Terror-Creatures from the Grave (1965) - full transcript

An attorney arrives at a castle to settle the estate of its recently deceased owner. The owner's wife and daughter reveal that he was someone who was able to summon the souls of ancient plague victims and, in fact, his spirit was roaming the castle at that very moment. Soon occupants of the castle begin to die off in gruesome, violent ways.

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Love conquers all.
Everything has it's price.

It all ends with death.

Time devours everything.

Very applicable to today.
Especially about time.

In fact, if I don't hurry
I will miss the train.

- Do not forget this, Morgan.
- Of course.

A notary without his documents is
like a surgeon without a scalpel.

And, like physicians, dear Albert,
we must go whenever we are called.

- Here it is. All in order.
- I believe that nothing is missing...

I forgot this.

It is better to be cautious
when travelling at night.

- Mail, Mr Notary. Want to review?
- I must go now. Leave it with Albert.

Put it on the desk, thank you.

I'll be back tomorrow afternoon.
Let me know if there's any news.

Of course. Bon voyage, Morgan.

Dear me, what a mess.

Will take me two hours to organise it all.

Don't worry. I'll just look
through the mail and then we'll go.

Nothing, the usual...

Do we come early tomorrow morning?

Is something wrong?

Yes, a letter with a strange...

Hard to understand.

"To the notary: Joseph Morgan.
Extremely Urgent."

They look like antique characters.

Century old writing nobody uses anymore.

"Dear notary Morgan, having taken
the determination

to make embodied in writing
my last will and testament,

your presence is urgently needed
at my villa in Bregoville.

I look forward to your immediate arrival

in the interest of truth and justice.

Sincerely, Jeronimus Hauff."

The chief will not return until tomorrow
afternoon. Will you go, Mr Albert?

Who else?

We cannot keep waiting someone
who wants to do a testament, can we?

Be careful, Sir. It is said that Bregoville
is a town that God has forgotten.

A damned place.

Have a good trip.

I'm not from here. Could you tell me
how to get to the Villa Hauff?

Is anyone here?

I called...
But nobody answered.

This is the Villa Hauff?

Would you mind announcing me?

Can I help you?

Who are you?

I am the attorney Albert Kovac,
notary and probate.


- Are you the daughter of the Dr. Hauff?
- Yes, I am Corinne Hauff.

You'll have to forgive this confusion.

The villa has been closed for a long time.
We set there just yesterday.

Take the gentleman's coat.

- Did you have a good trip?
- No, quite the contrary.

You have not said
the reason for your visit.

I was called upon by your
father to make his will.

I received his letter yesterday evening.

Wait a moment, please.

What an eccentric type,
this Jeronimus Hauff.

Evidently he is a scientist...

Or someone amused by
Frightening his visitors.

Mr Kovac,
if you would kindly join me.

It hasn't been easy to find this site.

It's very far.
And the roads are very bad.

Yes, not many people come here.

Follow me.

Corinne told me that
my husband called upon you.

Yes, ma'am. I was asked to
compose his testament.

- You said you have letter from him,
is that right? - Yes. I have it here.

- You are notary Joseph Morgan?
- No ma'am, I'm his assistant.

The notary was absent
when the letter arrived.

I hope your husband is at home.

"Dear notary Morgan,

your presence is urgently needed
at my villa in Bregoville.

Sincerely, Jeronimus Hauff."

The handwriting is his,

and the seal looks authentic.

- But it is absurd. - But why?
Did your husband not tell you?

My husband...
died a year ago.

It's a strange thing.

But please, Mr Lawyer, do us the honour
of being our guest for the night.

It wouldn't be wise to drive these
roads in this storm.

No doubt this is some
joke in bad taste.

But why have they written
precisely to the notary Morgan?

Do you have any idea
who might have done this?

I wouldn't know.

Jeronimus was the only doctor
in the village. He knew everybody.

