That Was Then... This Is Now (1985) - full transcript

A delinquent teenager's only link to society is the attachment he feels towards an older brother-figure. When the older boy starts spending time with a new girlfriend, the teenager begins to feel even more alienated, and gets involved with drugs and the police.


Le move it, dude.

- What is this?
- I a car, man.

Yeah, I know, asshole.
I mean what are you doing in it?

You've got 3.2 seconds
to get in the car, Bryon.

- One...
- Did you steal this thing, Dude?

No, actually, i a loaner.

Don't do it. I yellow.

Door prize.

Slow down, all right?

You bet.

Dollar says he stops.

Jesus Christ!

Look at those animals, man.

Man, if you want to see
what a chick is really like,

check out her family.

Apple don't fall
too far from the tree.

I all that inbreeding.

You know, Bryon,
if you'd married Angela,

that pig would have been

your brother-in-law.

Oh, picture that.

Wha the most confusing day
in the life of Curly Shepard?

- I don't know, what?
- Father's Day.

Tha cold, man.

I can see it now,
the mailman walks up...

"Ma'am, here's your mail."


Federal Express man walks up...


Ten guys walk down the block...

"Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad!"

Did you guys see that girl?

No. Is she cute?

She looks really familiar.

I don't know.

Le blow this pop stand.

You want to go, Terry?

Nah. I got practice
after school.

All right.
Take care, man.

Hi, Ma.


Hey, Mrs. Douglas.

Hi, Mark.


Oh, Mark.

You shouldn't have.

You're spending

all your money on me.

So, has Mrs. Cooper

been by to see you yet?

Wha so funny?

I just asked her
to drop by once in a while

just to see if
you guys were okay.

Yeah, well, I don't think
she's going to come back, Ma.

Why not?

Because she thinks
we're animals.

Okay, guys.

What did you do?

Okay, check it out.

I real early
in the morning, right?

And someone starts
knocking on the door

like i a real emergency.

So, me and Bryon,
we're sound asleep.

And Bryon didn't know.

He sleeps naked, right?

So he flies out of bed,

rips the door open,

and there's poor Mrs. Cooper,
staring face-to-face

with Bryon's
one-eyed trouser mouse.

Oh, oh, I'm hurting.

She did get
a kick out of that.

Yeah, she did, right.

Next time,
look both ways before crossing.

Hey, you hungry?


Well, I am.

I'm going to go
into the snack bar.

What are you going
to use for money?

No, I just want to go in
and look at the gifts.



Oh, okay, well,
I'll see you out front then.


Can I take your order?

How you been?

Pretty good.

What are you doing here?

I just came to see my mom.

She's getting over
an operation.

How long you been
working here?

I just started last week.

You know,
I just got back, right?

Oh, yeah, sure.

You look really different.

Well, i been a long time.

I'm not supposed
to be standing around

talking to the customers.

What do you want?

I haven't decided yet.

Haven't. Okay, well,
then, um, when you do,

I'll come back, okay?


Dr. Peterson to Cardiology,



You're Cathy Carlson.

M&M's sister.

Who'd you think I was?

The last time I saw you,
you had the short hair

and the braces.

Oh, you didn't recognize me.

Oh, yeah...

sort of.

You look great.


Wait a second.

I haven't seen you
for a long time, I'd...

like to get together
and talk with you sometime.


The sooner the better.


We'll talk soon.

Le move out, tea bag.

I said, hey, boys and girls,
I'm M.C. Terry-T

Rapping for
the River Street Crew

You spell it

And this is what I'm gonna do

I'm gonna rock you, shock you,
move you, groove you

You gotta listen,
I can lose you

When I'm rapping on the mic

'Cause I'm M.C. Terry-T
as you all well know

And this is what my rap
sounds like

I'm M.C. Terry-T,
I'm the best damn rapper

I didn't want to say this,
but I guess I have to

I'm the coolest,
the newest, the latest

The greatest, the always
imitated but never duplicated

I'm a one-of-a-kind
and I'll shock your mind

And I'll do it, do it

Do it, do it to you every time

So you shake your chest
and you shake your butt

Then you freak, freak,
freak it till you bust a nut

Go left and right
and in the air

And party, party hardy
like you just don't care

And if sex is good

In your neighborhood

I want to hear you scream
"Oh, yeah!"

Oh, yeah!

Oh, yeah!

M&M, I just ran
into your sister.

Take a look.

I mean, just take a look.

Put it right up to your eye.


I mean,
just look at all those colors.

I mean, isn't it great?


Whoa, let me take a look.


This is really stunning, M&M.

- Yeah.
- Really.

You know, I used to stare
at Milky Way bars,

but like these are
way more intense.

Don't encourage that.

Encourage what?

That kind of weirdness.

You know, there's nothing
particularly mind-blowing--

about a bag of candy.

