise,

so when you eat their meat,

there are very delicious!


I apologize.

It looks like
you don't understand my joke.

Let me down a glass as punishment.


What no?


Don't you remember
what happened three days ago?

Three days ago, I arrived in Singapore
for my daughter's marriage.

This is a joyous occasion
and I'm overjoyed,

so I want to toast all of you.




Excuse me...

I have to go "water the plants."

Trying to escape?

I'm a man, why would I run?

But your actions say otherwise.

Don't be nervous.

I'm here to congratulate you
on your daughter's wedding.

That better be true!

Don't you dare cause trouble!

Why would you say that?

Your in-law invited me here,

don't you remember?

I even brought a red packet.

Thank you, then.

Today is an auspicious occasion,

why do you make me resort to violence?

Give me the money.

How would I have the money now?

No money, then take this...

What are you doing?

You just want money.
What's with the violence?

Won't you count it?

I see your face,

I think I can trust you.

Let's go.

What bird is this?

It's a gesture of gratitude.

This is a wedding,

and giving birds away?

It's what you call a door gift.

You have no idea.

Everyone will be very happy today!

Yes, of course!

Come here!

Want to see Grandpa do some magic?

You know magic?

Of course!

I'll begin now.

-Watch carefully.
-Show me!

It's gone.

You think I'm stupid?

It's in your other hand!

You have to be obedient to me, otherwise,

I'll make your little bird


How's that?

Okay, bye-bye.


You are so cheeky, teasing a child!

Forget it.





What the hell?

Our proposal video.

No wonder you're so tight-lipped
about your proposal,

you wanted to share it with everyone here.

That's so romantic.

Why is this video here?


What's going on? Why play this video?

It was meant to be a surprise,

-Haven't I said

I just wanted a simple wedding?

I don't want any surprises!

-What's with this surprise?
-Tell us now.

We just wanted to share
your proposal video.

Who knew...

I told you they would get angry.

It's just a few minutes of video,

no big deal, right?

It's not the end of the world.

Mother, a private word.

I'll wait for...

Mother, this is my wedding...

And I gave birth to you.

I'm your mother, you're getting married,

can't I make one or two suggestions?

Of course you can, but at least let
Shu Yu and I know as a matter of respect.

I don't believe it!

Not even married to you,
and I have to respect her?

After tonight,

I'm finished!

That's not what I meant.

Why would you do that?

I should be asking why you did that.

You asked me to be the wedding planner,
shouldn't you respect me?

Firstly, you volunteered

and Nuo Yan agreed,

not me.

Secondly, as the wedding planner,
shouldn't you respect our decisions

instead of selfishly ruin
other people's lives?

I'm selfish?

I ruined your lives?

Do you even know who ruined whose life?

You're right.

I'm not the bride.

We won't play the video
if you don't want to.

As you wish.

I think I left it
in the pocket of my other suit.

Don't panic though,

I found this.

We can play this video.

I'm your mother.

With your slightest move,
I will know what is wrong with you.

I'm not trying to be difficult,

but you have to understand,

these guests gave you money.

If this wedding banquet
is just to eat and leave,

we might as well
just send them to a buffet meal.

Am I wrong?

They are here tonight

to honor your father and mother
and to extend their blessings.

Is it too much to ask?

Mother, this isn't a reality show.

Why should we amuse them
by games or videos?

When you were young,
it was about comparing exam results.

When you were older,
it was about the schools you went to,

how much money you make.

Now that you're getting married, it'll be
about whose wedding is grander, more epic.

Then, when you have kids,

it will be about
whose grandchildren are cuter.

Did you know
when Aunty Chin Chin's son got married,

he and his wife performed a lion dance!

Our Caucasian friend even said,

I'm very happy tonight

because of this special occasion.

As the saying goes,
marriage is a tomb of love.

And speaking of tombs

I should mention

our Favorite Ritual Funeral Services.

You all know that

Favorite Ritual Funeral Services
is our family business.

My father passed it on to me,

and I passed it on to my son.

Today is not only my son's big day

but also the 75th Anniversary

of our Favorite Ritual Funeral Services!

Therefore, it is my honor to present

the first preview of our
75th Anniversary Corporate Video

to all of you here!

When our loved ones
depart from this world,

watching their lives fade before our eyes,

that pain is unimaginable.

To send them on their final journey
without any regrets,

you really need someone to rely on,

to do the job right.

Favorite Ritual Funeral Services

looks forward to accompany you
on that final journey

for another 75 years!

