The Astronaut of God (2020) - full transcript

1962. An unprecedented quest in the outer space by the US "Genesis 1491" space mission.

In April 1961,

Yuri Gagarin was the first man
to arrive in the Cosmic Space.

The space ship Vostok
with Yuri Gagarin onboard

has launched into space.

Where for thousands of years

the imagination of humans

has created a fantastic land,

of the after life.

A place reserved for Angels and God.

Arriving there, on his voyage,

in the Cosmic Space or the Heavens,

Gagarin was asked on his return

by the Soviet Union officials,

if he saw God up there, on his journey.

The official answer was no.

But for hundreds of years,

the Christian artists,
theologians and believers

have imagined God existing far away,

in the unknown abyss of sky,

In the unknown depth of the clouds.

Depictions of God

though sometimes forbidden by dogma

have imprinted the image of the Creator

and the place where he exists,

in countless paintings and frescoes.

God, The Father,

is up there,

sitting on the throne of the
boundless and tumultuous clouds,

from the heights of creation.

The "US Genesis-1491
Mission" from January 1962,

aims to deepen observation
from the Low Earth's orbit,

of the unknown physical
phenomena around the Earth,

and the possibility of existence
of a supernatural entity,

assumed to God, on a
location near our planet.

My name is William Florescu,
the astronaut of this mission.

My father was an immigrant from Romania.

I will be the fifth astronaut

to see the Earth from Space.

Gagarin, Shepard, Grissom,
Titov were there before me.

But I will spent the longest time,

alone there, in Space, until now.

But not much will be
known about my mission.

Because it has a special secret purpose.

My job is to find if something
extraordinary is happen in the outer space.

Something supernatural,
divine, mysterious, inexplicable.

If anyone is living there.

If there is a God,

somewhere above us...


Genesis 1491!

Here is Cape Canaveral
transmitting in the blind!

We ask you to confirm
Omni Bravo, if you copy us!

Genesis 1491, you may hear us!

Confirm your location visually!

Radiolocation is getting worse!

We loose contact...

We don't know at this time the reason.

I'm afraid is a C.S.O
error, during launching,

but not sure.

Please confirm message reception!

In a moment the ridges of the clouds merge
with the glow of the ruins, of the old abbey,

and everything becomes
like a painting by Gaugain;

"Who are we?

Where do we come from?

Where are we heading?

Roger Mission Control!

Here's Genesis 1491, I'm
over Honduras, approximately,

All systems go!

It got hot around here but I'm going
to turn off the ventilation manually.

The C.O.2 level is low.

Cab is at 14 psi, oxygen flows normally.

But I'm about to orbit in the dark.

Roger Genesis 1491!

We hope to remedy the
problem with radiolocation soon.

To have you on the radar again.

How is the view, up there William?

Through the capsule's porthole,
the blue Earth appears frail.

Fine stretches of water like synapses,
mountain chains and layers of clouds.

Lovely view.

But I turn my head and my gaze is absorbed,

by the deep black of the Space.

It feels like an infinity.

What's there, so far away?

Heaven, hell, God is here?


In the same Universe and time with us?

"An infinite Universe of worlds?

Like Giordano Bruno believed.

Before it was burned at
the stake by Inquisition.

The darkness has come.

I'm alone.

When I accepted this mission,

I knew I should never loose my lucidity.

Because there, in the Cosmic Space,

the perceptions are different.

The body and brain are
deprived of gravity and air,

and possible hallucinations, depression or other
forms of unknown disease, can occur quickly.

Vision is affected by cosmic radiation.

The reality becomes different.

The first orbit around the Earth begins.

The Mission Time is 23 minutes, 28 seconds.

Genesis 1491, here's Mission Control,

transmitting in the blind from the ground.

The radiolocation is not working!

Genesis 1491, if you copy,

confirm message reception!

You have still 4 hours and
34 minutes of the mission.

We cannot locate you at the moment!

Confirm visually your location!

Genesis 1491, answer!

Mission Control, here is Genesis 1491,

signal is weak but I can hear you.

I'm in the dark approximately
orbiting over the South China Sea.

When will you fix the radiolocation?

Genesis 1491, the boys are working on it.

Anyway, until you get back into
the atmosphere we will be ready.

If not you will go manually.

Right now you can deal it without us.

William, your pulse in
at 80 beats per minute.

Blood pressure is good.

The biometric data we receive is ok.

We also have an electrocardiogram.

Looks like you like the space.


