Tange Sazen: yoto nuretsubame (1960) - full transcript

The legendary one-armed, one-eyed swordsman Tange Sazen is back to aid a Magistrate in his efforts to steal bribe money on its way to Edo for the benefit of poor farmers.


Screenplay by


OTOMO Ryutaro

OKA Satomi


OKAWA Hashizo

Director: MATSUDA Sadatsugu

I'm out.

So am I.

I'm out, too.

Why are you all looking so glum?

It's Sanja Festival day!

Who wants to go to that?

Well, I want to go to the festival.

Then, why don't you go?

Watch everyone have a grand time
while twiddling your thumbs.

Even without festival clothes or
good food if there were Chobiyasu...

...be would have come up with
something more fun than a festival.

When is Chobiyasu coming back to us?

He would never come back!

Remember he became the son of
a lord and left us on a palanquin?

Can a feudal lord's son go to a festival?

As if I'd know!

Here's another longing for Chobiyasu.

Did you say Chobiyasu?

The housing kids mope around like old
folks because Chobiyasu isn't around.

Makes me want to pickpocket again.

You yearn for those days?

The other kids can't get enough
of the annual Sanja Festival.

But look at the bunch there.

If I could pick a few wallets...

...I'd be able to afford festival
outfits and girls' fine clothes.

Yokichi, let’s go earn some money!

You’ll pick pockets too?
- Don’t be stupid!

I Do only one thing well!

In the absence of our master...

...these fencing lessons are appreciated.

Please accept this as a
token of our gratitude.

How did it go?

I guess they don't make
much. This is all I got.

But it's enough to get
the kids' festival clothes.

Is that right?

Now let's raise money for a special dinner.

I'm sorry.

I'm Busuke.

Please accept this modest monetary gift.

Here's enough money for the food.


While we're at it, let's
raise money for our drinks.

This place could get you ten gold coins.

Ob, hold it!

This hall of Master Isshinsai is
difficult even for you' Sir Tange.


Is he that skilled? That’s interesting.

He's too ill to entertain challenges.

But he has two disciples,
Negoro and Kaburagi...

...that scare the living
daylights out of challengers.


Here's a country bumpkin unaware
of the reputation of this Iba school.

We play a little rough here.

That’s fine.

Just don’t pay a petty fee
when I take your front sign!

All right?

Enough talk!


Let’s go!


Tonight, we'll dance and sing.

Who is next?

There’s no one else?

All right.

If there's no one, the front sign is mine.

If you don't want it to happen,
you could pay me instead.

I'll make it cheap. Ten gold coins!

Wait one moment!

Ms Hagino, what are you trying to do?

Iba Isshinsai is beridden.

Negoro Ikkaku and Kaburagi
Matagoro stands in for him...

...but they are away now.


...we have the duty of defending
the sign in their absence.

I know that as a woman
I am not worthy, but...

...as Isshinsai's daughter, I,
Hagino, shall gladly take you on.

Pardon me!

Sir, I'll run ahead and get the sake delivered.

I Couldn't raise the money for the drinks.

Then you lost after all?

I guess.

Was it Negoro Ikkaku or Kaburagi Matagoro?

Someone lower beat you?

So, the Iba School is worthy of its reputation!


Seeing your performance, Kaburagi,
I have an idea what Negoro can do.

Your Shinnyo sword style is
worthy of its reputation.

I, Soma Shuzen, am impressed.

Let me offer you a drink.

I have a request.

You have a visitor, SirTange.

It's good to see that you are well, Councilor.

I'd say the same to you...


Yes, I've changed considerably.


I am here to make an important request.

The fate of the Soma clan lies in your bands.

What’s a Magistrate meddling in Soma affairs?

It's not my business?

You’re right!

Yet, you still plan to get involved?

I report.

IKeda Daisuke just arrived from Oshu.

Bring him here.

Daisuke may be able to explain things.

Forget the formalities. What have you heard?

After the uprising of the farmers...

...certain Soma vassals gear punishment...

...and secretly plan to send
exorbitant bribes to the Elders in Edo.

There lies the reason why the Inspectors...

...halted further investigation upon
return of their spies from Soma.

Taiken, where to?

You want me to do something because
you often give me allowances?