Favorite Ritual Funeral Services
75th Anniversary

You have all just witnessed
our professionalism.

So, our company
sincerely looks forward to servicing

all of you here in the future!

How about we elope now?

Bride and groom!

Don't run!

Get on stage!

Bride and groom, up on the stage now!

Shu Yu, don't try to escape!

Sisters, please come onstage!

This game is intended to test

how well the groom knows his bride.

We're going to blindfold him now.

Groom, are you ready?

Let me do some magic for you, okay?

You know how to do magic?

Hang on, let me show you.

He needs to identify the bride by smell!

Stop drinking.

Enough, enough.

First one in line...

Take a good sniff.

Is this your bride?

No! Very good!

Uncles, aunties, get ready!

Groom, is this your bride?

Watch it...


That's a definite no!

Okay, it's getting intense!

We're left with two!


sniff to your right.

Let us ask, is this your bride?


You think I'm stupid?

It's definitely in your other hand.

Wow, you're a real Harry Potter!

Shall we all give him some clues...


What are you doing?

You are embarrassing us!

Help! Help!

My son is choking!

Call the ambulance! Please!

What did he swallow?

He was doing a magic trick,
making a bird disappear.

How could you be so stupid?

And which idiot taught him this?

Call the ambulance!


So, as you can see,

I just wanted a simple wedding.

But since the day started, it has been
a non-stop series of nightmares.

What have I done to deserve this?


An Shu Yu,

I love you!

An Shu Yu,

I love you!

An Shu Yu,

I love you!

Can't hear you! Can't hear you!




Madam, sorry.


The neighbors complained
about noise early in the morning

disturbing their sleep.

Madam, it's my first wedding,
give me a chance.

How about giving you the chance
to get married again?

This is just verbal warning.

Thank you, Madam.

Watch your behavior.

What took you so long?

Do you know what is the time now?

Come on, guys.

Come on.

-Don't stop.

We've done all you asked for,
and gave you the red packets.

Can we just get on with it

and fetch the bride?

Of course!

But before that,
you need to touch our hearts.

I'm marrying the bride.
I only need to touch her heart, not yours.

Since your name means "Promise,"
we want you to make five promises.

Five things you did before marriage
and will continue to do after today

to prove your eternal love to her.

There are five locks here,

every promise unlocks one lock.

This should be easy.

Let me think.

Okay! I'll call you later.

Oh, dear!

Didn't we agree only simple games?

By the time he comes in
we'll be old and gray.

Hold on a minute!

International calls are expensive.

He's been on the phone since he woke up.

Is he running a big business?
Does he have many friends in Singapore?

Are his friends more important
than his own daughter's wedding?

Don't say that.

He cares a lot about you.

I don't feel it.

All I feel is frustration.

That sounds familiar.

He got on your mother's nerves too.

But whenever your mum got angry,

he somehow found a way to pacify her.

Your dad loved your mom a lot.

And, of course, he loves you too.

Loves me?

Is that why he sent me to Singapore
all by myself when I was seven?

Before your mom passed away,

she insisted to make your dad
send you here under my care.

She didn't want you
to be stuck in the tribe

and waste your life by simply
getting married and have children.

So your dad borrowed money
from all sources,

he incurred a heavy debt

just to send you to Singapore.

That was his biggest sacrifice for you.

Hello, dear.

My first promise...

You love to jog,

so I vow, after we're married,

I will jog by your side every week.

My second promise...

Every monthiversary,

I will draw you a handmade card.

My third promise...

No matter what you cook,

no matter how it tastes,

I will eat every last morsel.

My fourth promise...

Even if you've had
durian the night before,

I will kiss you every morning
when I wake up.

My fifth promise...

When we are married,

be it ten, twenty, or thirty years,

or even fifty, sixty years,

no matter where we go,

I will hold your hand and walk beside you

and love you for a lifetime.



Why is the door locked?

Where's the key?

You have to use your mouth,
to get the key from her mouth.

This is taking it too far.

Kiss her!

How long am I supposed to wait?

Kiss her!

What now?


now we go to Nuo Yan's house.

Jing cha (police). Drink tea.

What's wrong? We are calling the police?

Drink tea?

Drink tea!

So many people, and everyone's going?



What happened exactly?

We found this burner in the kitchen.

Looks like arson to us.

We had not offended anyone,
who would do such thing?

This is a warning.

A warning?

Dad, we're in the funeral business.

