That Old Dream That Moves (2001) - full transcript

A chronicle of the last days of a factory that is about to shut down. Among the workers forced to idle away until the end of the week, Jacques, a young technician is busy dismantling a machine while, without noticing it, turning on some of the men around him! - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Real Cool Time


Jacques Roudillou?

Jean Donand.

- Sorry I'm late.
- But you're not.

But you're waiting.

I got here too early.

Nowadays to be on time,
you have to show up early.

OK, let's take a look
at the machine.

And here's the braid trimmer.

- The braid trimmer?
- Yes.

What is it?

- Been in the business long?
- About 2 years.

- You're not too new.
- I'm not one of the old brigade.

I'll give you that.

To reline it put the sand joint
between the grey outlet and stenoan.

The grey outlet?

What am I saying?
The brelon release!

Before the stenoan.

We need those sand joints
to trim for the final processing.

So it's part of the core.

No, the core is something else.
We'll see it next to the Ubitona.

Here's the baby.
You know it, right?

- If I didn't...
- You wouldn't be here!

Let me introduce you, Mr Rebar.
Roger Rebar, isn't it?


And Mr Roudillou,
Jacques Roudillou.

He's here to dismantle the Tobinea?

The Ubitona, Mr Rebar,
the Ubitona.

If you need help, ask the guys.
Right, Mr Rebar?

I don't see how we could help.

I should be OK.

Nothing else to say.

The automatic systems
must be checked.

You pack it up...

You pack it up...
and it leaves next week.

I'll take you to the locker room.

- Louis, have you seen Donand?
- Why?

- I'm looking for him.
- Keep quiet if you prefer.

He found some pipe for my place.

- What kind of pipe?
- I don't know yet.

- What's it for?
- You've seen him?

He was at the foundry,
but you never know.

Sometimes he's there,
sometimes not.

Not working?

Not great.

It's been on and off lately.

Have you worked on it?

I worked in moulding,
but I know it's faulty.

Sometimes it releases
as much as 4 meters.

She can go up to 10.

But we don't care
about 4 meter relines.

- Just recut it.
- That's what we did...

But doing a machine's work,
isn't that a bit stupid?

These machines
always screw up.

At least you're safe,
you've got work for life.

Hey Jos?,
come up for a drink?

See you later.

See you tomorrow.

Did you find out
what's wrong?

The controls need checking.

Yes, I know.
Do it then.

They have to be readjusted.

Not the best thing
for an automatic machine.

You said it.

- And?
- And what?

Will it take long?

It depends
on what you mean by long.

It has to leave by next Monday.

I think I'll make it.

You think, or you will?

I'll make it.


I'm getting a coffee,
anybody want one?

No thanks.

Nobody wants any?

OK, I'm going.

The first time, 6 or 7 years ago,

half the guys got laid off.
Early retirement...

Then 6 months later,
the other half went too.

Now we're all that's left,

plus some others in the office.

We don't know who we're working for,
or if it's worth it.

All I know is,
at the end of the week, we shut down.

- Why not retire early?
- You have to be at least 52.

And you are?

How old do you think I am?

- A bit more than that.
- How much more?

58, 59...

You're way off, buddy.
I'll be 51 at the end of the month.

No chance of early retirement for me.

- Will you look for a job?
- There's nothing here.

And I don't think
my chances are better elsewhere.

Anyway, I don't want to leave,

and I don't want to work either.

With the lay-off, I'll get an
150,000 franc compensation.

There's no hurry.

- Obviously...
- Listen...

My house is paid for,
my kids are gone,

except the last one,
but he can manage.

What do I need?
I'm not looking for the high life.

It's for the young guys
that it's difficult.

Take a guy like Jos?.

Jos? Tiborsky,
the guy sitting here before.

He's 35, 3 kids at home,
no diploma, nothing.

Except for his boozing around.

His father's Polish, after all.

You have kids?

You don't want any?

I don't know.
You can't do it alone.

You're not married?

Nice-looking guy like you.

That's hardly a good reason.

Don't wait too long, though.

Come on,
let's go for a coffee.

Where will it go next?

No idea.

You don't know where?

I only check, dismantle,
and pack it. Not sell it.

So I don't send it.
It's your company.

Somebody has to assemble it
over there.

Not necessarily me.

- And if it's you?
- Then I'll be told.

It more logical to have
one person dismantle and assemble.

Especially with all
this precision work.

You could help him out.

He didn't ask us.

You need a hand?

If he doesn't ask,
you don't move?

What do we know?
He knows better than us,

and we might do it wrong.

You won't do anything
wrong just standing around.

Don't worry, I'm used to it,
and I like to work alone.

If that's how you like it.

Come on. Let's go.

Ok, I'm going.

See you tomorrow.