I'm tryingto get away while I can.

You can get away, but on a horse
or a palanquin to Soma in Oshu.

Taiken, I am begging you!

See what I mean!

I suppose.

Who are the Soma vassals, Daisuke?

Head Retainer Soma Ikinoshu...

...and Edo Retainer Soma Shuzen.

The Senior Advisors
agonized over this decision.

Meanwhile the opposition and
the rebels are scheming...

...an attack to steal the
funds on the way of delivery.

Your assistance is needed
to ensure its arrival in Edo.

We are willing to reward you handsomely...

...and may appoint you as the
Soma's fencing instructors.

Rather than providing
the Elders with bribes...

...the money can be split amongst
the citizens and farmers...

...and thus, avoid future uprisings.

Supporters of this proposal
are me, Kashima Geki...

...and Amano Denpachiro, a fencing
instructor, and his men back home.


Sazen, Denpachiro and you are both
disciples of Shishino Saburozaemon.

I beg you.

Please join forces with Denpachiro
to get the clan funds back.

Besides, you were once a Soma vassal.

I decline!

I, Tange Sazen...

...each time I recall my years
of service as Soma vassal...

...my blood boils with anger!

The former lord, Nagato-no-kami,
bad an abnormal desire for swords.

By his order, I sought the
famed Masamune sword.

It took five years to track it down for him.

Although I finally got the sword...

...he became angry with me...

...and struck me down
like some lowly creature!

While I still have my life today...

...what you see of me
today is because of him.

After some time passed...

...and the lord laid eyes on me...

...he didn't utter a word of apology to me.

I became a beastly man like this.

Who’s fault is that?


I have not begrudged the Soma clan.

However, I have no loyalty
to the Soma either.

In fact, I'd rejoice for its downfall.

I'd hold my sides with laughter.

Sir Kashima...

I wouldn't lift a finger for the Soma.

But I'd do it for money.


Yes, money.

Number of men, Sir Kuroda
Yazaemon of the Hatto School?


And you, Sir Umezawa
Ichinojo of the Santo School?


Sir Suzuki Hikonoshin of the
Muso School, how many men?

Twenty men.

These are only preparation funds.

Upon delivery of the merchandise...

...we'll distribute a handsome reward.

The opposition is probably on the move.

This is an urgent task.

We ask that you prepare for
the departure immediately...

...and meet at Senju Bridge at midnight.


Five hundred gold coins for
preparation is generous.

It's nothing compared to
the money to be delivered.


...even if the money to
be delivered is stolen...

...the Soma clan cannot report it.

After all, it's a bribe to the Elders.

It'lll cause a crisis if it's found out.

Why even deliver it to them?

We’ll look for the opportunity
to keep it all for ourselves.



Did you need anything?

Were you...

Get out of my way!

Get out of my way, please!

Hey, what’s going on?

Oh, hi!

It's Sir Tange's treat!

This is the tenement’s first Sanja Festival!

His treat?

How did he get the money?

Someone paid him to go out-of-town.

He said when he returns...

...he’ll have funds to
renovate the tenements.

Isn't that great?

He's leaving on a trip?


You'll be drinking a lot of blood soon.

Where do you plan to go without telling me?

I'm the one that's going.

You plan to return to pickpocketing?

No way!

Sir Tange will chop my hand off!

I have an errand to run in Odawara for him.

I go to Odawara on Tokaido Highway!

Really? Or, to Soka?

Soka town is after Senju town!

I never could trust Negoro Ikkaku...

...so I did not certify
him in spite of bis skills.

If he is involved in such acts like a thief...

...he will taint the good name of Iba School.


Go after them.

...and even if you must risk
your life, expose those villains!

I will heed your request.

I do not wish to send you alone...

...but Ikkaku has taken all the skilled men.

Oh, I know...

Take Gensuke with you.



He's so late. Where is he, anyway?

Damn! How'd you know I'm here?

I told you it was Odawara.

I knew you were planning
to leave me behind.

You thought you used your brains quickly...

...but you slipped when you
said, Soka town is after Senju.

Such a streetwise woman!

Well, wait here for Sir Tange then.

I'll go ahead.

I'll go with you since you
two will eventually meet.

