Tape (2001) - full transcript

Based on a three-character, one-act play, Tape is set entirely in Room 19 of a seedy motel in Lansing, Michigan rented by Vince, an ill-tempered, outgoing party animal/drug dealer who's visited by his old high school friend Jon, a documentary filmmaker, where they pass the time reminiscing about the good old times which take a turn when Vince records their conversation with Jon admitting to a possible date-rape of Vince's old girlfriend Amy, who later shows up and opens up a new wave of talk and arguments about whose story is fact or fabricated.

[ can pops open ]

[ spitting ]

[ outer door opens ]

[ outer door closes ]

[ knocking on door ]

- Vince!
- Hey, man.

- This is great!
- Yeah!

This is great, man!

How are you?!

- I can't complain.
- Yeah. Cool, cool.

Totally, it is.
I'm very psyched.

Oh. You should be, Johnny.
This is a great thing.

- Thanks, man.
- It's great to be alive!


Vince: Shit.


[ laughing ]

- What's up, man?
- Nothing much.

- John: You're not dressed.
- Lay off.

It's not that
I don't like it--

- Vince: What?
- Nothing.

- Vince: So?
- John: So nothing.

- Okay.
- Okay.


[ John laughing ]

I swear to God, man,
you get stranger every year.

You look good, John.

Where's Leah?

She didn't make the trip.

Why not?

We broke up.

Shut up.

- I'm serious.
- Shut up!

- Man, I'm serious.
- You broke up?

- We broke up.
- Why?

Uh, complicated.


Oh, she didn't like
the way I dress.

- Come on. Don't joke, man.
- Actually I'm not.

Tell me
what happened.

Oh, I get stranger every year.

- Come on, Vince!
- What, man?!

She thinks I am a dick!

She sends her apologies
for not coming.

She says she's sure
it's gonna go, you know, fine.

I don't believe it.

She does.

- Why did you break up?
- Hey, hey, I don't know!

- John: Sorry, man.
- Yeah, man. Me too.

[ punches wall ]

Well... what, is it permanent?

Vince: Permanent as
a dead horse, amigo.


[ flushing toilet ]

Come on, what did you do?

Why did you say that?

- Because I know you.
- What, you think I'm a dick?

Uh... no. Uh... but
I do know that occasionally...

you have a tendency
to act in a phallic fashion.

- I'm not like that anymore.
- You're not a dick?

- Vince: No.
- You're not a dick anymore?

[ grunting ]

- You see what I mean?
- Hey, I'm just asking what happened.

Well, a lot of things.


Like, I don't know. Like she says
I'm reckless. All right?

- What, in general?
- Vince: Yeah.

Okay, you weren't
specifically reckless recently?

Not particularly
specifically. No.

- Be honest, Vince.
- I am.

- Did you fuck around?
- No!

- Vince!
- I didn't.

So what happened?


she thinks I have
violent tendencies.

- Oh boy.
- John, I never touched her.

I never said you did.

Yeah, well, she thinks I have
"unresolved issues, which occasionally

manifest themselves
in potentially violent ways."


John: I think it's fair to say
she has a point.

Yeah, well, no one's saying
she doesn't have a point.

- John: So?
- So what, she's got to break up?

She's probably scared.

God. Of what?
I never threatened her.

You sometimes present
a threatening appearance.

[ breathes deeply ]

Dude, we've been going together
for three years!

So what?

So, I mean you'd think
she'd be used to it by now.

That's a tricky one, Vin.

Jesus! What's tricky?

I'm just saying, it's tricky.

Women these days have
no reason to hang around...

potentially violent guys.

It's not an attractive
quality to them anymore.

Too many other guys out there
with resolved violent tendencies.

- Oh, so I'm out of fashion.
- John: Look, don't be a fool.

Well, don't be
a politically correct fuck.

Hey, I'm not.
I'm telling you, you're an idiot

if you think chicks
are gonna put up with your bullshit.

What bullshit?

- Uh... like playing rough.
- I didn't play rough with her.

- Vince.
- Vince: What?

- I love you.
- Oh great.

- But come on...
- Vince: What?

- You don't not play rough.
- I totally do not play rough!

[ grunting ]

Okay, man. Look, I'm just sorry
you broke up. All right?

I'm sorry for you both.

Don't be sorry
for that bitch.

Fine, Vince. I'm just
sorry for you. Okay?

Next subject.

Vince: Well...

she says if I get my act together,
keep going to the meetings...

stop being a dick...

then she might consider
talking to me again.

Good. That's great, man.

Should we get some dinner?

I got to wait for a call.

From whom?

None of your business.

- From Leah?
- Vince: No.


Vince: Hey, you ready
for your big day tomorrow?

- You're mad.
- Vince: I'm not mad.

Hey, buddy,
you're allowed to be.

Vince: I'm not mad.
Don't be a fag, okay?

I'll find somebody else.

That's true.

...who appreciates my dark side.

Yeah, you know, but the thing is,
if you could maybe find a way

to learn something
from all this, then

you wouldn't have
as large a dark side.

Learn what?

Learn to deal with some
of your violent tendencies.

Oh yeah? How?

By acknowledging
them. Right?

John: By making
some type of...

truce with yourself,
where you're not in constant battle

to prove your integrity
or self-worth,

you know, whatever it is
you think nobody gets about you.

I don't think there's
anything to get about me.

Vince, your idea of manhood
is putting on Eddie Cochrane

and screwing
your girl. Okay?

Hey, I'm a simple man.

Well, it's not like that anymore.
Women want other things.

Yeah, well,
what do they want?

I don't know, guys who don't put
their fists through windows,

who don't throw
phones across the room...

who don't stalk their girlfriends
across 16 states.

All right, all right. All right.

Where they got you staying?

John: Uh, they got me
over in town, at the Radisson.


Yeah, it's nice.

Lansing Film Festival!


that and Cannes.

Hey, still it's a good gig.

It's a good cheap thrill.

Why you got to dump on it?
It's a good gig.

I got big expectations.

I spent two years
of my life on this film.

I want it to be...
you know, at a theater near you.

