Ten Years (2015) - full transcript

Five thought-provoking shorts imagine what Hong Kong will be like ten years from now. In Extras, two genial low-level gangsters are hired to stage an attack, but they're mere sacrificial lambs in a political conspiracy. Rebels strive to preserve destroyed homes and objects as specimens in the mesmerizing Season of the End. In Dialect, a taxi driver struggles to adjust after Putonghua displaces Cantonese as Hong Kong's only official language. Following the death of a leading independence activist, an act of self-immolation outside the British consulate triggers questions and protests in the searing yet moving Self-Immolator. In Local Egg, a grocery shop owner worries about his son's youth guard activities and where to buy eggs after Hong Kong's last chicken farm closes down.

"Charity rice donation from Leg Co member,
Zhang Kun Xiang"

"Date: 1st May, 2020
Guests: Miss King Chee, Lam, President of TMD

"and Mr Kam Wa, Yeung,
President of Fortune Party"

Come from the front.

So the reporters can have time to take photos.

From the front?

That's bold.

Where should I stand by, then?

Boss said it's gotta be bold and headline-worthy.

You are supposed to be a volunteer.

Just pop up from backstage.

Hairy, you're a genius.

What a terrible waste...

...that the boss didn't give you this job.

If the police didn't kill one of your kind

do you think you'd get this job?

And paid you well by just waving a gun around?


You can blame your mom that you're not Indian.

Hang on, I got it!

I'll pull out the gun.

You can be the first to hold me down.

Then those bosses will see your effort, yeah?

At least you'll get some credit.

Okay, piss off backstage and try again.

Sure, here we go!

Hold up!

Ain't it weird to just walk directly at them?

What do you want, then?


How's the Curry?

He's cool, still rehearsing with Hairy.

Keep an eye on him, don't let him walk around.

We're on that, Boss.


Okay, no problem.

It will be taken care of.

It'll cost 800 grand more to the budget, okay?

It won't be a good show if no bullet is fired.

If people aren't terrified, who'd give a shit
about the National Security Law?

What's a terrorist attack without bloodshed?

Shoot Kam Wa then.

It's better to shoot a man.

That's right.

He just became the Chairman of the committee.

The whole thing will be more convincing.

Kam Wa is brilliant.

But the Fortune Party has been
in the spotlight a lot lately.

I say we should let King Chee have it instead.

Mayor Fei is right.

If King Chee is shot...

TMD's popularity will skyrocket for sure.

This is the balance
the Central Government wants to see.

Mrs. Chan, to be fair,

Fortune Party has only just gained its standing.

How can it be compared to the established TMD?

Ask Vincent, he knows best.

They barely won the district election last year.

Of course.

The more support we get from the citizens.

The easier we operate for the country.

I believe the Central Government
will be pleased too.

I have no opinion.

But we have enough manpower for any situation.


What exactly are we talking about?

We're here...

...for the National Security Law!

So we need to trigger a mass panic.

Am I right?

There's a man and a woman in front of me.

Tell me...

Which one do I shoot to get a bigger impact?

Jerk! Bitch!

Don't hold it too tight, it could backfire.

Alright, alright, you are hurting me.


Hey Peter, the plan's changed.

You must fire the gun.

That's a different story, Boss.

Cut the crap, I've looked out for you.

You'll get 500 grand more for that.

But I could go to jail, Bill.

You don't have to kill him.

You can go back to India and hide for a while.

Do you know who gave the order?

The former Police Commissioner.

So don't worry about that.


I take it!

Oh, is this your call?

Let's join the meeting up there. Shall we?

You're a bloody idiot!

Peter, take it or not.

Think about it!

Who am I shooting at, then?

They're still arguing.

You'll know soon enough.

"Celebrating Labour Day"

You're welcome.

Hello granny.

Wish you good health.

We are all Khan!

We need justice!

Senator Yeung...

Hey, Michelle.

Hi, Edward.

How was the ride here?

"It is all Police's fault,
fully responsible for manslaughter."

We shall shoot... The woman!

Mass panic is guaranteed if a woman is shot.

That's the point.


Shooting a woman is definitely
an act of terrorism.

We will get a good reason.

I've said so before.

The bullet should go to King Chee.

Mr. Cheung is the most clear-headed of all.

We shouldn't put national matters at stake.