Genesis 1491, you should start
A.S.C.S. test on manual control.

Roger, Mission Control!

Change on manual pitching.

Roger, manual pitching.

Pitching is ok.

The launch day was on Thursday.

At 14:34 hour and 8 seconds.

The weather forecast was perfect.

The day was perfect.

What will I find?

Will I return safely, to Earth?

What will be the results of my research?

My discoveries could
change the humanity forever.

Now I live the emotion
of mission to the fullest

and all those thoughts make me anxious.

The capsule I am in now
travels into orbit at 16000 mph.

A full orbit of the capsule
around the Earth takes 88 minutes.

If everything goes as planned.

A mere contemplation
of the celestial vault,

is sometimes enough
to trigger an experience.

But to orbit around the Earth is
something reserved for a demigod.

Everything on Earth-the
Romanian people believed,

- is born and dies; No one can stop this.

What is in sky is eternal;

there is the good place: with
light, with trees and with sweetness;

there, God is close.

And on some days of the year the sky opens,

and our world contacts the afterworld"

my father, Dragomir, told me.

He had emigrated from
Romania, before the Great War.

He had worked on the railways
and never had flew with a plane.

Like for millenia man did not reach
above the height of the mountains.

Today the sky has opened for me.

Genesis 1491, if all systems go,
you can start the visual observation.

Mission Control, yes, all systems are go.

I start shooting.

My task is to document
in physical parameters,

any unusual experience
that might take place,

in this new environment for man,

while orbiting the Earth.

To film any anomaly or mysterious fact,

that is happening in this
forbidden space for man, until now.

Up there, where gods are living.

Like a mystical explorer of the
sacred mountains of Tibet or Olympus,

or Hara Berezaiti, the
mountain of Zarathrusta,

around which the stars and planets revolve.

I am where no one was until now.

Further to gravity.

To the stars.

I'm an astronaut. And I'm searching...

But nothing special happens yet.

I only feel the traces of cosmic
radiation when I close my eyes,

and small colored sparks cross
the blackness of my eyelids.

And my head seems a little
swollen but it doesn't hurt.

The Mission Time is 38 minutes, 9 seconds.

And I found nothing or no one here.

William, we thought you should relax a bit.

Emma is going to tell you something.


"When all the stars are sown

Across the night-blue space,

With the immense unknown,

In silence face to face.

We stand in speechless awe

While Beauty marches by,

And wonder at the Law

Which wears such majesty."

My colleagues asked me to recite a little.

I think it fits perfectly, up there.

Yes. It's Bliss Carman.

Nice from you, Emma.

I continue to shoot.

I need more filming.

Be carefull, William!

I want to come back with great results.

I need to find out something...

But nothing.

I'm in Space

and I see nothing which
not be prepared at ground.

Which I hadn't imagined
in so many white nights.

Which weren't be planned.

It's exactly what I wanted.

But it's hard for me.

Some insidious feeling of
abandonment lurks in me.

The Earth is beautiful.

But so alone.

Like me.

I’m waiting.

There has to be more here.

Something, someone...

One day we will be ruins.

And the stars will fade out.

But, we'll look further.

An astronaut is always searching.

I am the Astronaut.

I am orbiting over Egypt.

But, I don't see the pyramids from Space.

On the control panel I have
painted the "Horus's eye".

The one that protects and
gives health to the navigators.

Now, I am a free spirit
and I travel through the sky,

like Thoth, on Ra's boat.

Thoth, the god with the head of ibis,

the one who made the
calculations to establish the heavens,

the stars, the Earth
and all that is in them.

Knowledge should not
be possessed by humans.

It is the apex of the gods.

"Thoth's Book" should never be known.

The secret science of communicating
with animals and understanding the gods.

That, would have told me 4
millennia ago, in Ancient Egypt,

if I had gone sent by a rebel
pharaoh on such a quest.

I'm still shooting.

What the!?

What the heck!

Mission Control, I hear
beating outside the capsule!

Genesis 1491, repeat, please!

Mission Control, something or someone hit
the capsule cockpit 4 times, repeatedly!


Genesis 1491. Start shooting.

I already do it...

Mission Control, what can it be?

Probably a collision
with a group of meteors.

There may be more of them.

Negative, Mission Control, I
didn't see anything on porthole.

Are you still hearing it?

It's quiet now.

I start check all systems.

All systems go.

Oxygen is fine.

Batteries are at 80%.
CO 2 is a bit high, but.

Roger Genesis 1491.