If it is a jest, I don't
understand what they intended.

- It's something very perplexing.
- I don't think it's a very humorous.

The writing and the seal
are my fathers.

Stop that nonsense.
The dead do not write letters.

And you know very well
that the seal is buried with him.

There must be some logical explanation.

Perhaps someone made
duplicate of the the seal.

Someone who knew my husband
very well.

- Do you mind if I smoke?
- Not at all.

I am right. I'm sure of it.

Corinne. Be reasonable.

You should listen to your mother.

Stepmother, Mr Lawyer.
I was Jeronimus' second wife.

Do I serve coffee, madam?

I have to get to the bottom of this mystery.

It's harsh, but I will have
to tell Mr Morgan,

and file a complaint with
the local authority.

I hate to disturb your holiday
but I cannot do otherwise.

We are not here on holiday.

We came to move my father's body
to the new family mausoleum.

Within two days it will be
the first anniversary of his death.

His wish was to be buried
in the ground during the first year.

My husband had very strange
ideas about certain things.

Madam, I'm done. It is very
late in the evening, may I go home?

- Yes, Louise. I'll expect you tomorrow.

There is no way to convince her
to stay here at night.

Apparently afraid.

The people around here are very
fond of strange legends.

- It's only superstitions.

Why not tell what
really engaged my father?

He studied the occult.

Have you seen this?

They look like scars.

Like the marks of five fingers.
Supernatural forces are at work in this villa.

And my father tried to materialise them.

Enough, Corinne!

- Stop talking nonsense.
- I'm telling the truth!

You say
you wanted to talk with the notary?

The only convenience we have
here is a telephone. It's over there.

At this hour, Morgan should have
already returned.

I want to talk
to the notary office of Morgan in Ratzen.

Ma'am, hello!

I cannot hear you, Sir.
The line is interrupted.

And who is this?

Certainly not the last
oddity in this environment.

He could be half imbecile, yet the only lucid person

I have the feeling that
he is not as dull as he seems...

- Have you talked to your employer?
- No, the storm has cut the line.

You can't rely on
these modern inventions.

Have all the servants not left?

That is Kurt, the gardener. He's not left
the villa since the death of my father.

He was his confidant.

He is not afraid of this
place as others are.

I see that you do not like it.
And I cannot criticise that.

Between these walls
hundreds of people died.

The villa was built on the ruins
of a fifteenth-century lazaretto.

Everyone infected with the plague
in the area was brought here.

Those who came here,
never came out alive.

Do you understand now why everyone
is afraid of this kind of museum?

Look, these are the mummified hands
of people who were executed

accused of having
spread the plague.

Come, your room is over here.

Not putting me in
the torture room.

It is easy to be amusing about
these macabre things.

The history of the lazaretto served
my father for his research.

He discovered many secrets.

You'll sleep here.
It was my father's room.

Indeed, it is a
puzzling situation...

Here I am, a guest in
a former leper hospital.

I have been invited

to draft the will of a dead man.

Two single women...

radically different.

And that mysterious doctor...

Jeronimus Hauff...
research results on 28th.

Today I have established
contact with them.

I was told the plague
had spread everywhere.

The smell of corpses
poisoned the air...

The carts, loaded to the top, transported
the bodies to the mass graves...

survivors clinging
desperately to life...

obsessively hating the screeching
wheels of these carts...

That screeching...
sinister... penetrating...

There was no longer any hope...

The people believed that the plague
spread due to a few plague-bearers...

So they were arrested, and they cut off
their hands before killing them...

And they buried them here,
in the gardens...

The water.

All the water was poisoned.

They needed clean water...
Pure water...

- Corinne! What happened?
- I saw him.

He opened the door.
He came to see me.

- Who are you talking about, in heaven's name?
- My father.

What do you mean?
There's nobody here.

Calm down.

My apologies.
Corinne is very nervous.

- She is fearful of anything.
- I tell you I saw him.

