Tanagra (2013) - full transcript

A shy nurse decides to become a superhero

My name's Lola.

I'm a home nurse.

I live in a small,
relatively quiet town

No mysteries.


Hi, Lola.


Why do people always say
hello to me when I drive?

Shall I push your yogurt pot?


Move that strawberry!

People have been on edge lately.

Even Léonie, my former patient,

has changed. She's sad.

And yet, Mélissols

is the finest retirement home
in the region.

It's the best.
Everyone's in good hands.

Or so they say.

Don't forget me, eh?
I'll be waiting for you tomorrow.

- Have I ever forgotten you?
- No.

I don't like Ms. Leroc, the manager.


This is Laurent.

Ten years together.

People see us
as the perfect couple.

Yeah... But, honestly,
right now we aren't.

How was your day?

Dressings, shots, visits...

The usual.

How was yours?


I covered an international event:

the boules players' association

That's the problem.

He quit his job, a good job,

literature teacher,

to fulfill his dream of becoming
an investigative journalist.

Poor Laurent...

He's a stringer at The Free Voice,
our local paper.

Yet, he keeps looking for scoops.

But scoops here

are hard to come by.

Until the day a lunatic
rolled up in our town.

And this whole thing fell on us.

Actually, I was the one
who fell on him.

This fetishist
obsessed with high heels

gave Laurent
something to write about.



Something happens

and you write,
"Clear skies in France".

You think you're the weather girl?

You seem to like weather girls.
You fancy one?

Mind your own business!
I want a gusty, cyclonic,

tsunami-like article!

Keep the nice words coming.

My dear Verlaine,
you don't want to kill

the poet in you.

Screw literature!

Put yourself in these women's shoes.

Think. If someone mugged you
to steal your right stiletto

and you were forced to wear snickers,

you would be...


There you go.
Typhoon your article.

Give it some air, some body!

Give me awesome.
That's what readers want.

If we don't want to die,
we have to sell, sell, sell.

La Vallette believes in us.


Then we wouldn't be stuck
with Hubert,

his inept son.

The paper's up the creek.

La Vallette doesn't care
about The Free Voice.

You're being dramatic.

You're too naïve, my dear Laurent.

We have to prove our worth.

We take out the coats
and face the storm.

I want a mind-blowing article!
Force 8.

Go, go! Fair winds!

Hi, Hubert.

- Greetings, O great reporter.
- Hello, Hubert.

I'm on VIP duty tonight.

Can you stay here on call?

I'll be busy, too.

Oh? You too got an invite
to the bash with the swells?


That's what I thought.

Ah, my favorite nurse!

I'm in pain, I need a shot.
Pick a cheek.

You're damn right I'll shoot you!

With a rifle, you daddy's boy.

Nothing to tell me?

I do.

I didn't forget our anniversary.

But we'll have to cancel.
I'm on duty.

And you tell me now?

I would've waited for you
knitting like Penelope.

Penelope didn't knit.
She wove.

Same thing.

We'll have dinner tomorrow.

Also, what is this?

Were you going to tell me?

They pay peanuts...

You didn't say you were applying
for jobs in Paris.

You opened my mail!

- I thought it was junk.
- Let me explain.

Explain what?

I would've told you
if I had an offer.

All I get are refusals
or lousy proposals.

Because there've been others?

Yes. It's thanks to you that I had
the courage to change my life.

You support me.

I can't go on like this.
Things have to change.

We're living on your salary.

We lived on yours for ten years.

I gotta move, Lola.

I hate seeing you
jab the butts of the whole town.

For what it pays...

Yes, I jab butts
and I'm proud of it.

The romantic dinner,
again in the freezer.

Sweetie, it's me!

Oh no, Fanfan. Not you.

Not today.

Cooee! Are you there?

I'm sorry,
but I don't feel like talking.

Sweetie? Where are you?

Make yourself at home.

What're you doing?

There's a leak.

- What are those Tupperware?
- In case I get hungry.

You never know.

Did we have an appointment?

It's Tuesday.
You forgot my hair treatment.

Laurent stood you up, eh?

Nothing escapes you.

I don't like it
when you look like a sad doormat.



Come on, sweetie.

A little drink will do you good.

It's only 5 p.m.

Every hour is happy hour.
Let's have a toast.

Come on.

In the eyes,
or it's 3 years' abstinence.

I got two invites
for tonight's big bash.

You're coming with me.

No. Big parties
are not really my thing.

I'm not comfortable with the rich.

And I've nothing to wear.

Wrong answer.

It's a costume ball.
Anything will do.

I'm gonna wear
an old dinosaur suit I found.

And you...

- You could wear a nurse suit.
- Why not?

You're as lonely as a dead rat.
I'll take care of you.

