Terminal Rush (1996) - full transcript

A local cop tries to save his father and several others who have been taken hostage by terrorists at Hoover Dam.

(deep dark music)

- [Man] Coming up on Nellis.

You ready to land that new baby?

- [Man] Roger, leader.

(deep tense music)

- [Man] (mumbles) for descent.

- [Man] Roger, I am
right behind you.


(deep intense music)

- Thank you, Dr. Henry.

Thank you.

- Good work out there.

Great job.

- Gentlemen, we have a winner.

(deep intense music)

Fly high circuitry
could be adapted into

any late model aircraft.

But at least double the
(mumbles) capability.

- Then why did we build a
whole damn new airplane?

(deep intense music)

- That plane, plus
the new circuitry,

is the cutting edge of
military technology.

We sell the circuitry,
we keep the plane.

(deep intense music)

It remains an exclusive
American weapon.

- It better.

Considering what it's
supposed to be capable of.

- Governor, I think
you'll be very impressed

with the demonstration.

- How many countries will be
attending this demonstration?

- 27.

(deep intense music)

- Did you stick with the
price we discussed last week?

- We bumped it, half
a billion per country

to pick up fly high.

- Half a billion?

- Hell of a lot cheaper
than (mumbles) fighter jets.

- Absolutely.

(deep intense music)

- Has the press blackout
been maintained?

- Only the White House
knows that the chip

and the plane are even here.

(deep intense music)

- Any security concerns?

- Come on, Governor,

who's going to break
into an Air Force base?

- I guess you're right,

you'd have to be a
real nutcase even

to think of doing
something like that.

- Building F3 is accessible
for both sides of (mumbles).

The target's housed in
a negative vacuum room.

How's security
once you're inside?

- (mumbles) employment
of the guards is eight.

- There are just two
regulars on the day.

- One here, one there.

(deep intense music)

- You sure there's only two?

(phone ringing)


- Two minutes.

(deep intense music)

(guns firing)

- Two here, two there.

- Fine, I'll debrief him.

(intense rhythmic music)

The base entry plan
through the RC7 gate.

Rogers and Mike will be
manning that position

from 0700 to 1700 hours.

- Two minutes in, all
power down, right?

- That's correct.

- I don't think it's enough
time to get the chip.

(deep intense music)

- Any longer down and

the target will be
automatically vaulted,

making it inaccessible
to anybody

but the President of
the United States.

Do you have a problem with that?

(deep rhythmic music)

- Yes, because
after two minutes,

all defenses go
back up and running.

We'll be taking a lot of heat.

(gun firing)

- Anyone else have any problems?

(gun firing)
(intense rhythmic music)

At 0500 hours, all
personnel in arms will

move out through (mumbles).

Mr. Baffle will lead
the convoy in on

the eastern service road, E4.

(intense deep music)

(soft lighthearted music)
(light talking)

- Okay, you go.



I'm sorry, I'm sorry, go ahead.

Whoa, hey!


Watch this, we're gonna
have a little fun now.

Oh, what is this
(mumbles), clumsy little.


We are gonna eat it
now like a dog, huh.

Woof, woof, woof, that's it.

How does that taste, huh?

What's this, tears, huh?

You crying for mommy.

What are we get you
now, huh, come on.

He's a feisty little kitten.

He bit me!

- Leave the boy alone!


Hold it right there, boys,

you boys don't
wanna be doing this.

I'm a deputy sheriff, it's
time for you boys to leave.

Come on, let's go!

You all right?

- Good job, Harper.

- Hey, Webb.

- Hey, Harper.

Hey, you wouldn't happen
to know if Captain's home,

would you?

- No, I don't know where she is.

Don't worry, Lou, I've seen
your food in worst places.

(deep rhythmic music)

- [Man] Beta group
will come in near

the entrance of
the elevators and

commence occupation of same.

After primary securitization,
the eagle will nest.

(intense rhythmic music)

(phone ringing)

- [Woman] Hi, this is Katherine,

I'm not home right now so please

leave a message at the tone.


- Bye, Lou.

(deep dark music)

- Hey, Geronimo!


(tense rhythmic music)

Back up!


(tense rhythmic music)

- I didn't get any word
about military maneuvers.

Can I help you?

- [Man] Mr. Bartel.

(gun firing)

- Take it down!

Mark, just take care of the fall

and pluck all communication.

- Sorry I took so long, Lou,

I got caught up over
at Blood Canyon.

Well, Harper, I see you're
having a friendly cup of coffee.

Sir, would you like to
file a formal complaint

for excessive force?

He said no, everybody hear?

Harper, you need medical?

- No, I'm fine.

- Well, you can help
me tie these boys up.

- I'm off duty, remember.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- What's up, Webb?