You know, I'm, I'm not weird.

So nobody said you were.

Well, Bryon just said
I was weird.

Don't be so sensitive.

Oh, like I'm that sensitive.

So don't get your panties
in a bunch.

Why are you guys
always making fun of me?

I'm not making fun of you.

We making fun of him?

No. You guys making fun of him?

No. Hey, you making fun of him?

Wha the deal?


Be cool, all right?

Want to see cool?

I'll show you cool.

Cool, huh?


I want you to sing a song
for me,

you little woman.

Curly, leave me alone, okay?

I want you to sing for me!

How about "Jingle Bells--"
everybody knows

"Jingle Bells," huh?

Dashing through the snow

In a one-horse open sleigh

O'er the fields we go

Laughing all the way

Ha, ha, ha, ha.

Bells on bobtail ring

Making spirits bright...

Don't... you...

ever... fuck...

with... my...


Let us go!

Makes you feel like
a really big man,

doesn't it, Curly, huh?

Picking on little kids, right?

Now, go get a haircut.

Fuck you, Bryon--
you're history.

Get the hell out of here!

- You okay? Huh?
- Yeah.

- Huh?
- Yeah.

- Curly's?
- Curly's.

Geez, you're getting to be
as bad as me.


Come on. Come on.


Don't do me any favors, Russ.

Jesus. Come on.

Open the door.

You're going to go to the dance
with M&M's sister?

I thought you were going to go
stag with me and the guys.

She's better-looking
than you are.

Man, you haven't gone out
with a chick

since you broke up
with Angela Shepard.

Well, Angela knows how
to turn a guy off

from a relationship,
if you know what I mean.

Yeah. I too bad she can look
so good and be such a sleaze.

So, what are you going
to use for transpo?

I don't know yet.

Better find out soon.

Hey, I know where there's
this really cool Cadillac

this guy never uses
on Friday nights.

- No.
- No.

Hope it stops near her house.

I told you. No.

Why not?

I can't let a minor work here,

You don't trust me, do you?


I not a matter of trust.

I'd trust you
with my girlfriend.

I not the point.

The point is,

you can't work here.

You never told me

you had a girlfriend.

None of your business.

Wha her name?

Debra. And i still

none of your business.

- Okay?
- Okay.

Charlie, if you trust me so
much, why don't you let me

borrow your car tonight?


Why don't you let me
borrow your car tonight?

You said you trust me.

Suppose if I say no,

you'll wind up
in something stolen.

That or the bus.

Mark, what...?

What the hell are you doing?

Playing with myself.

You want to buy
this goddamn table?


Got a full tank.

You be damn sure
you bring it back that way.

You mean it?


Better get out of here
before I change my mind.

Le get out of here, man.

I'll have the movers
come pick it up in the morning.

Charlie lent me his
car for tonight, man.

How did you manage that?

I really don't know.

Hey, did you get
the shaving cream?

Thank you.

Do you have
the keys here?

Um, must have left them
in the ignition.

Oh, there it is.

So, you better hurry up
and get ready

before someone like me
swipes it.

All right.

You know, there's a, um,

new shirt on your bed
that I sort of found.

What do you mean, you found?

It'll look real good
on you.


- I'll see you there.
- All right.

I'll get it.

- Hi.
- Hi.


I'm Bryon.

I'm here to pick up Cathy.

Oh. She's still getting ready.


- Bryon.
- Hi.

Come on in.

- Hi, M&M.
- Hi.

So, what have you been up to,

Not much.

Knock it off, you two.

- Hi.
- Hi, Bryon.

Um, Cathy's in her room.

She'll be ready

- in a minute.
- Great.

We haven't seen you
in a while.

I've been pretty busy.

Me and Mark run into M&M
every once in a while.

Kid's name is Howard,

you know.

Anyway, how can you
tell him and Cathy apart


I don't have any trouble
with that.

How are you doing
in school, Bryon?

Pretty good.

M&M's flunking gym.

How any boy can flunk gym
is beyond me.

I'll never

- understand it.
- Probably not.

Listen, buster, when you've been
around the block

a couple of times,
then you can tell me

what you understand

and I don't.

You know, I could just
disappear, you know?

Just like magic.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Where do you think you're going?

Around the block
a couple of times.


I'm ready.

- Hi.
- Hi.

You look beautiful, honey.


- Yeah, you look great.
- Thanks.

- You ready to go?
- Uh-huh.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

All right. Um...

I'll have her home by midnight,

Mr. Carlson.


All right.

- Ready to go?
- Yes.

- Okay.
- Yeah, okay. Bye.


- Okay.
- Bye.

Bye, Cathy.

- Watch your step.
- Thank you.

What do you think?

Hey. Wha happening?

How you doing?

All right.

Hey, Bryon.


