Tango (1993) - full transcript

Vincent, a stunt pilot, is acquitted of murdering his wife and her lover. However, a few years later, L'Elegant, the Judge in the case, comes to blackmail him. The Judge's nephew, Paul, is having trouble with his wife and they demand that Vincent kill her. The Judge, a confirmed bachelor, takes Paul and Vincent on the road to search for Paul's wife Marie. The three men get on well together, and spend their time discussing their relationship with women.

Clear off, idiot!

Get it up!

See? It's easy

You're crazy. Are you blind?

Moron! Cretin!

You're out of yourtiny mind

Turn that damn music off

You're an arsehole

Vincent, don't push me too far

All I ask is a bit of courtesy

Show some respect, or else

Clearly respect is Greek to you

It won't go in yourthick skull

Look at me

M. Lefort? I didn't see you

You look well

What a lovely day

Watch out, I'm starting up

That bastard

He's sick, plain sick

Is it only to annoy me or
does it amuse him?

I'm coming

Don't. Not yet

Hell, it's good

When's your husband back?

He's up there, we're safe

- It's me
- I know. I heard you

- Having a bath?
- I felt sticky

There's a funny smell in here

Really? What kind of smell?

That's odd, it's like sperm

Ah, I know

It's that new floor polish

Just you and me, great isn't it?

Yes, it's wonderful

Look at this landscape

You should see it from the air

I often think of you up there

Me too, I often think of you

I try to imagine you.
If you're bored?

Me bored? Never.
No, I'm always busy

Good, I'd hate you to be bored

My love


It's not him

It's not Vincent's writing

You said he didn't suspect

Yes, but now I'm scared

I swear, he tried to kill me

I think I'd better disappear.
I won't phone you either

What d'you mean "chicken"?
I can't risk my life for a f...

"Hail Mary, full of grace.
Blessed art thou among women"

Oh my God

"Happy anniversary, my love.
Meet me at the airfield

"I've a surprise.
Love you, Vincent"

Darling, please forgive me

- What d'you mean?
- Let me explain

Explain what? That I've become
a workaholic?

Blind to his wife's needs?

Is that what you want to say?
No need to, H?l?ne. I know

It's I who should apologize.
But I'm going to change

You won't recognize me

It's ourwedding anniversary.
I'll take you up for a spin

I'll show you something new

Look, my love. Our house

You've never seen this view

Isn't it beautiful?

To celebrate our anniversary,
we'll loop the loop

It's fun

I've cut your seat-belt

When we're upside down,
out you go

Not cross?

I loved you so much

Goodbye, my love

Is Vincent Baraduc guilty
or not guilty...

...of killing Mariano Escobar
in a car crash?

The jury finds him not guilty

Is Vincent Baraduc guilty
or not guilty...

...of killing H?l?ne Baraduc,
his wife?

The jury finds him not guilty

Consequently, Vincent Baraduc,
you're a free man

No "buts". You're free, old chap.
It's as simple as that

Thanks for not wearing a bra

When a woman's not wearing one,
you can imagine her naked

It's very arousing, believe me

But when she's undressing,
it's best if she wears one

So she's not naked too soon

It prolongs the pleasure. See?

Just imagine the thrill...

...of slipping a bra strap
over a bronzed shoulder...

...or solving the puzzle of
a new fastener

They make such gorgeous things
nowadays in ladies' lingerie

I've a confession to make

I can't resist women who wear
'Jicky' perfume

- Even if they're ugly?
- That's what's incredible

Women who wear 'Jicky'
are never ugly

When I met my wife, for example.
One whiff, and I was in love

You're married?

It's awful. I'm here with you,
yet I still love my wife

But looking at you, I wish
I were a widower

Yes, life would be simpler if
she were run over by a bus

See the problem?

Monsieur, yourwife has been
run over by a bus

82 francs. Can I settle up?


Hello, dear. Had a good day?

