The Art of Racing in the Rain (2019) - full transcript

Through his bond with his owner, aspiring Formula One race car driver Denny, golden retriever Enzo learns that the techniques needed on the racetrack can also be used to successfully navigate the journey of life.

Gestures are all that I have.

I have no words I can rely on,

because my tongue was designed
long and flat

and is therefore
an ineffective tool

for making complicated
polysyllabic sounds.

And that is why I'm here now...

waiting for Denny
to come home...

lying in a puddle
of my own making.

(keys jingling,
door unlocks)

DENNY: Yo, Enz!

(door closes)

(footsteps approaching)


ENZO: I hear the worry
in his voice.

DENNY: What happened, pal?

Oh, Enz.

I can smell the day on him.

Motor oil and gasoline
and roast chicken.

DENNY: Can you get up, bud?

I'm here, buddy.

DENNY: I'm right here.


ENZO: If only I could speak...

I would tell him not to worry.

I saw a documentary
about Mongolia on TV once.

In Mongolia,
they believe that when a dog

has finished living
his lifetimes as a dog,

his next incarnation
will be as a man.

I'm right here, bud.

There he is.

ENZO: I realize this would mean
losing all my memories,

my experiences.

But I have a plan.

I will try to imprint
what I know on my soul,

carry it so deeply
in the pockets of my existence

that when I open my eyes
and look down at my new hands,

I will already know.

DENNY: There's my Enzo.

ENZO: I will be ready.

I will remember.

(puppies whimpering)

ENZO: He picked me
out of a pile of pups,

a tangled mass
of paws and tails.

He'd stopped at the farm
on his way home

- from the speedway at Yakima.
- DENNY: Hey.

ENZO: Even back then, I knew
I was different than other dogs.

My soul just felt more... human.

This one.

(chuckles) Definitely this one.

- The pick of the litter.
- ENZO: She always said that.

Well, just a minute now.

We were thinking of
keeping that one.

ENZO: He always said that, too.


How much?

ENZO: And so,
I had my first glimpse

at the rest of my life.

(music playing on radio)


(young Enzo barks)

(music continues playing)

(indistinct chatter)

Tony! Denny's here.

TONY: Hey-hey!

DENNY: Ah, just wait for it.

I didn't know
you were getting a puppy.

DENNY: Neither did I.

Saw a sign on the road and,

I don't know,
something came over me.

Isn't that right, Enzo?

"Enzo?" You mean like Ferrari?
That's rad.

You can't look after a dog.
You're never home.

Oh, you're gonna ruin
the moment, aren't you?

Our best friend,
he's gonna ruin the moment.

DENNY: I'll take him
on the road with me.

He can be my good luck charm.

TONY: Hey, you coming
to our show tonight?

We're opening for
The Scoffs at The Dive.

Oh, no, he can't. He's got
a new puppy to look after.

See, he's good luck already.

I got the call this morning,
they need an extra driver.

Yeah, sure. Yeah, I'll, uh,
leave you a pass at the gate.

Okay, two passes.

Who is this guy again?

That's right.

- ENZO: I liked my new home.
- (sniffing)

It only lacked for grass,

but I figured I could make do.

- Enzo, no!
- (whines)

Don, I got to call you back.

And... go ahead.

Okay, bud, fire away.

ENZO: Denny seemed
unusually interested

in my bathroom habits.

Go on. Go ahead.


DENNY: Oh... (sighs)

Of course, you did.


Okay, pal...

it's time to turn in.

Big day tomorrow at the race.

So just be a good boy.

Get some sleep, okay?


(Denny groans)

- (young Enzo barking)
- (sighs)


All right.



(indistinct chatter on TV)

(sighs) Okay.

Of course. Just rub that in...

- (loud bang)
- (car honks)

ENZO: I'd later learn
it was called a television.

And, in time, it would teach me
much about human behavior.

But that night,

it felt like a window
into a whole new world.

Oh, you like that, huh?

ENZO: Like it?

No, I loved it.

(car engines whirring on TV)

DENNY: Right foot on the gas.

Ease into the turn.



(indistinct chatter)

ENZO: And even better was

when he took me
to the race itself.

MAN: Denny!

- Oh, look!
- Oh, it's a puppy.

ENZO: Denny's apartment
was home, but this...

this was where I truly belonged.

(indistinct shouting)

(indistinct announcement
over PA)

ENZO: It was more thrilling
than I could've imagined.

(car engines roaring)

What do you think, Enzo?

thought it was heaven on earth.

WRIGHT: What'd you say
his name is again?

Denny Swift.

KITCH: Number 96 car.

KITCH: He teaches for me
from time to time

when he needs cash,
but you trust me,

this kid's a diamond
in the rough.

CREW CHIEF: Copy that.

(indistinct chatter)

The heat coming off the track,

the breathless speed
and precision of the pit crew...

I was in awe of it all.


He did a year in Formula Three.

Got picked up
by Zip Simone's Audi program.

Started making a name
for himself,

but then Zippy went bankrupt.

Then he lost his ride.

(engine revving)


(all applauding)

KITCH: You really serious
about starting your own team,

there's your man right there.

He's been down almost
a full lap this whole stint.

It's not about
who's got the heavier foot.

It's about the feel.

(thunder rumbling)

Denny was the first
to make the call

to switch to rain tires.

(crowd clamoring)

Step over here.

Hey. Watch this.

In all my years of racing,

I've never seen anyone
like Denny in the wet.

Reminds me what they
used to say about Senna:

"When it rains,
it doesn't rain on him."

(tires screeching)

(cheering, whooping)

- ENZO: And when he won...
- Enzo!

...I felt like I'd witnessed
true greatness.

(all cheering)

DENNY: Yeah!

First race, huh?

What'd you think, boy?
You like it?

Did you like it?

- Hey, kid, you got a minute?
- Hey.

I want you to meet Sean Wright.

Hey. Denny Swift.

He sold his tech company
for some obscene amount of money

and now he's determined
to waste it all racing GTs.

I think I've read about you.

That was some win today.

You think you could drive
that way for him?

Try me.

My first year went by in a blur.

Wait. Let me see.

ENZO: I realize nobody
has a perfect childhood,

but I'd contend
that mine came fairly close.

Denny began racing
for Wright full-time

and took me with him
whenever he could,

like a four-legged member
of the pit crew.

(indistinct chatter)

DENNY: Hey, Enz, you good?

ENZO: I was better than good.

CREWMAN: Go! Clear!

- (engine revving)
- (tires squeal)

Call it fate, call it luck.

All I knew was
I was meant to be his dog.

(man cheering)

ENZO: Denny always said

the best drivers
focus only on the present.

Never dwelling on the past,

never committing to the future.

(man shouting indistinctly)

- Go get it!
- Whoo!

ENZO: Reflection must come
at a later time.

Which is why drivers
compulsively record

their every move
with their in-car cameras.

DENNY: I got to turn earlier.

Get a better run on that corner.

ENZO: I learned so much
from him about balance,

anticipation, patience.

Car goes where your eyes go,

ENZO: And I would fantasize
that one day I, too,

might actually race.

REPORTER: Congratulations
on a spectacular win today.

Not an easy race,
by any stretch.

Well, you know,
I'm a risk taker.

Man, that win was all you.

This guy hasn't even
mentioned you once.

You're way too good
for this guy, Denny.

You got to start getting
your own sponsors.

Yeah, maybe.

My drivers look to me
as their leader...

Turn this clown off.
Put on the Mariners.

ENZO: There's an old saying
I'd often hear Denny repeat:

"No race was ever won
in the first corner

but many have been lost there."

Just you and me, Enz.

Always you and me.

...and then accelerating

ENZO: Nothing was more
important to us than racing.

I knew it was
only a matter of time

before Denny reached his goal
of racing Formula One in Europe.

- DENNY: (whistles) Come on!
- (Enzo barking)

ENZO: And the whole world
would see him the way I did.

Good boy.

ENZO: He'd be adored
by fans everywhere.

His victories
the stuff of legend.

