Tange Sazen Kenfû! Hyakuman ryô no tsubo (1982) - full transcript


My karo, I have brought Mr. Samanosuke Tange.

- Leave us alone.
- Yes, my lord.

My karo, why were you looking for me?

This bitch!

She seemed suspicious from
the moment she arrived.

And just as I imagined, she
was an undercover officer.

Damn bitch!

There's another undercover officer in our Han.

He already confessed!

Samanosuke, you are the most
skilled swordsman in the entire Han.

Go and kill that officer!

However, there is another reason why I chose you.


If I'm not mistaken, you
are friends a girl named Hagino; the fiancee

ofKojuro Kamishima,
one of the

mounted guards, right?

Yes. Do you know her?

You will kill Kojuro Kamishima.

Kojuro Kamishima...

For you, killing
Kojuro will mean

dealing with personal matters.

Hagino could end up getting hurt.

Who are you?

Ah, but if it's Samanosuke.

Kojuro, I have to talk to you.


Just us.

Why so mysterious?

Say what you have to say.

There is no reason to hide it.


You're acting very suspicious.

Say hello to your dad.

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What do you want to talk about?


I will have to kill you.


I see, you bastard.

You're jealous that I stole Miss Hagino from you.

Please, Kojuro.

You've been discovered.

Hagino is innocent.

Why did you propose to her while
being an undercover officer?

Why did you have to involve her?

Fight me!

I give up.

I give up...

There is no way to beat you in a duel.

Now that my identity is known,

my work has come to an end.

I'll cut my own stomach.


Please, I ask you to cut off my head.


Be it by the government or by the Han...

The way of the samurai is full of misfortunes.


look after Hagino.

He is a traitor! kill him!

My karo! What is the meaning of this?

Die for our house!




Guraku, next year...

it will be 20 years since the last
renovation of the Nikko Toshogu temple.

What Han is in charge of its renovation?

You shouldn't worry.

The most appropriate Han has
already been chosen.

Excellent work, as always.

And what Han is that?

The Iga Yagyu Han.

Yagyu Tsushima will take care of it.


Han Date was in charge of the
latest renovation of the Nikko Toshogu.

The expenses amounted to 250,000 ryos.

That put Han Date on
the verge of bankruptcy.

250,000 ryos?

That was 20 years ago!

The current cost would be 30...

No, it could go up to 500,000 ryos!

Even if we emptied every house in
the Han, we would not get that much money.

The government is asking me to kill myself!


Don't you know anything that might help?

You have served the Yagyu
house for three generations!

You must know of something to help us!

Please tell us, Ippusai.

You haven't lived 120 years in vain, right?

Lord Ippusai!

Do not worry.

A treasury was prepared for emergencies.

The Yagyu house...

has hidden...

a treasure worth a million ryos.

Which can be found... in... the vessel

of the ancient ape.

The Vessel of the Ancient Ape?

Is there a million ryos
in the ancient ape's vessel?


The ancient ape vessel is
in the Han's vault.

Let the fastest horses be used,

and bring the vessel to Edo.

This is a secret, avoid the main road.

Make it quick.

Iga Yagyu's house...

is in a very convenient position.

Over time, it will gain command of other clans,

and he will undoubtedly become a general.

But I'm keeping an eye on them.

That's why I imposed the renovation of
the Nikko Toshogu temple on them.

Its excessive cost will
keep the Han Yagyu at bay.

We will steal the Vessel of the Ancient Ape.

Han Yagyu must not take it back!

Besides, we will get one million ryos.

We'll kill two birds with one stone.


You will be in charge of crushing the Yagyu Han.


A simple thief?

He has good instincts.


What are you doing, pervert?

Hera, hera, hetara, hera, hera hee...


That will be all for today.

I'm so sorry, but we'll finish for today.

I have a little headache.

So sorry.

Don't say that...

Come on, come on, young man, that will be all for today.

Come with me.

Please guys.

The exit is this way.

Come again, we'll be waiting for you, be safe.

What do you want, Yokichi?

Have you forgotten already?

I told you not to show your
face here during the day!

Well, the thing is...

What's wrong?

Did you lose in a fight again?

You see...

Last night, I snuck into a house
that looked wealthy.

But it was a monster's house.

I heard something you won't believe.

Ofuji, how would you like a million ryos?

One million!

Are you serious?

Of course I am.

