The Available Wife (2020) - full transcript

When money, affairs, power and lies collide, Nicole Wright, a beautiful and successful music CEOs life is about to crumble in front of her. While leaving her husband and son, the lies that ...

[engine revs]

[crickets chirp]

[ominous music]

[footsteps clank]

[door slams]

[footsteps clank]

- You wanna know

how a 29 year old
black girl from nothing

came to run a multimillion
dollar record company?

Well, listen close.

This part comes at you fast.

[gun shot]

[exhales sharply]

That's me, Nicole
Mitchell Wright.

Or inmate number 237-9836

At the very moment,
things went too far,

way too far.

[upbeat music]

♪ Ooh ooh

♪ Ooh

♪ Ooh Ooh

♪ Ooh

I was born in Washington DC.

And no, not the new DC,

the old one,

where Martin Lawrence,

Dave Chappelle and
Taraji P. Henson

were all born,

and where every day,
was a hustle to survive.

Yep, I'm the one on the right.

And right next to me,

is my best friend

in the entire universe, Meghan.

We didn't have much
except for music.

You know music was our savior.

♪ They wanna be
players of the world ♪

♪ Tryna pull me down

My parents, God
where do I start?

That's my dad,

Mitchell Wright.

He was a hard working black man

who worked for the city.

He made decent money,

but here's the
truth about money.

Whether you're rich or poor,

is determined by the
eye of the beholder.

In my eyes, my
father was a prince.

In my mother's eyes,
he was a pauper.

[music screeches]

- What do you mean?

You only have four months
for the rent saved up.

We need to be in the
process of tryna buy a house

before summer.

- Relax, we're comfortable.

- Comfortable?

Who says that?

We live in the hood and you
talking about some relax?

I ain't built for this shit.

I can't do this.

[footsteps clank]

- Daddy?

- Hmm.

- What's a budget?

- Well, a budget is,
the amount of money

someone has to do things
they need or want to do.

- Do we have the things
we want or need to do?

- We have our needs.

Still working on our wants.

- I don't wanna have a budget.

- Listen,

I want you to
remember two things.

One, the size of
what's in your heart

will always be more important

than the size of what's in
your wallet or your house.

And two, cheaters never win.

[soft music]

[cutlery clanks]

[door opens]

- Everything blew up as hell,

my mother would move out.

- Come on, hurry up!

- And drag me with her.

[suitcase rolls]

- This happened
about twice a year,

right on cue.

And as she would say, to
get on with her real life.

[somber music]

But for some reason or another,

we would always end up
going back with my dad.

Till one day she
finally never came back.

That ruined him.

Because he really loved her.


That's a scary word for a girl.

[upbeat music]

So right then and there, I
decided when I got married,

it wasn't gonna be like
my parents marriage.

Mine was gonna be better.

[upbeat music]

By the time I'd
gotten out of college,

ambition was my middle name,

largely due to my
boyfriend Germaine.

He was for sure the most driven

and talented guy in
the neighborhood.

And we had a lot
of similar talents.

- Hey so what,
y'all feeling this?

- Yeah well, I like it
without the snares though.

- For real?

- Yeah, especially
when you add the vocals

they're gonna compete
with each other.

You wanna sell it, right?

- Of course.

[upbeat music]


- Okay, okay, props,
props Meghan, props.

Shit, all right.

You ready?

- Yeah.

The thing we had most
in common was music.

I could sing it

and he could create it.
- [Germaine] Babe?

It was a good marriage.

♪ Call it love but
you so pressure ♪

♪ Might just walk for ya
if it's all pleasure ♪

Yeah, I got sold on every
girl's Cinderella dream.

[orchestral music]

[crowd applauds]

We made some great money
off those early songs.

We literally made
sense together.

Until one day we didn't anymore.

- Mummy's baby
have enough to eat?


Yes you little pumpkin, yes.


- Nicky!

Hey Jonathan?

Babe you will never
guess what happened.

I am looking at an
opportunity to work with, Yay.

Yes, that Yay.

Look, so he heard a
couple of my songs

that I made with
G from last year

and now she wants to meet.

Okay, what's up?

Earth to Nicky.

- Who's Gina?

And don't lie.

[Jonathan giggles]

- Nicky--

- Baby please!

- Nicole you know that I
love you, and only you.

- You know what?

It's not even about love.

You haven't had a
hit in two months,

which means you aren't carrying
your weight around here.

And you got the
nerve to cheat on me?

- She was just a friend--

- Shut up!

Spare me.

You must think I'm a fool.

You know what I find crazy,

is that we're behind two
months on the mortgage,

two months.

And you got all the time
in the world to cheat!

- Look I said, she was
just a friend, okay?

And I'm gonna pay the
mortgage like I always do.

Honestly man, things
have not been the same

between us for a while.

- Yeah because you're out
playing house with your friends.

You can be out making us money.

- Look I am doing
everything I can--

- You're broke.

- Everything, to take
care of this family.

And I'm doing it by myself.

It's not my fault
you're a half ass singer

that couldn't make
it in this industry.

[soft music]

- I'm sorry that things
have not worked out for you,

the way they've worked
out for me, okay?

Nicole you're my
wife and I love you,

and I love Jonathan and you
are all that matters to me.

Everything that I do,
I do for us, okay?

So can we please just--

- As of today,

I'm gonna do what
the fuck I have to do

to take care of me.

- Come on, Nicky.
- Yeah yeah, no!

Here I am sacrificing my
life and my career for you!

- Sacrifice?

What the fuck are
you sacrificing?

Look around you!

What, what are you
sacrificing Nicole?

- That's how you feel?

- Yes!
- Okay.

[footsteps clank]

- You take your son,

because I got moves to make.
- My son--

- Oh you know and I
hope you enjoy the couch

that you paid for by yourself!

[ominous music]

[footsteps clank]

- It's okay, mommy is just a
little upset right now, okay?

[child whines]

It's okay.

[somber music]


- I learned a valuable
lesson that day.

Rely on no one to
make you happy.

I was motivated to
create my reality.

Motivation, now that's
a word for your ass.

I've always understood
that this is a man's world,

but at the same time,
women live here too.

[upbeat music]

I just needed an opportunity
to even out the playing field.

♪ All eyes on

♪ All eyes on

♪ All eyes on

♪ Ooh, all eyes on me

♪ Do me do me

♪ Had to choose me ooh me

♪ Had to get that cash
and hit that gas ♪

♪ And get back to me to me

♪ They call me the grocer
'cause I got the bag ♪

♪ If having like pudding

They say God always shows up

right on time.

Well, the devil must
have showed up early

because in less
than three years?

I was running

the world renowned Cole Records.

♪ I've been running

And I hired

my heart,

my bottom bitch, Meghan,

to help me kick
ass in the process.

How did this all come about?

We'll get to that later.


it isn't my proudest moment,

but this is my life.

This is my truth.

♪ All eyes on me
when I step out ♪

♪ All eyes on me

Okay, what's on the
agenda for today Meghan?

- [Meghan] It's not what's
on the agenda, it's who.

- What?

- The Kingston meeting
is in 15 minutes

and he's our new
lottery ticket baby.

- Oh really?

- Uh-huh, we need
to sign him pronto.

His hits are through the roof

and his social media
following, bananas.

He's the one who did
that, you know, that

♪ Girl, girl,
girl, girl, yeah. ♪

- That is my shit, yes!

- Come here, mm-hmm.

Anywho, let's keep
going with my list.

You need to approve
the entertainment

for the anniversary party.

Although it's was months away,

I wanna get things
locked in right now.

Then I need you to sign
off on the new furniture

for the studio improvements.

And, we need to talk
about the cheques

that have been bouncing.

You know what I'm say...

Did you get a chance

to talk to the
accountant last week?

- Yeah, we talked.

Everything's okay.

- Oh, I hope so, 'cause we
can't keep going in the red.

Company's taking a nosedive.

- Meghan, that's all a
part of the business.

We're just hitting
a rough spot, okay?

- Like your rough
spot with Germaine?

How's home life?

- Really?

That's like asking
an inmate how's jail.

- [chuckles] Stop,
Germaine's a good guy.

- Wait, why did
I hire you again?

- Well, because everybody
needs that one friend

in their life,

that will tell them what
they don't want to hear.

But what they know,
they need to hear.

- Mm-hmm.

- Just let him go if
you don't love him.

- Did you forget that we
haven't slept in the same bed

in two years?

- I totally understand.