And be blinded by short-term gain.


It's best if we're on the same page.

I may say that.

Once the National Security Law is implemented.

All of you have great credit on it.

Are you panicking?

No need to push yourself for that.

It's just about money.

Tell my Boss you wanna quit,
and I'll take it over.

I'll give you back 100 grand.

Why are you so eager?

Do you think I like to step into politics?

If it isn't for that money...

I wouldn't give a shit about the Boss.

This is a tough world.

I came here with a One-way Permit in 2003.

Whatever I did, it went wrong.

I was a cook, the restaurant closed down.

When I was a construction worker,
the labour was outsourced.

No one will give a fuck even if we died.

Then I tried to be a taxi driver.

Then there was a Mandarin test.

Public housing is the classic story.

Submitted my application a decade ago,
haven't heard back.

The triad is the best career so far.

Bill is the longest boss I've come across.

It's still like a freelance job,
even in the triads.

I'm not listed for any big deals.

And tons of others are competing
for the petty jobs.

You may say I'm aggressive, whatever.

I just want to...

...have a stable job.

Tell me about it.

I'm not any better than you.

You are young.

You still got time to climb up the ladder.

But I'm not,
and I'm still running errands at my age.

All we want is to make a living.

You'll get 150 grand without doing
or risking anything.

Isn't it a good deal?

Rest assured, Director.

I have it all sorted out.

It's flawless.

King Chee will only get a minor wound.

That's right!

Damn! I don't know!

Let's toss a coin.

If it's heads, then it's your call.

This is even better.

Director, you really are the most insightful.


I'll get it done.

You just wait for the news tonight.

Mayor Fei,
this time your TMD is taking all the credit.

Here's a tip,

Tell Kam Wa to
escort King Chee away from the scene.

He will be in the spotlight just the same.

West Point called.

Now the order is, the more commotion, the better.

The more Hong Konger panic, the better.

We want them both.

I got it.

I will tell the colleagues to get ready.

Sorry, Boss. I can't do it.

Hairy, your luck has turned.

The order is to shoot both of them,
500 grand each.

One shot from each of you.

Give them the stuff.

What a rod!

How's it going?

Come on, let me help you.

Hey, that's not the front.


I've thought about it.

We play it safe.

Rush out from the side.

And make a few shots at the air.

Then we shoot their legs
if we're not taken down yet.

Damn it, you are the man.

Let's be partners from now on.

I may need to go to India with you after this.

Sure, no problem.

A last bit here.

We TMD and Fortune are convinced that...

Labour is the most important to development.

We are with all the Hong Kong people...

...striving a brighter future to our city.

And thus making China more beautiful.

Goodness of labour is always
our merit of tradition.

The element that's driving us...

...to becoming
largest economical nation in the world.

Thank you!

Thank you! The next performance is...

Square Dance! Let's welcome to them.

The Labour Day celebration
held by political parties...

...was attacked by terrorists.

Two terrorists approached
and fired at the councilors.

Miss. Lam, King Chee & Mr. Yeung, Kam Wa.

Terrorists were shot by police officers
and died on the scene.

Six shots were fired by the terrorists.

Police provisionally considers...

...that it was a planned assassination.

Both councilors were taken to the hospital
for medical examination.

In which no serious harm was found.

All secretaries of the SAR
were shocked by this incident.

The Central Government
announced a high degree of concern.

The Liaison Office issued a statement...

Condemning the unlawful actions
of the terrorists.

The police is highly commended
for their prompt action.

But it reflects that

foreign powers have penetrated.

Thus, the National Security Act
shall proceed immediately.

The National Security Law is necessary.

Regarding a local and an ethnic minority
attempted assassination.

Government representatives said that...

...it might be instigated by the death
of the Southern Asian youth...

...in a recent social movement.

But few people believe otherwise...

...and claimed the terrorists as "martyrs".

"This story doesn't sound real."

"Eddie's house was destroyed by a bulldozer."

"A group of escaped rebels have made Eddie's home,
together with bricks from destroyed houses,"

"and other daily objects scattered around the city,
into specimens."

"An insect lives only one summer cannot be
expected to know what ice is"


Go to sleep, why don't you sleep?

Do you think we can change the way humans sleep?

I think...

...we can only decide to sleep or not to sleep.

I don't think we can control the way
we sleep or fall asleep.