- I'm sure.

Come with me.

I was there, in front of the mirror.
And he entered, approaching,

looking at me...

It's just a bust, Corinne.

Let's go... Come with me.
You are very tired. Try to get some rest.

Poor girl...
She has so vivid imagination...

The dead rising in the middle
of the night...

She was very close to her father?

It was he who filled her
head with all this nonsense.

The plagued returning...

He believed himself to
be an expert in the occult.

The proprietor of the Beyond.

Poor man...

He couldn't even foresee
his own death...

One night he had too much to drink.

stumbled and fell down the stairs.

He died there.

Within two days
it will be one year.

I have invoked them
and now they are among us...

- Is it a real car?
- Of course.

- But... does it move by itself?
- You'll see.

Be careful. My grandfather says
that they are very dangerous.

Are there any other means
of transport here?

I asked if there are
any other vehicles here.

It's useless.

Kurt cannot speak.

- What's the matter?
- An owl got into the engine.

- Poor creature.
- I can't imagine how it got there.

Here owls are everywhere.

- They get into everything.
- I's done a good job.

- Do you know someone
who can fix it?

There is no one who can handle
these inventions.

Perhaps you should try the blacksmith...

- Allow me, my name is Nemek.

I'm the physician of Bregoville.

I've come to see they
have reopened the villa.

- Will you settle here?

I'm not of the family...
I'm just an occasional guest.

If I can be useful for something...

Yes, I urgently need
to obtain transportation.

That's no problem...

Provided you're not afraid of horses.

Thank you very much...
You're very kind.

And do not worry about the car.
We'll fix it somehow.

- What is this?
- This?

This are ancient tombs.

Here lie buried the plague-bearers
during the fifteenth century plague.

Buried in unconsecrated graves
because they thought that

those who had spread the plague
were poisoning the water.

You see what people thought.

They thought that this condemned
their souls to wander forever.

But I confess that I never
had the pleasure of meeting them.

Pardon the indiscretion, but
how did you come to stop here?

Mr Kovac, could you
take me over to the village?

- Certainly, it will be a pleasure.
- I have to do some shopping.

Miss, is the line to
Ratzen operational now?

It was restored this morning.
Who do you want to talk?

You will have to forgive me.
It will be a five-minute visit.

But do not stay there.
Take a walk to the lake.

How is it going, Stinner?

Corinne, how long will you be here?

Only a couple of days. Once we finish
everything I will return to Kravitz again.

It saddens me to leave the villa.

Kravitz is not very far from Ratzen.

I hope we'll have the occasion
to see each other again.

I would love to.

Last night you thought
I was hysterical?

Why? Sometimes our
nerves play tricks on us.

Clio, however, did seem
very worried about you.

Pure appearance.

We have nothing in common.
In fact, we barely know each other.

I was living at a college in Ratzen.
And they were always here at the villa.

We often came here,
while on holiday.

My father loved me very much
and cared with much attention.

He was a wonderful man.
But people did not realise it.

- You see this?
- What is it?

It is a sundial that indicates
the best time for fishing.

When the shadow reached this
stick, we went to the lake with the boat.

Your father surely was a man
of great imagination.

Imagination? I see
you're like the others.

- It all comes down to that word.
- I did not want to offend you, Corinne,

but last night, by chance, I heard
a recording he made on a Phonograph,

in which he spoke of plague,
of plague-bearers, of carts...

I've also heard that.

My father had powers
almost supernatural.

You think that the letter is false?

Well, I cannot say.

Last night I saw him.

He wanted to tell me something.

It's him. It's my father.

It was him. He was in the boat.

It's just an
abandoned boat.


The oars where moving
without anyone on the boat.

Albert, get me out of here,
I beg you.

- I'm here.
- I'm afraid.

- Calm down.
- Help me, please.

- Mr Kovac! Corinne.
- Yes, we're coming.