I'm just trying to figure
out why you're still there.

- It's crazy, right?


I grew up in a broken home

and I don't want
the same for my son.

- Well, you already
know I understand.

- Honestly, I don't know
how long I can keep it up.

I'm not happy, and
I don't even know

who Germaine is anymore.

- He's a producer who
fell on hard times.

Come on, you remember
how dope he was?

- You mean Dopey?


- Girl, all high
school sweethearts

don't end up in
happily ever afters.

- Speaking of high school,

I'm still tryna figure
out how you went from

being a voice
major, dance minor,

to the head of an
entire record label.

And you don't even know anything
about the music business.

- I don't need to know anything
about the music business,

I know about the man business

and you need to mind
your own business.


[phone rings]

- Yeah, okay we're on our way.
- Ooh

- Were gonna be late.

- We have a big problem.

- Again?

- It's the music business, baby.

It's built on problems.

- Enter, Walter Raymond.

[upbeat music]

According to Wikipedia,

Walter Raymond and Gerald
Cole went to college together.

And in the process built the
first major black record label

to come out of DC,

winning eight
Grammy's in two years.

True nobles.

I met Gerald at
an industry party.

He taught me a lot.

Until life caught up
with him and he died.

- You know what Nicole,
I love you to death,

but we are gonna have to
deal with this problem ASAP.

And what I have to say
could affect your freedom.

- Isn't that what I pay
you so handsomely for?

Legal issues, you.

Music issues, me.

Handle it.

- I deal with mine, I could
have seen this problem

coming from a mile off.

- Shut up.

- You ready?

- Yeah.

- What we wanna do,
over the next year

is set you up with
vertical revenue streams.

Beverages, clothing
lines, et cetera.

At Cole Records, we
have a reputation

to giving our clients the best.

[upbeat music]

♪ Oh na na na

♪ Oh na na na

- No, sit please,
everyone please sit.

I won't be here long.

I just came to see the man
who's taking over the 'Gram,

Snap and every damn social
media platform you can name.

- Well thank you,
I appreciate that.

That means a lot.

- No, you deserve it.

So, I hear that,
you're gonna take us

to the number one
on the charts again?

- I mean, if it
makes sense to us,

but I think my music
speaks for itself.

- That's what I like to hear.

I'd like to make every label

that never signed you regret it.

- So let's get right to it.

We got the hottest song
in hiphop right now.

What's the benefit of him
signing to this label?

I mean, I already
got them 100 grand

just for shows last month.

Shit, I got him 10 bands
for a walk through.

- Yeah, that's what I'm saying.


- 10 Bands?



That's cute.

What I'm talking about is
turning bands into M's.

Do you know how to
book the garden,

without the ice removal fees,
the night before a show?

Or how to collect
foreign royalties

from streaming platforms
you've never even heard of.

I didn't think so.

We don't just talk, we deliver.

- So, Drew, where
did we leave off?

- We were just going over
procedures and the next steps

to bringing Kingston on board.

- Good, I'm hoping
we have a deal?

- We just need a few more days.

Walter has been working
extremely hard to getting him,

out of his preexisting
contract for Artism.

- Nice.


Apparently we have
found our jewel.

Let's make this deal happen
as soon as we can, okay?

There's money to be made,

- [Meghan] Absolutely
- Okay?

- I'd like to
raise your platform

so that we can make
magic and money together.

- I think I got a
couple of tricks

up my sleeve I could show you.

- Let's get to work
guys. [clears throat]

You ready?

- Mm-hmm.

- Okay.

Thank you.


[phone rings]

- Let's give Kingston
full access to our studio

and access to every
producer on our roster.

I wanna create something
with him immediately.

Keep him invested.

Let me know when he's
in the studio, okay?

- Done.

[vehicles hum]

[door opens]

- Ms. Cole.

- Mr. Raymond.

- I wasn't expecting you.

- You filed a cease and
desist order against me

claiming harassments.

- Oh well, that was
just a little, you know,

pro formal, legal
response to your claim.

I had to do a little response
on behalf of my client.

- It's not right, your client
Nicole Wright is a thief,

and God knows whatever else.

- My client claims that the
company was given to her

before the death of your
father, may he rest in peace.

Therefore, rightfully
and legally, it's hers.

- My father worked his
ass off for this company

and it doesn't belong
to Nicole Wright

or no one else over there.

I'm gonna get it back,
one way or another.

- And you should know
that Nicole Wright

does not give up anything

without a fight.

- Walter, I've been
knowing you my whole life.

I cannot believe you're
fighting me for her.

- My darling Alecia,
my sweetheart.

I will always be
your Uncle Walter,

but I have to honor
your father's wishes.

- You can't convince me

my father just gave
his life works to her.

This label is our legacy.

What did she do to him?

Does she have something on him?

Or does she have
something on you?

[soft music]

- Hey,

this is business.

- Okay, Mr. Raymond, I'll
show you just business.

[ominous music]

[upbeat music]

- Mike, thanks for taking
care of him so last minute.

- No problem.

[upbeat music]

- Whats up Ms. Wright?

- Why the formalities,
call me Nicole.

- All right Ms. Nicole,
what brings you by?

- I am checking
on my investment.

I think the deal is
going through tomorrow.

- Okay, perfect.

- It is.

I'm really impressed at how
quickly you guys started.

Is Mike getting you
settled in okay?

- Yeah, I mean at this
point we're just looking

for the perfect hit.

- A hit, that is
just what we need.

- All we need is a beat.

- You know what they say, when
you're looking for something

it could be looking for you.

Listen to that.

[upbeat music]

- Okay there Ms.
Nicole, I see you.


Don't start something
I can't finish

- I only finish what I like.

You like the beat?

- Yeah, it's cool.


- All right cool.

Well, play with
that a little bit

and let me know what you think.

Mike, you got this?

- Got him.

- Thank you.

- We gonna play hard
for a little while.

[dramatic music]

- What's going on?

It must be serious

'cause you've been texting
me like crazy all day.

- Close the door, please.

[door closes]

I have here in my
possession, the original will

of Gerald Cole.

His daughter is contesting
the forgery that we made

and she was here this afternoon.

- Wait, can she do that?

That was over two years ago.

- Well, she doesn't believe

that her father left
everything to you.

- Does it matter
what she believes?

- To me or to Gerald?


Come on baby, you owe me.


- I owe you?

- Yeah.

- If it wasn't for me,

your ass would have been
replaced a long time ago.

His family had ideas
for his company

and it didn't involve you.

- Well, you know what,

at least we would've
still been in the black

'cause you don't know what
the fuck you're doing, okay?

Gerald Cole was a visionary.

He was a genius.

- He was a manipulator.

And he had me and God
knows how many other women

doing all types of heinous acts.

- Well, you got the
best of it didn't you?

I mean you're like, come on now,

I heard you kinda liked it.

I heard you kinda liked it.


- Walter.


- You kinda liked it,
didn't you Nicole?

Come on baby, you
know what I mean?

I've spent just as much time
together as you and Gerald.

I made you basically, I
made you bigger than Gerald.

Look what I made you,
from what I understand,

you were having sexual
intercourse with him.

Fairly regularly.

So what I would like
to know about Nicole

is why won't you fuck me?


- Huh?

[tense music]

You're gonna fuck me, huh?
- Stop

- If I wanted to see--

It better be worth it.


- No!

You're crazy.

[ominous music]

[car engine revs]

[breaths heavily]

[indistinct T.V. chatter]

[soft music]


[breaths heavily]

- No, no, no

[soft music]



[somber music]

It's true, before he died,

I had an affair
with Gerald Cole.

Like I said, it's not
my proudest moment.

It started out fun,
but it turned serious
as most things do.

Walter was always there for me.

A lot can happen to a
girl in three years.


[cries heartily]

[soft music]

[door knock]

- Wake up sleeping beauty.

So you run the streets all night
and sleep all morning, huh?

Is that what you do?

- Daddy?

- It's 10 o'clock in the
morning, you're still asleep.

Your little son is downstairs
trying to make breakfast

about to burn the house down.

- No, I just had a
long night last night.

I needed some rest.

Besides isn't that
why I have a husband?

- Why does that sound like
something your mother would say?

- I don't have mother.

- Well before your mother
left us, you had a mother.

And you're starting
to act just like her.

Putting your work
before your kids

and not taking care
of your husband.

- I take care of him daddy.

That's why I work
and he doesn't.

- Okay well, obviously I ain't
the one with the answers.