Marie, for God's sake.
This is serious

No, it's not serious.
I'm not in love

Sorry, let me introduce you.
Paul, my husband. Monsieur...?

Monsieur Gora brought me home
in his taxi

- You can't do this
- I can, because I am

You're just doing it
to hurt me

Yes, just to hurt you.
It's my turn

Stop it

Stop it, please

Paul, imagine going into
a tea-room

lmagine seeing me with a stranger,
fondling his fly and saying:

"How divine, no underpants

"And yet, it's so arousing
taking off a man's pants"

What would you do? Sit down
at ourtable, smiling

And order a cup of tea?

Ah, I get it now.
I hardly know that girl

- I've not even fucked her
- Pity. Lots of others, I bet

Forgive me, Marie.
I'm a full-time creep

I only realize how much I need you
when I'm with anotherwoman

Forgive me

I'm leaving. I'm sick of this

Don't go. Don't spoil things

I've forgiven you 100 times

I'm tired. I've had enough

Sorry we didn't finish

Goodbye, Paul

God, what a fool I am

If you don't mind, I'll be off.
You don't need me now

Good riddance!

About time too, Marie

I can breathe again. Thanks

That's right, you tell her.
Women are bitches or nymphos

Take yourwife, for example

She hails my cab,
she brings me here

She doesn't ask my name,
or offer me a drink

And the end result?
What a let-down

Listen. Normally, I'm a
quiet sort of bloke

But right now, I'm pissed off,
exceedingly pissed off

So, do me a favour

Go home to your monkey house
and be nice to your family. OK?


It's me

There you are, silly

So, had a good day?

Bored all alone, aren't you?

Fine. You sit and sulk.
I'll make dinner

And when I say "dinner"
I mean dinner


Did you iron my shirts?

Only joking, I know it's not
your job

Let's see what's on TV

Never lift a finger, do you?

Still, that's how I like you.
Sweet and silent

If I belch and fart,
you don't complain

Nor if I forget to put on
my slippers

I put my feet on the table,
forget the shopping...

...stay in bed till noon...

...go to the Motor Show,
smile at married women...

...and you never rant and rave,
or make snide remarks

You leave me in peace

I do the same for you

You're a great girl

I dreamed of being single.
No ties. Free to do as I like

But she's been gone a month and
I've no desire to do anything

It's always like that

But people get over lovers' tiffs

Not this one. I can't forget her,
I'm obsessed

She's always on my mind

She's more present than ever

Some days I wish her dead

You said it, not me

- Sure it's here?
- Yes

- You do the talking
- If you like

- He may tell us to get lost
- I doubt it

Like the cut?

- The cut? D'you like it?
- Fine

In court they call me Elegance

That him?


It's fishy

Really? Why's that?

He has no line


I don't trust him

Paul, you're nice but spineless

I hope you never find
a four-leaf clover

Hello. Any luck?

My name's Fran?ois de Nemours.
But people call me Elegance

- I'm Paul, his nephew
- Bully for you

- Remember me?
- Should I?

Well, you might. But we're not
here to test your memory

We're here with a job offer

- I'm retired
- I know

This is a job you can't refuse

Killing this man's wife

What do you think?

Frankly, I think nothing

Or rather, that you're crazy
and I'm normal

So, you loonies take a walk,
while we normal folk fish

- Without a line?
- That's right, without a line

Fish don't bug me, I don't bug them.
Life's easierthat way

Forgive me insisting but you're
missing the point

What we said was, it's a job
you can't refuse

So, I repeat my uncle's question.
What d'you think?

I'm cold, let's go in

I show you my wife, you kill her,
you come back, everyone's happy

- Where's the problem?
- I'm not a hit-man

We know. That's why we're not
paying you

- What will make me?
- Not much. Close your eyes

Look. Imagine you're in
a time machine

"Is Vincent Baraduc guilty
of killing his wife H?l?ne?