Cathy, how you doing?

I haven't seen you in a while.

Well, I haven't been around
to see.

Where did you get

the brew, man?

Go on out and help yourself,
if you want.

We will.

We're going to have
a dance first.

Then we'll be right out.

A dance?

Well, you go outside
and-and have a good time,

Mr. Douglas.

And, uh, we'll be outside

if you, uh, need us.

Get out of here, man.

Tha your buddy, Mark.

Tha my buddy, Mark.

- Oh, is that one...
- Le have a dance.

I'd much rather do that.

Okay, good.

- Much rather.
- I all you.

Go ahead.

Hi, Bryon.

Hi, Angela.

So, is, uh,

this your new, little squeeze?

This is Cathy.

She's looks like
a real winner.

Yeah, well, I got tired
of dating losers.

M o i?Loser?

Just remember who dumped who,

What was that?

It was just some chick.

Man, will you turn that down?

Yo, turn that down?

I'm trying to get
some sounds over here.

There you go.

Probably only I can hear,
but I don't care.

Check it out, man.

I was reading this article
the other day

about dogs at the pound.

You know, you ever send your dog
to the pound?


You know, tha crazy, man.

You know, when your dog-dog
knows he's going, he's all...

You know-- put him in the truck,
guy takes him away.

You got to sign for him
and all that crap.

Well, anyhow, you know, they
take them away to be rended.

You know that?

And what happens
is in these tanks

they have, like,
these compactors,

like in your house.

And they turn them
into, like, coils,

and diaphragms, and dog food,
and lipstick,

and stuff like that.

Man, oh, Manischewitz.

Don't kiss that girl.

She got poodle on her lips.

She also got a good right.

Beautiful, man.

Good attitude.

Tha great.

Who needs women, anyway?

I think
she likes you, man.


You always that lucky, man?


Hey, Bryon.

Look, man...

all the beers are gone.

Just as well.

You don't look like a drinker,

But then neither was Angela

before she started
going out with Bryon.

Well, this was real fun.

Le, um...

le go back inside, okay?


Hey, Douglas, you queer.

What did you call me?

What are you-- deaf, too?

Come on, Bryon. Come on.

Le just go back inside, okay?

Clock the fucker.

No brawl here.

I just between you and me,

Bryon, just take me out of here
right now, all right?

Le go.


What are you doing, Bryon?

Come on, why don't
you off him, Bryon?

This is bullshit.

I'm going to take care
of this guy myself.

See, pal, the deal is...


Whoa-whoa-whoa, let me see,

let me see, let me see.

Come on, man, get up.

Come here. Watch out.
I got him.

I got him.

Come here.
Look at me, man.

He's down, man.

That was outstanding,


Bryon, man, you better
get him cleaned up, man.

I'll take Cathy home.

Uh... come on.

- Le go.
- That was great.

Really terrific.

Le go. Come on.

Come on!

Check it out!

I'm just, like, red.

You going to be all right?

Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

Just go take care of him, okay?

Okay. Take care of her,
all right, man?

- No problem.
- Okay.

I'll call you, all right?


- Bye.
- Bye.

Hey, Cathy.

Where's mine?

You happy now?

Stop playing with your cut, man,

you're going to infect it.

Well, le go to Charlie's
or something.

I want to show him
how cool this cut looks.

Would you just settle down?

Man, you know, sometimes,
I don't know...

I don't know
wha wrong with you.

I'll tell you wha wrong, see,

I've got this little wart
on my hand,

and i really my only flaw.

Why do you have to be
such an asshole?


What happened with you
in the parking lot tonight?

What do you mean?

I mean, you backed down
to that guy.

Well, what was I supposed to do?

You want me to smack the guy
and start some kind of a brawl?

You would have a month ago.

Or were you worried
it was going to ruin your date?

Yeah, well, it did anyway,
didn't it?

You ever get the feeling

that the whole thing's
just changing?

Like how?

I don't know, just things.

Yeah, I guess.

I like...

i like things
are coming to an end.

'Cause new things
are beginning, you know?


I kind of like
when we were young.

You remember we used
to get in those fights?

And our buddies
were always right there

to back us up.

Now everybody's
kind of slipped away.


Or maybe just grew up?

Nah, i more than that.

I different.

Well, that was then, man.

This is now.


You're brilliant.

Sort of.


- Hi.
- How are you?

I'm okay.


I just stopped by
for a second

on my way to work...

I baked this for you and Mark.

- I carrot cake.
- Thank you.

I hate carrot cake!

I guess Mark's feeling better.

He's still delirious.

How you doing?

Pretty good.

I feel really bad
about last night.

Fuck it, I'll eat it anyway.

Well, we could...
we could try it again.

That sounds great to me.


- I got to get to work.
- Okay.

I'll see you.

- Okay.
- Bye.