Now get yourself together.

I'll help you make breakfast.

- I'm right behind you.

- Grand dad.

- Hey, look at my big man.

Every time I see you, you
get taller and taller.

- I wanna go to your house.

- You know what, your dad
won't let you out of his sight,

but I'll talk to him

and you can come hang out
with me one day, okay?

Give me a palm.


Give me another palm.


- Mitchell, what's up man?

- Hey, good to see you.

- Always good when you stop by.

- Well, you know, had to
come check on my babies.

How are you doing?

- I'm good as candy man,
it's just, you know,

living the dream

with this beautiful,
loving daughter of yours.


- You know I need
those meds you're on.

Those pills make you talk
like that, I need to get them.


Hey, I gotta get out of
here and get to church.

I was in the neighborhood
I had to stop by.

But listen, maybe after church,

I can pick him up for a while.

- Yeah.

- I'll let you know.

- Absolutely, just
give me a call,

just give me a call, all right?

- Okay.

- Bye daddy.

- I wanna talk to you later.

- What did I do?

- So do you wanna say it?

- Not at all.

- Come on Nicole,
this has to stop.

I didn't hear from
you at all yesterday.

Not even a call,
a text, nothing.

- It is way too early in the
morning to be doing this,

- Where were you?

- I told you, I had to work,
I had a meeting with a client.

I texted you.

- No you did not text me Nicole.

I didn't hear from you at all.

Two minutes out of your
day is all it takes

for you to just
give me a phone call

so I have some kind of
idea as to where you are

or what you're doing.

I am your husband.

- Germaine, I don't wanna
do this with you today.

- Of course you don't,
you don't wanna talk.

You don't wanna do
anything with me.

You damn sure don't
wanna fuck me.

- Okay fine.

Let's talk about it.

Let's talk about how you don't
want me to pursue my dreams

so that you could feel
like a big strong man.

- You pursued your dream Nicole.

And somehow mysteriously ended
up owning a record label.

I gave up my entire career

so that you can
run Cole Records.

Let me help you.

- No.

- Why not?

- One because, it's my company.

And two, businesses
isn't exactly your forte.

The last time you had the
opportunity, you failed.

And I'm not going back
to some apartment in DC.

I made you, and I made
all of this, remember?

- What's yours is mine.

- Are you threatening me?

- No, I'm not
threatening you, Nicole.

I'm just...

Hire me at the label, and let
me run artist development.

We can spend some more
time together that way.

We can actually be a team.

And if you're not gonna do that,

at least build the
studio in the basement

that I've been asking you for.

I can still make music.

- I can still produce--
- I said no!

- If you dislike this marriage
and this home that much,

why are you still here?

[somber music]

Never mind, I know.

Somebody has to raise our son.

- Go to hell.

[somber music]

[water babbles]

- [Woman On TV] The side walks,

following two nights of protests

over the police shooting
of an unarmed black man.

There were few people--

- [Man On TV] Join
us here at Wednesday

as we bring the truth--

- Nicole,

- [Man On TV] And receiving
a letter saying the U.S

was very sorry for the--

- Why can't we put our
past mistakes behind us

and work on our marriage?

We got so many years damn baby,

and I don't want to lose you.

- Germaine, this
just isn't working.

I mean, we could just focus on
being co-parents to Jonathan.

- You're willing to tell me,

you're just gonna
throw all of this away?

Just like that?

After everything
we've been through.

Has it anything to do with this?

- What are you doing with this?

- I know there's
something up with you.

And I just can't
pinpoint what it is.

And you won't tell me.

And the craziest thing
is Nicole, I don't care,

I don't care.

I just want my wife back.

All I want is you.

Why can't we just be like we
used to be when we were kids?

- Because you're
not the same guy.

We're different, I've grown,

we want different things.

- But you don't,

you don't understand.

The only thing I have
ever cared about is you.

Whatever it is that you
want, that's what I want.

Please baby, please come on,

- Germaine, what are you doing?

- Lets just--
- Germaine--

- I'm sorry, please, please.

Whatever I have done,

I'm sorry, okay?

We can work it out, please.

I just want you back.


I want my wife.

[phone rings]

[indistinct office chatter]

[clears throat]

- I thought you were
going this morning

to get that line of credits.

- Yeah, I had to
reschedule that.

- Well I hope for good reason
because if we don't get it,

we're not gonna be able
to cover payroll next week

or any other week.

And, are you doing okay?

After what you
told me last night,

I'm tryna to figure out

what day and time we
finna whip Walter's ass.

He's been calling nonstop.

- Meghan, you worry too much.

I'm built for this.

Everything's gonna be fine,

Kingston will, give
us the hits we need

to get us out of the red
and I'll deal with Walter.

- Speaking of Kingston,

I'm gonna need you to
look over that contract

he wants us to sign,

'cause he's asking for
some outrageous shit.

Is he high and in demand?

Yes, but, we let his
lawyers draft his contract

and this is ridiculous.

- Give him what he
wants, he's worth it.

- Mm-mm-mm-mm.

He's negotiating way too hard,

there are plenty
of fish in the sea.

- Meghan, this is a once and
never see again opportunity.

Plus, we haven't even signed
him or paid them a dime.

Why are we even
talking about this?

Do it.

He's our lottery
ticket remember?

♪ Just saying girl

♪ I'll be your
super star, yeah ♪

- You're determined, if anything
else I'll give you that.

[soft music]

[keypad beeps]

[ominous music]

[upbeat music]

♪ Hey man we better get
to truth over here man ♪

♪ We about to start
needing more hands ♪

♪ To count all this money

♪ We doing it for real

♪ Whoa


♪ Count it up, count it up

♪ Rolling my sleeves
I'm gon' count it up ♪

♪ And run it up, by all means

♪ I'm gon count it
up and count it up ♪

♪ Rolling my sleeves
I'm gon' count it up ♪

♪ And run it up by all means

♪ Living life fast

♪ No regrets

♪ No frustrates

♪ Private jets

♪ We're getting it fast

♪ We piss off some gas

♪ Saving some lives

♪ Straight to the top

♪ I ain't going back

♪ No wraps in the flap

♪ I ain't going back

♪ Like I'm on a cloud

♪ Or is it the last

♪ Smoke straight to the top

♪ I ain't jokin'

♪ You feel it

♪ Feel like a flow

- As of today,

Kingston's new single,

has hit top 10

across every streaming
platform known,

in three categories.


♪ Counting the bills

♪ I'm gon' count
it up count it up ♪

♪ Rolling my sleeves
I'm gon' count it up ♪

♪ And run it up

♪ By all means

♪ I'm on ma way

♪ If you can't tell

♪ My head through the sky

♪ And how can I fail

♪ Be the altitude

♪ Smell different

♪ Act different up here

♪ Smell good

♪ I'm counting this rags

♪ Ain't got in no wreck

♪ I'm facing this challenge

♪ This journey the best

♪ I'm enjoying this cash

♪ Lets spin in it fast

♪ Whoo Shirley shoo

♪ She act all bad

♪ Like I can't buy no roof

♪ She take her top off

♪ I take her top off

♪ So clearly she
like the top off ♪

- No, absolutely not.

No, that's not what we
discussed in the contract.

Opening act only
take it or leave it.

Come in.

Do you understand?

- Come in, yeah
- I'm coming, what's up?

- Yeah, 300K, thank you Meghan.

- Mm-hmm

- Absolutely.


Yes, okay.

Is this phone on?

I said no, absolutely not.

Opening act, the entire
tour, are we clear?

Okay, that's what
I like to hear.

Great, great, thank you.

Yeah, of course.
- You married?

- Send me an email when
it's done, thank you.

- You got a kid too.

- That's a long story.

- I got you something.

Little sumn sumn
for the boss lady.


- Somebody's got a good taste.

- My mama taught me right.

Always come bearing gifts.


I'm officially part
of Cole Records.

So, when are you and
me gonna celebrate?

- How about right now?

- Right now?

- Yeah.

- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.

- Right now?

[pops champagne]

- Right now.
- Oh!


Yeah, I got mine.

- Okay.

Let's see.

- Jesus Christ are
you tryna get lit--

- Only a little bit.

- A little bit?


- Here we go, is that enough?

- It's more than enough.

- Let's toast, to our
future and the company.

- To creating something so big,
the entire globe gotta see.

- Cheers to that.

- Hmm.

- Hmm.

- It's good.

- Don't do that.

- Oh damn, I've
read this all wrong.

