Tangerines (2013) - full transcript

War in Georgia, Apkhazeti region 1992: local Apkhazians are fighting to break free from Georgia. Estonian village between the mountains has become empty, almost everyone has returned to their homeland, only 2 men have stayed: Ivo and Margus. But Margus will leave as soon as he has harvested his crops of tangerines. In a bloody conflict in their miniature village wounded men are left behind, and Ivo is forced to take them in. But they are from opposite sides of the war. This is touching anti-war story about Estonians who find themselves in the middle of someone else's war. How do they handle it? How do the enemies act under third-party roof?

- Who are you?
- What?

Come outside!

I'm asking, who are you?
- Me? Ivo, but who are you?

- Are you alone here?
- I am.

Are you russian?
- No, an estonian.

What is an estonian doing here?
- This is my workshop.

What are these boxes for?
For explosives?

No, for tangerines (mandarynki).

If for tangerines,
then it's fine.

Okay. Do you have any food?
We are hungry.

The food is in the house. There.
- Come, let's go.

Hop in the car.

TANGERINES (mandarynki)

Who do you have at home?
- Nobody, I live alone.

Step in, have a seat.

We will sit, grandfather, but pack
the food, we are moving on. - Fine.

And don't be greedy.

Look, what a beautiful girl.
- Yes, a beauty.

Where is your family?
You have nobody?

They all went home
after the war started.

- Where to?
- To Estonia.

And why did you stay?

I didn't want to leave.

Is this your daughter?
- Granddaughter.

And don't say anything about her.
Don't even think about it.

I didn't even plan to. Ibrahim.

What's that?


You are a nice man, grandfather.
Sorry that you are so old.

I'm sorry that brave
men like you get old.

What is happening out there?
An intense war?

Yes, old man. You better
leave to Estonia.

Not everyone will
be as nice as us.

Does anyone live in these houses?
- No, they're all empty.

There is only one guy
living near the plantation.

But he only has tangerines (mandarynki).
I'm helping him.

We don't care about tangerines.

But the box-making business you
have here is fine. Well done!



Yes, wait!

Who were these guys?
Caucasians, they wanted food.

- They didn't visit me.
- I know.

- Did you get an agreement?
- Yes.

They agreed to send on the
7th, 20 soldiers, for one day.

In one day we will not make it.
Of course not.

We will pick as much as we can.
I already started.

Very well, if we will
continue in the same tempo,

we will never get anything
out of the fields.

In a few days there will probably
be an intensive battle over here.

These caucasians said,
that soon there will be

war over here.
- My army leader told the same.

I will make 10 boxes today,
then there will be a

total of 200, Do you
think it will be enough?

Decide yourself. But I think
we would need another 50.


Don't kill yourself with the work,
there are still 5 days until the 7th.

The faster, the better.

(The war news from the radio.)


- Margus!
- Yes.

You didn't get hit?
- No, I didn't.

What happened here?
- I don't know.

This car was driving in the front,
the other one was following.

Shot the first car, which hit the fence.
Now my fence is ruined.

I was climbing a tree. Hiding.

And then I saw someone shooting with some
kind of a weapon, I think it was a Minomet.

We can go nuts
here, what was it?

Okay, calm down.

He is wounded, go check what is in the van.
And be careful!

Be calm...

What is there?
- All of them dead.

So georgian dzighits, where are you?
- Calm down.

How are things in heaven, you swines.
- Enough!

You shouldn't yell,
otherwise you might die.

Finally we were able
to stop the bleeding.

But Ibrahim was killed?
- Start the car.

These bastards killed him, yes?
- Yes.

We are going to bury him now,
but you try to calm down.

We are going to invite a doctor for you.
Try to move less.

Be careful out there, grandpa, make
sure there is nobody following you.

The georgian bastards
might be after you.

Don't you worry, just
lay there quietly.

Give me my machine gun.
- Why? There will be nobody coming here.

Give me. Anything could happen.
- I said there will be nobody.