So I'll follow you.

You win.

Seems like you two are raising some money...

...but I'm angry because
he told you and not me.

I, Ofuji, am a woman but not
the type to be a hindrance!

I'm also smarter than you, Yokichi.



What’s wrong?
- Sir Tange...

Ofuji's down the road! Let’s go another way!

Wanna have a ride on our
palanquin? It's uphill.

- No thanks.

Don't refuse us and do us a favor.

What pests!

We said, no thanks.

What's that?

Hey, did you call me a pest?

We were being nice.
What's with that attitude?

Gensuke, step aside.

I'll take them on.

Don't take me lightly because I'm
a woman. I won't show my arm.

Never mind the arm, show me some leg!

We won’t forget this!

See? She's good, but I'm better than her!

I could take on ten or twenty of you easily!

Oh, it’s Chobiyasu!

Where is Father?

Isn't your father a feudal lord?

I don't mean him. Where's my Father?

If you mean Sir Tange, he's traveling.


What brings you here?

I can't stand being the son of a lord!

I missed Father and you all so I escaped!

It must've been almost 240 miles to get here.

How did you travel such a distance?

I was by myself and lonely...

...and there were times
when it was very hard.

But I wanted to see all of you and Father.

So that kept me going.

Sir Sazen would be elated
to hear those words.

Ever since your departure
he has not been the same.

I'm going after my Father!

I'll be fine. I came 240 miles alone.

I'm going with Chobiyasu, Grandpa.

What are you saying, Omiyo?

Chobiyasu just said he
felt lonely on a journey.

I'll keep him company!

We will, too!


I heard a group of sixty
men had just checked in.

And I found out they are
all hired by Soma Shuzen.

You’ll be drinking blood soon!


It's hard to ask a man that’s quit
pickpocketing and gone straight...

...but could you steal
their travel documents?

Sir, I thought of that without your saying.

I searched the Leader's wallet...

...but I couldn't find their travel documents.

Looking for this?

Oh, you...!

I'm not begging to be part of
your team in exchange for this.

I want you to find that I
wouldn't be a hindrance...

...but a better assistant than Yokichi.

Just wanted to make that point.

March 25, Depart with Clan Funds.


...they’ve departed?



...as I told you before, I'll
meet up at Kunigi Pass.


I will await your arrival.

You must not attack the procession.

It is the duty of we, former vassals.

When it seems that we are near victory...

...your job is to appear
then and seize the funds.

Do you understand?


Former Soma clan and Bizen
School's master swordsmen!

You have left the clan amidst political strife.

And you gathered comrades...

...to protect clan funds, Amano Denpachiro.

Wasn't it a little thoughtless for you?

Who is there?

Just a homeless samurai.

Instead of trying to figure out my identity...

...think about what to do
with what you just said.

The attack at Kunigi pass is senseless.

It's a sheer folly.

Wait a minute!

Soma's domain belongs to
Edo retainer Soma Ikinoshu.

Should they be attacked...

...he will be sure to send all his troops.

The attack may even be their wish.


...if they pass Iwaki and go into Hitachi...

...they’d enter Mito, the
domain of the adjutant Shogun.

If the attack occurs there, it will be
subjected to the Mito clan's laws.

Should the Mito clan
inspects the belongings...

...they’ll be required to
explain the contents...

...and why the funds are being transported.

Your opponent would face much aggravation.

As the famous Chinese book on tactics say...

...in battle, capitalize on
an enemy's weakness.

Aren't you guys hired to protect Soma clan funds?

Who are you?

I, too, am hired by the Soma clan.

But not like you...

My job is to get those who protect the funds!

Hold on!

No need to rush to your deaths.


...how much did you guys get paid?

I get paid 5 gold coins for getting
each one of the non-certified...

...and 8 gold coins for each
of those with certification.

I'm sure some of you have wife and children.

If you prefer not to be slain like turnips,
here’s a chance for you to speak up.

I'll pay the certified 2 gold coins
and the non-certified 3 gold coins.

It would be a smart move to take
the money and return to Edo!

Shut up! Get him!

That's 10 gold coins!

Now, he's worth 8 gold coins.

Men, wait!

Do not engage in bloodshed.

Line up in two rows and be quiet.