- Harper's idea of off duty.

(deep rhythmic music)

- [Man] Move it!

Come on!

Down there.

(guns firing)

There he is!

(guns firing)

Come on.

I need three men over there.

- [Harper] What's all this?

- I'm moving as soon
as I finish packing.

- Just like that, without
even talking about it.

- Would it have done any good?

You know I don't like
living in the desert.

- It's not gonna be forever.

- I can't wait
any longer, Jacob.

I'm pregnant.

(soft serene music)

- Well, then for
sure you can't go.

- No, I'm not
raising a child here.

- We're still
married, Katherine.

- We're separated and you
can't tell me what to do.

- You're not gonna
take my child away.

- Well you know, there's
a really simple solution.

Come with me.

- I can't.

- Even your father
thinks you should.

- You told my father
before coming to tell me?

- Well, I wanted some support!

- You can't leave.

- No, you won't leave.

(deep rhythmic music)

- Move!

(intense rhythmic music)

(gun firing)

- Watch it!

- One of the security
guards is still missing.

He hasn't checked in
for his shift yet.

Give him another 15 minutes,

then we'll close off the
mine and the roadway.

We're still on
schedule, Mr. Bartel.

What about the hill?

- We mined the most
likely entrance roots

that a rapid response
team would take.

We're ready.

(deep slow music)

- [Katherine]
Jacob, I'm pregnant.

I'm not raising a child here.

- [Harper] We're still
married Katherine.

- [Katherine]
We're separated and

you can't tell me what to do.

- [Harper] You're not
gonna take my child.

- You know what, there's
a real simple solution.

Come with me.

- [Harper] I can't.

(deep slow music)

- I thought I'd find you here.

- Aren't you gonna
be late for work?

- After 22 years, I
can afford to be late

to work once in a while.

All that water's
still gonna be there.

What are you gonna
do about Katherine?

- I don't wanna talk about it.

- Son, don't throw
away the best chance

you'll ever have
for a good life.

I like the dessert, your mother
and I had a good life here.

I like being near her people.

- They're my people too.

- I know, I know.

And your mother always
loved that you were

proud of your Indian heritage.

But you have
responsibilities now.

You gotta think about
your responsibilities.

- Grandfather Eagle Claw
told me he had a vision

that I'd have a special
moment here in the dessert.

I believe him and I
can't go, not yet.

- Even if it means
losing Katherine?

Now don't be stupid, Jacob,

she's as special
as your mother was!

- It's my life, dad.

- Yeah, but it's my grandchild!

- Gentlemen, stand up, please.

Let's be clear with each other.

I will ask things on you and

you will carry them out
without question or comment.

If you don't.

(gun firing)

So, I assume we're clear.

Good, very good indeed.

(tense rhythmic music)


- [Woman] Agent Collins, sir,

I think you should
take this call.

- Collins.

- Oh, Agent Collins, yes.

Well, the thing is my
friend and I sort of

taken over the dams (mumbles).

As a matter of fact,

I'm calling you from the
control room right now.

- If this is some kind of prank.

- Well, our demands is simple.

Put 25 million
dollars in cash and

a sexy picture of Madonna,
I'm a big fan, you know.

Put the money in a briefcase.

I'll give you explicit
instructions in our
next phone call.

Oh and by the way, if you
fail to comply exactly

as instructed, I'll blow the
dam, flood the entire area,

probably causing a lot
of death and destruction.


- You sure the call
came from the dam?

- [Man] That's confirmed, sir.

- Get a chopper,
we're on the way.

- [Woman] Sheriff, here's
the tape with their demands.

- Hello there, my name
is Harrison Dekker

and I've taken
over the Cooper Dam

with a few of my colleagues.

By now we've probably
killed a few people

but we're still
holding more hostages.

My demands are simple, put
25 million dollars in a bag

and bring it to me within
the next four hours

or I'll blow the dam and

we all know what sort of trouble
that would cause, don't we?

To say nothing of the
replacement costs.

I'm sure you'll do
the right thing.

Thank you for your
kind attention.

(deep tense music)

- What the hell's going on?

- You must be Mr. Harper.

- Can I kill this?

- No, let him live,
we need the hostages.

- [Woman] Sir, can you
give us any information

on the situation?

- [Woman] Excuse me, sir!

- I'm sorry but at this
time we can provide

with no further information.

To do so would be to jeopardize
the lives of the hostages.

Yes, this is a hostage
taking situation.

Many of you here are
familiar with protocol,

we are going to do
this one by the book.

We'll keep you informed of
any further developments

as they become available to us.

(group yelling)

Thank you, ladies.

- Come on in.

Close the door.

Boy, what a mess.

- Why didn't you call me?