His name inscribed alongside

the very best
our sport has ever known.

(chuckles softly)

(car engines whirring on TV)

ENZO: But for now,
he was my champion alone.

(indistinct chatter)

And then she showed up.


- EVE: That was great.
- DENNY: Yeah.


DENNY: Enzo, this is Eve.

EVE: Hi, Enzo.

How you doing?

ENZO: My first impression of Eve

was as complicated
as the scents in the air.

I'm not really
much of a dog person.

ENZO: A mélange of produce,
shampoo and pheromones.

Yeah, well,
he's more person than dog.

ENZO: Denny was clearly taken
with her grooming.

She probably bathed every day,
for all I knew.

Does he always stare at people
like this? (laughs)

If he likes them.

So, are you a chef or something?

No, I teach English
as a second language,

and one of my students is Thai,

and she made this curry
that was incredible.

But it looks like
you have to go.

I don't know
what's gotten into him.

It was nice to meet you.

Come here, come on!
Hey, uh, Eve?

My, uh... my friends,
they play in a band

and they're playing a show
at Nemo's tonight.

I thought, you know,
if you didn't have plans...

"Head Injury"?

Yeah, they're Seattle's
third most popular...

"Soundgarden tribute band."

Yeah, I mean,
according to them. (laughs)

EVE: That sounds like fun.

- DENNY: It does?
- Mmm-hmm.

Yeah! Yeah, no, we'll...
we'll make it fun.

- All right, I'll see you then.
- DENNY: Cool.

EVE: Bye.

DENNY: Come on.

- I thought you guys rocked.
- See, Mike?

He was freaking out because
we skipped a verse on Spoonman.

MIKE: Oh, we skipped a verse?

Now imagine this
all throughout high school.

So, which song was
your favorite?

The... second-to-last one.

The one with
the 12-minute guitar solo?

Yeah, that was the best part!

(laughs) Denny, marry this girl.

(chuckles) Uh,
do you want another?

No, thanks.
Could I have some water?

- Yeah, sure. Mike?
- MIKE: Yep.

So, uh... you two just met, huh?

EVE: Yeah.

- And?
- Dude.

(chuckles) And I think
he's really nice.

Wait till you see him race.
Then you'll really fall in love.


- What? I was just...
- (chuckles)

So, when do I get
to see you race?


ENZO: As if Denny
would ever fall for that.

- (woman shouting)
- Yes!

ENZO: She knew almost nothing
about racing,

but for some reason,
Denny didn't seem to mind.

I assumed she would soon
be in our rearview mirror.

But by spring, it was clear
Eve wasn't going anywhere.

(all cheering)

ENZO: I'll admit I envied the
attention he lavished on her,

- with her...
- (laughs)

...opposable thumbs
and plump buttocks.

EVE: In his regular car, yes.

well, what does he know
about teaching English?

Yeah, my point exactly.

ENZO: And her taste
in television programs

left something to be desired.

EVE: Will you stop?

ENZO: Denny never tired
of pleasing her.

All for his reward,

which usually meant lots
of stroking and...


- How was your class?
- It was good.

ENZO: Did I envy
her engaging smile?

Her effortless laugh?

Perhaps I did.

(Eve and Denny laughing)

ENZO: For she was a person,
unlike me.

DENNY: Mmm-hmm. (kissing)

I'll go make us some breakfast.

- (gasps) Really?
- DENNY: Yeah.

Okay, thanks.

(Eve sighs)

Hey, Enzo.

You don't mind
if I love him too, do you?

ENZO: As if I had a say
in the matter.

ENZO: They were married
at a magnificent palace

with its very own ocean.

The kind of place I had assumed
only existed on television.

I tried my best to be helpful.

(indistinct chatter)

I minded my manners,

resisted snacking on the trays
of exquisite appetizers

and made sure to do my business

in the flowerbed farthest
from the festivities.

The place belonged
to Eve's parents,

Trish and Maxwell...

who I confess I first mistook
for twins.

(indistinct chatter)

Would the bearer please
bring the rings forward?


(guests chuckling)

ENZO: When the time came,

I did as I was instructed,
for Denny's sake.

(man chuckles)

- Good boy.
- Come on, Enz. Come here, bud.


Good boy.

DENNY: With this ring,

I thee wed.


EVE: With this ring,

I thee wed.


(all cheering)

ENZO: And so, we became
a family...

to varying degrees
of enthusiasm.

Think he could've shaved
for his own wedding?

- Maxwell.
- MAXWELL: What?

It's just an observation.

Oh, please.

No one's good enough for her
in your eyes.

I like him, I do,

but I love my daughter

and the man races cars
for a living.

You don't think
I'm within my rights

- to be a little concerned?
- No, not if Eve isn't.

ENZO: I've learned
that people will say

just about anything
in front of me,

as I am only a dumb dog.

I put a call in
to Andy Neuberger last week.

He said a driver who's been
on the circuit

as long as Denny has,
if it was gonna break for him,

most likely would've happened
by now.

But Eve says he's been
doing great lately.

I knew I'd find you two in here.

Come on, it's cake time.

TRISH: Daddy was making
his drink.

(both laugh)

ENZO: After the wedding came
the move.


ENZO: I was of two minds
about it.

I now had room to roam.

But the old apartment was ours,

Denny and me.

(indistinct chatter)

(both laughing)

ENZO: I tried to communicate
my feelings.

- EVE: What was that?
- It was Enzo. He's just excited.

ENZO: But my gestures
were inevitably misinterpreted.


Moreover, there was
a mysterious new aura

about Eve that, for some reason,

prevented me from maintaining
any resentment toward her.

DENNY: It's Watkins Glen,

which I usually do
really well at.

EVE: And that's in New York,

Yeah. Yeah.

You could take a couple days off

and we could
get out there early.

I'm pregnant.

Wait, what?

You freaked out?

No! No, I'm not!
Wait, are you freaked out?

A little, yeah.


(Denny laughing)

Did you know about this?

- (barks)
- (Denny laughs)

ENZO: I never really grasped
the concept of money

and why humans always
seemed to be in need of it.

But Denny became more and more
preoccupied with it.

- All right!
- (engine revving)

ENZO: He began to train harder
than ever.

He took
on extra teaching sessions,

competed in every race he could.

I'll miss you.

ENZO: This meant
my spending more

and more time alone with Eve.

- Come on, Enz. Come on.
- (car door closes)

ENZO: To be honest,

I still didn't share
Denny's overt affection for her.

Hey, buddy, thank you so much.


ENZO: But we developed
a rhythm of our own.

That's very nice. (sighs)

ENZO: At times, she even
reminded me of my own mother

when she would sigh
and shrug herself

- into a prone position.
- (groans) Oh, God.

ENZO: It must be amazing
to have a body

that can carry
an entire creature inside.

I mean, other than a tapeworm,
which I've had.

Do you want to know
what it feels like?

Good boy.

(gasps) Did you feel that?

Did you feel that kick?

Oh, sweet boy, come here.

It's okay. Come here.

That's okay.

ENZO: I couldn't imagine
what was going on

inside Eve's magic sack

where the baby
was being assembled.

I just hoped it would look
like me.

(paper rustling)

DENNY: Enzo... slow down,
it's your only one.

- EVE: It's cozy.
- DENNY: I love it.

It probably looks exactly
like the last one

- I got you, but...
- (laughing)

Do you like it?

I got it from Pike Place.

It's 100 percent handmade.

(chuckles) It's, uh...

Your favorite shade of pink.

- It is.
- (chuckles)

- (exhales)
- You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine. I just want
to see what it looks like on.

Hey, can we talk about

this whole midwife thing again?

- Honey, we've been over this.
- Yeah, I know.

I'm just saying.

I mean, you know,
I was born in a hospital,

you were born in a hospital.

I know, but I really want
to do it here.

EVE: I mean,
Tanya birthed her twins at home.

And she said that
these two women

she used were amazing.

- Okay.
- (cell phone rings)

- Hey.
- (phone ringing)

Hi, Mom. Merry Chri...