What if, someday, you don't need to

sleep anymore - what would you do?

I think I would lie on my bed, close my eyes...

And revisit my dreams.

I had a dream last night too,
I saw Eddie and his room.

We argued somehow,

and he disappeared suddenly.

A bulldozer destroyed the house,
just like a few years ago.

I hid under his table,
waiting for the bulldozer to leave.

But it never did.

The dream went on.

I couldn't help crawling out from under the table.

It was no longer Eddie's house.

But the hostel we lived in back in New Zealand.

It was right in the middle
of the earthquake-stricken area.

The whole place was razed to the ground,
it became a wasteland.

But we contacted the hostel staff
before we went there.

This should be a ghost story.

We kept walking around the rubble...

...I didn't want to, so I started crying.

You told me to stop crying and walk faster.

Then, we arrived at a hostel reconstructed
from a suburban prison.

We slept on a single bed.

In the morning, we went back to the quake zone...

...and walked around the rubble for the whole day.

And the day after as well, we kept walking.

Go to sleep.


"I had the same dream tonight."

Your 2015 water bills are gone.

Those aren't my letters.

I know, I was making sure your letters
aren't mixed up with other things.

I will go take a look over there.

Remember to make an order,
we are running out of specimen boxes.


Why don't we take a walk?


Bombax ceiba.


Master Cheung's noodle scoop.

What about TA52?

"Gradually, there were more specimens
than objects remaining in the city.

"After making a new batch of specimens,
including the steak, washing powder, the Nautilus

"and campaign photos,
not many specimen boxes are left."

There were 14 left; 6 big ones, 8 small ones.

Can we switch to carbon fiber cases?

Carbon fiber cases deform in heat.

It can't even withstand hot water...

...let alone fire.

There are more than 8.7 million species
on the earth now.

But that only accounts for two percent of

all the species that ever existed.

Should we be more open-minded?

Just as the world embraces death,
and destruction.

I'm starting to doubt,
whether we know where we are going?

If you knew from the start,
would you make the same choice?

"What I said this morning was, I order you to
make me into a specimen, completely."

Can you put things back properly?

Cigarette ash is in DE, not DX!

I'm talking to you.

Are you talking about the ash,
or about this morning?

They are the same thing.

Taxidermy is for what is dying and disappearing,

not living things!

What about me? Am I dying or living?

Why are you doing this?

I don't want to give up on my principles now.

People out there think that what we're doing

is out of nostalgia and obsession.

But we're not,

we've been doing something cruel all along.

If we don't do it thoroughly,
how will they understand?

Are you out of your mind?

We are talking about your life here.

What we know and believe in now...

...will cease to be ours after death.

If we let those go now...

...how are we different from people out there?

Who are you doing this for?

No one, I'm not doing it for anyone.

I want you to make my specimen.

You help me do it.

Can you?

At that time, you had a high fever, remember?

We were having a meeting at
Eddie's all night long.

Every time we took a walk, you said
you wanted to sleep earlier.

Can it not be too early?

I won't come back early ever again.
Don't even dream about it.

Does it hurt?

This is how coagulant feels like,
it should be reaching your liver now.

Hey, how come only those specimens
from BC to BT are missing?

Did you hide them?

Get them out.

We are almost there.

Hey, hey.

Hey, open up.

I feel younger.


I want to take a walk. Let's go for a walk.

I had a very long dream.

I saw Eddie and his son.

His son was healthy again,
and was running around.

We were fishing in a river.

You know they're vegetarians.

They caught them for us,
to be made into specimens.

Hey, did you hear me?

I'm talking to you, can you respond a bit?

Why are you like this all the time?

Why is everything like this?

Wong Ching.

You're just not coming out, are you?

Scientists in the Descartes faction
struck dogs in cold-blood.

They say animals are the same as clocks.

Their cries of pain when struck...

...are equivalent to the clinging of
springs or chimes.

They don't feel anything.

I've been thinking,
these few years in this house with him.

Did we think we were sounding chimes as well?

From all the things we've struck.

Did we produce clinging noises
that won't ever be heard?

"Cantonese, commonly referred to as Gwongdongwa

"is the common spoken language in Hong Kong.

"Its characteristics include borrowing terms
from English and other languages.

"It has unique vocabulary, colloquialisms, slangs,

"Vulgarism, and special terminologies
and jargon in different businesses."