- I'm sorry, Harper,
there's no time.

Things are going
crazy around here.

- My father's in that dam.

- I know, I know.

They're taking hostages, your
father could be one of them.

Negotiations are on their way.

The FBI has things
under control.

- What are we gonna do?

- We're gonna do exactly
what the FBI tells us to do.

We've got enough on
our hands taking care

of the civilians around here.

- Who's in charge?

- The guy over there on
the phone, Agent Collins.

He came in town and took
over the whole operation.

He made it perfectly clear,
stay the hell out of the way,

which is just fine by me.

- None of this really
makes any sense at all.

Dekker (mumbles),
Bartel's a mercenary.

Neither one of them
are terrorists, so.

Just a minute, Johnson, I
want you to send in a rapid

response unit to West Hills
right now, you got it?

Have them choppered
in out of (mumbles),

then they can hike and
setup their positions.

You got that?

- Yes, sir.

- So we have to concentrate
on civilians, Harper,

they've got it under control.

And Harp, we don't
need any heroic.

- Cecil, Cecil?

Cecil, where the hell were you?

Then do it in your
pants, damn it!

I can't have you
going anywhere while

I'm trying to set up
control right now.

Do you understand, I
cannot have you go--

- Deputy Harper.

- Not right now, excuse me.

Cecil, those men (mumbles)
that dam for anything.

The time is too much--

- Excuse me.

- Excuse me!

No, no, I don't care, Cecil!

I do not--

- Excuse me!

- Look, if you interrupt
me one more time,

I am going to have you
removed, you understand me?

Now listen, I'm not going
to tell you again, Cecil.

I can handle this, I'm
gonna have the Quantico team

sticking their (beep) in.


- Now, can we talk?

- Hey, hey, he's a law
enforcement officer!

His dad could be in the dam.

- Well, I'm real
sorry about that but

if you don't get him the
hell out of here right now,

I am going to have
him arrested for

interfering with a
federal investigation.

Get him the hell out of here!

- Yes, sir.

Come on, Harp,
let's go, let's go!

(people yelling)

- Rick, here's an update.

It's been reported that
one of the hostages

may be the father of
Deputy Sheriff Harper.

The Senior Harper is a
longtime employee of the dam.

He was scheduled to
work at the dam today.

He has not been able
to be located and

has not been heard from.

Mr. Harper's well known
and highly regarded for

the charity work he
does in the area.

His son, the Deputy Sheriff,
was not available for comment

but undoubtedly, this
personal aspect of the tragedy

must be a tremendous burden.

(slow solemn music)


- Move it on to (mumbles),
let's go, move guys, move.

Move, damn it!

Johnson, Johnson, answer
me when I talk to you!

- What's the
problem, Mr. Bartel?

- You know I don't like
running things from down here.

It's just not my style.

- If we control the
elevators and the stairways,

we control access to the dam.

- Can you let me kill a
few hostages just so nobody

gets heroic (mumbles)?

- I admire your style, Mr.
Bartel, I like your work.

- Is that a yes or a no?

- [Harrison] No.


- Hey, I was just
trying to call you.

Is your father okay?

- That's what I'm
gonna find out.

- [Katherine] Please,
what the hell's going on?

- There's an old
construction tunnel

at the front of the dam.

I used to play in
it when I was a kid.

I bet they don't know about it.

- [Katherine] God,
are you crazy?

- Do you really think the
FBI is gonna turn over

25 million dollars
to these guys?

If I don't do something, my
father's as good as dead.

- Jacob, if you go in there,
you are as good as dead.

(deep tense music)

- My father's in there.

- Jacob, what about the baby?

I mean, what if
something happens to you?

Come on, Jacob, don't do this.

- I have to.

(deep tense music)

(phone ringing)

- Hello?

- Hey Kate, it's
Snookie, how you doing?

- I'm okay.

- I'm looking for Harper.

He had a big blow up
with those FBI guys that

just came in and I wanted
to make sure he's okay.

I don't want him
doing something crazy.

- Like what?

- Like, I don't know.

- I haven't seen him, Snookie.

- You know, I know he's
worried about his dad

being one of the
hostages over at the dam.

But the FBI boys, they
have a pretty good plan.

So if you hear from him,
have him call me, okay?

- Yeah, okay.

- Katherine, if you need to
call, don't hesitate, okay.

- Okay.

(deep rhythmic music)

- [Reporter] Hostages have
been taken at the Cooper Dam.

(deep tense music)

- Well, I wonder what
happens when you do this.

(alarms ringing)

- What the hell's going on?

- Just checking our information.

Is everything else clear?

- Got 1,000 cops with
1,000 guns sitting

on top of us, quiet yes.

- What about the press?

- There's a couple
of choppers up there.

