Taxi! Taxi! (2013) - full transcript

"Taxi! Taxi!" is a social comedy set in the metropolitan city-state of Singapore, told through the encounters of two characters who are in what is widely perceived as the most sociable profession on the island taxi drivers. Inspired by famed blogger Dr Cai Mingjie's real life accounts as a taxi driver in his bestseller "Diary Of A Taxi Driver: True Stories From Singapore's Most Educated Cabdriver", the movie follows the trials and tribulations of a retrenched microbiology scientist, Professor Chua, as he turns to taxi driving after several failed job attempts. Along the way, he befriends (although they didn't quite start off as friends from the get-go) a veteran taxi driver, Ah Tau. The two men, who appear to be polar opposites of each other in every aspect from educational levels, personalities, attitudes toward life and even the languages that they speak, eventually find themselves interdependent and influencing each other in ways that they probably had never imagined possible.

This is my girlfriend.

And this is my best friend.


Looks heroic, doesn't he?

But 6 months ago,
he had wanted to jump off himself.

There, you see...

See this pathetic look,

anyone can tell he's here to jump.

But usually for every man who tries to die,

there'll be someone to save him.

See that handsome man? That's me.

Let go...

What are you doing?

What am I doing?

I should be asking what are you doing?

I was about to give you your change,

but you disappeared when I turned around.

I sensed that you were feeling down,

so I followed you.

And here you are, wanting to jump down!

Why do you want to jump?

Me, jump?

You were the one who scared me to death!

You didn't come to jump?
You came hereto picnic?

When I want to be alone,

I come to this place to hang out.

You're not just jumping,
you're hanging too?

No, it's not 'hang'.

Think, come to think.


Judging from your pathetic look,
I bet you must have been retrenched.

But even so, you don't have to bungee.

Bungee? Oh, bungee jump.

No, I did not come to jump!


If one company doesn't want you,
just go to another.

Don't take life too seriously,
just take it easy. Get it?

Don't take life too seriously,
just take it easy. Get it?

You have no idea how many
interviews I went to.

I... wait. Why am I telling you all these?

I don't even know you.

Listen, I did not come to jump. Period.


Hey, you're a man. You have period too?

No, wait...

I not jumping! Not jumping!

Okay... you are not jumping.

You lose your job, you can find another.

But if you jump down, you
will lose your life.

No, I don't smoke.

Light up a ciggy, you won't go crazy.

It doesn't pay to be kind.

I came to save you, but I haven't even
smoked and I'm going to get a fine.

Don't jump!

I did not come to jump.

Don't jump...
I did not come to jump.

Don't jump...
Okay, I won't jump.

Good boy.

Don't jump!

He run so fast.

"Vocational Licence"

"Taxi Customer Service"

Fill up this form.
Excuse me...


No, I'm not here to fill up the form.

For a lost and found item?

Then fill up this form.

No, I'm here to actually return a wallet.

This guy again.

He always so careless!

Thank you. I'll pass it to him.

Actually there is a grammatical mistake
in your application form.

Is it?
Yes, but is okay.

I don't think any of your applicants
will be able to tell.

Cannot! My boss says nowadays,

all the applicants for taxi license
are very highly qualified.

All the applicants for taxi license
are very highly qualified.

Cannot make grammar mistake.

It'll be a disgrace.

I see.

Miss, Mrs., Mr. and Dr. You accept Doctors?

Doctor? None that I know of.

But we have managing director,

banker, lawyer, teacher, army officer,

VP, AVP, CEO and boss.

VP, AVP, CEO and boss.

There, all behind you. Turn and see.

But we have something
that other companies don't have.

Really? What is that?

Only Singaporeans can apply.

Foreign talents are not allowed.

"Application Form For Taxi Driver"

I forgot to introduce myself.

I am Lee Ah Tau. I'm a taxi driver.

Don't be fooled by my simple man look.

Actually those that drive
taxi are all well educated.

Make U-turn only when
you see a U-turn sign.

When you don't see one,
use your discretion.

When driving taxi, think
of your convenience.

Drop passengers only at designated areas.

Avoid at all costs places like bus lane,

zigzag line, bus stop.

If it can fit a bus,
surely it can fit a taxi.

When driving taxi, most
importantly is to play smart.

Okay... relax...

Always ensure that you have enough
small change in your taxi.

So that you won't be stuck in a situation,

where a few customers giving you
a $50 note for change.

$5, miss.

Here is it, uncle.

$5, not $50, don't you have small notes?

I really don't understand some people.

Why can't they just carry smaller notes?

Well, Prof. Chua, I hate to be the
one breaking this news to you.

Unfortunately you don't fit
into this new direction.

Prof. Chua, I envy you for
retiring at this young age.

Prof. Chua, I envy you for
retiring at this young age.

Remember to come back for coffee.

This project will bring us 5% profit.

It should be 4.5%.

Oh, yes, it's 4.5%.

And our investment amount
is about $3 million.

It should be $2.4 million.

Tan! What's wrong with you?

Did you read the data or not?

Yes, I did...

Can you help me buy coffee please?
I want a thicker coffee.

I want iced grass jelly.

I want iced coffee, more milk, less ice.

I want sugar cane juice, no...

I'll have orange with
celery instead, no ice.

Thank you...

Mr. Chua, guess how much I scored
for my Common Assessment (CA)?


It's an improvement. Thank you so much!

Jane! Only 63 and you are so proud?

I am your science tutor.

And I will not settle for
anything less than 92.

So from today onwards, I will conduct
all lessons with you in this position.

Until you get a 92. Understand?

Mummy, I hate tuition...

You're fired!

Hello, I'm calling about my application
I sent in 2 weeks ago.

My name is Prof. Chua.

Yes, 2 weeks ago...

It's you!

I thought you've died of a heart attack,
inside your taxi.

Why do you always think I'm dying?

Because of your pathetic look.


You're driving taxi too?


How long already?

I got it 15 minutes ago.

Oh, virgin.

First day? Come, let me help you...

What are you doing?
Let's go...

The first passenger
in your taxi career is very important.

I volunteer to be your first passenger.

And you will have good luck all the way.

But what about your taxi?

It'll be just a short while,

you are not driving me to Johor Bahru.

Just make a U-turn at the shopping mall,

in front and come back here...


Hazard light...
I know...

Yes, I know...

I already know...

I know...

You're so naggy.
What naggy?

Shut up and just drive.

And you'd better not hold your pee.

If you hold it for too long,

you'll suffer inflammation
of the urethra and get urethral stone.

And it's very pain when you urinate.

And do keep the mineral water bottles.

They're handy during emergencies.

Yes, here's $10 is a
good wish for your job.

Here's your change.

It's for good wish!
Why should you give change? Please.

Excuse me...

My regular customer is calling me.
I have to go fetch her now.

By the way, I'm Ah Tau. You?

Professor Chua.

Your first name is Professor.

No, nevermind.


"Night" meet you...

Why am I meeting you at "night"?