EVE: Okay.

Someone from
something-something... Penske?

On Christmas Day?

DENNY: Hello.

- (laughs)
- DENNY: Yeah, hi.

What is this hat?

ENZO: They say dogs
can't see color.

DENNY: Oh, Okay.

ENZO: Apparently,
neither could Denny.

DENNY: Yeah, I'll, um,
hear back from you again, okay.


EVE. What is it?

That was Judd Murphy
from Team Penske.

He's down a driver

and he just offered me a seat
in the 24 Hours of Daytona.

That's good, right?

Good? I mean, it's great!

DENNY: It's Daytona.

This is the shot
I've been wanting.

DENNY: This could change
everything for me.

Oh, my God, Denny, that's great!


It's the last weekend
of January.

So? The due date
isn't till February 15th.

That's cutting it awful close.

Hey, what if you came
with me? Huh?

We don't have to fly.

Denny. I'm not driving
to Florida.

- (Denny sighs)
- But you have to do this.

There is nothing to debate here.

This is your shot.

If you finish well,

all these doors start to open.

You're not worried
about timing... at all?

When have you known me
to be early for anything?

(groaning and screaming)

ENZO: I didn't know a human
could make such sounds.

(Eve screaming)

ENZO: Denny missed it
all however,

as he was driving through
the night at Daytona.

Denny Swift in the #22 car

putting in
a tremendous performance,

considering the team was
in 10th place.

You're doing wonderfully, Eve.

(Eve screaming)

Approaching hour 17

of this marathon race,
and the rain is really pouring.

EVE: I want to talk to Denny.
Can you call him?

Just keep pushing, okay?

ANNOUNCER: With Swift back
in the #22 car,

he's snapping at the heels
of car #17.

MIDWIFE: One more push.


ANNOUNCER: Unbelievable!
Denny Swift has taken the lead

in a magnificent show of skill.

- (baby crying)
- Oh, hi, sweet girl.

You're nice and warm.

MIDWIFE: All right. We'll give
you two some time alone.

- Thank you.
- (chuckles) You're welcome.

Oh! Shoo now, pup!

No, he can stay.

Yeah. Oh...

EVE: Enzo.

ENZO: The scent was...


Come here, sweet boy. Come here.

ENZO: I had never encountered
a creature quite so beautiful.


this is Enzo.

He's your family, too.

And he'll always protect you.

(baby coos)

- (brakes screech)
- (Enzo barking)

(Enzo barking)

DENNY: Hey, how is everything?
She's okay?

Hi! She's fine.
Yes, just fine. (laughs)

- DENNY: Hey.
- (Trish sighs)

DENNY: Yeah.

She's been waiting
for her daddy.

I should've been here.

EVE: Honey, she's a day old.

DENNY: I know, but still...

You're here now.

EVE: This is why we met.

To make
this perfect little thing.

- (kisses)
- (Zoë coos)

EVE: I still don't understand.

DENNY: We lost.
It's no big deal.

We were leading by a lap
going into the last stint.

And... I told Murph
I felt up to finishing, but...

the sponsors were pressuring him

to go with this
wonder kid from California

who'd been doing
a bunch of press lately.

Ten minutes in,
the kid hit the wall.

Totaled the car.

But you drove well.

Yeah, it doesn't really mean
a whole lot

if your team doesn't finish.

It's okay.

There's gonna be other races.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Oh, Zoë. You okay?

Where is she?
It's been too long!

(both laughing)

ENZO: The twins,
who rarely visited,

now stopped by frequently
to clutter our home

with garish gifts.

Denny pretended not to mind,

but something about the zebra

put me ill at ease.

Look at those pretty eyes.

Hello, baby girl.

- Dad, she needs a change.
- Oh, I'll do it!

- EVE: Yeah?
- (Trish chuckling)

Yeah, Grandma's got you.


- It's coming along.
- Thanks.

I watched some of that race
of yours, by the way.

How's that boy doing,
the one who crashed?

We've had
this conversation before.

Still, you have a daughter now.

MAXWELL: Say, for instance,
you get seriously injured,

or God forbid, killed...

- I won't.
- You can't promise that.

Yes, I can.

I promise you
that I will always provide

for Eve and Zoë,
no matter what.

And I swear to you
that I will put my safety first,

even if that means
losing every race that I enter.

TRISH: Bye. Bye, honey.
Love you.

(door closes)

ENZO: It amazed me,
the power exerted

by a creature as tiny
as our little Zoë.

A power she wielded
over me as well...

with no more effort

than the earth
does the moon in its orbit.

(indistinct chattering)

(Zoë cooing and laughing)

ENZO: I was an integral figure
in her entertainment,

leaping after tennis balls

and scrambling back
to catch them

then dancing
like a four-legged clown

to catch them again.

- Run!
- (Enzo barks)

DENNY: Whoa!

(Eve laughing)

- You ready, birthday girl?
- (giggling)

Okay, here we go.

ENZO: I was so immersed
in her world

that I'd lose count
of the weeks and months.

Ready, steady...

- go!
- (Zoë inhales sharply)

(all cheering)

ENZO: And when she would
tell her playmates

that I was her big brother,

my heart would swell with pride.

Hot potato!

- EVE: Whoa!
- (Zoë laughing)

- Ahh!
- Stinky Drawers!

DENNY: Oh! She's coming in.

Go! She's coming in hot!

Good boy.

(Zoë giggling)

(Denny laughing)

ZOË: Everyone has to wait
their turn for a snack,

even zebras.

Right, teacher?

- Daddy!
- Hi!


Hey, I'm sorry I missed
your dance recital.

Mommy told me all about it.

- Did you win?
- No, sweet pea, not this one.

- ZOË: Better?
- (chuckles)

- You have no idea.
- (giggles)


Thanks for taking care
of our girls, Enz.

Okay, so what do we got here?

ZOË: Well, this is
my second-grade class.

DENNY: Feels like I'm always
at the track

or getting on a plane.

EVE: Feels that way
for me too sometimes.

(pills clatter)

It'll get easier.

You okay?

Just a headache.
I was up late grading papers.

It wasn't supposed
to take this long, you know.

Dream's always been Formula One,
but it feels...

like I'm just kind
of treading water.


no race was ever won
on the first corner.

(chuckles softly) Yeah.

You still love it, don't you?

Yeah, of course. Yeah.

Maybe that's not enough.

I don't know.

Apex offered me a seat
at Laguna Seca for next weekend.

I told them I needed to think
about it.

You're just tired.


ENZO: I spent a sleepless night

what Denny had said.

Quit racing?

He was a racecar driver
the way I was a dog.

It was his nature.

His destiny.

MAN: (on TV) According
to Mongolian folklore,

the dogs are able to see
into the spirit world...

EVE: Zoë, honey, dinner's ready!

I want to wait for Daddy.

EVE: Daddy's teaching tonight.

- Five more minutes?
- EVE: Ugh!

Okay. Enzo, dinner!


ENZO: And then all my worries

about Denny were eclipsed
by a smell.

An odor coming from her ears
and sinuses like...


Like rotting wood.

Given a facile tongue,
I could have warned her.

Don't give me
a hard time, too, buddy.

ENZO: Instead, all I could do
was watch and feel empty inside

because there was nothing
I could do to help her.

In the zebra's mute stare,

I could sense it mocking
my predicament.

Eve had assigned me
to protect Zoë.

(exhales softly)

But no one had been
assigned to protect Eve.

(car door opens and closes)


Hey, hey, shh.
You're gonna wake up Zoë.

Come on.

(car revving on TV)

Since when do you
watch my in-cars?

How come you go through
the turns

so much faster than
the other cars?


most drivers are afraid
of the rain,

because it's
an unpredictable element.

They're forced to react to it.

And if they're reacting
at speed...

then they're probably too late,
so they should be afraid of it.

Well, I'm afraid
just watching it.

Yeah, but if you intentionally
make the car do something,

you don't have to predict.

You control the outcome.

