The Barbarians (1960) - full transcript

Revak is an Iberian prince from Penda, a small island where the Carthagian fleet ransacked and enslaved the surviving native men, including him. After an eventful passage aboard a galley, Revak becomes an elephant driver in Carthage city, and could become the favorite of mighty women, but has only one thirst: bloody revenge, at all cost, so the barbarian makes common cause with the attacking Romans, Carthage's historical enemy and rival for Mediterranean hegemony, scorning love... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Manual translation, adaptation
and synchronization: Cristian82

This slate board

along with many others

was discovered in an
archeological expedition

to the ruins of the ancient
Carthaginian city of Birsa,

revealing an unknown chapter
of the Punic Wars,

which were carried
between Rome and Carthage,

two centuries before Christ.

Hannibal, mărețul cartaginez,

exhausted after three years of fighting,

He sent his ships everywhere,

to plunder the supplies
he needed to continue,

the bloody war against Rome.

One of the ships
heading north,

he approached the Celtic island of Penda
and prepared to attack it.

The captain of the ship was Kainus,

the leader of the Carthaginian fleet.

We'll stay here until

and then we will attack the island of Penda.

The Celts will have a real surprise.

Carthage needs their supplies.

Feed the slaves.
I'll be in my cabin.


Open it! Open the window!

Come on, get over here!

Keep it inside!
Hold his hands!


- Come on!
"Get over here!"

Get in.

Why did you bring this mess
to my cabin?

This slave broke the chain
and strangled a guard.

Here you go? Hot blood you
lowly creature.

Did you think that you
would conquer my ship?

Why haven't they cut your tongue so far?

You will never be able to bring the Celts to their knees
, Carthaginian pig.

You speak well of these Celts.

"I think you know this country well."
- I'm a Celtic,

captured in a raid on the island of

I hope they fought as bravely
as you, my idiot friend.

It's been a month since my sword
tasted bloody.

If I were lucky enough to let them
know about your arrival on Penda Island,

he would have killed you all.

Well said.
You have a good voice

you speak loud and clear

and your warning
would have sounded loud and clear.

Would you have been as lucky
to swim to shore?

This is a Carthaginian wine.

Dizzy and loud,

clears the throat
and improves the voice.

But we have another and better Carthaginian drink , which also helps the voice.

Prepare the golden drink.

Is the gold ready?

Fill the gold cup.

I worship you, Celts.

Enjoy the golden wine.

Throw it overboard.



This was Penda Island

who was sitting quietly and
feeling pretty safe,

behind the protection of
its huge peaks and the power of Rome.

Wisely ruled by
an old king and his two sons,

The Celtic tribe of the island of Penda

he lived according to the ancient customs
of his people,

from hunting and raising

Peace had reigned
on the island for many years ... and life was going smoothly.

Just a week away,
the news of the fierce war

between Rome and Carthage,
it reached these shores.

It was rare news, brought
by a passing ship.

Peace and physical work,
they always had ...

In abundance.

But someone decided,

that the best way to use the
fruit of peace is to start a war.

This someone ... was Carthage.

Kneel the Celtic dog.

No Celtic bows
before an invader.


- Let me talk, son.
"Then talk before I kill them."

Is the attack on this village
more than a robbery?

Carthage is at war with Rome.

I came to make a deal.

Death, not slavery.

Shut up,
or your wish will come true.

I'm not asking for anything.

But I ask for mercy for
my son and daughter and for the people on my island.

You will agree to a payment.

You'll give us your full support
for two years,

in exchange for the lives of your people.


I agree.

We're going to take
your nervous descendants hostage, too.

in case you are thinking of betraying us.

A Celtic word is enough.

Only a fool would trust
the word of a barbarian.

"You're giving me too little."
- Little bit?!

Their lives and their return will be safe,

if you keep your promise and
meet the needs of our guards.

I'll let a garrison protect
you and this island.

How long will
my children be held captive?

Two years.

Then you'll get them back.

Get him out of here!



Take care of your sister, son.

"And promise me you'll be safe."
- Stay calm, Dad!

As long as ...
these devils trust us,

we'll "buy" time
until we get back.

Look at the craftsmanship of this necklace.

The quality of the metal.

Who would have thought that these cold-blooded Celts
could produce such a thing.

I bet that old king's daughter
has a fire in her blood.

I'm thinking of enjoying
her warmth.

You'd better have
some more wine, Commander.