Thanks, but my day isn't over yet.

I still have Mrs. Doucet.

- And I'm not in the mood.
- Exactly.

It'll change that mood.


What's the matter?
You never complain.

You never do it wrong.
You're in no state to work.

I won't take no for an answer.

I'll see you at the party.

OK, bye. See you later.

Oh, no...

It can't be true!

I'm gonna look like an idiot again.

Getting dizzy

on a board sitting on blocks!

I know, it's ridiculous.

When I was young,
I used to climb everywhere.

I was a real alley cat!

I even did a few stunts.

I saw you in an old movie.
You looked beautiful.

More beautiful than talented.

I opened so many doors,

served so many fancy ladies.

But I was young.

Life was beautiful.

You know my vices?

Shall we share?

No, thank you.

I was at Mélissols.
Léonie says hi.

Is she happy in that place?

I don't think so.

I told her.

Why on earth did she lock

herself up in a hospice
for old ladies full of money!

Retirement home...
More like impairment home!

I'm bothering you
with my old folks stories.

You're young.

You have to enjoy and have fun.

I hope you're going
to the party tonight.

Maybe, but I don't know
what costume to wear.

It smells a bit like mothballs,

but it should fit you.

A collector's item.

Doesn't make me any younger.

I wore this in Hitchcock's
To Catch a Thief.

And you're looking at
the double of "The Cat",

the famous cat burglar
played by Brigitte Aubert.

No, but...
I can't accept, Mrs. Doucet.

It makes me happy
to make you happy.

Besides, with this costume,
you won't need heels.

With this maniac in town,
you never know.

So everything started
at the costume ball.

What am I doing here?

Ah, the dinosaur!



Excuse me.

She goes like,
"You're so handsome".

Hubert La Valette.
I can't believe it.

Françoise, I hate you.
You and your shitty plans.

Damn Hubert!
Is he stalking me or what?

No way! You, moron!

You have reached Lola Fazière.
Leave a message after the tone.

Lola, please, stop sulking.
Answer me.

I have to tell you...


What do you want?

I don't have any money,
I swear!

Take my purse.
You're hurting me!

My shoe!

My shoe!




Help me! Stop that man!

Help! Stop him!

You sick bastard!

- Oh, shit...
- You old pervert!

Call the police
instead of taking pictures!

Stop him!

Hello? No.

Yes, it's me.

Yes, Fred.

Really? Where?

Rue Mirabeau. I'm on my way.

- Hi, Laurent.
- Thanks for the tip, Fred.


If I don't come back with a story,
I'll be in trouble.

Can I interview you?

- No. I have no boss.
- You don't have a chief yet?

No. We've been waiting
for six months.

Troop morale is at its lowest.

Don't play cops with me.

can help each other.

It'll only be a few questions.

I'd rather not.

I don't feel like getting
a slap on the wrist.

I can't talk.
Only the chief can answer.

But there's no chief!

All the more reason.

All I can tell you is,

we've arrested the stiletto freak.

- Zip it.
- Relax, Fred. I got it.


He's such hard work.

What happened, madam?

Black suit, domino mask.

Zorro came down from the sky.

Zorro, with the big sneaker.

Saved me. He saved me.

Thank you.

Thank you!

- Can I talk to you?
- Sure.

Are you... a journalist?

- Can't you tell?
- Not really.

Anyway... I have your scoop.

My friend and I were there,

and we heard
that poor woman scream.

True to our brave selves,
we rushed to her aid.

And who stole the show?
This Superman guy.

He landed in his big sneaker
and knocked out the dude.

And then, he was gone.

I'll show you.

Are you interested?

This picture doesn't have a price.

Sure it does.

What did this masked avenger
look like?

He was wearing an all-black suit
and a mask on his face.

Like... a cat burglar.

- A cat burglar?
- Yes, a cat burglar.

- Hello?
- I'm sorry to bother you, boss.

Laurent, yes.

We should change
tomorrow's front page.

What a business!

Fanfan, it's me. Call me back.

I need to tell you something.
It's just huge.

Hugs and kisses. Call me.

I know, Lola, I should've told you.

I did all that because...

I need you to be proud of me.

I can't just bury myself
at The Free Voice.

I'm sorry for what happened.

I was clumsy.

I know you have
the most amazing job.

And I love you.

I love you too, Laurent.
And I'm proud of you.


A nice message won't sort it out.

Forget it.

I won't do anything else
without telling you.

Now listen to this.

"Is there a superhero in town?

"Cat burglar pumps it up.

"Repeat offender Franck Vérin,
the stiletto maniac,

"was crushed with a shoe".

And on page two,
A Mysterious Night, by...

Laurent Fazière.

For once, I got the scoop.

I was the first to get there.