Yo, I'm sorry.

I mean, no disrespect.

- No, no, no.

I'm flattered, I just wanna
keep things in perspective.

- Yeah, yeah
perspective that's...

perspective, that makes
a lot of sense, yeah.

So, what exactly is this
perspective 'cause--

- The one where I don't
screw the people I work with

figuratively or literally.

- And that makes
a lot of sense too

because why would
you do that, right?

I'm working for you,

so how about I just
tear up this contract?

- No, no, no.

Now let's be sensible, besides--

- Small thing to a giant.

Better respect it.

- Thank you for respecting it.

- No problem.

- So, press junket,
Friday, New York.

We going?

- Absolutely, we're driving
up first thing in the morning.

- Who driving?

I'm not driving, and
you're not either

you're hopping on
the G4 with us.

And when we're there, we'll
talk business and perspective,

all that cool stuff.

- Just business.

- Of course.

Door open or door closed?

- Closed.
- Door's closed.

- I'ma close this for you.
- Thank you.

- Friday.

- What's that face for?

- [Nicky] Hmm.

♪ I'm on my way

♪ I'm on my way yeah

♪ I'm on my way

♪ I'm on my way yeah

♪ I'm on my way

♪ I'm on my way yeah

♪ I'm on my way

♪ I'm on my way yeah

♪ I'm on my way way yeah

♪ Pull up in a Lambo truck

♪ I'm blowing no pass no huff

♪ My beef on the
gram too tough ♪

♪ I'm dripping Dior

♪ With something where you
can't afford 20 grams on that ♪

♪ I'm back on my shit

♪ I got the dirty
below on my wrist ♪

♪ And all my diamonds flip

- This is impressive.

- You've seen this before?

- Yeah, I have.


- Still impressed.

- I got a lot more to show you.

- Is that right?

- That's right.

[camera shutters]

♪ They call me Mitch

♪ I don't forget
'cause I don't forget ♪

- Can I see that?

Lemme see how really quick.

Oh, this is nice,
it's mine now too.

Fuck outta here homie.

[ominous music]

Oh man,

can y'all please do
your motherfucking job.

- Kingston, you can't be doing--

- It's cool.

- Yes, please.

[phone rings]

- Yeah,

- [Germaine] Why so sure,
can I just talk to my wife

without it being a problem?

- Yeah, what do you want?

- [Germaine] I wanted to
talk about this weekend.

- Now is not a good
time, what's up?

- [Germaine] Of course it's
never a good time for you.

- Look I told you I
can't talk right now.

- [Germaine] I wanted us

to take Jonathan to the African
reggae music, as a family.

- You know what, I'll
talk to you about it

when I get back, okay?


- What's going on?

You falling out of love?

- Stop.

- I ain't tryna fall in love,

I'm tryna fall in rich.

- Mm-hmm

- You know Nicole,

there's so much I
wanna know about you.

- Like what?

- What makes you tick?

What's your passions?

[airplane engine whirls]

- Well, singing used
to be my passion,

but it's not anymore.

What else do you
know wanna know?

- Something about your kid.

- What's there to tell?

It's a joy to have.

- Hmm?

- Hmm.

- About your husband.

- We are getting a divorce soon.

- I ain't trying to
be no home wrecker.

- You can't wreck something
that's already been destroyed.

- You know most
women couldn't handle

what you got on your plate.

- You think that
am not most women?

- Oh yeah.


- You're different,
you're special.

[soft music]

You seem like the type of woman
that every man should want.

Shit look at you I man,



hey you know how
to make some money.

- That part.


- You deserve to be
treated like a queen.

[slow music]


we're gonna do a lot of
amazing things together.

- You're right.

- Yeah.

[airplane engine roars]

[upbeat music]

♪ Bitch, keep coming back

♪ For more and more

♪ You like riding
it like a see saw ♪

♪ You man calling your phone

♪ You're like what for

♪ We're moving in a G4

♪ Moving like we on top

♪ On the way to end war

♪ Smoking on a sapphire

♪ So make a movie pay the
bitch and leave some ♪

♪ Spend some

♪ You know you can't
take it with you ♪

♪ She know I drop the bag

♪ And she know I'm that nigga

♪ She a savage like Meghan

♪ Fifth ave she in heaven

♪ It's enough stores

♪ Take you time
there's no limit ♪

♪ And when you're done just
tell me what's ticking ♪

♪ And when you're done
tell me what's ticking ♪

♪ Up in New York

♪ Everything is expensive

♪ We drop the bag
what's ticking ♪

♪ Up in New York

♪ And everything
you need to visit ♪

♪ Drop the bag what's ticking

♪ Up in New York

♪ Everything is expensive

♪ We drop the bag
what's ticking ♪

♪ Up in New York

♪ And everything
you need to visit ♪


- I can not believe I agreed
to stay with you, king.

- That makes the
two of us, queen.


Here you go.

- Thank you.

[phone rings]

- Thank you.

- Oh, you know I have
the worst luck with men.

- I doubt that.

- Seriously, every man in
my life is causing me stress

and I just don't know if
I can take it anymore.

- Every man?

Look Nicole, I'm not
tryna be one of these guys

that's out here
stressing you out.

I don't need nothing from you.

I don't want anything from you.

Except maybe some time.

[phone rings]

I don't know, maybe
that's too much to ask?

- What do you want?

- So shit's falling apart and
you are no where to be found.

The ship is sinking,

meanwhile, you're not
answering my calls.

Where are you?

Please don't tell me it's
what I've been suspecting.

- Listen, I am a
grown ass woman,

and I have grown
woman's needs, okay?


- Hey, hey, yo.




- Yeah.

- Lemme help you relax.


♪ Whisper in my ear
just like that ♪

♪ Tell me what you want
let the rain fall ♪

♪ shivers up my spine
when you speak that ♪

♪ The way that you talk to me

♪ Nobody can touch
me like you do ♪

♪ Since you got that
magic that you do ♪

♪ Who knew

♪ I'm never whatever
wherever for you ♪

♪ I throw out my rules for you

♪ Ain't a damn thing
I won't do for you. ♪

♪ Get my ass up my head down

♪ Get into all that

♪ I'm a slave for
your play boy ♪

♪ You could be my quarter back

♪ We can go doggy style

♪ Two is good but
three is a crowd ♪

♪ If that's what you're into

♪ I'm waiting I'm
waiting I'm waiting ♪

♪ Back it up you can hit
it can hit it can hit it ♪

♪ Bring her up come get it
come get it come get it ♪

♪ Open up

♪ Boy you got me singing

[car whooshes]


- Hey Nicole.

Hey Nicole.

Hey Nicole baby,
you know something,

we can't just sweep
this shit under the rug.

- Why are you here?

- 'Cause you won't answer
my telephone calls.

And I told you

that we needed to have
this resolved right away.

And that was three
weeks ago, Nicole.

That was 21 days ago.

- And I told you that you
need to leave me alone

or I'm calling 911.

- Wow, you're gonna
call the police?

I'm so scared, I'm so scared.

What are you gonna
tell the po-po Nicole?


That you forged Gerald
Cole's signature on a will?

That you stole his
record company from
underneath his feet?


Are you gonna tell them,
that you were his lover?

- No.

I'm gonna tell them,
that you were his lawyer,

you introduced us and this
was your plan all along.

That'll get you at
least as disbarred.

- I don't give a fuck
about any of that.

I really don't, all right?

Now Alecia is not
gonna stop, okay?

She wants to know why, okay?

She did not get her
father's record company.

She wants to know why she
did not get a good cut

of his primary insurance policy.

Do you know, how fucking
difficult it's been

lying to that bitch
all these years?

- You lie for a living.

A couple more lies
won't make a difference.

- She's going to the media!

- She doesn't have any proof.

What we should do, is
keep our mouth shut

and go our separate ways.

This will disappear.

- No, no.

- What about this don't you get?

You tried, to rape me.

- I tried to what?

- You tried to rape
me, you are a monster.

- If you keep up this bullshit,

you know what I'm gonna do?

I'm gonna go to the police,
I'm gonna go to the media,

and I'm going to go to that
idiot, what's his name?


- You shut up!

You win, okay?

You win.

Just give me a week,

to round up some money.

I'll give you 300,000,

but you drown this Alecia bitch

in legal fees.

Make her go away.


- Okay.

- No police, and don't text me.

Only call my phone.

[soft music]



The higher you climb a ladder,

the further from
reality you get.

