Team Batista Final: Kerberos No Shouzou (2014) - full transcript

Kohei and Keisuke work with the government and Tojo Medical University as Trinity. The project is to create a new technological system to determine cause of death. They then receive a threatening letter. The letter warns that the Kerberos Tower and Tojo Medical University will be blown up. Meanwhile, a group of people die. Kohei and Keisuke are unable to determine the cause of death through autopsy.

[ Production Kansai Television Net work, Fuji Television, Toho, FNS 26 companies]

[Original Author : Takeru Kaido]

[Atsushi Ito]

[Toru Nakamura]



[Portrait of Cerberus]

-Many officials are nervously waiting for their arrival.

-In no time, the tank arrives at its destination.

-This operation was carried out with the help of the SDF.

-A 30-ton MRI leviathan that will be a major weapon in the investigation of the cause of death of the International AI Center,

-scheduled to open here in Sakuramiya next month, is about to be brought in.

-Ah! There is a man coming out of the tank now.

-He is Dr. Taguchi of Tojo Medical University, who has solved many medical cases, including the Batista scandal.


-He will contribute to this AI project while working as a psychosomatic physician at Tojo Medical University.

-Dr.Taguchi! Tell us a story.


Why is Dr. Taguchi, a psychosomatic physician, a tank?

Um ... there's a person who likes this kind of mess ...

Mr. Shiratori from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare?

Do you know him?

The activities of the two are famous.

Then later,


Were you looking for someone right now, right?


Who were you looking for?

No... I didn't mean to...

You look good in the uniform of the Self-Defense Force.

I don't need a compliment.


My name is Yoko Bekku, and I'm reporting on this AI Center project.

It's a pleasure to be here.

Sorry to keep you waiting!

I am Keisuke Shiratori, Director of the Preparatory Office for the Establishment of a Neutral Third-Party Organization for Medical Malpractice Deaths, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Ah, I'm Murota.

Murota Mayor, this is the large auditorium.

Oh, this is pretty good.

Ten days later, on the day of the opening, a large symposium will be held here, where radiation conference scholars and judicial officials from all over the country will gather and the general public will also participate.

What's the AI?

Autopsy Imaging. This is a diagnostic imaging at the time of death.

I knew it.

It means do something the picture...

You're well aware of this...images taken by CT and MRI to determine the cause of're right.

But in the end, dissection is better, right?

There have been complaints about not giving citizens the misconception that AI can know everything.

Ah, the forensic doctors.

But just dissection,

-Ah, Japan as a country is still the same.

They are all hard-headed academics and idiots who don't even try to know things.

Professor Todo.

This is ...

So you can still live in this country with an anatomical rate of only 2%.

The mayor, There is Professor Fumiaki Todo of Massachusetts Medical College.

-I was asked to return to Japan to become an advisor to this AI center.

You are the mayor here.

The level of the citizens of Sakuramiya is also to be guessed.


You! What? How rude!

Oh,sorry. I have a long life in America.

I'm not good at Japanese. I apologize.

You know what?

Imagine how many murders, child abuse, and medical accidents are missed in this society where the cause of death is unknown.

Professor! I don't need it now.

AI is a silver bullet for investigating the cause of death.
You know?

You can find the cause of death without damaging the body like an dissection
The body can be examined even after cremation.

Do you understand?

What are you talking about?

I'm sorry. The professor has just returned to Japan and seems to have jet lag.

Keisuke Shiratori.

Left to bureaucrats like you, no real AI will ever take root in this country.

O, Oh!

I guess Are you Dr.Taguchi?

Ah ... yes.


Very Small.

Our beloved Leviathan has arrived.

How was it? What was the authority of the tank?

-Well... yeah...

Did you do everything I asked in my e-mail to make sure you saluted them correctly?

Ah... I did it properly.


Then I'll be off. I need to make some adjustments to the leviathan.

See you!

I'm so sorry.

He was the leading AI expert who was said to be the closest Japanese to the next Nobel Prize,
even though he was wearing a funny hat.



Does that person know that Sakuranomiya City is cooperating greatly with this AI center?

Of course, yes.

The national government, local governments, and Tojo Medical College will work together to reform the investigation of the cause of death in Japan.

This is an epoch-making attempt, the mayor.

I forgot to introduce him.

This is Kohei Taguchi, the Special Complaint Outpatient Department and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's Medical Malpractice, Assistant Manager ofDeath-related Neutral Third-Party Institution Establishment Promotion Preparation Office.


Oh, my God, that was the worst job ever!


I can't do it!

Oh, my God!

Gucchi, give me coffee.

It will wrinkle.

It's okay, just make the coffee. You have to keep the cup warm.

Yes yes.

Here you are. Mr. Shiratori.

It's a good job. it's the best.

You see, it's a habit.

He is in a bad mood.

Because he used an unfamiliar sycophant for his longed-for AI center.

Lucky you, Gucchi. You could get on your favorite tank.

It was Mr. Shiratori who told me to ride.

When Professor Todo told me to dispatch a tank, Gucci said, "Really, really?",
So I made arrangements so that I could ride it.

I didn't expect you to salute in good mood.

I had no choice but to do it at the direction of Professor Todo.

He likes German tanks the most.

Hey! Mrs. Fujiwara!

I didn't know that you had such a hobby other than cactus and unrequited love.

By the way, does Professor Todo always feel like that?

He seems to be a man having strong characteristic , as rumors.

Oh? Wasn't it Mr. Shiratori who invited Professor Todo?

Disagreeable. My boss, Deputy Director Funabashi, is very close to Professor Todo.

Do you have a boss who's on your side?

Kind of.

Certainly, it would have been difficult to establish an AI center without Mr. Funabashi.

Oh, I got a call from the rumored deputy director.

Thanks. Deputy Director. Leviathan is safe today ...

-Mr...Shiratori ....?

I'm his wife in Funabashi.

My husband...

What's the problem?

My husband was in the basement of his cottage...

What's going on?

I'm not sure. It seems that my only ally in the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has disappeared from the world.

Mr. Tamamura, one person is still breathing.


Hey, call a paramedic.


Hurry up!

Sakaki-san, you've arrived at the hospital.