- We'll give them something
to chew on about an hour.

In the meantime, let's
open the floodgates,

make certain we have plenty
of water flowing downstream.

Collins and his crew are
gonna be one surprised

group of idiots.

- You think they have any
idea what we're doing?

- Not a clue, not a bloody clue.


(deep dark music)

(phone ringing)

- [Woman] Sheriff's station.

- Sheriff, please.

- [Woman] I'm sorry, the
Sheriff's unavailable.

- Tell him it's Webb and
you better do it right now,

you got it!

- [Woman] I'll see
what I can do, Webb.

- What's up, Webb?

- You heard from our friend?

- No, you?

- No, but he's gotta
get ahold of me,

I got what he needs, remember?

- Let me give you some advice,

once you go playing games,

you're just gonna
get yourself hurt.

- Don't worry about me.

- I am worried about you, Webb.

- I can take care of myself!

- Sure.

You seen Harper?

- Not since the bar.

- You know where he is?

- Do you think he
knows something?

- I'm sure he knows something,

he knows about
the dam situation.

Look, I'll talk to
you later, Webb.

(slow tense music)


Harris, get in here!

(soft tense music)


(phone ringing)

- Collins.

- Collins, you're
running out of time.

I'm going to start killing
people, one every two hours.

- Every hostage you kill
weakens your position

by one less person.

- Every hostage I kill jerks
your scrotum around your neck.

Let's see how many have to
die before I get what I want.

(deep tense music)

- I was gonna help you load up

but you ain't even
further along.

- I don't know if
I'm coming or going.

- What's wrong?

- Jacob, he's gonna try
to get inside the dam.

- No way, he can't do it,

it's locked up
tighter than a drum.

- He said something
about these tunnels.

- I know where he's
going, I'll stop him.

- We're not gonna
be able to stop him.

He's going after his father.

- There's no helping his dad.

Harper's gotta save himself.

Besides, he's got
responsibilities now, sis.

Whatever you do,
don't call Snookie!

(deep tense music)

- There seems to be
some kind of activity

happening at the
dam, right there.

- Let's see, we've got
two news helicopter

and three police helicopters.

Pick one, Mr. Bartel.

- Eenie, meenie, miney, moe.

(missile firing)


(deep rhythmic music)

- Tighten down security.

They'll probably try
something stupid now.

(deep rhythmic music)

(helicopter whirring)

- Your request for 25
million dollars is absurd.

- Oh, but Mr. Bartel's had
to put all this assault

equipment on his credit card.

Afraid someone's going
to have to reimburse him.

- I don't hold the purse
strings around here, Dekker.

- I'll kill a hostage
every two hours

until our demands are met.

- Killing any hostages
would be a major mistake.

- Two hours.

(slow tense music)

(deep dark music)

- That's a dream catcher.

(metal clanking)

- Thomas, you hear that?

(deep rhythmic music)

Bartel, Bartel,
this is Scorelli.

I think we have an intruder.

- That's impossible.

Probably one of the security
guards playing cowboy.

- All the security
guards are accounted for.

- Whoever it is, find
him and kill him.

Report back to Mr. Bartel.

- Yeah, bring me his head.

(deep tense music)

- [Man] (mumbles) watch
your toes on the trip line.

- Thank you for that
fascinating information.


(deep tense music)

(guns firing)


- Scorelli?


Anybody seen or heard from
Scorelli in the last 10 minutes?

Grimwald, you grab Tiny,
you go check it out.

And you hurry about it.

(deep intense music)

- [Reporter] Reports
coming in from the FBI

say that hostages have been
taken at the Cooper Dam.

Latest reports also
confirm that the terrorists

have fired on police helicopter.

We have yet to confirm the
identity of the terrorists.

(deep intense music)


- Collins, this is Dekker.

I've been too lenient on you.

You've been screwing me around
on the 25 million, Collins.

Nobody screws me around,

least of all, some stupid
career cop making 50,000 a year.

I've got 12 hostages left.

In exactly 15 minutes from now,

I'm going to take
half the hostages,

there will be six in case
you're having trouble counting,

to the top of the dam.

I'm going to chain them
together and push them off.

There are still six lives you
can save if you act quickly.

All it takes is 25 million.

(deep tense music)



(fast rhythmic music)

- All right,
everybody, listen up.

As soon as we've got
our rapid response unit

into place in the hills
over in the Nevada set,

I wanna try a strike
at the top of the dam.


- I got a comment.

What do you think
you're gonna accomplish

besides getting people killed?

- Sheriff, taking ground
a little at a time

is classic battle strategy.

- Classic stupid if you ask me.

What if they blow off
the top of that dam while

you're trying to
take it, then what?

- Sheriff, why don't you please
just concentrate on your,

your job.