Or, at least what
the average person

perceives reality to be.

[breaths heavily]

See, success comes with a price.

You either pay upfront
or on the back end.

Nevertheless, my reality
was getting darker

and my past was finally
catching up with me.

- Yo, my bad I was late.

- No problem, we just
gonna do these tracks.

- What do we got?

- We got a lot to go through

but I found this
one from my boy,

used to grind over
here named G. Evans

- Yeah, let's hear it.

[upbeat music]

- That.

- Yeah, it's nice, right?

Start that back.

[mouse clicks]

[soft music]

♪ I'm from the
motherfucking grass nigga ♪

♪ I solidified my breath nigga

♪ DJ Khalid we the best nigga

♪ Fuck did you expect nigga

♪ I'm coming for you crown

♪ With the money and
the power and respect ♪

♪ Mic check nigga

♪ This life that I'm living

♪ Is not for the children

♪ I be with the bullshits

♪ Nigga mic on the dippin'

♪ It's finally rippin'

♪ Yo bitches
rightfully smirkin' ♪

♪ They rightfully give you

♪ So fuck your opinions

♪ I'm sick with your weakness

♪ And back to business

♪ Is lyrical greatness

♪ I'm rolling on you like
that's all for the business ♪

♪ And this is Hunger Games

♪ Nigga I'ma die
for my district ♪

♪ I'ma ride with the vengeance

♪ A man on a mission

♪ Can make a commission

♪ At least that greedy shit

♪ They said is shit

♪So you know the deal

♪ Pretty motherfucker
beat the pussy ♪

♪ Like I'm all the deal

♪ Came from the struggle

♪ Like a motherfucking
ponytail ♪

♪ Pulled up with a motorcade

♪ The shoot us and
they hold the scale ♪

♪ Aye

♪ And they know it better

♪ Hallelujah say a prayer

♪ And let the holly spirit

♪ 'Cause they know the deal

♪ I got it started
five in splash ♪

♪ Brothers nigga's
pulled a long range ♪

♪ And make that
jump off the wall ♪

♪ If they let me of the cage

♪ And that was over for 'em

♪ The nigga's know so

♪ Turn the shit up so
they know it's us ♪

♪ I got the winners
circle on a loaded bus ♪

♪ Crazy coz they took
a bunch of years ♪

♪ For y'all to notice us

♪ Now it's the final bout
start in this motherfucker ♪

♪ Drop the couple Grammy's

♪ Now outsmarting
these motherfuckers ♪

♪ Make somebody go wahalling
this motherfucker ♪

♪ Mafia shit the god father
in this motherfucker ♪

♪ I'm all star
doping this corner ♪

♪ I was falling to their knees

♪ They may lead copy all
and don't get me started ♪

♪ I never been ashamed
of independent ♪

♪ Then I got with Cole Records

♪ Now's is mine for
the taking nigga ♪

♪ I'm living the dream

♪ I'm living the life
that I always wanted ♪

♪ My admission is what pushed
me to getting started ♪

♪ Never turning back 'cause

- Yo, that's the one.

- Yeah.

- That's the one man.

- The one right?

- That's the one, yeah play
that back, lemme hear it.

♪ I'm from the
motherfuchin' west nigga ♪


I told you this nigga
was made of rhymes bruh

Yo call that man
we gotta make it.

♪ I'm coming for the crown

♪ With the money and
the power and respect ♪

[ocean waves crashing]

- All right, read
this one for me

- In this game, you use
play my new lines so

[phone rings]

- Okay, write it down.

Yeah, waddup Mike?

Yeah, absolutely, whatchu got?

- Soshi, baby, you
know I got you.

- Look now, that
shit not gonna work.

I made this damn label.

I been grinding for years

and this is what
y'all wanna do to me?

- Soshi, just give us
a few more weeks, okay?

- No, that's what
you said last week

and the week before that.

Y'all think, I don't know that
girl five is suing y'all ass?

Hey, hold up, ho ho ho hold up.

I need to talk to
you about my money.

All right, back here I've
been making hit after hit

for you Nicole.

And I have nothing
to show for it.

- With the issues I
have at the moment,

you need an appointment

and at least a million
dollars of a net worth.

And I mean that in the
most humble way possible.

- Did you just hear this shit?

- Dad, is everything okay?

- I should be asking
you the same thing.

- I'm fine, why?

- Have a seat I
wanna talk to you.

- Okay.

- So,

I've been watching
my little grandson

for the past few days,

'cause Germaine found work.

- Oh, really?

- Yeah, and I gotta
be honest with you.

This situation,

is really starting
to eat me up inside.

- Daddy, if you came over
to talk about Germaine,

then I have bigger fish to fry.

I can barely pay
my staff this week.

- Yeah well, the issues
that I wanna talk about

are much bigger than that.

I don't want you to
end up like your mom.

I don't want you to
be the poster child

for women with
abandonment issues.

Do you understand?

And to be honest with you, I
feel like it's all my fault.

- Daddy, don't
start with me again.

It is not your fault
that she left us.

- Nicole, you were 12 years old.

And I know you were young,

but you were old
enough to understand

what it felt like
to lose a mother.

- What you don't know, is
everything I went through

every time she left you.

- I don't know what you went
through when you were gone,

but I'm telling you baby
girl, you gotta let it go.

You can't let something
that insignificant

make you leave your family.

Do you understand?

You have got to find the
power of forgiveness.

I'm talking to you.

Look at me when
I'm talking to you.

I'm still your father.

- Are you done?


- Yeah, I'm done,

I'm done.

I'm done.

You know what?

I'ma tell you like the
old folks used to tell me,

"A hard head,

"makes a soft ass."

Remember I told you that.

And I'm gonna be
praying for you.


[exhales sharply]

[water babbles]


- Well, this is a nice surprise,

and it couldn't have
come at a better time.

- Uh-huh, I could tell
something was going on.

I knew you needed something.

- Why's that?

- It's a man's job to know
when his woman needs his help.

- Oh, so I'm your woman now?


- Come on man, you already
know what's going on.

All I do is hustle
and think about you.

I mean, you've been
brushing me off all week

it was like, damn,
what's going on with her?

I just wanted some
time to try and fix it.

- I haven't stopped
thinking about you

since our trip to New York.

- Oh, that's right.

You got this whole other life,

and I'm just sitting here
waiting to get my time.

- I know, I'm working
on clearing that.

- Can you please hurry up?

Come on I got plans.

- Oh, you got plans?

- I got plans.


- Well, if I'm being honest,

I watched my mom rip my whole
family apart growing up.

So, I'm not trying to
be anything like her.

- It's okay.

Well, I mean, look, I
can definitely fall back

if that's what
you want me to do.

- No, I'm not saying that.

- Okay.

- Honestly, I don't know
if I could stop this

if I wanted to.

- Good.


- So, if singing
is your passion,

then why don't you
do it more often?

- Because I've never
had anyone push me.

- You don't really seem
like the type of woman

that needs a push.

- You never know
what somebody needs.

- Respect, all right.

You know, the more
I think about it,

you're not even
really the desk type.

So, how does someone like
you, get Cole Records?

- A close friend of
mine passed away.

- Close friend?
- And he gave it to me, yeah.

- So you got the record label

off the strength
of a friendship?

There wasn't no relatives
in line for that?

- Well yes, and no.

They weren't as close
to him as I was.

And besides I like
being out at this.

- Yeah?

- Mm-hmm

- So you're like a superstar,
trapped in a suit position.

- I've never heard it that way,
but yeah, I guess. [laughs]

- Okay, respect, respect.

- I like running the label

and it's always been
a dream of mine,

but it's starting to get hard.

- Well, if it ever gets too
hard, I need you to know

that I'm here to alleviate
any pressure that you have.

[soft music]

♪ Ooh

♪ Pop a bottle of
the champagne ♪

♪ I prefer Rosy

♪ I'm the life of the party

♪ It's going down tonight

♪ Everyday is a good day

♪ 'Cause I'm doing
things my way ♪

♪ Two stepping
like a Mary Jane ♪

♪ And I'm doing just fine.