So, you skid the car
before it skids itself?



When I'm in a racecar,

I'm the creator
of my own destiny.

"That which you manifest
is before you."

Create your own conditions

and rain is just rain.

(Denny chuckles softly)

Tomorrow morning you're gonna
call the folks at Apex

and you're gonna tell them

that you'll see them
in Laguna Seca.

And you can't give up, not ever.

Not for us.

Not for anyone.

EVE: Promise me.

I promise.

ENZO: At that moment,

I finally understood
Denny's love for Eve

and why for so long

I had been afraid
to love her myself.

She was
my unpredictable element.

She was my rain.

ANNOUNCER: It's looking
to be a beautiful day here

at Laguna Seca Raceway
in Salinas, California.

We have a deep field
of 43 GT cars

and an impressive roster

- of drivers.
- (object clatters)

(Eve retching)


(clears throat)

(continues retching)

- Mommy?
- EVE: Go pack your bag.

We're gonna
to Grandma and Grandpa's

for a few days
until Daddy gets home. Okay?

Are you feeling sick?

I just really need to rest.

EVE: Please?




Come on.

ENZO: It all happened so fast.

(door lock clicks)

In five minutes they were gone.

But I wasn't gone.

I was still there.

Denny always said panic's
a driver's worst enemy.

So, I did not panic.

I did not overcorrect or freeze,

even though I knew
Denny wouldn't be home

for at least another two days.

But I'm a dog.

And when God denied dogs
the use of thumbs,

He gave us the ability
to survive

without food
for extended periods.

So, although a thumb
would've been very helpful,

allowing me to turn a doorknob,
for instance,

my second-best tool
was my ability

to go without food.

The longer
my isolation continued,

the more anxious I became.

- What if Denny never returned?
- (indistinct chatter on TV)

With only a limited supply
of drinking water,

I had no way of knowing

how long I'd have
to make it last.

I sustained myself
with the odd stray Cheerio

Zoë had dropped...

and suffered the indignity

of relieving myself
on the mat...

waiting for my ordeal to end.

(car door closes)


(thunder rumbling)

ENZO: It was roughly 40 hours
into my solitude

when I think
I began to hallucinate.

I'd just discovered
some remnants of spilled yogurt

when I heard a noise.


(rock music playing)

It was the zebra.

(barks and growls)

I stalked the creature

as it performed
its brutal burlesque

not sure how much more

- I could abide.
- (toy squeaks)

(barks and growls)

(fabric rips)




(laughs mockingly)

ENZO: I ran out, hoping what
I had seen was only in my mind,

a demonic vision
driven by lack of glucose.

(thunder rumbling)

But somehow,
I knew that it was true

and that something terrible
had happened.

(TV playing in background)

(keys jingle)

Anyone home?

Enz, hey.

What are you doing? Come here.

(Enzo grunts softly)

DENNY: Enzo, come here!


Come here, bud. Hey.

What happened?

Where is everyone?


Are Eve and Zoë still there?

Can I talk to her?

Yeah. I'm at the house.
Enzo is here.

Wait, Eve, wait, hold...

He's been here the whole time?

DENNY: I thought you took him
with you!

No, I got to go.
I got to take care of him.

The mat was the only place
you used, huh?

Come here, bud.

There you go.

- ZOË: Daddy, I missed you!
- DENNY: Oh! I missed you, too.

ZOË: Can I say hi to my animals?

DENNY: Yeah, go up.

I'm just trying to understand.

Ugh. I felt so sick
I wasn't thinking.

The doctor thinks
it's maybe something viral.

Hi, buddy. Hi.

Enz, I'm so sorry.

- I'm so sorry.
- (Zoë screams)

(gasps) Zoë?

ZOË: Something happened
to my animals!

- (Zoë crying)
- DENNY: This is a mess.

I don't understand
why he'd do this.

Zoë, stop crying.

I'm gonna go find him.

Get over here.

- Get over here!
- (whines)

Bad dog! Come on!

Look what you did.
Look what you did!

DENNY: You see that?
Why would you do that?

DENNY: Bad dog!

- You stupid dog!
- Denny, stop!

EVE: What are you doing?

ENZO: I had only one thought:

The zebra must have
reassembled itself

and attacked the remaining
animals after I left.

I should've destroyed the demon
when I had the chance.

I should've eaten it,
even if it killed me.

(Zoë sobbing)

I'm so sorry, Enz.

I promise I'll never do
that again.

DENNY: You're a tough old dog.

Come on.

Come on.

I won, by the way.

Like first in class?

First overall.

- (gasping)
- Plus, a permanent seat

in the Apex prototype.

EVE: Oh, my God, Denny!
Oh, my God!

(laughs) They want me down
in Sonoma

to start training
with the team right away.

I'm so proud of you.

I was thinking
we could all go on the road?

- Yes.
- Maybe at least for the summer?

Yeah, go to all the races
and everything?

ENZO: In racing, your car goes
where your eyes go.

A driver who cannot tear
his gaze from the wall

will inevitably meet that wall.

But the driver
who looks down the track

as he feels
his tires break free,

that driver
will maintain control

of his car and his destiny.

I realized this was
what Denny had done.

He had manifested a win

because he knew we needed one.

(indistinct chatter)

EVE: Keys.

- Okay. I'll call you tonight.
- Okay.

Bye, bud. Hey, kiddo,
I need that.

(chuckles) Let's see.

Thank you. Thank you.

- Have fun.
- Bye.

ZOË: Bye, Daddy!

(cell phone ringing)

- Hi, Mom.
- TRISH: (on phone) Hi.

I wanted to see
how you're feeling.

I'm fine. Much better.

I'm taking Enzo for a hike
while Zoë's at school.

I need to get into shape,
I feel so gross.

TRISH: Honey,
you're frail as a whippet.

Is Denny out of town again?

Mom, I'm not getting into this.
I hear enough about it from Dad.

TRISH: Sweetheart,
I'm really just asking.

I know.

Um, I got to go.
I'll call you later. I love you.

- TRISH: I love you.
- Bye.


(exhales sharply)

(breathing heavily)

It's okay.

I'm okay.


ENZO: There are moments
when the urge to speak

is truly maddening.

(Enzo continues barking)

(sirens wailing)

WOMAN: There's a number.

ENZO: Sometimes I hate
what I am.

DENNY: Hey, come on.

Come here.

Yeah... she's gonna be okay.

- Appreciate this, Mike.
- MIKE: No problem, man.

They're talking about
not even doing a biopsy,

just go in and get it...
malignant or not.

MIKE: You, um...

You want me
to call Apex for you?

Nah, I already did.

Told them I'm out
for the season, maybe longer.

I have to be here.

Okay, Enzo, you're gonna bunk
with Uncle Mike tonight.

What do you say about that?

You be good for Mike, okay?

See you in a couple days.

ENZO: I would have done
anything to stay with him.

But being a dog,

I was not allowed
into the hospital

to hear the diagnosis
or the options being discussed.

I was almost ten years old

but no one confided in me,

or expected anything except
that I control my barking

and do my business outside.

(indistinct chatter)

Somewhere the zebra was dancing.

I thought about escaping.

I wanted to push everyone away

and run off to live
with my ancestors

on the high desert plains
of Mongolia.

I might have, too,
if not for my absolute faith

in Denny's ability
to make things right again.

(indistinct chatter)

She's out of surgery.

Now we just wait and...

see how she responds.

Hey, pal.

ENZO: A transmission gear snaps

The clutch fails.

Brakes go soft from overheating.

The poor driver will crash.

The average driver will quit.

But the great driver
will drive through the problem.

Hey, listen.

I have to teach tomorrow,

so you're gonna go to
Caroline's house after school

and I'll pick you up at six.





When's Mommy gonna come home?

I don't know, pal.

Soon, I hope.

ENZO: The great driver finds
a way to keep racing.

Good night, Daddy.

- Love you.
- Love you, too.


(indistinct chatter)

Oh, what's the matter?
You like grilled cheese.