Nice meet you...

Good luck...

Good luck! Bye...

What a bad luck!
I get fined every time I bump into you.

Nothing's left of today's takings now.

12 cars.

Please, I'm late already.

See it for yourself, when
has he ever been punctual?

See it for yourself, when
has he ever been punctual?

He's not going to turn up until at least...

10 more cars to be filled up.

He is after all my landlord.

And he's offering to ferry me for free.
How can I complain?

Aren't you babysitting his kid for him?

This is barter trade for his taxi rides.
How can you say they're free?

I just feel that he's
taking advantage of you.

All right, he's here. Let's go...

Xiao Bai... fill my tank up for me...

Still filling up when you are this late!

Watch your attitude, bro.

Sorry, Regina.

I helped a new colleague
on the road and got delayed.

Why are you filling your
tank at this last minute?

Don't get so worked up. Take it easy.

Can you help me pay at the cashier?

And by the way...
check the points in my "Thanks Card",

to see what I can redeem.

Mister, I am really very late.

Yet you still want to visit the loo,
pump petrol, and redeem points!

Okay... I promise I'll drive
as fast as Schumacher later, okay?

I can't hold it anymore.

I'm already off-duty!

Told you I'll beat Schumacher, didn't I?

You're driving too fast,
it's too dangerous.


You don't have to worry
when I'm at the wheel.

Tell me. What's that
course you're studying?

I remember, you told me before...

Pattern Designer, isn't it?

It's Fashion Designer, not Pattern.

So, you sew clothes.

No, that's a seamstress.

I'm learning to be a Fashion Designer.

In fact, a world-class
celebrity Fashion Designer.

In fact, a world-class
celebrity Fashion Designer.

You still have to sew clothes.

Actually, you don't have to work so hard.

Why don't you just marry
a man here instead?

Our government keeps
urging us to get married.

That's because Singapore
has a low-birth rate.

That's why we need you to help us.

If you give birth here,

you don't have to return to Malaysia.

Please, I'm here to fulfill my dream.

Not to give birth.

All Singaporean men are honest

and they care for their families.

I am a good example.

Honestly, you do take care of your family.

And Jia Jia is indeed fortunate
to have you as his father.

So when are you finding him a new mum?

Aren't I doing that now?


By the way, Jia Jia told me the other day,

his teacher wants to see you. What for?

Schools nowadays make
a big fuss out of small matters.

They have an issue with Jia Jia's English.

What issue?

Good afternoon, Teacher Sharon and friends.

Do you know what type of weather exists?

This is thunder. Thunder
is like our government.

Next time I want to be
Member of Parliament (MP).

Who also want to be MP? Raise your hand!

This is o... oppo... opposition!

Finally, someone.

Can you reach the airport in 15 minutes?

I'm flying to Kuala Lumpur
for my daughter's delivery.

It's her first baby, my first grandson.

I'm so excited...

You jerk! Are you a man?

You made me pregnant and
ask me to abort it?

You made me pregnant and
ask me to abort it?

Can you speak Mandarin?

This is ridiculous.

You don't even understand simple Cantonese?

You're wasting my time!

Hello, Maggie.
Dear, remember that we're picking mother

at the airport this evening.

Don't be late.

It's tonight. Okay, yes,
I'll be home by 7 P.M.

Stop the car...

Okay, this taxi only 5
chairs, no 10 chairs.

Okay, this taxi only 5
chairs, no 10 chairs.

Sir, are you okay?

Who's that speaking, dear?

No, I'm eating at the food court.

And there's a woman
complaining about sour eggs.


So, you want to go to where?


You don't believe I'll
jump out of the taxi now?

Madam, I didn't say you cannot...

IXAT Lab, please.


The one in Buona Vista?

Yes, you know where it is?

Yes, I know.

So, you work there?

I'm a researcher there.

I see. They have a very big lab.

Yes! And so is the pay package.

One of the best in my career.

But it's not just about the money.

It's how I feel so at
home here in Singapore.


It's clean. It's safe. It's stable.

Your government is really
doing a great job!


You must be so proud of
your government too.

They treat us foreigners so well.

Surely they treat you locals even better!

You are so lucky to be a Singaporean!

Yes... very lucky.


Here you are.

And here you go.

Thank you. Your change.

No, you keep the change. I
have to go, I'm in a rush.

Prof. Chua.

It's really you!
You've come back to drink coffee with us?

Unfortunately we are flying
to Belgium for a conference.

You're flying off? That's too bad.

Why aren't you boarding the taxi?

Yeah, where's your driver?

The driver must be in the toilet.

No wonder you're not boarding.

Yes, better not.

Just in case he has money in there.

Then later he'll accuse
me of stealing his money.

Or worse, he might accuse me
stealing his mobile... Professor...

are you okay?

You look nervous, professor.

Why are you sweating so profusely?

It's the weather. It's so hot, isn't it?

It's about 37.75 degrees, I think.

Now, where is the taxi driver? I'm so late!

There's another taxi here, Prof. Chua.

Why don't you take this taxi?

Since you are flying off...

Don't be shy.
Don't miss your flight.

Great, you're still here!

I think I left my phone in your taxi.


It's really here.

Don't tell me you're waiting for me,

such an honest taxi driver!

No, I cannot...
Listen, take this.

I insist!

And I'm going to write in to your company.

And nominate you for the best taxi driver.

Thank you! Unbelievable!

Prof. Chua.

You are driving a taxi now?

He must have mistaken
me as the taxi driver.

I'd better put this here.

For the real taxi driver.

How can I be a taxi driver?

I don't have a taxi license.

I'll tell you what, since I'm so late,

why don't I take this taxi?

And the two of you wait
for the real taxi driver of this taxi.

And have a good flight because
I have to go, you see.



"Wheel Clamping Notice"


Your lab is an academic body?

Yes, I suppose so.

And it entertains school visits?

Yes, we have visits once in a while.

Why do you ask?

I asked my teacher to bring us
on an excursion to your lab.

And she has approved it,
so we are visiting you.

No. You cannot come to my lab.


But she has approved it
and is writing to you already.

No, you cannot go to my lab
because there is a reason.

And the reason is...

What did you score for your Physics test?


It's not very good, you know.

It's quite low.

Your father, me...

has never scored anything less than 92.


It's mission impossible!

And so is that excursion.

If you don't score 92 or better.

So, I will not settle for anything
less than 92 from my own son.

So, I will not settle for anything
less than 92 from my own son.

So please go and do your homework.


Magic number.

Dear! Didn't you say
you'd be back by 7 P.M.?

It's 7.30 P.M. already!

Sorry, I was in a traffic jam.

Here, the grocery allowance.

Have you forgotten?

Forgotten what?

We're going to pick mother up.

Hurry, or she'll be waiting.

Mother is tonight, I forgot!

By the way, when is our new car arriving?

Actually that is my fault.

I told the mechanic to modify the GPS,

so that the wheels are
more internet-enabled.