-Alright, Let's move it.

One, Two, Three!

-Ask for the line!

-Hypothermia. Get a blanket.

-Spontaneous breathing is shallow.

-Please ask for portable later.
-Got it.


45 year old,male. An unexplained disturbance of consciousness.

-What happened?
-I don't know, but all nine people in the same basement were found dead.

Pulse 40. Blood pressure 75-45.
Other data are normal. I don't know the cause.

Hasegawa, let's administer another 0.5 milligrams.


Sato-chan, contact the police and ask them about the situation at the scene.

-Search for the cause later. He's the only survivor. Don't let him die.

The breakers were off?

His wife, who had been abroad, returned home earlier than planned and was trying to use the elevator when she realized.

-So the elevator stopped and they were trapped in this basement.

There is no other exit to the ground.

What about mobile phones?

There is no connection in the basement here.

Unfortunately, the external emergency button was also broken.

Deputy Director Funabashi had been on vacation for a week.
Do you mean that he was trapped here all the time?

The other nine also took a week off to attend the study session of Deputy Director Funabashi.

What kind of members?

Two executives and two researchers from Nakahata Pharmaceutical. Four professors at Jonan University and Tatsunami Medical University. Also, A physician at Konan General Hospital who was taken to the hospital a while ago.

In the basement, the air collects below. Is there a possibility of toxic gas?

Not detected.
There are no traces of poison.

No trauma. The house wasn't damaged either. There is no evidence of a conflict.


It's just an unfortunate accident ...

-Is it really an accident?

There is no computer or materials here for the study session.

Ten men happened to be in a basement with no cell phone service when the unfortunate breaker went off and the unfortunate emergency button was broken.

And nine people died.

Don't you think it's a little strange? Tama-chan.

He's still unconscious.What was the result of the autopsy?

The first one just finished. No abnormality on the body surface or in the organs.
So far, no toxins or drugs have been detected.

Where is Shiratori?

He witnessed the autopsy of Councilor Funabashi.

This patient is the only living witness.
I will do my best to help him regain consciousness.

-Tell the Shiraroti that you need to find the cause quickly.

It looks like you're about to move to the general ward.

Dr. Takizawa.
You've become quite the emergency physician.

No. It's strange for me.
When I was training, I was definitely thinking of choosing something other than the emergency department.

-Nine men, including Mr. Funabashi, were found dead in the basement of Mr. Naoki Funabashi, Deputy Director-General of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, who lives in Sakuranomiya City, Kanagawa Prefecture yesterday.

-The nine suspicious deaths that took place in Sakuranomiya City are still a mystery.

-The police will carefully proceed with the investigation, including the human relationships of the victims, with a view to the possibility of accidents and incidents.

Good morning, Professor Todo.

Ah, you?
Eh? Is it morning already?

Well... A person named Mr. Funabashi of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has passed away.

I know. I'm surprised.

You were close to each other, weren't you?

-With Mr. Funabashi.

Ah. His wife is a pianist.
When I went to America, I went to listen to recitals several times.

-If so, do you have any condolences?
-Leviathan's magnetic field adjustment is much more important.

I can't wait to breathe life into this one.

Excuse me? Where do you want to put this picture?

Oh, so big. At the lobby. Put it in a conspicuous place.

If you wanted to thank me, I would have preferred cash over a Cerberus painting.

I'll let my boss know.

[AI Center opening in 7 days]

Pharmaceuticals damage, right? The medicine I got from Tojo Medical College has caused me to itch badly. This is a side effect, right? What are you going to do?

There are two ways, you stop the dizziness drug or try another drug.

-If I stop taking the medicine, I will feel dizzy, right?
-Then another medicine.

Do you want to cheat?
It has the same ingredients as the current medicine, only the product name is different. You can find it on the net.

Please calm down, Mr. Watanabe.

It is true that generic drugs have the same main ingredients, but often have different additives and sub-ingredients.

If there is a factor in the sub-ingredients of the current drug, generics may not cause itching.

Don't you think it's worth a try?

See you in two weeks.

I hope you get well soonl.
Next person please.


-I heard that he can't sleep because of anxiety recently.

He's an exaggeration, as usual.

I heard there was a phone call from the mayor.

In the past few days, the opposition to AI within the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has suddenly become louder and louder. I was asking if it was okay.

Hmm. That mayor is quick to get that kind of information.

Is it because Mr. Funabashi is gone?

Despite the way he did it, he was a powerful man.
He had a lot of enemies for that.

As soon as the Deputy Director died, the anti-AI faction dubbed that the cause of death should be investigated by forensic scientists and police.

Maybe the purpose of this case is to destroy the AI.

What? Wasn't it an accident?

I mean, don't you think it's crazy that it's been three days since the autopsy began and we have no idea how he died?

But, if it's not an accident, this ...

This may be a mass murder case with an attempt on ten lives.


-What do you mean?
-No, no. I'll go ahead.

Of course that's impossible.

Dr. Taguchi.

I'm sorry. I can see you guys...

Then Yoko, I will contact you again.
Well then.

Isn't the case of a group of nine suspicious people progressing?
When I asked him to match the survivors, he got angry.

-Yoko ... ?.

Are you dating Dr. Takizawa?

Dr. Taguchi, if a man reads a woman by her first name, do you think they're all lovers?

It's a joke.
I have an old acquaintance with Takizawa.

-More importantly, you called the woman Sumire-sensei last time.

I know who you are looking for.
A survivor of this hospital. Right?

A mysterious fire in a local hospital that was euthanizing a patient.

Three people, including the hospital's director, Iwao Sakamiya, were burned to death.

Of the two surviving daughters, the older sister, Sayuri, died and the younger sister, Sumire, is unaccounted for.

Were you there, weren't you? At the Hekisuiin.

Mr. Shiratori helped expose the euthanasia.

The prosecution is on edge.
Evidence of euthanasia is only a few muscle relaxants and AI images from the body of the last patient.

-By any chance, Sayuri Sakuramiya ...
-Dr. Sayuri tells all the facts.

What is the basis for saying that?

I'm sorry.
I have a tone like this for my work.

No problem.

Dr. Sayuri chose to talk about euthanasia herself. So she won't lie anymore.