But it's gonna be cold
by lunchtime.

Give your dad a break.

DENNY: I'm kinda learning
on the job here, kiddo.

Your wife works too, huh?

My mommy's in the hospital.
Her brain got sick.

DENNY: Okay, so I'm gonna
pick you up right after school.

But today's Tuesday.
I have an extended day.

Okay, so what time is that over?

Ask Mommy. She knows.

- Bye, sweetheart.
- Bye.

ZOË: Hi, Mommy.

ENZO: Days became weeks,

and still Eve did not come
home from the hospital.

You're gonna be okay.

ZOË: Everything's gonna be okay.

Maybe you should sit down now.

ENZO: The people who cared
about Denny

made special accommodations.

Mike got him some part-time
work at the garage

and looked after me
whenever Denny asked.


ENZO: And there were
other skills

he was forced to master.

- ZOË: You're hurting me!
- DENNY: Okay.

I'm sorry.

ENZO: Zoë spent
the hot summer days

at a kids' camp
over by Green Lake...

Hi, sweetheart.

ENZO: ...and the occasional
night with the twins.


Here we go.

ENZO: On those nights,

Denny would stay late
at the hospital with Eve.

When we'd come home,
he would be very quiet.


ENZO: And then it would fall
to me to provide what he needed.


ENZO: By autumn,
we'd come to resemble

something like
a seasoned pit crew.

Anticipating, adjusting,

Wait, sweetheart, here.
Here's your lunch.

- Thanks, Daddy.
- Okay, see you later.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Bye, Enzo.


What do you say, Enz?

You're gonna like this one.
You ready?

Hey, Zoë!


ANNOUNCER: (on TV) Benjamin
is going around the outside,

- and it's Wilson and Neal.
- (chuckles) Oh!

No fair.
It's the red car's fault!

DENNY: Well, yes and no.

See, you've got to be in charge
of your position on the track.

That's what
the red car was doing.

At some point, in every race

you got to take a risk
if you want to win.

(in sing-song)
"Slow hands in the fast stuff,

fast hands in the slow stuff."

(chuckles) Oh, my God!

Your mom is gonna kill me.

ENZO: That night,
Denny got the call.

The doctors were finally
allowing Eve to come home,

only she wouldn't be coming home
to us.

Why can't Mommy stay with us?

DENNY: Well, she will soon.

But we thought since
your grandparents

are home all the time,

it'd be best if she just stayed
with them.

Just for now.

Mommy's here!


- Oh, Zoë...
- EVE: That's fine, Mom.

EVE: Oh, my baby.

I've been waiting for this.

Me, too.

(Enzo whines)

It's still her, boy.


EVE: Mmm.

ZOË: "And it was snowing
on a squirrel,

it was snowing on a beaver

and it was snowing on everyone.

But then he said,

'Oh, look, just as we thought.'

And Boggan said, 'Whishhhh.'

Charles wrote his wish
on a piece of paper."

DENNY: I don't understand.
What exactly are you asking?

Maxwell and I think Zoë
should stay here with us.

At least until...

Until what?

Are we just assuming now
that she's not gonna make it?

MAXWELL: We're all praying
for the best,

but you heard
what her doctor said.

This might be the only time
Zoë has with her mother.

TRISH: I can drive her to
and from school.

Or you can.

TRISH: Whatever you want.

And you're welcome
to stay here, too.

We just didn't think that you...

It's really up to you.

I'll talk about it with Eve.

DENNY: Come on.

They just want to help us,

I know.

What matters is what you want.

I want my old life back.

Has my dad been any better
with you?

He promised he would be.

Yeah, he's fine.
We're fine, really. You just...

You just keep focused on you.

Knock wood, in a few weeks
I'll get some strength back

and we can both come home again.



I want you
to start racing again.

You've been away
from it for too long.

We'll see.

I can't be the reason
that you quit.

You promised me
that you wouldn't quit.

DENNY: I won't.

I won't.

Get some sleep...


I love you.

I love you so much.

ENZO: It must be so difficult
being a person.

Sometimes I doubt my ability
to interact on such a level,

but I know it's required
if I'm to become the human

I hope to be.

Take care of our girls, Enzo.

ENZO: I stayed awake
all that night

and many others that followed.

The demon was coming for Eve.

But he would have
to get through me first.

Only once the others awoke

did I dare relinquish
my guard duties.

Lazy dog.

ENZO: On some nights,
Denny kept watch with me.

But he couldn't rest
in the morning.


- I got it, I got it. Okay.
- He had to stay strong for Zoë.

Tug-o-war. What about this one?

(both laughing)

DENNY: We've got a tug-o-war.

DENNY: Which one's he gonna get?
Which one's he gonna get?

(Enzo barking)

(Denny grunting)

Here it goes! I got it.
It's over there!

Enz, come here.

Good boy.

- TRISH: Remember?
- ZOË: Yeah.

ENZO: His endurance
knew no limits.

DENNY: Ah, hey...

- a tennis racket.
- TRISH: Yeah!

TRISH: And Grandpa got you
lessons at our club

on Wednesday afternoons.
Won't that be fun?

Actually, Wednesday's
not that good for me.

I'm at the garage all day.

That's all right.
We can drive you, Zoë, right?

- Yeah!
- Yeah.

ENZO: And when Eve's parents
doted on Zoë, he let them.

He understood this was their way
of pushing out of their minds

what was happening
to their own daughter.

(indistinct chattering)

ENZO: A task that was,
of course, impossible.

DENNY: Hey, I'm back.
Where are you guys?


(music playing on stereo)

- Hi.
- Surprise!

DENNY: (laughs)
What's the surprise?

Just come.

EVE: We decided to have a party.

We're having a party?

I think
I'm a little underdressed.

You look incredibly handsome.

Are you sure you're up for this?

I want to come home.

I want you home.

So bad, you have no idea.

(music continues playing)

Do you see?

EVE: Do you?

I'm not afraid of it anymore.

Because I know it's not the end.

But you knew that, didn't you?

You know everything.

ENZO: Not everything, no.

(Eve exhales deeply)

ENZO: But I know this:

Eve's last breath
freed her soul.

I saw it leave, myself.

Released to continue
its journey elsewhere.

(Denny sniffles)


DENNY: That's nice.

That's a baby game.

I have to be a grownup now.

(sighs deeply)

Trish just fixed Zoë something
to eat.

Thank you.

(sighs) All those people.

All her old friends.

Students of hers.

Yeah, everyone loved her.

I thought I'd be ready,
you know?

I mean,
I knew it was coming, but...

I wasn't ready.

Not at all.

Well, to be honest,
Denny, that's...

what's concerning us a little.

That you haven't made
any preparations.

You don't seem to have
a plan in place.

Plan? I don't...

Zoë's eating an egg
and some toast.

We just started.

Oh, I thought...

I'm sorry, started what?

Can one of you tell me
what exactly is going on here?


and I have been talking, and...

we were wondering if maybe

the best situation
for all of us involved

might be if Zoë continued
to live here with us.

(scoffs) What?

She needs stability right now.

And, frankly, we don't think
you're in a position

to provide that.

MAXWELL: Not if you're
gonna return to racing.

Are you gonna go back to racing?

Of course, yeah.

- Not right away, but...
- And when you do,

who's gonna take care
of Zoë then?

I will.

- Like you did Eve?
- Maxwell!

What the hell is that supposed
to mean?

Denny, please,
none of us has the heart

to argue about this right now.

Maybe if you'd been around more,

you'd have noticed
something was wrong.

Maybe it could've been caught
in time.

TRISH: That's not true!

He's upset, Denny,
he's just upset.

You don't think
that I asked the doctors

that question a thousand times?

We all know there's nothing
anybody could've done.

That's not what this is about.

Zoë is coming home with me.
End of discussion!

We just want to consider
what's best for Zoë.

What's best for Zoë
is that she is with her father.

And if you want to have
any relationship with her,

I suggest you stop pushing
this issue right now!

See, what'd I tell you?

But you could still be
in her life,

just as much as you want to.