She gone yet?


Boy, somebody's got
to teach that girl

how to cook.

And fast.

Hey, Charlie, I got your keys.

Wha the matter, man?


You fill the tank?


Well, good.

Come here.


Just come here!

I'm fine right here.

I said, "Come here!"

Charlie, I like you,
but I ain't going to marry you.

Tha what Debby said.

She said "No?"

I mean, we had it
all planned, man.

We were gonna...

Fuck it, man.

What difference does it make?

When you go along
thinking you know somebody,


they love you
the same way you love them.

But I'll tell you something...




So where's your partner?

He's crashed out.

What about the rules?

There ain't no rules.

There ain't no fuckin' rules.

- Hi, Ma.
- Hey.

How are you?

- Hi, Mark.
- Hi.

Hey, how did you do that?

Ma! Earphones!


How'd you do that?

A fight.

Well, did you win?

Not exactly.

Not at all.

Well, the doctor says
I'm doing just fine,

I should be home any day.

Tha great.


Listen, Ma,
I got to run, all right?

- Already?
- Yeah.

I got to go see somebody.

I a chick.


I'll stay with you.

See you in a few.

Okay, you bet.

See you downstairs.
Bye, Ma.


You know, Mrs. Douglas,

I think I've finally decided

what I want to be
when I grow up.

Wha that?


Well, i expensive.


Are we kissing?

Are we exchanging those
deadly germs and bacteria?

Hi, Mark.

Well, this was fun.

All this excitement
has just about worn me out.

I'll be leaving now.


What are you doing?


Look, M&M, I was wondering
if you might be able

to loan your best friend

some money.

You ain't my best friend.

How much do you need?

Ten bucks.

You know tha all I got.


What if I decide
not to give it to you?

Then the ear goes bye-bye.

What do I get out of it
besides a cauliflowered ear?

What more do you want?

13 bucks,


Three bucks interest?
Surely you jest.

Okay, deal.

I'll get it back
to you tomorrow.

Yeah, tomorrow.

This year or the year after?

You'll get it back in pennies

if you don't quit
mouthing off.

Go on, now get out
of my bookstore.

See ya.

Hey, Charlie.

What do you say, cowboy?

Gimme a Coke straight up,
will you?


You got no money, boy?


Don't make no plans

for the 12th of next month.

How come?

You're going to a wedding.

Whose wedding is that?

Yours truly.

Here's to that.

No shit.


Who you going to marry?


Well, I heard she dumped you.

Just took a little while

to come around, tha all.

How about coming around
with some of that change, huh?

So this wedding, we got to wear,
like, tuxedos and shit, right?

Nope. Bryon will wear a tuxedo.

You can wear the shit.

Tha really incredible.

Really incredible,
this marriage thing.

How do you know i right?

I mean, how do you know
that she's the right one?

I'll tell you, kiddo,
some things you just... know.


To the future.

So, what are you up to today?

No good.

Why did I ask?

Wha happening?

What do you say, good-looking?

How are you?

Can I have a Coke, Charlie?

- Of course.
- Thank you.

Wha up?

Same ol', same ol'.

You guys here to play some pool?

- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.

Thank you.

How's she looking?

A couple guys back
there are playing.

They seem pretty good.

Le take 'em.

Don't suppose it would help
to tell you boys

to be careful?


Hell of a shot.

Anybody feel like playing
a game?

Rack 'em up.


One more?

Why not?

Kid likes to lose.

Hey, fellas, le wrap it up.

I closing time.

One more, all right, Charlie?
Last game.

What do you guys say
we... triple the bet?

Go ahead, kid-- break.

All right.

Eight ball, side pocket.

You couldn't have missed
that one, could you?

No, I couldn't.

You sure are a good pool player.

Thank you.

Damn good pool player.

I closing time, fellas.

Hit the road.

You don't mind if I hang on
to some of this, do you?

No, i all yours.

Thank you.


Night, guys.



So, the hustler strikes again.

How much you make?

What, 50, 60 bucks?


Mark... you're not supposed
to drink beer

on the premises, man.

You know the rules.

Well, this place is just
crawling with cops, Charlie.

Anyway, Bryon said
he drank a beer in here

with you last week,
didn't you, Bryon?

Hey, it was the highlight

of my youth--
I had to tell someone.


See ya.


Oh, that.

Well. Okay, uh...

Come on.

I want my half,
and I want it now.



What a couple
of clods.

Yeah, I was thinking that.

They're such buffoons.

Little man,

we got some unfinished


We're gonna teach you boys
a little lesson

about hustling pool.

Let him go, man.
He didn't do anything.


Look, man, we'll give you
your money back.

Shut up.


I got a sawed-off
shotgun here, man,

and I'll blow your ass off.

Put the gun down.

Drop it!

Mark, come out of there.