That's how well you know Sayuri, but you don't know anything about her sister Sumire?

-Shall I try to find out, sir?

In the meantime, I have a lot of handlers.

-Please tell me your contact information.

But why?

Just I want to meet her.

I would like to write an article about the words of someone who has lost three of her immediate family members as a result of a forced audit by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

My first question is like this.

If I were you, I would hate Mr. Shiratori, but what about you?

I will contact you.

Instead, please let me know if there is any progress.

-Of course.

Is he still unconscious?

He can't talk to you.

What is Dr. Sakaki's connection to the other victims?

-The only thing I know is that Dr. Sakaki was using Nakahata's medicine.
-We use that stuff too.

-Isn't it still a very unlikely case?
-Did anyone else have a grudge against him?

No. It's just that he's been having a lot of trouble with patients lately.

He has a reputation for being a cold doctor who can't even remember his patients' faces.

The Cold Doctor...

-Um... Professor Todo would like to talk to you.
-Hello, everybody! I finally finished adjusting the magnetic field on Leviathan!


Why aren't you happy about it?

The autopsy didn't reveal the cause of Funabashi's death, did it?

You have a body that hasn't been autopsied yet, right?
Take it to the AI Center now.

-Of course! Use Leviathan to find out.

First, the head.


What's that?
That's a lot of noise.


I'm guessing you haven't finished tuning this one yet.

I thought it was odd that the MRI could be adjusted for magnetic fields in four days.


How's... that?

A few more adjustments are needed.

Four days is enough for me, even if it's impossible for others.
Don't you think, Mr. Swan?

Chest, clear.

Next, the upper abdomen.

Lower abdomen

And? What's up, Professor?

There's nothing suspicious about nine people dying suddenly on a picture...

Can't you use an AI to do that?

I knew this was the key point...

Waveforms do not match.

Is the coil different?

Isn't that correct?

There's no signal.

Um...Is that okay? I meant failure.

No. Not this one either.

Do we have a signal?

There are no unusual waveform peaks, reminiscent of the use of poisons.

What about carbon?

No, no no...

There are no big peaks.

That's it!

Moreover, very very sharp!

Umm... What about it?

The Leviathan was tuned right from the start.

And yet, it was full of noise.

I got it...


Water. It's water.

The murder weapon was water, Gucchi.

But the autopsy said it wasn't drowning...

MRI uses magnetic resonance with water in the body to produce an image.

About 60% of the human body is made up of water.

The MRI adjusts the frequency to its proton 1H.

The professor said the tuning was perfect, but the image wasn't clear.

The reason for this was that something inside the body was interfering with the normal water signal, reducing it.

So what about this sharp, clear image?

Something that will pass a toxicology test and looks, tastes and smells just like regular water...

It's heavy water, man.


What is heavy water?

It' s written as "heavy" and "water.

It is used in nuclear reactor pools because it has a higher specific gravity than ordinary water and has an excellent neutron moderating effect.

A little bit of it won't affect your body, but in large doses...

Experiments on mice have shown that more than 30% of heavy water in the body causes nerve paralysis and death.

After someone changed the contents of the plastic bottles in that basement to heavy water, the breakers were dropped and the elevator was shut off.

You think someone locked them in there on purpose?

The bodies of the victims, who continued to drink the water while their communication with the outside world was cut off, were filled with large amounts of heavy water.

As a result, their nerves were paralyzed and they died.

Nine were killed.

If it hadn't been for Leviathan, it would have been treated as a mysterious accidental death with an unknown cause of death.

Bravo! A perfect crime.

Tama-chan, list the buyers of heavy water.

Where is it sold?

Heavy water can also be purchased online.
It doesn't lead to the killer.

It's certainly not hard to get.
But this is a crime that can only be committed by someone who knows what heavy water does to the body.

The killer is a person with medical knowledge.

-We're live in front of the International AI Center, which is scheduled to open on the first of next month.

-The cause of death has been determined for a mass suspicious death in Sakuranomiya City.

-According to the latest information, a press conference will be held soon.

-In the basement of the cottage of Mr. Naoki Funabashi, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

The nine suspicious deaths that occurred on the 19th of this month,

although an autopsy was performed, the cause of death is unknown.

-So we, the prefectural police,
-The victims were trapped and continued to drink heavy water there.

As a result, they suffered nerve damage and died.
The only doctor who survived would have been killed if he had been found one day later.

-So you're saying it wasn't an accident, but a murder?
-That's right.

The AI at Leviathan, a 9 Tesla MRI that is one of only three in the world, identified the crime.

What do you mean, specifically?

While the resolution of a normal MRI is a few millimeters, Leviathan has a resolution of 100 microns. The whole body can be seen at the microscope level.

This goes far beyond dissection.

My Leviathan is the savior of the cause of death.

In addition, this international AI center is connected to Tojo University of Medicine through a network.

-So, you are diagnosing the images from Tojo Medical College here?

A radiologist will diagnose the patient remotely and provide feedback to Tojo Medical College. This network will eventually be expanded nationwide.

-Images from across the country here?
-AI can release information immediately. If operated properly, it will also protect the right of the bereaved to know.

The situation in Japan right now is that we have a society of unknown causes of death

They have not the slightest respect for the forensic scientists who have supported the investigation of the cause of death so far.

I tried to forget about it, but I can't.

That guy... I can't let him...

So, do you want to use it?

It's kind of amazing that they found out the cause of death in Leviathan just a week before the AI Center opened.

Really. Too much timing.

I got a call from the idiot mayor thanking me.

He would love to attend the Center's Open Symposium next week.

This will shut up the opponents of AI.

It's too much, Professor Todo.

It's true that police and forensic scientists are difficult for AI.
But that doesn't mean you should stop trying to incite conflict.

Your methods are too mild.

You're just a Japanese bureaucrat after all.

I will fundamentally rebuild the death investigation system in this country.[00:41:25.201]

Leviathan is a weapon for that.

What are you willing to do for that?

In fact, there were rumors within the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare that you were cozying up to the Deputy Councilor Funabashi.

The National Personnel Authority had already begun investigating the councilors.

If the bribes come to light, you will be dismissed from this AI center.