"The jury finds him not guilty.
Vincent Baraduc, you're free"

- Ring a bell, pal?
- We're pals?

We soon will be.
Why waste time?

When you stood trial for killing
yourwife and her lover...

...I slightly misled the jury
so you would be acquitted

- I sat on some experts' reports
- Why?

In my book, wife-killing
isn't really murder

And I thought one day I might
need a guy like you

And today's the day!

If you refuse,
I order a retrial

In common parlance...

We have you by the goolies

Those reports prove you guilty,
so if I dig them out...

Oops, twenty years in jail

What d'you say?

Got a photo of yourwife?

Damn, she's beautiful

That doesn't help

She'll be there

Yes, women always run home
to their mums

- Been to Valence?
- No

It's charming. See, we even
take you sightseeing

You really can't complain

You're quiet

Living alone shrinks your vocab

You're not alone now. We're here

Listen, we really like you

You sulking will spoil the trip

Want a sweet? Strawberry, lemon,

- Whatever... pineapple
- Good choice

Trouble is, the lemon paper looks
the same, and I hate lemon

Got any other music?

I only like this

Sensual, isn't it?

And fatalistic

Does it have to be so loud?

Yes, the volume knob's bust

What the hell's that?

What happened?

We're lucky to be alive

Why kill yourwife?

She stops me living

I was married forten years,
now I want play

But I can't. You're free of

No questions asked

I want the same. No questions

That's stupid.
All women stop men living

If everyone did like you,
there'd be no pussy left

We don't say kill them all

Just the ones who bother us

The ones we're fool enough
to live with

You're in no position to argue

I don't count, I've never
been married

- Never had sex?
- 'Course. That's not the same

My grandpa said "A good hand job
beats a bad marriage"

He mimed it as he spoke

It made my grandma cry,
but I thought he was right

How can we help wondering if
they're wearing bras?

Or admiring a pretty bum
in a summer skirt?

Can I help it if women
wear perfume?

With Marie...

- My wife's name was Marie
- "Was"? She's not dead

In my mind you've killed her

Marie and I had some great times,
but I rememberthe bad ones

One shitty minute blots out
a week's joy

A bit of friction degenerates
into an argument

They watch us, smiling,
waiting for mistakes

Like refs with a yellow card

Women are just a pain in the arse

I disagree. I adore all women

As long as we don't live with them

Just look at that couple

What did he do to deserve her?

He had friends, life was good

She spread her legs, and he traded
his life for a moment's pleasure

It's obvious. Men and women
weren't made to live together

We try, we hope

But we're made for a quick
wham, bam and goodbye...

...before we get hooked

The joke is everybody knows it

Look at your parents, friends

But everyone thinks they can
beat the odds

That's how couples get married
and end up hating each other

You know how to depress a guy

The worst thing is, I agree

Of course you do. Look at them

With three kids, he's had it.
No more escape, no more fun

And those two have bickered for
150 years without giving an inch

See that little twit there

Panting afterthe waitress because
she wiggled her bum at him

That one there interests me

A nice girl stuck with a creep

lmagine a lifetime with him

He'll have affairs with sluts...

...just to prove something...

...while he has a treasure at home

Look at his hands. Pig hands

How many fannies has he groped?


Don't exaggerate

You'd have her pulling a gun and
shooting her pig dead, that it?

Once, ages ago, although it...


Paul, the car

Vincent, the girl. Nobody move

Ladies and gentlemen. I'm a judge.
It was self-defence

You saw and heard nothing.
It's a bad dream

Step on it

The volume knob's broken

Tango's fatalistic, isn't it?

Like a sweet?

Take one. The pineapple...

...is delicious

Here's a joke

Look at us three

A is going to kill B's wife
underthe kindly eye of C

Guess who's the killer?
And who'll be the widower?

Why kill anyone's wife?

I can't forget her

They asked me to do it

You're a killer?

