The BFG (2016) - full transcript

Ten-year-old Sophie is in for the adventure of a lifetime when she meets the Big Friendly Giant. Naturally scared at first, the young girl soon realizes that the 24-foot behemoth is actually quite gentle and charming. As their friendship grows, Sophie's presence attracts the unwanted attention of Bloodbottler, Fleshlumpeater and other giants. After traveling to London, Sophie and the BFG must convince Queen Elizabeth to help them get rid of all the bad giants once and for all. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
It was the Witching hour,

when the bogeyman comes out.

When people go missing.

Matron thinks the Witching hour arrives at midnight.

The girls say 1:00 or 2:00 o'clock in the morning.

I think it comes at 3:00 in the morning,

when I'm the only one left awake.

Like always.

Like now.

Hat's in your eyes, mate.

Quiet. Quiet.

- It's that way!
- Shh!


Come on.

- Shh.
- Quiet.

Get outta the water, mate.

It's unclean.

That stuff will kill you.


You're bladdered, the lot of you.

Would you clear off?

There are children trying to sleep.

Hello, little missy!

Don't little missy me!

I'll call the coppers. I will do it.

Watch the water! Come on!

Never get out of bed.

Never go to the window

and never look behind

the curtain.

Never get out of bed! Never go to the window!

And never look behind the curtain.

There ain't no place to go

unless you has wings.

I is hungry. It's time for eats.

Whoa! Whoa!

Where am I?

Giant Country.

No such place.

We travelled a long, long way.

Yeah, it be a distance.

What's that? What's that?


There are more of you?

Yeah, well...

Fleshlumpeater, Bonecruncher, Manhugger...

Childchewer, Meatdripper, Gizzardgulper, Maidmasher...

Blood bottler.

Blood bottler?

Yeah! And the Butcher Boy.

Butcher Boy?

Please don't eat me.


You think because I'm a giant, that I'm a man-gobbling cannybull?

Me? Gobbling up human beans?

Do you mind? This I never...

Then who are you?

What kind of a monster are you?

You has me wrong.

You snatched me.

Yeah, well, there you has me right.

Anyway, I didn't steal you very much.

After all, you's only a little thing.

Still, but I can't help thinking about

your poor mother and father.

They must be skump...

I don't have a mother or father.

You don't?

They... They both died when I was a baby.

So, you is a norphan?

Yes. You took me from an orphanage.

You didn't know?

I didn't know that.

Were you happy there?

No, I hate it.

The matron who runs it is incompetent, and she has crazy rules

and you get punished a lot!

How is you punished?

She locks you in a dark cellar.

There are rats down there.

The filthy old fizzwiggler.

The other giants, are they nice like you're nice?

No, I's sorry to say, the boys would eat you up in one dollop.

My 24 foot?

Puddlenuts in Giant Country.

And that's where you is, in Giant Country now.

But why did you bring me here, and why did you take me?

Well, I had to take you

'cause the first thing you'd be doing, you'd be scuttling around

and yodelling the news that you were actually seeing a giant.

And then, there would be a great rumple dumpus, wouldn't there?

And all the human beans would be rummaging

and whiffling for the giant what you saw, and getting wildly excited.

And then they'd be locking me up in a cage

to be looked at with all the squiggling, you know...

Hippodumplings, and crocadowndillies, and jiggyraffes.

And then, there would a gigantous look-see giant hunt for all of the boys.

I won't tell.

No one would listen to me anyway.

I'm an untrustworthy child.

Yes, you would.

No, I wouldn't.

Yes, you would.

No, I wouldn't.

- Yes, you would.
- No, I wouldn't!

You would be telling the whole wonky world

most likely on the telly-telly bunkum box

and the radio squeaker.

I won't tell. I wouldn't ever.

Please, take me home. I'm scared. I want to go home.


That's horrible.

You're just gonna have to be stayin' here with me for the rest of our lives.

You mean, of my life.

For the rest of my life.

Hey, is you not all frigidy cold, eh?

In your little nightie.

I will run away.

Listen. Listen, you.

I is warnin' you

not to ever go whiffling out of this cave without I is with you

or you is comin' to an ucky mucky end.

You can't stop me.

I've run away 1,000 times.

I have instincts.

Instincts? I thought human beans was full of brains.

You is not very clever.

I can stop you.


Those giants,

they would swallop you up like a piece of frumpkin fry.

It's pumpkin pie, not frumpkin fry.