She is the daughter of a king,

a noble vine hostage,
which we take care of.

And I am a nobleman from Carthage.

Bring her here
with her angry brother.

I'll see his character and
ask his permission.

"What about Hannibal?"
- Hannibal ?!

You know what his orders are
on these issues.

Hannibal will remain
behind the walls of Rome for many years

and I will lead
Carthage in his absence.

Now move on and bring me
the barbarian.

Please, Revak,
you must resign.

You move up and down
like an animal in a cage.

Two years, subjugated by these
decadent Carthaginians.

It is a small sacrifice
for our people.

I don't care
what happens to me.

But you ...
you're young, you're a girl.

I'm not afraid of anything.
I have you brother.

Kainus called you both.

For what?

That's his wish. It would be better
to listen and obey.

You should crawl.

You who bear his insignia.

You have, Creoda.

Princess of the People,

Doesn't our joy have your approval?

- You called us.
"Maybe you'll obey."

Didn't your father teach you to dance
to entertain a man?

Miserable pig.

We are hostages, not slaves.

On board my ship and on a sea
dominated by Carthage,

dare you raise your voice to me?

"Or do you want to cut your tongue?"
- Please, Revak! Please!

I'm not afraid of a cat
that is proud of its wine

and which has the inside of a bull.

Shut up!
Tie it to the mast!

Let her go!

Let go of my brother!


Let go of the rhythm for
this wild cat.

Go back so I can see his mastery.

Now have fun, princess,
before I have fun with you.


Throw that dagger!

Throw it away!

You'll dance better
without claws, little tiger.

Dance now, or I'll put
your brother's head on your feet.

Beat the drums.

Come on, princess, now
we're going to dance alone.

I'd rather die than
shame our house.

Goodbye, brother!

Someone stop her!

It bothered us anyway.

Take him under the deck.

Carthage ...
always a pleasant sight.

Are we going to rest for a few days, cdt.?

Not until we check
the rest of Melqart's fleet.

replace the worn-out slaves in the galley,

with a new group
and we'll be leaving immediately.

Get ready for docking.

The new group will arrive on board
in an hour, Excellency.

"Make sure I sit first."
- Get moving!

You're fine, huh?

I thought that the journey would soothe your
noble exuberance.

Kainus ...
you better kill me now,

otherwise I swear to you that one day

- I'm going to drown you in your own blood.
"Shut up, baby ...!"

No, it's a noble statement.

Let him think and
enjoy this period.

Eventually he will die slowly.

I know your skills
in such matters.

Make sure he has a
clear mind until the end.

That's what I'm going to do, Commander.

I'll be back in time

let me hear your last
cries of mercy.

Get him out of here!

I have a decoration for you,
for your good deeds.

Your nobility necklace.

I will now inform you
of your rights.

Forward, pigs! Go ahead!

Get back, dog!
Get back!

Stop it!

"Your Highness!"
- I want to see.

On Moloch, Kainus' orders are to
beat this man to death.

Stop it!

I said stop!

Bring that slave here.

Now, Your Highness!

- What kind of slave is this?
"He is a barbarian Celt, Your Highness!"

And like a wild animal,
it must be tamed.

Your power delights me.

My palace needs
brave people.

I'm afraid he doesn't understand the custom,
Your Highness.

Kiss Cherata's leg.

The son of the king of Penda,
he does not kiss the leg of any woman.

"Especially a Carthaginian."
- Not!

I'm stubborn about your stubbornness
, barbarian.

It should be tested on something
worthy of your skill.

Take him to the palace!

Make it shaved, nourished
and refreshed.

Then I'll send you the new orders.

Get moving!

See you soon, barbarian!

Come with me.

Was that fight worthless?

No proud man should
answer this question.

Maybe you'll answer,

when you find out what Princess Cherata is going to do to you.

Nothing could be more degrading,

than to be whipped to death
by a miserable pig.

All the Greek gods!
I totally agree with you.

Are you greek

So you're not Carthaginian?

Oh, God forbid!

My men and I
are mercenaries from Sparta.

- Oh yes!
- Now, go up!

I've heard of people who ...
sell their services.

It's better than being in your place.

You ran out of words, huh?

I have never seen
such a fortress.

Erebor Citadel, the heart of Carthage.

No Roman legion will
be able to climb the walls.

These strong walls were needed

to guard against the hatred and wickedness
of outsiders.

And you carry weapons for
such people.

Stop this nonsense.