No more than you are

See? We've that in common

My name's Madeleine

Pretty name, Madeleine.
It suits you

- Was he your husband?
- Yes

- Know what the law says?
- Not exactly, but I can guess

- Are you afraid?
- Yes, a bit

My husband didn't exist for me.
Shooting a ghost isn't a crime

Why did a girl like you marry
a guy like that?

Maybe because I was bored.
He sometimes made me laugh

He didn't always drink beer,
he weighed 20 kilos less

Then one day, eating fish fingers,
you take out a gun and kill him

Why today?

What good's a man who doesn't
want children?

Can I ask you a favour?

Will one of you make me pregnant?

I'm ovulating today

He's stupid. He'll never even
see the baby

- Are you jealous?
- Not at all

I imagine them behind a bush

Her, thighs wide, smiling

Him, going in and out, white bum
bobbing in the grass...

...fondling her breasts

I couldn't have fucked her

How d'you get a girl pregnant
with yourwife on your back?

He does as he pleases.
I can't. It pisses me off

Thank you

- All right?
- Yes, it's been ages

How d'you know it'll work?

You don't know till you try

Once, ages ago, although it
feels like yesterday...

...I hosted a dinnerwith all the
women I'd loved but nevertold

Some knew each other, but none
knew why they were there

I explained that at some point
I'd loved each one of them

But I hadn't told them for
fear of ruining my life

Most, being unhappily married,
fully understood

I looked them all over.
Frankly, I had no regrets

- Did you leave yourwife?
- No, she left me last month

So why kill her if she's
off your back?

She's right

No, I can't bear her being alive
without me

She may be having fun, she's with
another man... maybe several

You don't understand

I understand perfectly.
You still love yourwife

So? I hate it when she's there.
When she's gone, I miss her

At least when she's dead...

Sensual music, isn't it?

You dance well for a misogynist

Who says I'm a misogynist?

I love women, I don't want
to live with one

Why not?

Maybe I'm afraid I won't make
the grade. Who knows?

So, how shall I kill her?

Yourwife, how shall I do it?

Search me. I've no idea

Neither have I. You're the client.
You choose

What do I do? Strangle her?

Stab her in the guts?


Set her alight?

Well? Decapitate her?


You're depressing me

Tell me, will this kill a woman
at point-blank range?

We'll take it. How much?

No ammo?

Yes, you're right.
The necessary, please

I fish without a line so I shoot
without bullets, eh?

Skip the gift wrap.
It's for now

Don't mind him. He's like that.
Bit of a joker

Goodbye, Vincent

Like it?

I'm staying here

I got a job in the dress shop
where I bought this

With luck, I'll be forgotten

Not by everybody

Not everybody

Madeleine's going. She's bored.
She'd rather sell dresses

- We'll miss her
- So soon?

You dance well. We could've tried
foxtrot, paso doble, bossa nova

Well, let's say goodbye and
skip the platitudes

Thanks for everything

- Will I know if you're pregnant?
- No, it'll be my secret

Goodbye, Madeleine.
And stay away from creeps


Step on it

Quick, I'm weakening

Prevention is betterthan cure

Hello, I'm a friend of Marie.
I was in the area...

...so I was wondering if...

If Paul sent you, tell that shitface
to deliver his own messages

No offence...

...but if he's a friend...

...I don't envy you


- Did you like Marie's mum?
- Very much. Why?

Nothing. She likes you too.
But yourwife's not there

- Where is she?
- Too far for us to find

Nice meeting you. I'm off home.
You should go too

Want to see your file?
It's fascinating

20 years, minimum

If I'm on form, it'd be 30.
30 years at your age...

- You're bluffing
- Think so?

I wouldn't risk it. We still
have you by the goolies

We agreed to kill my nephew's
wife, and we'll do it

She's a million miles away

Why bother finding her?
She's gone for good

- She ditched you. Forget her
- No way

A living wife, wherever she is,
is always a threat

So, where is she?

In Africa with
'"M?decins Sans Fronti?res'"

The bitch!