Hera, hera, hetara, hera, hera hee.

If it's for you, so be it engulfed in flames...

or below the water...


A million ryos...

That wouldn't be bad at all.


There goes the million ryos. One million!

Hera, hera, hetara, hera, hera hee.

Yokichi, look at that.

It looks off...

- Get ready!
- Yes!

Who are you?

Don't you know that I am Genzaburo Yagyu?


Please, kid...

I beg you...

Take this vessel...

Take it to Yagyu's mansion in Edo...


They will give you a reward...

Are you serious, sir?


Please... take it to Yagyu...

To Ya...

What a good boy, how about you give me that vessel?


What a cute boy.

I can give you money.

I don't need your dirty money!

Brat! Get him, Yokichi!

Come here!

Ah! Aaaah!


Kill him!



I don't know who you are, but tHank you.

I am Genzaburo Yagyu.

That vessel is a treasure of Han Yagyu.

If it was stolen, our house
would be in big trouble.

Excuse me, what is your name?

My name is Sazen, my last name is Tange.

I ask you to give me the vessel.


Lord Sazen.

Please Hand me the vessel.


Problems in your house?

That's too many senseless
deaths for a single vessel.

I'll keep it.


I can give you 100 ryos for it!

Is it enough?

100 ryos?

What if I say no?

We'll kill you!



The Shinkage style of the Yagyu.





See you never!

Stop! Stop right there!

Sazen Tange.

An unexpected god of misfortune appeared...



The Shogun is using the
renovation of the Nikko Toshogu

as a pretext to crush our house.

If we want to face the costs...

We need the vessel...


We must find Sazen Tange!

Dainoshin and the rest.

You're the most skilled swordsmen in Yagyu.

The fate of the Han is in your Hands.

We will not fail!


So relaxed...


Oh, one moment, sir.


You're just making fun of me.



Good work.

Although I was very close just now.

- Sister.
- Yes?

Don't you think we already spent too much?

This marks five days already.

Open your eyes.

It's a million ryos.

One million!

One or two jars of sake are nothing.


The bastard drinks pricey sake.


Impatient beggars earn very little.

Are we ready?

We're just getting started!

"We're just getting started."

Hey, sir.

How long do you plan to sleep?


Oh, it's you.

I like this shack.

The sign across the street for thieves,

"Tokiwazu Mojiharu" is very interesting.

If you like it, you can stay for as long as you like.


Let's have a toast.


Where are you from?

You used to be a formal samurai, right?

How have you survived so far?


Destroying dojos and as a bodyguard...

I destroyed too many dojos,
and I can't find any anymore.

And nobody hires me as a bodyguard.

They get scared as soon as they see my face.

Well, maybe I'll hire you.

What do you think?

I am not cheap.

My life depends on my ability.

I can imagine.

In that case, sir.

How about it?

I could pay you with what I have here...


That fool!





Don't move!

Are you also looking for the vessel?



Many are interested in it.

If you don't speak...

you'll end up with a face like mine.


Do something!


I didn't want to use this.

But I'm sick of acting like a nice person.


Release him and Hand over the vessel.

What if I say no?

I'll send you to the other world reeking of gunpowder.

Deliver it at once.

I refuse.


Aim well.

You wouldn't want to smash
this valuable vessel, would you?


What is it?


Who are you, bastard?


Looks like they're looking for the vessel too.

I'm so sorry, but the more time passes...

the more attached I feel to this vessel.

If someone treasures the vessel
more tHan his life, let him step up!


Yokichi! Hurry!



That gun...

It's empty, isn't it?

Are you the boss?

O, sir!

State your name!

The God of Death.

The God of Death?

Don't make me laugh!

Brat, stop!




Sister, let's forget about that vessel.

We don't have enough lives

to get involved in this.

Shut up!

I am very stubborn about these things.

I'll find that wretch and get the vessel back!

Hey, sister, you say
it's stubbornness, but...

you fancy the
one-eyed man, right?

Hera, hera, hetara, hera, hera hee.

Shut up.

If you have time to talk nonsense,
better find another hiding place.

Calm down sister, I'll take care of it.

You can come with me to my hideout.

I'm counting on you.

It's me.

That brat served as a distraction.

Hey. I'll stay with you for a little while.


we're not done with the
previous conversation yet.


Guide me.




Master Tsushima!

Despite having the great honor of renovating the temple,

you dare to say that you reject the request?