And jiggyraffes are giraffes.

Crocadowndillies are crocodiles,

and hippodumplings are hippopotamuses.

Well, I cannot be helpin' it if I was sayin' things a little squiggly.

I cannot be right all the time.

Quite often, I is left instead of right.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be rude.


Well, what I'm says and what I means

is sometimes two different things.

Hey, what is you reading?

Nicholas Nickleby.

- Ah?
- What's in those jars?


Dreams aren't things.

I don't dream, actually. I've got insomnia.

Is that right?

Dreams is actually very mysterious things.

All the time...

they is searching


For sleeping...


"With throbbing veins and burning skin

"eyes wild and heavy."

You can... You can read!


"Thoughts hurried and disordered

"he felt as though the light were rep-roach

"and shrunk involuntarily from the day

"as if he were some foul and hideous


Help me!

No! Help!

Help me!


You did that.

There you has me right.

I told you I didn't dream

so it was much scarier than it needed to be.

Needs must.

Titchy little snapperwhippers like you

should not be higgling around with old sage and onions like me.

Giants is all murderful and cannybulls.

They's swallopin' up human beans like they's sugar lumps.

"Beings", not "beans".

Yeah, well, they'd eat you either way.

What... What is that green fizz?


All giants is drinking frobscottle.

It... It's fizzing the wrong way.


Our bubbles go up.

Up? Up?

Upward-going bubbles gives a filthsome belchy burp.

But what's wrong with a little burp now and then?

It's loathsome.

But if the bubbles in your tummy go down

and come out someplace else...

- Yeah?
- That could have a far nastier result.

A whizzpopper.

- Whizzpopper?
- Yeah.

A sign of true happiness.

Oh, no.

It's glummy!




Is you at home, Runt?


You is jabbeling.

Who is you jabbeling to, Runt?

Why is you such a chatbag in the morning?

Why is you not sleeping today?

Because you keep me awake with your jabbeling.

I has a boo-boo.

Oh, possibly later.

Now, Runt!

Never mind, I will. Don't...

Right, now we just have to fetch some water.

No, no, no. No water.

No water.

Hide behind something. Hide behind there.

All right. Gimme it.

Gimme it. Give it here.

Does you have a new little petty-poo?


I smells bean, Runt. I finds him...

- Hold still. - ...I eats him up.

You is barking up the wrong dog.

There ain't no bean here.

I is hungry.

Hey, yeah. Why don't you have that snozzcumber?

Oh, that is a scrumptious snozzcumber. It's fresh.

You lives on some rotten garbage, Runt.

Don't be like that.

- Have you never tried that, Fleshlumpeater?
- No, never.

I'll tell you, I's guzzling that wonderveg gleefully, night and day.

Well, that's what's wrong with you.

The outside is horrigust.

But the inside is smelling something...

...sweetly familiar.

Yeah! Go on! Go on, boy.

Get your lips around that. That is lovely.

- Wait! Wait!
- Huh?

You hates vegetables! You eats only beans!

I hate vegeterribles.

I eats only beans.

- Yeah! Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah.



That's what I said.

That's what I is sayin'. I said it.

I hates, ugh, fruits and vegeterribles.

And water!

And water.

And water.

I'm taking this.


You is an insult to giant people.


Too hot! Too hot! Too hot!

Too hot!

And something to wear?


Where'd you get that jacket?

Um, in your scraps. It's nice.

Is, um, something the matter?

No, it's just...

Never mind.

Where are you going?

Uh, to work.

What do you do for work?

Oh, now you's asking me to tell you whopsie big secrets!

I... I won't tell a soul.

How could I anyway?

I'm stuck here for the rest of my life.

I catch dreams.

I want to come!

Yeah, I bet you...

No, you is staying here.

No, I'm not!

Yes, you are. You is human bean

and human bean is like strawbunkles and cream

to those giants out there so you gonna stay.

You've a nice safe place right here.

Not possible.

I goes to catch dreams, same as every day.

I goes alone. I's a feature of habit.

But you'll be leaving me here with them.

They will eat me.

They is sounding asleep.

I is going dream catching.

I is going alone.

You be snug as a bug up there.

Oh, my...

You can't have secrets from me.

It's too late for that.

You must take me.


We can't have secrets. I'll tell you mine.

I sneak around at night too.

And I steal sometimes. And I lie.

So... So I'm lonely most of the time.

I've never had a best friend. Sounds like you, I'll bet.

