Teddy (2020) - full transcript

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You'll be home early, Sri?

Please convince dad
to cancel it, mom.

Are you in a relationship
with someone at college?

Must I be, for me to turn this down?

Please talk to dad about this, mom.

I shall do no such thing.
Be home by 6 PM sharp!

What's wrong, Sri?

Did they agree?
-No. They did not.

I swear I cannot live without you.

What happened?

Don't go!
-Where are you off to?

Listen to me!
-Don't go, Sri!

No, Sri!

Don't, Sri!
Listen to me!

Come, Rishi!
-What are you doing?

Careful, Sri!
-Get up! Careful!

All good, right?
-It's okay.

Look at your arm, Sri!
So much blood!

Why take such risk
to help this guy?

What do I tell the Head of Department?

I'm the one who is hurt, ma'am.

Don't make me comfort you.

Which hospital are you going to?
-I don't know.

There is no hospital within 20 km.
Need to take a traffic free road.

I can't leave the other students behind
to go with you!

Let me know which hospital you're at
as soon as you check in!

Take care, dear.
-Bye, Sri.

Don't be alarmed.
I'll do it gently.

Afraid to be alone?

"Afraid"? Me?

Yeah, right!

If you are afraid,
hold on to my teddy bear's hand!

When Teddy's around,
we are safe!

With batteries in,
it can walk, too!

It can even repeat whatever we say!

Like 'Talking Tom'!


What's wrong, doctor?
-Nothing. Haemoglobin level is a bit low.

Just a small shot.
It can be injected into the IV.

You'll be fine soon.

Don't be afraid.
She has a slight fever. That's all.

It's done, doctor.

We've immobilized the nervous system,
that controls the entire body.

She's slipped into a deep coma.

Can't we do this with just a sticker,
to avoid so much blood loss?

This bar code will never fade.

There's a reason for everything.

Seeing those eyes open is pretty spooky!

The doctor himself is spooked!

I've read such a thing
in a medical journal, too!

A coma patient was operated
under full body anaesthesia.

When she awoke six months later...

...she could say exactly what the doctors
said, right down to personal information!

She gave a third person account
of the entire surgery...

...as if she had been watching it
from above!

Who was watching it at the time?
Her body? Or her mind?

Or her spirit?

Despite being doctors...

...people here get a kick out of mixing
science and ghost stories!

Yeah, that's right!

-He's got a point!


Get the injection quickly!

Hold on!

She suddenly got up
and attacked me!

Despite heavy medication,
how did she get up?

She wasn't her full conscious self!

It was as if something was in control
of her body!

If this girl dies,
all would have been in vain!

What is this?

Everything looks big!

Oh no!

Am I dead?

Come on!
Make it fast!

Teddy's moving even without batteries!

Shut up and go to sleep!

Or I call the nurse
to give you a shot!

Move it quick!

I'm sorry! Ask your father
to get you another teddy!

One cigarette, brother.

Coffee's ready, Shiva.

My name is Shiva.

Since my first memory,
I have never forgotten a thing.

I have a photographic memory.

My job is to feed my brain.

Each month, I pick a topic
and master it.

I finished postgraduate level
Greek literature in 3 months.

Grade 8 level piano in 2 months.

Graduate level entomology in a month.

I keep feeding my mind
like it's a greedy spirit!

Trusting the stock market,
I have ended up a pauper!

I don't know how I will handle
such a huge commitment!

Excuse me, sir.

With the money you have,
buy shares at this company.

Sell them in a week.

Your problem will be solved.

If what you say comes true,
I will never ever forget you!

"Knowledge is power", they say.

But the reason why these people here
laugh and have fun...

I've seen this somewhere...

We'll finish it tomorrow.
-...is their forgetfulness.

People spend their entire day
trying to earn their keep.

But me?
I spend exactly five minutes.

The history and trends of the stock market
in the last 15 years, are at my fingertips.

Buy 5,000 shares of SIDCO.

1,000 of Galaxy and Co. will suffice.
-Got it.

Looks like SIDCO will hit the jackpot

If you know for sure it would rise,
we can cash out entirely, right?

What will I do with so much money?

Play the lead role in a movie!

Woo the female lead
and marry her!

Oh, you don't like that, right?

It's just that...
I'd get some extra commission, too.

Like other bigwigs, you too can do
a lot of good for the needy with it!

People can do good
in their everyday deeds.

Or at least speak good words.

But instead, they commit every atrocity...

...and cut a cheque to an NGO
just for the sake of it.

I earn exactly what I need
and I'm happy with it.

Such a shame that the God who gave you
such a brain, gave you no desires!

Once married,
all desires will swoop right in!

I pity the woman for her plight!

Did you tell him that we're going there?

No! Be brave and tell him yourself!

Why must I be scared?
I'm his mother, after all!

Then tell him!

Oh my...

I don't know why, but my knees have been
sore for the past few days.

Could you repeat that, mom?

My knees hurt, son.
I don't know why.

Could you please take me to Dr. Gopal?

Why do you lie?

When speaking the truth,
the eye ball moves a bit to the right.

As the right side of the brain
holds all our memories.

Right now, yours went to the left.