I mean, so that Jonah and
you can surf the web

while I drive the car with the four wheels.

While I drive the car with the four wheels.

If I had known you're making
so many modifications,

I wouldn't let you sell away our car.

I think you'd better change.

Or else mother is going to nag.

Okay, I'll go change.

Your English teacher is such a bother.

I have to work at night

yet she goes on and on
to tell me your English is bad.

I understand your English just fine.

What's wrong with it?

Let me test your English.

How do you say "Have you eaten"?

"You eat already"?


"Have you taken a bath"?

"You bathe already"?

"Bathe already, kee chiew (Raise hands)"!

Yes, "bathe" is indeed English.

But "kee chiew" is Hokkien.
Who taught you that?


Hey, watch what you're saying!

Regina showed me a video on the internet,

a government person keeps
shouting "kee chiew".

"Kee chiew" has become English?

I don't know.

Well, if government says
so, then it must be right.

Kee chiew...

Dinner time... it's Jia Jia's dinner time!

Regina has to go for class tonight.

So you and I will go to work. Okay?

Okay, dig in.

Dad. If I'm eating this,
what are you eating?

I just need to drink this coffee.

Don't you find that I've put on weight?

Yes, you do seem fatter.

Let Jia Jia feed you some vegetables, here.

It's all right that my wife abandoned me.

It's all right that I have to go hungry.

I just need to come home every day

to see my son so filial.

It's happier than striking lottery.

I'll show you what mummy sent back.

I want...

Watch my hands.



There's a fortune cat from Israel.

A sea shell from Sri Lanka.

And a penguin from Indonesia.


You finish your dinner
and they're all yours.


Can, raise your hand.

Raise hand...

She's just your mother.

That's why I'm nervous.

Should I be nervous too?

You should be more nervous!

Hi, brother, mother...

Hi, sister, brother-in-law.
Zhen Zhen, greet.

Hi, aunt, uncle.

Zhen Zhen has grown so much. So lovely!

I must really thank you guys.

Mother, didn't you say you're thirsty?

Brother-in-law, can you buy mother a drink?

I'll chat with sister for a
while, and join you later.

Sister! You have to save me this time!

Before I came, I had a big
fight with your sister-in-law.

Before I came, I had a big
fight with your sister-in-law.

She complains that I'm always working...

And have no time for her and Zhen Zhen.

She's threatening me with a divorce!

That serious?

That's why I'm taking them on a tour.

You go for your tour then.
Leave mother to me.

I can take care of her for 1 to 2 weeks.

It's not just 1 to 2 weeks.

3 weeks?

It's 3 months!

3 months? You're going to Mars?

You think I want it?
It's your sister-in-law's fault.

Of all tours, she chose a
round-the-world cruise,

which cost thousands of dollars.

It'll be a big waste if we don't go.

3 months.

Sister, out of the whole year,

you are in Kuala Lumpur only
during Chinese New Year.

Besides, staying at your place
is mother's own wish.

Besides, staying at your place
is mother's own wish.

You know that she never gets along
with your 2 brothers-in-law.

You know that she never gets along
with your 2 brothers-in-law.

I know, but...

But what?

As you know,
mother is suffering from slight dementia.

The doctor says, as long
as she take medication,

her condition can be controlled.

But she must never be upset!

If you don't agree,

and she ends up staying with
either of your sisters.

And picks a fight with
your brothers-in-law.

That will be a disaster!

So, before her condition worsens,

I'd better go for my trip.

Or else, if her condition worsens,

I'll be the most disastrous
person in the world!

Aunt, please let us go for our trip.

Or else my parents will divorce.

I don't want them to be divorced!

Yes... divorce is a disaster!

Aunt, please.


Thank you...

of my three sons-in-law,

you're the most capable.

Since young,
Maggie has always outsmarted her 2 sisters.

It even shows in her choice of husband.

My eldest daughter married a small clerk.

My second daughter
married a primary school teacher.

I always tell my daughters,

a woman's success is measured
by the husband she marries.

A woman's success is measured
by the husband she marries.

It appears, only Maggie has understood.

Here they come.

Dear. Brother and his wife
are going away for a while.

Mother will be staying
with us for 3 months.

3 months?

You find 3 months too short too?

Tong Hai, didn't I tell you
to just go for half a year?

Tong Hai, didn't I tell you
to just go for half a year?

I can stay here longer.

Mother, you're funny.

I'll leave mother to you.

I have to catch the next flight
to meet your sister-in-law.

I have to catch the next flight
to meet your sister-in-law.

Bid farewell to grandma.

Bye, grandma.


Enjoy your trip. Don't hurry back.


Why are we at the taxi stand?

Doesn't my professor son-in-law own a car?

Sorry, mother.

Our new car has not arrived yet.

Let's take a taxi for now, shall we?

What? Take a taxi?

I hate taking taxi!

They charge exorbitant prices.
Dishonest people!

Don't worry, mother.

The taxi here charge by the meter.

I don't believe it!

Where in the world can we
find honest taxi drivers?



Picking someone up? Where's your taxi?

Didn't you drive your taxi?

You know him?

Why is he saying that you drive a taxi?

Aren't you a professor?


Professor? You mean driver, don't you?

You sure you didn't hear it wrong?

It's you...

Yes, he must be referring
to the new research that I'm conducting.

Yes, he must be referring
to the new research that I'm conducting.

We're looking at the genetic
cells of taxi drivers

to see who is suitable to become one

because some of them can be so irritating.


Look, people are honking.

You'd better go. Thank you. Bye bye!

Are you nuts?

I haven't even picked a passenger.

Why don't you board my taxi? Then I can go.

Jump on board...

How do you do?

Welcome to my dad's taxi.

Let us bring you around
to look-see, look-see.


How can you bring your
kid along to drive taxi?

Nobody to take care of him.

That's why I have to bring him along.

Anyway, there are only 3 of you.

I'll give you half price.
Come... take the back seats. Come...

All right, let's get in.


Chua, my taxi's air-con
is the coldest in Singapore.

Chua, my taxi's air-con
is the coldest in Singapore.

But you're sitting here
like you're in a sauna.

Sweating profusely.

Are you ill?

Yes, dear, are you all right?

No, it's okay...

Son-in-law, are you having a heart attack?

No, I'm okay. I was just
thinking about work.

What is there to think about your work?

Of course he has plenty to think about.

He's a professor!

Professor? You're really a professor?

I think he's just a bachelor.
Bachelor of Taxi Driving.

I am the professor. Professor of Gambling.

You are humorous.

Just a little.
But not funny!

Not funny! My son-in-law
is a real professor.

Not your type of rubbish professor!

If he's really so capable, he wouldn't
attempt jumping off the building.

Jumping off the building...

Just like Superman!

Watch your manners.

Let me tell you. The first time I met him,

I drove him to the building.

The next time I met him,

I stopped him from jumping.

Come to think of it, I was your saviour.

Dear, is what he says true?

No, it's a misunderstanding.

Like I said, I was
conducting an experiment.