She's screwing a doc

Well, you know what they say

"Doctors Without Borders.
Nurses without knickers"

So the three of us set off,
bound for Africa

North orSouth?
We didn't care

Trouble was, ever since I
lost my wife looping the loop...

... I swore I'd never again
get in a plane

It seems ludicrous driving down
to Africa in a station wagon

Were we in so little hurry to kill
Paul's wife? Perhaps

The truth was we got on well

We didn't want to break up
too soon

It was like a holiday

Days without schedules,
silence without nagging...

... vulgarity without guilt...

... the promise of good times,
without women

We haven't come very far

What's the rush? In a hurry
to be widowed?

What a waste. That waitress

What a waste

An angel

I knew a place where the waitress
was the owner's wife

One day he asked her not to wear
any knickers

It turned him on thinking of her
waiting on tables like that

Somehow the word got out and
the restaurant was packed

She was a beauty and the thought
of her bare bum turned us on, too

Funny, eh?

D'you think she does the same?

- Men are one-track minded
- Aren't you?

Of course, that's how I know
men are one-track minded

Sandrine, stop driving me crazy

You know my name?

You're really called Sandrine?
I've never been so moved

Think of all those bedrooms.
Mine's 212. Will you come?


My cat's called Sandrine.
She's pretty too

Thank you

- I don't think she'll come
- Why not?

You didn't do it right

Did you sleep around?

A bit. Actually... not much

- But when she's dead, I will
- How very male

They think if they were single
they'd fuck non-stop. Crap!

Look at all these guys dying to
get laid tonight

But none will make a move

Like to bet?

Pick any single woman here,
the prettierthe better

In underthree minutes
I'll get her upstairs

If I fail, you can go home

That one

Excuse me, Madame, may I
sit down for a minute?

Be my guest

I'm with two friends overthere,
and we made this stupid bet

I bet them I could sit down
at yourtable...

...and within three minutes...

...we'd walk out of the restaurant
and up to your room

So would you walk out of here
up to the first floorwith me?

I'd like to win my bet

Your bet's so unrealistic
it's ludicrous

How could a man like you seduce
a woman like me so fast?

I know, but I can't back out.
I've bet a lot of money

All right. I've finished my meal.
You can escort me out. Let's go

Not yet. It must be plausible.
I said three minutes

As you wish. Let's chat

- Do you come here often?
- No, not very

Me neither

It's very hot forthis time
of year, don't you think?

Yes, but... this is the South

Well, I think... that should do it.
Shall we go?

- What do you know!
- That you're not going home

No, please, let's use the stairs.
So I can be with you longer

My room's on the third floor.
Can you face all those stairs?

Yes, willingly

It's a shame it's just a bet

If I had the nerve to seduce you,
we'd be climbing these stairs...

...and I'd be admiring your legs,
your behind...

And aren't you?

Yes, but it's all for nothing

I could have described
your swaying hips...

...memorized your undulating back...

...basked in your perfume

Paul's taken care of, I may be
lucky with the waitress

What about you, my poor friend?

I'm going to order dessert,
a huge one, maybe two

Then I'll have a brandy from
the mini-bar

And watch a porno film
on cable TV

Know what? I'll probably be
the happiest of the three

We would have reached the
third floor

Not out of breath because
we'd have walked up slowly

We'd have gone down the corridor

Good evening Madame, Monsieur

We'd have reached my room

I'd have put my key in the lock,
and opened it

Well, goodbye and thank you

You've beaten your friends.
But you can't quit now

I've made a bet, too

I can't tell you what it is
forthe moment. Come in

Look, I'd love to but...

I'm married, soon to be widowed

I'm married too. You know,
everybody is these days

But... I can't see my husband,
nor yourwife

- Oh, it's you. What's up?
- Get dressed

- What time is it?
- 5.30

Paul's not in his room.
Don't like it

- Where is he?
- I've no idea

But I said I don't like it.
That's all

Maintenance here. There's
a leak in your bathroom

Paul, we've a long drive ahead.
Be downstairs in 6 minutes

Was it good?