- Have a drink?
- I don't have time.

You want some hooch?


Donand wants to talk to you.

You make it yourself?

I gathered the plums, that's enough.

No, thanks,
I've got to go.

Take five.
It can't be that urgent!

See you tomorrow.

- You wanted to talk?
- Is everything OK?

You think something's wrong?

It was just a question.

Everything's fine.

The guys are paid to help too,
you know.

I'm used to taking care of myself.

- Is that some misplaced pride?
- Why misplaced?

Honestly, if somebody's struggling,
wouldn't you do something?

- That's another story.
- OK, I'll change the story.

- It's happened.
- Really?

- I'd have helped him if he'd asked.
- Why didn't you?

I've been snubbed a few times,
now I wait and see.

You'd tell someone trying to help
to get lost?

Not necessarily.

But it could happen?

It's a mystery to me...

Why bother trying
to make people work together?

In any case,
people work together less and less.

Come and have a drink, Louis?

Mr Hard Worker...

You say farmers, teachers
and soccer players are lazy.

No, I didn't. I said too many people
are paid to do nothing.

And who are these people?

- There's a lot of them.
- You know so many?

Half are unemployed, and the other
half work more and more.

- We don't see eye to eye.
- Too much shit in yours.

Take postal workers,
for example.

What about them? They do their
8 hours, plus Saturdays.

Where're you Saturdays?

I'd like to see you get up and work.

A bum like you saying that,

you didn't even strike
when there was trouble.

I had my reasons
and I don't owe you any explanations.

But I never agreed with you.

I don't call those reasons, anyway.


I'm going back to work.

- I'll come around later?
- OK.

But the club starts
their season badly.

It's normal to start that way.

Better that than finishing badly,

but you have to be on top all year.

Important matches
aren't until January.

Before they relaxed
until the last sixteen.

Now with the European cup,
top form's required by October.

There are only Irish
and Welsh clubs.

And the English?
Their clubs are good.

Not anymore.

Not this year,
but one day they'll be back.

And the Harlequins or Leicester
won't be easy.

Especially at the start.

What're you doing
with the pipes?

Taking them.

What for?

- They're for my house.
- For your house?

If they ask,
you don't know anything.

I don't care.
Don't tell me if you don't want.

You want a coffee?

but I have to finish by Friday night.

It'll only take 10 minutes.

It's always the same thing,

we start talking and time goes by.

Yeah, time goes by.

Is there a problem?

Everything's fine.
I'm going to pack it up.

Tell me, Mr Donand,

what are you doing after Friday?

Nothing special,
start my weekend like everybody.

You have another job?

What do you mean?

The factory's closing,

the workers will go on welfare.
And you?

Oh, I didn't understand.

Why are you asking?

I'm interested in you.

Thanks. That's nice.

But I still have a week
to sort out business.

Then I'll be unemployed.

Nothing planned?

Nothing except vacation.

You spend your time
dismantling machines?

Sometimes I assemble them.

It's less fun, I suppose.

I'll tell you something,

whether a factory
is running or not,

is all the same to me
if I didn't know it.

It's less lively.

But factory life...

Yes, factory life...

You're never home
if you always travel.

- Weekends.
- It's not hard?

- You get used to it.
- You married?

I live alone.

But you're a good looking guy.


So are you.

But women aren't my thing.

You mean you have no
love life?

Not with women.

I'll let you work.
See you later.

Jos?, you ready?

I'm coming.

You're crazy!
And new, to boot!

I can't believe it.

I need a car
and I have the money.

- It's too big!
- You need it with 3 kids.

Think about them before
spending all the money.

You could've found cheaper.

I couldn't do without one.

And you'll figure out something
when everyone's starving.



- Don't want it.
- Neither do I.


Having a hard time, buddy?

Pass me the wrench?

I can do that.

- You leaving tomorrow?
- I hope so.

- You'll come for a drink?
- That's all we do here.

Take more time,
so we can talk.

Why don't you come for dinner?

Why not?

Why not yes,
or why not no?

I mean yes.

All right.

How do you feel about moving so much?

What do you mean?

For your job.

Once I worked in the same place
for a year,

it was really time to move on!

So fast?

I don't know how people do it.

It must be 20 years
you're working here.

Try 30.

30 years in the same place,
how do you do it?

You realize it afterwards.
Not during.

- But I realize during.
- Because you want to.

You don't have to say,
"Damn, still 30 years to go."

You take one day at a time
and it makes a life.

You have to make ends meet.

What difference
does it make where?

You never wanted to change?

In my dreams.

I can see you owning a bar.

To get hustled by drunks all day long?

I can see you behind the bar.

Not me!

Pass me the Philips, please.

And you know what you got,
not what you're gonna get.

You can always find better.