- I've had 46 disturbance
calls in the last two hours

and they're coming back
to back, boom, boom, boom.

- Well then why don't you just
continue to do your boom boom

and keep the peace and I'll
do my boom boom with my men.

Thank you, Sheriff.

(deep dark music)

- I own you, Collins,

I know every move you make
before you even think of it.

- [Man] Mr. Dekker,
sir, this is Ace.

I think we have a problem.

- Damn.

- [Ace] Mr. Bartel, sir, have
you seen Tiny and Grimwald?

- I've got everyone looking.

- I'll send Dick down there
and kill anything that moves.

- Be right back.

- Back to work.

(deep tense music)

- Mr. Dekker, do
you want me to blow

another chopper in the sky?

- You know what's a
shame, Mr. Bartel?

The world will never
know the true brilliance

of this operation but
with the money our friends

are paying us for their
little piece of hardware,

more than compensate for
any lack of recognition,

don't you think?

- You got that right.

(fast exciting music)

- [Man] Move it.

Come on, let's go!

Come on, come on,
let's go man, move it.

Hustle, hustle.

(fast intense music)

- Mr. Bartel, I think
it's about time we let

these gentlemen know
we're not kidding around.

Why don't you go out top and
pull out the heavy artillery.

- Roger that.

- Dawson, take this man up top.

- Wait, wait, whatever
you need him for, take me.

- Nobody tells me what to do.

(deep intense music)

Still want to volunteer?

- Collins, this is Wench.

Second team has taken
position on the east cliff.

- [Man] Let's go.

(fast rhythmic music)

Move it out, move
it out, let's go!

Hustle, hustle.

Go, go, go, go, go!

(deep intense music)

- Dekker, we're in position.

- [Mr. Dekker] I'll let Mr.
Collins know that we're ready

to toss a hostage off the dam.

That should get his attention.

- Would you like him to go
over head first or feet first?

- [Mr. Dekker] That would
be your choice, Mr. Bartel.

- My pleasure.

(fast rhythmic music)

Blow it in 30 seconds.

- Oh god, no, no,
man, please don't.

Please don't, oh god.

- Collins, they're going to
throw a hostage off the dam.

(deep tense music)

- It's over.

Take out your gun,
set it down slowly.

Now stand up.

Walk straight ahead,
nice and slow.

Mr. Dekker, it's Larson,
I have the intruder.

(fast tense music)


- What the hell do you
think you're doing?

- I did warn you.

- That's killing a man
in cold blood, Dekker.

- It's been almost two hours.

Did you hear me?

- I'm sending you
authorization for the rules

of engagement, Commander.

You have permission
to use full force.

Take them out now.

(deep tense music)

- Roger that.

Sniper, stand by for my count.

- On my mark, Mr. Bartel.

Three, two, one, mark.


(fast tense music)

- Let's see what you got.


- Let me show you how to
really bend somebody over!



That's better than sex.

(gun firing)


(deep tense music)

Move, move!

Move, move, move, go, damn it!

(gun firing)


(soft tense music)

- Now, let's talk
about the hostages.

(slow deep music)

Are you all right?

- Yeah, what the hell
are you doing here?

- What do you think?

- My son will get
us out of here.

He used to do all this covert
stuff when he was in the Army.

- Dad, please.

- Well, can you deactivate it?

- I don't think so.

And if I try to
force the cuffs off,

it could set off the bomb.

- What are you gonna do?

- I don't know.

- You came in here
without a plan?

- Well, what plan was
I supposed to have?

- How the hell should I know,

I'm not the one who
came busting in here.

- Shh, just let me think.

- Jacob, there's
no time to think.

- I need to get a key.

- Be careful!

- Your son's gonna
get us all killed.

- Oh sure, Ted, like you
had any chance of coming out

of this alive anyway.

- So Collins, are you now
convinced of my sincerity?

- [Mr. Collins] Stop
firing at my men, Dekker.

I have wounded to get out.

- If I do, will you stop
playing these silly games

from the FBI manual in
hostage negotiation?

- [Mr. Collins] I told you
before, I don't control--

- All right, more games.

Collins, make sure
that you're watching

the local television station.

I'm about to up the ante.

Larson, Larson, what
the hell took so long?

(deep tense music)

- [Jacob] Do exactly as I say.

- [Mr. Dekker] If you're
smart, you'll put the gun down

and I'll let you live.

- This way.

- What is your problem, chief?

Did we violate sacred
burial ground or something?

- I want the key
to the hostages.

- My only problem
is I don't have it.

- All right, let's get it on.

- This isn't going
to do you any good.

My men are everywhere.

Besides, I've told you,
I don't have the key.

- Then you better find it!

- How's it going, Harper?