Even ingratitude has a limit!

Calm down.

Don't be so tense.

By the way, there will be a meeting
at the Kaneji temple in thirteen days.

We hope you can attend.

The Shogun himself requested your presence.

I will gladly attend.

By the way, the Yagyu house...

owns a very valuable item
called the "Ancient Ape Vessel", right?

We were hoping you could show it to us.

The Shogun is extremely interested in it.

Stupid Tsushima Yagyu.

Everything is going according to my plans.


Taiken, the rest is up to you.

It won't be long before we crush the Han Yagyu.


I want to see the million ryos vessel
as soon as possible.

Still don't know where Sazen is hiding?

We only have one option.

It is best to lure
him out of hiding.

The meeting in Kaneji will be in four days.

If we don't find Sazen, we'll
end up like that stray dog.


Lord Genzaburo, look there!

Is it Sazen?

Hey, Sazen!

Dainoshin, resist!


Damn you, Sazen!


What do you plan to do with that vessel?

About that...

If you can't read what it says,

it would be better to sell it
at once to those Yagyu fools.

Don't you think?

If you are skillful, you can get
all the money you want from them.


I'm telling you because I
really care about you.


We could take care of each other.

If we get a good amount of money,

we could open a restaurant.

The difficult days would be behind us.

Come on, sir.

You know how I feel, don't you?

Come on.


The day is too young for this.

In our line of work,

the night is there

even in daylight.

A body won't be enough for me.

What did you say?

Nothing. I said nothing.


Hey? What's with that scandal?

They're distracting me; I can't concentrate.

Ignore them.


is the monthly thieves' auction.


Thieves' auction?

What nonsense are you saying? Look at this!

It is the hyotan that the great
Taiko used in Umajirushi.

It is one of a kind! Buy it!

- Why is your voice weird?
- Got anything better?

- Of course!
- I want to see it.

This drum belonged to Kiyomasa Kato.

It was made with tiger skin and

it was his favorite.

No, no, no! Get off!

Don't pass out when you see this!

It's the inro used by the great Koumon Mito!

How suspicious!

- What?
- Okay, get off.

Mine is better!

Stop! Stop!

Drop that, idiot!


Shut up!

You won't let me take my nap.

And who are you?


I am the sister's lover.

My name is Sazen, my last name is Tange.

Got a problem?

No! Of course not!

Is that clear?

You must be more careful.

I don't want to see that!

- Brother!
- Hmm?

Last night,

I saw that man kill some people!


Are you sure it wasn't a dream?

Mr. Sazen spent the whole night
in the upstairs room with Ofuji.

I couldn't sleep because of him.

It was not a dream!

I am sure of what I saw!


Where and who did you see?

Sir, calm down.

They say he entered the mansion
of an old man named Guraku.

That's silly!

Who is this Guraku?

He is a bird of prey that deals with shady affairs.

A monster they call
"the shadow Shogun".

Hey, darling, what will you do?

I have something I want you to take care of.


Can you steal a vessel like this?


It's a simple task, right, guys?

There won't be a problem, right?



Goraku! Come out!

Is no one here?

Shadow lord.

Show your face!

I was waiting for you, Sazen Tange.

Are you Guraku?

Your methods are filthy.

I must keep an eye on you.

You'll be seeing this horrible
face as often as you want.

I like your attitude, Sazen.

I like you.

How would you like to join me?

The one in power is not the Shogun or the council...

it's me!

I'm the only one who gets his
Hands dirty in the name of the Shogun.

Sazen. It'd be very convenient
for you to get retribution

for your help

No, tHanks.

Let's get to the point.

This is the vessel you are looking for.

I'm looking for money.

It's very simple, I'll give it to you for 100 ryos.

100 ryos?

That's right.

It's the Vessel of the Ancient Ape.

You can take a closer look if you want.

See you never.


Can you kill that man?

Of course.

How will you do it?

I will throw the two katanas.

He only has one arm to defend himself with.

I will take his life in that instant.

Hmm... I see.

He gave me a fake vessel.

Crush him.

Damn street dog.

Dog on a leash.

- How old are you?
- 18.

All 18 year old bad girls enjoy themselves.

Sorry for being bad.

It's here.

Oh, in a boat? How luxurious.

Come on.

Fucking whore!

Who gave you permission
to work our territory?

Get out now!

I told you to get out!

Aren't you going to greet us?