It has dried up.

Now take this foolproof medicine
for taking a bath out of season.

A local product.
Efficiency guaranteed.

You keep it there.
Is that right, Stinner?

You do well, always keeping
an old bottle for the friends.

This removes all sorrows.

That puts it... 1897.

Nectar of the last century.

You are a man who has an
understanding of wine, Stinner.

This... This is capable of
reanimating the dead.

Thanks for everything, Stinner.

For Corinne...

pills of the kitchen
and syrup of the saloon...

Naturally, you'd better
return home.

The cold and damp
are very dangerous.

If Corinne doesn't mind, I prefer
to deal with the issue of the letter.

By the way...

Here it is, doctor.
What do you think?

So this is the famous
seal of Jeronimus...

May I see it, doctor?

I still have here
an old letter from him.

No doubt.
It's his.

The seal had a small defect
here on the left side.

It's true.

At this point,
I do not know what to think.

I have to report to the authorities.

Miss, we all know that
this villa is a cursed place.

Get out of there right now.
Before it's too late.

Tomorrow will be exactly a year since
your father died. Get away from there.

He was a good friend of your father
and his death affected him greatly.

Come on, let's go.

And do not forget to take
the pills, Stinner.

See you tomorrow.

Corinne! Let's go!

So long, Stinner.

Not so long...

Good riddance.

I know we will not meet again.

Here we are.

Indeed, this not looks
like a town hall at all.

Do not be picky.
Here the politics do not pay.

So the chemist is, at the same
time, the mayor of the town.

Where are you?

I'll wait for you at
the City Hall.

- Stay calm. Be right back.

...the undersigned, medical
Bregoville holder...

...found at your local...

...the body of Doctor...

...Berryl Nilson, chemist...

...also acting as...


Dead, it seems,
because of...

...cardiac paralysis.

I imagine there will be
a police investigation.

What for? A doctor's
certificate should be enough...

But in the case of violent or accidental
death, you should call the police.

Paralysis of the heart is
a sudden death, but not violent.

Please bring me
forms D and H.

Damned bureaucracy.

All these formalities.

But how?
You already filled these out.

I did it this morning,
to save you work.

Who told you this morning
that the mayor will die?

I heard the death cart passing by...
Last night.

All the people heard it.

When the cart passes, the Reaper
with his scythe is mowing relentlessly.

He's passed three times.

And how did you know who was going
to die, precisely the mayor?

- How did I know?
- That's it.

He was one of the witnesses
of the death of Jeronimus Hauff.

They are all doomed.

Ah, Corinne...
Would you mind?

Been to the village?

There, Corinne.
On the back.

Over here.

What is it?
Your hands are shaking.

- The Mayor's dead.
- Dead? How?

I've seen it.
It was horrible.

- Where did he die?
- In his pharmacy.

His face was corroded
by acid.

Did you know him?

He was a friend of your father.

Often come to the villa.

Jeronimus always had
a house full of villagers.

You've always had
other different tastes.

You hated all this?

I was used to other kinds
of people before marriage.

I frequented the best
Kravitz families.

I thought my father had
known you as a simple actress.

I had a career.

Who do you think your father was?

A great doctor?
A great scientist?

I was locked up here,
in this wretched leprosarium.

In this den of wolves.

I expected a brilliant life.

A life that my
friends envy...

I had married a great
promise in medicine.

But in reality he was just a poor
visionary that ended up with

with a country practice because of
his hobbies and his ghosts.

Yes, I hated it.
And I hated his friends.

And I still hate them.

Don't forget how bad
an actress you were.

I'd like to talk with
Ratzen. With this number...

Here it is.

This is the death certificate
of Jeronimus Hauff.

It is based on the testimony of the five
people who witnessed his death.

Now you will see...

"Jeronimus Hauff

died on May 2nd..."

I remember it well...

- As if I saw it.
- On May 2nd. Go on...