- Not in this shitty situation.
- Especially in this shitty situation.

Take a break,
let's go for a drink.

He is such a jerk with that car.

And he won't stop,
I'm telling you.

I'd scream if I was his wife.

I don't know how they live.

What happens?

Maybe she yells,
but when he gets an idea...

I'm sure she shuts up.

Anyway, what can you say to him?

Only Jos? isn't my kids' father.

His wife should say:
"It's me or the car".

And if he goes for the car?

- She's gone.
- Very funny.

And if she doesn't?

Then she's an idiot,

and she gets
what she deserves.

Let me help you.


Will it take long?

- Is it heavy?
- No, I'm just asking.

- Coming for a drink?
- Wait for me?

OK, but hurry up.

It's just us.
He shouldn't be there.

"Just us"?
If Donand comes, so can he.

Donand's different,
he's part of the company.

You want to exclude him?

Anyway, he's done working.
Monday he'll be gone.

It's just a drink.
What's one more person?

It's not about one more person.

It's private,
we can't invite everyone.

Sure is,
sitting and crying about our lot.

Who said crying?
It's just different this time.

I don't care,
I'm inviting him.

If he's smart he won't come.

- I'm inviting him.
- We'll see.

Yeah, we'll see.

I agree.

Listen, we're having a drink
with the guys tonight, want to come?

- Celebrating the closing?
- Don't start.

Just be happy you're invited.

I'll try and stop by.

You'll try?

I have to finish dismantling.

- It's almost done.
- But not yet.

Take five minutes.

I'll see when the time comes.

You really like Donand.

He's not the man for you.

You know my type of guy?

I tend to know these things.

So you can tell me who.

That, no...

But Donand's not for you.

So I should just give up then?

You're wasting your time.

I'm wasting my time.

So what?

- If you're into that.
- It's not that.

But when I want somebody,
I want somebody,

I don't ask myself
if it's possible or not.

It's not good
to want what you can't have.

You can stop when you want to?

Sometimes you have to give up.

If you give up there,
you give up everywhere.

And what's left?

There are plenty of men around.

We agree on that.

So why bother
with a dead-end story?

I told you,
I can't control it.

Since when is "possible"
or "impossible" written on men?

And it's so nice to believe.

Of course it's nice.

But you'll suffer
in life like that, buddy.

That's nothing new.

And I'm not your buddy.

Why does everyone think that?

If you start with a grafted cutting
you don't need to regraft.

Don't look at me like that.

So why are my cherries disgusting?

You planted a stone.

No, it was a cutting.

Maybe the tree wasn't grafted.

It was grafted,
I'm positive.

So it was a disgusting cherry tree.
Happens, you know.

Well, see you.

You coming for a drink?

I'll finish first.

See you in a minute.

Tell me, Mr Donand,

would you buy a car
with your compensation money?

- A big one for 200,000 francs?
- 180,000.

I'm not too keen on cars!

- Or a motorcycle.
- Not motorcycles, either.

There must be something you like.

Nothing so expensive.

What, then?

Simple things.

What kind of simple things?

A bit of cycling, tennis, D.I.Y.

And for your vacations?

I go to the seaside.

You could buy an apartment there.

I've already done that.

But if you hadn't,
would you buy one now?

Not now.

You see Jos?,
you're the only one who wastes money.

He wants to buy a Peugeot 406,
you know how much it costs?

It's not reasonable,
but then again,

you won't ever see
this much money at once.

At last!

I hope you like it,
it's all that's left.

Cheers everybody!

You changed your mind?

- Ljust wanted to say goodbye.
- We did that.

Silly to leave
on a Pastis and a handshake!

I'd like to see you again.

I know,
but it's not possible.

Why not?

It's not my thing,
as you say.

That's the way it is.

But you keep coming back
to say goodbye one last time.

I didn't want you to think I was
resentful or contemptuous or anything...

I just wanted to be nice.

That just reinforces my feelings.

Don't believe in dreams.

I didn't just imagine things.

Just extrapolation.

You don't want to meet
outside of this factory?

What for?

I know my feelings.
I won't forget you.

If it makes you feel better,
nor will I.


You still coming for dinner?

Of course I'm coming.

Am I too old?

No, I like old guys.

- I'm too fat?
- You're big, not fat.

So what is it?

How should I know?

You're rejecting me,
you should know why.

I don't have to justify myself.

You can be proud.

I had a hard-on for the past 3 days,
now I look like a jerk.

You want people who don't want you.

It's tough,
but what can I do?

If you didn't like men,
I'd understand.

I can't love them all.

Why am I different
from the others?

Cut it out,
will you?

I just want to know.
If it's my age you can tell me.

It's not that,
I'm telling you.

Subtitling by TVS - TITRA FILM