Check the pockets, maybe
you will find documents.

For what? Maybe the relatives
will start to search for them,

then we can bring
them to the grave.

You are right.

These georgians are still boys.
Only this one is older.

Yes, still boys.

You know what? Let's bury
these georgians separately.

And this one with the beard,
separately farther here.

Then we will know who is where.
- Okay.

This georgian is still alive.

Don't be afraid, it's us.

Who is this? Ibrahim? Still alive?
- No, it's not Ibrahim.

Who then?

Bring water in a bowl. And a clean
towel from the kitchen cupboard.

A piece of a bombshell
is in his head.

Now we need Juhan, otherwise
he is not going to survive.

The other one also
needs a doctor.

Go fast and bring Juhan here. And
the van needs to be cleaned up.

It's easier with three of us.
- I have a good rope.


Make sure he will keep his mouth shut.
- To whom could he tell? Everyone is gone.

To his wife.
- She is already in Estonia.

How are you?

- Hurts?
- It's fine.

Thanks to Allah, already less.

Who did you bring here?

One georgian. He is
heavily wounded.

What? Are you crazy?

I'm going to kill him anyway.
Your effort was for nothing.

Okay, forgive me, but
they killed my friend.

And you didn't kill two of his?
Or can't you count?

I should have killed three.
Anyway, I will fix this.

You are nursing him for nothing.
In vain.

How is he?
- The chechen will be fine in a week.

But the georgian - I don't know.
Everything depends on his organism.

What will happen to the
piece of the bomb?

Make sure that the injections are
done at right times. - Don't worry.

Why is he hallucinating all the time?
- It's good that the is hallucinating.

Maybe then he will survive.

I will come back
tomorrow, the same time.

How was it?
- He ate a bit. Now he fell asleep.

Are we going? - Wait, I will
lock the door to the georgian.

We can not be sure, what the
other lunatic might do.

Let's drive. Sit
behind the wheel.

Turn the wheel to the right.
To the right!

Very well!

Okay - push, push.

I thought it's going to explode.

It explodes in the cinema.
- The cinema is one big cheating.

- How are you?
- Not bad.

I finished 20 boxes.
You can take them.

These wounded are
ruining our business.

So what should I do now?
Kill them?

Well I didn't mean that,
I was just saying.

Don't complain.

How many did you pick? - All the boxes
you brought yesterday are full.

Very good. Did you
visit my place?

Yes, I brought the key.
- Why didn't you leave it under the stairs?

What if someone would find it?
- Who would start looking for the key?

If they want, they will
just kick in the door.

- How are they?
- Chechen is well.

He ate all the food. Seems
that he is healing.

But the georgian?

Did you measure his temperature?
- What's the point.

His head is really hot,
hallucinating all the time.

Leave the key here.

Should I help you
carry the boxes?

No need, I'm fine. Do your work.

I went to check the van. There is
nothing visible from the road.

What were you thinking?
- I will kill him anyway, grandpa.

Put him behind a thousand locks,
I will pay back for my friend.

This is a holy thing for us,
you will never understand.

To kill a person
who is sleeping,

even if he is unconcious?
This is holy for you as well?

I didn't know.

I will kill him, when he
will start standing again.

Soon there will be rain.

There will not.

- They will be here soon.
- Who?

The georgians and russians.

And the tangerines will
stay in the trees.

You know what this
war is called?

The war of citrus.
- What do you mean?

It's a war over my tangerines.

Be normal.

They are fighting for the land.
- For the land where my tangerines grow.

You have gone crazy
with your tangerines.

When the tangerines have been sold, I will
go to Estonia - it is now a free land.

The georgian gained

Thank you.

Thank you for everything.

Try to speak less.

I have a horrible headache.
- Don't worry.

I'm going to make an injection
and you will feel better.

So this pig woke up?

Who is this?
- Don't mind. He is crazy.

I will kill him anyway, grandpa.
- Listen to me!

In my house, nobody will kill
anyone, if I don't want it.