"Fracture of the second
cervical vertebra..."

- It's this?
- Yes, that one... Continue.

"...when, in our presence,
fell down the stairs.

We hereby attest to..."

And here are the signatures of the five
people who were there that night.

Three are already dead.

And now the time has
come for the others.

Mark Richter...

Died July 3rd
by cardiac paralysis.

Ilish Ehbert...

Died on October 6th
by cardiac paralysis.

The third is the mayor.

Indeed, it is a
strange coincidence.


After many centuries, we listened
to the cart of the dead at midnight.

And you call it coincidence?

And now we're up to the forth.

Read on.

Oskar Stinner...

Stinner, the paralytic.

Yes, he too...

The fifth witness...
I do not know who he is.

I tried in vain to
decipher his signature.

It's not anyone I know,
and I know everyone around here.

It's unreadable.

- Let's see... - It seems that
it was done on purpose.

That will not help him escape
the revenge of Jeronimus.

I do not understand why Dr. Hauff
wants revenge on his friends.

They were posing as his friends.
But really hated him

because he was engaged in magic.

- I can take this paper? - Well, the truth is
that it's against the rules and...

Mr Kovac is a notary in Ratzen.

In that case. But I beg you to
return it as soon as possible.

Rest assured.

He is so convinced of what he says
that almost makes one wonder.

- Good morning, doctor.
- How's the sciatica?

Are you mulling over
the death of the mayor?

According to the secretary,
it's now Stinner who is in danger.

Sure, have you not seen?
He's on the verge of death.

He seems to be scared by mere
mention of the name Jeronimus.

Look, Mr Lawyer, Jeronimus
had the whole village afraid.

Step into the shoes of these people.

A lunatic who comes from the city to invoke
the souls of the dead of a former leper colony.

His daughter describes him as
an extraordinary man.

Mind you, I do not say
that he was a fool.

His publications created
a stir at the University.

They didn't believe him. So he
came here to prove his theories.

Although this did not go well

and the locals signed a petition
to remove him.

In the end, they are good people.

Do you believe in these things?

I'm a doctor, and I only
believe in what I can see.

- And you, Mr Lawyer?
- Same as you.

The dead do not scare me
but some of the living do, yes.

Come. We will find someone
who can take us to the villa.

Of the five witnesses, only
two are still alive.

Old Stinner and one who signed
a deliberately unreadable signature.

Who could it be?

Three dead...

There must be an explanation.

It is too incredible to
be a coincidence.

A plot of Jeronimus...

Something he plotted for when
he was no longer present...

He comes for the reaping,
the reaping of souls

The Death is coming,
is coming for you

Only purest clean
water brings salvation

Remember this warning,
this warning is for you...

What are you doing here?

I heard a noise and I thought
I had heard someone enter.

What happened to this?

This morning it was full.

You have a beautiful
clock collection.

They are all authentic pieces,
of great value.

They were my husband's,

and only he understood
theirs complicated mechanisms.

For a year not
one has worked.

They stopped just
at the time of his death.

What a beautiful engraving.
What does it mean?

That one?

It's something from the fifteenth century
that Jeronimus set next to the dial.

This is Purifier...

It is said she was the girl who brought
water for the plagued of the lazaret.

The plague-bearers killed her.

He's coming.

Are you there?

I was waiting for you.

I knew you'd come.

But you won't get me.

Poor man...
At least he no longer suffers.

He was full of life before bad luck
condemned him to a wheel chair.

He could not stand it anymore.

I will perform the autopsy later.

Is this also a coincidence, doctor?

I do not know what to think.

The Secretary had warned us,

but we did not believe him.

What could we do?

Could we have prevented
him from committing suicide?

You can take him.

He had the same expression
of terror as the Mayor.

Do you really think that the corpse of Jeronimus
comes out to claim his victims, one by one?

What if he is alive?

Yes. Alive.