Even if our service was unsatisfactory,

could it be that
this is a complaint from beyond?

My daughter's getting married
in Singapore today.

How can I possibly return to Taiwan
just because you asked me to?

I have to be here...

Wait a minute...

Why are you using
a Singapore number to call me?

You can't fly back to Taiwan,
so I flew to Singapore to find you.


You guys are...

Brother Long's men?

You flew over from Taiwan
for a measly debt?

Not very cost efficient.

Listen to my accent.

Do I sound Taiwanese?

We are an outsourced contractor.

Our Singapore government encourages
the local enterprises to be far-sighted,

and adopt the glocalization approach.

Which is why, recently,
I have expanded my business offshore,

and took up international deals.

For real?

You want to see how real we are?

What are you doing?
Don't come near me! I will fight!

You don't want to see me fight...

Li Junior!

Hey, Uncle!

What are you doing here?
What? You're collecting debts here?


This is your place?

Of course!

It's my grandson's wedding day.

You have any business with my co-in-law?

He's your co-in-law?

I didn't know that.

Grandpa, you know this guy?

Of course!

I handled his mother
and his two uncles' funerals.

Long story short,

you could say I buried his whole family!

Your dad will attend the dinner tonight,

come join us too.

We'll definitely be there.

Let's go.

We had a little accident today,

so I seek your cooperation
to please bear with us.


The way you summon me,
it's like sending the dead off.

Grandpa, drink tea.

For you two, I've reserved a special

double-niche at the columbarium.

So you can be together when the time comes
like your grandma and I.

Dad, is this appropriate?

It's your grandson's big day,
how could you say such things?


Grandpa wants to wish us well.

I like his gift.

And I like you!

Thank you, Grandpa!

Are you all right?

Of course!

It's just that...

I've known him for so long.

I'm just happy that he's happy.

Dad, drink tea.

This is for your mother.

Dad, where did you get the money?

My daughter is so pretty!

If you ever hurt my daughter,
I will make sure you...

Don't worry, Dad,
I'll take good care of her.

Excuse me,

I have to get this...


Hello, yes?

When did this happen?

Okay, I'll be right there.


Ah King passed away half an hour ago.

I have to go.


Let me or Grandpa take this.

No, Dad, I promised I would be there,
and I have to keep my promises.

We still have time before the dinner.

I'm coming with you.

Are you sure?

We're in this together.

If you go, I go.

Let's go then.

Dad, I'm going with him.

Boy, take my car!

Be careful!

Rest in peace, Ah King.

I knew Ah King would leave me one day,

but now the day has come,

I just can't handle it!

We need you to come out
and sign some documents.

I'll wait for you here.

Thank you.

You're getting married today?

It's that obvious?

It's your big day today,

yet, not only did you let your husband
come here, and you're here with him.

You must love him a lot.

My husband's name means "Promise."

He always tells me

when you make a promise,

you have to honor it.

He promised to take care
of Ah King's funeral, and he will.

Of course I'll support him.

Most girls

find his line of work hard to accept.

Aren't you scared?

Of course not.

In fact, I've always been curious.

When I knew of his profession,

I wanted to see him at work.

If only I had come back earlier.

Actually, when uncle passed away,
I was at his bedside.

He wanted me to tell you

that in his heart,

you will always be his son.

He hopes that in his next life,
you will both still be father and son.

You've arranged for
such a tranquil final resting place,

granting their final wishes,

I'm sure they can both feel your love.

I found out later

that the dad died of a heart attack

without saying any final words.

Nuo Yan knew if he just kept quiet,

the son would carry the guilt
for the rest of his life.

Although Nuo Yan lied,

he spared the son a lifetime of regret.

That's what I admire about him.

Are you okay?

Why did you have to tell me
such a touching story?

I just can't handle it!

Ah King!

Still crying?


Take your time, let it all out,

we have a wedding to attend.

Let's go.

So far nothing has gone smoothly.

I hope everything will be fine from now.

Don't worry.
What else could possibly go wrong?

How could this happen?

Don't you know?
When the tire loses air it deflates...

Cut it out! Call the mechanic now!

That won't be necessary. I'll sort it out.

You want to give me a heart attack?


Hello? How many times must I tell you?

My daughter is getting married,
I'm at the wedding.

I can't cough up the money now,

just wait till I go back to Taiwan and...

Okay, bye, bye.

Grandpa, what a coincidence!

Where are you going?

To the toilet.

You? What about you?

I'm going to the toilet too.