♪ Will we think of my
life for this moment ♪

♪ I've never had the starts
align and it blows my mind ♪

♪ It's kind of too
hard to believe ♪

♪ So if it's all a dream

♪ Then please don't wake me up

♪ If it's all a dream
don't wake me up ♪

♪ Don't wake me yeah yeah

♪ If it's all a dream
don't wake me up ♪

♪ It's kind of too
hard to believe ♪

♪ So if it's all a dream
don't wake me up up ♪

[car engine revs]

[upbeat music]

♪ Don't wake me up

♪ Been waiting all my
life for this moment ♪

♪ I've never had
the stars align ♪

♪ And it blows my mind

♪ It's kind of too
hard to believe ♪

♪ So if it's all a dream

♪ Then please don't wake me up

♪ If it's all a
dream don't wake me ♪

♪ If it's a dream
don't wake me up ♪

♪ It's kind of too
hard to believe ♪

♪ So if it's all a
dream don't wake me ♪

♪ Up up

[phone rings]

- What is it Walter?

- What is it?

When I call you, Nicole,

you are supposed to pick
up the fucking phone, okay?

- Who the hell do you
think you're talking to?

- Look lemme tell you something,

I'm not gonna put up with
this shit anymore, all right?

You were supposed to send
me some money last week

and I haven't gotten as
much as a fucking phone call

from you Nicole.

- Why are you harassing me?

- Harassing you?

Oh yeah, I'm harassing you.

Harassing you?

I'm fucking harassing you?

Look, let me tell you
about harassment baby.

I'm trying to save
your fucking ass

because Alecia's not gonna
put up with this shit anymore.

And you're gonna have to
learn the hard way darling.

- Bye Walter.

- Fucking cunt,
you fucking cunt.

I don't like the lipstick
you've been wearing recently.

You look like a prostitute.


Hello? Hello, hello?

Hello, Nicole, are you there?

[traffic buzzes]

[upbeat music]

- You look stunning.

- Thank you.

You do remember the
rules for tonight, right?

Yeah, you can mingle,

but don't interfere
with my business.

I have some things going on
that you don't know about, so.

- Honestly, for
one night I wish,

supposed to be a celebration.

- Yeah, for one night,
could you not drink so much?

- You on your clock.

Anyway, What did he tell
you about this deal?

- Not right now,

it's show time

[door opens]

[camera shutters]

♪ I am in the business
of pretending ♪

♪ I'm the best you ever had

♪ But right now

[clears throat]

- Oh!


- They told me you
couldn't make it.

- Oh, you know nothing could
have kept me from this event.

And you know what, y'all made me

so you know I had
to pull up on you.

- And you left us
with the big boys.

- Really you got jokes now.


- But seriously, you know,

congratulations for
everything you're doing.

- You're deserve it.
- Thank you

- Thank you so much.

- I miss y'all too.
- Okay.

- Just say the word, I'm there.

Lets hook up next week.
- What?

- Okay, hopefully
we can get you back.

- You got me back already.

- Thanks baby.
- All right.

- All right.

- Bye, bye


[cameras shutter]

I'm gonna go mingle, and
you'll do what you do.

- What I do?

I'm tryna tell you I'm
back in the industry babe.


- You wish.

- You ready for your seat?

- As ready as I'll ever be.

- What the turn out.

Everybody who is
anybody's in here.

- What did you expect?

It's Cole Records,

Hey, enjoy.

- Maybe we could translate
that into dollars.

- Wassup Meghan.

- Hey Germaine.

- So, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Look, just, I know you're busy

you've got a long
night ahead of you

I'm just, cut
right to the chase.

I need you to introduce
me to Kingston.

Look, his last hit,
I sold him that.

As it happens I still got hits.

You know this.

Look all what I need you to
do is set the meeting up,

just introduce me to Kingston.

Oh come on Meghan, what's wrong?

- I'm fine, everything's fine.

- I'm proud of you Germaine--
- Thank you.

- And I wanna hear
more about it.

- Okay.

- And I'll introduce
you to Kingston--

At another time.

♪ Drop your lovers home

♪ Party one time

♪ You don't even need a reason

♪ Tryna save my blended family

♪ Tonight we're family

♪ We are one lets
have a celebration ♪

♪ Lets celebrate good times

♪ Let's hold together with
your friends and all around ♪

♪ Lets come again

- Oh hey y'all.

- Oh my God that's okay.

- Hey, good to see you.

- So you really think you're
gonna get away with this, huh?

- What are you doing here?

- For one this is my label,

and I will get it back
sooner than you think.

And for it two, I just want
to let you know to your face

you're a fraud.

- I'm not a fraud, don't
you ever come to my--

Not now Meghan.

- Yes, now.

Walter is outside,
- What?

- Already informed
security not to let him in

but he's refusing to leave
- Oh my God.

- He's talking to the press,
something about a will.

- Okay, don't let him in, okay?

- I don't know what's
going on between you two,

but why don't you call the
police on this idiot yet?

- Just trust me on
this, I got it, okay?

Trust me.

I got it.


Get out!


[breaths heavily]

♪ This is celebration time

♪ The party people
lemme see your ♪

♪ Hands in the air come on

♪ Hands in the air come on

♪ Hands in the air come on

♪ Hands in the air come on

♪ Oooh party people
lemme see your ♪

♪ Hands in the air come on

♪ Hands in the air come on

♪ Hands in the air come on

[crowd cheers]

[ominous music]

- I need you to get
yourself together.

It's almost time
for your speech.

- Huh, I just need
a minute, Meghan.

- Are you okay?

- She needs some personal space,

besides, this is
the ladies room.

- Thank you, but
I think I got it.

- What you won't do is
put your hands on me.

- Meghan please,

I just need a minute

Meghan, Meghan, Meghan please.

Give me a minute
with him please.



- Baby, now is not
the time for this.

- Why cause your
husband is here?

I'm so sick of seeing
y'all together.

When are we leaving him?

Germaine is the least
of my issues right now.

- Then what's the problem?

- I can't do this.

- You can't do what?

What are you talking about?

- I don't know how
to tell you this.

- Nicole, just say it.

What's up?

- My former lawyer is here and
he's trying to blackmail me.

And he tried to rape me.

- He did what?

- Wait a second.
- No, no, no.

He's outside and I don't
know how to handle this

in front of all these people.

He's trying to ruin my life,

then now he's threatening me.

- Okay, okay look,
look, calm down okay?


- No, breathe, breathe,
breathe, breathe.

It's okay, you good?

You good?

Are you sure?

- Yeah.

- I need you to go out there,

and be the strongest
woman I know.

The same one you've always been.

And don't worry about Walter,

I'll personally take care
of that, you understand me?

- You got it?
- I got it.

- You got it.
- I got it.

- You got it.
- I got it.

- You got it.

- I got it.

- It's you!

[ominous music]

- You got it.

You got it.


[crowd chatter]

- Are you okay?
- Mm-hmm.

- You got this.

[crowd applauds]

- All right?


Yes, thank you,
thank you so much.

Okay, good evening everyone?

And welcome to the Cole
Records 25th anniversary party.


You know, when I took
over Cole Records,

I knew we would grow.

But I had no idea

that we would go from
three unknown artists

to three Grammy nominated
artists that we developed.

And nor did I know that
we would have three

number one hits on
the billboard charts

under our umbrella,
as we speak right now.

And lastly, I had no idea

that we will go from five
Grammy nominated artists,

to 10 Grammies.


[ominous music]

- We have a

great show for you tonight,

with some amazing
entertainers, enjoy.

[audience applauds]

[ominous music]

[crowd chatter]

- Excuse me Mrs.
Wright, Mrs. Wright?

I just wanna thank
you for tonight.

I mean nobody's ever believed
in me or given me a chance,

and man being on that stage

was incredible tonight.

I don't know why you signed
me, but I'm forever grateful.

- You know, I had that
same determination

when I started out.

Plus you have an amazing
voice, I couldn't not sign you.

But if there's one
thing I would tell you

is to not let this industry
or anyone change you.

- You hear me?
- Yeah ma'am.

- I hear you.

[crickets chirp]


[phone beeps]

[dramatic music]

[car engine revs]

- So lemme try
this one more time.

Tell me what you did.

- I didn't do shit really.

I'm just an attorney,
I'm a lawyer.

Untie me and you know
once this thing's out,

I swear to God, we'll
go straight to the
motherfucking ATM.


We can work this out, just--

- No.
- Baby, what's going on?

- [Walter] Nicole?

- What's up baby?

- Is that Walter?

- I'm so sorry.

- My God no, Walter.
- I know, hey hey hey.

- I'm so sorry that I hurt you.

- Told you I'ma take
care of it, right?

- Walter are you--

- Are you good?

To me you ain't good.

- [Walter] Nicole,

- I'm so sorry.
- You see?