Yeah, well it is.
It's playing right over--

Yeah, but you had
to come all the way

to the middle of fucking
Michigan to be there.

For one screening.

All you need is
one of those guys from...

whatever, right, Disney,
to be there tomorrow.

They see it,
they like it, boom!

Next thing you know,
you're directing Free Willy IV.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Hey!
- Hey!

Dude, come on.
I'm starving.

Yeah. What time is it?

John: It's quarter of.

You want a beer?

John: Aren't you supposed
to be getting your act together?

I'll wait
till I get back.

Oh, this is,
this is good.

Okay, Vince! Right here.

This is what
she's talking about.

Right here.

[ burps ]


if I wanted to
hang out with my mom...

Well put.

Vince: And besides, what Leah
don't know won't hurt her.

What do you got going on
in that bag, Vince?

Uh... beer.

How much?

Vince: Hmmm...

A lot.

[ screaming ]

- Jesus, man.
- [ laughing ]

I don't know why I said
you had violent tendencies.

Oh, why?

John: The warm beer,
the boxers, the Motor Palace.

Who needs Betty Ford?

We can't all be
at the Radisson, can we?

- You wanna come stay with me?
- No.

I thought you'd be with Leah,
that's why I didn't offer earlier.

It's not a problem.

It's not a problem.
They gave me a double.

11th floor,
overlooking the park.

Still, you probably
want to get laid.

That's true.

It's your big weekend, man.
Chicks are gonna flock to you.

Oh, you're right.

No. I'll be fine here.


Should I twist your arm?

Little bit more.

- Prick!
- Putz.

- Suck ass!
- Schmuck!

Ahh! Ahh!

I appreciate you coming
all the way out here, man.


We've come a long way.

Vince: Since?

I don't know. High school.

You think?

Some of us.

Dude, I'm totally
giving you shit.

- No, but you're right.
- No, man. I'm not!

Let's face it, you are.

John: I'm right only in that I think
you can do better than you are.

Vince: Why?

Because I believe in you.

If I didn't,
we wouldn't still be friends.

And I probably
couldn't say that to you.

Why not?

Because it sounds
totally pretentious.

- You're right.
- But the thing is, I mean it.

John: No, look, I'm sorry,

but it's like this
whole thing with Leah.

If it is permanent,

then you should view
it as an opportunity to...


Change what?

I don't know.
Find a new job...

- I like my job.
- What is your job?

- Volunteer firefighter.
- Oh, right.

How do you
make your money?

- Lay off, John.
- I'm just saying...


It's just a little immature.

Well, you try doing it.

- That's not the point.
- Besides...

the majority of my clients
happen to be, like, over 50.

Okay? So, if that's not mature,
then I am baffled as to what is.

Okay. Private dope
delivery to ex-hippies

does not
a mature man make, Vince.

It's no different
than standing on the corner

and selling to teenagers.

Why are you lecturing me?

- Hey, I'm not lecturing anybody.
- You are.

- I'm just pointing a few things out.
- Such as?

Such as, yes,
I think you can do better.

Better than what?

Better than--

better than pissing
your life away.

Vince, look,
you're smart, right?

So why are you
still dealing drugs?

Because I am smart.
All right?

If I were dumb
I would've gotten caught.

I am a firefighter.

- You deal to the fire chief.
- He needs me.

That's not the point.

Why is what you do better?

Why is what I do better?

Why is what you do better?


What I'm trying
to do is better because...

...it's an attempt
at figuring things out.

I would like to eventually
become good enough at it

to the point
where I can contribute--

All right, fuck you.

where I can contribute to

a larger debate about
why this country's so fucked up.

Like for example,

why is it that a
50-whatever-year-old fire chief

feels the need to get
stoned every night?

Right? What is it
about life in America

that's driving
that urge in him?

He likes it?

Fine, but then there's
something slightly wrong

with the fact that someone
with that type of responsibility

is constantly high.

I'm serious. Maybe there's
something worth exploring there.

His firehouse happens to have
the best record in the city.

If my house was on fire,

I wouldn't want his high ass
anywhere near it.

Listen, man,
you are so up yourself.

If the guy has a good record,
it's because he's lucky.

- That's it.
- Says who?

It's obvious, man.
He's living this big,

luck-driven lie.

- Get real, are you high?
- No. I'm serious.

You're making movies about guys
who rob Popeye's Fried Chicken.

Hey! Hey, I am telling a story...

which aims to resonate the notion
of where our society's headed

if we're not careful.
If it sounds a little pompous,

it's only because I haven't
fully honed my skills yet.

It doesn't sound pompous.

It sounds...

like you're talking
out of your ass.


Because you have no idea
where society is headed, okay?

You are just like
everybody else, all right?

You're just following
the latest trend which you hope

will get you laid until that trend
switches to something else,

at which point you'll drop the old one
and start making movies about,

you know, whatever--

turtles getting caught
in fishing nets.

You don't like my work?

I like it, like I like
a shot of whiskey

first thing in the morning.

It's good for about 10 minutes
and then I want my coffee.


Now you're all sensitive?

Did I say something
to piss you off?

Or is it that
you're just a dick?

Well, both.

Well at least you're
finally admitting it.


some of us.

What? That I'm a dick?


- When?
- I was speaking figuratively.

When was I
figuratively a dick?

High school.


I was too shy to be
a dick in high school.

Hey, buddy, give
yourself a little credit.

I think you held your own.

That's because everyone's
a dick in high school.

It's the white male
football-playing prerogative.

The trick is to evolve into
something else once you're out.

John, you're wearing
$200 shoes.

Okay, first of all,
that's not true.

Oh, what? $150?

I'm less shy than
I was in high school.

Oh, great, so now
you're an overt dick.

No, I'm a thoughtful person
who happens to like nice shoes.

And is,
occasionally full of shit.

Is there something I'm not doing
that you want me to do?

I don't want you
to do anything.

No? Because it seems like
I'm being asked to do something

by a 28-year-old pot dealer

who doesn't have the guts to progress
with the rest of society.