As a joint effort with
China's Putonghua Universal Access Policy...

...all non-Putonghua speaking drivers

that failed to pass the test...

...will not only be prohibited to pick up

passengers at all border control points.

Such as, the Airport

and the Cruise Terminal.

But also in Central, Admiralty

and Kwun Tong business districts.

Sports news,
the twenty-sixth round of the Spain La Liga...

Turn the volume up, Daddy.

- Okay!
- Rayo Vallecano played against FC Barcelona.

Brooklyn Beckham was...


I've just revised once.

It's your exam today, stay focused.

Okay. Okay.

Do you have to be this nervous?

I'm warning you,
he is going to secondary school soon.

Don't speak to him in Cantonese anymore.

You speak to him in Putonghua all the time,

but his grades aren't improving.

If you don't learn Putonghua,
you can't even be a taxi driver.

You know what,

I'll ask his Putonghua tutor
to stay for an extra hour...

...and to teach you Putonghua.


Speed camera locations: Clear Water Bay Road...

Daddy, next week...

...is your birthday, I know.

I want Xiao Bei's classic Real Madrid...

...player version home kit.

Who's Xiao Bei?

Da Wei Bei Ke Han Mu.

The Golden Right Leg,
he's famous for his banana kick.

He was there
when Manchester United won the Treble.

Oh, you mean Beckham.

His banana kick from midfield was classic.

Da Wei Bei Ke Han Mu. Da Wei Bei Ke Han Mu.

Attention, near Beacon Hill,
on Lung Cheung Road towards Tsuen Wan.

"Nam Shan San Tsuen Road"

Morning, schoolmates.

Goodbye, Daddy.


Please line up according to your class,

observe the rules, do not run.

Miss, where do you want to go?

Nam Shan San Tsuen Road,
make it quick, I'm in a hurry.

Miss, could you show me the way later?

Can't you just use GPS?

Hey, I'm almost there.

Nam Shan Sang Chuen.

(Recognizing... Recognizing, please wait...)

Nam Shan Sang Chuen Lo.

(Sorry, unable to recognize...)

Just a second, Nan Shan Xin Cun Lu.

(Nan Shan Xin Cun Lu, GPS ready)

Thank you.

Nothing, just that the driver's Putonghua sucks.

And the GPS can't recognize what he's saying.


"Wilmer Street"

Wai Lei Mai Gai.

It's Wei Li.

V Li Mai Gai.

Wei Li, first tone.

Wei, Wei is in first tone.

Wei... Lei, V Lei.

Okay, try again, Wei Li.

Before, you can't find a job
if you don't speak English.

Now you need Putonghua for everything.

What's the use of talking about the past?

Hello, yes, the Airport, right?

Okay, thank you.

Hey I gotta work.

I... I...

Teach you later.

Remember, Wei Li.

Wei Li Mai Gai, V Li Mai Gai.

Can I get the bill and
one Cold Yin Yang takeaway, please?

(in Putonghua) Sorry, what do you want?

Cold Yin Yang, takeaway.

Cold Yin Yang, takeaway.

Cold Yin Yang takeaway, right?

She doesn't speak Cantonese.
Your drink will be there in a second.

Okay, thank you.

"Cruise Terminal"

Are you sure you have all your papers with you?

Yes, I am sure.

Where do you want to go?


Oh, sorry.


Where do you want to go?

Kai Tak Cruise Terminal.

Oh, okay.

"Fellow Men"

Keep the change.

Thank you.

If you want a taxi, go inside.

Hey, I said,
if you want to take a taxi, go inside.

"Taxi Station"

Oh, come on, stop it.

Just speak in Cantonese,
I've been waiting for so long now.

Come on, give me a hand, open the trunk.

All drivers in there speak Putonghua,

I don't know any of that.

There was this terrible driver just now.

He stared at me once I started speaking.

Ten years ago, they learnt Cantonese to be here.

Hey, why are you picking up passengers here?

Is this your first day of work?

Get a license if you want to do business here.

I'm just trying to make a living,
aren't we fellow men?

Are you the only one making a living?

Tell your passenger to leave, you hear me?

No? Okay.

Is this the Police?

Hey, what are you doing?

I want to make a report.

Seriously? You are calling the police for that?

Officer, give me a chance...