But if you are still planning to do it,
then you will have to kill me first.

Come on, grandpa. You saved my life.
- You heard, what I said.

Okay. I will give my word, that I
will not kill him in your house.

But as soon as he will
leave, I will do it.

I'm hoping to see
you in Estonia.

When are you leaving? - In the morning
there will be a car picking me up.

- Be careful.
- Don't worry.

Half an hour to the airport,
and from there already home.

God will guide me.

What are you doing here?

Sell the tangerines
and come home.

Our previous life has ended.
That's it, the end.

You know very well why
I will stay here.

You better think about
you granddaughter.

Mari is fine, I'm not
worried about her.

Thank you, Juhan.

The medicine is in the drawer. I
left a note how to administer it.

Be strong.

Already walking?
- I'm feeling better. Got tired of laying.

My clothes fit you.

Take it slowly!

You have to eat a lot.

To gain power.
- I don't have an appetite.

I'm telling you, eat!

- Do you want tea?
- Yes.

Thanks for saving me.

You're welcome. Eat.

I'm apologizing again
for what I said.

I'm angry. But normally we
respect older people. A lot.

Apology accepted.

Does the wound hurt you?
- Not much.

Where did you bury my friend?
- In the forest.

- What's your name?
- Ahmed.

But you don't care
about my name?

- I care.
- I am Ivo.

I'm a chechen, a fighter.

- A mercenary?
- Yes.

It's clear.

- Do you have any family?
- I do.

They are the reason why I joined the war.
I'm paid well.

You joined the war because of them?
- Don't start preaching me.

I said that I
respect old people,

but this is not your business.
Not your business, Ivo.

You are right, I'm Ivo.


Where is my gun?
- In a safe place.

When you will be better,
I will return it to

you. Also the trophy
weapons of the georgians.

These belong to you as well?

I would like to ask you something.
- Then ask.

I have to tell you, that if I
will give my word of honor,

then I would rather die than break it.
- Exactly. Me too.

That means I don't have to
lock this door anymore?

Listen Ivo, you estonian,

would rather die than
break the word of honor.

But you are asking me, a
caucasian, if I will keep mine?

This means everything for us.

I promised not to kill in your
house, that means, I will not.


But estonian or caucasian,
there is no difference.

Ivo, why didn't you
leave to Estonia?

This is none of your
business, young man.

Our work will be pointless, if
there will be no one to help us.

In this time I managed to pick only two
boxes. I'm not able to pick any more.

If there will be no help
tomorrow, then we will burn.

What did the major
excactly tell you?

That they are coming, if nothing
will happen in the meanwhile.

If nothing will happen.

Well if they are not sent elsewhere.
And they will not be sent

They have been guarding the
village road for two weeks

already, why should something
happen exactly tomorrow.

I don't know.

It would be really weird if,

soldiers would start to pick
tangerines in the middle of the war.

You are weird yourself,
the major promised.

May the god help us.
I'm hoping too.

Don't you worry Ivo.
They will come.

(The war news from the radio.)

Slowly, slowly.

There's no hurry.

Good boy.

Sit down.

How are you feeling yourself?
- My head is spinning a bit.

That's nothing.

We found this from your head.

And these from your pockets.

- Do you want tea?
- Yes.

Ahmed, drink your tea,
or it will cool down.

Okay, enemies. He is
Ahmed and he is Nika.

It's a pleasure.

You know georgian.
Probably you know already

that there is no
reason to be afrait.

I promised to our life-saver that
I will not kill you in his house.

So if you want to live,
don't go outside.

Don't even put your head out of
the window, I will chop it off.

But can he piss outside
from the window?



Forgive me, Ivo.

They didn't come, did they?

Do you want tea?

Doesn't matter,
these tangerines.

It is stupid to start making business
with tangerines in the middle of the war.

Does he happen to be your
relative, by chance?


Step in, what are
you standing there.

I don't know, I thought that
maybe you got offended.