I would worry about myself.


- Varro!
- The pig! The pig!


Their! Their!

What kind of monster is that?

An elephant.

Hannibal brought 100 elephants from
his conquests in the Far East.

I'm with him now
in the attack on Rome.

Keep it still.

They are the most destructive
weapons of war ever invented.

"They're made of flesh and blood, though."
- From tons of meat and bones.

If you step on it,
you will become a crushed pomegranate.

My old renegade Roman,
still naughty in your position of trust?

The young man, Capt. Lycursus,
looks a little nervous.

Could it be that he and
his mercenaries have not yet been paid?

We don't need your mercy
old clown.

But this guy needs it.

What thief have you brought me now?

At least he has the courage.

He defied Princess Cherata.

He wants to be shaved,
refreshed and fed.

I can't guess what the end will be.

But knowing that you always say
that no slave has the courage

I brought it to you for the mission.

Courage only comes from here to challenge Princess Cherata .

True courage comes from the stomach.

And I will prove to you that he has no courage.

Bring me that stick.

He is also a slave.
Are you ordering me?

In his position, yes.

He's already scared.

I told you.

Find your voice and shout.

Let's just curse you.

What do you say now?

Or do you want me to tell you to turn your
head into a big coin?

With your face on both sides.

If this is my destiny ...

You hit a stone wall, Varro.

Yes, a strong one. I should find out
what's behind him.

I leave it in your care.

First ... we'll wash you.


You've eaten enough.

It was just a temptation.

Now go to bed.
I want to talk to him.

See you tomorrow, sir!

Where did the boy come from?

Oh, Babu?

He came with the elephants
from the Far East.

He's a cheerful boy ... for a slave.

That's the only thing he knows.

But he is as slender as a hummingbird
and has the eyes of a eel.

A useful boy in the near future.

What future?

Why do you think I
tried to humiliate you today?

You lost me.

I have heard that the Romans
strongly claim their dignity and justice.

I thought
maybe they humiliated you in captivity

and that it affected your mind.

And that made me
cruel and evil, like the Carthaginians?


Aurelio Varro,
once captain of the Roman legions,

he will never forget
that he was born in the greatness of Rome.

But, yes, I feel humiliated.

I admit that I am no longer a Romanian citizen , but ...

You are no longer Roman,
as I am Celtic

"And Penda's son?"
- Not!

It was a battle in the north.

My legion and other legions,

they faced
Hannibal's advanced army.

Although we were outnumbered by
almost 5 to 1, we held out for a while.

On Mars, how my people fought.

They fought to the death.

But I had to be humiliated
by being disarmed and captured.

Humble?! When did you fight
as well as you could?

In the trial,
Roman justice must be harsh.

Those of us who were captured
were deprived of our citizenship.

We can only get it by escaping
and returning,

to accept the punishment we deserve.

The death!

You certainly don't want to go back.

It's the only wish I have left.

Because even if I die,
I will be a Roman citizen again.

The most precious thing.

I'm sitting next to an honorable man.

Friend, apart from your freedom,
don't you want something else?

Just two things:

The liberation of my father and my country
by defeating Carthage.

And the other?

The chance to face Kainus,
the commander of the fleet.

- I have to destroy him.
- If you're going to be free, do you swear that?

On the soul of my dead sister.

And I'm sitting next to an honorable man.

We'll escape together.

"But aren't there others?"
- There are many more.

Almost all 60
in the fortress.

And we have a very valuable ally.

- Who is?
- Are you with us?

Until the last breath.
Who's the ally?

I relied on that.

He passed the Lycursus test.

And in addition, I see leadership qualities in him.

That doesn't matter yet.

He still has a test to pass.

For tomorrow night, the princess made
some arrangements with the owner of the games.

He must fight Deliasis
to the death.

Who to fight with?

With gladiator Deliasis.

He broke the backs of his last
20 opponents.

And you told me about freedom?

The dream lived a little.

That's true Revak.

So first

It remains to be seen if ...

after tomorrow night's fight ...
you'll still be alive.


I saw that I was preparing it.

My heart skips
as I think about it.

Deliasis, for sure, will kill him.

He is proud and there is a burning desire for freedom inside him .

How it burns in all of us.

"Will we ever see Rome again?"
- Come on, Valeria!

Antonio Octavius' daughter
has more courage than that.

I miss Rome and my family.

But every day
it grows more and more

and dreams seem vain.