- Webb, good to see you again!

- What are you doing here?

- I want the rest of my money so

you can't hurt him yet.

- Well done, good
fellow, you've got a gun.

Shoot him.

- Put the gun down, Harper,
or I'm gonna have to kill you.

- Are you crazy, Webb?

- Put the gun down!

- What are you doing, Webb?

- You think I won't!

Put the gun down!

I will, put it down!

- Don't listen to this moron--

- Shut up!

- [Mr. Dekker] Shoot him.

- [Webb] I deserve
better than this!

- [Mr. Dekker]
Don't listen to him.

- I'm not dumb,
Harper, I'm dyslexic,

there's a difference, you know!

- [Mr. Dekker] Kill
him, pull the trigger!

- Passing up the money they're
giving me would be stupid,

they're paying me a fortune!

- What makes you think they
let you keep the money?

- [Webb] I gave them
everything they want!

- Shut up!

- [Webb] No, you shut up!

- That's enough!

- I'm not stupid, Harper,
I left out one thing.

They need me,
please put it down!

(deep tense music)

(gun firing)



- You find him or (mumbles)!



- There he is, get him!

- He followed you
in here, didn't he?

- No, I forgot he
knew about tunnels!

He came before I did!

- What's he doing here?

- I don't know, he's a cop,
he's just playing hero!

- You moron, you
almost got us killed!

- Stop it, stop it!

Nobody else knows about
the tunnels, I swear!

- Is the top of the damn clear?

- [Man] Yes, sir.

- Take this dyslexic idiot
and make sure that the route

he took in here is closed off!


(deep dark music)


- I can't believe it.

- What'd I tell you?

- They actually blew it.

- No sign of him yet.

- Don't worry, we'll find him.

(deep scary music)

- Sending someone in here
was a pretty stupid idea.

- He's not our man.

- [Mr. Dekker] Then
who the hell is he?

- Well, he's on his own.

- I'm going to send him
back to you in small pieces.

- Have the highway patrol
get over there pronto!

Anyone find Harper yet?

- [Man] Still no
sign of him yet.

This guy could be anywhere,
he's unpredictable,

you know how he is.

(deep tense music)

- Everyone work your way down.

He's gotta be on that side.

Listen, you take
care of this geek.

- Renowsky!

Go pick up Kate Harper and
bring her in right now.

Go, do it!

(deep tense music)

I need more help now,
we're gonna have riots.

- That is absolute (beep).

- Half the population
in this county believe

that areas live in Area 51,

the other half believe it's
a government conspiracy

every time they hear
a sonic boom from

that experimental aircraft
they test up here.

So this ain't the most
stable environment

to drop a load of
terrorists in who wanna blow

up the second largest
dam in the world.

I need more help
and I need it now!

- Where exactly am I supposed
to get this help, Sheriff?

I've got every cop
in the area mobilized

plus the National Guard--

- I don't care where
you get the help from!

- You don't get anything,
I don't have the resources!

Dekker wasn't supposed to
blow up the god (beep) place.

- I guess Dekker
didn't know that.

Excuse me, I got
a riot to attend.

The highway patrol has
an emergency agreement

with Nellis Air Base.

- So what?

- So they'll order
troops if you ask them.

- All right, I'll do it.

I'll do it!

(deep dark music)


- You wanna tell me where
Jacob is, Katherine?

He could be in trouble.

(deep tense music)



- General, I don't care
what you got going on

back at the base, this
is a national emergency

and it takes precedent
over everything else.

Now you comply with
the patrol request

or this becomes a presidential
concern, you got it?

General, I want them now.

(deep tense music)

- All right, the second
team is in position.

I'm gonna wanna shut down part
of the entire southern grid.

(deep dark music)

- You're (mumbles) aren't
all that quiet now, are you?

- [Jacob] Looks like I got
you as much as you got me.

- Really?

How about it, why don't
you just go ahead?

Pull the trigger.

Let's just see who dies first.

- It's time for the power down

and don't tell me you can't.

All units prepare
for a power down.

(guns firing)


(deep tense music)

This is the eagle, zigma
to proceed as scheduled.

Count down to power
off, proceed to entry.

Gentlemen, the target
is ready and waiting.

(deep tense music)


- Here they come.

- So what are you gonna do
with your half of the money?

- Change my name,
change my face.

Buy me a rich man's
place in the country

that ain't got no
extradition treaty

with the good old US of A.

- 1400, power down time.

Let's wave these
bad boys through.

(deep rhythmic music)

You think they'll pull it off?

- Hey man, these guys are
the best I've ever seen.

(deep tense music)


(glass shattering)

- You got a light?

- Where's Johnson?

- He got sent over to that dam.

They called me up from
reserve, I'm Ozgold.