Come on!

Adios, cowpie.

Okay, we're clear, Charlie.

Blast away.

You little shithead.

You watch too much TV.

Son of a bitch!

You all right, man?

Yeah. You guys okay?

Charlie, you all right?

- Charlie, you okay?
- Charlie...

Bryon, Bryon, you okay?

Yeah. Charlie's hit, man.


- Charlie's hit.
- What?!

He's hit.

Oh, man.



Oh, man!

You son of a bitch!

You want me to heat that up
for you again?


What is it?


Doesn't anybody go to bed
around here?

Hi, Ma.


Thanks for bringing
the car back early, pal.

Why, were do you have to go?

Look, when Debra
gave us his car, Bryon,

she gave it to us,

not just you.

Well, then maybe
you should think

about getting yourself
a license, huh?

What are you doing up?

You're supposed

to be getting rest.

I'm just keeping
Mark company.

Give me the keys.

Aw, Mark,

i a little late to go out.

I'm not going anywhere.

I'm just going to hold them...

put them under my pillow.

Oh. That makes sense.

Why don't you grow up, man?

So I can be like you?

No, thanks.

Hey. Hey, look at this--

"Killers of Bar
Owner Captured."

"High School Boys
Witness Slaying."

Look at this--
Bryon Douglas,

Mark Jennings--
tha us, man.

Tha great, huh?


Think they'll get the juice?

What juice?

So, you got a date tonight?


What about today?
What are you doing today?

You want to hang out
or something?

I can't. I got to work.

Work? You got
an honest job?

bagging groceries.

I only minimum
wage, but i a job.

Yeah. Hell of a deal.
Tha great.

So... big date tonight, huh?


Can I hide
in the back seat and watch?

Why not?

You guys feel like going
to get something to eat?

This is really amusing.

Don't do that, man.

All right,
what do you want to do here?

Da, da, da...

This wheel has got some...

It is?


What, Mark?

Did I ever tell you
my impression

of a one-night stand?

- Don't do that.
- Yeah. I think you did.

Yeah, I've heard that.

"Get out."

Oh, geez.

"I want..." something.

- You hungry?
- I don't care.

- For real.
- I just don't want to bowl.



Come on, le just go.

Better wait for the light.

Yeah, hi.

Would any of you ladies
be interested

in being tied down
and whipped?

M & M, get back.

Hey, get the hell out

and get that shit
off the street

before someone gives you
a ticket for littering!

Hey, shit-for-brains!

We're talking to you.

All right, le go.

Where is...?

Looks like the car
needs a little work, huh?

Hey, how you guys
doing tonight?

All right.

How you doing?

Good to see you, all right.

- Whoa!
- Ow!

Punch it!

You are really sick.

I'm covered with shame.

Do you do that often?

Well, you see,

I get these impulses.


Impulses to hit people
in the face.

You know what I really hate?

No, no, I couldn't guess, Mark.

Being analyzed
by smart-ass chicks like you.

Oh, blah, blah, blah.
Excuse me.

You guys want a hamburger?

No excuse for you.

I don't need one.

Well, I'd like a hamburger.

Do you want a hamburger?

M & M?


Mark, Cathy? Great.

We're going to get a hamburger.

I'm really having
a wonderful time tonight.

Is this the fun part?

Everybody want hamburgers?


Chicken sandwich.


I'll have three hamburgers,

a chicken sandwich,
and four Cokes.

- Diet Coke, Bryon.
- Typical.

Make that three Cokes
and one Diet Coke.

Do you want any fries with that?

Did I ask for fries, buddy?


Then no fries.

I getting hot in here.

I got to bail.

What about your food?

Eat it.

Well, I don't think he likes me.

No kidding.

Well, you don't like him much,

Guess we're fighting over you.

I funny, isn't it?

I a real riot.

Well, I got to go.
See you later.

Where you going, hotshot?

Crazy. Want to come?

M & M...


i just you and me.


Wha this?

Corn Flakes.

Mom, how come you never
buy us Frosted Flakes?

Because sugar makes
children hyper.

Wha that
about hyper children?


Where'd you end up last night?

Just hanging out, you know.

How come you never buy us
Frosted flakes?

You want Frosted Flakes?

You got Frosted Flakes.



Hi. Um, listen.

M&M never came home last night.

He didn't call or anything.

So, I'm just getting
a little worried about him.

I think maybe we should look
for him, okay?

Um, I don't think

i anything to worry about.

Bryon, please?


We'll look for him
after work, all right?

Okay. Thanks.

All right.
Give me a kiss. Bye.


Come on. Come on.

Bryon, you're the only one
who seems worried about M&M.


What the hell is going on here?

Sorry, man.
I didn't think you'd mind.

Oh, you didn't?

Oh, well, I do.

A lot, in fact.

I'll sleep on the couch.