Which would be fine if
it was a legitimate rebellion,

instead of just some lonely guy
hanging out in a motel room

wearing boxer shorts acting
like a potentially violent dick.

You want to get high?


Come on, John,
let's get high.

- I'm not getting high.
- Oh, why?

Only potentially violent
dicks get high?

- No.
- So, let's get high.

- I'm not getting high.
- Well, I am.


What do you got going
on in that bag, Vince?

- Pot.
- How much?

A lot.

P for party.

A for all night long.

R for reefer.

T for turn me on.

Y for why not?

P-A-R-T-Y. Party, party.

Let's get high.

- Jesus...
- [ Vince giggling hysterically ]

You know who's out here?

- Where?
- Here. Lansing.



Amy Randall?


[ exhales ]


Tracy told me that
a couple of years ago.

When I found out
that you got this thing,

I looked her up
on the Net...

and she's out here.

She's like an assistant
district attorney or something.

Did you call her?

I thought about it.

You should, man.
Especially now that Leah's...

- Out of the picture?
- Yeah.

Vince: Huh.

John: Huh.

I wonder if she's--

Still hot?

- Yeah.
- Not a very appropriate thing to say.

Yeah. Okay,
you know what?

Here's the thing
about being appropriate.

It's better
to try to do that

than to be
a complete asshole.

The choice to respect people
is actually a good one,

despite people like you,

who insist on calling
fat people "fat" to their faces.

What if they are fat?

If they are fat,
they probably realize it

without you
having to remind them.

You know,
it basically just...

comes down to having
a couple of manners.

Oh, is that what it is?


Then why did you ask if
she was still hot, Miss Manners?

Because she is.
She was.

That's-- no, no,
that's not a bad word.

If the word is essentially
a compliment,

saying it
isn't bad manners.

Human beings like
to be called attractive.

I'm not labelling Amy Randall
anything she doesn't know.

- I'm sure she's smart too.
- Well,

then I think
we should call her up.

And if we find out
she weighs 320 pounds,

I think that
we should say to her, "Gee,

we're really glad we dated you
in high school instead of now,

because back then,

you were really hot.
And now...

I'm sure
you realize about now."

- John: You know what, Vince?
- What?

Why don't you just
shut up for awhile?

Well, I see. So, I made a point,
so I should shut up.

John: No, it's that you like
being rude for the sake of it.

Either that or you do it to prove
nobody can make you be nice.

Either way,
it gets tiresome.

And you and I don't see
each other often enough

to make worthwhile
this little competition

for who's more
"authentic," okay?

It's not about that
anymore, we're just--

we should accept the fact that
we're different from each other,

and let the friendship
go from there.

Accept the fact we're
different from each other?

- John: Yeah.
- Would you like to make me?

- Make you what?
- Accept that fact.


- Why not?
- Because it's stupid.

- No, it's not.
- Yes, it is.

No, it's not.

How else will I know
you're different?

- You'll just have to trust me.
- No.

Prove it.

Or else what?

Or else,
I'll kick your ass.

Well, I guess this means
you are potentially violent.

Only when
it comes to you, John.

You know, it's funny
how you get this way

- whenever we talk about Amy Randall.
- No, I don't.

I don't even think
you realize it.

- Fuck off, John.
- Okay, you know what?

- I'm out of here.
- Fuck off.

- Thanks for coming.
- Fuck off!


- Fuck you, John.
- Look...

I'm sorry you still feel bad
about Amy Randall,

and every time you get stoned
and drunk around me,

- this comes up.
- Fuck you.

It was over 10 years ago.

I've explained this to you
a million times--

that I thought it was okay
for me to be with her

because you had broken up,
and that I now have a...

better understanding as to
the fragility of human emotions.

And thus,
if the situation arose again,

I would not let
what happened happen.

But these things do happen,
especially in high school.

And I'm sorry that
I hurt your feelings.

That's not what
I'm talking about.

What are you
talking about?

What happened.

- So am I.
- So...

what happened?

We slept together.


- What do you mean, how?
- How did you sleep together?

Oh, okay,

so now this is
about that? Is it?

I don't know.
You tell me.

We slept together.

Yeah, how?


- you know how.
- No, I don't.

I mean, I have an idea...

but I don't actually know,

we've never
talked about it.

We laughed about it.
We thought it was kind of funny,

but you never exactly
told me what happened.


- So what do you want to know?
- I want to know what happened.

We slept together.


What do you mean, how?


You're gonna have
to be more specific.

In what fashion...

- did you sleep with her?
- Jesus...

We had sex.

- And...
- And that was it.

Was it good sex?

- I've had better since.
- [ Vince chuckling ]

Was it fun?

It was all right.

Was it
on the rough side?

It's hard to say...
We were both drunk.

Did you rape her?

Did I rape her?


Kind of?


Was it kind of
like a date rape?

Was it kind of
like a date rape?

Yeah. Did you kind of force her
to have sex with you?

No, man.


I'm not sure
what you want me to say.

I want you to tell me
what happened, all right?

You're a filmmaker, okay?
Lay out the scene for me.

Show me the dailies.

You know what? Can we talk
about this when you're not high?

Maybe the only reason I'm high
is so that you would get high,

and for once tell me the truth,
instead of changing the subject.


It was a little rough,

which is something
that doesn't make me proud.

- Okay?
- Did you talk to her after that?

- No.
- No? Why not?

I wouldn't know
what to tell her.

I'm a completely
different person.

- Well, maybe she is too.
- Maybe.

- Maybe she's fat.
- That's really not funny.

I didn't say it was.

- Does anybody know what happened?
- I didn't tell anyone.

Why not?
Maybe you should.


look, I don't actually
consider it a crime.

It was not a good thing.

It was morally
somewhat questionable...

and yeah, yeah,
I wish it hadn't happened.

But it's nothing where I need
to turn myself in to the police

- 10 years later.
- Nobody's talking about the police.

- What are you talking about?
- I don't know...


I think
she already knows.

Maybe you should

Oh... Jesus!

You think I should
apologize to her?

Yeah, why not?

Look, it wasn't
even date rape.

It was something that got
a little out of hand.