However, the councilor is gone at a good time for you. Now you don't have to worry about the issue of collusion being addressed.

-What you want to say?
-Didn't you actually know how they were killed?

That's why it was so easy to solve a trick like that.


-I wasn't in Japan when they were trapped.
-You can hire the person who did it, right?

Nine. No, the original plan was ten?

You find by Leviathan the cause of death that no one else in the great case of a bureaucrat and a medical professional being killed . That's a great job.

No one can complain to you anymore.

This case wasn't about destroying the AI, it was about promoting the AI, or perhaps you and Leviathan. Professor Todo?

That's one way to interpret it.

Keep up the good work and find out who did it.

Didn't you really think that the professor was using heavy water?

He has a motive.

He has more than enough medical knowledge.

Is she a girlfriend of Takizawa?

No. She is just an old friend of Dr. Takizawa.

Thanks to you, I was able to attend the press conference.

No problem.

Would you like to have dinner with me ?

-That makes sense.
-Stop it!

I'm Bekku, a freelance medical press.

-You can join us if you like.
-I can't afford to ruin his once in 300 years opportunity.

Don't be silly.

Bekku-san, please look after him.

Then I'll take him.

-It's good to know what caused the suspicious death.

-The paramedic doctors were also relieved.
-That's good.

-Was Takizawa happy?

Well, did you and Dr.Takizawa go same school?

A childhood friend?

Umm..Kind of.

Your bag always looks heavy.

I'm packing a lot of materials and stuff.

Why did you choose this job?

I don't know why...
Because I've always had a connection to the hospital.

I've seen a lot of patients and doctors because my mother tends to be sick.

Patients are vulnerable.

Some people have questions, but can't ask them.
Medication harm and medical accidents are squirreled away by large organizations.

Is that why you got into the medical press?

Of course, I will be fair in my articles about the hospital's claims, but...

But in the end, do you want to be on the side of your patients?

I understand.

Same as me.


The cause of death is now known and the need for an AI center has been established.

So, all is well.

Oh, thank goodness.
It was really good.

For once, I thought not.

Where is the threatening letter?

Month of three, the Tojo Medical College and Cerberus Tower are destroyed.

Postmark Kyokuhoku. It's in Hokkaido.

Destroying Tojo Medical College...
Destroying Tojo Medical College...

Are you okay? Take a deep breath.

Put your right hand on your stomach and your left hand on your chest.

This is not the time for that!
What the hell is going on?

I don't even know...

-You have to know!
-Here's your tea.

Month of three means next month, what is the Cerberus Tower?

The person who wrote this seems to have read Professor Todo's thesis.

The professor often compares AI to the Cerberus of Greek mythology.

I'm pretty sure it' s a three-headed guard dog from hell, right?

The professor's theory is that AI also has three faces.

He said, it's the final medical test, the first test of a criminal investigation and a saving light for the families.

So it's not just Tojo Medical University that's being targeted, but also the AI Center?

The center will open on March 1.

Month of three... Four days to go!

Maybe this is another performance by Professor Todo.

So that's why using the word "Cerberus" ?

Don't you think it would be another flashy news story if we even received this one in addition to the press conference the day before yesterday?

With no head of the hospital now.... I'll call the police.

The AI Center's symposium needs to be cancelled as well.

But if this was not the work of Professor Todo, it would be more problematic.

In that case, the letter means a serious threat.

The sender has gone out of his way to send this letter to the whining outpatient clinic.

The culprit is someone who knows you well and has an axe to grind with the AI.

Mass murder of nine people and threatening letters.

How can you have a case like this at the same time!

Yes? I see.

The patient found in the basement has regained consciousness.

Do you remember what happened in the basement?

The people...

Why did you join the study group?

One after the other... People....

The nerves have just been overstimulated. No more questions.

-Anything you can remember, anything at all?

-A woman!
-A woman?

What kind of woman?

That woman...! That woman was...

Please stop.

Sakaki-san, I'm Takizawa. You know?
Sakaki-san, can you hear me?

Take a deep breath.

-The suspect is a woman?
-I'll look into it.

Hi, Dr.Taguchi. I found a place where the Sumire Sakuranomiya could be found.

Her sister, Sayuri, has an excellent legal team behind her.

The man who is funding its legal team is a Tadayoshi Nagumo.

You know?


He is a friend of their father Isao, and runs a hospital called Seiranin.

Where is this?

It's a Kyokuhoku-city in Hokkaido.

Mr. Shiratori.

What are you going to do?

What was the purpose of the study group?

And why was Dr. Sakaki, an ordinary physician, invited among the university professors and pharmaceutical company bigwigs?

I feel like I'm missing something important.

-Hi, Doctor.
-Hi! Watanabe-san.

Your next appointment is still to come, right?

The itching stopped after I took the generic medicine.

The doctor was right. Thank you for your help.

This is for you.

-No, I can't take it.
-This cheese cake is really nice.

The cheese cake?

The cheese cake...

-Who was that guy?
-He had an unexplained itching.

He said he would sue Tojo Medical College because it was a side effect of his prescribed medication.

Now I know. It was Marugen Pharmaceutical Company.

Mr. Shiratori?

You know about Marugen Pharmaceutical Company?

It's a pharmaceutical company that merged and changed its name to Nakahata Pharmaceuticals after it went into financial difficulties due to a drug lawsuit a long time ago.

Nakahata Seiyaku?

-As I recall, one of the people who died in the basement...
-Yeah, There were a total of four executives and researchers at Nakahata Pharmaceuticals.

This is the one.

A medicine called keltmin developed by Marugen Pharmaceutical, the predecessor of Nakahata Pharmaceuticals.

It was approved 15 years ago as a special treatment for chronic pain to relieve rheumatism and cancer pain.

For many people, it was the cure they had been waiting for.

But in very rare cases, it got into the central nervous system and caused the side effects of paralysis and breathing problems.

It wasn't until five years after it was approved that we found out.

Some patients used it to relieve the pain of rheumatism and were subsequently bedridden.

That keltmin trial was conducted...

The three killed in the basement were Professor Hotta of Jonan University, Professor Kondo of Keiwa University, and Professor Nishino of Seioukan University.