Start the ventilation manually.

You should lower your CO2
level until you return to atmosphere.

You still have to stay.

What the!?

What the heck!

Damn it!

Damn it!

I was hit!

It's an asteroid!

I have to stabilize the capsule!

Genesis 1491, what happened?

What are your flying data?

Genesis 1491, do you copy us?

I was able to film it, yeah...

Mission Control, it's hard for
me to estimate the dimensions,

but smaller than the capsule.

Mission Control, I loose oxygen!

It's an emergency!

William, do you copy?

Not great, Mission Control!

Genesis 1491, do you copy?

We don't get signal from you.

Mission Control, I was hit,
I'm trying to stabilize A.S.C.S.

Genesis 1491, we do not receive you!

Our data shows you
are orbiting far too South.


Capsule trajectory is deflected.

You go to uncontrolled descent!

Genesis 1491 we don't hear you at all!

Mission Control, I confirm, I'm ok.

I'm fine!

I stabilized the capsule.

Mission Control!

Genesis 1491, start the
retro thrusters, manually!

Set nose to 34 degrees yawn.


You have to go on an emergency re-entry.

You get the wrong data!

Our data shows that you entered
on drifted trajectory for descent.

With 230m per second.

You're falling, William!

Mission Control, I confirm, I'm ok!

I'm fine!

You get the wrong data.

I stabilized the capsule.

Mission Control!

Genesis 1491, do you copy?

Mission Control, yes, I can
hear you! I'm talking! I'm here!

Do you hear me?

Genesis 1491, we do not receive you!

William, our biometric data
shows you have a declining pulse.

You approach 40 beats per minute.

Turn on the emergency oxygen!

Mission Control, I don't feel any change.

Maybe a little warm, but...

William, our data shows us, zero pulse!

William what's going on with you?


Mission Control! I'm
good! Don't you hear me?

Mission Control, the
sensors were probably blown,

after the impact with the asteroids.

Or it's another unknown error.

Genesis 1491, we do not hear you.

Wake up, William!

Puls zero. He went into cardiac arrest.

Already lost his consciousness.

My God...

William wake up!

William, don't die...

What the?!

William, wake up ...!
Turn on the extra oxygen.

You went into hypoxia. Zero pulse...

Mission Control, answer!

Mission Control, here
astronaut William Florescu,

of US Genesis 1491 mission, on
Genesis 1491 ship, do you copy me?

Mission Control, do you hear me?

Mission Control... I
didn't die... Impossible.

You received incorrect data.

Mission Control... I'm aware!

Mission Control...

The Mission Time is 48 minutes, 55 seconds.

William, are you ok?

What's happening to you?

Keep your cold blood.

Lucidity was your guardian
angel for so many times.

Mission Control, the Mission Time has
blocked at 48 minutes and 55 seconds.

The timer has failed, I think...

Something happens with
temperature sensors, also.

It's a little warm, although, in
capsule are only 41 degrees -F.

And my chest hurts a bit,

but I suspect, it's because
of the lack of gravity.

I hit my wrist, and my head a little too.

Mission Control, something is
happening on the control panel.

I can't reset the communication buttons.

It looks like a short circuit.


I'm afraid it won't be totally interrupted.

Mission Control, I will monitor and record,

the physical parameters outside
the capsule, for the next orbit.

According to the mission procedure.

I'm trying to continue the mission.

Mission Control, the oxygen
level has been constant for too long.

The gauge has broken too, I suspect...

Level is not dropping.

It’s not possible to consume nothing!

I am breathing.

Or maybe I don't see well.

I'm going to track it.

The level of carbon dioxide
has increased, in the meantime.

I'm a little worried.

Mission Control, I do
not know if you copy me,

I do not receive you,

but I will continue to talk
about the procedures I perform.

They will be recorded in the mission's log.

I try to record the outdoor data.

Exterior radiation looks stable.
About 37-48 Megalectronvolt.

Ionizing radiation, 91mileSiverti.

The temperature about to -58 Fahrenheit,

it got warmed up.

I am orbiting with 17424 miles per hour.

Over 30-35 minutes I reach apsis altitude.

High visibility, 125 degrees.

I filmed about 4 minutes. I have
still another one hour of unused reel.

I am still shooting

and taking outside data.

The communication with
the Earth has been lost.

I try to continue the mission by myself.

What else, could I do?

I continue to search.

But, nothing special...

Maybe it's an answer.

I'm not feeling well.

I have a pulse in my
left hand, on my fingers.