What are you talking
about, come in.

Let's sit outside.
It's a nice weather.

I don't want to leave them
on their own for too long.

Aren't you afraid that they
are going to kill each other?

The chechen gave
his word of honor.

- And you trust him?
- I do.

- But the georgian?
- He too.

Well, if it was the
word of honor...

Don't be surprised. There are
still people who keep their word.

And both of them
are in your house?

Don't nag.

Maybe you want one of
them to move to my place?

The battle took place in front of
your house, they ran over your fence.

From your house, from upstairs
even the van is visible.

It's safer at my place.
- You're right.

Come to visit me in the evening.

The boys are going to sleep
ealry. Let's drink a bit. - Okay.

So in the evening then.

Don't get angry now... but maybe you
will come to Estonia together with me?

Ivo, maybe we will find another song?
This one is making me crazy.

But I like it. I'm listening.

But what kind of music
do you like, georgian?

- This one not.
- Georgian music?

I like georgian music. - And also
the land that belongs to Georgia?

Where is the Georgian land?
- Here.

This, on what you are sitting,
is the land of Georgia.

You are sitting on Georgian land.
- No.

I'm sitting on an Estonian chair.
- Very funny.

Yes, on an estonian chair,
which is in an estonian house,

which is standing on
the land of Abkhazia.

Listen, have you even been to school?
Do you even have schools?

- I'm asking if you even have schools?

What are you smiling, foreigner?
What did you lose in Georgia?

I'm protecting a small nation
from foreigners like you.

Seems, that you really
don't have any schools.

You don't understand anything.
You don't know anything.

Have you studied history?
Read any books?

I will not take your words to my heart.
I don't care what you are babbling.

Here you are safe, babble
as much as you want.

Listen, let's go outside at once.
- You don't even have power to walk.

I could even kill you with a rag,
that would not be very manly.

If you will finally be healthy, then
we will see, what will happen to you.

You damn bastard!

Don't jump, if your ass doesn't carry you!
You little worm.

Go away from my land, you bastard!
- Im telling you, you idiot,

this is not the land of Georgia!

Go and sleep, you don't have
much time left. - Enough, Ahmed!

I'm sorry, Ivo, but tell him as
well to keep his mouth shut.

Your mouth will be
shut really soon!


Good morning, Ivo!
- Good morning.

- How are you?
- Getting better.

It's good when you
are getting better.

And where is your enemy?
Still sleeping?

No, the enemy is not sleeping.
Good morning.

How is your head?
- Almost doesn't hurt anymore.

If I'm standing. It's
difficult to lay down.

But take and example from horses.
Sleep while standing.

Was I talking to you?
- Do horses even talk?

What a humor. It suits with
your intelligence level.

Okay, I will keep myself back.

- Do you want tea?
- Yes.

I will pour you, brother...?

On your head?
- You can try, you bastard.


Thank you.

Ivo, is this your daughter?

No, granddaughter.

What's her name?

It's not your business.
- Some kind of cars are coming here.

Ahmed, these are abkhazians.

When they will enter,
you will turn him in?

Of course not, I have to kill him myself.
- Good.

Then we will tell them, that he is Ibrahim
and that you killed all the georgians.

And nobody is asking anything from me?
Ivo, give me my machine gun!

Don't be stupid.

You can't talk, because
you have a wound in

your head. That's it.
You will sit silently.

Do you know why you
have to be silent?

Because first of all
they would shoot me.

Even if they are talking bad about
georgians, you will be silent.

So, he can't talk
because of his wound.

- Hello, Ivo.
- Hello, Aslan.

Hey, we saw a georgian van.

In the gorge, next to
Margus's plantation.

And you have a car
at your place.

Aha, Margus. You are here.

What happened here? Where
are the georgians?

All dead. The chechens killed them.
But we rescued two chechens.

They are here, wounded.
- In your house?

Step in, I will introduce you.
- Yes, I would shake their hands.

Come in.

Sit, brother, you are wounded.
- It's nothing.