Know what's on the left side of the brain?
-No, I don't.

Imaginativeness, creativity
and tale-spinning!

Why were you born so smart?

Listen to your mother! Right now,
you're coming with me! That's it!

"A mental health expert"!

Decided I'm insane, huh?

Quit talking crazy, buddy!

Please spare me just ten minutes
of your time.

Ten minutes. Only because you're my mom.
-That'll do!

Hello, Shiva.
I'm Dr. Priya.

So tell me more about yourself.

I don't want to waste both of our time.

I spent two months doing a Masters
in Psychology, to better understand myself.

But I found no answers.

They declared I have no disease.
Just a symptom.

It took me three years to study
what took you two months.

You truly are gifted, Shiva.

But can you open up
and socialize with other people?

Why must I socialize?

Every relationship ends in pain.
Why knowingly board a sinking ship?

Do you intend to be alone
for the rest of your life?

Point out to me one man
who is truly happily married.

Not someone you've 'heard of'.

Show me such a person
you know.

I'll accept him as my mentor
and get married right away!

I don't know what happened!
Shiva alone went in!

I apologize on his behalf, Mr. Gopal.
-What did he do?

What's wrong, mom?

That doctor lady was engaged
to be married!

Now she suddenly called her father
and cancelled the wedding!

What did you say to her?

The truth.

We sent you in so you could get married,
and you've stopped her wedding!

Only a reality show can find you a bride!

'My sweet solitude!'

'My sweet solitude!'

'My sweet solitude!'

'My sweet solitude!'

'Be it on a brand new dawn
or down a smoggy highway...'

'when I walk with you,
everything is exquisite'

'Be it a dewy dusk
or a songless interlude...'

'when you are with me,
joyous, is my world'

'Only with you,
is my time truly mine!'

'Only with you,
does my heart speak the truth'

'Battered by the words of men,
my heart is in tatters'

'Only in your quietude,
do I become whole again!'

'My sweet solitude!'

'My sweet solitude!'

'My sweet solitude!'

'My sweet solitude!'

'Be it on a shore pounded by waves or
when the sand's heat scorches my feet...'

'when I walk with you,
all earth is feather-light!'

'Be it the ending horizon
or an endless faraway...'

'when you walk with me,
joyous, is my world'

'In my mother's womb,
you were born with me'

'Until I breathe my last,
you will be with me!'

'Human ties come and go,
but you are the only constant'

'And, for the first time,
here's my heartfelt thank-you!'

'My sweet solitude!'

'My sweet solitude!'

'My sweet solitude!'

'My sweet solitude!'

'When we explore skills anew...'

'My best friend, you are!'

'When we savor sights afresh...'

'My girlfriend, you are!'

'When someone comes near
and starts to converse...'

'you part away with a pout!'

'When troubles torment me,
and chase me your way...'

'you come near to comfort
like a mother's lap!'

'Embrace me as sleep, O solitude,
and follow me even in my dreams!'

'And, the moment I open my eyes,
be there for me, O solitude!'

'My sweet solitude!'

'My sweet solitude!'

'My sweet solitude!'

'My sweet solitude!'

'My sweet solitude!'

'My sweet solitude!'

'My sweet solitude!'


Please come over.

I know the girl, sir!

His sister!

What's your name?

Answer him!

It's alright.
You sit here.

Sit right there!

What's your problem, sir?

A newspaper in hand!

You look like a stick-in-the-mud!

This is of no concern to you.
Back away now!

I can learn anything quickly.

That applies to not just academics.

But only when we put in practice
what we learn, do we feel satisfaction!

Thanks, brother.


What is it?

It's nothing!

A Teddy bear?
How did this get here?


One, two, three, four, five.

One, two...

What is he counting
in the bathroom?

One, two, three, four, five.

One, two, three...

Seems like a real nut case!

The position of the hand
has changed!

Had you been married in time, you wouldn't
be playing with a doll at dawn!

Who brought this here?

It just walked in here by itself!

Some question, he asks!

Don't you touch me!

What happened?

Nothing, mom.

You scared me!

Now, I get it!

This was bound to happen!

Tell me, buddy!

You often said I'd go crazy
if I kept studying, didn't you?

It has finally happened!

What are you saying?

Come quickly and take me to a doctor!

Despite having mastered psychology,
a screwball can't unscrew himself, yes?

Word play? Have you been watching
Director Visu's drama?

Alright, stay put.
I'll be right over.

I seem to hear dolls talking!

I am actually talking to you!

You've not gone insane!

You just need to cut out
the talking to yourself in the loo!

Listen up, Teddy.

If I start talking to you, they'll think
I've lost it and ship me off to an asylum!

Until my friend arrives,
I won't react to all this hocus-pocus!

No matter what happens,
I will not react!

You think this is hocus-pocus, too?
-It is all an illusion!

Does it hurt?
You believe me now?

What gives?
You're such a fool!

I've had many nicknames in school,
but no one dared call me a fool!

Why I ought to...

Am I not right to call a fool a 'fool'?

Won't you believe me?

Trying to drive me crazy, eh?

What are you doing with a teddy bear?

I'm hitting you in my imagination!