A handwritten letter, which
appeared as if by magic...

Do you follow me, Nemek?

No one has actually seen the corpse
of Jeronimus. Not even Clio.

All we know about his death
is testimony of five people

who claim to have seen him falling
down the stairs. Five of his friends...

In your opinion, these five signed
a false certificate of his death.

But why Jeronimus was
persuaded to do so?

- I have no idea.
- Should have been a good reason.

Perhaps to be hidden from
a world that was hostile.

In this case, he would
be dead to us all.

Yes! Except for five people
who knew the truth

and which Jeronimus
decided to silence forever.

Four are already dead.
About the fifth we do not know anything.

Look, doctor.
Look at this.

- It's Stinner's.
- He could have written it last night.

It's half burned.
Clearly he wanted to destroy it.

"He's returned. Save yourself.
He's going to get you too."

Possibly wanted to warn the fifth
witness and someone prevented him.

What should we do, Albert?

Today is the anniversary
of the death of Jeronimus.

The transfer of his body will be done,
and at last we will know if he is truly dead.


So he's not dead.

Indeed, the life of the fifth
witness is in serious danger.

But how to warn him?

Who could it be?

It's not anyone I know.

Save yourself.
He's going to get you too.

Is there a telephone in the village?

Yes, at the Town Hall.

I'll hold.

Have you not realised yet?
Joseph Morgan is the fifth witness.

The letter of Jeronimus
was addressed to him.

Hello? Yes, ma'am. Albert speaking.
Is the notary in the office?

What? He has left for Villa Hauff?

Let's hurry or it will be
too late. Come on.

I expected you.

I knew you would come.

It's not possible.

He must have already arrived.

Look, doctor

The body of Jeronimus Hauff.
In there.

I've seen it.

It was him.
I am quite sure.

He seemed to be waiting for me.
With that terrible gaze.

If Jeronimus is dead, then
what's all this about?

There are so many things I have
to ask you, Morgan.

- How did you come to the villa?
- Please Albert, it's not the time.

I am sorry, Morgan.
We'll talk later.

This is the letter that was addressed to you.
See you later.

Calm down, notary Morgan.
Take it easy.

I know nothing, miss.
I was in my room.

Please, Louise.
Tell me what you saw?

I have not seen anything.

Then why are you afraid?
Tell me, please. I have to know.

It's hard to explain it.

Suddenly the house was
filling with cold

and immediately all the doors
have begun to creak.

And then I heard a strange noise.

I had ran scared and
locked myself in my room.

And then I heard his voice.

- Whose voice?
- The voice...

of Dr. Jeronimus Hauff.

I'm leaving. I do not think I
can continue in this house.

My father! Where did you hear him?
What did he say?

Ask Kurt.
He was walking around the villa.

Where is Kurt?

I do not know. I already said, Miss.
I was in my room.

I'm sorry.

How is the notary?

He's well. It was just a fright.

I've put you in such
a bother, Albert

and it's all because of me.

It was I who asked you to
stay here. It's all my fault.

You don't know how
happy that made me

to has an excuse to
be with you longer.

I want you near me.

This is all madness.

But what does my
father want from us?

Is there some concoction out there
to tone up the blood?

Of course, doctor.
What do you like?

A brandy if possible.
Just a finger naturally.

- How's the notary?
- He is resting now.

Do you believe what he said?

Morgan is a positivist.
He's not one of those who see visions.

Then, the body still
has to be here.

We have to find Kurt. We need to know
if he has something to do with it.

We cannot return to the beginning
after a year of silence.

I loved you,
you know that.

I was ready to leave
Jeronimus for you.

I also loved you.
And I still love you.

But that doesn't stop
you from disappearing.

That's what we agreed, is it not?

But not for a whole year, a year without
seeing you, without hearing from you,

without knowing anything about you.

I've missed you so much,

and you're still so beautiful.

Leave me, I beg you.