We... We gets over it.

And we... We gets on with it.

Fleshhead, he'll come and eat me.

My blood will be on your hands.

Everything about you goes against all my better judgementals, girl.

Well, I'm right about this one.

I promise I am.


See, they snoozling.

So, hold your breaths, cross your figglers, here we go.

We have to go right past all those sleeping giants,

climb all those steps to get all the ways

up theres.


Where is you galloping off to in the daytime, Runt?

You know I was going off to my work.

Well, you could be seen by snoopers

- and bring a giant hunt!
- Oh, no, no...

And we is not wanting a giant hunt, is we?

Now, let me down, Fleshlumpeater.

Let the boys sleep in the day.

Well, we is all awake now, we might as well...



Yeah, we might as well frolic.

What's frolic?

Frolic, you know, like...

- Frolic.
- Oh, yeah, yeah, frolic. Yeah, yeah.

Don't just take it.

Do something.

Gizzardgulper, go long.

Oh! Oh!

Why you not hunt with us, Runt?





Look at the puffers.

Rain be coming.

Huh? Huh?

- Bean.
- Bean.


You... You shouldn't let them treat you like that.

Nobody should.

I lives with nine bean-eating giants.

They takes, so I gives back. I blows my dreams about.

Well, that's as good as I can do.

I do something, eh?

I do something.

We is here, at last.

You is in Dream Country now, missy.

I shared you a secret.

Look at all the stars.

Oh, yeah.

Often enough, on a clear night I is hearing faraway music

coming from those stars in the sky.

- You do? What else?
- Well...

I is hearing the tiny little ants chittering to each other

as they skiddle about in the soil.

Cattlepiddlers though, they is the worst chatbags.

All the time, they is arguing about who will be the most pretty butteryflies.

Go on, please.

I hear the footsteps of a lady bird as she walks across a leaf.

But the funniest...

The funniest old stories I's heard from the plants and the trees themselves.


They is living and growing, laughing, chittering, just like you and me.

Come on, down you go.


I is hearing all the wondrous and all the terrible...

Terrible, terrible things.

All the secret whisperings of the world.


You think I's swizzfiggling you, don't you?


It's just all rather hard to believe.

At one point, someone...

Someone called me the...

The Big Friendly Giant.

What shall I call you, gal?

My name is Sophie.

Well, jump, Sophie.

This be where all my dreams is beginning.

Oh, my...

As a dream comes whiffling by it's so silvery soft,

it was making like a tiny little buzzing, humming sound, like music.


It's a phizzwizard!

I don't be seeing many of them any more.

It's behind you on your elbow!

No, not that elbow! The other one!

Now it's on your foot!

The other foot!

It's on your bottom!

I gots it.

Seems to know you, gal.


It is a golden phizzwizard.

I wish I could hear it.


It be's very soft.

Do you actually hear what these dreams say?

Yeah, I do.

Well, this one sounds like you.

Hello, beautiful dream.



Go on, make yourself useful, my little frogglefrump.


- I couldn't.
- Yeah, you could.

Use your hands, your titchy little figglers.


Ah! I got one!

Let it go, Sophie.

Give it here. Give it to me.

Give it to me.

Go, give it here.

Oh, mince my maggots.

I think this be a very, very bad dream.

There are bad dreams here, too?

It be a trogglehumper.

What are you going to do with it?

I locks them up, you wicked beastie, you.

What does the bad dream say?

It says...

"Look at what you has done and there be no forgiveness."

Where are you?

I can't see you.

Big Friendly Giant!

Big Friendly Giant, I'm going to call you...


You calls me what you likes.

Where are you going next?


It be as good as I can do.

Why here?

Because I hears a little heart.

What be your pleasure, missy?

Make them all happy.

BFG, did your mother or father teach you about dreams?

Giants don't have mothers or fathers.


How old are you?

Oh, I's as old as the Earth, I suppose.

I is getting a little bit crumply

but us giants is mostlyjust going on and on, and on...

Like whiffsy time-twiddlers.


...did you hear my heart at the orphanage?

Yeah, I hears it right now.

What does the dream say?


The boy, he's dreaming that the tellyphony

is ringing in his house.

His da, he answers it and he says,

"Yes, this is Mr. Goulash speaking."

And then, he's gasping like he has a lobster stuck in his throat.

And he's saying, "Who? What? Yes, sir, I understand.

"But, surely, sir, it is me you wish to be speaking to, not my little boy."