...or else my day's work will be for nothing.

Yes, officer.

It wasn't his fault that
I insisted to take his taxi.

Enough, no matter what, someone broke the law.

I'm just executing the law.

My client speaks Cantonese.

Is speaking in Cantonese against the law now?

"I Don't Understand"

In... intangible assets, yes...

Boss, perhaps I didn't explain clearly enough.

The account... is... a bit... complicated.

I will call to explain again.

Director Zhou, hello?

Fire me if you wish, I quit.

I'm not going to Central,
take me to Hung Hom instead.

Hey, I said take me to Hung Hom instead.

Can you not understand Cantonese?



The school is about to be closed.

Students please stop all
extra-curricular activities

and go home now.

Kongson. Kongson.

Baba, Baba.

Xiaozhi has an out of print edition
of Bei Ke Han Mu's kit.

It's the real one, can I go see it?


Let him come, uncle.

Baba, can I?

Please let me go, everyone is going.


I'm going with them then, see you Baba.


As a joint effort with
China's Putonghua Universal Access Policy...

...all non-Putonghua speaking drivers

that failed to pass the test...

...will not only be prohibited to

pick up passengers at all border control points.

E.g. the Airport

and the Cruise Terminal.

But also in Central,

and Kwun Tong business districts.

"The Qing government ceded
Hong Kong to Britain in 1842."

"The Sino-British Joint
Declaration was signed in 1984."

"The UK transferred the sovereignty of HK
to the People's Republic of China in 1997."

"The PRC guaranteed
Hong Kong a high degree of autonomy..."

"...except in diplomatic and
national security matters for 50 years."

"After 2047,
Hong Kong's future have to be re-discussed."

"Hong Kong, 2025"

This morning at 7:20,

someone self-immolated
outside the British consulate-General.

The Police has sealed off the area.

No comments so far on the identity
or motive of the self-immolator.

The self-immolator was
certified dead in the hospital.

Some reporters asked
if this self-immolation is related to...

...the recent movements for Hong Kong Independence.

The Police said no will was found at the scene.

Further investigation is needed
to learn the cause.



...is when you have absolutely no other way out.

Who is the self-immolator?

The reason why the government
does not tell us that...

...besides the fact that investigation is needed.

I believe is also related to
Au-Yeung Kin Fung's death last week.

Au-Yeung Kin Fung has always believed the UK government...

...should charge the PRC
on the International Court of Justice...

...for continually killing Hong Kong's autonomy...

...violating the Sino-British Joint Declaration.

For that he is seen as an extreme reactionary,

...irredeemable terrorist.

They are responsible.

Ever since the 70s, UN has been scared
of the Chinese Communist Party.

So they erased Hong Kong's identity as a colony.

And without that identity, Hong Kong does not...

...have the right to self-determination.

It cannot choose independently

as other colonies can.

To claim that Hong Kong
wasn't a colony, is to lie.

In 1971, the UN voted to expel
the Republic of China...

...and admit the People's Republic of China...

...as the only legal representative of China.

In 1972, the UN erased Hong Kong
from the list of colonies

to the bidding of China.

Nave, Hong Kong is not capable of independence.

This shouldn't even be thought about.

Even the pan-democrats are
against Hong Kong's independence.

After the Riots of Independence in 2020.

The Central Government
was prompted to implement Article 23.

It was no longer the responsibility
of the Central Government...

...but the rebels.

His advocation of Hong Kong Independence...

...has made him the first person to be prosecuted...

...for constituting an incitement
to overthrow state power.

On the fourth of this month,
the 67th day of his hunger strike.

He died in the prison cell, at the age of 21.

The place of self-immolation
is where Au-Yeung Kin Fung...

...desecrated the national flags of the UK
and the PRC half a year ago.

He has been dead for seven days.

I think the self-immolator
was definitely his supporter.

Have you seen Karen?


It was the self-immolation of a young man...

...that sparked off the Jasmine Revolution.

Au-Yeung said the reason why Hong Kong
does not have democracy...

...is because no one has died yet.

Hey, you are not thinking of
self-immolating, are you?

If I really do that, what will you do?

I will... kill you.

Au-Yeung said the reason why
Hong Kong does not have democracy...

...is because no one has died yet.

Please support Hong Kong Independence.

You are not even Chinese,
stop speaking Cantonese.