So, the other victims?

A professor emeritus of the Tsunami Medical College was also involved in the approval of keltmin at the time as a member of the Central Pharmaceutical Affairs Council


Mr. Funabashi was also on the Central Pharmaceutical Affairs Council 15 years ago.

All of the victims were people who were involved in the approval of Keltomin.

How about Dr. Sakaki?

Maybe he was involved in a clinical trial, too.

Good morning. You had a good sleep?

It's Dr.Takizawa.

Excuse me.

Do you ever have poor vision or see things in a hazy way?

No. I can see everything clearly.

Please leave your seats.

All of the members assembled in that basement were people who had been involved in the approval of Keltmin. Right?

Yes...Without me.

Weren't you Dr. Sakaki involved in the clinical trials as well?

Nobody knows that why was I even the target of the threats?


They were threatened because of their involvement with Keltmin.

Mr. Funabashi was gathering everyone together to discuss how to respond.

Have you ever met the Funabashi Councilor before?

No. I've never met them all before.

You said a woman, yesterday.
So the threat is a woman?

No. We don't know if the threat is a man or a woman.

But the person who led me to the elevator that day was a woman.

The elevator to the basement floor?
Didn't she get in the elevator with you?

The others were already in the basement, and the breaker went off right after I got off the elevator.

The woman who locked you in the basement?

Hello, is Dr. Sumire Sakuranomiya here?


Then I would like to meet the Director, Dr. Nagumo.

My name is Taguchi, and I am a psychosomatic physician at Tojo University of Medicine.

Please wait a moment.

Hello? Someone has come to see Director Nagumo. His name is Dr. Taguchi.

Sorry, the director is out.

I see... Can I wait? I need to ask him something.

He won't be back today. I think it's futile.

Are you sure? He came all the way out here to visit.

Dr. Iwao and I had been close friends since our medical school days.

Are you Dr. Nagumo?

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's Keisuke Shiratori sent Dr. Iwao to his death.

It's... Dr. Iwao has decided to euthanize...

For whatever reason, you stole her family from Dr. Sumire.

Dr. Sumire...?

-So she's here, right?
-Anger and hatred can make a person bitter and mad.

You are the ones who instilled those feelings in Dr. Sumire.

Then she got the bomb.

I'm willing to go to any length to get her out of her anger and hatred.

I'm not surprised that the threats were so...

Don't get cocky.

Tell Mr. Shiratori.

Wait, Dr. Nagumo!

I'm looking forward to the symposium in three days.

Dr. Nagumo! A survivor of the case says he saw the woman.

It's not her, right?
Dr. Sumire had nothing to do with that case, did she?

Please say no.

What is the contour of her face like?

Round? or skinny?

Sorry, I can't remember.

Sakaki-san, Did you see her face, didn't you?

Yeah..but I can't remember.

-If you're defending someone...
-I'm not going to defend!

Calm down, Sakaki-san.

Don't make a sound until I give you the signal.

Do you know who he is?

Dr. Sakaki, It's me.

Oh, it's you, Dr. Hasegawa.

Have you ever had a head injury before?

I had an accident five years ago.

That's why.

That makes sense.

Dr. Sakaki doesn't remember the faces of his patients, didn't he, Tama-chan?

It wasn't that he didn't remember, he couldn't remember it.

Huh? What are you saying?

Have you ever heard of a disease called prosopagnosia?

What's that?

It is a type of brain damage that prevents him from recognizing faces.

Normally, you don't notice them because you identify them by their voice, the way they speak, the way they dress, and the places they meet.


So you couldn't recognize either Hasegawa or Takizawa until you heard their voices.

I'm a failed doctor for not realizing that I didn't see it.

Once you are aware of your prosopagnosia, you can begin to train yourself to distinguish between people.

Can you give us another impression of the woman who locked you all in the basement? How old did you think she was?

She was young. I think she was in her 20s.


Shiratori-san...Did you stay here again?

He said they were being threatened.

At the direction of someone else, Councillor Funabashi gathered the other nine people in that basement.

It is unclear who was threatening them and why they were threatened, either.

Apparently it was a woman who led them to the basement.

And?Who do you suspect when you hear the word "woman"?

It's about time you told me. Who did you go on holiday to find yesterday?

What's this?

-It's possible that an explosive device was planted somewhere in the AI Center.
-The threatening letter?

The symposium seems to be targeted.

Maybe it has something to do with the mass suspicious deaths in the basement.


I don't give in to threats.
A lavish opening ceremony and symposium will be held the day after tomorrow, March 1.

If there's an explosion disturbance in the middle of a symposium where the public is gathered, it's a big deal, so we'll make sure every corner is checked.

Hey, hey!

Don't touch the Leviathan.

And? After all these years of suspecting me, you still don't know who the real killer is?

The incompetence of the Japanese police and officials is... appalling.

It does not clear my suspicions about you.

It was a woman, right?

Speaking of women, there was also a picture of you in that basement.

You are pictured with a disgracefully happy face next to the wife of Councilor Funabashi.

Huh? A secret love, perhaps?

And that's why the Councilman got in the way? That's not a good motive.

As expected, you are a FHLB cockroach and they hate you for it.

You are an incompetent and obnoxious man.

Was that an active phase, or...?

Of course it's just harassment.

As you recover from this, you may have a hard time remembering the incident.

-If that's okay with you,
-Keltamine was a good medicine.

It helped many patients suffering from chronic pain.


But for one in a thousand, it was toxic.

It's always been on my mind that

one of my patients may have been one in a thousand of them.

In this case, if the killer is a former patient of mine,

I want to meet with the person and apologize.

Can you find the data on Dr. Sakaki's kelutamine prescriptions from 15 years ago?

I've had them look into it, but it's an old story and the data is huge and time-consuming.

Dr. Taguchi, this is for you.

Wow! That's good for you!
I can't believe you got a gift from such a wonderful woman.

It's a zero-charm gift.

Here's a document about the keltamine case. I asked Bekku to find it for me.

She also knows about the victims' association.

I didn't get the list of association.
They disbanded long ago.

-You've handled some very old cases.
-This is my job.

It's great.
Did you interview all these victims directly?

Yes, but most of them are elderly and most of them have already died.