I thought you weren't sure
what date rape was.

- I'm sorry, okay?
- Don't apologize to me.

I'm not.

I'm-- what
I'm trying to say...

is that 10 years ago,

I did something...

And that when I think about it now,
the person who did that

seems like
a complete stranger to me.

This dumb,
drunk high school senior

who thought she was being prudish...
and needed some coercion.

It was bad. I regret it.

But it was a far cry from rape. And
I don't think she'd call it that either.

What do you think
she'd call it?

- I have no idea.
- What if she called it rape?

Listen to me.

I highly, highly doubt
that she even remembers it.

You remember it.

Yeah, I remember it because
it was a pivotal thing for me.

- Your first rape?
- Don't be an asshole.

Look, just tell me
why it was pivotal for you.

I don't know. It was one
of the first times in my life

that I looked
at myself objectively

and made
a conscious decision

to try to avoid becoming
a certain type of person.

For her it may have been nothing
important one way or the other.

For me, it constituted
something more significant.

Or so you'd like
to think.

Why are you suddenly
so high and mighty?

I'm not high and mighty.

I'm too high
to be high and mighty.

Besides, I'm just a lowly,

boxer-wearing scum
of the earth, right?

- You said it.
- No, actually you did.

- I didn't mean it like that.
- How did you mean it?

That you should change
your life a little.

- This coming from a rapist.
- You're an idiot.

I'm sorry. This coming
from a low-budget film maker

who makes movies about,
"Where society is possibly headed

if he could just forget about
the date rape he didn't kind of do."

You're seriously

No, actually,
I am high and mighty.

I was wrong before.

Look, what do you
want me to say?

- I'm sorry.
- Stop apologizing to me.

I'm not!
I'm apologizing in general.

It's something
I wish hadn't happened.

I don't think
I'm an evil person.

No one's saying
you're evil.

It sure as hell
feels like it.

Do you think
you're evil?


So then, you're not evil.
I'm the evil one.

You're the morally conscious



- All right, can we stop now?
- Totally.

Thank you.


I just think
you should call her.

- I am not going to call her.
- Why not? You should.

Just stop, okay?

To call her now would be
to trivialize the entire thing.

I mean, what do I say?
"Oh, hey, how's it going?

How's your life?
Oh, by the way,

sorry about
the date rape 10 years ago."

So you did date rape her?

No, I didn't.

What did you do?

I coerced her
to have sex with me.



You verbally
coerced her?

Yeah, by applying

linguistic pressure,

I persuaded her
to have sex with me.


And then,
things got rough?

No, things got rough
in that, after a while,

they became
aggressively playful.

They did?

We did.

Meaning what?

Meaning that I probably thought
I was still being playful,

but others might interpret
my actions as being...

- rough.
- I.e., rape.

No. Rough.

Look, John...

only you two
know what happened.

So only you two can
interpret your actions.

So why don't you just
tell me the facts

- and interpret them later?
- I am telling you,

I argued her into it.

You're fucking lying.

- What is your problem?
- I just don't know

how you can sit there
with your oldest friend...

- and continually tell lies.
- Okay, Vince,

what makes you
think I'm lying?

Because only you
would come up with

linguistic pressure."

Okay? That's not
a normal expression.

That is a sign of "excessive
bullshit," all right?

If you had really done only that,
you'd be more specific.

You'd said you told her
if she didn't put out,

you'd tell
everybody she had VD,

or smelled bad,
or had a penis,

or any of the normal
things that guys say.

But instead, you come up
with your typical crap,

which sounds...
mature, all right,

but contains nothing.

And it's bullshit,

because the reason why
you are where you are today...

is because you always insist
on getting things your way.

That is what
you're good at.

So why don't you own up
and admit what you did?

Vince, fuck off.

Fine, I'll call her.

- Don't do that.
- Why not?

John: Because
I would like you not to.

- Why not?
- Vince. Vince!

You've already
made your point.

- What's my point?
- Your point is that...

nobody's perfect,
including me,

so it offends you when I tell you
how you should live your life.

That's not my point.

- It should be.
- Well, it's not.

- Why not?
- 'Cause I haven't got to my point yet.

All right.

So get to it.

Maybe I don't have one.

Then I'm gonna leave.

- Wrong.
- Right.

Admit it.

- Admit what?!
- Admit what you did to Amy.

- What makes you think I did something?
- Because I know.

- How?
- Cause she told me.

- Told you what?
- What you did.

- What did she say?
- What?

- What did she say?
- Nothing.

It was obvious, so
just tell me what you did

- and I'll let you go.
- Would you stop being a dick?

- Tell me what you did.
- Why do you care?

- 'Cause I want to hear it.
- What would that change?

- I don't know.
- So why does it matter?

We know
I did something wrong.

- So tell me what you did.
- I pinned her arms back

and stuck
my dick in, okay?

For Christ's fucking sakes,
shit happens!

I already said
I'm sorry.

Thank you.

- What did you just do?
- Taped our conversation.


Wanted to make sure
I heard you right.

Tape: So tell me
what you did!

I pinned her arms back and
stuck my dick in, okay?

For Christ's fucking sakes,
shit happens!...

Whoo... you're right.

You know? You are
a completely different person.

I can't believe
you just did that.


You're mad?

- How could you do something like that?
- Like what?

- I'm not messing around, Vince!
- No, what?

It offends you?

It offends me
fucking immensely.


I-- I'm--

All I'm doing is suggest
you call up and apologize

for the actions of
a drunk high school senior.

You know that you just ended
our friendship.

Come on, man. It's a cheap
little tape recorder.

- It's K-Mart.
- Why did you do that?

- I'm trying to make a point.
- Which is what?

- There's something wrong here.
- What? Where? With you and I?

And everyone else.

So, okay, what is it?

Do you think everyone
should call up

and apologize for things
they've done wrong in their lives?

I don't know. Yeah.

You honestly think
that would help?

You don't think it'd just
end up being a bunch of...

hypocrites wandering around,
raping people,

and then
apologizing later?

- You got a better idea?
- Yeah. Not do it next time.

- That's it, huh?
- Yeah.