What a shame!

I am a Hongkonger so I speak Cantonese!

Just go home!

Hong Kong is my home, I was born here!

Go away, stupid Pakistani.

Why did you touch me!

Go away!

Aren't you mad?

You think I don't want to beat them up?

All these years
I've been working for citizens like him...

...to fight for justice.

But if we hit them, we are no different.

You think I don't want to?

I still have faith in the British.

Will the more civilized, moral Brits...

...come forward and fulfill their responsibilities?

The Brits are violating the Joint Declaration...

...if they stay silent.

They are both violating the Declaration,
breaking international laws.

So both parties are not qualified to
possess sovereignty over HK.

Then HK will have the right
to declare independence.

There will never be a true universal suffrage
unless HK is independent.

We have been wrestling with China
for so many years.

And suddenly he told us
to not be bothered with China...

...and focus on the UK Government.

Fighting is our only hope.

But this is too sudden, thus hard to swallow...

...for the Hong Kong people.

But undeniably...

...Au-Yeung Kin Fung is the first person...

...to sacrifice their life
for Hong Kong's democracy.

The self-immolator is like the second Au-Yeung...

...a threat to the Central Government...

...gaining more people's support for
Hong Kong Independence.

"Hong Kong Independence"

Hong Kong's independence is a threat
to the rule of the Communist Party.

If the Communist Party is overthrown,
it will be disastrous for China.

In fact, secession from a country is good.

The smaller the country,
the higher the chance of its people being happy.

The concept of unification
is deep-rooted in Chinese...

...and the concept of centralization as well.

In short, they lose face!

How could Chinese,
being slaves for thousands of years...

...understand this?

Try asking people if they want democracy.

I guess most answers will be...

...I'd rather have a dictatorship.

If we want happiness for the Chinese people...

...we need to set a good example...

...like a father would to his son...

...so that my son can learn from me,
and grow to maturity!

If my son beats people, and lies.

I should let him know.

Taking into consideration
HK's level of civilization and maturity.

Hong Kong should be the father.

But we must be careful...

...the evilness of the Communist Party
exceeds our imagination.

Is this Poon Yiu Fai from Fai Kee Hardware?


This is a police warrant, please open the door.

Regarding the self-immolation this morning...

...the gas can we found
at the scene bears your shop's contacts.

The self-immolator?

We now suspect you are an accomplice.

You need to stay here for the time being.

I don't know him.

He came and bought from me, that's it.

I don't know him.

I know you don't know him.

If I am to self-immolate,
I would do it at the British Consulate-General.


Where is Karen?

Tell me! Is she okay?

Calm down.

You won't get any reaction from China.

Look at Tibet, so many monks self-immolated.

So many of them died, did it work?

Au-Yeung's method is right.

We should be fighting for the
support of the British Government.

The British people don't give a damn.

That's Au-yeung's problem
always begging the Brits.

He isn't begging, he's protesting.

Same as what you are doing,
protesting against China.


Independence Union will set fire

to the Liaison Office tonight.

Don't go.

Stay here.


They have your girlfriend,

and still you won't go with us?

I'm not going.

It's because of you
that she's captured right now.

Are you blaming us instead
of the Communist Party?

I don't know what Karen sees in you.

Hong Kong is at a standstill,
and everything's ruined...

...because of so called
'non-violent civil disobedience'.

If you say they are
still upholding the Declaration...

...reread its terms,

it states clearly that... all except diplomatic

and national security matters...

...are none of the Communist Party's business.

They are the ones breaking the law, not us.

Look around you, it's all wrong.

To be frank, if I may be so bold...

...we are their bitch.

The self-immolation is fake.

The whole thing could be staged
by the Communist Party...

...to tarnish the Independence Movement...

...and be justified to subdue it.

This has been used on Falun Gong...

...and the East Turkestan
Independence Movement before.

Authorities have yet to announce the identity
of the self-immolator...

...because it wants to act accordingly...

...to the reaction of the Hong Kong people...

...whether to stick to their script and
call him an advocate of Independence...

...or mentally ill.

The Central Government has been flaming
the Independence Movement...

...which seems contradictory.

This is the paradox of the Independence Movement.

It triggers hatred...

...breaks the opposing faction apart...

...and benefits the Central Government in the end.

If the self-immolation is fake, I want to know...

...who would do this for the Central Government?