Was it good?

Forgive me, but it's my wife
you've been screwing...

...forthe past six hours

So I wondered if it was good

- Yourwife?
- Didn't she say?

She's ashamed of me,
she always has been

We've been married for 20 years

I was never good enough

But I can't live without her

What would become of me?

I'm boring you

Not at all. But I'm in a hurry,
my uncle's waiting

Her family's rich, she rents
hotel rooms forthe year

I work as a bellboy just to be
near her

Bellboy, at my age!
Lmagine it

Each year a different hotel

Cannes, Biarritz, Deauville -
I forget where else

Always luxurious places.
She loves luxury

Well, you saw her room.
Superb, isn't it?

But don't let me keep you

How many lovers has she had?
I'd say 200, maybe more

Next morning I do the room,
change the warm fragrant sheets

I don't airthe room; to savour
the scents of her night

Sometimes she's in the shower

I hearthe water streaming over
her body

I'll be changing the sheets
you screwed her in

- Did you make a lot of mess?
- Not too much

- Look, I'm sorry
- Don't be. It's my fault

I made the best of a bad job.
I deserve it, I assure you

- Which is your room?
- 417

Nice room. You should see
the staff quarters

Well, here's your room

I've considered suicide,
but what would happen to her?

Goodbye, Monsieur

I won't ask "Was it good"?

No, don't ask

I won't ask you, either

No, don't

In case you're wondering,
and despite appearances...

...for me it was good

OK, I lost the bet so I still
have to kill yourwife

But what's the point?

She didn't stop you screwing
last night. Be logical

No! You can't be logical
with women

Why do we fall in and out of love
with them?

I just want to understand

You can't. And that's that

What the hell's he up to?

You ran out of petrol, OK

But when we flip a coin and
the old boy loses...

...you grumble that he's slow

That's a bit much!

Here he is

Shit! My wife.
She was in that truck

I swear. Marie was in the truck,
next to the driver

- You dreamed it
- I did not. I saw it

Marie ran off with a lorry driver.
Come on

- Will someone explain?
- No. Get in

Paul saw his wife in a lorry
that went past


Yes, Marie. I've only got
one wife

So "nursing the poor" in Africa
means humping truckers

What a nit I am

Hey, watch out!

Shut up

I'm OK. I'll teach that shitface

Cool it, Paul, don't get excited

I'm cool as ice. Who's excited?

Marie, get down

You don't scare me

But I'm not after you.
I want my wife

I want her out here. Now!

Should we help?

No... we do nothing

D'you hear, Marie? Get out

Get the fuck out

What d'you want with my girl?

I thought you were in Africa

I'm going. He's giving me a lift

This ape?


I'm talking to my wife

Yourwife? The guy's a comedian.
That's rich

Marie, let's start again.
Forgive me

Come back


No, Paul, it's over. I'm sorry.
We can't go backwards

I'll brain him

Come on. Don't be afraid

Stop it. You're grotesque

Get him, Raymond.
Beat him to a pulp

- Grab my chick, eh?
- It's all a mistake

Fancy her, do you?

He mistook your lady

Ah, now he says she looks like
any old bird?

Go on, Raymond, kill them

Hang on tight

Next time you see yourwife
in a car or a UFO...

...keep it to yourself, OK?

So I made a mistake

That's an understatement.
You're off your head

Step on it

I won't rest until we shake off
that loony

My foot's right down


So long, you fags

- What year is your car?
- '70

Are spare parts easy to get?

This is stupid

Your uncle talked you into it.
Now you can't back out, can you?

You're killing yourwife
to please your uncle

Odd kind of family spirit

- That's not the point
- I know it's not

Look at me. I killed my wife.
Did it make me happier? No

Call it off. It's forthe best

Let's stop. Hey, Elegance!