And then, his face turns white and his eyes pop out of his head

and he says, "Yes, sir. He is here, sir. Yes, sir. Yes, sir."

And he hands the phone to the boy.

"Is you knowing the President of the United States?" he asks.

"No." Says the boy.

"But I suspect he's hearing about me."

And then he takes the phone, the boy, and he...

He's having a long chittery chat on the phone with the President.

"Well, let me take care of it, Mr. President.

"No, no. No, no, no.

"You'll bungle it up, sir, if you do it all your way."

And his dad...

His eyes is googling out of his head.

And then his ma, she comes into the room.

And his dad, he tells her. And then...

so on, and so on, and so on.

Dreams are so quick.

Yeah, on the outside.

They's long on the inside.

Shh... Shh...


I hears lament.

Somebody's silkies is crying for their darling.



We have to stop them.

You can't keep living like this, BFG.

BFG, what did you do with my blanket?

I thought you had it there.

Where is it, in my other...

- In the cape?
- Oh, I think I dropped it in Giant Country.

You dropped it in Giant Country?

Giant Country...

Did I fall asleep?

Why are you giving me a dream?

Why are you giving me a dream?

Why are you giving me a dream?

You dropped your blanket.

So they must know you was there.

You's not safe with me, girl.

So? You is not safe with me.

Never mind that now.

There was a boy.

He liked to read. He taught me how to read.

You's wearin' his little red jacket.

I hears his lonely heart just like I hears yours.

Then he seen me, like you did.

So I had to take him, hipswitch.

I could have brought him back home.

But then it be too late.

It won't be like that.

We'll stop the giants.

We'll make them go away forever.

Was the boy scared?

Yeah. In the end.

I'm not.

Brave Sophie.

I'm not!

I'm not.

I'm not.


You say you can hear ants talk and spiders spin.

That you can hear the stars.

Can you still hear me?

I feel you're here.

I know you're here.


Jump, Sophie.

We need a plan...

We need a plan...

Need a plan...

Are you thinking up a plan?

I's not having the foggiest idea in the wonky world.

Well, keep at it.


Sophie. Hide.

Oh, Runty, is you at home?

Quick, quick, quick!

I has a boo-boo.

Well, you's a big boy.

You take care of your boo-boos yourself now.

Oh, I will.

Oh, he Will!

You has a bean.

Right. Out!

Let's get on with it.

Let's get on with it.

- Time to hunt.
- Time to hunt.

Skitter scatter, boys.

Find me the chiddler.

No, no, no.

No, no. Don't! No!

No, don't!

This be my work. This be my work, boys!

Look at me!

Once, us giants, we be gentries.

Those days are over.

Where is the delicious little chatbag?


Right! Out, all of you!

Toot toot.



He find the last one.

I finds this one.

This be my home.

Ow, hot! Hot!

You don't come in here anymore!

Go on, get out!

Cursed you be, Runt.

Get out!

This be my home!


You is insult to giants.


Well, there be more dreams disappeared into a thick ear.

Into thin air.


They's all such a twitch-tickling problem to me all my life.

I knows exactly what words I want to say

but somehow or other

they all comes out squiff-squiddled 'round.

Don't worry. That happens to everyone.

Not like it happens to me.

I speak in the most terrible wigglish.

Well, uh, I think you speak beautifully.

You do?

You really do?

Mmm-hmm. Simply beautifully.

Oh, that...

Oh, that is the nicest present that anybody's ever given me in my entire life.


How whoopsey-splunkers.


How absolutely...

What's the word? Squiffling.

- BFG.
- I is all of a stutter.


Yeah, yeah?

I have a plan.

A Plan?

We are going to the Queen.

We really, really need her help.

We can be there by dawn.


You be giving your Queeny a frightsome curd-bloodling trogglehumper.

Needs must. Scary as you can make it.

Oh, chiddlers.

The Queen will dream that giants, all nine of them, are in England.

And they are eating little children.

And be sure to put some army in it.

Be sure you add a little of me.


Did you add yourself?

The Queen will dream that a little girl is sitting on her windowsill.

Then, she wakes up and I am there.

We are there.

Uh, then what happens?

Well, then a Big Friendly Giant steps forward

and bows and says,

"Your Majesty, I am your humble servant."

You mean she actually sees me?

No. Not in a month of Mondays, girl.


BFG, stop! You are going to knock me off.

Just trying to listen to the different breathing of manly bean and lady bean.