We have the time and the money
to care for her

the way Eve would have wanted.

You can continue to pursue
your racing full-time.

I'm done.
I'm done listening to this.

You're giving us
no other choice.

you promised me you wouldn't!


DENNY: Are you kidding me?

I just buried my wife

and you're suing me
for custody of my daughter?!

(sobs) Denny, I'm so sorry.

This is not at all
what we thought...

ZOË: Finished my egg.

Sweetheart, go inside
and pack your things.

We're gonna go home right now.

Everything's fine, honey.

Your dad has some things
to take care of,

so you'll stay with us for now.

Zoë, go and get your stuff.
We're leaving.

Who the hell
do you think you are?

MAXWELL: You can't do this alone
and you know it.

What happens when
you're back to disappearing

for days on end
at those races of yours?

You're on a plane every weekend.

You missed her birth,
for Christ sakes!

You're not taking her.

- (grunts)
- Oh, my God.


- Are you...
- I'm fine.

I said I'm fine!

Denny, please let her stay.

Just for now.

The lawyers could come up
with a compromise!


We'll come back later
for your dolls, okay?


Get in the car, sweetheart.

You're making a big mistake!

Enzo, get in.

Not now, Enzo.


What? Okay.

(chatter on TV)

ENZO: I didn't know what was on.

I only knew he needed
a distraction.

It was something Eve used to do
when Denny was down.

Okay, you crazy dog.

ENZO: It turned out to be
the 1989 Luxembourg Grand Prix

in which the Irish driver
Kevin Finnerty York

finished victorious
while driving the final 20 laps

with only two gears.

A true champion
can accomplish things

a normal person
would consider impossible.

Denny just needed
to remember that.

DENNY: Thanks for taking
my call at home, Mark.

You're the only lawyer
that I know.

And you're the only mechanic
I trust.


MARK: Relax, Denny.

From what you told me
on the phone,

this is open-and-shut.

- Where is your daughter now?
- She wanted to go to school.

- Should I have kept her at home?
- No, that's good.

You're responding to her needs.

They're trying to claim
you're an unfit parent

because of the intrinsic
dangers of your occupation.

It's a totally bogus suit.

Can't imagine why they
even bothered to file it.

I'll demand a summary judgment
and that'll be that.

You're saying
there's not even a chance.

This is Washington State.

The child is always awarded
to the biological parent.

- No question.
- (breathes deeply)

- Afternoon, Officers.
- You Dennis Swift?

I'll just check if he's still
in the back.

I'm Denny Swift.

Would you step out
from behind the counter, sir?


We have a warrant
for your arrest.

DENNY: Some kind of joke?

Place your hands on the counter
and spread your legs.

- Okay.
- (Enzo barking)

Hey, buddy, it's okay.

DENNY: Can you tell me
how long this will take?

You have the right
to remain silent...

I need to pick my daughter
up from school.

I can pick her up for you.

No, call Mark Finn.

- He'll know what to do.
- Do you understand your rights?

- Yeah, I understand.
- This way, please.

Call Mark Finn.


TONY: What are you
arresting him for?

ENZO: I'd only felt
such helplessness once before.

The day Eve collapsed
in the woods.

MARK: Coffee tomorrow morning,
8:30 sharp.

We'll go over everything then,
all right?

All right.

We tried picking Zoë up
from school, but...

I know, her grandparents got
to her first.

They timed this thing
on purpose, man.

Come on.

Thanks, Mike.

MARK: Fourth-degree assault
is a gross misdemeanor,

so it's unlikely
you'll see any real jail time.

But we both know
that's not what this is about.

There's almost no chance
you'll be awarded custody

- if you're convicted.
- (scoffs)

Now, because
of the criminal charges,

the judge granted
a temporary restraining order.

That means you're looking
at 90 days

before you can see Zoë again.


DENNY: No, I can't not see...

MARK: You're gonna have to.

Eve's parents already filed
a motion

to terminate your rights.

Mark, this is crazy.
He grabbed me.

Any witnesses?

Trish, I guess,
but her back was to us.

DENNY: I can talk to her.

No, do not speak to either
of them, I mean it.

You'll jeopardize
your entire case.

Now, to explain your absence
to Zoë

we have agreed to invent a story

about you driving
for a team in Europe.

I also managed to negotiate
a letter exchange.

Ninety days!

ENZO: The injustice
was unbearable.

First, Denny lost Eve,

and now he would be deprived
of Zoë, too.

Denny struggled
as the weeks passed.

(chuckles softly)

ENZO: While I very much wish
to be human,

there is one advantage to being
a dog that I will miss.

What do you think, Enz?


ENZO: It is this:

A dog can power down his psyche
and slow his metabolism.

He can sit for hours on end
with no effort.

A dog can change
the tempo of the world,

but people are at its mercy.

(phone ringing)


MARK: (on phone)
What's the deal with the dog?

- Huh?
- MARK: The dog.

Zoë's been asking
her grandparents to see the dog.

Of course, she can see Enzo.

Tell her he's been staying
at Mike's

and I can have Mike
drop Enzo off this weekend.

- MARK: Okay. I'll float it.
- Okay.

Thanks, Mark.

MARK: Listen, my secretary says
we sent you an invoice.

Yeah, I paid that.

MARK: That was
your prior invoice.

I realize you can't leave
the state,

so racing is not an option.

But I have people working
on this...

paralegals, support staff.

Yeah, I know, Mark. I'll...

find a way to pay you.


ENZO: It was hard to comprehend

this turn our lives had taken.

(Zoë giggles)

Come here, Enz!

Make sure you wipe his paws off
before he comes in.

Grandma just had
the carpets cleaned.

Okay. (giggling)

(singing) Hey, little Enzo
So nice to see you...

I miss Daddy. Don't you?

ENZO: For the first time
in my life,

I was glad I couldn't talk.

I wouldn't know
what to tell her.


ENZO: After Zoë went to sleep,

I took the opportunity
to spy on the twins.

The man put me on the ground.

I cracked a rib, for God's sake.

You saw what happened!

The lawyer said
the whole case hinges

on you corroborating
my statement.

You need to testify.

ENZO: Inside me
a darkness was brewing.

Just remember
who we're doing this for, okay?

Our granddaughter.
That's all that matters.

ENZO: And I was not above
using the tools of my dogness

to exact justice.


You like pepper?


ENZO: I knew that pepper
was bad for me,

but I ate it anyway.

Good, huh?

ENZO: After all,
I'm just a stupid dog.

It's the second longest
bull market we've ever seen.

Potential sellers
have not bailed out.

ENZO: I watched and I waited...

(Enzo's stomach growling) in my stomach
a foul concoction steeped.

(Enzo farting)


MAXWELL: Come on.
We got to go outside, come on.

(stomach growling)

Come on. Let's go,
let's get busy, come on!

Come on, let's go,
let's get busy.

Oh, no, no. No!

- No, no, no, no!
- (defecating)

MAXWELL: Trish! Get down here!

The dog just took a liquid dump
on the carpet!

MAXWELL: Where's the bucket?

Ohhh, God.

Can you get down here?

ENZO: You get busy, mister.

Your eyes are already forward,
looking at that next turn.

- Mmm-hmm.
- Give me a second, okay?

What happened?

I thought they were keeping him
until tonight.

MIKE: Yeah.
From what I understand,

Enzo wasn't exactly
the ideal houseguest.

Okay. Well,
we're almost finished up here.

ENZO: It'd been years
since these old eyes

had seen a live track.

I didn't realize
just how much I'd missed it.

I even felt the tug
of my old dream

of driving in a real racecar
alongside him.

KITCH: All right,
let's checker the session,

clear the track!

All the students
to the grandstand.

Nobody head home yet.

Hey, Denny, got a minute?

DENNY: Give me a second.


Don, how are you?
Good to see you.

KITCH: Good to see you.

This is Luca Pantoni
from Ferrari.

He's visiting us from Italy.

- Denny Swift.
- PANTONI: Pleasure.