Go ahead.

Sir, 5 non-certified and 1 certified
swordsmen. 33 gold coins in total.

We’re off to a good start with this profit!


That leader man is sharp!

That’s Negoro Ikkaku.

He's one of the instructors
under Isshinsai at Iba School.

Iba Fencing School?

An unwelcome enemy!

Let's rest, Miss.

You don't want to ride a palanquin or horse.

This is too hard for a woman.

You keep saying that!

See what I mean!

I told you so.


I only sat because you suggested we rest.

What a tomboy!



1, 2, 3...

1, 2, 3...

1, 2, 3...

1, 2, 3...

What're you doing?

Practicing fencing.


You're traveling?

Going south or north?


Let us carry your baggage.

It'll be less than the market price.

Let me just give you that.
- Hold on!

I don't accept charity.

That is why I want to carry your things.

Come on, Mister!

Mister, we'll wait at the tea shop.


...we'll use the same idea.

Come on, I'll carry you.

That's embarrassing!


Let me down.

We're almost at the tea shop.

Just a little more.
- The children are watching!

It's embarrassing.

Your feet hurt, so why be concerned?


Just let me down!

What're you doing?

Carry me on your back!


Sir Ninomiya!



What is so amusing?


I Iaughed because it was funny.

Let's move on.

What's the matter?

The reins are worn out.

Please go on ahead.


It's about Miss Itoji...

When did she join the Amano fencing school?

About two years ago.

She said she wanted training
to have her revenge.

Why the concern?

We have teamed up to spy on
the enemy, per your orders.

But there are times when she acts oddly.

I'll go after her!


She's much too quick!

She’s very skilled if she
is with the Councilor.

Welcome back!



Amano Denpachiro, a fencing
instructor, and a hundred men...

...are ready to attack, I heard.

So we were prepared, but we
have not seen them at all.

We felt that things were purposeless.

But you were attacked a number of times?

Dinner is ready. Please
head to our dinning room.

So, bow many attackers?


One, you say?

Men, come here!

Umezawa, use the rifles if people
from the Soma clan come.

But, use of gunfire at inns is prohibited.

Never mind. It's Sir Ikkaku's orders!

Watch my drink!

I am in the middle of dinner.
Have you no manners?

Five gold coins times eight
men is 40 gold coins.

I've made my daily quota
today, so excuse me.

It's rude to waste sake.

This is tasty.

I'll be going.

The gunfire ropes...

The gunfire ropes were soaked in water.

Someone deliberately did this so that
we wouldn't be able to use guns.

He has an accomplice in this inn.

Master Iba Isshinsai's daughter is here
to see Sir Negoro Ikkaku's group.


Auntie Fuji!


Maybe I made a mistake.

What do you mean?

The request to defend the transported funds
came to the Iba School from the Soma clan.

Since Iba's Head Master
Isshinsai, is not well...

...I am here on his behalf.

I, Nagami Hayato, head of this expedition,
thank you for your remarkable efforts.

Pardon me.

What? The maid at this inn?

Changing clothes won't help you get away.

Go through here to get away.

I have an escape prepared.

Exit here and it'll lead outside of town.

Who are you?


Don’t waste any time. Get going!

As I thought, that was Auntie Fuji!

Let’s go!

Good morning!

I hate to keep intruding, but
this is how I make a living.

I need to earn at least my daily quota.

I'll kill him.

Allow me.

My name is Kaburagi
Matagoro, of the Iba School.

It's a first that anyone's said his name.

Let me return the respects.

My last name is Tange,
my first name is Sazen.

You're not bad.

I heard of the tiger-dragon combo of Iba.

I suspect you're the tiger of that pair.

But you're no tiger...

perhaps a cat. Let's leave it as mountain cat.

Keep your idle talk to when you go to hell!

I got you on the arm.

Better take care of it and come again.

I'll take him on.

You must be joking, Miss.

I've beaten him once.

What are you saying?

He was just dumbfounded by your
courageous spirit at that time.

- Hey!

Watch out!

You're pretty good.

The Yagyu Shinkage Style?

You're the first to dodge my sword.

This is getting interesting.

Let's go, Mister Shinkage!

The Suigetsu stance?