- You don't think she'd want that?
- Want what?

The tape.

Why would she want that?

To know
that you admitted it.

- Vince.
- What?

John: Look... I doubt
she remembers it happening.

Well, then she might
want to be reminded.


Because if you pinned my arms back
and fucked me without permission...

I'd want to be reminded.

Don't talk like that.

That's what you said, right?
That's what's on the tape.

- This is ridiculous!
- Why?

Because my apologizing now
won't make any difference to her.

She's probably dealt with
the whole issue and moved on.

All right.
Maybe she has.

But if you're such a different guy
than you were 10 years ago,

technically you shouldn't
mind apologizing

for something that
the real you didn't even do.

Now, on the other hand,

if you still are the kind of guy
who would do something like that,

then I understand
you don't want to apologize.

You wouldn't want to come across
like a hypocrite.

Give me the tape, Vince.

No way.

- Why not?
- Because,

as you imply to me
on a daily fucking basis

whenever we spend
the day together,

I wouldn't have
the guts to tell her

all the interesting
tidbits of information

that this tape
herewith contains.

It'll be much easier
to simply hand it to her.

If I even have
the guts to do that.

[ laughing ]

You know something?

I don't really think
I'm hungry.

I think
I'm gonna skip dinner.

You won't give her
that tape.

It's hard to say.

Will you stop being
a dick, Vince?!

I'm sorry, did you want
to do that line?

- What will you do with the tape?
- Here's what I was thinking.

I was thinking about
adapting it into a movie.

Maybe you could
help me with this,

and maybe I could have
the world premiere

at next year's
Lansing Festival.

I'm totally psyched!

Listen, really
you should get going.

I'll just tell her
you said hi.

- What are you talking about?
- I don't know. Shit.

- She'll be calling at any minute.
- Why?

She said
she'd call at 8:00.

Wait a minute.

I thought you said
you didn't call her.

I said I thought
about calling her.

And then, you see,
I actually did,

and it's cool.
We're hooking up for dinner.

you should get going.

I probably won't go through
with this whole thing.

Unless she sees
the tape sitting there

and we're talking

and she keeps pestering me
about what's on it.

[ phone ringing ]


Hey, Amy. How are you?

You still up
for some chow? Cool.

Hey, did I tell you
why I was out here?

Yeah, right,
the film festival.

But the reason
for that is--

you remember
John Salter, right?

Yeah, yeah.

Well, he actually
made a movie

that's being shown
as part of the festival.

Yeah, and I'm out here
for that.

He's out here too.
He's over at the Radisson.

11th floor,
overlooking the park. Yeah.

Yeah, I don't know
how you want to work this

because I'm over here
at the Motor Palace on Saginaw.



Cool. Cool.

Uh-huh. Well,

you know, the thing is
I don't have wheels, so...


that would be great.

'Cause if you want
to just come here

and then we'll just
take it from there.

And you know
where it is?

Oh, wow.

Well, terrific. Then
I'll see you in a few, right?

Yeah, it's room 19.

19, right.

Yeah, yeah, me too.

All right.

Okay. Bye-bye.

Dude, do you think
I could borrow a few bucks?


why are you doing this?


at first,

it was a moral crusade,

but now...

I don't know, except for
that you don't want me to.

And that's worth more
than our entire friendship?

John, come on.

I highly doubt if I weren't
one of your oldest friends,

I would even possess the power
to make you think twice

about something like this.

That's assuming
you are thinking twice.

There are better ways to go
about making someone do that.

How? Convincing him with
a really good argument?

Applying excessive
linguistic pressure?


I'm not a very
moral guy, John.

Much less a...

highly articulate
poet-filmmaker, all right?

I can barely pay my rent,
much less

convince somebody like you
to stop being an asshole.

No one's asking you
to be articulate, Vince.

You pick what is potentially
the most important weekend of my life

to bring up something I haven't
thought about in 10 years!

Yeah. I guess so.

So, are you staying?

Give me the tape, Vince.



- Just give me the tape.
- Why?

it doesn't belong to you.

I bought it...

at K-Mart.

What's on it
doesn't belong to you.

Bullshit, all right?

I had to be like Aldrich fucking
Ames to make this tape.

This is the most
planned out thing

I've done
in my whole life. No.

It's mine, Vince.

I'm going to give it to you,
you're gonna destroy it.

No, I'm not.

What will you do with it?
Put it in your closet

and not think about it
for another 10 years?

You know, where did you get
this whole self-righteous thing?

It's not like you
to have a spine.

What can I say?


am a fireman.

I'm not leaving
until you give it up.

Fine, stay as long as you want.
Just don't touch my coke.

Tell me something.

Have you ever done anything
you regretted?


You have.
That you never apologized for?

Um hmm.


why are you doing this?

It must be...

that I have guilt,
all right,

for all the things
I never apologized for...

and that I'm taking it
out on you.

so then it's irrational.

Yeah, I agree.

So give me the tape.

No fucking way.

You know something? I wasn't going
to give her the tape at all,

except now, with the way
that you're acting,

it's like
I have no choice.

[ Vince chuckling ]

Listen, you should
really get going.

She called me from her cell.
She's a couple of minutes away.

Okay, that's it.

Give me the tape, Vince.

- Uh... no.
- Vince!

- What?
- Give me the tape.

Feel free
to leave at anytime.

Stop being
a dick, Vince.

I won't take get
in your way this time.

- Vincent!
- Vincent!

Vince: Get off me!

[ knocking on door ]

Hey, Amy.

- Hi, Vincent.
- Wow! You look good.

You too.

It's nothing.

Hey, you'll never guess
who stopped by.

Hey, John?


Look who's here.


- John.
- Hey, Amy.

Oh, sorry.

Vince: I'm so sorry.
Are you all right? Excuse me.

- Quite the reunion.
- Yeah.

He just swung by
to say hi.

I haven't seen you in...

- Since high school, probably.
- Amy: Yeah. Yeah.

- I saw you at Tracy's.
- That's right.

What was that,
about like five years ago?


I couldn't make it that time.

That's right.
You were in grad school, right?