I've been thinking,

the young people nowadays
like to spend a lot of money

on an extravagant wedding.

This wedding almost cost me my life!

But Shu Yu,

she is my precious daughter.

As long as she's happy,

I'm willing to lay down my life for her.

Her life is more important than yours.

Of course!


do you have any issues

that I could help you with?


I have a bladder issue right now...

Go, go...

Bye bye.

Dad, did you talk to Li Junior?


He is helping people collect their debts,

that's his job.

So what should we do?

We can't just...

Do you want to give your son,

my grandson,

another big present?

Of course!

Your dad is here.

Never fear.

Your dad?

Then what about me?

Are you okay?

Why are so stupid?

What? Something on my face?

Let me see...


But now there is!

You're so annoying!

Let me smudge your face.

Just once.

Xu Nuo Yan...

Let me smudge your face.

Wait! What time is it?


Oh, my God.

If you're asking
why I'm in love with this fool,

it's probably because

he reminds me of my father.

Not that he looks like my Dad.

What I mean is,
he loves me a lot, just like my dad.

Actually, I know that
my dad has done a lot for me,

and for him, this wedding should be
an unforgettable adventure.

In fact, the adventure started
the minute he got off the plane.

Miss An Shu Yu,
please approach the customs desk.

Dad, what happened?

We cannot achieve mutual understanding.

It's called "daughter's wine."

Looks like there's a misunderstanding.

I'm sorry that you are full of shit!


I wanted to ask him to buy some betelnuts.

I hear the ones in Singapore are nice.

I hear the prisons here are nice too!

You want to try them out?

Why do you always have to embarrass me?

You were almost sent back immediately!

If I didn't plead with him,
you'd be rotting in jail now.

Don't be like your mother,
nagging me all the time.

Why is this so heavy?

What did you bring?

Please don't be mad.

I brought a present for you.

When you were a child,
you used to hold this while sleeping.

It even had an English name...


Andrew the Pig.


Put it away.


Put it away.


What kept you?


Hello, hello.

Co-in-law, I heard from Nuo Yan
that you run a farm.

Yes, our products are quite special.

We grow millet and vegetables.

We also raise pigs and chickens.

Shu Yu tells me
you're in the business of dead people.

That's not how we call it.

You may say we are
in the service industry.

We just happen to service the dead.

Servicing the dead should be easy,

they won't talk back or get mad,

definitely no complaints.


next time when we send you off,

I will give you the best service,

you will definitely not complain.

Then I should die sooner
to get your excellent service.

Stop the nonsense!

You're always winding people up.

I'm just kidding.

I'm totally serious.

Okay, enough hanging around here,
shall we go in and eat?


Come, co-in-law.

Thank you.

We're meeting them for the first time,
don't drink too much and embarrass us.

It's fine. It's my first time
giving my daughter away.

I am just curious.

My daughter grew up in the mountains.

She is a good climber and good runner.

She ran marathons.

Did you two meet running a marathon?


I ran one with her and almost died!

So how did you guys meet?

I was his diving instructor.

In fact, she saved his life!

Mr. Xu!

Mr. Xu!

Mr. Xu!

Mr. Xu! Can you hear me?

Are you okay?

You scared me!

I'll get the medic.

Are you sure you're okay?

You little rascal!

You're so smart!

On the first meeting,
you already used your cunning

to steal a kiss from my daughter!

Yes, Nuo Yan...
How did you pop the question?

-Tell us all...

-Actually our proposal

was nothing, very boring.

Why is the Singapore air-conditioning
not functioning properly?

It's so hot!

I should take you to our morgue,
that might cool you down.


I would rather freeze to death
than wilt from heat.

I can see why your friends
call you Number 1.

Bring me there!


Go help him!


And just like that,

drunk as a skunk,
my dad gave us a striptease.

Luckily, he did not remember
his drunken escapade.

I guess having poor memory
can be a good thing.

Having a good memory can be a bad thing.

Especially when you wish
you could forget, but the memory persists.

Like the disaster at my wedding proposal.

Thank you.

You don't have to
go through so much trouble.

If it's not for you, then who else?

I told you, I don't celebrate birthdays.

I'm not used to this.

This is the first time
we are celebrating your birthday.

I want it to be unforgettable
and romantic!


What are we waiting for?

We're waiting for Nuo Yan's signal.

What signal?

He will tap on the table thrice.

What's the matter?

You don't like the food?

No. I have stomach pain.

I should be fine in a bit.

Stomach still hurts?