Mark, i after 11:00.

Tha good.

What you doing
out on the couch?

Bryon and...

Well, Bryon was snoring.

Didn't you hear him?

It was terrible.

Yeah, well, it didn't happen
to bother Cathy.

Listen, honey, I need you

to go and shop for me
before Bryon gets home, okay?

You mean, like,
out in the real world?


Will you?


I'll go get you some money.

Mm, I got it covered,
I got it covered.

How you doing?

Pretty good.

Nice bib.

Is this yours?

No, i for your mom.

I wouldn't eat anything

tha been
in anybody else's mouth.

Listen, man, I'm sorry

about last night.

Fuck, i no biggie.

M&M didn't come home yet.

He didn't?

Wonder why.

You want to help me go
look for him tonight?

Oh, you, me
and the flying nun?

She can't go.

I just you and me.

Sounds good.

How'd you get that?

I gave a guy five twenties.

No, eight ball, side pocket.


Played a couple of jerks.

Yeah, I bet.

Watch the bottom of that thing.

- Hey.
- What?

This is great, huh?

Wha great?

You and me, together.

Just like old times.


I just don't remember it
being this boring.



I thought we were going
to look for M&M.

Yeah, we will later.

Always in control, huh?



Bryon, I'm so glad to see you.

Where you been

keeping yourself, sweetheart?

All over.

You still mad at me?

What, are you kidding?

Bryon never holds a grudge.

You're the only boy
I ever cared about.

Hey, Angela,
le go for a ride.

A ride?

Yeah, you and Bryon
can talk over old times,

and I'll pick up
some more booze for you.

What do you say?


Hey, man...

What is this stuff?


Tastes more like tequila.

I hate that...


Last time I drank tequila,

I got so sick,
I thought I was gonna die.

Don't give me
none of that tequila.

Mark, can you pass me that pop
to mix with this?

You know...


I feel...

like I just want
to cut it short.

You know?

Just check myself out.

I always said, "Shit...

"I can get what I want,

and everybody else
can go to hell."

But it doesn't work that way.

I'm going to hell
right along with them.

I'm already there.

My brothers are in jail now.

Those stupid jerks.

Jail, huh?


For how long?

I don't know.

A while... I guess.

I'm just so damn... tired.



Is she out?

Dude, she's out cold.

Boy, I thought she was
never gonna shut up.

I sure hate to see
gutsy chicks break.

Destroys my faith
in human nature.

You're never gonna break,
huh, Mark?


Where'd you get those?

Picked them up
when I got the pop.

You're not gonna cut
all of it off are you?

Yeah, I am.

Setting you up.

Getting me cracked
with that bottle.

Fuckin' bitch.

You know, Mark, I been thinking.

Yeah, buddy?

What have you
been thinking about?

Oh, a lot of things.

When did we start
running around together?

I don't know.

Well, we've always
been friends--

even before I moved in here.

I just can't help thinking
about things, you know?

You know, like Charlie.

And M&M and Cathy, you know.

And you.

I all so mixed up.

And you shouldn't have cut off
Angela's hair.

You made her look
like Mr. Potato Head.

You think Charlie felt

any pain?

I imagine he did.

Shit, man.

Charlie, right?

He tries to help us out,

and look what happened to him.


How come things happen

like that?

And one minute, you're standing
there talking to the guy,

and the next minute, pow!

It seems like,
when you try to help people out,

you just end up
getting fucked, you know?

I mean,
if someone said to Charlie,

"Hey, man, is saving a couple
of kids from getting beat up

worth, you know...
worth your life?"

He'd have said, "Hell, no."

He would have.

Yeah, he would have said that.

He would have said that.

Why did your dad shoot your mom?

Because of some fight.

She shot him back, but...

What were
they fighting about?


I was hiding under the porch...
and I could hear 'em real plain.

The old man was saying...
"I don't care.

"He don't even look like me.

"Nobody on my side
has eyes that color.

Not on your side neither."

Then the old lady says...

"Tha right.

"Why should he look
like anybody in your family?

"He ain't yours.

"He ain't...


And they started screaming
back and forth.

And then I just hear the sound
like a couple of firecrackers.

Tha just what
it sounded like-- firecrackers.

And then I thought to myself...

"I can go live with Bryon
and his mom."

I was nine years old.

Did you really think that?


I got sick of them yelling
and fighting all the time.

I got beat a lot, too.

I remember thinking,

"Man, this will
save me the trouble

of shooting him myself."

I don't like...


hurting me.

You'd have liked my dad.

Yep, you'd have liked my dad,

I sure wish I knew
where M&M was.

Wish I knew
what happened to him.

He's okay.

Take my word for it.

You know where
he is, man?

No, not exactly, but, uh...

...I know where
he might be hanging out.