Is this the new model?

Yeah, direct from the factory.

It's even better-looking
in person.

You know,
I saw you race once. In Daytona.

Yeah, that was a tough one.

Luca was hoping
you could show him the track.

Yes, sir.

(engine revving)

(people whooping, cheering)

MIKE: Who is that?

Head of driver development
from Ferrari in Italy.

MAN: Whoo-hoo!

I figure it'll take him a lap
to get comfortable

but next time by
it'll be a flyer.

- (chuckles)
- Follow me.

- MIKE: Come on, Enz.
- Up here, guys. Bring it in.

Now watch. You're getting
a master class here.

(tires screeching)

That said, any of you
ever drive like that,

I will black flag you
so fast your head'll spin.

Denny's a professional.

(tires squealing)

MAN: Whoo!

- How was it?
- (chuckles softly)

- That was incredible.
- Ha!

You deserve it.

- All right, show's over!
- What'd you think, huh, boy?

KITCH: See everybody tomorrow!

You're a Ferrari guy.
Isn't she a beaut?

I would like to offer you a job.

I work in Maranello,

the factory headquarters,

and we have
a wonderful track there.

You'd be testing the cars.

Thank you, Mr. Pantoni, but...

there are certain things

that keep me from leaving
the country right now.

Don explained to me
all about your troubles.

But if your situation
should change,

my phone is on the card.

It was a pleasure.

DENNY: Thank you, sir.

Come on.

(engine revving)

He's asked
about you over the years.

When I told him what you
went through with Eve,

- he said he wanted to hire you.
- Huh.

All I know is, he respects
how you're fighting

for your daughter.

And what if I don't win?

KITCH: There's no dishonor
in losing the race,

there's only dishonor
in not racing

because you're afraid to lose.

Now go find your students,
get back on the track.

That's where you belong.

(clicks tongue) Come on.

ENZO: Ninety days seemed
an eternity, even for me.

But at long last,
day 90 arrived.

- Hey.
- Daddy!


Hi. (chuckles)

- Enzo!
- (Enzo barking)

MARK: I'll be back
for her by six.

DENNY: Okay.

- Take care.
- Thanks.


- Mmm. Missed you.
- ZOË: Missed you.

Come on. I made something
special for dinner.

(utensils clattering)


Are you gonna go back
to Europe soon?

- No, not yet, sweetheart.
- Yay.

But, Zo, you need to stay
with your grandparents

for just a little while longer,

No, I want to come home.

I know you do.

And I want you to
more than anything, but...

the lawyers still need
to make a decision

about where it's best
for you to live.

Okay? That's just part
of what happens

when someone's mommy dies.

Just tell them.

Tell them I want to live
back home with you and Enzo.

DENNY: Okay.

I'll tell them.

- Bye, Daddy.
- Bye, baby.

(Denny sighs)

You'll get her every other
weekend until the trial.

After that...

It's all or nothing.

(tapping on glass)

Look, Denny...

I know this isn't what you
want to hear right now...

but their attorney
made it clear to me.

The suit, the criminal charges,
it can all go away tomorrow,

if you dropped
your custody claim to Zoë.

Now, I have an obligation
to make sure you understand...

we have leverage now.

I'm talking visitation,

Things we're gonna have
a much harder time securing,

if you're found guilty
of assault

and Zoë's grandparents
are awarded custody.


I'm not saying we can't win.

We might.

But we could also lose. Big.

Can't lose, Mark.

Denny, anyone can lose.

You, of all people,
should know that.

Look, just...

just give it some thought.

(car door closes)

(car engine starts)

ENZO: I knew
what Denny was thinking.

If he just had
a steering wheel to hold onto,

his hands wouldn't shake.

"Just you and me, Enzo."

That's what he'd always say
when we'd take our night runs.

Come on, Enz! Let's go.

ENZO: But not that night.

We were together, but alone.

I began to devise a plan.

We'd drive
to Zoë's school one day,

pick her up unannounced

and then head straight
for Montreal,

where they host
a Grand Prix every summer.


Enzo, stay where you are!

Enzo, no!

- (Enzo whimpers)
- (Denny gasps)

Oh, God!

- I... I didn't see him!
- It's not your fault.

ENZO: It was mine. Stupid.

- Is he okay?
- DENNY: He's still breathing.

- Um...
- ENZO: I'm so stupid.

Let's get him in your car.


ENZO: Your car goes
where your eyes go.

How could I forget?

Ayrton Senna did not have
to die at Imola.

That's what I was thinking
on the way to the hospital.

He struck the concrete barrier

at the Tamburello corner
at 190 miles an hour.

But, by all accounts,
he would've survived

if not for a small piece
of suspension

that managed
to penetrate his helmet.

Straight to the back.

ENZO: But I know the truth.

Senna died that day

because his body
had served its purpose.

His soul had learned
what it came here to learn.

And I knew that
if I had already learned

what I was meant to...

I too would be gone.

But apparently,
I still had work to do.

DOCTOR: Fair amount
of internal bleeding.

Also, some renal damage.

He is very lucky.

It could have been far worse.

I have to be honest
with you, Mr. Swift.

An old dog like yours,

this kind of injury's often
the beginning of the end.

X-rays, sedative, pain meds

and nighttime emergency fee
comes to $812.

Thank you.

(machine beeps)

NURSE: I'm sorry,
your card was declined.


Okay, um... here's my debit.

(machine beeps)

Uh, it says insufficient funds.

Is there a problem?

Uh, I deposited my paycheck
today, so it...

probably just needs to clear.

I do have some cash. I have...


I can go to the bank
first thing in the morning

and bring the rest by then.

It's fine. These things happen.

Write a receipt for the $300,
leave a note for Susan

to invoice
the balance in the morning.


are you okay
if I keep just twenty of it?

Thank you.

DENNY: You ready to go home?
Huh, pal?

ENZO: The medication kept me

in a near-constant dream state
for weeks

which I confess came
as a relief.

(audience cheering faintly)

Anything to replace that look
I'd seen on Denny's face.

MARK: It's not for me to say

whether it's the right decision
or not.

But, for what it's worth,

I support you
on this a hundred percent.

Me, too.

You're doing
what you have to do.

Zoë will understand
when she's older.

The visitation schedule
will be as we discussed.

Plus, three weeks in the summer,

a week at Christmas,
and the April school break.

But what about the charges?

MARK: They'll be dropped

Like I said, Denny,
we had leverage.

ENZO: A sharp panic rose
in my throat.

- I need a pen.
- ENZO: Was I still dreaming?

Who was this person,
this imposter?

What had he done with Denny?

Sorry. Only one I could find.

ENZO: And then all was revealed.

Mmm, it wasn't Denny.

It was the zebra.

I'd been in a position
to prevent the demon

from destroying Zoë's toys

and I'd failed.

I knew I had to stop it,

but how?

Enzo! Give me those papers!

Come here!

- TONY: Where'd he go?
- MIKE: Out the window!

(Tony laughing)

DENNY: Enzo,
you give me those papers!

It's not funny, Tony.
Enzo, drop it! No!

(Mike laughing)

I mean, it's kind of funny.

Okay, you made your point.
you made your point.

(Mike and Tony laughing)

Call their lawyers.

Tell 'em we'll see 'em in court.

DENNY: I'm with Enzo
on this one.

You're sure?

I made Eve a promise.

I'm not quitting.

Man, I got to get me a dog.

(all chuckling)

(indistinct chatter)

ENZO: Denny was prepared
to risk everything.

Lose the case
and he would lose Zoë.

His breathing that morning
struck me as unusual.

(exhales sharply)

ENZO: Deep inhalations,
quick exhalations.

It was a sound I recognized.

It was the way he breathed
just before a race.

This is it, Enz.

(doorbell ringing)

It's Tony.

Hey, man. Thanks for coming by.

I would've brought him
by the shop,

but he hasn't been doing
too good lately.

TONY: Yeah, poor little guy.

DENNY: Hey, Enz,
look who's here. It's Tony!