If you hit me, I'll tear me apart!
-When I do...

Let go!

This teddy bear talks!

You can hear this teddy speak?

This is what I've been trying to tell him!
He wouldn't believe me!

What's your name, Teddy?

My name is 'Sri'.

Is she telling the truth?

I've examined her eye movement.

Even if it sounds far-fetched,
she is telling the truth.

A pity! So young and she roves
as a ghost, wishes unfulfilled!

Don't call me a ghost!

When I saw you on the train,
I thought you could help me.

My classmate Rishi lives in Tambaram.

Just drop me off there!

Seat belt, please.

Rishi will be shocked to see me like this!

Is Rishi your boyfriend?

Why do you bother?

Please put on your seat belt!

Rishi is a really close friend
who will do anything for me...

Boyfriend, it is!

I told you to strap in!

What a hot-headed teddy bear!

Why are we coming in here furtively?

Must his parents meet me
for the first time in such a state?

Rishi will understand
when I tell him!

Here, Shiva!

Making the most of being home alone, I see!

Dad always has some
stocked in the fridge!

He won't mind if one or two
went missing.

That's Italian for 'Cheers'!

That's Russian!

There's no one here, Sri!
Let's go!

I hear something!
That is definitely Rishi!

No, Sri!

Don't you have a girlfriend
at college?

As a Mumbai kid,
all the college girls here seem prudish!

Sounds boring!

But let us not be so boring!


Whack it good!

Oh my!

You said he wasn't your boyfriend.
Why so angry now?

Maybe he was a boy bestie?

Think she's picturing you now
while whacking that thing!

Why must he deceive me so, Shiva?

How could he forget I have been missing
and pull this sort of crap?

It's okay, Sri.
Calm down.

I know what you need.

Now come where I take you.

No, Shiva!
I beg of you!

I won't disturb you anymore!

Excuse me?

Excuse me, sir!

Take me back, Shiva!

No, Sri.
You must stay here!

Let's go!

What is it?

Did you hear something?

Have it, sir.

Sri's professor called to say
she'll let me know which hospital she's at!

But I never got that call!

I checked every hospital
in the area!

There's no record of her being admitted
into any of them!

A prospective groom was coming to see her
that day!

I was strict about her marriage
getting finalized before her graduation!

Did you file a complaint
with the police?

I did, sir!

They checked every hospital in the area,
but found no evidence of her!

We still didn't lose hope!

But the very next day...

I got a package which had my daughter's ID
and her blood-stained clothes!


Why should a father be alive
if he can't even protect his daughter?

Who are they?

Sri's acquaintances.

Do you know anyone in the police force?

I'm sure my daughter is not dead.

Please be quiet, dear.

What are you doing, sir?

Your daughter is not dead.

We are already shattered.

Don't give us false hope!

No, sir.
Your daughter is still alive.

Just give me some time.

I'll return her to you.

Had you not brought me here,
I would've lost my father.

Thank you, Shiva.

Why else do they come here?
-What do you think?

Good grief!

You're the only one who comes
to this library to read, buddy.

Do you know what goes on here?

Some coma patients between life and death
experience seeing themselves from outside.

In rare cases, they have even moved
small objects through telekinesis.

What is he saying?
-Don't get it, yes?

Half the stuff he says
is a bit incomprehensible.

The rest?
-Totally incomprehensible!

Sri's energy has been transferred
into this teddy bear.

Physically, as biological functions
like breathing and heartbeat are normal...

...so her body is still alive.

This is referred to as 'OBE'.
Out of Body Experience.

Both these books claim
this is not far-fetched.

What do the other books say?

That you are dead
and your spirit is in this teddy.

But when I last saw myself
on a stretcher, I was breathing.

I believe you, Sri.

Let's start from the beginning.

The number of the ambulance you were in?
-I did not note it.

The name of the hospital you were admitted?

It had a blue board.

Do you know the name of the doctor
or the nurse?

The nurse was a woman!

She looked as intimidating as the cop
who tortured Prabhu Deva in 'Kadhalan'.

At least tell me your name!

My name is Srividya!

Are you mocking me?

You definitely don't have girlfriends,
do you?

Why do you claim so?

Forget girlfriends! Tightly wound folks
like you wouldn't even have friends!

Check my Facebook profile
to see how many friends I have!

Twelve friends?

Three of them are girls!

I've received a friend request!

My mother has sent one, I see.

Thirteen friends!
Four of them being women!

Poor thing!

Look up 'Srividya Purushotaman'.

What the hell?
4,994 friends?

The limit is 5,000.
That's why I left six spots open.

Ah! Humans do not have the capability
to maintain these many friendships.

Tell me all their names!

With this attitude,
I'm surprised you even have twelve friends!

Twelve friends like mine are so much better
than your 'close friends' like Rishi.

I'm sorry, kid.

It's okay, Shiva.
You spoke the truth.

Here is another truth.

In about six months to a year...

...his name will not evoke any pain
in you.

You will forget him.
That's how it works for everyone.

Except for me.

Oh no!
He's going to yell at me when he wakes up!

The towel!

I must clean this all up
before he wakes up!