There is something special about Chinese people...

...they can do anything for money.

What I've learnt the most these few decades...

...is conspiracy theories.

What I've lost...

...is trust.

Another possibility is that...

...this person was tricked by the Party...

...into believing that he would just be staging it.

Therefore, this is not a suicide.

This is murder.

The self-immolator is confirmed to be
a HK citizen and supporter of Independence.

A police press conference will be held in an hour.

to account for investigation progress.

You can stay here,
I need to go pick up my daughter.

Don't make this difficult for me,
I'm just doing my job.

This is my home.

Your home is under our rule.

What do you want?

I can't even make a phone call.

I will come back after I pick up my daughter.

What do you want?

Damn it! What's wrong with you?

My daughter has been dismissed
from school already.

The old SAR's government used to fight

for people's support.

But now,
it is the same as the Central Government...

...bringing only fear to its people.

Of course they are terrified.

The Party launders its money
and transfers its assets here in HK.

What do gangsters care about most?


You keep calling the Communist Party gangster,

aren't you afraid?

What about you? Aren't you afraid?

How can you broadcast this footage?

Article 23 has now been implemented.

I actually don't fully agree with your story.

Secret police in suits?

The Party would definitely turn to the gangsters
for their dirty work.

Christian body, Justice Doer,

has called Christians and citizens...

...to join their prayer meeting in front of
the British Consulate-General.

With candles in their hands,
all are deep in prayer.

The number of participants
has increased significantly

compared to the service for
u-Yeung Kin Fung last week.

We don't need repeated accusations.

We need tangible actions.

We plead that the UK put
forward a motion to the UN...

...to include HK in the UN Trust Territory.

So that HK people
may have a shot at universal suffrage.

Christian, also known as Protestant...

...are people who protest.

The church should not...

We are now at the Liaison Office.

A group of protesters barged
into the Office building.

There is a clash between
the protesters and the guards.

As we can see, protesters have set fire
to the Liaison Office.

I need to get my daughter.

I need to get my daughter.


I have nothing to do with the self-immolation.

The SAR Government sees protests for
Independence as a diplomatic matter...

...and requested assistance
from People's Liberation Army.

The Army's tanks are now in Central...

...heading towards both
British Consulate-General and Liaison Office.

The Communist Party
has built a country upon hatred.

And they sustained their power with hatred.

The more chaotic HK is,
the better it is for them.

Turn it off.

Have you ever heard of the quote from...

...the ultimate pro-Beijing
politician, Raymond Wu?


If HK people know they are being raped
by the Communist Party...

...why not just lie down and enjoy it?

Hong Kong people seem to hate these words.

But for these two, three decades...

...their attitude towards the Communist Party...

...is to wallow in degeneration.

Ten years ago, in the Umbrella Movement,
people claim to have seen hope.

I don't see any of that.

Au-Yeung is pursuing the impossible.

I spend most of my strength everyday...

...not to fight hunger...

...but to suppress
my anger for the Communist Party.

I'm not in a place to command you.

I just want to make the right choices.

I am calm.

It's not hatred that keeps me going...

...but hope.

How is Au-Yeung's peaceful protest radical?

It's just natural to fight for independence
when facing dictatorship.

For all these years that the
Central Government has ruled us...

...we have lost a lot.

If we don't fight back...

I've a principle.

It's not about whether it's possible.

It's about whether it's right or wrong.





Is independence the only way
to democracy in Hong Kong?

Self-immolation is not necessarily
a desperate move.

It could be a flame to light up hope.

It is courage, responsibility and honor.

China does not lie.

If we are obliged by the Joint Declaration.

If we uphold the Basic Law...

...we don't need independence.

It's a pity that we don't trust
the Communist Party anymore.

We shouldn't have trusted it, all along.

With the loss of my life...

...this is how I make my stance.

It is the most radically gentle way of doing it.

Chaos at the British Consulate-General
and the Liaison Office are yet to be solved.

Could the protest triggered by self-immolation...

...be a means to an end,

or a beginning to a new movement
regarding the future of Hong Kong?

Their sacrifice was not worth it.

They thought they were doing good,
but they weren't.

It's basic human responsibility
to stand up against injustice.

Morality should be the foundation of politics.

The biggest flaw of
the Chinese people is selfishness.