You bitch.

I ran out of money after the long trip.

I had no choice. I'm sorry.

Stop playing innocent.

You wanted to steal our good customers, didn't you?

Idiot, can't you recognize an apology?

What did you say?

You are conceited.

Let's teach her a lesson.

Come here, whore!


Damn whore!

I'm telling you to stop!

Oh, no. Not me!

Enough! Oh! Stop!

Stop! Please!


Guys, as a token of friendship,

today is my treat.

Have all you want!

Guys, be tHankful!


you are a god of fortune!

God of fortune?

Sir, don't be fooled by this idiot.

A moment ago, this bastard

called you a demon!

Yes, he did!

What are you talking about? You said it!


You said his face scared the kids.


No! Of course not!

You called him a monster!

What did you say?

That was you!

You are a big liar!

Shut up, idiots!

Go ahead. Sorry, it's not a very fancy place.

Although it is better tHan
sleeping outside. Come in.

I am really very grateful to you.

Don't say that.

Don't worry about it and come in.

As you can see, everyone is very cheerful here.

Go ahead.

What's going on?

Lord Samanosuke.

Have you already forgotten me?

I am Hagino.

You're confusing me for someone else.

I recognize that voice.

You are Mr. Samanosuke.

My name is Sazen.

You confuse me.

I heard the rumors of someone
similar to Samanosuke in Edo.

I wanted to see if he was still alive!


Say something, Mr. Samanosuke!

Shut up!

If you keep this up...

If you're sure I'm that...

Samanosuke person....

then come.

Come here.

Give me a good hug.

What's wrong?

Come here!

I'll help you get to know...

the taste of a real man.

Maybe some brothel will pay well for you.

Are you satisfied?

Hagino, right?

Listen well.

This is no place for women like you!

Who are you?

Her name is Ofuji.

This babe is almost my wife.


Come, let's drink.

I can't believe it.

Mr. Sazen is not like that.

Although, Ofuji is.

Forgive me.

What will you do now?

I'll help you however I can.

Oh, no!



Where do you know that man from?

Please, I beg you.

Tell me.

Are you going out?

I need some air, I'll go drink outside.



If you care so much about that girl,

go ahead and look for her.


Why that face?

Don't think I'm afraid of you!

Listen well.

I knew you were still a samurai at heart.

You missed your old
life seeing that girl, right?

Idiot, of course not.

Do not make me laugh!

Why did you have to say I'm like your wife?

I only played along because I felt sorry for her!

Come on! Get out at once!


I overestimated you!

Get out already!


Are you really in love with me?

Don't make me laugh.

I'll kill you.

Kill me if you want.

That way I'll feel better!

Come on! Kill me!

What will you do?

Won't you kill me?

I will give you this vessel.

From tonight on, look after it for me.


I understand how you feel.

But Sazen...

is no longer the man
you knew as Samanosuke!

You are a samurai's child.

You know how I feel.

Please, Hagino!

Tell me where that man is!


I beg you!


Come here.

Come on.

Are you hungry?

You said...

that you wanted to be a samurai one day, right?


Samurais are not strong men.

They only carry katanas to kill people.



You have managed to survive very well without parents.

You are much stronger tHan a samurai.

Really, sir?


It's weird that you're so nice.



Shouldn't I go to sleep now?

I saw what happened...

The lady looked very sad.

What are you talking about, brat?



Wake up!

What's do you want, Ofuji?

Take me to that old Guraku.


I'll sell that damn vessel!

You are too drunk.

Mister Sazen will kill you.

Hah! That idiot?

I kicked him out myself!

He deserves it!


Well, Yokichi, you son of a bitch!

Are you going to take me or not?

Are you feeling unwell, sir?


I'm back.




Oh, she left. She said she was going
to sell the vessel.

She left very drunk! Right?

Get up!

Where is she?

Yokichi was going to take her to that Guraku guy.

That whore!


Return the vessel!

And I request a duel!

I don't have time for that, move.

I won't leave!

Why did you kill my companions?

I didn't kill them!

It was an impostor who did it!

You won't fool me, Sazen!

Stop, stop.

I won't run away or hide. You will have your duel.

Come on, brat!

Old man! What are you doing?

Take him! Take care of the kid
until he falls asleep!


Old man!



This is it.

How much do you want?

A box of a thousand ryos!

That's all.

Not a bad price.