Listen to Paul

Tell him, you'll feel better

Look, I've been thinking

I can see that from your face

You don't want to kill Marie.
You had a revelation...

...at the roadside

OK, I agree. You're right

Here, let me show you something

Pascal Labadie, 36, surgeon

Pierre Lassalle, 32, anaesthetist

And how about Alain Gosset?

Age 30, nurse. Nice-looking, eh?

- What's all this?
- Nothing

Just showing you Marie's colleagues.
Which one do you prefer?

No, I mean which one will Marie
prefer for starting a new life?

To father her children?
Get the picture?

It's unbearable, isn't it?

Listen to my nephew

He's been thinking. About Marie.
It's still on

Shit. Fuck. God damn it!

What's wrong, son? Cracking up?

Yes, I'm sick of this shit.
We kill her, we don't, we do

She's the end of the world,
we've no car, yet we carry on

Just look at the three of us

At what? Three men hitch-hiking
on a sunny day. What's wrong?

What's wrong is, even if an idiot
finally gives us a lift...

...we cram ourselves in an Avis

...and next week we're still
in southern Spain

lt'll take years to widow you

I'm sick of this shit

Want to kill her? Let's do it

Is there an airfield nearby?

Move over. Get the hell in

Didn't you quit flying?

This is an emergency

Remember how it works?

I'll soon find out

Shouldn't we gain height?

I can't

Technical problem?

Personal problem


Well, you get a better view

If we crash, it's not farto fall

Is it her? Sure this time?

- No second thoughts?
- It's too late forthat

- OK?
- Yes, I'm fine

I loaded the gun with blanks

- Idiot! Why do that?
- Don't know. I just did

I've a hunch you loaded blanks

Am I right?

Why come all this way?

Leave it to me. I'm right

- Are you Marie?
- Yes

Your husband Paul sent me

He asked me to kill you.
I don't want to

But for complicated reasons,
I can't refuse

I see. But I really don't know
what to say


There. You're a free man

Like it?


And your friend?

She wants to be an air hostess

Well? Was it fun?

You won't do that in a 747

Sure you don't want to be
a pilot?

I'm sure

- See you Sunday
- 'Bye

What a lovely age

Yes, too bad they grow up

Coffee, cream, biscuits...

...sponge, p?t?, Ajax...

- Coming shopping?
- No, Paul's staying

I'm teaching him apple tart.
It's fortonight

With a scoop of vanilla.
Never forget the vanilla

See you later

This is the life

Even in autumn it's still warm

If it does get a bit chilly...

...we'll light a fire and
you'll play the guitar

Cheer up, I'm only kidding

lt'll be great, you'll see

We'll eat fat meat, chicken skin,
buttered potatoes

We'll get fat, but who cares?
We've only ourselves to please

There'll be just us

We'll tell dirty jokes...

...allow swearwords in Scrabble,
hold dick contests

We'll fart when we want

You know... about Marie

I wonder...

I wonder, that's all

Don't worry, lad. It'll pass.
It always does

Hello. How are you?

What the hell are you doing?
You're mad

D'you want to ruin everything?

I won't. Don't worry

I just want to know something

Now I'm dead, is Paul happier?

It's hard to say

You may not like this

But yes, he's doing alright

He gets a bit depressed but
not for long. It's OK

Ever mention me?

Or rather, yes

Sometimes. In his sleep

So you didn't tell him?

Will you?

I don't think so

What's your name?

Goodbye, Vincent

Yourturn, Vincent

Yourwife was beautiful.
I forgot to tell you

I know. Why say that?

I think of her. I wonder if we
did the right thing

I mean, if I hadn't killed her
and she'd returned to France...

...she might've tracked you down
to see how you are without her

She might've moved here

We might've met in the supermarket

She might've wanted to come back

At least we'd be four for Scrabble

That's why I was wondering

Even when they're dead,
they're a pain in the arse

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