I used to see a granny, already at her eighties,

at the protest scenes.

She has been through the Cultural Revolution,
June Fourth Incident.

She would often encourage me...

...not to lose heart because of other people.

As humans, we need to fight.

I hope I can live up to that.

Sam? This is Cheung.

I just want to let you know that
my farm is closing.

I'll bring you my last batch of eggs later...

Dad, have you seen my uniform?

Just over there.

When is Youth Guard ending today?

No idea, 5 or maybe 6 o'clock.

What is the Youth Guard doing today?

No idea, we never know beforehand.

Hmm, off you go

Sam? This is Cheung.

I just want to let you know my farm is closing.

I'll bring you my last batch of eggs later.

It's just a small batch though.

You may need to source your eggs elsewhere.

In 2025, Hong Kong's
Last Chicken Farm Closed Down



Didn't I say I would bring the eggs to you?

Heard that you are closing
and wanted to come take a look.

I haven't come here since your dad passed away.

It's not that I want to close the farm,
Sam, I'm forced to.

This time they say
we use the farm against the government.

Huh? That's ridiculous.

You and your father did whatever they asked.

So compliance didn't do you any good either.

My father only wanted one simple thing.

Local chicken for Hong Kong people.

Local food for Hong Kong people.

These few years they told us to build this,
and tear down that.

We obliged for a few years.

Just to gradually realize that
they are killing us off.

So what's your plan?

Life is quite unexpected.

Some people in Taiwan invited me
to start a farm there.

They want to use my tech and systems
to develop a farm there.

So I'm leaving soon.

That's good.

Sam, would you come and help?

It's not as easy as that.

Think about it.

These are the last ones.

If Ming finishes them, come find me, okay?

Hey! What is it about this time?

Do you have to take photos? Hey!

Commander told us to look out for
anything against the rules.

If we see it, we take a photo of it.

Which rule did I break?

Commander said, all words from
this list need to be recorded.

Is selling eggs illegal?

No, but the word 'local' is against the rules.

Okay, what does 'local' mean?

From Hong Kong.

What does 'local egg' mean?

Eggs from Hong Kong.

So is there a problem
if I write 'Hong Kong egg' here?

Hong Kong... No problem.

The same egg,
problematic when it's called 'local egg'.

But no problem when it is a 'Hong Kong egg'?

Where's the logic in that?

No idea, whatever,
I'm going to record anything against the rules.

Think it through when you have no idea.

Don't just do exactly as you are told.

I know it's a lot cheaper...

...but my customers just don't trust that.

You cannot fool people with cheap food.

Ha... that's right, so what about Thai eggs?

How many do I need to order to get delivery?

If I order from you, can you give me a discount?

Yes I understand,
let me think about it and get back to you.

Okay, thank you.

Any reply slips to sign today?


This one?

Yes, and this one.

Youth Guard Commander is authorized to assign
your son's covert operations.

Parents are not necessarily informed.

What does it mean, 'not necessarily informed'?

Hey, today those Youth Guards came
and took lots of pictures...

...holding a piece of paper
and said I am against the rules.

Do you know what that's about?

Yeah, the Youth Guard issued
a Non-recommended List.

The word 'local' is against the rules.

What Non-recommended List? Show me.

I don't have it.

Put the book down.

Why don't you have it?

Is everything covert now?

You are not telling me anything?

Ming, you have been eating eggs
from Cheung's Farm ever since you were little.

I don't care

what others say.

There is nothing wrong with eating
or selling his eggs.

The fault is in those
who accuse others for no reason.

Are we clear?


Look at me.

No matter what, don't just follow others blindly.

Think before you act, okay?


Hey! What are you guys doing?

Ming, what are you doing?

I didn't throw anything.

I'm obliged to come,
I don't know what I should do.

Come on, let's clean this up.

Sam, whenever Ming receives
those guidelines, or lists...

...he hands them to me.

I rented this place with some other customers

to store 'contraband'.

Then the collection got bigger.

Now, we got more books here than in the shop.

It is Ming who told me they were coming.

So I closed the gate, and just let them be.

Actually it was the same before the Youth Guard.

Grown-ups were here to mess around.

I'm used to it now.

Never ever get used to it.

It's precisely because our generations
got used to it...

..that you have to live like this now.

How can they think
they can ban things from existence?

Right, even Doraemon is banned.