Suigetsu or whatever!


I'll let you off this time!

I'll see you next time!

Oh, Sir...

Yokichi, wait for me at the next town!


Such an elaborate procession.

Isn’t that Sir Nagami?

Sir Nagami!

Sir Nagami!
- Oh, Ninomiya.


Sir Nagami, as you can see,
we are in a predicament.

We are all part of the Soma clan
and both of us are traveling.

Would you kindly spare your men?


We have urgent business!

We cant be bothered with stone lanterns!

Sir Nagami!

Sir Nagami!

So what if we have stone lanterns!

It is still clan business!

I suppose our assignment is menial.

She's Master Isshinsai's daughter.

I heard she is quite skilled though a woman.

When she regain consciousness and
rise up, there would be problems.

Keep her tied up firmly.

- Yes.

Dress like a bonze and throw
this letter into their inns.

I came for that woman.

Hand her over quietly,
or I'll take her by force.


Sazen, do you remember me?

It's me, Denpachiro.

I'm Amano Denpachiro, who trained with
you under Sir Shishido Saburozaemon.

I don't know you!

None of Sir Shishido's students
I know would kidnap a woman!

This is not our preference.

We need to stop the bribes to the Elders.

Unfortunately, it's a measure
we must undertake.

Sazen, it is my understanding
you are on the same side.

We were informed of your role
from Edo so we waited for you.

Who cares about this mission?

I'm getting paid by Kashima to kill men.

I Don't need help. I can do it on my own.

Now, hand that woman over to me!

I am a short-tempered man!

Hand her over.

We'll get the clan funds on our own.

Yes, that's it!

It's a brilliant idea.

What's a brilliant idea?

Why don't we dump this stone
lantern into the ocean...

...and return to Edo light-handed?

But we'd be punished if we do not deliver it.

This is where my idea is brilliant.

In Edo, we'll have the same one made.

Oh, I see. Then our journey will be easier?

Yes. Now, let's just toss this into the ocean.

But we can't just toss it. It's not that easy!

What's going on? Where am I?

What do you want?

Come any closer and I'll kill you!


Matagoro, what do you think of Gensuke?

He's a Yagyu Shinkage swordsman.

He disguised himself as a servant.

Perhaps, wiping the hallways, he
overheard our conversations...

...and told Isshinsai.

And together with Miss Hagino, he
followed us here. If that's the case?

We must kill him!

Maybe Miss Hagino as well.

You can't do it, can you?

I knew you loved her for some time.

But Matagoro...

Miss Hagino is in love with Gensuke.

You love me?

Yes, I do.

I cannot believe you know what love is.

I have deep fellings for you.

For the first time I've seen a man's true love.

I take my hat off to him.

What is this about?

That man, Tange Sazen,
stayed up last night...

...watching you without
moving and was weeping.

You mean that beast?


Because he has only one eye and one
armm you refer to him as beastly?

He's a victim of serving a foolish lord.

Sazen feels he is ugly.

So he is attracted to beauty.

He shelter himself from women.

Because he's deprived of
love, he longs for love.

That does not concern me!

That's why I say you don't understand love.

You say you loved me?


Because I have a smooth face...

...and you've found I
have some martial skills?

I guess that's why you see me
as a candidate for marriage.

You're just another woman who
makes advance to me, however.

But to Sazen...

...you're like a goddess.

You want to push that horrid,
frightening man on me?

Don't be so conceited.

His beautiful heart is too good for you.

As proof, there are children looking for him.

Those children with innocent
minds can see his true kindness.

Damn that Yagyu Shinkage!

That bastard...

He talks as if he knows my inner thoughts!

How ridiculous!

Shinkage, draw you sword!

Oh... Why?

Don't mind why. I just want to duel with you!

Here I go!

You're good.

You're smart and skilled.

You’re so irritating!

Why must you kill me?

How should I know?

It'll just make me happy!

Hey, hold it there!

What do you want, you homeless bum?

Don't interfere. Stay out!

Call me as you wish.

Continue this and you'll both get injured.

It's useless!

Unless you wish to fight me instead?


I am of the Fujiki Jigen Style. Want to try?

Mister Shinkage, we'll continue later.


I'm relying on you to carry out
my request I've explained.