I'm going to the ladies' room.

Shall we go home? The pain is unbearable.

Let's go.


Though it's only been six months

since our time together,

I've come to realize

that you are very important to me.

The day we met,

it felt like God sent me a gift.

He sent me an angel who saved my life.

I told myself,

I will always cherish this angel.

Because I know I cannot live without you.

So, what I want to say...

What I want to say is...

Nuo Yan,

I want to tell you something.

The reason I'm here,
with you, on this trip

is because...

Are you guys ready?

Board the boat when you're ready.
Everyone's waiting.

You... You're the...

The safety...

You can call me An Shu Yu.

Let's go.

What were you saying?

Never mind, I'll tell you another time.

What I want to say is that...

Let me spend my whole life with you

Say yes!

Look at her!

She's delirious with joy!

An Shu Yu...

You... Will you...

Shu Yu...

Shu Yu...

The patient may have acute appendicitis.

We will have the detailed
diagnostic at the hospital.

I need to ask you a few questions.

What is your relationship
with the patient?

I'm her...

I'm her husband.

Everything started
from this "accidental" proposal.

I thought everything
would get better from here.

But you know what they say,
when it rains it pours.

One accident leading to another
and another, and then disaster...

Until there is nothing left,

but the end.

Don't ever do
such a dangerous thing again.

Do you know how much you scared us?





Where are you going?

I don't know.

I don't know what I want you to do.

I don't even know what I should do.

Don't you want to be with me anymore?

Before I met you,

I always dreamed about

meeting the right guy,

a simple romantic proposal,

a simple wedding,

and then a simple life together.

But from the time you proposed,

our wedding has been anything but simple.

I'm wondering if fate is telling us

we're not meant to be together.

I don't have the answers,

so I just want to run.


Run then.

But just know this...

No matter how far

or how fast you run,

I will run after you.

You can't keep up.

If I can't keep up with you,

then we aren't meant to be together.

But I swear, if I can catch up,

I will run with you
for the rest of our lives.

I will never let you go.

I will never leave you.






You guys again!

An Shu Yu,

I love you!

An Shu Yu,

I love you!

Can we start over?

An Shu Yu...

Are you willing to

let me be your life-long companion?

Nuo Yan!

Nuo Yan!

My dear princess, please give the prince

a kiss to wake him up.

Sexually harassing a police officer
is a serious offence.

Looks like he's fine.
I'll pass him back to you.

There's a secret,
and I had promised your dad

to guard it with my life.

But even if I would upset him,
I still want to tell you.

Firstly, we would like
to apologize to all of you.

We had a little accident earlier.

Sorry to have made you all uneasy.

In fact,


Shu Yu and I

only wanted a simple wedding.

We naively believed that

a marriage

is only about the two of us.

Not how many guests we had,

or how many red packets we collected.

Nor is it about how to entertain everyone.

But as I saw that
you are all waiting here for us,

I realize now,

that a wedding

is not only about the two of us.

It is about sharing
this blessing and happiness

with our friends and families
who love and care about us.


it's the purpose of
a wedding that's simple,

to say thank you to all the people

who accompanied us on life's journey.

With that,

now, here

I want to thank my brother,

my good friends,

my sister,

my grandfather,

and my parents.

Thank you all

for being by my side,

through my ups and downs,

always being there for us.


I should be the one apologizing.

Unlike Nuo Yan,

I don't have a huge social circle.

I don't have that many friends.

My mother passed away when I was ten.

I don't know my father very well.

My memories of him come from my childhood.

Every day, he would work in the fields,

and came home smelling of sweat

and strange odors from the fields.

I didn't know better,

I felt ashamed of my father.

When we went out,

I didn't want to be seen with my dad.


when I came to Singapore,

what I missed most every day

was the smell of my father.

I grew up alone in Singapore

without many friends.

I often felt lonely.

So I shut myself off from everyone.

I thought, as long as
I didn't get close to anyone,

I wouldn't get hurt.

Then I met Nuo Yan.

He made me feel secure,

he made me feel less alone.

He is like my father

in the way he expresses his love.

He doesn't make grand gestures,

but makes silent sacrifices for you.


thank you for all the sacrifices.

I am happy now,

so don't worry about me anymore.


I love you.

I'm truly sorry, everybody.

I hope you will continue
to give us your blessings.

Thank you.

Kiss, kiss, kiss!

Kiss, kiss, kiss!

If you think the wedding was crazy,

wait till you see the honeymoon.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Good morning, dear.