Of course, an experiment...

To see if a person will die
falling 50 floors down.


Son-in-law, why did you have to conduct
such an experiment?

Mother, I'm conducting this
taxi driver genetic cell experiment.

I wasn't trying to die.
I wasn't going to die.

But I explained to him
and he still doesn't believe me.


Yes... I don't believe him.
Yes... see.

If I had not pretended
to believe you and coaxed you,

you'd have jumped to your death already!

If I had not pretended
to believe you and encouraged you,

would you have started your taxi career?

Can you just shut up?

This is a taxi. Not a football match.

I don't need you to give live commentary.

It is very dangerous for you to drive
and talk at the same time.

I will write in and complain about you!

Hey, all of you are here
taking tea break now.

People are unable to get taxis anywhere.

Tan, I heard you struck
lottery last week, did you?

$200 only, not much.

That guy with glasses sitting alone
at the back is a new driver.

Very arrogant.

Be careful what you say to him.

He's some kind of professor.

He'll tell you to shut up if he's pissed!

I learnt it the hard way last night.

Big shot.

Just because he speaks English,
he thinks he is an elite.

These English-educated
people are like that.

Shut up! Watch what you say,
or you'll get scolded.

What a disgrace, driving
taxi with his qualification.

Don't say that, he's quite pitiful too.


Uncle, why don't you round it off to $30?

But you pay us!

What are you talking about?

Uncle, don't pretend now.

I saw you taking peeks at them kissing.

Since you were entertained
by their performance,

a little entertainment fee
isn't too much to ask for, is it?

We even gave you surround sound!

$30 is considered cheap!

You all are very disgusting.

Someone's pissed.

Listen, you either pay the taxi fare,

or I call the police.

Okay, your choice.

So stingy, watch performance
without paying.

Thank you!

My phone! Pay me my fare!

Come back! Stop!


Pay my fare!

Uncle! A few dollars and a lousy handphone,

worth chasing me all across town for them?

It's a matter of principle.

You take taxi, you pay taxi fare.

I'll strip if you come near.

And I'll shout 'molest'.
Let's see what you can do.

The police will know you're lying.

Don't run...

Did you enjoy that?

We have to pay taxi fare,

now for touching her, you have to pay more!

$30 just now, you refused.

Now we'll charge you $300!

Uncle, if you don't pay,
we'll beat you till you do!


You want the money,
I'll give you the money. It's in the taxi.

You want the money,
I'll give you the money. It's in the taxi.

You want to play games?
I'll play a game with you!

Take off your shirt...

Take it off...

Trousers too!

Take them off...

No way! My trousers? Are you crazy?

How dare you say I'm crazy!

I never say...

Are you taking them off?

Take them off...

Why are you all doing this?

I didn't do anything to you at all.

Do you think I want your clothes?

Take a few photos of you
to make sure you pay.

Take a few photos of you
to make sure you pay.

Look. Sexy, aren't they?

I'll charge you a wedding package rate.

$3,000 for the entire collection.

If you don't pay, they'll
go on the internet!

No... please, don't put on the internet.

You cannot do this, no!
Still bargaining?

Say some more and it'll be $4,000!

What? How can you...

How can you just...


What easy money!

$6,000 for a few photos.

Then my video should be worth $10,000!

What are you doing?

I'm doing what you are doing.

A similar package rate for you.

$30,000. Coffin not included.

Handsome, why play so big?

Why don't I let you touch too?

Save it. I don't touch washboards.

Then what do you want?

You delete those photos,
I'll delete this video.

Next time, when you bully others,

remember this saying,

"the mantis stalks the cicada
unaware of the sparrow behind".

Wrong, it's oriole, not sparrow.

Was it changed?

You bring bad luck to me every time.

Not only did I get a black eye,

my phone's smashed too!

Sorry about that. Thank you.

Didn't I tell you to take it easy?

Why so serious?

It's just a few dollars and a handphone,

did you have to chase them
across the whole town?

If I had not come to your rescue,

you might have been raped,
killed and dumped into the reservoir,

never to be found.

Is being a taxi driver a disgrace?


What's happening?

Do you have to hide yourself like that?

Is being a taxi driver
really such a disgrace?

No, for me, driving taxi
is no problem at all.

It's just...

I'll make a move first.

Listen, Maggie.

I really didn't want to be a taxi driver.

I tried many options but
nothing worked out.

This was my last resort.

We are husband and wife.

How could you lie to me?


There are clean clothes in there.

And your favourite soya milk and sandwich.

Wash up before you come home.

I'll tell Jonah, you stayed
up in your lab all night.

Dad, why do you still have your black eye?

It's in trend now.

During 'Show and Tell' today,

Wei Wei showed us the
things she brought back

from her trip to China.

You have things from overseas too.

Your mummy always sends them to you.

But Wei Wei has a lot of photos!


Mummy has no photos at all.

I think...

your mummy must have
dropped her camera and broken it.

That's why she's not taking any photos.

I'll tell her to buy a new camera.

So that she can take photos for you.

Of course!

Have I ever lied to you?


I give this present for
helping me the other day.

You shouldn't have.

I hope you like the phone.

I didn't expect you to be so sentimental.

I didn't expect you to be so sentimental.

Have a seat, don't keep standing.

Thank you!

So, did your wife say anything?

She says I should have told the truth.

This is so-called women.

When you're frank with her,

she'll say you're too blunt.

But when you try to be tactful,
she'll say you're not frank.

Only one way to describe
them, hard to please!

You also have problems with your wife?

No problem. She had
eloped with someone else.

What problems do I have left?


Don't worry about it. I
always take it easy.

Without her, I can still go on happily.


Then how about your son?

I take care of him myself.

He's doing just fine under my watch.

Only one problem.

His kindergarten teacher
keeps complaining about his bad English.

His kindergarten teacher
keeps complaining about his bad English.

What a headache!

Aren't you a professor?

Your English must be very good.

Can you teach my son English?

Okay, I guess I can.


Who are you calling beautiful?

Are you calling me?

You must be, I'm sure.

Oh yes, Miss Chanel and Miss Candy.

Of course I'm referring to you beauties!

Can I need to book taxis for tonight?

Of course, for a beauty like you.

How can I not when the beauty beckons?

What time? Where to?

9 P.M. from Fairylales Night
Club to Moonlight Hotel.

You're on!

We want a taxi each.

Can you get another?

Here, the other one.
What? Me? No, cannot! Sorry.

Hey, handsome. Are you new here?

Haven't seen you before.

You look like such a refined gentleman.

He's your type, Candy!

Not so loud, he'll feel shy.


I work at Fairytales.
Come visit me when you're lonely.

My name is Candy.

Be careful when you take his taxi.

He's a professor.

Piss him off, and he'll
tell you to shut up!

Shut up?

What a man! I like!

I don't go to bar to drink.

Why don't you go? You must go.

It's your mobile number.


You remember my number, so sweet!

Hey, what are you doing?

Give you business!