- Aslan.
- Ahmed.


He is Ibrahim, but he can't talk.
He got wounded from his head.

What... damn bastards.

How is this possible? He got wounded
from his head and tongue doesn't work?

You fool. My neighbour got hit
to the head with a brick,

and his legs stopped working.

There are spots in the head,
that control all the body parts.

For example, here can be the spot for the
leg, here for the hand. Do you understand?

He didn't understand a shit.

I've got good vodka. Sit. - No, Ivo, we
are going straight to the battle front.

We heard that the things
are fucked up over there.

And what will happen next?
- We will chase them out.

Do you doubt in it?
- No, Aslan, of course not.

These boys will help.

How many georgians were there?
- Three.

They bumped into us on the road
and started shooting at once.

We turned around, they
were following us.

Ibrahim got a bullet to his
head, and we hit the fence.

And drove into the plantation.

I had enough time to hit them with an
anti-tank rocket. - Well done, Ahmed.

The bodies are in the van?
- No. We buried them in the forest.

It would have been better to throw
them on the road, like dogs.

Aslan, they are people
too, and young people.

Fine, so be it.

Get well. Most important is, that
you would start talking again.

As soon as we will get on
our feet, we will join you.

Thank you Ahmed,
we are brothers.


Do something good.

I know, it's a bad
time at the moment,

but Margus is losing a
big tangerine crop.

One major promised to
send men, but he didn't.

Maybe you can help us. We
will divide the money later.

How many men do you need? - 30
maybe, 40 would be better.

No problem. In the morning the day
after tomorrow, the men will be here.

We are camping next to the
river for three days.

And don't give any money. Just give
the boys a few boxes of tangerines.

Thank you Aslan. We
will be waiting.

The day after tomorrow.
You have my word.

See, Ahmed, the georgian is
outside, do you want to kill him?

I'm too lazy to kill him today.

Margus! Aslan promised to send 40
men for the day after tomorrow.

Very well then!

Only with ashes, Margus. Not
with the flame. - I know.

Aren't you cold? I will bring a jacket?
- No, thank you, Ivo, I'm not.

What are you planning to do, when you
will get better? Back to the war?

- You don't know yet?
- I know.

And everything is ready.

Now taste and tell me if you have
eaten anything like that before.

We will try.

Like we would have never eaten before.
- Try it, then talk.


You georgians don't know
how to make shashlik.

But you think you can, just
like with everything else.

Everything else? What
else can't we do then?

- Many things.
- Like what?

For example you don't know how to fight.
You absolutely don't know.

Laugh, as much as you want. You don't
know how, but still you are fighting.

And you are losing every time.
And this is already funny.

You are talking nonsense. I'm
telling, you are uneducated.

You don't know history at all.
- That doesn't change anything.

You don't know how to make shashlik, you
don't know how to fight. That's a fact.

I will show you what I can do.

Do it, kill me as you promised.

We are not in the house. So try.

Then you will see what a georgian
is capable of. Make a try!

Okay. Let's see.

Calm down!

Sit down.


It's enough of this.

Otherwise I will honestly kill
you the same way I saved you.

What is wrong with you, young men? All
the time, I will kill, I will kill...

Who gave you the right for that?

- Who?
- The war.


I will pour you?
- Pour if you want.

I can't pour to you yet. You are sick.
But let's say, symbolically.

I don't drink, don't pour to me.

What will we drink for?
- For the death!

Take, Margus.

I can't drink for the death.

Why? It's their own mother.

They are the children of death.

Forgive me, Ivo. In the name of
Allah, it will not happen again.

What does it matter where you will kill
each other, here or somewhere else.

You will get well, go to the
battle front, and kill there.

It's foolish to force you to
sit behind the same table.

I will drink for life.
- No. For the death.

I raised the toast
for the death.

- Margus?
- Yes.

Did you solve your
tangerine problem?

Yes. I guess I'm bothering you all
with my tangerines. - Not at all.