If it weren't for you and
the hopes I have, I think I would have died.

You're young, Valeria.

But I promise you, as I promised
myself, that our time will come,

and every day my hopes
are growing,

and I have a hunch that the Celtic,

- could be our answer.
- Our answer ?!

In a few moments he could be lying
in a pool of blood.

Dead on the floor.

- Have you ever seen people die?
- Too many.

The weak who died may
not have been meant to be with us.

If the Celtic dies,
we must not lose hope.

He doesn't have to die.

How determined you are.

You're talking like a patrician again.

Is this an order from the gods?

I've never met a man
who would make me feel that way.

I told myself I was stupid.

But wherever I look and see everything,
it reminds me of him.

Varro, I can't lose him
now that I've found him.

Listen to me!

Your Highness! Your lords!

With your permission.

The most anticipated moment of the evening:

Gladiator Deliasis
will fight to the death

with a chosen slave worthy of his power.

Princess, let me
bet 1,000 oboli

Deliasis on your behalf

The favorite is 10 to 1.

And I bet 10,000 to 1,000 with you.

- I choose ... the slave.
- Sure, you're kidding.

Do you accept the bet?

You're going to contribute to your fun, Your Highness.

But I'm afraid you
're going to lose.

You heard my bet.
10,000 to 1,000.

It's done, Your Highness.

You will fight to the death.

No interruptions.

The signal to start the fight will be
a bow, Princess Cherata.

He's a coward like the other Celts.

He defeated the champion,
and I didn't give him a chance.

Right now you're looking at a man ...

like you will never be.

- Captain!
"Tell me, princess."

The barber should be made presentable

and be brought to my room
at midnight.

As you wish, princess.

Our dream is getting closer.

Follow me!

Stop it!

Princess Cherata, she left
the slave in my care.

I'll take him to her!
You can go!

I saw how you defeated Deliasis

I hope you had fun.

My heart has been with you
every moment.

These are real Carthaginian sentiments .

Carthaginian ?! I'm a novelist and
a friend of Varro's.

Varro is not my friend.

It's nothing more than
an elephant tamer.

Listen to me, Revak, it's not too late.

"I know you have the same dreams as us."
- Vise ...

It's all a dream here.
Isn't it time to do things?

Yes, of course it's time.

But our chance should not be
foolishly wasted.

When we hit it, it has
to be fast and safe

or we will all die.

- How long have you been waiting?
- For two years.

Two years of slavery, worship
and humiliation,

and always reminding me
that the right time will come.

When the right man
can lead us.

Why does everyone suddenly think
I'm the right person?


I looked at you from the first moment
I saw you on the beach.

I've never met
a man who ...

What happened?

I'm sorry I showed
you such a weakness.

- Look, I don't understand.
- Don't make her wait.

Varro has high hopes for you.

And you?

As a Romanian citizen, I must not
give up hope of dying.

our time will come soon.

Revak, Carthage is not so
unbearable now that you are here.

Over there!

Come closer, barbarian!

My name is Revak,
Prince of Penda.

That's how I'll recognize you.

Go away!

Do you want to come closer ...


Do you know why you fought tonight?

"I just struggled to stay alive."
- Well said.

That's why I arranged the fight
with Deliasis.

To save you from forced labor
in the stone quarry.

From that moment
on, everything depended on you.

And you proved me right.

"And what else have you proved to me?"
- For the chance to live,

I owe you.

I'm not waiting for you to pay tribute to me.

Besides what can you give me ...

own initiative.

I wish...

be kind to me.


I'd love to see you feel ...
more comfortable.

Your pets ...

I don't really agree with that.

Stupid animals and their loyalty.

But still, their jealousy is flattering.

They were afraid you wanted to touch me.

Is that what you want, Revak?

Put your hands on me?

Now that we're alone,
say what you want.

Or am I too repulsive
to touch me, my barbarian?

Do I feel a pulse of enmity?

Or is it the pulse of the great conquest
before you?

A man can be made of stone.

You really are a barbarian.

Put that aside.

I have to practice.

- So?
- She's still in her room.

Maybe he defied her again
and sent her to be tortured.

No, I or one of my men
would have noticed.

We would have found out about the body.

Maybe she'll make him show her
how she killed the gladiator again

- and observe his movements, like a cat.
- Shut up and go to bed.

- I have the right to ...
- No!

Dude, let's just say we're thinking.

The Celtic has warm blood in his veins.