I'm sorry, Shiva!

It was a mistake!

"A mistake"? Can someone make
such a mess by mistake?


Coming, mom!

That psychiatrist doctor
has come to meet you, Shiva!

The girl whose wedding was called off!

I'll come in five minutes, mom!

Go on in, dear.
Consider this your house!

Thanks, aunty!

Come here!

Stay here and don't make a sound
until she leaves!

Family doctor is a psychiatrist, eh?

Talking to yourself, huh?

-What is this?

Given your OCD,
I thought things would be neat!

But your room is so messy!

Just an experiment
about living with an immature roommate.

-Please sit.

I'll come to the point.

After our earlier conversation,
I cancelled my engagement.

He's a doctor in the UK.

We've only spoken twice or thrice
over the phone. That's it.

But I felt no connection with him.

It's fine if you're not up
for a long-term commitment like marriage.

Let's just be together.

What was that?
Something fell on me!

Anyway, like I was saying...

Sans marriage, I'm even fine
with being in a mature relationship.

There's another name for that, doctor!

Did you hear that?

Is there anyone else here?
-Just me.

What did that voice say?

That there was another name for it!

Didn't you hear that?

Oh my God!

A Teddy!
So cute!

Your childhood fixation, huh?
-Um, yes.

It's really cute!

-I'm sorry.

I don't know what's wrong with me.

I'll meet you later for coffee, okay?

At this rate, the doctor would've given you
a medical smooch!

Good thing you saved me!
Thanks, Sri!

'My bestie!'

'The friend who unlocks my heart!'

'My bestie!'

'The joy that sparks my soul!'

'Reflecting my inner self
and painting smiles there...'

'you are the mirror of my heart'

'As you accept me as I am...'

'you are my true reflection'

'To sing whatever...
To dance however...'

'you are my perfect mate'

'To bicker and to patch up,
you offer reasons many'

'In me, many a hue,
sketched by you'

'My bestie!'

'The friend who unlocks my heart!'

'My bestie!'

'The joy that sparks my soul!'

Why do you always tag that doll around?

It's my new friend, mom!

"New friend"?

'To peer into my heart
and hear me bare my soul...'

'I found you as my soulmate!'

'A half of my smile, a half of my tear...
you share and savor!'

'Everything is an illusion!
You are the only reality!'

'All my doubts, you slayed!'

'Am I real?
Or a mere doll in your hands?'

'Who am I, you revealed'

'I am the red sky!
You're my green parrot, soaring high!'

'My bestie!'

'The friend who unlocks my heart!'

'My bestie!'

'The joy that sparks my soul!'

'When we go to war
on a virtual battleground...'

'even against a billion foes...'

'With you in my army,
victory smiles at my feet!'

'When we binge-watch and I cry...'

'you wipe my tears dry!'

'My half-said words,
you finish them for me!'

'You are my solitude too!
Even more sweeter, are you!'

'You are the smile on heart's walls,
painted by God's hands'

'My bestie!'

'The friend who unlocks my heart!'

'My bestie!'

'The joy that sparks my soul!'

'My bestie!'

'My bestie!'

'My bestie!'

'The friend who unlocks my heart!'

'My bestie!'

Why do you seem out of sorts, Shiva?

My father died when I was seven.
I remember as if it happened today.

Every relationship ends
with a parting of ways.

Breakup, misunderstanding
or death.

That was when I decided...

...to not bond close with anyone
so as to feel hurt when they part.

From then on,
I have never cried over anyone.

Was a 'Srividya Purushotaman'
admitted here last week?

No one under that name, sir.
-Alright. Thank you.

She is lying.

Stay here, Sri.
Don't go anywhere.

It's nothing.
Just a small shot.

This is an ICU ward, sir!

No one goes in without an access card!

The doll just walked, mom!

I don't think so!

What are you doing, Sri?

She was the nurse who attended to me!

We follow her,
we get to the room I was in!

Do you have a plan?

"A plan"?

Yes, I do!

Don't be scared!

Could you please give me your ID card?

No, ma'am!

I only asked for your ID card!

Please no!

"Did you think I would fall?"

I got the ID card, Shiva!

There is a camera in there.

I got caught on camera!
Now, what do we do?

It's okay!
You're just a doll, right?

On top of the door.

I told you not to come in here!

Get over here, guys!

He broke the camera!

Come on, guys!

-He slugged him!

This was your plan?


First aid for four people.
Stitches for two.

Are you this messy
with everything you do?

I didn't do anything!
That woman threw me at the fan!

This is where they held me, Shiva!

They tattooed my shoulder.

What happened here was no treatment,

You were deliberately abducted!


Just answer my questions.
I'll know if you're lying.

The girl Srividya was admitted here
on the sixth. Is she still alive?



Did you use that drug to immobilize her
into an artificially induced coma?

Are you a doctor, sir?

As long as this drug is in the bloodstream,
the patient cannot move.

In parallel, if we mix glucose into the IV,
we can keep them in a coma for days!

Where is she?

We don't know that!

Don't lie to a doctor, kiddo!

I drove the ambulance that day.

They sent the drop-off point
on Google Maps.