Yeah, USC.

- Amy: For film?
- Uh-huh.


I mean, the Lansing Film Festival.
That's great.

that's why I'm here.

- Vincent told me.
- Oh, right.

- Yeah.
- [ Vince chuckles ]

Vince: Wow!

- Great to see you.
- You too, you too.


I think I'm going to wait
outside for you.


It's just that, umm...
I didn't lock my car so...

Oh, no, what is it?
Is it the black one right there?

- Yeah.
- It'll be fine.

Just sit and let's hang out,
just for a second.

Come on.

Sit down.
Let's hang for a minute.





- It's good to see you, Amy.
- You too.

What are you doing here,
in Lansing, Michigan?

I guess I like it.

It's kind of mellow.


You know, I went to school
in Ann Arbor.

That's right, that's right.

- So I decided to stay on.
- I admire that.

Vince told me, uhh...
what kind of law is it?

I'm an assistant
district attorney.

- Right. That's cool.
- Amy: I like it a lot.



It's a pretty good job.

So, you like, what?

You basically
prosecute criminals?


Somebody's got to do it.


So, Vincent...
what are you up to?

- Me?
- Yeah.

Not much.

I couldn't believe you just called me
out of the blue this morning.


No, no, I actually love it
when people do that.

- Really?
- Yeah, no, no.

I don't have the courage
to do that kind of thing,

and it just...

I just figured,
what the hell? You know?

But you could've easily
not done it.

Not done what?

Well, not called.
Most people don't.

- That's true.
- It is true.

- Like... John.
- [ Amy giggles ]

I didn't know
you lived out here.

And if you had?

I'm probably one of those people
who don't have the courage.

You think?

It's hard to say.

Amy: It is.
I mean, it is hard.

Half the time
it's not even worth it.

People change.

They end up having nothing
to say to each other,

even if they were
best friends the year before.

I'm glad you're not fat.

- Is that right?
- Vince: Yeah.

You should've seen me
in college.

A big girl, huh?


Well, me too.

Amy: Probably
for different reasons.

Vince: Uh-unh.

- You didn't answer my question.
- Which one?

What are you doing
these days?

I live in California.

Amy: Where?



Yeah, yeah.

I'm a...
a firefighter.

Are you serious?

I'm totally serious.

- That's really cool.
- Vince: Yeah.

- It keeps me busy.
- I'm sure.

A lot of fires in Oakland?



I should get going.

Wait, I thought we were going
to have dinner.

No, I never said that.

[ chuckles ]

Okay, but why don't you?

I can't, I gotta get
some sleep for tomorrow.

No you don't.

Yeah, actually I do.

Dude, they are showing
your movie!

It's not like you're running
a marathon.

I know, but--

Plus it's not showing
till 2:00 in the afternoon.

Vince, I've got some meetings
in the morning.

God, you haven't changed a bit,
have you?


I remember you doing the same
thing when we were dating.

What do you mean?

Putting pressure on people
to follow whatever schedule

you've already made up
in your mind.

That's not true.

Yeah, it is,
but it's nice.

No, it's like you...

it's like he stays up the night
before thinking for hours

how the next day's
gonna go

and how he just wants
people to partake

in his vision.

- That's not true.
- Okay.

- John can do whatever he wants.
- I know.

I'm suggesting he join us
for dinner.

- Why?
- Because I'm sentimental.

I like it when old friends
get together.

Is that so wrong?
It makes me feel...

you know, warm.

Well maybe John
doesn't feel like it.

Yeah, well,
I know that he doesn't,

because he doesn't have
the courage.

It's like you said,
he lets things go.

I didn't mean him

Well, you should have.
He always does that.

Does what?

Lets things go.

Buddy, come on.

If you saw your mom
walking down the street,

you would cross
to the other side.

I think maybe next time, save
the drugs for after dinner.

- Are you high, Vincent?
- I'm just--

you know-- a bit.

Have you been smoking pot
since high school?

Hey, same as drinking.

Yeah, but
you still drink?

your point?

I'm just saying you should
be more careful.

- Is it "Lecture Vince Night"?
- Who's lecturing you?

You are just
a little bit. He was.

I'm waiting for the Motor Palace guy
to come in here next.

It's only because
I care about you.

You haven't seen me
in five years.

You were
my first boyfriend.

It's inevitable.
You could turn into...

you know, a dirty old bum
and I'd still care.


Of course. It's just
one of those things.

Do you want
to get married?

- I can't right now.
- Why not?

I have a boyfriend.

- Who is he?
- He's the District Attorney.

Oh God,
that is so typical.

- Typical. Why?
- It just is.

Well, if it doesn't work out,
I'll give you a call in Oakland.

Yeah right.

So I should
really get going.

Why don't you
give him a lecture?

- On what?
- I don't know.

Taking better care
of himself.

He looks like
he's doing okay to me.

It was good to see you
again, Amy.

You too.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

- Vincent!
- What?

No, no, he can't get
out of here just like that.

- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Bullshit.

- What?
- I have to go.

No. Listen, Amy...

It was really good
of you to say that.

You know, because
I always thought that...

that John
was your first love.

I realize you guys didn't date
much in high school, but...

I assumed even though
I didn't know then,

that when you guys got together
at the end of senior year,

I always assumed
that was like some kind of...

you know, long-awaited love affair
that was bound to happen.

Am I characterizing
it correctly?

I don't think anyone would call it
a long-awaited love affair.

What would you call it?

I'd call it us getting together
at the end of senior year.

Oh, maybe I was
just jealous. You know?


I mean, you know...

I always wanted to be
your first... boyfriend.

You were.

Yeah, I know, but...

You know what I mean.

I know I shouldn't care
about things like that, but...

- like I said, I'm sentimental.
- That's not sentimental.

- What is it?
- It's stupid.

You know something?

I agree with you.
All right, it is.

But I didn't know that
back then. Back then...

you not wanting to have sex
with me was like...

getting disinvited to Christmas
dinner with my grandparents,

which is something that
I'm very sentimental about.

You shouldn't have
taken it personally.

I know, but...