What's wrong with you, Shiratori-san?

I want to know more about it. Are there any of the victims you're still in contact with?

Hey, Nemoto-san.

This is a man from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and a doctor from Tojo Medical College.

Yeah, A man from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare visited you.

Finally, you're being listened to properly.

I am Shiratori, from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

He has been bedridden for 10 years now due to the side effects of keltmin.

How can you lose a case when you've had such serious side effects?

Because it was an unforeseen side effect, right?

The development of effective new medicines is a great hope for patients suffering from serious diseases.

In fact, keltmin was also a cure for chronic pain 15 years ago.

But still, wasn't it approved too soon?

The approval of a drug begins with a clinical trial to confirm its safety and to test whether it is truly effective.

A medicine that has not yet been fully established as safe will be administered to volunteers and then stepped up to see if it is effective in patients.

But we can''t administer medicine to that many people.

That's why it's very difficult to detect rare side effects.

To detect a side effect that occurs in one in 10,000 people, for example, it would take a trial period of 90 years, according to our calculations.

That long?

For some patients, fear of side effects can delay the approval of a drug, and that can prolong the amount of time they have to suffer.

Safety and patient benefit. There's always that kind of conflicting and difficult issue in the approval of a medicine.

Who's wrong?

Who should I hate?

Do you keep going to the home of a pharmaceutical damage authority?

I'm indebted to Mr. Nemoto.

So you're used to it? The care was very good.

I've been caring for my mother since I was a kid.

Since you were a kid?
Was your mother sick?

She passed away last year.

How was it from the perspective of a Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare official?
How does it feel to be a direct victim of medicine damage?

Ms. Bekku puts too much emphasis on the victim's side.

Did you see the image of your mother and the victim overlap when she was sick?

Sometimes they are there. A reporter who completely takes the side of the victim while interviewing him in person.

Mr. Shiratori?

They mistake themselves as righteous. But anything that tells you one way or the other from such a position is not a news report.

-Hey, Mr. Shiratori!
-I'm writing an impartial article.

Impartial? I didn't get that feeling from your vast article I read earlier, though.

-You don't know anything.
-That's how you think you're the only one who knows the truth.

You're the epitome of a troubled reporter, Bekku-san.

-The side effects of keltmin were foreseeable.
-As they said in that trial, it was a side effect that appeared only in patients with a very rare constitution and was impossible to foresee.

That medicine really helped a lot of patients.

-Compensation is also paid to victims of medicine damage in the relief system.

-Adverse effects were reported up from the clinical trial phase.
-It can't be.

I also heard from the pharmaceutical company side of the story to be fair. And a young researcher spoke on the condition of anonymity.

I also recorded it.

He realized during the course of the trial that he was in danger of side effects.[01:17:08.105]

But the company and the state, which wanted to rush the approval, rescinded his report.

Where is this researcher now?

Because of the whistleblower's revelation, he was forced to do an unfamiliar sales job and jumped off the roof of his company.

Did you record your interview?

If I write an article about this side of the story, it will only get destroyed.
I kept it safe.

This side....?

You still don't seem to be in a fair position.

Mr. Shiratori, are you the one who thinks you are the righteous one?

You're overstepping.

I'm going to apologize.

Tama-chan? Can you do me a favor?

I'm really sorry about today.

It's just there. Thanks for taking me home.


I'm sorry to trouble you this late.

No one there?

[The day before the opening of the AI Center]

-It's about Yoko Bekku, you asked me yesterday.

Her real name was Yoko Nishizono. Her mother died last year in Sakuranomiya Central Hospital.

[Text and photographs by medical journalist Yoko Bekku]


Hey, You said Takizawa-kun and Yoko Betsukiya knew each other.
How do they know each other?

-She said it was like a childhood friend of hers.
-Then he'd know where she's likely to go.

-Yoko Bekku disappeared.

-Detectives staked out the area into the morning, but she never came back.

Her cell phone is off and she hasn't even contacted her work.

Why would a detective stake out her house?

Yoko Bekku was not her real name, but a pen name.

Mieko Nishizono, the mother of Yoko Nishizono, passed away last year after being bedridden for more than 10 years.

Takizawa-kun, you knew it right?

She became bedridden because of the side effects of Keltomin, which she started taking 15 years ago.

Yoko Bekku herself was a bereaved family member of a medicine damage victim.

And the doctor who prescribed her mother keltmin is Dr. Sakaki, who is now in the Emergency Department here.

Yoko Bekku has a lot of medical knowledge.

She was the one who killed nine people in that basement.

There's something wrong.

-There's no way Yoko would murder.
-Yoko Bekku wants to kill Dr. Sakaki again, now that he's recovered.

That's why she was so close to Taguchi.

Why do you keep quiet, Dr. Takizawa?

Maybe you had doubts about her in your heart too?

I've got patients waiting, I have to go.

It shouldn't be.

There was no way that Bekku-san would kill nine people.

Yoko Bekku wrote a puff piece for the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and took on the Funabashi councilor.

We also found the article she covered in that basement.

She knew that the basement existed.

-But that doesn't mean you can't pin it on her.
-They also found a history of her purchasing large quantities of heavy water.

It's police work from here on out.

We need to concentrate about AI center, you know?

We haven't even dealt with the threatening letter, and now tomorrow is finally opening day.

Let's go, Gucchi.

Leave me alone.

Can you leave me alone, please?

It's getting much calmer.
Keep the same drip down for 30 minutes as yesterday.

Dr. Takizawa

Have we met somewhere in the past?


-The ribbon cutting ceremony will mark the opening of the International AI Center.

-One of the world's largest and most capable AI centers has been created.

-So, ladies and gentlemen, please follow the order.

-Mr. Shiratori, I found out something significant.

Sakaki-san! Sakaki-san! Are you alright?
Call the doctor.

-What's happen?
-Okay? Take a deep breath.

-Dr. Takizawa may be an accomplice to Yoko Bekku.

-Dr. Sakaki is in danger.

-Where is Dr.Sakaki?
-We took him to the operating room.

His health took a sudden turn for the worse.
He suddenly coughed up blood.

Maybe heavy water is involved.
Anyway, he needs to have surgery immediately.

