The Act III: Moment of Truth The End (2018) - full transcript

Kwon Ji Yong is a full length documentary that reveals the real Kwon Ji Yong AKA G-Dragon, the leader of one of the most successful K-pop bands in history, BIGBANG. As the camera follows him throughout his last solo tour before he heads to the military, never-before-seen intimate footage bears naked the inner struggles and the challenges of living under the microscope.

One has to test oneself in the end
before no witness or judge but ourselves.

- Friedrich Nietzsche -

Ji-yong, wake up.




It was my dream
when I was born, I guess...

on stage, singing, in front of...

I am Kwon Ji-yong,

but I'm not sure who I am...

...wondering at the border between reality.

Once in a while
I feel burdened and heavy-laden.

I want myself, Kwon Ji-yong, to be,
rather than a celeb, much-publicized...

... but a ever shedding light kid.

One has to test oneself
to see, to evaluate oneself.

When one realizes that they are one with
integrity, then they can have pride.

It a source of powerful pride,
it's a reward for yourself.

- Friedrich Nietzsche -

One more time.

If you don't want to go there,
you could just even do like...

'let me let me out'

'let me let me let me out'
'let me let me let me ou...'?

I don't know, something like that.

It's not bad.

You recorded this
in the bridge of the song.

In the bridge... 'I need some'

'Art overflowing my room'



They are all my staff.


Willo, G-Dragon.


Can't wait.

What's it mostly talking about?

It's the Truman Show.

Like everybody, everyone
living their own Truman show.

Everyone makes their own, themselves.

It's like a drama
everyone has a drama.

The concept is just 'Kwon Ji-yong¡'

Every... like this album
is really about me.

Not G-Dragon, not as...
'Peace Minus One'.

But it's me, that's me.

Now I've got a question,
more, in my head.

Is it? Did I want it to be like this?

I live like... maybe... other guy?
Who am I?

Something like that.

Writing about family, friends.

Real... like... love.

Whole theme is like that:
Kwon Ji-yong.

Super honest.

Yeah, super honest.

Stage lift goes up!

I don't believe this,
we just did this much?

Come on!

- I thought we did more.
- It's killing this poor boy!

Let me count, to see this is correct.

- Wait.
- How many done in total?

Maybe 11?

I thought it was more than that.

Just 11?

Finishing the Americas,
I thought we did a lot.

- So 15 in total until today.
- 15?

Do you want something?


This is when I did 'Kid Lula'.

Look, I was a naughty kid.

Oh, I looked horrible.

Don't forget young cute kids grow ugly.

Look at me, I'm okay, considering.

Now I am tolerable, huh?

Oh, I was far from it.

YG Boss Hyunsuk must
have thought a long time.

'Will this horrid kid turn out okay?'

Let's take pictures.

One thing I am proud of is...

I did not do plastic surgery.

I don't blame those who do, but...

I looked at it simply.

'What's it for
to get artificially handsome?'

I was like, 'I love myself as I am'.

So cute, huh?

Staff Only!

I painted every single piece of this.

So cool, huh?

Stop it.

It's annoying.

It should be what I want
but what my fans want as well.

It is the last concert
before I¡¯m away for a long time.

So I want to be seen on stage,
as long as possible.

Personally, it feels like
my last mission for them.

Like this, I want the concert title
on the bottom.

We just have to choose only one.

So which is better,
red image or white?

I like red better,
if I may say so.

And this black makes
you feel so stable.

If you go for number 1,
raise your hand... just one.

One for number 2.

Then number 3.

One for number 3?
The rest go for number 4?


Number 4.

It's my decision anyway.

How long since you've seen him?

Three days.

Not sure he's still alive.

I hope Ji-yong feels well

but I'm concerned, you know.



I feel haunted by a camera!

It surprises me!

I lock myself inside
during tours, except on stage.

The staff are worried
I'll end up a zombie.

They're taking me out
for fun, sailing in the sunshine.

It's why I'm heading out.

To be honest, I love
being alone in the room.

He's my friend and a tour guide!

Hola, como estas!

Have you been to the museum?


We've got an art museum,
which you'd love.

What is it like? A modern one?

A modern museum.

Modern art is not my thing yet.

It's hot.

Who wants a coke?

Coffee is good, coffee...

It tastes like...
one powder cream, two sugar!

It should be mixed
in a small sachet!

One more coffee?

I want a Maldives in the Mojito.

It's the other way round!

Does the food come so fast?

Look, am I surrounded
by only men?

Why only men?