No, no. No, no it's not...

It's horrible. Don't. Stop them.

Make them stop. Make 'em stop!

Giants? Giants.


Man... Man-eating giants, no.

No, no, stop. No! No, no, no!


Your Majesty.

What is it?

Oh, Mary.

I had the most horrible dream.


Well, only a dream, ma'am, hmm?

Let me get your tea.

I dreamt that girls and boys

were being snatched out of their beds in boarding schools

and were being eaten by the most ghastly giants.

There was so many of them.

There was the...

The Fleshlumpeater

and the Gizzardgulper

and the Meatdripper.

And the, uh...

Butcher Boy?

Butcher Boy.

- Oh. I'm sorry.
- Oh!

The giants put their hands in through the windows

and pluck the children out with their fingers.

It was so bloody, so vivid, so real.

So real, Mary.

The children just disappeared.

Oh, my!


What's the matter, dear? You're white as a sheet.

- Sit down, Mary. Sit.
- Yes.

You're trembling. What is it?

Well, it's just, uh, so odd, ma'am.

So very odd.

You haven't seen the papers?

No, I haven't seen them yet.

Well, here. Look.

It's the very dream you had.

Children have disappeared in the night.

Gone. Taken.

But, not by giants.

Well, no, it couldn't be could it, ma'am?

Draw the curtains.

Yes, ma'am.


I don't believe it.

There's a small girl standing on the window sill.

Is there not, Mr. Tibbs?

There is indeed, ma'am.

She is standing right there, ma'am.

You didn't dream it.

But I did dream it.

How in the world did you get there?

- Well...
- Let me take care of this, ma'am.

- Here. Come down. Come with me.
- No, no, don't do that.

A giant put you there.

Yes, he did, ma'am.

He's waiting in the garden now.

Is he?

Is he?

He's my best friend.

He made your dream.

- Did he?
- Did he?

Did he?

Queen's garden, rear window, please.

Why have you and your giant come to see me?

I... I think you would remember that, Your Majesty,

if the mixing went well.

Yes, I remember.

You have a plan. You need me.

Yes, we do. Should we call for him now?

I suppose we should.

You promise you won't hurt him, ma'am?

Rear garden, rear garden, please.

I'm ready.


BFG, the Queen would really like to meet you.

You won't put him in the bunkumhouse?

Come down from there, child.

Mary, take her downstairs and get her some breakfast.

- Mr. Tibbs, find out where she comes from.
- Come on, dear. Come on.

No! No! No, he's just afraid.

He's never done anything like this in his whole life before.

BFG, be brave!

You promised you wouldn't hurt him.

Mr. Tibbs, tell the guards to stand down.

Mr. Tibbs?

Stand down, gentlemen, please. Stand down.

Dear, come here.

Your Majesty, I am your humble servant.

Your Majester, I is your humbug servant.

I'm so pleased to make your acquaintance.

Oh, Majester. Oh, Monacher.

Oh, ruler of...

straight lines.

I's come, with my little friend Sophie

to give you a...


To give me what?


Thank you.

I'm sure you have, but not in my dressing-gown.

Oh, dear.

Giants, Boris. Man-eating giants.

Have people been disappearing?


We have verifiable intelligence.

We might need air clearance. I'll get back to you.

Nancy, is Ronnie there?

Well, wake him.

Her Majesty the Queen.

This way, sir. Just follow me.

Follow me.

That's it, sir.

Slow ahead. Careful. Slow ahead.

And full stop.

To port side, sir. Oh!

Careful of the antiques, sir.

And up. Up.

Careful, up, up. That's it.

Hard to port.

And slow ahead.


Yes, sir.


Bogswinkles! What was that?

That was Louis Quatorze.

I'm so, so sorry, Your Majesty.

He's never really been in a house before.

Your cape, sir.

What a whoppsy, spliffling room we is in.

Your valise, sir.

Your Majesty.

This... This room is so gigantous

I's needed bicirculers and telescoops to see what's going on at either end.

Does he always talk like that?

Yes, Your Majesty.

He's never had schooling.




Please, BFG. Start.


There's only one word for that, Majester.


Oh, that is glummy.

Goodbye snozzcumber.

What's snozzcumber?

It's this horrible stinky vegetable, and I'm afraid it's all he has to eat.

Doesn't seem to have stunted his growth at all.


Pour BFG his coffee, please.

What's that? What's that black stuff?

What is that?