In the side mirror,
I saw the signboard of the hospital.

A private clinic in Ennore
called 'PCT'.

Soon as I pulled over, a man there came
and took the girl away on a stretcher.

I swear I don't know what happened
to the girl after that, sir.

Watch your head!

What's going on here?

I don't understand what product
these barcode numbers are for.

Even you can't understand?

Without its reference file,
these numbers have no meaning.

Who are you people?
What are you doing here?

Just answer my questions, doctor.

Was this girl admitted to this hospital
last Tuesday night?

No. I've never seen her before.

What is this, buddy?

The last six digits
of this 16 digit number must be a date.

We'll add today's date
to the latest number in this sequence.

It definitely must be the code
to a package delivery service.

The ambulance didn't drop Sri off
at the PCT Clinic.

In the side mirror,
I saw the signboard of the hospital.

I've never seen her before.

So who's lying?
The doctor or the ambulance driver?

They are both telling the truth.

They are both telling the truth?

The ambulance dropped Sri off
at a package office nearby.

What are we going to do?

Great idea!

Are we going to place a GPS tracker
in this box and track where it goes?

Why stare at me so?

It's nothing! Come!
-Let go of me!

I am claustrophobic!
I am scared of the dark!

You're part ghost! And you're scared
of the dark? Stay quiet!

Stay in touch with us
on this phone, Sri.

Keep sharing your location
on WhatsApp.

Don't be scared.
I'm here for you.

Don't play games on the phone!

Thought a game of PUBG
would be relaxing.

I've turned it off.
-She's turned it off!

Don't play in silent mode! You're safe
only as long as the battery has charge!

I've truly turned it off now!

Hey, bro!

A package has arrived
with no return address!

This barcode has all the details!

This package was due to be sent
last week!

And you've brought it now?

The date is in order, bro.

But only two loads
have been billed for today.

Let's bill for an extra load
and send it off today.

Why bring this over so late, sir?

Had you delayed even by an hour,
that's it!

Would it not be stuck here for a week?

Bring it!

I don't know where I am, Shiva!
Totally dark in here!

Don't be scared, Sri.
I'm right behind you.

No, Shiva.
Please get me out of here!

We'll come back tomorrow!

Be quiet for a moment, Sri!

What's wrong, Shiva?

Can you hear me, Sri?

I just got signal, Shiva!

Send me your location, Sri!

Why do you sound funny?
-Send it now!

The harbor?


Can you hear me, Sri?

You need to stop that ship, sir!

You can't stop a sailing ship, sir!

Where is that ship going?

The containers in there
are shipped to many countries.

It will travel half the world
in two weeks!

How much money is in my account?

8.23 lakhs, buddy.

Spend the entire sum
to acquire shares!

The entire sum?
Now, you are talking!

I'll buy out a Dream 11 team
with it!

We got 35 lakhs in just two days, buddy!

Thirty five lakhs!

Please be this way!
Don't ever change!

What do we buy next?

Not now.
I'll let you know.

This ship docked in three different nations
for cargo transfer.

Cargoes go to seven other countries
on connecting trains and flights.

It's hard enough to find a person
lost in our own city.

And you are planning
to route through the whole world?

Apply for a visa in these ten countries,
and book open flight tickets!

What about the money?

Sell all the shares we bought
in the last two weeks!

So that's why you made fast money!

Oh man!

I must have travelled some 15-20 hours!

The phone doesn't have a signal!

Did they drop me out of state
like in Kerala or Karnataka?

You shipped me off to another country,

'Teddy bear, teddy bear!
Turn around!'

'Teddy bear, teddy bear!
Touch the ground!'

'Teddy bear, teddy bear!'
Reach up high!'

'Teddy bear, teddy bear!
Touch the sky!'

'Teddy bear, teddy bear!
Bend down low!'

'Teddy bear, teddy bear!
Touch your toe!'

'Teddy bear, teddy bear!
Swirled all around!'

'Teddy bear, teddy bear!'

'Lost... but not found!'

First time, eh?

Don't be afraid.
Just like riding a bus.

You just need to be strapped in.

That's how they fool you!

"Learn Russian in 30 days"?

I've lived there for three years.
Only now am I fluent at it...

What would you like, sir?

And what would you like, sir?

Same for me!

Like she'll give hot rice cakes
if I ask for it!

We can talk in Tamil, right?

I'm Karthik.
I work in the Indian Embassy.

I'm Shiva.
I am unemployed.

Going on vacation?
-No. I'm off to help a friend.

This is the cafe from the photo.

So a teddy bear doll will walk up to us
and speak, huh?

-Why troll me like this, Shiva?

I may look like an idiot,
but I'm not one!

Good grief!
You can see?

You fraud! You cheat!

The same cheating everywhere!

You get going. I'll wait for a while
and check into a hotel.

Why stay at a hotel?

I have a flat, don't I?

Want me to look, eh?

A garbage truck!

Good grief!
Dear old man, this is a garbage truck!

PUBG? Yes, I played it!


Come along!

I don't get what you're saying!

And you don't get what I'm...


Thank you so much, old man!


Such a pleasure to hear Tamil songs


Turn around, Shiva!