And after all,
who could blame him?

But if he gives in,

and accept the light life he
offers from now on?

What are we going to do?

Then he will die ... before
he has a chance to betray us.


Look at me, Revak!

Tell me ...

This time,
tell me in words ...

that you've never met a woman like me.

You said it so beautifully.

Oh, now.

You say it, man.

As a man?

A slave, owed for every
breath in the body.

I'll never give you time
to think about it.

Because instead
I'll be your slave.

I'm handcuffed in your arms.


You're going to wear this bracelet
with my logo,

so you can come and go from the palace
whenever you want.

No one will dare
question you.

And what ... tasks are you going to give me?

Guardian of your perfumes?

Or incense maker?

Moloch, be careful what you say.

Aren't you happy to be the guardian
of my burning heart?

It could consume you too.

It's weird right now.
I told them to ...

- Who is there?
- A messenger from His Excellency, Your Highness.

Tell him to wait!

I need to receive
this messenger now.

And at the moment we have to be discreet,
my love.


Wait in the dark
until I get rid of him.

What happened?

I have made a long and difficult journey
to bring a special message to Your Highness.

- From whom?
"From Kainus, your noble brother."

His fleet had a great victory
over the Romans at Melqart's Pylons.

His ship will be
ahead of the others,

with the morning tide ...

loaded ... with vast treasures.

You want to arrange a party
properly for the next day.

Kainus ... victorious again.

I'm going to have a party ...

You can leave.

You must leave now my love.

I have to think about a lot.

I can only sleep here.
Kainus, your brother ...

Yes, he is smart.

But he is very demanding when it comes to
his public festivities.

But now you have my bracelet.

I'll be waiting for you tomorrow
after sunset.

It wouldn't be more discreet if it were ...

if it were a secret?

Maybe a secret entrance.

My barber ... a shy man.

Let me show you how to come to me.

Here you can always go in and out
without anyone being able to see you.

That's our secret.

When you want to come in, shoot this.

Miracle after miracle.

Through this passage you can enter
from the terrace.

And where does this passage lead?

Hannibal did it himself.

If Carthage
ever attacked on land,

which is very unlikely now,

this passage would lead
to the water's edge.

- Near the keys?
- Yes exactly.

So that the royal family can
escape at sea.

But now I'm not thinking about escaping.

Tomorrow, my love.

I'm being held here by dreams
I've never known before.

And I will wait for it to be fulfilled.


What bad luck!

Good luck.

May it be!
We were wondering if we would see you again.

I see you're wearing the princess emblem.

A gift ... or something as a souvenir?

Or maybe a decoration ...
for bravery.

I don't accept your bad jokes.

I'm not a boy,
not a round-eyed young man ...

and you can condemn me as much as you want,
but Princess Cherata,

it's delicate ...

and firm ...
and full of feelings.

A beautiful woman who wants
to be hugged.

I'd be an idiot to deny that.

I think...

"I don't think it was torture."
- What's the use?

And what is your rank now?

The biggest,
the most privileged.

Then your life here could be
comfortable and easy.

You won't have
to be treated like an animal anymore.

As long as they want.

It is difficult to kick
such a future.

She is the sister of Kainus, the most
miserable man ever born

and which I swore to destroy.

How the whole of Carthage must be destroyed
when we regain our freedom

and we will reach our country,

and we will help them gather
for the common struggle.

And if that means her life then ...

Cherata's destiny is in the hands of her gods.

Well said.

If we wait for the right time,
our troops will be united

- and we will have patience, then ...
- Patience ?!

It doesn't take patience.
Now is the time.

Here you go? Now?

"After all, are you enchanted?"
- Listen to me!

Kainus returns at dawn, with
the morning tide, from Melqart's Pylons.

Only his ship will dock on the quays.

We need to attack him before he sees me

and find out about my new rank
or we're done.

And listen to me carefully.

There is a way to do this.

Look! Look!
I'll show you!

The key ... The ship ... That's right.


I thought you were sleeping.


I'm thinking about tomorrow.

Once again I hear
the battle cry in my blood

and I wish I had the strength
of a hundred young men.

Is it not valid for everyone
before they face the enemy?

Doubts, difficulties and weaknesses.

With a career like yours, of course,
you've experienced this many times.


But what's keeping you awake, buddy?
Why are not you sleeping?

And you have thoughts about

Who is Valeria?

What an idiot I am.