- This is why it's time

to kill this mother
fucker right now.

- Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby.

Baby, hear me out.

Baby don't do this,
don't do this it's fine.

It's fine Walter

- I mean--
- I know Walter, baby, baby.

- Mean, I was out of control.

You know my shit is just
a lil bit fucked up.

- Please please, don't do this.

- Didn't you just tell
me to take care of this?

- No I wanted him to
stop blackmailing me

I didn't want you to kill him.

- [Walter] Nicole, I'm so sorry.

- I know, I know Walter,
I know you didn't mean to.

I know you didn't,
I know you didn't--

- Shut up, let me think.

- You don't think,
that's the whole thing.

You don't think,
you're impulsive.

You fucking Democrat.

- You know what--
- Baby!

- Those are some
really stupid shoes.

- What?

- Cause the shoes Nicole,
they're really fucked up.

[gun shot]

[ominous music]

- Kingston what did you do?


What did you do?

- Walter, Walter?
- Hey, hey.

- Walter, get up , get up.

Walter, Walter, Walter.


- Stop.
- Okay.

- I need you to meet
me at the office.



When you make a
deal with the devil,

you never think about
paying up, until payday.

See making a deal with the devil

isn't exactly what
you might think it is.

It's when you're
tempted with something,

you know is against
your moral compass.

And you do it anyway.



even kill.

And once you do that, you've
entered a new territory.

The kind of territory most
people can't deal with.

At least not sober.


- Yo baby, baby?

Are you okay?

- No, what was that?

- That was the end
of your worries.


- Oh my God, what about Walter?

- What about him?

He's gone, I buried him,
you're not gonna see him.

- But why did you do that?

- You told me to do it.
- No I didn't!

- Yes you did.

I told you I was gonna take
care of it, you said okay.

- Yes, but I didn't think
you were gonna do that.

- That's what you wanted.

- That's what you wanted.
- No, no, no, no

no ,no ,no ,no, no, no.

- Nicole, have you never
done anything bad before?

[breaths heavily]

Oh, no, no, no I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, come here,
come here, come here.


I'm sorry, calm down, calm down.

No, no, no, no,
okay, okay sit down.

Sit, sit, sit, sit,
sit, sit, sit, sit.


Calm down, calm down, calm down,
calm down, calm down, okay?

[breaths heavily]

Hang on, hang on, hang on.

[breaths heavily]



Listen listen,

[breaths heavily]


take it.

Now I got a show in
Philly on Friday.

Do you wanna come with me?

- No, no

I have to approve your single

so it could get released
and we can get paid.

- Nuh, that ship
has already sailed.

It's already on the
radio, come on now.

- On the radio?

No one brought me
up to speed on that.

- It sound like you
got to fire somebody.

- It's already having rotation.

- Wait, no, I didn't
approve a single release.

- I didn't need you to,
it's in my contract.

I can release whatever
I want whenever I want.

It's my content.

Plus that song was done way
before I got to Cole Records.

Just check with Meghan.

- Okay, okay ,okay, okay, okay.

Well, where's the money?

- Yo Nicole, do you trust me?


[breaths heavily]

[ominous music]

Do you trust me?

Huh? I can't hear you.

Do you trust me?

- I can't hear you
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yes,

- Yeah? You trust me?
- Yes, yes.

- Good.

Then trust I'ma get this money.

for us,

all right?

Speaking of us, let's
go ahead and toast

for us to be together forever.

All right?

To us.

[ominous music]


[upbeat music]

[door knocks]

- Mike, waddup?

- Good bro.
- Feel it.

- Good man.

- Good to see you, man.

- Pay day for you my friend.

- My man, look, I can't
tell you how grateful I am.

- Oh, shit.
- Yeah.


- Are you sure this is for me?

- Yeah man.

Kingston wanted to
make his first payment

for everybody that made
his first track a success.

You were a big part
of that success.

It's just the beginning man.

- Way more than I expected.

- He looking for more music too.

So, if you want another
track, a tour in the album

we just need it like yesterday.

- I thought you might say that

I had something cooking already.

So I'll send it
over to you tonight?

- Okay, all right.
- All right.

- Appreciate you man.

- All right, look man

I was thinking man,

if you're serious about that
label you used to talk about,

I'll make some moves man.

I ain't sure how much longer
this situation will work out

to be honest.

- Damn man, that's
so unfortunate,

but fuck it, hell yeah bro.

Look, I'll call you tomorrow,
we set up something.

We set up a meeting.

- Sounds good.

- All right, my guy,
I appreciate you bro.

- All right man.

Don't spend all that in
one place, all right?


- My nigga, I'm married,

It's already spent.

- Facts.

[upbeat music]


- You good?

- You know they
were over, right?


- Yeah, it took me a while but,

I got that.

- Maybe we should've went
to counseling or something.

- No, maybe you should've
went to counseling.

- Me?

You know this all started

cause you were with
some random Gina tree.

- No, this started
the moment you decided

that I couldn't be exactly
what it is you needed me to be.

- What's that supposed to me?

- It means, Nicole,
the moment you saw

that you could get all
of this without me,

you started looking
for somebody better.


- Is that's how you see it?


Typical guy shit.

- No typical guy shit
is me not giving a fuck.

Typical guy shit, I
would have left your ass

a long time ago, but I didn't.

I stuck by you and I
stuck by my family.

I sacrificed my entire
career, so that,

you just go live your best life.

Meanwhile, your son has
no idea who you are.

- Because I was supporting
him and your ass.

- And yet somehow, Nicole,

you still have not realized
your idea of success.

I feel sorry for you.

- You feel sorry for me?

I feel sorry for you.

I'm fine.

- No you're not
fine, you're fucked.

I know about Gerald Cole,
and how you got the label.

So you can cut all your
high and mighty bullshit.

According to popular belief,

you are going to jail for fraud.

- I'm taking Jonathan
and we're going to LA.

- You say nothing,
I can not take shit.

[glass shatters]

Bitch you can take your crazy
ass wherever you wanna go

but you are not taking my son.

I want you out by tomorrow,

or you're gonna see
how much my bitch I am!

- Run Nicole, run
as far as you want,

but your're not taking my son.

[ominous music]

Get out, get out!

[ominous music]

[traffic buzzes]

[phone dialing tone beeps]

- Hey--


You never answer your phone.

Hey King, it's me, I did
it, I finally left Germaine,

so now it could be
you and me forever.

Call me back, bye.

No, no more news, no more news.

- I know this comes
at a bad time,

but we have 30 days to vacate.

- What?

- If we move fast, we
can find a new location.

- No.

- But it--

- No!

I am not finding a new
location right now.

- So what are we supposed
to tell the employees

that are left?

We promised them that
if they stuck with us

that they would
still have a job.

- I don't know.

My hands are tied and
everything is falling apart.

- So I thought it did
that's why we're burn.

- What was that?

Say it.

- Well, your new hit wonder

has a history that goes
beyond what's in the media.

Mr. Kingston's says no
knight in shining armor.

He has a screw or two loose.

- You know what? I
can't even do this

- with you today.
- Do what?

- You know what I
can't do with you,

always had a problem
with Kingston,

and you're mad because I'm happy

- Really from the beginning
I've had your back.

- You ain't got my back,
- You really wanna have this?

- You're jealous of me

- You don't want this for me.
- Nicole!

- What!

- It's Walter Raymond.

[ominous music]

- What about him?

- They found his
body this morning.

Someone killed him.

[ominous music]

- Oh shit, shit.

Okay, okay, okay,
okay, okay, okay.

- Nicole, get it
together, get it together.

[somber music]


[breathing heavily]

♪ Can anybody hear me

♪ I'm yelling in
complete silence ♪

♪ It's an emergency can
somebody turn on the sirens ♪

♪ I'm Kinda feeling
like Waldor ♪

♪ Walking through
the crowd like whoa ♪

♪ I need a lifeline
'cause I'm having ♪

♪ A hard time tryna
find my soul ♪

♪ Half all nights

♪ There's no days

♪ There's no sun
that comes my way ♪

♪ Feel alone in this space

♪ Can someone help
me out this place ♪

♪ It's like I'm six feet under

♪ I'm dead

♪ It's like I'm six feet under

♪ I'm dead

♪ Half on nights

♪ There's no days

♪ There's no sun
that comes my way ♪

♪ It's like I'm six feet under

♪ I'm dead

♪ I'm dead

♪ Did I commit a murder

♪ Tell the cops the
ting that took the pen ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

♪ Because I'm sinking
even further ♪

♪ And its looking
like there's no win ♪

♪ Uh whoah

♪ Did I step in quick sand

♪ Did I dry in barren land

♪ Whoah whoah

♪ Can we live in water

♪ 'Cause I'm stuck and
I can't understand ♪

♪ Half all nights

♪ There's no days

♪ There's no sun
that comes my way ♪

♪ Feel alone in this space

♪ Can someone help
me out this place ♪

♪ It's like I'm six feet under

♪ I'm dead

♪ It's like I'm six feet under

♪ I'm dead

[indistinct office chatter]

- [clears throat]
Can I help you?