Oh, unfortunately.
My good fortune works only for men.

Be careful,
it makes your eyes sting.

Chemicals in cosmetics
are not my friends.

But I was in a commercial, look!

- He is struggling!
- Come on!

Exhausted already.

It's not easy.


What is this for?

It's not an elephant but a mammoth!

This atmosphere is
very different from Hawaii.

I thought Hawaii is the place to live,
but here it's interesting, too.

Hawaii is full of natural wonders.

Yes, it is.

And here, nature plus parties!

Parties in nature!

Wait two more years.

Where do you want
to build a house, in Seoul?

I'm looking around for the site.

But in Seoul, I have a security issue.


Unless it's an apartment.

Think of T.O.P's house,
there is no security guard.

Just police patrol, that's all.

- Crazy fans...
- The bell is ringing 24 hours.

I won't even install a door bell,

but an iris identification instead.

I'm thinking of a special house...

with one more big layer of wall
that looks like a cube.

Like a big box.

Sounds cool.

Nobody can peak in.

Outside it looks like a big cube.

Like this.

Playing the devil.

The sun is dyed black.

Those who survived it...

...are imbued with pain

Yes, it's dyed black.

Yes, playing the devil!

Ji-yong, are you gonna get boozed-up?


- Not much.
- He'll drink.

Oh, this gives me a superpower?

- Teleport yourself!
- As far as to...

... Busan.

Go back home, Seoul.

Like that, the bad memories are gone?

Well done.

You did a good job.

Not too much booze tonight.


I'm not an alcoholic, but...

I drink almost every day.

My alcohol tolerance...

...has improved!

And it helps me to socialize
more than when sober.

One episode with Taeyang...

I went to private schools,
since kindergarten...

...until I was transferred
in the second year of high school.

To a school, Dongducheon,
a remote town.

It was where Taeyang used to live.

Those perverse kids were
curious about me.

Even from the first class...

I was ordered to sit
in the last row.

...surrounded by those naughty boys.

They were just like this.

... with shaved heads and
scars on the face.

Like gangsters.

I was not myself during the class.

'Please don't come to me
during the break!'

Teacher said, 'Let's wrap it up!'

They were like 'He's the singer!'

Boys and girls were rushing to me...

'So cute! So, have you
met any celebrities?'

I turned a deaf ear to them.

'You hear me? Hey, are you deaf?'

At the very moment,
a light shone as a saviour.

I was like, what?

From a distance, Taeyang,
a tiny boy was moving toward me...

...shoving them one by one
with his shoulders.

He landed next to me.

'Ji-yong, Are you okay?'

'Taeyang, what took you so long?'

'I was so scared...'

Like in the movie 'Chungking Express'.

You are like
a real Hong Kong noir hero!

You are like
a real Hong Kong noir hero!

Even the retinal image remains...

What a divine move!

I did all the concerts
so let me off duty!

It's your turn to make me laugh!

What a bad habit!

Occupational disease.

Fresh, right?


- What's your plan?
- What?

At the ending of the song 'Bullshit'.

Please call again.

I will redial, sure.



You don't want to talk to me?

No, I am joking.

You saw the dance rehearsal film?

I sent it to you.

I sent you the rehearsal.


I need to get 'Bullshit' done
before I fly to the US on the 19th.

It needs to be confirmed by the director.

I like it as it is now.

Give me your comments on it.

Oh, I see.

More rehearsals until the 17th.

Let's call it a day.

We can do it tomorrow.

Today, we'll rehearse up to 'ROD'

Tomorrow, we'll do more.

From 'That XX' to 'Crayon'

- Next day?
- And...

New songs and the rest.

- And then...
- When is the run-through?

On the 16th, 17th.

Oh, I'll film a music video
and take pictures for the CD jacket.

Music video filming on the 16th?

- On the 16th...
- Music video?

- Music video on the 16th.
- CD jacket pictures.

Let's consider when he'll fly to the US.

- On the 17th?
- Taking pictures.

For the magazine?

- Nothing on the 18th?
- The magazine is...

...rescheduled for the 18th.

You just moved it to the 18th,

so the 17th is available?

Run-through on the 17th.

On the 17th?

- On the 16th.
- You are not available?

Well, he can join you at night.

- At night?
- You made plans on your own?

Artist rehearsal is ready to go.
Dance team to the stage!

The brightest display?

Lots of people are in the show.

You completed national service?

Yes I did.

More than 10 years ago.


Special squad.

Special squad?

Oh, no one here went to the regular army.