Look, it's not about money, even
though the amounts are big.

It's just that a crop like this
is going to waste... It's a pity.

- We could help you.
- Yes.

Don't bother, I have
alreadymany helpers.

Let's see what Ivo will do.
I think he got offended.

Ivo didn't get offended,
Ivo is pissing.

They were probably trying to
bombard Aslan, by the river.

Maybe you will eat something?

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- Hello, Ivo.
- Hello.

I want to give you some money, so
that you could go home to Estonia.

What are you talking about?
I can't accept such money.

- What kind of money?
- That kind.

I'm a mercenary, this is my pay.

We respect christianity.
- We also respect other beliefs.

But why did you start talking
about religion, all of a sudden.

For no reason.

Who were these other
georgians to you?

Why are you asking?
- I'm interested.

Not very close friends. We met here.
But they were good men.

Ibrahim was like a brother to me.
We grew up together. - I'm sorry.

We need firewood. I will bring.
- Sit down, let me do it.

No, I will go, I can walk
around outside as well.

I'm also sorry that your
companions were killed. Good men.

You should have taken it, he
was offering with his heart.

I will go and help him.

Let me help you.
- No, I need to move.

You are looking really often at
the photo of my granddaughter.

- Why?
- I'm not, you're wrong.

No, you are looking.
- To be honest, she is really beautiful.

It seems I can't get
my eyes off of her.

Forgive me, Ivo.

In reality she is even prettier.
Her name is Mari.

She is everything to me.

Mari lives in Estonia?
- She used to live in this house.

She left together with the
others, when the war started.

Why didn't you leave? Was it
difficult to leave from here?

You love this place here?

I love. And I hate.

Do you have any family?
- Only my mother.

My father died ten years ago.

Do you have any sisters or brothers?
- No, I'm the only one.

And what were you doing
during the peace time?

I'm an actor. Playing in a theatre.
- Really?

- In the movies too?
- Rarely.

There are no movies produced here anymore.
There is no money.

And then you decided to join the war.
- Yes, I felt the obligation, and went.

I didn't even tell my mother.

When the war is over, I
will come to Thibilisi

and I will watch you acting. Later we
will bring back the memory of these days.

And Ahmed. - No. Ahmed will be
sitting in the theatre with me.

And he will applaude for you.

Come here! You!

Don't show yourself!
Sit quietly!

Where are the machine guns?
- There, under the bed.

But don't touch them.

What are you smiling, you georian?
- I'm not georgian.

Are you sure?
- He is one of you, men.

Stay put, old man.
- I'm a chechen.

Then say something in chechenian language.
- I'm a chechen.

I came to fight on your side, got
wounded and he helped me to heal.

Comrade officer, I know your major.
- Be silent!

Are you stupid or what? Say
something in chechenian.

Say something, you dickhead!

And what does it mean?

No, I think he is a georgian.

Are you deaf?
- That was "dickhead" in chechenian.

Shit, shoot him!
- No, he is one of us!

I told you to shut up!
Fill my order!

Captain, maybe he is one of us?
- No!

Nika, throw me the machine gun!

Cover me!

That's it Nika, that's it!
They are dead.



- Ready?
- Yes.

Only your cross is left.

- Like that?
- Yes.

And Nika?
- We will bury him to another place.

- Where?
- Next to my son.

How did he die?
- He fell when the war started.

- Who killed him?
- God knows.

He went to the war right in the beginning.
To protect our land, he said.

I tried to convince
him not to go,

I told him that this is nobody's
war, but he wouldn't listen.

So the georgians killed him?
- Yes.

But what difference does it make?
- How so?

You buried a georgian
next to your son.

Ahmed, does it matter?

- Answer me!
- No, it doesn't.

Are you going straight home?
- I miss my family.

Ivo, tell me...

If I would have been
killed instead of Nika,

would you have buried me next to your son?
- Yes.

Maybe a little farther.

I really don't know,
how to thank you.

Go! I don't like goodbyes.