- Cameron.

- Nice to meet you.

- There's no one left here,

Evans got sent over
to the hostage thing.

- You from around here?

- Local.

- You got a family?

- A couple beautiful kids.

- That's excellent, I'm trying
to start a family myself.

Let's move.

(deep rhythmic music)


- [Jacob] Now, where's
the key to the hostages?

- Looks like they pulled it off.

- They're rich men.

(slow tense music)

- It's gonna take hours
for the grid to reestablish

electricity in this area unless
Dekker sets the juice loose,

and he ain't about to do that.

I'm telling you, Collins,
you gotta get those troops

over here from Nellis now.

- They've all ready
been requested.

Now what about this two bit
deputy of yours, Sheriff?

- His name is Jacob Harper.

- All right, what are the
chances of Jacob Harper

pulling this thing off?

- Harper's a good cop, was in
special forces for six years,

knows this landscape like
the back of his hand.

If anyone can do
it, it's Harper.


(deep scary music)

- I just stole the
password to (mumbles),

I didn't think anyone
was going to get hurt.

- Well, you didn't
think hard enough.

- I was thinking of the money.

- Money makes people
do stupid things, Webb.

Giving them the password,
that would be stupid.

Now, where's the
key to the hostages?

- Go ahead and pull the trigger.

- Dekker's got it.

- You have exactly
one more chance

to do the right thing, Collins.

- I don't have 25 million
dollars, no how, no way.

- Well, how's this for real,

imagine what it costs
to rebuild this dam.

- Oh, you're not gonna
destroy that dam, Dekker.

You see, my sources are
telling me you don't

have enough explosives
to destroy that dam.

- Yes, well perhaps I
don't need explosives

to destroy this place.

- Meaning?

- Oh, you're a bright boy,
Collins, figure it out.

(slow tense music)

- Son of a bitch said
he could blow the dam

without explosives.

Yeah, okay.

Anyway to blow the dam
without explosives?

- Well, possibly, there is a
way to overload the generators.

- Why didn't anybody
tell me about this, huh?

Why didn't you
tell me about this?

- Bartel?


(deep tense music)

- Put your weapon down.

Here's the deal, let
the hostages go and

I'll give you back this scum.

- Bartel's a soldier,
he knows the risks.

- Webb isn't and he seems
to have something you need.

- The value of what he has
is directly proportionate

to a lot of factors, some
of which aren't clear yet.

- You don't have the
time to figure it out.

- You know, Tonto, most
people truly don't have

the stones to cold
bloodedly kill anybody.

Not unless there's a
great deal at stake.

What's at stake for you?

Because if it doesn't add
up to 25 million dollars,

I'm willing to call your bluff.

(tense rhythmic music)

Well, what the hell.

Since it doesn't
really matter anyway.

Hold your fire, men.

Let them pass, let them pass.

There will be no firing.

- If anybody fires,
they both go down.

- You amuse me, Mr. Harper.

You don't really think
you're going to just walk

out of here, do you?

- Come on!

(gun firing)

- Harper, Harper,
don't leave me, please!

- We gotta help him!

- Harper!

- Forget him, there's
nothing we can do for him.

Let's get these other
guys out of here.


- Harper, Harper,
don't leave me.

Please, Harper!

- [Man] Sir,
permission is complete.

- Gentlemen, zigma has
secured the target.

I repeat, zigma has
returned the target.

The dance is over, Mr.
Bartel, let's move.


Disappointed in you, Webb.

You really should
have warned me.


I thought we were
closer than that.

I thought we were friends.

I ran a check on
your Mr. Harper and

it turns out that one of
the hostages is his father!


Perhaps there's something
else you'd like to tell me,

like perhaps the password?

- Screw you.

- That doesn't sound
like the password.


(soft tense music)

Come on, Webb, we had a deal.

You want the money,
don't you, hmm?

Come on, tell me the password.


Thank you.

Good boy.

(soft tense music)

Well done, Webb.

I knew I could count
on you in the end.


- Okay, okay.

(slow dark music)

- The money will be dropped
in 10 minutes at the top

of the dam as instructed.

- Oh, I'm so glad that you
finally saw reason, Mr. Collins.

- Just a warning, Dekker, you
mess with that damn again,

I won't rest until I find you.

- How single minded of you.

Aren't you worried
about the hostages?

- You hurt anybody
else and I'll hurt you.

- Break out the wet gear,

I'll deal with the
computer system.

(alarms ringing)

(deep dark music)

- Come on, let's move, move,
move, come on, move it!

Come on!

Keep your head down!

Come on, son, go!

- What's happening?

- They're overloading
the generators.

The whole dam's gonna blow.

- I've gotta go back.

- You'll get yourself killed.