- The security boss was in a special squad.
- Special squad.

- When was it?
- In 2000.

In 2000?

- In the second millennium?
- 17 years ago?

I signed up with YG in 2001.

For someone who didn't do military duty yet,
this show feels different.

I'll stand on my own two feet
without asking for help.

Don't take it wrong,
I didn't do this to be filmed.

I do this when I feel inspired.

No time to idle away.

Then I write lyrics.

Is your head sweating?

You look horribly hot.

Sweating leads to hair loss!

- How are you doing?
- Good.

He's coming out.

GD, on the move.

Over and over and over and over

Again and again and again and again

Today I have...

a headache.

Well done.

I feel like I am
in the TV reality show 'I Live Alone'.

- As I live alone.
- Yes, in a hotel room.

Long time ago,
when Big Bang moved in...

The manager dreamed
of a red and gold castle...

... with the walls clad
with gold and red carpet.

There were five golden doors
at the hallway's end.

He opened one and found some shit.

He was like, what?

The other rooms were the same
and poop in a dream means money!

He took it as he'd run
into a financial windfall,

But it was for us!

What a wonder.

Our jackpot!

- Hey, Daesung!
- Hello?

I called you 'cause I missed you,
what happened to your hair?

- What happened?
- Long hair for rebellion?

Look at my hair band!

Your hair band remind us
of a funny guy on TV...

...with long hair.

What made your face swollen?

Is it?

But with bigger eyes, though.

I called you, I was lonely.

- Everything okay?
- When are you coming back?

I'm going back on the 1st of August.

- On the 2nd, I'll be in a TV show!
- What show?

Taeyang told me he'll be in the show.

- 'I live alone'!
- So?

He asked me to have dinner
at his place for the show.

I am not invited?

He thinks you are out of Korea.

That sucks.

Join us for the dinner, on the 2nd.

Daesung, my schedule is pretty open.

I will be there soon.

When you come to Korea, consider.

I hope to be there, too.

Yes, so...

- See you then.
- See you, bro.

Bye. - Okay

Good night.

Tae-hee, good night.

Good bye.

- Your hair is shocking!
- You heard that?

His last laugh was not from the heart.

It was a fake laugh?

Yes, only for show.

Nobody knows what I feel inside.

Any call service for the lonely?

It's like 'middle age loneliness'

Enough of that!

You know the number?

Please get some sleep.

But I will work on art before crashing.

Don't get the idea I'm lonely, though.

I am not alone.

You lost weight recently?

I lost 4,5 kilograms.

Unless you did it on purpose,

after a while
you should gain it back.

Don't move, take a deep breath.

Breathe out.

Breathe in.

Just lie still.



time to wake up.

We are in Paris,
you can get more sleep.

Go back to sleep.

He was half asleep like
'Did we finally land in Taiwan?'

He's out of it.

You should've made up a story.

To make him believe it's the final city.

...the last concert, hopefully.


Go for it, Ji-yong!

To the right.

Slept well?

I did

and I dreamed.

I hope it was a lucky dream.

I was going around
on a giant hand, palm up!

What? I mean it.

- Really?
- Yes.

The ground felt soft and squishy.

Come on, let's go.

It's so cold.

I slept well.

Good morning.

What are you looking at?

Have you seen a ghost?

You should make
a 'ding-ding-ding' sound.

No, the waitress will come here.

She's not here yet.

She should be here by now.

This one.

We can eat two of this.

Ji-yong is in a good mood considering.

No, he looks so low.

You should've seen him really low.

- Three hours of fishing.
- Why fishing?

You don't have to,
but it's an option from the boat.

Or we just take a boat ride,
as it's too cold to swim.

You wanted to get on a boat,
so I got the information.

- I'm in.
- It's annoying.

Nothing much to do around here.

One big round.

Shall we do a boat trip?

No big performance on stage,
so when you sing...

- Okay, one more time.
- Hold on.

The same part.

Can you bring a new in-ear,
mine is not working.

You come in the stage
with your back to the audience.

With my back to the audience?

- Up and take a turn.
- Okay.

Do you mean it? Or is it a joke?

- I mean it.
- Okay.

Don't sigh.

- I didn't know it could be heard.
- No sighing.

When the background music is played...

More on stage?

On the first night,
be sure this film plays.

Arrange Ji-yong's rehearsal schedule
for him to see it again tomorrow.

Arrange Ji-yong's rehearsal schedule
for him to see it again tomorrow.

Do the rehearsal earlier and let him
watch the film before he goes up.