In future, if you can't find me,

you can call him too.

We're buddies.

Okay, we'll see you tonight then.

Bye bye...

You are really lucky, you know?

That old man over there
has been courting her

for more than 10 years but never succeeded.

Lucky you!

You give me handphone.

I give you business.

Now we're even.

Hake back handphone, no more business.

Sorry, too late.

Jonah, ask grandma to come for dinner.

98. Highest in school.

Well done, son!

So, now can I go to your lab?

No, you cannot go to my lab.

But why, dad?

You promised!

98 is low.

Your grandfather never scored less than 99.


The lab is...

ls conducting atop secret experiment.

Public visits are prohibited.

How do you know, mum?

Your dad tells me everything. Doesn't he?


Life doesn't always turn out
the way you want it, Jonah.

Life doesn't always turn out
the way you want it, Jonah.

Isn't that Chua's taxi?

What happened?


It's you! Why are you pulling my pants?

I thought you were dead!

No, I'm on my way to a job interview.

But somethings wrong with my taxi.

Going for job interview.

Interview? Come on then...

Where to?

My house.
Your house? What for?

Take a bath!

Look at you, grease all over.

How to attend an interview like that?

But what about my taxi?

Yes. You always make a big fuss
about your job interviews.

Leave your taxi here.
The workshop guys can pick it up later.

Come, let's go...

What if its wheel gets clamped again?

You bathe already?

Can't you even bathe yourself properly?


Your face. Black black!



Nose, not noe.

On your neck too!

I can't see behind me.


Did I interrupt something?

Aren't you the uncle who shouted "shut up"?

Why are you in my house?

And why are you naked?

Please don't misunderstand, Regina.

He's my colleague, Chua.

What you two men are doing here
is really no concern of mine.

What you two men are doing here
is really no concern of mine.


What you see is really not what you think.

I now understand.

Why you've not been finding
a new mother for Jia Jia?

Why you've not been finding
a new mother for Jia Jia?


Why are you so bothered?

She's only joking.

Let's go for interview. Late already.

Do I owe you?

Hold on, dad.

What do you call a "Buffalo" in English?

It's "Gow". Haven't I told
you many times already?

I'm talking about those in water.

Then it must be “Water Gow“ .

No, it's "Buffalo".

And by the way, it's "Cow", not "Gow".

It's changed already?

Is this how you teach your son?

No, he studies by himself.

“Steady bom pi pi", right?

What is "bom pi pi"?

Singaporeans speak Singlish. Can?

When I grow up, I want to be Singlish MP.

When I grow up, I want to be Singlish MP.

Can? Raise your hand!

Raise hand!

Uncle Chua is running
late for an interview.

But when we meet again,

I will teach you some more, okay?

You pledge?

I pledge.

Go to your room now.

Dad will help you with your homework
when I come back later.


I think you're corrupting his English.


Have you found a primary school for him?

There's still more than a year to go.
Relax! Don't worry!

Don't worry...

By the time you worry, it's late already.

Is it that serious?

Do you want your son to be like you?

It's normal for the son
to look alike the father.

What are you implying?

That's not what I meant.
I meant, about his education.

Education nowadays is very important

and it's very competitive.

Then? I know the principal of
a very good primary school.

I will give you his contact number.

But you make sure you do everything

to get your son into the school.


Late already... let's go...

Hold on!

Are you interviewing as a lifeguard?


Dressed like this?

I forgot.


Professional lifeguard.

So, you come recommended by Prof. Chua?

Yes, Prof. Chua...

You want to volunteer for my school?


If not, then why are you here?

I didn't mean that.

What I meant was I don't
just want to volunteer,

I'm willing to do anything!

You just give me the order
and I'll be at your service.

At your service.

It's past 10 A.M. already?

Jia Jia, why didn't you wake dad up?

Dad told you last night,
I'll be watching Man U match,

and I have to wake up early
to volunteer at your future school.

Why didn't you wake me up?

I'm going now, you take care of yourself.

So, this is what you willing to do?

What are you talking?

Dad's just directing traffic.

But come to think of it,

it's past 10 A.M. already.
I think I may not need to go?

I guess not.

But, you skipped your volunteer work,

does that mean I skip my class too?

Skip? How can you even think of that?

Oh no! Your class is in the morning!

You're late too!

It's the 6th time this month already!

I can't even face your teacher anymore.

Hurry, change into your uniform.

Why didn't you wake dad up?

That stupid HR Manager,

kept asking me if I was
willing to take a pay cut.

But they are the ones
who are offering those

lucrative packages to all those foreigners!

I got so humiliated,

I felt like smashing them with eggs!

Watch out! The eggs.

These days, qualified professionals

are taking pay cuts competing for work.

Actually, since Jonah is old enough now,

I can now go out to work.

After all, I am a degree holder.

Dear, you don't worry.

Since day one I promised you,

you'd never have to worry about money.

Anyway, I'm still going for interviews.

This is too expensive.

I know it's not easy for you now.
Let's save where we can.

This is cheap!

Dear, when did we start snacking?

These are not snacks.

They're our lunches and dinners.


This is even cheaper!

You see, there's a bright side to it.

Now I've learnt to be frugal.

Dear, you always make
everything sound so okay.

I'm just saying it as it is.

I know, you always tell the truth.


when will you tell Jonah the truth?

Hey, isn't that Jonah's
favourite chicken drumstick?

This is even more cheaper!

Shall I buy the male or female drumstick?

Sorry, Jia Jia, dad's home late.

Dad lied again!

Who did dad lie to now?

You said mum will send photos to me.

I haven't seen any.

You lied!


When you wake up tomorrow...

you'll see mum's photos!


Yeah! I can see mum's photos tomorrow!

Go on to bed now...



When he wakes up?

You really hate her, don't you?

Look how you handled her.

How can I save you like this?

Your computer skills are so powerful.

You can surely do it!

Good morning, Jia Jia.

Dad, why are you up so early?

Look, Jia Jia.


Mum's photos!

Africa, North Pole, Eiffel Tower
of Paris, The Great Wall of China!

You're so smart!

See, dad didn't lie to you, did I?

Why does mum look the
same in all the photos?

Because mum only knows
how to pose this way.


Uncle, Dhoby Ghaut.



Both of you came home together?


You're not a professor.

You're a taxi driver.

Let me explain.

Don't bother. You'll just lie again.

Jonah, don't speak to your dad like that.

Jonah, don't speak to your dad like that.

He's not my dad. My dad is a professor.

Not some taxi driver.

Dad has his difficulties.

You already knew?

I hope you can hear your dad out.

Hear him out?

Now I know why you cut my pocket money.

Both of you are in it together.

You're both liars!

Jonah, listen to me.


I will never listen to you again.

You said you're the best

and you want me to be the best.

But look at you!

You are just a taxi driver.

I don't want to be like you.
Doing such a...


Jonah, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.

Don't touch me!

I really didn't mean...


You're not a professor.

No, mum.
You're a taxi driver!