- I love you, dad.

(slow tense music)
(alarms ringing)

- Go, move!

Let's go!

Keep moving!

Mr. Dekker, the
last of the men are

headed down the stairway.

You better come on,
we're going for a swim.

- Johnson, lock and
load the tracer and

close the dam lid.

Carter, inform rapid response
unit of our movements.

When Mr. Dekker puts
his hands in this,

we're gonna blow him
straight to hell.

Green, Sheriff Green?

Hey, we're gonna need a
police escort to the chopper.

Let's go.

- Must be Friday, Mr.
Bartel, time for your bath.


(alarm ringing)

(deep dark music)

- [Operator] Activation
sequence in progress.

(alarms ringing)

- [Operator] Please
enter password.

- Password?

(alarm ringing)

- [Operator] Password incorrect.

Access denied, access denied.

Please enter password.


Please enter password.

- Webb, Webb, I
need the password.


(deep rhythmic music)

- [Operator] Activation
in one minute.

(deep tense music)

Please enter password.

Please enter password.

- Rats.

(alarms ringing)

- [Operator] Password
incorrect, access denied.

Access denied.

Please enter password.

(alarms ringing)
(deep tense music)

- Star.


- [Operator] Access granted.

Activation sequence terminated.

(phone ringing)

- Hello?

- [Mr. Collins] FBI, Collins,
who the hell are you?

- Jacob Harper.

- [Mr. Collins] What the
hell's going on there, Harper?

- It's over.

(slow solemn music)

Thanks, Webb.

- No, it just doesn't
make any sense.

Why go through all this and

not even try to
go for the money?

- My opinion, the way I see it,

Harper took care of business.

He did what should've done,
he chased them out of here.

- [Mr. Collins] I don't know,

something still doesn't
smell right to me.

- What a loser.

Harper, your dad's all right.

Katherine, I'm sorry about Webb.

(slow deep music)

Hey, let's blow this pop stand.

Come on, let's get out of here.

Its all right,
buddy, you did good.

(deep dark music)

- [Mr. Collins] (mumbles),
Bartel's a mercenary,

neither one of them
are terrorists.

- Tired?

- Thinking.

You know, as much as
I hate to admit it,

Collins is right.

This doesn't make any sense.

I didn't chase
them out anywhere.

- So they saw the game was up,

they got out while
the getting was good.

- I almost feel like they
didn't want the money.

Maybe they were
after something else.

- Something else, huh?

Take it easy, it ain't
that deep, relax.

Give it up.

- Where'd those
soldiers come from?

- Nellis, we brought
them in to help

out with ground control.

- You know, I remember where
I saw one of Dekker's men.

He did security when I
was stationed at Nellis.

This whole thing has
something to do with Nellis.

I'm gonna call Collins.

- Hold on, Harp, let's
talk about this before

you make a fool out
of yourself, Harp.

- Take it easy.

- Hey, Harp, let it go.

(deep dark music)

Stop it, Harp!


- Stop it, Snookie!


Stop it!

Will you listen to me!

Stop it, what are
you guys doing?

- Harp!

(fast tense music)

Harp, I didn't wanna kill you!

I didn't wanna do
it to you, Harp!


(deep tense music)

- [Katherine] Webb and
Snookie, I can't believe it.

- Me either.

- [Katherine] I'm
gonna go call for help.

- No wait, we don't know
who could be listening.

You're gonna have to go
tell Collins what happened.

- Well, where are you going?

- [Jacob] (mumbleS) something
out of Blood Canyon.

(deep tense music)

- Any problem?

- The rest of your
money will be deposited

in your Swiss accounts
by noon tomorrow.

Isn't technology
wonderful, Mr. Bartel?

Instead of stealing the jet,
we steal a circuit board

and we have the entire
guts of an aircraft

on one thin piece of silica.

It's over, Mr. Bartel, you can
take off the war paint now.

All we have to do is
pick up our 100 million

and decide how to spend it.

- Gonna use the money
to hire a good attorney.

I hear the dream team's
looking for work.

- You see, Mr. Bartel,
a good lesson for us.

- [Mr. Bartel] Yeah, I
always take out the trash.

- Throw your weapons down, put
your hands behind your head

and get down on your knees.

- Or what?

(deep dark music)

- I do think he means it.

(gun firing)

- You put your hands
behind your head.


Can I kill him slowly?

(deep dark music)


Damn Indians.

(fast tense music)


- Harper, thank you.

(sirens ringing)

- You okay?

(soft serene music)

It looks like I might have to

stick around until you heal up.

- Yeah, looks like it.

- But then I'm going.

(soft serene music)

- Can I come?

- Yeah, I would like that,
I'd really like that.

(soft serene music)

(deep tense music)