Listen, man,
if you know where he is,

you got to take me to him.

Okay, Bryon. Tomorrow.

Hey, Mark.

Hey, Bob.

One's here.

You bet.


Yummy, huh?

They check in,
but they don't check out.

This place
is disgusting.

So what?
So i not what you're into.

Don't knock it, all right?

All I said was
this place is disgusting.

So i disgusting.

I don't like to see you
judging people, tha all.

I'm not judging people.

Wha wrong with you, man?

These people friends

of yours?

Oh, yeah, yeah, sure.

Yeah, fuck off, Bryon.

So what about this place?

What about it?

Is this where
M&M's been hanging out?

I what I heard.

Tha what you heard,

or tha what you know?

Look, maybe i none of your
goddamn business what M&M

wants to do.

Well, maybe
I'm making it my business.

Well, then tha
your fucking problem!

No, tha our problem!

Okay, i our problem!

Then we got a problem.

Then we got a problem.

You want to come in?


I better go find Mark.

Mark who?

Okay, sorry.


All right,
you better go find him.

Yo, Terry!

I thought you guys
were in the slammer.

We're out now.

Yeah, I bet.

You seen my sister?

Which sister is that?

Angela. You seen her lately?

Yeah. As a matter of fact,
I saw her last night.

No kidding.

Did you know Angela
got her hair cut?

Is that right?

At least
tha what people say.

She told me
something different.

Yeah? Wha she telling you?

She said you got her drunk

and cut off all her hair.

Now, I don't think she'd lie

about something like that.

What do you think, Tim?

I don't think she'd lie

about something
like that either.

Well, I'm sorry.

I'd really like to help
you guys, but I just can't.

You ain't half as sorry
as you're going to be.

Oh, shit!

Jesus Christ, Bryon.

What happened?

What happened, man?
Who did this to you?

The Shepards.

Those motherfuckers!


All right,
what do you want to do?

You want us to take you
to a hospital?


No? Man, you look like

you've been
through a meat grinder.

Tha what I feel like.

I'm going to call your mom
and tell her

we're going to stay here
tonight, all right?

Is that okay
with you, Terry?

No problem.

All right, then we're going
to look up the Shepards.

You grab a couple
of baseball bats, okay?

- I'll be right back.
- Mark...

I don't want anybody
to fight the Shepards.

What are you talking about,

I just had enough of it, man.

This getting-even shit,

it just keeps
going in circles,

and I've had it.

You're not thinking clear, man.

I said, forget it, all right?


What the hell are you trying
to do to me, man?


- What?
- What?


What the hell are you trying
to do to me, Bryon? Huh?

How do you think
this makes me feel, man?

How the fuck do you think
this makes me feel?!

You think I don't know

they beat the shit out of you
for something I did, huh?!

And here you are, man,

practically saying
you had it coming to you

when it was me
who cut Angela's hair.

I planned it, I did it,

and you're the one
who gets nailed for it!

How do you think I feel, Bryon?

Man, if they had killed you,
it would have been my fault.

I not your fault, man.

I was in it
as much as you were.

I'm just sick and tired
of all the fighting.


I can't believe my
brother's living here.

I'm not sure he is.

I just...
i just a possibility.

There he is, over there.

M&M? M&M?

Is he okay?

Hey, little buddy,
can you hear me?



Oh, God...

He doesn't look too good.
Here, take the keys, drive.

- Okay.
- I'll get him up.

All right, just get him.

Watch it.

You just relax, M&M.

You're going to be okay.
You're going to be okay.

I went into my stomach,
and there were these colors.

The colors was coming, too.

Jesus Christ, M&M,

what did you do
to yourself, huh?

There was this color,

I don't know
what his name was.

It told me I was being paid
back for all the candy I ate.

I didn't know about
the candy before.

I didn't think
i my fault.

- I not, buddy, you're right.
- Bryon?

I'm here.

- Where's Mark?
- He's not here.

- You guys are always together.
- He's not here.

- Where's Mark?
- He's not here.

I have to see Mark!
I got to see Mark!

Okay, okay,
we'll find Mark for you.

Just relax, M&M,
okay, just relax.

- I've got you.
- He knows about the colors.

He knows what they mean.

M&M, what do you mean?

When he gave it to me,

he said,
"Only take half of this."

He said,
"Take only half of this."

He told me
when he gave it to me,

he said,
"M&M, only take half of this."


Why didn't I listen to him?!
I should have listened to him!

Tell me what you just said.

Tell me tha not what...

Please don't tell on me, okay?

M&M, tell me...

What did you just say? M&M?

Nothing, i not right,
all right?

M&M, tell me that isn't true.

Tell me i not true.
What did you just say?

Where am I?!
Where am I?!

Come on.

He's killing me!

Settle down.
Settle down!

M&M, just calm...