I imagined you wielding swords
and killing Carthaginians,

But you have romantic games in mind.

- Who is?
- The daughter of a patrician.

My oldest friend.

- She's very brave.
- And very beautiful.

You certainly didn't miss it.

This does not concern you.

Other thoughts grind me.

War comes from the sword,
not from the heart.

Only once is tomorrow.

A moment of weakness
and the hesitation of a man ...

"He could condemn us all."
"Don't talk too much, Varro."

Say what you think.

- Cherata!
- What about Cherata?

You blamed her.

And yet you don't sleep.

My anxiety should
n't disturb your sleep, my friend.

I told you how I feel.

And I know very well
what my duty is.

But you wandered around the room
for three turns of the hourglass.

- What bothers you Revak?
"The madness of these things."

By a twist of fate Carthage
should be my enemy.

Cherata should be
with Carthage, too.

But we're all so excited,

because one's blood is
a country or an inheritance.

We must befriend
our oaths and hatred.

Even if they are not to blame for
being born what they are.

Varro, people are coming of age

and they should not hate and destroy
because of a place of birth,

or because it has a Roman name,
or Carthaginian ...

Or, yes ... a fault.

Noble words, my friend.

But maybe for the future.

"Tomorrow," in a few hours,
will be part of the present.

Good night, Revak!

Now, fast!

Go to the end of this passage
and wait.

Revak, we all owe you.

But I haven't left Carthage yet.

Revak, whatever happens,
I'll always be grateful

that I met a man like you.

You will meet many men.

And one day he will be the right man.

Revak, I have to tell you something.

Maybe I won't have a chance
to tell you that.

From the moment I saw you,
I became a woman

and whatever happens to me now, I'll
always be glad I met you.

Valeria ...

No one in Carthage or Rome
could be more proud than I am,

for the trust you have in me.

Revak, I'll show you Rome.

Dad will give you people to go back
to Penda and liberate your country.

He will give you a large,
upright and strong legion.

Oh, if I could show you Penda.

It's different from this world.

It is full of huge trees,

on its rocky shores the
sound of the surging waves can be heard,

the air is refreshing and cold ...

and my people sing.

I hope one day you ask me to come
with you to see her, Revak.

I have to go to
the end of the passage now.


You are here.

I've been thinking all day,
Your Highness.

A new virtue of my Celtic.

You know how to talk.

Go away!

I have some time before
Kainus' ship arrives.

And I'd like to spend it with you alone.

What's with this platoon?

It's an exchange of guards for
tonight's festivities.

These are Princess Cherata's orders.
Open the gates.

I have not received any news of such
changes, Captain Lycursus.

Do you dare to defy me?

- Open them I said!
- Open the gates.

Your Highness, the slaves revolted
and attacked us.

You, Revak! Wine!


It's a fight here!
Bring them here, Varro!

Come here!
Let's tear down this door!

Help, Revak! Help!

Everything is fine, Revak!
Everything is alright!

- Yes it's all right!
- Now where? We don't have much time.

Around here.

This is the passage. Hold to the right.
It will lead you to the water's edge

where Kainus' ship will arrive at any moment .

- Come on, follow me!
- Hurry up!

Freedom is in our hands.

"Stop it, Varro!"
- Revak, she has to die.

I have to do it.
She is the sister of Kainus.

- See you at the quays.
- Hurry up!

I had to realize I could
n't trust a barbarian.

- Carthage must be destroyed.
- Kill me first.


I beg you to kill me,
because I was an idiot to love you.

Let's finish the game.

The "joke"
is that I can never forget you.

I will never try.

Memories will be clear,
my dear Cherata.

There will be few or none.

How long I've been waiting for this day.

Watch out for those corners!
Easy! Easy!

We're finally on shore, Marco.
The promised delights.

Wait here until it's safe.

- Where's Revak?
- It's coming now!

Take a good look, my friend!
That is the ship of our freedom.

First we have to conquer the key.

Then at my signal we hurried
to the ship.

Quietly! Come on!

Babu, when we get on board, release
those prey in chains.

Breaking the chains is child's play.

My sword begins to breathe again.

Nobody touches Kainus.
It's mine.

Let's take cover.

Bring the cork here.


Celtic dog! Not you.

Not, Cainus.

You wanted to go back in time,
to hear my last screams, right?

Too bad I have to get my sword dirty.

Set course north.
We're going back to Rome.

Manual translation, adaptation
and synchronization: Cristian82

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