How did Bruno's inquisitors
sign his death sentence?

Holding firmly fingers around the pen?

With shaking hands, with doubts?

I probably did a stretching
of the tendons of the fingers.

I don't have too much
power when I clench my fist.

I need to focus.

Mission Control, our
communication is still recorded

even if you don't copy.

I will continue speaking...


I'm starting to have...

some kind...

of visions,

I don't know …

something happens to me,

when I close my eyes I see,

I see...

I see...

Mission Control, here's Genesis 1491!

Do you copy?

I just heard music outside the capsule!

Mission Control, I hear
something out there,

it's a song, it sounds like,

But of course, it can't be music.

There is no sound in Space,

no sound waves can
propagate in the cosmic vacuum,

Mission Control...

something sounded like
music. I can't explain...

Maybe, it was a frequency interference.

It's quiet now.

Very strange.

Mission Control, do you copy?

Mission Control, I am orbiting
above Indonesia, approximately.

The flight parameters are restored.

Oxygen is at 44%.

I repressurized the ship.

I have no serious damage.

Maybe, the telecommunication
antenna was hit by meteoroids.

I don't know if you hear me...

Mission Control

I don't hear you.

I'm alone again.


Blocked, between two worlds.

The Earth and the Deep Black Space.

What should I do?

I cancel, yes, I come back.

Enough of this, there's nothing here.

Just an hostile and strange place.

Mission Control, I’m
transmitting in the blind.

Mission Control, if you somehow receive me,

you must know that I have start the
procedure of reentry into the atmosphere.

Due to the strange events that happened,

and the lack of
communication with the Earth,

I cannot continue the mission.

I finish the mission earlier.

I'm sorry, I don't have great results.

Just a concussion on the head.

I'm comming home

Yes, I'm leaving here. I'm returning home.

In about 15 minutes I estimate I
get the atmosphere re-enter window.

What the hell?

Mission Control

the Automatic Positioning
System no longer works.

A wave of galactic
radiation melted the circuits.

Damn it!

Some chip. Maybe.

I have no other explanation...

I do not know what happened.

Where did this wave came from.


it's a Solar blast.

What the hell!

There are 3 minutes until I
return to Earth's atmosphere.

The trajectory is good,

I remain on manual control.



something stands out at the window!

Something is going on outside the capsule!

I do not know what this is.

It could be a radiation
globe or something else.

A plasma body, better said.

A radiating globe.

Something completely new...

and unknown.

Or... an entity.

Something allien.

Maybe alive.

It's difficult to appreciate the distance,

I have no landmarks,

and the shape or the entity seems
to be moving towards the capsule.

I have to get closer!

I change my position manually.

I'm getting closer.

With any risk!

I’m recording!

It's extraordinary!

It is an unnatural presence

somewhere at 28 degrees port of capsule

I have to shoot!

Mission Control!

It is an evolving form, Mission Control,

similar to a butterfly of small size,

that radiates in shades of orange.

It's beautifull!

I'm recording.

It's extraordinary.

What is this?

Mission Control, repeat please!

I do not understand!

Mission Control, please repeat!

Mission Control!

Mission Control ...are you?


Who are you?

Are you trying to comunicate with me?

Is it an audio interference?

What happens?

Mission Control,

the entity I film

affects the audio communication.

Or they try to communicate with me,

I don't realize what is it

But my chest hurts,


I feel a sting,

in the sternum.

Mission Control, something
extraordinary is happening.

Mission Control, something
extraordinary is there!

I hope you receive me!

Mission Control, I don't have much time.

The gravity increases.

The Earth attracts me.

I put the retro thrusters on,

I try to keep a little more.

The entity is approaching me.

"No one saw God, at any
time”, wrote the Apostle John

And early Christians believed, that no
one could see God and live afterwards.

I shot something exceptional.

An entity.

A supernatural being who, maybe
was trying to communicate with me.




Or it is a completely unknown
physical phenomenon for science.

But I have proof of existence.

In the Space,

unimaginable things are
happening, near our planet.

I have proof.

I have the evidence, for the first time.

Something was happening
up, here in the sky,

in the heavens.

Mission Control, I can't keep up

The gravity increases!

I reentry!

My coordinates are...

Genesis 1491, if you hear
us, confirm the reception!

Genesis 1491, we lost radio
communication for 21 minutes,

Genesis 1491, do you copy?

Genesis 1491, our biometric
data tells us that you are alive now.

You came back!