I did.

Especially when you guys ended up
getting together. Literally.

But I guess I blew it
out of proportion.

What are you
talking about?

I'm talking about you and John
getting together

at the end of senior year.
That hurt my feelings at the time.

But according to John,

it was less of a love affair
that was bound to happen

and more like two kids
getting giddy before graduation,

in which case, I really
shouldn't hold a grudge.

Is that what it was?

I would say
it was more of a crush

that never
amounted to much.

For you or for him?

For me.

It doesn't seem like
Amy wants to talk about this.

Why not?

I mean, come on.

We're all mature adults.

Why can't we talk
about a high school crush

- that happened 10 years ago?
- Fine, then

I'm going to let you two
have this discussion without me.

Before you go, I'm just
curious as to why...

nothing came
of Amy's crush for you.


- Why nothing ever came of it?
- Yeah, I mean,

why didn't it develop
into something more serious?

It was not like you and I
got together afterwards.

Vince: I don't even remember you
dating anyone after that.

At least
not from our school.

Well, I guess
it just didn't work out.

There's no specific
reason for that?

I'm sure there was.


No but.
I'm sure there was.

All right... John,

- why are you so anxious to leave?
- Look...

this is a little
uncomfortable for me.

Okay, it's a little
uncomfortable, so...

- I'd rather leave.
- Fine. I'm here, all right?


Does anyone have anything
they'd like to say to me?


No, thanks.

- Vince?
- Yeah!

I mean, listen.
It's your call, John.

I can't speak for you.

It was good
to see you again, Amy.

That is so
fucking typical!

I got to go.

- Hey, John...
- What?

Can I have that back?

Goodbye, Amy.

Oakland must be
a pretty safe place.


There obviously aren't enough
fires to keep you busy.

What do you mean?

Can you tell me
what that was about?

I wanted to...

find out what happened
between you two.


That night.

I wanted him
to apologize to you.


So that you could hear it.

He admitted it to me.

What did you do?

I got him to admit it.

It's on the tape.

Admit what?

What he did.

He did do it...

didn't he?


That night.

Am I wrong?

He raped you.

Why would that be
any of your business?

- You're missing my point.
- Even if he had,

the last thing
I'd want would be...

a taped confession.

Why not?

Because I'm not
the one who needs it.

What are you
talking about?

I'm not the one
who needs it.

All right, all right,

- who needs it?
- I'll see you later.

Where are you going?

- Home.
- Why?

You don't understand.

I'm trying to do
the right thing.

For whom?

For you.

Is that really
what you mean?

- Yes, it is.
- Because I don't think it is.

- I thought you'd appreciate it.
- Well, I don't.

Why not?

he didn't rape me.


He didn't.

So the only person you're trying
to make feel better...

is yourself.

[ knocking on door ]

Oh Christ.

- Hey.
- John: Hey.

What are you doing?

- I came back.
- Why?

- Because I felt like it.
- Yeah--

Can you give us a couple
minutes in private?

- Are you kidding me?
- I'm serious.

You want me to leave you
alone with her?


- No.
- You can wait outside the door.

No fucking way!

- Why not?
- 'Cause of the whole--

- No!
- I just need two minutes.

- Why?
- I want to tell her something.

- What?
- It's none of your business.

- Yeah, it is.
- Why?

- I'm the one who brought it up.
- Amy: It's all right.

- Yeah, no, it's not.
- Yes, it is.

Well, I don't care, all right?
I'm not leaving.

- I wanted to apologize.
- For what?

- Vince.
- What?

Shut up!

I wanted to apologize.

For what it's worth...


I'm sorry.

I'm really...


truly sorry.

What for?

For what happened between us
in high school.

What happened between us?

I'm talking about what happened
at the end of senior year,

which Vince was trying to get me
to talk about before.

- Hey!
- Before when?

Five minutes ago.

About when you and I got
together in high school?



Tell me again
what happened.

Do you know...

which day
I'm talking about?

The end of senior year.

At Rebecca's party?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.


what are you guys doing?

No, I just--

I'm curious.

I don't want there to be
a communication gap here.

I'm not sure
what I'm supposed to say.

Look, I think you think
you did something to me.

- Yes.
- What do you think you did?



Because this is
very interesting to me.

Do you not think
that something happened?

Of course
something happened.

But are you saying you don't
remember what it was?

Come on, John!

There's some things
one doesn't forget.

I agree.

I'm just wondering how...

you would describe it,
that's all.

the same way as you.

You think?

Look, the whole reason
this thing started

is because Vince
taped this conversation.

- I didn't realize--
- It's fine. I'm just saying,

that's why I'm here.

So, you're here because
Vincent taped you?



- Why?
- Why?

- Because it made me think.
- Oh.

Which is why I came back.

Amy: Good.

So tell me again
what happened?

I think...

I think I raped you.

Oh my God!

No, you didn't rape me.

Yes, I did.

No, you didn't.

Are you trying
to make fun of this?


I know what happened.

- Apparently not.
- Yes, I do.

Says who?

- John: Me!
- Why?

I just admitted it.

On what, on the tape?

- Yeah.
- Amy: What's on it?

It's me confessing
what I did.

- What did you do?
- I just told you.

- That doesn't prove you did it.
- Why not?

If no one's accusing you
of anything,

there's no reason
to confess.

I-- I-- I--

I'm having trouble realizing
what you're doing.

I'm not doing anything.

This is not
an easy thing for me.

You sure about that?

- John?
- What?

You sure you know
what you're saying?

I'm saying what
you wanted me to say.

All right, but...

Are you sure you got
the right girl?

- Jesus!
- She said nothing happened.

- She's lying!
- No, I'm not!

- Amy!
- What?!

- You-- you're mocking this!
- Why would I do that?

I have no idea.

But if you are,
I have better things to do!


I just think we have differing
perceptions of what happened.

I really don't see
how that could be.

Why? Because you decided
you did something?

I did do something.

I say you didn't.

- So then what happened?
- When?


We had sex.

- Amy.
- What?

I'm trying to be honest.

Why now?

Because I haven't
seen you in 10 years.