Kurt is not here.


The music is from my old doll.

I've already heard this melody.

It is an old ballad
my father taught me.

Only the purest clean
water brings salvation

Remember this warning,
this warning is for you

The water brings salvation

What does that phrase mean?

"I urgently need your presence
at my villa in Bregoville.

I look forward to your
immediate arrival.

Sincerely, Jeronimus Hauff."

Don't you see it's clearly a trap?

We're in danger.

Let's go!
Let's get away from the villa.

- Let's start over.
- And what do we do with this?

Remember that this has been written
by someone - who knows everything.

Then you don't believe in the
powers of Jeronimus.

No, of course not.

But I'm sure it was him
who set this up.

- What are you going to do?
- Nothing. Just defend ourselves.

There was another witness that night.

One that we almost didn't notice.

Kurt, the gardener.

The torch is lit.

My father always came here
for his experiments.

It's where the plague-bearers
were executed during the plague.

Let's go, Albert.

At last. The night of
the revenge has begun.

I mummified your body, my lord.

I have fulfilled your last will.

In a moment, it will be
exactly one year from your death.

And the forces of evil that you
mastered will be triggered.

Take them all.

Damn them.

Have no mercy on anyone.

All have to pay.

The righteous and the sinners.

Forgive me, my lord.

I cannot keep the secret.

I have to warn your daughter Corinne...

Before it is too late.

- Did you find him?
- No, he seems to have left.

And we have searched
everywhere, doctor.

Your time is up.

Stop, Albert.
Do not touch him.

This seems like the plague.
A rare form of plague.

Finally they are among us.

It is indeed the plague.

It has begun.
The night of revenge.

No one can escape.

Just one year ago today...

...in this room...

...all they were here...

all who said they were his friends...

They were all here.

In front of the mirror.

That exact day.

That exact hour.

Yes! His friends
were there.

The voice of Jeronimus
sounded relentless.

There is a formal request to
expel me from this town,

and ban my studies.

Signed by you.

You're afraid of me.
It is normal to be so.

You want to ruin my life.

But I know the things
that could ruin yours too.

You, Stinner.The timid
and educated Stinner.

Repugnant usurer, you provided
loans to widows,

only to collect with the flesh
of their beautiful daughters.

You, Richter.
Confessed thief.

Refugee in this town
to escape the police.

You, Ehbert. You've made your fortune
rigging accounts you manage.

From some time I know about drug trafficking
that you conduct, Mayor Nilsen.

As for you two,
it is time to settle the accounts.

I am aware of your relationship.

Sorry to be the spoiler who
terminates your romantic dream.

I'm going to report you all!

You are finished.
You are going to pay for your treason.

And as for you, Clio, say goodbye
to the good life that I have given you.

Out of my house.

Kill him!

Damn you.
There is no escape.

My vengeance will overtake you.
Wherever you are.

Damn you.


You don't believe me.

But you will feel my power.

Evil spirits.

Powers from Beyond.

Souls of the plague-bearers.

that are still wandering among these
walls without knowing the eternal peace.

Avenge me.

Called from Beyond.
Know that I invoke you.

Avenge me!

My face.
How awful.

You won't frighten me.

I am not afraid of you, Jeronimus.
Be damned! Be damned!

Stay with Corinne.

Over here.

Only cleanest pure water
brings salvation

Remember this warning,
this warning is for you

Pure water.

- Albert, come here.
- Come on, Corinne, come on.

- Albert, I'm here.
- Come with me.

Over here.



The plague-bearers
dead for five centuries

have materialized.

The fountain.
It is drying up.

Don't you understand, Nemek?
Only clean water can save us.

The rain is our
only hope.

Keep away. I will try to
stop them to save time.

Don't do it, Albert.

Take her out of here.

Come on, Corinne.

- Doctor Nemek.
- Don't touch me.

Leave me. Go.

The rain.


We are saved, Albert.