Hey, Enz, buddy.
How you doing, hmm?

- Good luck, Den.
- Thanks, man. Yeah.

- You want to watch TV?
- (barks softly)

ENZO: Dogs are not allowed
in court,

so I was forced to imagine
what was happening across town.

I invented whole scenes
in my head

fueled by Denny's nightly
retelling of the day's events

as well as my own admittedly
melodramatic sensibility.

Objection, Your Honor!

ENZO: Perhaps it was
my advanced age

but I found my imagination
increasingly prone to wandering.

No, sir,
I most definitely did not.

ENZO: Until...

(phone ringing)

MAN 1: (on TV) Isn't it
possible at some point

- you decided to speed up?
- (barking)

MAN 2: Your Honor, I object.
Asked and answered.

MAN 1: How?!


Yeah. (clears throat)

MAN 1: (on TV) You don't even
remember killing...

Um, I'm on my way.

TONY: Something's happened, bud.

- You want to come?
- (barks)

What's going on, Den?

ENZO: With some effort,
I was able to decipher

what had happened.

So help me God.

ENZO: Today was the day
Trish had testified.

Can you please tell the court
about the alleged assault?

TRISH: It happened the way
my husband said it did.

PROSECUTOR: So, you personally
witnessed Dennis Swift

throw your husband,
a man 20 years his senior,

o the ground

fracturing a rib
and very nearly his wrist?


PROSECUTOR: Thank you.
No further questions.


You can step down now.

JUDGE: I'm going to suggest
that we take a brief recess here

while I review all of
the testimony and materials.

(stutters) I can't.

(people murmuring)

Excuse me?

I can't!

(stutters) I can't do this.

I thought I could, but I just...

I didn't see anything.

I'm only saying
what you told me to say.

I'm sorry,
but I can't do this anymore.

I know that Denny
loved Eve too much

to ever hurt her father.

Objection. The witness
is clearly speculating.

It's your witness, counselor.

MARK: They dropped the charges.

All of it. Tossed out.

(both laugh)

You did it, Denny.
It's over, man.

- (all laughing)
- (barks)

ENZO: He'd done it.

Denny's risk had paid off.

If a driver has the courage
to create his own conditions...

then the rain is simply rain.


- I missed you.
- DENNY: Oh, I missed you.

(Enzo barking)

ENZO: Zoë was ours again.

Denny had won her back,

and it was a victory
for the ages.

(phone ringing)

Denny, this is Luca Pantoni
returning your call.

Luca, yes, hi.

Thank you for calling me back.

I wanted to let you know
that the...

issues keeping me in the States
have been resolved.

ENZO: I could just picture him

on the terrace
of some magnificent villa.

I can tell by your voice

they were resolved
to your satisfaction.

DENNY: Yes, sir.

And I was wondering if the job
that you'd offered me earlier,

- if that was still available?
- It is.

Then my daughter and I,
and our dog Enzo,

would very much like
to join you in Maranello.

Your dog's name is Enzo?

Yeah, he's a racecar driver
at heart.

Okay, I will have my assistant
make all the arrangements.

Welcome to Ferrari.

We will talk again soon, Denny.




- GIRL: What is it, Zoë?
- KIDS: Wow!

MAN: This is a great party,
look at these gifts, it's great.

- Nice cake, Denny.
- WOMAN: So cute.

- "Wishing for you...
- (doorbell rings)

...a fairy tale birthday."

What'd you get?

- ZOË: Daddy, look!
- Oh, cool.

(sighs) I don't...

If you want me to go, I could...

- ZOË: Grandma!
- TRISH: Hi, sweetheart.

ENZO: I might not have been
as forgiving.

But Denny had Zoë
to think about.

I'd often heard the expression
"to be the better man."

ZOË: Grandpa!

ENZO: Well, I knew
no better man than Denny.

Big number nine.

Big number nine.

All right.

- You ready?
- Ready...

BOTH: steady... go!

- WOMAN: Aw...
- (all cheering)

- Happy birthday.
- Thanks, Daddy.

- Okay, who wants cake?

Yeah? Okay, Grandma,
will you help me with this?

Grab a knife from the kitchen.

ENZO: Sometimes my life
seems like it has been

so long and so short
at the same time.

I feel as if I've lived
for an eternity.

DENNY: Yo, Enz!

ENZO: And yet it's as if no time
has passed at all.

DENNY: Enzo?

ENZO: I hear the worry
in his voice.

DENNY: What happened, pal?

Oh, Enz.

ENZO: I can smell the day
on him.

Motor oil and gasoline
and roast chicken.

Can you get up, bud?

ENZO: I saw a documentary
about Mongolia on TV once.

DENNY: Oh... Okay.

ENZO: In Mongolia,
when a dog dies,

he is buried high in the hills,

so people cannot walk
on his grave.

DENNY: I'm here, buddy.
I'm right here.

ENZO: His master whispers
into the dog's ears

his wishes that in his next life

the dog will return as a man.

Not all dogs return as men,
they say.

Only those who are ready.

Let's get you up.

ENZO: I am ready.


ENZO: I know death is not
the end.

Eve told me so.

And I believe her.

When I return to this world,

I will practically be an adult

the moment I am plucked
from the womb

with all the preparation
I have done.

There he is.

ENZO: I will walk among
my fellow men,

lick my lips
with my small dexterous tongue

and shake hands
with a firm grasp.

DENNY: There's my Enzo.

ENZO: And I will teach people
all that I know.

All that I have learned.

- You okay now?
- ENZO: I'm fine, Denny.

I am.

You've always been with me.

You've always been my Enzo.

DENNY: First time I saw you,

I knew we were supposed
to be together.


I love you, boy.

What are you doing here?

DENNY: I thought we'd go
to the track.

'Cause I have
a surprise for Enzo.

Thanks for arranging this, Don.

We won't be out long.

Take your time.
Track's all yours.


- Have fun.
- Thank you, sweetheart.

Not too tight? Okay.

- You ready?
- (barking)

All right.

Drivers, start your engines.

(starts engine)

ENZO: I have never ever felt
so special.

You did it, man.

Brakes are warm, tires are warm.

What do you say we try
a hot lap, huh?


ENZO: I'd like
to stay out here forever.

- Stay with them forever.
- (giggling)

We're gonna take this one
at speed. You okay?


ENZO: I wish I could glimpse
what awaits them in Maranello.

Denny will be
a wonderful driver for Ferrari.

So wonderful that one day

they will pluck him
from the ranks

to give him a tryout
for their Formula One team.

"Try me," he'll say.

I'd like to see that.

(laughing) Enzo!

ENZO: But we can't have
everything we want.

Besides, the best drivers don't
dwell on the future or the past.

The best drivers
focus only on the present.

You've been a good friend.

A very good friend.

ENZO: The best of friends.

Come here.

We'll be heading home soon.

But for now,
all I want is one more lap.

Just one more.

I'll bark again so he knows.


Faster, Denny.


(announcer speaking Italian
on PA)

(all speaking in Italian)

(man speaking Italian)

(in English) Dad!

There's some people
who want to meet you.

- Uh...
- Come on, they're big fans.

I think you'd really like them.

You're the boss.

(both speaking in Italian)

MAN: (in English)
We are your biggest fans.

Your daughter said that
you would not mind.

No, of course not.

My son,
he talks about you always.

(speaks Italian)

He races the go-karts.
He's very good.

Bene. Va bene.

Oh, could you please sign
the program?


We are going to watch the race
from the infield tomorrow.


(speaking Italian)



(speaking Italian)

(in English)
My name is Enzo.

MAN: He wants to be a champion.

Like you.

Mi scusi.

(in English) Your son reminds
me of an old friend of mine.

My phone number in Maranello.

When you think your son
is ready, give me a call.

DENNY: I'll make sure
he gets proper instruction.

He talks about you always.

MAN: He says that you are
the greatest driver ever.

Better even than Senna.

(both laugh)

Well, he's a racecar driver
at heart.

Grazie! Grazie mille!



Come on.