But why now?


when Vince played back
the tape for me,

it hit me
what I had done.

And if he hadn't
played back the tape?


Would you be saying this?

Probably not.

Or is it just
that I'm here?

- What do you mean?
- If I lived in Alaska,

would you have
sought me out?

- I don't really know.
- You should look into that.


Maybe you were
jealous of Vincent.

Does that make me
sound conceited?

- A bit.
- Why?

I loved you.

I did.

I was totally in love
with you that night.

Did you love me?


Then why were you
with me?

I'm not sure.

Maybe it's the same reason
you came back to apologize.

- Which is what?
- You like pissing Vincent off.

Why would it piss him off
if it's what he wanted?

Because he's confused.


It's never too late to one-up
your best friend by telling him

that you raped the love
of his life in high school.

Especially if you can do it
in front of her.

- That's very good.
- You think I'm like that?

Oh, I don't know.

I have a poor record
of judging you accurately.

Maybe you came back
to get the last word.

You didn't like
what you'd said,

so you came back and phrased it
a little more eloquently.

The reason I came back
is to apologize!

Which I can assure you
is not at all disingenuous.

I honestly am sorry.

Why? Because you had
your hand over my mouth?


John, I let
everybody do that.

Can you please
just tell me the truth?

I am.

Where are you going?

- I should leave.
- Why?

Because no matter
what I say,

- there's nowhere for this to go.
- No,

you just want the last word.
And you know what?

- It's not yours to have.
- Would you guys figure out

what the fuck
you're talking about?

Vince, I don't know.

She's in denial.

- Amy?
- What?

Whatever gave you the idea
that something happened?

- At Rebecca's?
- Yeah!

I just--

I thought that later, that's
what you were trying to tell me.


Because why else would you
be sleeping with John

when you were supposed
to be dating me?

You and I
had already broken up.

Yeah, but we hadn't even
slept together.

- So why would you be with him?
- It's none of your business.

Vince: Okay, fine,
but it's partly why...

- I thought something happened.
- You mean,

if I wasn't
sleeping with you,

why would I be sleeping
with someone else?


I guess.

I thought
something like that.

I'm going to go.

maybe I'll see you
tomorrow. Amy,

I'm truly sorry.

I'm sorry you're not in a place
where you can hear that.

- I hope you have a good life.
- Why did you just say that?

- Say what?
- I'm not in a place

where I can hear that.

Because you don't seem
to realize I'm serious.

I don't know how else
to put this.

And if it really were
no big deal for you,

it was for me.

And I want you to know
that I'm sorry it happened.

Well, you should be.

I hope you die for it
and go to hell.

And if there's no hell, I hope you
suffer on your way to death.

My hope is that your last
living sensation

be that of a steel rod
being shoved

up your insides,

so that it batters your heart
and punctures your stomach.

Is that along the lines
of what you wanted?

Amy: Uh?

I don't know what
you want me to say to you.


So was I right?

[ coughing ]


This is Amy Randall
from the DA's office.

Could you please
dispatch a squad car

over to the Motor Palace
on Saginaw, room 19?

There appears to be
a significant amount

of illegal
substance in the room.

Amy: Uh-huh.

It appears to be cocaine.


Yes. Could you also
please run a check

on one of
the two gentlemen here?

Mr. John Salter.

S, as in Sally, A-L-T-E-R.

Possible history
of sexual misconduct,

including a verified first
degree CSC 10 years prior.




Thank you.

You two can make a run
for it if you'd like.

Did you really
just do that?

The average response time
in Lansing is four minutes.

One of the top departments
in the country.

Why does this
have to be like this?

Because if you're
truly repentant,

then you should be willing
to pay the price.

Why can't you just accept
the fact that I'm sorry?

It does me no good.

- Is that my fault?
- No.

It's just the way it is.

But I'm the one who has to run out
of here like a criminal?

- That's up to you.
- Because I'm not going to.

Is that
because you think

the statute of limitations
has run out?

I have no idea.

There is none for
a sexual misconduct felony.

Just to let you know.

All right, listen.

I don't feel like getting busted
for a couple of lines.

Then I'll see you later.

Amy: Just do me a favor
and leave that tape behind.

So I can give it to Officer
Friendly when he gets here.

You want me
to give you the tape?


Amy: You don't need
his permission.

I feel like I do.

You didn't need
his permission to make it,

so why do you
need it now?



Well, I guess I'll just
have to stay here

- and tell them myself.
- Oh Jesus!

Vince: Dude, it might be in
your best interest to come with me.

I'm staying.

Vince: Why?

If this is the only way
she knows how to deal with this,

- then this is what should happen.
- What about me?

What about you?

I didn't really do
anything wrong!

You're in possession of
an illegal substance.

I was just trying
to blow off a little steam.

You should have
blown it off with beer.

I did!

I was just trying
to blow it off a little extra.

John: You'd better go.
They're on their way.

Come with me.


Don't be an idiot,
all right?

They will arrest you.

All right,
is this really what you want?

John's a big boy.

He can make
his own decisions.

All right, fine, fuck it.

- Hey, I'm out of here.
- John: Thanks, Vince.



- For what?
- For all your honesty.

what does that mean?


I'll see you later.

No! Fuck!

Fuck! God!


Did you really
call the police?


Oh Jesus Christ!


Why did you do that?!

I felt like it.

You are so fucked up!!


What did you expect?


but do you have any idea
how much those cost?

There'll be other drugs.

I know.

But I--

I really liked those ones.

Good luck tomorrow.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Goodbye, Vincent.

Vince: Goodbye, Amy.

- It was good to see--
- [ door closes ]

I'm sorry

So sorry

That I was such a fool

I didn't know

Love could be so cruel

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh yes

You tell me


Are part of being young

But that don't right

The wrong that's been done

I'm sorry
I'm sorry

So sorry
So sorry

Please accept

My apology

But love is blind

And I was too blind

To see

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh yes

You tell me


Are part of being young

But that don't right

The wrong that's been done

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh yes

I'm sorry

So sorry

Please accept

My apology

But love was blind

And I was too blind

To see