Do you not hear me tap, Shiva?

How did your family trust your tale
and let you come this far?

Did you hear someone call my name?

And the story takes a turn!

Did you hear that?
-No one else here but me!

Even the driver doesn't know your name!

My maternal uncle had the same problem!

He always felt someone was calling him!
-No! I really heard someone call me!

It is okay, Shiva.
There's a cure for everything.


Did you not hear it now?

Why repeat yourself?
Never mind.

I'll play a dance number.

Stop the car!

Stop the car!

God dammit!

I can't go any further...

Come in!

Consider it your own house!
Make yourself at home!

Use this room.
-Thank you.

A small request.
I'll call the doctor at the embassy.

Just to please me, have a quick chat
over coffee with him!

There's a cure for everything!

Just a minute, doctor.

Are you a loony?

Shiva repeatedly said
he heard someone call for him, right?




I'm sorry, Sri.

My mistake landed you
in a lot of trouble.

No, Shiva. No one else
would have come this far for me.

You are a true friend.

Didn't I tell you?
This is Sri.


Hello doctor...
As I'm suffering from fever...

Don't worry.
There's a cure for everything!

If a huge abduction network is involved
like you say...

...we can report it from the embassy
to the President of Azerbaijan!

I made sure to get a picture
of the van's license plate!

Very good thinking, Sri!

Look at that tattoo!

This tattoo is used
by this town's criminal gangs!

They have ties to every crime
in Azerbaijan.

Dangerous territory!

What do you want?
Guns? Girls? Drugs?

An Indian girl.

Follow me!

Choose any girl you want.

I want this girl.

What's the difference
between this girl and that?

Look at his arm!

Have you seen this girl?

This bloody guy...

Who are you messing with?

That's more like it!

How do you know this girl?
-Alright! Take it easy!

This girl came in three weeks ago!

I just transferred them onto a van!

That's all my job!

I don't know anything else!

Someone must have paid you for this job.
Who was it?

Hey, John.
Give me my regular vodka.

Sure, sir.

Why are you following me?

To find the Indian girls you abducted.

What? I abducted girls?

I don't indulge
in such unprofitable ventures!

But... the fact that you know
this much is a problem.

What do you do with those Indian girls?

I'll die before I tell you!

A vital open nerve in this wound
ties in directly to your brain.

It's like a pen drive!

I can download whatever information
I want from it!

Stop it!
I'll tell you!

It is not girls we're trafficking
from India.

It is live organs!

A huge market here for livers, kidneys
and hearts taken from living bodies!

Who conducts this operation?

No one knows who runs the operation.

I get paid only in Bitcoins!

As far as I know, the girl you seek
would be dead by now!

They would've done a transplant surgery
and disposed her body!

How soon did they do a transfusion
after you were admitted?

Within five minutes after I was checked in.

It never would have happened that fast.

Your blood group is AB negative.
It says so in your college ID.

Only one in a million
have that blood group.

The hospital would've never acquired it
so fast from the blood bank.

A rich guy here with your blood group
needed a kidney or a liver.

So you were kidnapped on purpose!

I don't get what you are saying, Shiva.

The organs of a coma patient
can be transported anywhere in the world...

...and be stored for a long time!

This is their business!

You will see the same time on a Swiss watch
that costs 25 lakh rupees...

...on a cheap digital watch
that costs 100 rupees!

But why do people prefer the former?

This is a reminder.

Only when each of the 600 micro parts in it
work in perfect synchrony...

...will it tell time accurately.

The same is true
for our business.

Cancel our tie-up
with the GRC Hospital in Chennai!

They have no direct ties to us, sir.

Moreover, just over a broken CCTV camera...

An unidentified man came in
and broke a CCTV camera!

Cancel it.

What do you mean 'cancel'?

Not a single doctor, nurse, compounder, or
ambulance driver there should remain alive!

Also, donate two crores on behalf
of our company...

...to Chennai's Cyclone Relief Fund.

I'll ensure it's done!

Think just because you nodded slowly
to the first task...

...but swiftly for the second,
that makes you a good man?

Nothing like that, sir!

Can we also donate your salary
for this month to Cyclone Relief?

Just that I have many commitments
this month...

You people always want to do good deeds
at no cost to yourselves!

You're even worse than I am!

Go finish both tasks
with the same promptness!

Yes, sir!

Our guys only come up to this point.

We don't know what happens
beyond here.

Don't be afraid, Sri.

Just tell me where this vehicle goes.

I don't need to remind you of this.

You told me the same thing
last time!

They're holding about a hundred people

What are you saying?

They're holding me here, too!

Check if you are still breathing!

Yes, Shiva!

We got the Indian witness we wanted!
A victim, even!

Once we submit a report on her,
we can get approval for police action!

Come in for a second!

Look at this, Shiva!

They took out the kidney
and stitched up the wound.

She's waking up!

Who are you people?

Don't be scared.
You are in a safe place.

I've informed the embassy
and made arrangements to get you to India.

Where am I?

What is this place?

How many more assets do we have
in Azerbaijan?

We have 78 patients in all.

I was told one girl died in transit.

Cancel the contract of Harish
at Transport!