You liar!

Maggie, how did you marry a liar?

Maggie, how did you marry a liar?

Mother is so sad for you!

Mother, it's not like that.


I told you there are no
honest taxi drivers!

Don't cry, mother.

Let's go back to your room to rest.


Am I such a failure?

"Dad: is being a taxi driver
really so disgraceful?"

Jia Jia! Dad bought your
favourite nasi lemak...

Why are you pulling such a long face?

What happened?

You lied to me again!

Did I?

Dad is naughty! Dad is telling lies!

Dad is a bad person!

Listen to me, Jia Jia.

Mum is fake! The photos are fake!

Everything is fake!

Mum is real, the photos are fake.

Mum is really in the fake photos.

The fake photos have your real mum.

I just wanted to make you happy.

Because dad is fake too! Dad...

Drink slowly... are you that thirsty?

You know something?

This is the second time in my life
that I'm drinking beer.

That's because all other times
you drink red wine, white wine,

champagne and VSOP, right?

No, it's not a joke, really.

This is really my second time only.

The first time was...

when my girlfriend broke up with me.

So I went to drink with a girl
who had a secret crush on me.

Second time is...

now, with you.

Get lost! Crush on you?

Take back...

Take it back? No.

Some words, once spoken
cannot be taken back.

My son hates me. He called me a liar.

We haven't talked for 5 days.

Only 5 days and you're making a fuss.

One time I had sore throat,

I didn't talk with my son for a whole week!

My son, Jonah.

When he was 5 years old. Cute?

Yes, he's cute.

You know what he used to do to me?

Every morning, he will
kiss me until I wake up.

And every night, he will hug
me until he falls asleep.

And every night, he will hug
me until he falls asleep.

At 5 years old,
every day he will fetch me my newspaper.

At 5 years old,
every day he will fetch me my newspaper.

You call that smart?

When Jia Jia was 3 years old,

he can memorize 30 poems
from the Tang Dynasty 300 poems.

At 4, he could help me buy
coffee at the coffee shop

At 4, he could help me buy
coffee at the coffee shop

with kaya and butter toast too.

At 5, he rides in my taxi

and helps give change to my passengers.

Now that's smart!

You know, my son, he used to idolise me.

In Primary 1,

he told the whole class,

that when he grows up, he
want to be a scientist,

so that he can works in the
same lab with his dad.

In all his compositions,

about his favourite person,

they were all about me.

All his compositions, he will write,

"My favourite person is my dad."

"Because he-s ..

"The best dad in the universe!"

Since young, Jia Jia has never
experienced maternal love.

But he is a good child.

Every night, he'll wait for
me to return from work

and go to bed together.

He'll even put the blanket
on me when we're in bed.

He would tell me,

"Dad, you must not fall sick."

"if you're sick and I
can't take care of you."

"I'll feel sad and I'll cry and cry."

He says I always take good care of him.

So he wants to be an MP
in future to take care of me in return.

He's only 5, and so sensible!

Why are you so sad?

I thought for you,
it's take it easy for every darn thing.

Even your son's school, you took it easy.

Actually your son should be the one crying!

Take it easy? Huh?

Hey, why so sarcastic to me?

You are no better, right?

Your son hates you for lying.

You are really just a taxi driver,

yet you lied to him that
you are still a professor.

Wait... so you are saying
that I am telling lies?

But you are not telling lies?

Excuse me, Regina has
told me everything, okay.

All those photos all photoshopped.

All those photos all photoshopped.

They are not lies?

Jia Jia is only 5.

How do you expect me to explain to him

that because his father is incompetent

and his mother ran away with another man?

You're competent, but aren't
you driving taxi too?

What I'm telling are well-intentioned lies.

Not like you.

Secondary students nowadays
can even design transformers robots.

You think your son can't tell that taxi
driver is a legitimate occupation?

You're lying to save your own face!

It's all about your false pride!

What kind of logic is that?

So you can tell white lies,

but I cannot be concerned
about my son's feelings?

Lousy taxi driver logic!

I know I'm not highly educated.

But not educated doesn't mean
I'm a lousy taxi driver!

You think you're so great?

Didn't you end up as a taxi driver too?


If Singapore doesn't have us taxi drivers,

how can the country survive?

You're in a rush? Go take a bus.

Don't take taxi!

Your wife is going into delivery,

there is no ambulance,
ask her to take a bus to the hospital!

Don't take taxi!

I'm not saying...
Do you know how many taxi drivers

manage to send their kids to university?

Some of them even receive scholarships

to study at those Ivy League ones!

There are some who stay in condos
or even bungalows! Do you even know?

There are some who stay in condos
or even bungalows! Do you even know?

I'm not saying that taxi is not important.

I'm talking about taxi drivers.

Yes, there are good taxi drivers.

But are you one of them?

Who was the one who was late

Who was the one who was late

for his son's school volunteer work?

Whose future is in jeopardy?

Not yours, because you're a taxi driver.

But your son's!

Because you're a lousy father!


Say! What do you want to say?

Hello, Maggie. I'm on my way home already.

Mother is missing!


Jonah, has grandma come home yet?

What did he say?

Where did she go?

Tell you what, Maggie.
Why don't you go down this way?

I'll go back to the taxi.
Don't worry, okay.

We'll find her. I'm sure she's
just walking around somewhere.

What does he want?

Oh, no.

Hey, lousy father. What happened?

What happened?

My mother-in-law is missing.
We're looking for her.

It's none of your business!

What a serious matter!

Hey, you're a taxi driver, you know?


So? This is the time
we employ the tricks of the trade!

So? This is the time
we employ the tricks of the trade!

What tricks are you talking about?

You call yourself a professional?
Shame on you!

Shut up...

I shut up? What are you doing now?

Hello, operations? My number is 817.

I am Ah Tau.

We have a colleague
whose mother-in-law is missing.

She's about 70 years old.

A bit fat, a bit short.

She's wearing blue top and white pants.

Please spread the word to all colleagues.

Inform me if anyone finds her.

Thanks, I'll treat you lunch for this.


Blue top, yes...

White pants, yes...

The hair should be white!

Hello. Blue lop, yes...

White pants, yes.

White hair, yes.

Handsome, she's seventy, not seventeen!


Blue top. White pants.

White hair, seventy.

She's an old lady, not an old man!

Can you guys open your eyes wider?

Just say it.

Found her?


Yes, Tau.
Hello, Chua.

We found her...


Tong Hai!

Where are you, Tong Hai?

Mother, Tong Hai went on a cruise.

Mother, let's go home to take medicine.

Grandma, let's go home and watch TV.

See, we taxi drivers are very professional.

Even though I have a personal grudge
against the professor,

I still helped him settle
his mother-in-law problem.

His problem is solved now.

But what about my own?

My dear.

How long are you going to stay angry?

Uncle Chua invited us to his barbecue.

He invited our whole family.

He offered to teach you good English.

If you don't go, it's your loss!

If mum goes, then I go.