Bryon, stop him!
Help him, please!

Le drive to the hospital.

Le just get to the hospital!

M&M, stop it, please.


Please, just...

Mr. Carlson,

he's in no immediate danger,

but we would like to keep him
here for a couple of days

and run some tests.


Yes, they're basic tests

to find out if there's been
any oxygen loss

or tissue damage.

Plus, we don't know yet

what kinds of drugs
he's been taking.

Can I see him?

Why don't you wait
just a little while?

I'll let you know.

Excuse me.

Cath, you better go home.

I want to stay here

with you, Dad.

I want you to go home
and be with your mother.

What are we going
to tell her?

Cath, you ready to go?

I... I appreciate all your help.

You're welcome, sir.



Cathy, wha the matter?

Wha the matter?

You know what I mean.

No, all I know is Mark
screwed up my brother.

Well, I can't believe that,
all right?

You won't believe that.

The kid was out of it, Cathy.

He didn't know
what he was saying.

You're jumping to conclusions.

M&M could have said anyone,

but he said Mark.

You think tha just
a coincidence? No.

No way--
it doesn't leave

a whole lot of doubt in my mind.

Well, it does in mine.

Well, then you're crazy.

I'm crazy?

And you believe M&M?

He's a fucking basket case.


Cathy, goddamn it!

I'm sorry.

So am I.


Wha going on?

Oh, you found 'em, huh?

Well, don't worry
about it, man.

I don't take 'em. I have
a good time just like I am.

Just how are you, Mark?


M&M's in the hospital,
drug overdose.


Jesus, tha terrible.

We found him...

We found him at that place
just like you said.

It was a good thing
that you did.

Bryon, don't look at me
like that.

I said I don't take 'em.

What, so you sell 'em?


We needed the money, man.

What the hell are
you worried about?


What about him?

You gave it to him,
didn't you, huh?

Do you have any idea
how fucked up he is?

How could you do that, man?

I never forced it on M&M, Bryon.
I never forced it on anybody.

But you gave it to him.

If hadn't gotten it from me,

he would have gotten it
from somebody else.

That doesn't make it right.

Look, I-I-I'll quit selling
right now.

I'll quit selling
right this minute.

I just...

I just sort of thought
you knew about it, tha all.

You just don't get it,
do you?

You just don't get it.

Goddamn it, Bryon.

I want you to leave, Mark.

Okay. All right,
I'll-I'll, uh...

I'll come back
when you're feeling better.

No, I mean,

I want you to leave for good.

I want you to take your stuff
and get out.

What the hell you talking about?

I said get out!

Just take your stuff
and get out!

Why... why are you
doing this to me, brother?

You're not my brother, man.

I love you, Bryon.

I got nowhere else to go, man.

You'll do okay, man,
you always do, all right?

So tha it?

I that easy, huh?

Well, fine.

I don't need you.

I don't need anybody.

Hey, man,
you're not taking the car!

Get out of the car, man!

Get out!

I don't need you.

I don't need anybody.

I'm getting out of here, man.

I'm getting out.

And this isn't mine.

Fuck you!

God, Mom, what did I do?

I really screwed things up,
didn't I?


Take all the credit.

Hi, Bryon.

How are you,


Pretty good.

I hear you dumped
old wha -her-name.

Good riddance,

if you ask me.

Where'd you hear that?

I around school.

Well, i not true.

Well, you did dump Mark.

Tha a fact.

You know, you look really good
in short hair, Angel.

Excuse me.

I'd like to order.

I'll have a hamburger

and a Coke.

And some fries.

And a dinner salad...

...a side of baked beans...

an order of
potato salad...

and a grilled cheese sandwich.

Also, a-a large bowl
of your soup of the day.

Apple pie with
three scoops

of chocolate ice cream.

Oh, wait a minute--
I'm on a diet.

You better make that vanilla.

Anything else?

Yeah, make that a double order
of everything,

and I'll be back to pick it up
when you get off work.

How you doin', buddy?


How you doing?

Everything's under control.

Wha it like in here?

If I told you what it
was like, you'd be sick.

I wanted to see you, Bryon.

I hear you been causing
a lot of trouble around here.


I don't seem to be able to get
away with anything anymore.

How long you figure
you'll be sentenced for?

I don't know.

Pretty cool place to live in
for a while.

I like... reality, man.

Look, um...

I don't know when I'll be able
to get back here again.

Look, I want you
to tell your mom

that I said thanks
for all the cakes and stuff

she's been sending me.

Why don't you tell
her yourself

when you come home?


I weird, huh?

We were best friends.

We're like brothers.

Yeah, well... like a friend
once said to me--

that was then...

this is now.

Yeah, who said that?

I don't know.

Some asshole.

I'll bet.

Lighten up, dude.

Everything is going
to turn out okay.

Lighten up, dude.