Alright, sir. It will be done.

Look, Shiva.

For saving an Indian citizen
and bringing her to us...

...on behalf of the Indian Embassy,
I thank you.

But your story on how you did it?

Please don't tell anyone else!

What he's saying is...
-No! No! No!

Just a second, sir.
I won't say anything. See for yourself!

Tell him, Karthik! No!

Just a minute!

Hello, sir.
Nice to meet you!

It talks?
-She sings, too!

Sing a song, Sri!

'Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,
Turn around...'

No need!

I can't go about saying 'Teddy Bear'
in my report!

Tell her to stay still.
-Stop it, Sri!

I want proof of crime.

Numbers and names
verified by the cops or Interpol.

Take him to Sara.
She'll brief him on the legal front.

I'm Sara. A liaison officer here
for all communications with the local govt.

He is Dr. Sam.

The chief nephrologist
at Azerbaijan's biggest private hospital.

He will give us the kind of report
we need.

Mr. Shiva from India?

I need your credit card.

Which room do you want?
Budget or single room?

Private suite.

Please take him to his room.

In the report given to the Ambassador,
you'll be questioned...

...on every drug you were given,
and every doctor and nurse you met with.

How can we do this
without a recording device?

I can recall and give you a report
on everything you need.

It is not as simple as you think.

Every spelling and digit must be accurate!
-I can do it!

Relax, dear.

I'm Varadarajan.
Your doctor.

Just breathe into this
and you'll be alright.

Good morning, sir.

You look a little dizzy. Take rest.

You're going through a lot of trouble
because of me. I'm sorry.

You're risking a lot
by taking way too much medication!

I hope you find the culprit
you are looking for.

Good Luck.

I need to tell you an important thing!

What is it?
Tell me.

I like you a lot, Shiva.

I like you a lot too, Sri.

No... what I'm trying to say is...

Great news, Shiva!

We got a kidney donor with your blood group
at a private hospital!

When's the surgery?

If you okay it, we can move him
to Nizami Hospital even today!

There's a catch, though.
The donor source is not legal.

You may need to pay the donor's family.

That can be done.

Make it fast!

I'm Dr. Hans.
How are you today?

I'm doing good, doctor.
When is the surgery?

You don't need to be in a hurry.

You will slowly lose control
of your body.

Soon as our ambulance service reported
a girl missing, we began to follow him.

Within thirty minutes,
our men sent me your picture.

You must have been the one who broke
the CCTV camera at the GRC hospital.

You need an extraordinary brain
to connect the dots from there to here.

In two minutes,
you will be completely immobilized.

In two minutes,
we will...

We will end you.

Shiva is not at that hospital.
-Where could they have taken him?

Your two minutes are up.

I suppose they believed
the details we gave you...

...and the cops are at the Nizami Hospital.

There, they will close the case
for lack of evidence.

You're another asset we acquired
for no charge!

Why come without an appointment, Sara?

I need to meet His Excellency!

He's not here right now.

If it's a real emergency,
I can connect him via video conference.

Yes, please!

Good afternoon, Your Excellency!

The surgery was not conducted
at the hospital stated in our report.

What are you saying, Sara?

I trusted you and
risked signing the report!

No, Your Excellency!

Shiva's been taken elsewhere!

We need cooperation from the cops

We have the evidence to convince you!
It is...

Thank you, Steve.

Now clean up this mess.
-Sure, sir.

No one must know
Sara was here.

We tried to stop him,
Your Excellency.

It's okay.
-Sorry to disturb you, sir.

I must speak to you on an urgent matter!

Tell me, Karthik.

I think Sara is in trouble.
She's not reachable by phone.

I don't know what to do.

My friend Shiva's location...
The police...

Why stop mid-way?

Sara mentioned
she was heading to meet you.

Really? She never made an appointment
nor came by my house.

Please ensure I make no noise
with this leap, dear God!


Wake up, Shiva!


Please wake up, Shiva!

Wake up quickly!

Can you hear me?

Someone might walk in here!

Please wake up, Shiva!

They're here!
We'll get busted!

Careful, Shiva.

Don't be scared!
There are guns in that room!

Do you know for sure?
-I saw it!

Plenty of guns in there!

The guns have been dismantled.

Oh crap, we're screwed!
What do we do...

Am I supposed to drive?

Your feet can't reach the pedal.
Move aside!

The grey big warehouse on Highway 12
holds 85 kidnapped Indian citizens!

We want to seize the place immediately!

The cops will be there in ten minutes!

The police control room
for all of Azerbaijan.

As you asked for, we've marked
every hospital in all 30 locations.

So many hospitals!
How can we narrow it down?

The hospital is surely not in the city.

Tell them to eliminate hospitals
located on busy city roads.

Can you please remove the hospitals
at the heart of the city?

You got it.

I was transported from Republic Hospital
during the evening.

Plenty of travel time
on a long straight road.

Sunlight came in from the window
on my left.

I was travelling South.

Eliminate the hospitals
in the West, North and East side.

There are only two left.

But among them...

Tell them to zoom in on the entry road
of both hospitals.

This is the one!

Excellent, Shiva!