Mum is not going to go.

You're lying again!

Listen, dad will tell you the truth.
I won't lie.

You have to believe me, okay?

Your mum...

has run away.

Mum went to China? England? France?

Mum has run away!

What about America?

I'm telling you, mum has run away!

Why does everyone have
a mother, but I don't?

It's not that you don't have a mother,

it's that yours has run away!

You have dad, isn't that good enough?

If Jia Jia be a good boy,

will mum come back?


Mum has gone, she'll not come back!

However good a boy you are,
however much you miss her,

she will not be coming back! Okay?

Do you understand?

I want mum...

Don't throw tantrums.
I want mum...

Come on, don't cry... stop...

Don't cry!

I want mum...
Stop it...

I'll find you a new mum, okay?

I don't want a new mum!

She'll be great. You'll love her.

I don't want a new mum!

You really don't want? You sure?

I only want my old mum!

Forget it then!

What is a "new mum"?

A new mum is like...

A new mum is like...

sister Regina. What?

Sister Regina is a sister. Not a mum!

Sometimes a sister can become a mum.

Get it?

Mother sister.

The bachelor girl.

Can we go already, dad?

Uncle Chua is waiting to
teach me proper English!

Are you that eager?

Of course!

Dad, is it real?

Will Regina be Jia Jia's new mum?

Of course!

As long as Jia Jia wishes.

Do you wish for it?

It's a deal then!

Dad will date Regina tomorrow, okay?


Let's go to barbecue!


I'm going to put you on barbecue!

Gosh, I haven't courted a girl in ages.

Where do I start?

What if she rejects me?
Won't that be a disgrace?

For Jia Jia, I shall take that risk!

Even if it's not for Jia Jia's sake,

how can I not fall for such a nice girl?


Why are you sneaking around here?

I'm not sneaking.

If I sneak, would you still see me?

I'm hereto buy...

Soya bean milk! Yes, soya bean milk.

When did you start drinking soya milk?
Don't you always drink coffee?

I'm buying it for Chua.

He's teaching Jia Jia proper English.

I must show some gratitude.

By the way, are you free tonight?

What is it?

What do I need to do this time?

You make me sound
as though I always take advantage of you.

Well, not always.

Just 5 days a week!

That many?

Just say what you want me to do.

I know I always take advantage of you.

Move away...

That's why tonight I want
to repay you solidly all at once!

What are you laughing at?

Laughing at what?

No need...

Need... listen, wait for me
at the bus stop at the back

at 7 P.M. after work.

What stunt are you pulling this time?

Don't ask. Just be there, 7 P.M., bus stop.

You must come, don't be late...

You must come, don't...

You must come, don't be late.

He's asking you not to be late?

15 cars.

Look at this fatty.

This is the near extinct,
more rare species than the panda.

This is the near extinct,
more rare species than the panda.

The big mouth crow!

Causing me a whole day
of continuous bad luck!

So sorry. I don't have small change.

Neither do I.

In that case, nevermind then...

You don't have to pay...

No way! How can I not pay?

I cannot not pay for my taxi ride.

Not paying is not right. It is not moral.

It's not not moral. It's my treat.

No problem, no need to pay, my treat...

Your treat?

No way!

There's a petrol station behind here.

Let's go there to break up our notes.

We won't take too long, will we?

All right...

Don't mention it...
Thank you.

Actually, I am in a hurry too.

What a time to run out of petrol!

Sir, please give chance, sir.

Please switch off the engine, sir.


Please give me your driver's license, sir.

Give chance, please.

Good afternoon, sir.

Do you know how dangerous it is
to do an illegal U-turn?

Have you thought about how
sad your family will be

Have you thought about how
sad your family will be

if you get involved in an accident?

Furthermore, as a professional driver,

you have to be more responsible.

Even if you don't care about yourself,

you have to think about the
other cars on the road.

What if you are involved in an accident

with other cars on the road?

Even if you are okay,

what if other people are hurt?

Furthermore, you've to think
about the family members

and how sad they are

because their family members are hurt?

And furthermore,
these family members have friends.

And you think about
how these friends are so sad that

their friend's family members are hurt?

And these friends will also have family.

And you think about
how sad their family members will be

that their friend's friend's
family members are hurt.


I fully understand what you're saying.

You've explained it very clearly.

Now can you let me go?

No, I cannot.

I am a police officer.

A professional one. Not
a National Serviceman.

I saw you violate the rules,

so I have to issue you a ticket.

If I don't issue you the ticket,

I am violating the rules.

Fine, you have to book me?

Go ahead... book me.

Book me, fine me, just do it, please.

Make it a quick one, please...

Write faster, please.

Thank you very much, sir.

Thank you...

Your license plate...

Have a nice day, sir.


Darn it, what a good luck I have today!

Uncle, Holland Road.
It's faster to make a U-tum in front.

Just do it, I'm in a hurry!

Just U-turn here! Just
follow my instructions!

Please switch off your engine, sir.

Can I have your driver's license, sir?

You again?

Yes, me again. We're so fated to meet.

Sir, I'm in a hurry.

I'm just the passenger, not the driver.

So I'll leave first, pardon me.

Please remain in the vehicle, sir.

You are now a key witness
to a very serious incident.

Good afternoon, sir.

Do you know how dangerous it is
to do an illegal U-turn?



Think about it.

How sad your family will be

if you are involved in an accident...

Excuse me, sir.

Can you please remain in the vehicle?

You are now involved in
a very dangerous act.

Please sit down and fasten your seat belt.

Thank you, sir.

Furthermore, as a professional driver,

you have to be more responsible.

Sir, I'm really in a hurry,
can you speak faster?

Just speak a little faster, please.

Excuse me, sir.

Can you please let me finish?

Where was I?

Good afternoon, sir.

Do you know how dangerous it is
to do an illegal U-turn?

I'm approaching soon...
Where are you?

You told me not to be late.

It's already 8 P.M.

I've been waiting one hour for you!

I'm not waiting anymore!


Regina, please don't die!


Someone call the ambulance please...

Regina, please don't die!

I use to say,

to take it easy for everything in life.

Now I realise, there are
things you don't take it easy.

The doctor says Regina may go blind.

But I'm hoping if Regina can see again,

But I'm hoping if Regina can see again,

she'll see a completely changed Ah Tau.

What is a changed Ah Tau?

The changed Ah Tau is one
who will plan for the future,

making sure things are
in their right place.

I will let this lousy father, Chua,
teach Jia Jia proper English.

I will let this lousy father, Chua,
teach Jia Jia proper English.

Next, I'll find Jia Jia
a good primary school.

See this fine and handsome principal?

This is definitely a good school.

He doesn't need me to donate,

nor do any volunteer services.

You see how well we get along?

Jia Jia's education is in good hands now!

Can we give Shannon
and Jeremiah a round of applause?

"One month later"

And our next person on stage is Jia Jia!


Please help me take care of Regina.

I'm watching Jia Jia.

Call me if anything happens.