Your pulse is approaching
90 beats per minute.

Genesis 1491, if you
copy us please confirm!

Genesis 1491, if you hear
us prepare for re-entry.

We fixed the radiolocation.

You are crossing over the South Atlantic.

You may experience some
waves of high radiation.

You are crossing South Atlantic Anomally.

Genesis 1491, the radiolocation
is getting worse, again

get ready for... for

Mission Control, I hardly hear you.

I am alive!

I filmed something extraordinary.

Something supernaturally exists out here.

William, we're glad!

You were in cardiac arrest for 5 minutes.

We thought we lost you.

Mission Control, no, I wasn't.

Mission Control, I shot
something extraordinary.

I have the proof.

Of a superior form of existence
or some unbelievable phenomena.


William, you were probably in hypoxia.

You’ve had hallucinations due to the
high level of breathed carbon dioxide.

You also crossed a huge
intensity field of radiation.

The South Atlantic
Anomally. Like never before.

Our colleagues from the Institute
never recorded such high values!

William, turn on the emergency oxygen!

Misson Control, no, no, I wasn't!

William, get ready for...

William, the radiolocation
is constantly deteriorating.

Something happened again to the system.

We cannot identify the problem now and

We don't know where you are!

And where will you gonna land.

The boys are working on an estimate.

But you moved away from
the sea coast landing perimeter.

William, continue the maneuvers.

At 10,000 feet the baroswitch of
the main chute will be activated.

If not, do it manually.

Or use the backup chute.

William, we are not
copy you at the moment...

We hope you can handle it.

You have to.

Genesis 1491, if you copy us

Try to not modify the …


We are losing you!

William, you disappeared from the radar.

All things are in the Universe,

and the Universe is in all things:

we in it, and it in us; in this way,
everything concurs in perfect unity.

Giordano Bruno, Cause,
Principle. And Unity, 1584

Later, I understood everything.

With disappointment and sadness, though.

I managed to save myself from the
emercency re-entry into Earth's atmosphere.

On January 2, 1962.

I had serious damage to the space capsule
but in the end it survived exceptionally.

It seems my engineers did
a great job with the design.

For me a luxurious shoulder, bruises
and a psychic state of confusion.

But I got back.

I also took the camera,
with the precious shooting.

But the film the whole reel to my shock
had only recorded a few minutes of flight.

The rest is empty.

Nothing special on the the
cosmic capsule shootings.

No mysterious presence.

No God, no superior form of extraterrestrial
life, no unknown cosmic phenomenon.

Only the expeditionary filming,

with the Earth seen from Space
from the first minutes of the mission.

6 minutes, 27 seconds.

Just that.

I haven't found anything

How was that possible?

The explanation for that,
given by my doctors was,

that after I get hit by the asteroid,
the capsule start to loose oxygen.

I quickly lost consciousness and
went into a dangerous state of hypoxia.

The lack of normal oxygen saturation in blood
for the brain and carbon dioxide intoxication,

produced by own breathing
causes strong hallucinations.

An abnormal mental state in which a person,

has the illusion of
perceiving non-existent things.

All that I saw was just the
product of my imagination,

of an oxygen-free brain.

A 21-minute dream.

Long and strange as the Mission
Control lost the radio connection with me.

I didn't shoot anything
out of the ordinary.

Nothing happened up there.

Than the unfortunate
impact with the asteroid.

And the strong hallucination,

due to the lack of appropriate
oxygen saturation of the brain.

I'm a scientist.

Science got me up there.

And I find the explanation plausible.

However, I do not explain how and why,

I get my consciouness
back during the reentry.

From the blackout.

Maybe it's just luck.

My destiny.

The US Genesis 1491 missions,

and the secret research program of
paranormal phenomena in low Earth's orbit,

has not been continued.

For hundreds of years our telescopes
have searched the sky and the stars.

For now there is no mystery
above the clouds near the Earth.

Just the risky desire of man to
get there and look haughty behind.

From above.

Near the God of the past.

But, there is no God in the cosmic space.

That's what I believe, today.

I haven't met him.

Or maybe,

just as Hamlet cannot meet Shakespeare,

neither can creation, meet the Creator,

And man, the God...

But I will look further,

deeper on Space.

In an infinite Universe
of worlds and galaxies.

Same as Giordano Bruno,

the medieval monk, believed once.

Because an astronaut is always searching.


On and on.

To the stars.

I am the astronaut of God.

And I will find the answer...

The Mission Time has been reset.