-How about Dr. Takizawa?
-He's preparing for an operation for Dr. Sakaki.

-Will Dr. Takizawa participate in the surgery?
-He's going to be Dr. Hayami's assistant, but so what?

-Please help, Dr. Sato. Nomura-san is...
-What the hell is going on?

Dr.Taguchi, excuse me.

-Hey, Takizawa!

Do Sakaki-san's surgery.

There was another unexplained medical emergency in the ICU. I'll leave this to you.

All right.

Please wait!

Dr.Takizawa, So you were a bereaved family member of a medical damage victim, too.

You met Ms. Bekku at a victims' association.

One of the patients who became totally paralyzed by keltomine prescribed by Dr. Sakaki 15 years ago was Dr. Takizawa's father

My father did not suffer as long as Yoko's mother.

Dr. Hayami, should I be removed from the team?

-Please do.
-Why not?

-Takizawa has the ability to handle this surgery now.

-That's not the point.
-Go, Takizawa!

It doesn't work that way, Hayami.

Takizawa is a possible accomplice of Yoko Bekku.

Didn't you actually come up with the idea of killing them in heavy water?

-No, it's not.
-So what caused this sudden change in symptoms?

-You set it up, didn't you? To ensure that you kill Dr. Sakaki during surgery.

How many years do you think I have worked for Dr. Hayami?

?Save lives?, "When in doubt, just think of the patient".
That's what I was taught.

Sakaki-san is my patient. There is no way I would hurt him.

I am a doctor.

If there's a patient suffering in front of me and there's a good medicine, I'll use it, even if there's some risk.

Because I want to help.

Hey, Gucchi!

I believe you, Dr. Takizawa.

Are you sure?

No one on my team has ever killed anyone.

Hurry up, Takizawa.


If something happens during this surgery, even if it is inevitable, I will take Takizawa-kun to the police.

I'll turn myself in with him then.

But, Shiratrori, What are you doing here?

You must have something to do.

I'll take care of this one, and you should go.

Let's go, Shiratori-san.

-You came late, Shiratori-san!

Look! It's a full house.

Thanks to Leviathan, everyone from legislators to ordinary citizens are interested in AI. Today, the search for the cause of death in Japan is about to change.

Hey, guys. Here we go!

We need to do an immediate surgery. Carry Mr. Nomura.

Dr. Hasegawa, Mr. Matsuyama has a bradycardia.

Matsuyama-san is septic and on booster medication, right?

Why he has a bradycardia...?

I'll go get the cart.

Is he being given Verapamil?

Check his electronic medical records.

It is Verapamil... How it's possible.

Thus, even the cause of death of King Tutankhamun of Egypt could be diagnosed using state-of-the-art computer graphics!

The other day in Sakuranomiya City, a horrific mass suspicious death, we were able to determine the cause of death using the world's leading MRI Leviathan!

AI is the system that should be the foundation of our cause-of-death investigation.

If it can be traced back to Tutankhamun, that means the AI has a surplus of past crimes as well.

Mr. Saito is experiencing generalized tonic spasms.

There's something wrong with the electronic medical record.

The order has been rewritten.

-Don't trust electronic medical records anymore.

-Why the record is....
-Someone messed up the system.

Sakaki-san's sudden change in condition was also caused by this medical record.

From now on, everything will be manual.

Sato-chan, check every patient's order.
Izumi will take care of Mr. Saito, Hasegawa takes care of Matsuyama-san.

I'll go Nomura-san's surgery.
Someone call the office manager and ask him to fix the system.

Professor Todo, what do you think?

AI is the light that shines on the truth.

Neutrality, transparency and promptness to expose any crime


Actually, I've brought some CT images for the professor to look at.

Today's time is limited, so that kind of personal...


There's still evidence of a crime on this one.

Interesting. Show me that.

Yeah, those are old CT images.

It's not multi-slice.

Male, 63 years old at the time of shooting. Oh, this gut is totally white!

There's a halation caused by the valium.

Let's build it in 3D with a supplementary image conversion to make it easier for everyone to understand.

There' s a lot of barium left in the intestinal tract.

Supposed to be an intestinal obstruction caused by a barium blockage.

Possible post-resection of the right half colon... Hmm?

Did you find it?

There are more white foreign objects in the valium.

Another piece of metal?

Focus on foreign bodies in the lower abdomen.

This is...medical forceps. Pean.

The man died the other day in my hospital.

This was found among his burnt remains.

The family here has confirmed that the man had a colostomy about 30 years ago.

Apparently, this pean was forgotten in his body at that time.

That was a terrible mistake.


Actually, ladies and gentlemen, to my surprise, this surgery was performed 30 years ago.

It was held at the Tojo Medical College.

Oh, no. Oh, no, I...

The office manager, of course, doesn't know that.

But there were people who knew, and they were right alongside of you.

About 20 years ago, this man had a bowel obstruction during a routine exam and had to have emergency surgery.

The surgeons at the time were aware of the pean, but they couldn't remove it.

There was a man who observed this surgery as a resident and then quit his job as a doctor

and became an official with the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare without ever telling his patients or their families the truth.

That was you, Mr. Shiratori.

Why don't you say something?


What's your excuse?

You didn't have to announce it? And the residents didn't have the authority to do that?

But you know what? How the family felt when they found the pean in their father's newly cremated bones.

Do you have any idea how these people feel?

Releasing information with AI? Don't make me laugh.

You couldn't even tell your patients about these things.
Don't act so high and mighty.

You have no right to judge anyone.

You've ruined our family.

Ladies and gentlemen!

Please be quiet.

I'm not done talking yet.

Look at this.

Adhesion of the mesentery around Pean.

This is all wrapped up in intestinal tracts and blood vessels.

After all, the pean remained in this man's body for nearly a decade after the initial surgery.

If this pean was forcibly removed at the time,

almost all of the intestinal tract would have been removed and the man would not have been able to live properly.

This much adhesion, plus the fact that the patient did not complain of pain caused by the pean.

If anything, it was a wise move.

The image says it all.

They didn't do anything wrong.

Yeah, but!

Still, I should have said it nonetheless.

I was there for the surgery, and it was my responsibility to tell the truth.