Don't worry, you stay with Jia Jia.

Okay. Bye. Thank you.


Good afternoon, principal,
teachers, friends and guests.

It is really my honour to be here

to present to you, my story.

My story is about my family.

My father is Lee Ah Tau.

He is a taxi driver.

His favourite food are nasi
lemak and seafood soup.

My favourite food is...

Ah Tau, Regina is...

Just stop whatever you are doing,
and come over now!

There is a chicken wing,
cucumber, fried egg in nasi lemak.

There is a chicken wing,
cucumber, fried egg in nasi lemak.

There, my dad just ran out on me.

My dad always lies to me.

I always get tricked by him.

But he's a good dad.

He tried very hard to find
a good school for me.

He tried until he couldn't take it.
Yet he still continued.

Because he loves me and I love him too.

When I grow up, I want to be PM.

No, MP.

When he needs help, I'll
raise 2 hands to help him!

Wait first...

Didn't I ask you to look after Regina?

She cannot see clearly,

how can you let her go to the rooftop?

I am now on my way now.

Please don't let anything else happen.

Regina, don't do anything silly, okay?

The doctor say, this is only temporary.

Only temporary?

Tell me, when will I recover?

Doctor didn't say, but it
should not be too long.

You have no idea how I feel.

Do you have any idea

from one moment where you can see
to another where you can't,

how scary that is?

I'm blind now.

I can't be a designer anymore.

I understand.

You don't.

This is my dream.

To represent Asia, to travel
to the rest of the world,

to let the whole world see my designs.

But now, I can't do that anymore!

You're young. Be patient.

Once you recover, you can
realise all your dreams!

Then tell me when I can recover?

Don't try to console me.

I've worked so hard for so long.

And it's all gone in one instant.

It's so unfair!

Don't, no...

Regina, don't...

Don't come here...
Okay, I'm going back. I'm moving back.



You have to trust me.

If there's anyone who
understands your situation,

it's me!

You have to trust me, okay?

Don't do anything, just listen to me.

I have a PhD in Microbiology.

I'm the best in my field.

But six months ago, I got laid off.

And that was the start of my fall.

Jonah, is this your dad?

Jonah, is this your dad?

I tried so many jobs.

One after another after another.

Look at me now. I'm a taxi driver.

Twenty years, I was the elite of the elite.

But overnight, I lost everything.

I lost my position.

I lost my edge.

I lost my confidence.

I lost my pride.

I even lost the respect of my son!

Even if I can't find a suitable job,

I will never give up!

You know, when I'm driving my taxi,

I am still positive about life.

Even if I don't find my old job back,

it's okay.

Because I am not wasting my life.

I have learnt so much

in the past 6 months as a taxi driver

than 20 years in the lab.

It's not the same.

You still have your eyes.

I don't.

You can start all over, I can't!

Yes, you can!

It's about making choices in your life!

And what you do with your life right now!

Easy for you to talk.

Exactly my point.

It's not about talking,

you have to act on it!

You still have your powers within you.

Yes, you may not be able to see now.

But that's not the point.

The thing is there are other gifts
that you have yet to discover.

What about your family?

And the people who love you?

They haven't given up on you.

Why should you give up on them?

Regina, you never ever give up!

You hang in there.

One day at a time.

And I tell you,

you will find amazing
things happening to you.



I give you my word.

Dreams change.

But for the better.

And that will make you strong.

All you have to do is believe.

All you have to do is believe.

Come, give me your hand.


Out of my way...

Regina, don't jump...

Get lost! Regina! Quiet!

Shut up!

Regina, you mustn't jump!

I asked you out the other day,

wanting to tell you that

I love you! I know I'm a rotten person.

I take it easy for everything in life.

And because I took it easy,

I caused you to suffer.

But I really truly love you.

Not just me, Jia Jia loves you too...

I will take responsibility.

Please marry me.

If you don't agree,

you jump, I also jump.

Friend, you don't need
to be so over-dramatic,

and make things worse.

Actually I've already settled
everything with her.

Then you should have told me earlier!

I did. Didn't I do this?
Stop it...

Don't come near!

Okay... no...
Or I'll really jump.

You don't jump, I also don't jump.

We all here don't jump.

Come down, good girl, come down...

Come, Regina, give me your hand.


You really like me?

Not just 'like', it's 'extremely like'.

See, she's deeply touched by me.

Told you Regina will be my girlfriend.

Look, she's going to kiss me now... yeah!

But I don't like you.

Can you not be so direct?

I know, maybe it's too sudden for you.

But I can wait.

In that case, if I'm still
not married 20 years later,

then I'll consider you.

20 years later, if she's still blind,

I suppose no one will want her.


I will wait for you.



She cannot see, but she can smell.

I am a taxi driver.

In spite of all these, I tell
myself I will not give up!

Dinner is ready.

This is Love 97.2 FM.

I am Regina.

Remember this day, during the last year,

I had an accident.

My vision became blurred.

But here I am today, as a radio DJ.

I am really grateful to friends
who persuaded me not to give up.

And I thank all of you for your support.

Here's a song for the road.
I'm still not used to sitting at the back.

Come on, don't be a letdown.

Can't I ask you to test my air-con?

I just got it back from servicing.

I still think my air-con is colder.

Do you have to compare?

Anyway, I really don't get you.

You've already found a job.

And you're so famous.
You're on TV, on newspaper, on internet.

And you're so famous.
You're on TV, on newspaper, on internet.

Why do you still drive part-time?

Why not? This is still a decent job.

I guess I still have new people to meet,

new things to learn.

And I can't do that if I'm stuck
in the lab all the time, correct?

You have a point.

So, how are you and Regina?

I now plan well for the future.

I have savings in 2 accounts.

One is for Jia Jia's studies in future.

And the other is just
waiting for Regina's nod

And the other is just
waiting for Regina's nod

and I'll take her as my bride.

Very impressive.
Not taking it so easy as before, I see.

Of course.

Anyway, I have to go.

I'm meeting Maggie and Jonah.

We are going for a movie.

What a show-off!

I'm picking Regina from work later too.

And we're going for a candle dinner.

Candle dinner?

So you're eating candles?

I see. Where?
It's candlelight dinner.

Coffee shop.

Regina says that 20 years later,
if nobody courts her,

then she'll marry me.

So, from now on, I'll date her every day.

And not let other men have a chance.

After 20 years,

she'll have no other choices but me.

Everyday dating,
of course it has to be the coffee shop!

How else can I afford?

You are horrible!

Oh yes. Jia Jia always
says he wants to be MP.

And people will laugh at him.

Honestly, I really don't
know if he'll become one.

Honestly, I really don't
know if he'll become one.

But hey, at least he's
taken a photo with the PM!

See, isn't is very cool?

I'll show you the photo

he took with the President next time!

My Son is awesome!

Raise your hand...

We should just have simple life.

He is a taxi driver but
he became so famous.

So heroic!

I reckon I'll take more taxi in future.

Now that's prestige!