Let's go, Sri!

Tamil Nadu Police!

Be careful. I'll let the embassy know
of the Ambassador's involvement.

Are you alright, Sri?


Something's happening to me!

I feel faint!


Get up, Sri!
What happened?

I'm very scared, Shiva!

Thank you for everything.

I love you, Shiva!

I love you too, Sri!

Shiva is here, sir!

Where is the transplant surgery happening?
-I don't know. It's a big hospital!

Excuse me!
Where is the transplant surgery happening?

There is one going on
on the sixth floor.

Stop it right now!
That donor was abducted!

Go and stop it right now!

I'll call the cops!

He's lying!

Go and stop it right now!
I'll call the cops!

Why must he lie
about calling the cops?

Stop it!

This is an illegal operation!

Stitch her up and get her out!

"Dr. Varadarajan, the mastermind behind
these medical crimes is still at large."

This is on every news channel!

Everyone is shocked about
the Ambassador's involvement.

They've arrested everyone!
But the head honcho Varadarajan escaped!

Mr. Karthik?

Sri is awake!

Our embassy is readying the paperwork
to send her to India.

I've arranged for you
to fly with her.

You're going to see her
for the first time, right?


'Am I forgotten?'

'Why did you forget me, my dear?'

'You walked right past me!'

'Why ignore me as a stranger?'

'If all my memories are gone,
who am I to you?'

'Suppression? Suffering? Or slush?'

'If all that happened was a lie,
who are you to me?'

'Dawn? Decoy? Or death?'

'I lived a life all alone
and you became my sky!'

'When I was about to reach you,
traceless, you vanished away!'

'Who am I?'

'What am I from now?'

'Give me a reason to keep me going!'

'Who are you?'

'What are you to me?'

'See if a single drop of memory
springs forth!'

'Am I forgotten?'

'Why did you forget me, my dear?'

'You walked right past me!'

'Why ignore me as a stranger?'

'Without clouds or storms,
can rain ever come to be?'

'A riot unlike no other
rages on in my heart!'

'Devoid of seeds or soil,
can a tree ever come to be?'

'Can it render pleasure
by spreading branches within me?'

' How can my heart beat so fast
for someone I know not?'

'In some long-lost life,
a severed bond!'

'Can it extend beyond a lifetime
to follow me now?'

'Rebirth is a lie!
Where are your roots?'

'I am in love with you...
Tell me your name!'

'In every cell within,
you brim as my memory!'

How long has this been going on?

I don't get what you're saying.

Taking pictures without my permission.

I'm sorry.

Hello, sir.

Welcome, Shiva!
-You're here to meet Sri, right?

Following you around to take pictures
feels like an obsession!

I don't know how or why
I ended up like this!

I do.

'Am I forgotten?'

'Why did you forget me, my dear?'

'Only you!'

'My heart is filled by you!'

'Solitude and I have become one
in a world that has shrunk again!'

'As I traverse tunnels within me,
expands hidden memories many'

'A world without you is a lie!'

'The world may be a lie,
but my love is not!'

'Who am I?'

'What am I from now?'

'See if a single drop of memory
springs forth!'

'Who are you?'

'What are you within me?'

'As a tidal wave, you leap within me,
don t you see?'

'Am I forgotten?'

"Deep sleep and coma have now been found
to have the same brainwaves in patients."

"There have been cases
where coma patients..."

The answer I did not find in any book,
I found in Sri.

I cannot forget anything.

But when Sri is around...

I seem to be totally happy,
without any other thoughts.

"...fails to respond normally to stimuli,
light or sound..."

"...and cannot initiate voluntary actions."

"This state of sleep takes place
during REM."

"Rapid Eye Movement stage
of the night cycle."

"...which resembles waking life
while in progress."


'No time to repent, Baddie!
Look who's around!'

'Teddy is back in town!'

'Bullets can't kill me baby!
Play if you dare!'

'Can't even touch my hair!'

'Hey, Mr. Stranger!
I'm an encyclopedia for danger!'

'Punches are starters!
Main course and dessert won't matter!'

'If you hug me, I'd be cozy!'

'If you bug me, I'll go crazy!'

'This is my... This is my...
This is my... This is my privacy policy!'

'Ready, Steady, Teddy!
Ready, Steady!'

'Ready, Steady, Teddy!
Rock and Roll already!'

'Ready, Steady, Teddy!
Ready, Steady!'

'Ready, Steady, Teddy!
Rock and Roll already!'

'Let me tell you a story!
Long time ago...'

'There lived a rowdy baby!'

'When things were getting dirty,
my baby would smile!'

'Cause that's the time to party!'

'Land mines on dance floor! Your heart
beats so fast! Can you beat slow?'

'No time to fear!
She'll put fire in your rear!'

'Try kissing me,
I'm your beary!'

'Try messing me,
you'll be sorry!'

'That's the... that's the...
That's the... That's the end of story!'

'Ready, Steady, Teddy!
Ready, Steady!'

'Ready, Steady, Teddy!
Rock and Roll already!'

'Ready, Steady, Teddy!
Ready, Steady!'

'Ready, Steady, Teddy!
Rock and Roll already!'

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