Where'd you get all that foam?

He's magnificent, your giant.

Sophie, dear, do start.

You must be famished.

It's delumptious.



Please, Majester, what is this horrible swigpill I's drinking, Majester?

Would he prefer tea?

He would prefer frobscottle.

- Frobscottle?
- Yeah.

A little gift for Your Majester.

Delunctious, fizzy, frobscottle.

It be a personable ferment.

How kind.

Would Your Majester be so kind as to honour me with...

...a pour?

It's fizzing the wrong way.

Our bubbles go up.

Oh, yeah. We wouldn't have some glumptious, whizzpopping music?

Does he like music? We have bagpipes.

The generals have been briefed, ma'am.

This is a story which beggars belief, but we don't have the time.

We're on our way to Giant Country.

BFG will chart a course for you.

Generals, BFG.

In 10 hours, the giants will once again be on the hunt.

And I intend to stop them.

And where exactly is Giant Country, sir?

Exunctly, well, let's see.



- What?
- There.

Gentlemen, your men will follow the BFG.

I have promised him you will go only once to Giant Country.

You not be finding it a second time.

Just look at those bubbles.

I believe in the BFG.

The BFG!

To the BFG.

Marvellous bubbles.

To Giant Country.

We will hold here.

BFG, I was asking if you had a plan.

BFG. Do you have a plan?

BFG! Do you have a plan?

The trogglehumper I caught, you're giving it to the giants?

Yeah, I was giving the boys this most horrigust dream of despair.

If the dream does its job, they wakes trapped in flush bunking remorse.

And if those wopsy bellypoppers out there does their job,

then I think we stands a chance.

"Look at what you has done, and there be no forgiveness."

Needs must. Now, stand back, girl.

We's brought the hunt to Giant Country.


What is Sophie's dream?

Your golden phizzwizard.

I don't see much of them anymore.

But what does it say?

It tells a story of a little gal.

A little chiddler with her whole life ahead of her.

With a fambly of her own.

Little chiddlers of her own, too, someday.

There will be great successfuls...

...and funnies ahead for her,

and truth to tell, just a dribble of despair.

Times'll be hard, times is be soft.

Adventures will come and go.

But in the end...

she remembers the good deeds.

Now, Sophie, I...

I know...

that story be your heart's desire.

I knows it.

The dream, it came to you, didn't it?

It be Sophie's dream.

But, then I wake up.

Then you wakes up.

But not here.


You has more dreams to catch, my little frogglefrump.

But not in Giant Country.

But will I still have you?

Will you still hear me when I call for you?

Are you forgettin' something?

Are you forgettin' these?

It be time, BFG.

Now, where did I put the...

I left me trumpet at Her Majester's.

Oh, I is such a mixed-up,

boggled-up giant sometimes.

Deliver us from weasels.


Oh, no. Oh, no, Sophie.

And what does we have here?

- You is a cannybull.
- You is a cannybull.

I is bad.

Have pity on a poor little giant.

You are a very bad giant.

I has no regrets.

- Runt!
- Run, Sophie! Run!

It's over, Fleshlumpeater.

It's over, boy.

It's time to stop now.

I's always hungry.



Back of the LZ.

Roger that.

Come on, lads!

Take him away!

Go! Go, go!

Secure that side!

Take cover!

The giants were taken far, far away

to a place you've never heard of

and a place you'll never go.

The Queen sent them off with snozzcumber seeds.

It was all they would have to eat...

... and they were just going to have to get used to it.

It's time to wake up, darling.

Morning, Sophie.

I had a dream last night.

In the dream, I was awakened by a beautiful,

buzzing, humming noise floating above my bed.

I walked to the window

and against the horizon I saw his long legs leaping,

suitcase and trumpet in hand.

I could see all the way to Giant Country.

I could see the garden BFG was growing.

He had fruits and berries, cauliflower and tomatoes.

He refused to have Brussels sprouts, though.

But snozzcumbers were still growing at the side of his cottage.

How else would he make frobscottle?

I saw the stone door, and the crooked windows.

His cape was hanging by the door.

I saw the crow's nest and his sailor boat bed.

I saw his rocking chair and a fire burning in the fireplace

with a much nicer stew cooking.

I could see the scattered pages of the book he was writing.

He was happy, and I was happy.

When I'm lonely, which is not nearly as often as before,

I talk to him and he actually hears me.

Because BFG hears

all the secret whisperings of the world.

Good morning, BFG.