For the person and the family.

They had a right to know the truth.

I apologize.

AI will also expose the past of those who have driven it in this way.

Nothing could be more fair.
Isn't it? Everybody.

What's that?

The laboratory management system is down. The diagnostic imaging system, the receipts management system, and the surgery management system are all down.

Okay. We got five minutes of disoriented patients and then some trauma patients coming in. Get ready.

Give me 7.5.

-The anesthesia machine is fine. The other devices connected to the network are useless.
-The EKG will be fine now.

I don't trust the anesthesia machine system either. Do it manually.

-The entire operation?
-We're starting surgery.



Electric scalpel.

-All systems at Tojo Medical University are down.

-All personnel of Tojo Medical University are urged to return to work immediately.


-All systems at Tojo Medical University are down.

-What's going on?
-I have no idea. God! My Leviathan.!

Dr. Sumire. Did you do this too?

No way.

The only thing I hate is Shiratori Keisuke and the AI that ruined my father.

Doctor, come with me.

We need as much help as possible from one person.

Why me?

You're a doctor too, right?

Gucchi! Let's go!

Dr. Sumire...

Let's go.

-Hey! I don't have the bill yet!
-How long are you keeping me waiting?

-The system is down, so please be patient.

Somebody! Help! Please!!

I'm an OB/GYN. I'm going to touch you.

What's the situation?

-It's a computer virus.
-At first, the electronic medical records in the emergency department suddenly became strange.

We were trying to fix it and all of a sudden all the systems...

Manager! Come on over here.

It's Yoko Bekku.

She screwed up the electronic medical records in the Emergency Department and caused Dr. Sakaki's condition to deteriorate rapidly.

She then took down all the systems just as his surgery was about to begin.

She's going to kill Dr. Sakaki even after doing this.

She missed killing one of them in the basement because she wasn't there.

This time she would be close enough to check on the situation.

Yoko Bekku must be somewhere in this Tojo Medical University.

Dr. Takizawa, blood pressure has dropped.

Bend over.


Are you going to jump out of here once you're sure that Dr. Sakai is dead?

You were the one who was threatening the Funabashi Council members.

It sounds like the testimony you got from Keltmin's researchers was not good enough for them.

-And that's why the Council got the members you asked for in that basement.
-They were about to do something similar again.

Funabashi and Nakahata Pharmaceuticals.

They hid data on medicine's side effects and rushed to approve new medicines.

Such people cannot be understood until they die once.

Oh, no.
Dr. Takizawa is performing Dr. Sakaki's surgery.

Well..... It's ironic.

You told me you wanted to be on their side, right?

There are a lot of patients in this hospital who have nothing to do with this.

10 medicine authorized people killed at once... That would be very big news.

If a normal reporter writes about what happened in the shadow of the medicine case and how many people suffered, they will only be destroyed.

But if it's written by a woman who killed 10 people, every place is willing to publish it. People will read it.

I've already written the manuscript.

If Sakaki dies, it's complete.

How it's possible...

It was really supposed to be a perfect crime, but the cause of death has been determined.

I can only reopen it now.

Dr. Sakaki didn't know anything about the side effects.
That's why he gave the pills.

A month before my mother died..

I took my mother, who could no longer walk, to the park in her wheelchair.
Then Sakaki was there.

Mother noticed him and bowed her head politely.

Mother said it's not Dr. Sakaki's fault,

and he is good doctor.



He didn't remember my mother.

He forgot the look on my mother's face, who had been bedridden for ten years because of the medicine he'd given her.

-No! He was...
-Don't close to me!

No, it wasn't.

It's not that Dr. Sakaki didn't remember.

It's called prosopagnosia, a brain injury that prevents you from recognizing people's faces.

He suffered from not being able to remember the faces of his patients.

If he wasn't prosopagnosia, he would have noticed Bekku-san's mother.

Because Mr. Sakaki was always worried about it.

He said he wanted to apologize if any of his patients had terrible side effects.


He wanted to meet and apologize.


It's too late...

I can't take that back now.

Don't throw away your life!

There are a lot of people who want to live, but can't.

A car and a motorcycle accident, two seriously injured, they can't find a place to accept them.

-We can't...
-Don't you accept that, Sato?

Dr. Hayami.... What about surgery?

-It's all over. I''ll take care of the emergency room.
-No, you can't

If the system breaks, we're all safe.

There's no reason to refuse.

Accept them.

-We can accept them.

So, please.

Take her to the delivery room.

-There's no doctor available.
-I'll do. Hurry.


Are you alright?


-Did you see the pelvis?
-I'm going to do a CT scan now, so call the CT room.

-Dr.Hayami, it's possible that there is an intra-abdominal hemorrhage.
-Sato, what's the traumatic diagnosis?


He's a healthy boy.

Dr. Takizawa's surgery is now over.

Dr. Sakaki is fine.

The article written by Yoko Bekku, which has been widely covered in various places.

Proposals for improvements in medicine approval have also begun to be considered.

I heard that you rebelled quite a bit against your professors at the time in the Pean case.

But there was nothing the resident doctors could do about it.

No matter how desperate the people on the site are, there are limits.
Mistakes can happen.

So I decided to be a supporter of both the site and the patient.


Maybe I just wanted to get away from the scene.

That's okay, isn't it?

Thanks to this, the hated FHLB cockroaches were born.


You have a letter of resignation, right?

If so, what?

I'll take care of that until the Medical Accident Investigation Committee gets back on track.

You don't have to do that.

Because I'm the assistant to the head of the Prep Office.


It's just the beginning.
Oh, it doesn't matter how many letters you write, it's the same.

The decision has been made to dispose of Leviathan.

I didn't know a computer virus could bypass the control unit through the network and take out the main coils.

I'm sorry.

This will be another big step backwards for AI in Japan.

That may not be true.

With a CT, the AI can.

This time, the police have been forced to consider the AI as evidence.

Japan has the largest number of CTs in the world, and the number of excellent AI specialists who are following in Professor Todo's footsteps is increasing.

Even without something as special as Leviathan, the flower seeds of the AI had turned into cotton wool and were already flying to various parts of this country.

Then, Shiratori-kun.