- No, the fuck you can't.

- Okay, so what
you're not seeing,

you're not even supposed
to be in here...

Okay, It's what you wanna to do?

Yeah Nicole, you need
to get here quick.

[ominous music]

- Thank you.

Where's he?

- You just missed him,
seemed to be in a hurry

after rumbling from
from your suite.

- Rumbling for what?

- I don't know.

- Give me a minute

- What's the urgency?

- Got it, it's
dad's original will

and It says right there
in he's handwriting,

that label belong to you.

- What?

- Mm-hmm

- Oh my God.

- Does this say
anything about you?

- Hell no.

- Look, you need anything else?

- She has some other
insurance documents

with a signature on it.

- Right, we gonna get those too.

- How?

- Just leave that to me.

- Okay, but stick to the plan,

and then you cut the bitch off.

[ominous music]

- All right.

- Yeah, this definitely
gives me a peace of mind.

Thank you so much.

- No problem sis.

- Thank you.

- We're gonna back
what is yours.

[phone dials]

- Its okay, actually
hang on a second

[phone rings]

Hold up,

Yo, wassup?


Where are you? You
haven't answered my calls

and then, you come to my office,
disrespecting my employees.

- Yo chill out, I've been busy.

Whatchu you've been
listening to the radio?

I Just hit number one.

- You mean we just
hit number one?

Look, I need to see you.

- That's funny, I
gotta talk to you too.

Where are you at?

- The office?

- Can you come please?

- Okay, babe.

Hey we on.

[car alarm squeaks]

[engine revs]

- Why aren't you
return my calls?

- Baby relax, I
told you I was busy.

- Too busy for me?

Look, they found Walter's body

and I haven't been able to eat,

I haven't been able to sleep,
I don't know what to do,

- I don't know where we--
- Relax, relax.

- Hey this is okay, come here.

It's okay, come here,
come here, it's cool.

You're good?

You good?
- Yeah.

- We gon get
through all of that.

- Yeah, yeah.

- But, I wanna celebrate first.

- You wanna celebrate?
- No.

- Whatchu saying?

- Getting paid would
be celebration enough.

We need to talk about
your streaming sales.

Where's the revenue
from your sales going?

I haven't seen any money.

- You know I ain't
been in his room

since I was like nine years old.

[ominous music]

And it seemed so much
bigger back then too.

- What are you talking about?

- Damn baby, I just don't
think I can do this anymore.

- Wait, are you
breaking up with me?

- Not quite.

But I am done playing
games with you.

- Baby, what are you saying?

- You're cold bitch,
you know that?

- Why are you talking
to me like that?

- Because I know.

- Know what?

- I know what you and
Walter took from my father.

- Your father?

- Gerald Cole.

[ominous music]

- Oh my God.

- Mm-hmm

I spent my entire life
watching him build Cole Records

from the ground up.

And you and Walter took it
from him in his last moments.

That's crazy, right?

- You have no idea what
your father did to me

and countless other women.

We just wanted to sing.

Between being used and drugged,

he made show pieces for
his old ass friends.

- What the fuck
does that have to do

with you taking the
company from Alecia?

Walter already told me
that this was your idea.

- And you believe Walter?

- Stop asking me all
these goddamn questions!

- I'm calling the police.

- You won't get the chance,

but you do have a chance
to sign these papers here.

They pretty much say that you
forged my father's signature

and stole the company.

- No.

[indistinct office chatter]

- You're gonnna
sign these papers

or I'ma burry you
next to Walter.

- You're crazy.


- You know this tops crazy.

Sign these goddamn papers.

- I'm gonna tell the police
that you killed Walter.

- I will not say it again.



- Over there, its
over there, that way.

[indistinct office chatter]


- Kingston, what
y'all doing man?


[gun shot]


- Hey, move!

[ominous music]

[soft music]

One thing I've learned
over the course of my life

is that, when it
rains, it pours.

But after all that
transpired, all the conspiring

all the deceit,

for some reason or another
and only he and God knows,

Kingston never mentioned my name

in his murder trial
of Walter, not once.

[somber music]

Either way, the other powers
that be had had enough.

Today was D-day at Cole Records.

[office phone rings]

- Attention everyone!

Stop where you are, step
away from your desks.

This company is now under the
order of the U.S federal law.

It's being here by shutdown
effective immediately,

and all materials
are being seized.

The feds have been
building a case there

since day one.

This whole Kingston
situation just gave them

the cornerstone
piece to the puzzle

that they've been looking for.

And while they were taking down
all my friends at the label,

out of all places, I was
picked up at my son's school,

in front of the
entire student body.

[soft music]

Karma is a bitch.

- Stop making this
so difficult ma'am,

I'm taking you outta here
one way or the other.

If I have to, I will
carry you out of here.

- So why don't you try?

- Yeah, you need to knock
this off and just get moving.

Come on, there, relax.

[indistinct chatter]

- Is there anything you would
like to say to the court

before I impose your sentence?

- Yes, your honor.

I just want to apologize to my
family for everything I did.


If I could turn back the clock,

I would have been a better
wife and a better mother

and a better daughter
and a better friend.

[somber music]


When daddy told me that
cheaters never win,

he was right.

I'm so sorry.

- Now in the matter
of forgery, count one,

three to five years.

Count two three to five years.

Count three, three
to five years.

Count four three to five years.

And count five,
three to five years.

All sentences to
run concurrently.

[bangs gavel]

For those who don't know
what concurrent means,

it means I have to serve
a maximum of five years,

a minimum three.

[cuffs clicks]


Some people might say I had
more ambition than talent.

Some might even say I
just came from bad stock.

But I'd say, our lives
are just a reflection

of an accumulation of
the choices we make.

You know what I regret the most?

When I look back at everything,

I could've just as easily
achieved success the right way

and still had my family.

But like they say,
hindsight is 2020 vision.

But trust me, I'll get it
right the second time around,

Lord willing.

[somber music]

♪ Life ain't always
been sweet, no ♪

♪ Hustle to stay
with my feet so ♪

♪ I'll be the best
woman that I can be ♪

♪ Nothing getting in
the way of my feet ♪

♪ Block my path way

♪ Show him I will be there

♪ Yeah

♪ Take the time in the
world with no fear ♪

♪ Can't pay the
bills with no tears ♪

♪ Turn up my gears

♪ Show I'm stronger now

♪ I'm thinking

♪ This can be all
right friends ♪

♪ I'm praying

♪ God give me the strength

♪ And no one

♪ No one's strong
enough to handle ♪

♪ Strong enough to handle

♪ I'm thinking

♪ This can be all
right friends ♪

♪ I'm praying

♪ God give me the strength

♪ No one

♪ No one's strong
enough to handle ♪

♪ Strong enough to handle no

♪ Breath through somethings
you'll never see ♪

♪ Situations you
will never believe ♪

♪ Fighting these demons
they chasing me ♪

♪ Meanwhile I'm here
tryna erase my past ♪

♪ I'm obsession,
depression, possession ♪

♪ All of these
crushes have done me ♪

♪ Ain't gon be over till I say

♪ It won't get down
unless I do it ♪

♪ If I believe it
then I'll see it ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm bitting down

♪ I'ma fight now

♪ So I'ma fight now

♪ Ain't let me shake at me, no

♪ Foot on the gas

♪ I'ma go

♪ I'm thinking

♪ This can be all
right friends ♪

♪ I'm praying,

♪ God give me the strength

♪ And no one

♪ No one's strong
enough to handle ♪

♪ Strong enough to handle

♪ I'm thinking

♪ This can be all
right friends ♪

♪ I'm praying

♪ God give me the strength

♪ No one

♪ No one's strong
enough to handle ♪

♪ Strong enough to handle this

♪ I can't eat

♪ Hard to breath

[upbeat music]