I am Umezawa Ichinojo, an
instructor of the Santo School.

I am a student of the school, Inoue Hikobei.

I'm Osawa Ichirota!

We're here to take your life!



Uncle Sazen!

Uncle Sazen!

Mr. Shinkage mentioned children...

...he was talking about all of you.

But what brings you all here?

Uncle Sazen, Chobiyasu
traveled 240 miles to see you.

But when he got to Edo, you had already left.

So Chobiyashu wanted to go after you.

We all came to keep him company.



Uncle Sazen!

Uncle Sazen!

You all!
- Father!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Tears from even a tough man like you...

You may not understand adults...

...but you understand children.

Mt. Ryujin...

Mt. Ryujin, you say?


That will be the last place left for us.

The enemy anticipates our attacks.

I'm sure they are fully prepared.

Leave the rest to Iwakichi and his men...

We must be ready to battle and
die at the foot of Mt. Ryujin.

Princess, give us the signal for the attack!


Mito clan’s inspector is here!

Be still!

Be still!

You are on Mito land! This is not allowed!

Be still!

I can almost hear Taiken's laughter.

He must've had the laugh of a lifetime.


Then, what happened to
the load the children took?


You don't know?

Well, the Mito clan got involved so...

Were there gold coins in that load?


You don't even know that?

I'm sorry.

Are you really a spy?

I'm sorry.

You fool!

Now I'm really mad.

Sanyu, let's do as you say.

Let's toss the stone lanterns over the cliff.


Let's hurry!

Let's do it before we change our mind.


What're you doing?

You shouldn’t be doing that.

Why not?

You must be transporting
them for clan business.

Even if you're transporting
an unimportant lantern...

...you cannot fulfill your
duty if you throw it away.

Sir Ninomiya...

Who’re you?

It's Sir Amano Denpachiro!

Oh, you are...!



Father, I brought the horses
back as you instructed me.

Hey Yokichi and the others!
- Yes.

Everyone, there are gold coins hidden in this!

- Ouch!

Search it!

Grab all you want!


I was tricked!

No, it was not a failure.

You magnificently accomplished the mission.

That load did not really carry the gold coins.

They were just rocks.

It was a strategy to lead enemies astray.

The actual gold coins are delivered
safely and should be here shortly.

To deceive enemies, the gold
coins are in these stone lanterns.

Good work, men.

Let's watch for our chance to kill
Shuzen and we keep the funds.

I will reward you all well.

About the stone lanterns...

You wanted to do this, Sir?

Oh, Lord Gennosuke!

Gennosuke is...?

Yes, I'm Lord Soma's second son, Gennosuke!

It is clear that you planned to steal
the funds delivered for the clan!

It is not true.


I already investigated this!

I beg you!

Kill him! I'll pay you whatever you want!

All right. Let me do it.

I, Denpachiro, will take you on!

Men, come out!

Honey, emergency!

Gensuke is in danger!
- What? Gensuke?

Where is he?

At Soma clan's Lower Mansion.

All right!


...get me eight wooden planks.


Okay. Hey, help me out everybody!


Mister Shinkage...

Don't die!

Mister Shinkage...

Where are you!?

Mr. Shinkage...

Let me kill them, too!

That load was gold, after all.


We thought they were just rocks
but they turned out to be gold.

The Soma clan advisors bad
thought they were just rocks.

Those rocks were from the gold mines.

I see.

I'm glad.

This is great.

To tell you the truth...

...I had the Soma clan take in a little
more than 100 survivors of Toyotomi.

Speaking of survivors of Toyotomi...

...Taiken, weren't you also a Toyotomi?

By the way...

...who was the man that
recognized it was gold?

He escaped the Sado
Gold Mines 10 years ago.

When bis granddaughter Miyo was
born, he just couldn't stay put.

And he hid in those tenements all this time?

Are you going to capture him?

Of course.

We cannot let a criminal get away.

So we capture him...

...and send him to the Soma Gold Mines.

You swore to kill me.

Why did you come to my rescue?

You see, I cant have someone else kill you!

You got it? Sorry about that!

I see. I didn't think of that.

I have people who love me, too.

Translated by Yumiko
Subtitled and Mastered by Cannibal King