Don't worry, we won't do anything weird.

And no tricks.

Greed blinded you,

stupid harlot.

Did you think you'd make it out
alive knowing the secret of the vessel?


I am in a very bad mood tonight.


Move and you will die!


Don't think I didn't come
prepared for something like this.


Take out 500 ryos and give them to me.

Hurry up!

I'll shoot you if you don't.



I was waiting for you, Sazen.


I knew you would come.


I don't want to spill any more blood.

Your life or theirs?


Honey, don't worry about us.

I don't care if they kill us!

I strongly disagree!

- I don't want to!
- What's wrong, Yokichi?

This is no time for whining!

I don't want to die!

And you call yourself man?

What will you do?

I don't want to die...

I'm getting impatient.

I want...

Really, don't worry.

We're fine!


Darling, don't do it!




Shut up, you two.

Let them go.

Very well.

Everything is settled, then.



You're too goodhearted...

Get out of here!

Do you want to see me die?


I've finished off almost all of Yagyu's men.

After killing you...

the only one remaining will be Genzaburo.

Was that you?

You disguised yourself as
me and killed Yagyu's men, right?

That's right.

Them walking around looking for the vessel was a nuisance.

What dirty methods.

Well then.

Where shall I start?

I think I'll start with
your arm to even you out.




Why are you here?

I followed you here!

I owe you one. I nearly kicked the bucket.


So it was you!

You killed my companions!

Do you want me to kill you too?



You won this time.

But the vessel is in our Hands!

It is already in a place far beyond your reach!


You guys must leave.

The samurais have to speak.

Go away.

This is my fate.

Please cut my head off.


Do you want to your stomach?

You want to kill yourself to
maintain the honor of your house, don't you?

Don't worry, I'll make sure that
you die quickly.

Wait a minute.

Have you forgotten?

I still owe you.

Owe me?

The meeting in Kaneji is tomorrow, right?

You have my promise.

Tomorrow, you will have the vessel in your Hands.

How does that sound?

Can you do it?

I won't know until I try.



I'm not risking my life for the Yagyu Han.


I have a request in excHange for this.

A request?

About the person who told you where I was...

That woman...

what did she tell you?

Miss Hagino?

That's right.

Take care of her.

Tell her I'm sorry.


There is a dog named Sazen.

There's a cHance that he may try to
infiltrate the meeting.

If anything happens to the Shogun,

the entire government will be endangered.

Be on the lookout without attracting attention.

Don't let a single dog pass by!

But, my lord Guraku...

What reason does that Sazen
guy have to attack the meeting?

Is it really worth such concern?

Something doesn't seem right.

That's not important.

Old man, will you really go?

I'll go steal the Vessel of the Ancient Ape...

right under the Shogun's nose.

Sounds good, right?

Sounds really good!

Damn brat.

Stay still!

Easy, Yokichi.

Will you really infiltrate Kaneji's meeting?

It's crazy!

Think Ofuji.

Don't be foolish.


I beg you!

We won't know if it's crazy until I do it.


Why do you risk your life for a vessel?

Is it for Yagyu?

Or maybe...

do you want the million ryos?

I don't even know.

But this eye and this arm...

which I lost so long ago...

they compel me to do it.

- Old man!
- Mister!

Don't follow me.

If you follow me...

I will kill you!

Echizen Oooka, the Minamimachi magistrate,
is watching over the temple.

They ordered him to prevent
Sazen's entry at any cost.

The only option is...

to commit suicide before
the Shogun to protect the Han Yagyu.

I will not let you die!

And I don't intend to die!

The Yagyu pilgrimage has
set out for Kaneji.

I see.


You can't do anything without the vessel.

The Han Yagyu has come to an end.

He is deaf to reason.

Without that vessel, we'd just
be a couple of strangers.

I thought it'd be harmful for you

to sleep next to a million ryos.

Hera, hera, hetara, hera, hera hee.

Right, I'll go find
company for the night.


I have to drink my sorrows away.


You can't come with me.

You're going with old Sazen, right?

What did you say?

I can see it in your eyes!

I knew it.

You and I are the only
ones who truly care about him.


Do what you want.

What are you doing?

Come here.


What are you doing?

What are you doing?

What are you doing?


What are you doing?

Be a good boy.

Be quiet for a moment.



Yokichi will be back shortly.

Just wait for a bit.

We'll live together.

Well then...

Time to act.