Do the rehearsal earlier and let him
watch the film before he goes up.

I want the second rehearsal.

We need an sparkling entertaining film.

We have one or not?

- I don't think so.
- No?


Use two more stage displays installed above!

Use two more stage displays installed above!

That microphone goes down.

Okay, then I will say...
'Good afternoon, good evening

and good night!'
And I'll open the door and go down.

But now no staircase and no door.

Will you do an encore?

Do we need to rehearse an encore?

Is it just for fun, right?

Forget the encore, we just need
to review what's on the checklist.

Forget the encore, we just need
to review what's on the checklist.

He is my boss.


- Nice to meet you.
- Hi, I am YG.

Hi, I am Nadia.

Ji-yong, you shot the video yesterday...

Did I?

From the music video 'A Boy'...

footages of a close-up
of your face could be it.

It just reminds me of you
from years ago.

I want this footage in the film.

From the beginning?

- With graphics?
- Yes.

Do you want to use it more?

Yes, and...

Either way, we don't change this.

Ji-yong dances on a higher platform.

Ji-yong dances on a higher platform.

The rest of the dancers down here
don't mingle with him.


After 'A Boy'....

You are doing good.

You are making it happen.

But one thing...

Take a break.

Live for yourself.

It's not the end of the world
without you.

Let the world turn without you.

Don't take yourself too seriously!

Look at the majesty of nature.

Tiny humans are just lost in there.

I'll hold up
until the end of the year.

Wassup! Wassup!

Yo! Wassup! Wassup!


- Security boss!
- What?

Kick out Seungri.

Blacklist him.

Security boss!

His artistic arrogance
has gone on a long time.

I thought your head has
grown bigger,

but look, it's a hat!

Tonight the last two songs
will mesmerize the whole audience.

We don't need to rehearse, huh?

Screw rehearsal.

I'm almost there, to the end of
Act III: M.O.T.T.E World Tour.

I asked Seungri to join me
as I only have a bit more to go.

I don't like this.

- Not this but a Vivian West suit.
- I know.

- Not this but a Vivian West suit.
- I know.

If I wear this, I could look too funky!

Just try it.

I don't like it.

Like a re-enactor
on a lame TV show.

No, we'll make your hair
just like Ji-yong's.

- We'll extend your hair behind, like him.
- Really?

It will be cool.

Hair extensions?

I got an extend-it clip-on hair.

- It's cool.
- Good.

Great, could you sing
a little louder tonight?

Great, could you sing
a little louder tonight?

Singing is the best thing
I can do.

- This is all MR.
- Use AR, All recorded.

You, wear a jacket.



- Seungri, thank you for coming.
- What?

Thank you for being here.

- Sorry.
- No sweat.

Sorry for bothering you.

So will you join in the second verse?

Not a chance!

Seung Dragon!


Ji-yong, this way.

Do I go up the stage?

You go up.

He's itching to dance.

You're my replacement so I can take a break.

- Kill them all, Seungri.
- Seungri!

With 'BAE BAE' in the two wings,
with 'Bang bang bang' to the center.

- And we go with 'Wow~'
- And then?

And with 'Good boy', we go full dance.

With 'Fantastic Baby'
we dance in the two wings.

Just before 'come here, guys',

we go to the centre in unison.

1st verse, refrain and that's it,
no second verse.

Okay, let's move.

Take off the red crusher
the moment you get on stage.

Oh, it could mess up my hair.

Just pretend you are 'me' on stage
to set up the lights.

Then I'll have a short break.

You go up first,
and then Ji-yong joins him.

Go up the stage from the right side.

Seungri, just make them kill it.

All set.

Let's go up.

Let's get wild!

Guys, ready to have fun?

I am Seung-D, Michael Jackson of Asia.

Fans of Tokyo,
ready for an insanely fun rave?

Oh, not enough.

Ready to have fun?

See you again in the Big Bang Dome Concert
at the year end!

Wait for me.

You'll see me return much cooler.

This is so hard.

I was like this!

- Thanks
- It's killing me.

- This is too much
- You were fantastic.

Good job.

You did a good job.

Don't look at me.

Get back to your work.

- Who is singing this?
- Seungri.

In many of our songs, I did recordings
which he was supposed to do.

In many of our songs, I did recordings
which he was supposed to do.

I wrote something great for Seungri's part.

Listen, 'What a man holding flowers!',
just like this.

You gave him a good part to sing!

I gave killer parts to Seungri,
for the album 'MADE'.

Yup, he's lucky.

'Loser, outcast'

Seungri's part was not there
when you first wrote 'Loser'!

- Right.
- You revised it for him?

I made a bridge for him.

For the refrain his voice was far out!

It went well with the rest.

When you are working on it,
do you find inner peace?

Yes, it's what I do this for.

I haven't written songs recently.

I feel pressured to release my songs.

I put my creative energy
to work, though.

When I'm not doing this, I write songs.

Just write songs secretly.

I wrote some, but I didn't release them.

I can't help but create something,
it's how I relax myself.

It prevents distraction
and simplifies my mind.


Do you see the Picasso?

Piet Mondrian.

- A bit of work day by day.
- It's not heavy?

It's damn heavy.

What are the parts?

Wrapping paper and
gift packing ribbons from Chanel.

The bandage I was wearing
when I got injured...

- On his shoulder.

And bands which got loose
from my pajamas.

What a beautiful park!

You look like you came
from a retirement home.

I can't waste a second, but...

- You can, take it easy.
- How many tours to go?

- Four more times.
- Nice!

Not many left.

Do I look like a flower
from a distance?

Like this?

Yes, the hair color works.

Somebody is taking pictures of you
with a secret camera.

- What is it for?
- Selling pictures.

- It makes money?
- Sure.

The guy in a hoodie over there.

Not even a second for carpe diem.

He keeps taking pictures.

The Security boss gave this to you.

A present for you.

The Security boss did.

Thank you, how did he get it?

Here in the car.

Wow, I like this.

Do I look melancholy?

Or do I look good?

But I am sad.


Here, in the center.

Say, cheese!

Middle fingers up!

Well done.

I love you, guys.

Here, here, and here, it's worn out.

It's really vintage.

Don't look at me, I'm a shy boy!

Everybody, hold your positions.

Yes, let's get back to work.

"I turn crazy."

Yes, you look crazy.

- This is crazy.
- Give me some water.

Did Big Bang have a concert
on this stage before?

- Yes.
- The Alive Galaxy Tour.

In 2012 or 2013

It was full of restless excitement.

Every concert is even better
than the last.

It was the best one.

You have fun, and I am so beat.

It's killing me now and you're digging it.

It's not fair.

Oh, no!

One more, please.

You've done enough,

please chill out!

Have you lost energy?

Not really, but I'm overworked.

So this is for tonight.

I'll take this.


Did you visit TOP inside?

- T.O.P text messaged you.
- He did.

You answered?

No, but I got it.

He kept saying sorry.

One of you should style hair!

Now it's on-stage outfit time,
I can't squeeze in.

It's already 7:30,
it should be done by now.

I believe she can do it no matter what.

CL Chaerin, you look amazing,
look at the camera.

He says I look amazing,
but his heart has no brain.

He did not even look at me.

- I felt it right away, though.
- Hello.

You even feel my beauty?

Hey, hello.

- Funny.
- Ready to go?


How many songs?

- Is this the song list?
- 24 songs in total.


You apply the same make-up as mine!

As far as skin care, it doesn't matter.

It's my first smile today.

- Can I take this?
- Can I?

May I?

Thank you.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Hello.
- Hyunsuk's children!

What a cute boy!

So called 'Yang Dragon'.

- Hello.
- He wants to see you, Ji-yong.

Say hello to him.

Oh, we agreed on this,
say hello to him.

Long time no see.

My son is a huge fan of you but, she's not.

Oh, she's full of herself.

- Say hello.
- Seunghyeon, you wanted to see him.

What a shy boy!

- Embarrassing?
- Taking pictures?

Are you okay?

You can do it, come on.

Oh, you guys are here, too!

- Go for it, Ji-yong.
- Thanks, Hyunsuk.

- Good bye.
- Enjoy the show.

Have fun.

In-ear, please.

In-ear, here they are.

I'll give you my cue.
He's on the move!

All right?

Go for it!

I don't know...

...for myself.

For everyone...

...all have something that's happened a good way or bad way whatever.

So it was kind
tough for me.

But now... I am all good.

For the good vibe now and energy...

'Cause you guys gave me a lot.

So, I am so happy.

Yes, it was my dream, really.

Since I was just born, I assume.

...on stage singing for people.

Well now I had a huge world tour.

And finally in Taipei, finale show.

This is crazy, like, amazing.

I loved it and enjoyed it and ...

I can't forget this moment.

So it's in my head, forever

I'll remember that.

All I see.

In case I don't see ya,

good afternoon, good evening

and good night!



Time to wake up.

- Good morning.
- Hi.