Hera, hera, hetara, hera, hera hee.

You imbecile.

Say nothing and be grateful.

I can make myself useful to you.

You're good for nothing!


Not even you can handle so many guards.


You need me.

You really are a nuisance.

The meeting will take place through that door.

There's the living room.

The vessel will be there.

Soon they'll announce the Shogun's arrival.

That will be our cue.


Is everything ready?


Echizen's men are guarding the entire area.

I also placed my men
at strategic points.

Not even an ant will approach this vessel.

Look up.

The Shogun has arrived!

Taiken, I leave it in your hands.

The Shogun...

has arrived!

Listen well.

Once I get started...

go straight to the temple!

You got it?



An intruder!




There is an intruder!

After her!

Stop right there!





An intruder!

After her!


Who will come for me?

Catch me!

Come on! What's wrong?

Don't take your eyes off the vessel!


Let's go!

What's wrong with you?

What's going on?


Someone go take a look!

I got it!


The vessel!

Go get the vessel!


We got it.

We must flee immediately.


Go get a matching vessel!


It's time for the meeting with the Shogun.

He'll bump into a vessel just like this one.


Yes... I'll take care of it!

What happened to the intruders?

Where is Kuraku?

I'm coming...

I'm coming!


I brought the closest match I found.

What do you plan to do with it?

Well done.

I'll take that one out.

While everyone follows me

You take the real one to Tsushima Yagyu.


And, if you bump into Genzaburo,

tell him not to forget my request.

Got it.

After him!

There he is!

Out of my way!

Lord Genzaburo!

I am Yokichi the messenger!

Lord Genzaburo!

I have the Vessel of the Ancient Ape!

Mr. Sazen...

he asked me to bring you...

It's the vessel!

The Vessel of the Ancient Ape!

Brother! Sazen kept his word!

It's the vessel!

It's the original!

Genzaburo, our Han is saved!

We will survive!

We will survive!

And? What happened to Sazen?

Is he safe?

Hey, Guraku!

I will show you something interesting.


Calm down.

It was a fake vessel.

The real vessel is already in the hands of Yagyu.

Your plan didn't work out.

Listen, Guraku!

You intended to destroy Han Yagyu, using the

renovation of the temple as an excuse.

On top of that, you tried to
steal the million ryos vessel.

It was a truly evil plan!

Shogun, there is no way he didn't know about this.

You have no shame.

You are nothing but Guraku's puppet!


How did this happen?

My Lord.

We can't beat public opinion. Leave at once.

My Lord!

My Lord!

Forgive me.

This failure is my responsibility.

Let me handle the rest.

I, Echizen, will solve it!

Get it done.


Sazen Tange...

I want to talk to you alone.

Please come down the stairs.


I want us to forget what you did here today.

The Shogun agrees.

I see.

If word gets out that the Shogun was
controlled by a monster,

his reputation will suffer.

It can't be known that
someone controls the holy Shogun.

You were the one who caused the ruckus, Sazen.

You won't get out unscathed.

You'll be exiled from Edo.


Don't get angry.


The Han Yagyu is safe.

Guraku will also be punished.

Does that satisfy you?

Well? Will you think about it?

What if I say no?

We'll catch your thieving friends,

and we'll exile or execute them.

If I accept exile from Edo...

The woman we caught...

and the rest of the thieves...

will be forgiven for all their crimes.


Mr. Sazen agreed in our name...

I see...

Also, thanks to Sazen, the Lord of
Yagyu will hire me as a helper.


That's great!

Right guys?

So the key to the million ryos
was hidden in the letters on the vessel?

Only Ippusai, the elder
of Yagyu, can decipher it.

This are 500 ryos.


It is the money that Yagyu paid Sazen for the vessel.


Mr. Sazen told me to give them to you.

So much money?

Mr. Sazen...

He is a god of fortune!

What? You always called
him a god of misfortune!


And you? You wanted to sell the child!


Oh, Miss Ofuji.

The master entrusts the child to your care.

That idiot! Deciding everything on his own!

By the way, I haven't seen the boy.

It's true!

Hold on.

What happened to the old Sazen?



From today,

You have to listen to everything I tell you.


Where are you going?

I have no destination.

I will send you to hell.

What happened to Guraku?

He drank poison.


Are you still faithful to him?

As of today, I am also a stray dog.

I would like a trophy for my new path.

Your head will do.