And, the icing on the cake,
I got a picture.

- A picture of who?
- The cat burglar in black.

A "cat burglar"?

The witness said it.
It's in my article.

Let me see.

You can't see much.

Don't you think...
he looks a bit like me?

- Who?
- The thing. The "cat burglar".

Oh, honey...

Would you jump from roof to roof?

Why not?

Last year, at the town pool,

you froze on the diving board
50 cm from the water.

If this knight hadn't saved you...

Please, you show-off!

Don't worry, Lola.

You're brave enough
to put up with me.

And that's quite...

- Hi, Françoise.
- Hi, Laurent.

Where were you last night?
I looked for you.

Something amazing happened...

Sweetie, you can't even imagine.

I found him.
You won't believe it...

Let me tell you. It's just huge.

- I met with a friend.
- The privateer.

- How do you know?
- I saw you...

A miracle. It's a miracle!

He's heavenly handsome -

like Richard Gere meets Clooney,
only classier.

We were inseparable
when we were kids.

And then he moved to the US
New York, I think.

And who do I run into yesterday?


We spent
the most incredible night together.

Spare me the details.


In bed, he's soft, he's tender,
he's free, he's great!

I was in seventh heaven.
Pure nirvana!

- Niagara Falls!
- OK, I got it.

Just talking about it
makes me shiver.

You were saying?

So, it's a secret.
You can't tell anyone.

It's him. What do I do?

Hello? Yes.


He wants to see me.

OK, I'm off. I'll call you!

Unbelievable. Nobody listens to me.
Am I invisible or what?

So, it's the after party.

I guess we're toasting
to the feats of our great reporter.

Unless it's the avenger's?

No, we're toasting to
the volcanic sales of The Free Voice.

7,800 copies.

We had sold 4,500 copies after 9/11.

There's a clear difference.

By the way, it happened
200 m from the big fiesta.

It must've been foggy.
You saw nothing.

Too many pretty ladies around me.
My eyes got blurred.

Laurent, I want more of
these avalanche articles.

I want you to find me
that masked character.

I'll beef up, Mr. Deloin.

Good one!

First time I heard it was in 1953.

We have to blow the barometer!

I want action.
Hurricane, blizzard, lightning!

I want you
to whirl the reader around.

The paper's life is at stake, OK?


You're good.

- To The Free Voice!
- To The Free Voice!

"So, the masked avenger,

"like a tornado
coming out of the sky,

"threw himself on his prey,
struck him down and knocked him out.

"And as if by magic,

"the heavenly creature disappeared
in the most chivalrous tradition.

"Ladies, the terror of your nights
is now out of the action".

The end.

When I grow up,
I'll defend my grandmother

because she takes care of me
when Mom's at work.

Will you defend Mom, too?

Of course, she's my mom.

I will protect all the women,
like the masked avenger.

- Have you finished?
- Yes.

Do you think he'll come back?

With superheroes, you never know.

I hope he will, because when you

tell me about him,
your shots don't hurt.

I'd like to make him happy...
but I'm not a superhero.

Bye, Enzo.

Get some rest.


Oh, no!

OK, here I go!


I'm Mrs. Doucet's nurse.
I'm here for her shot...

My aunt passed away last night.

- Her lymphoma?
- Yes.

I'm sorry.

Wait. I was also her friend.
Can I see her?

Thank you.

Mathilde always said
Natasha would keep the music box.

She never came to see her.

I had to put up with the old lady.

If you don't mind, the table's ours.

Keep it. It's broken, anyway.

Did you take the cookie box?

- What box?
- The iron box.

I'll take good care of it,
Mrs. Doucet.

I promise you.

You may as well say that I stole it!


What do you see up there?


But don't you see something else?


I need to rest.

All of us are going to leave someday.

This week, two young people,
72 and 76,

were carried out feet first.

What comforts me about Mathilde

is that she had
a very nice passing, at home.

I envy her a lot.

As for me, locking myself up
in this prison was a mistake.

Why do you say that?

There's no point having money
if you can't use it.

They even took our credit cards.

Everything's in Ms. Leroc's office.

Are you sure?

I'm not losing my mind.

I know what they want.

But they won't have my money.

I won't sign their papers.

They can keep dreaming.

I left everything to the SPA.

They don't even know.

What papers?

It's time for dinner.

But I'm not hungry yet.

Besides, I don't like noodles.

You have to eat, madam.

And don't forget your pills.

She's always complaining.

Come on now.
Eat, or I'll get upset.

I gotta go.
I'll come back to see you.

OK, here's your water...

And your pills.

Papers, credit cards...
What is going on here?

Ah, here you are! How to put this...

It'd be best
if you didn't come so often.

Mrs. Bollet's weak.

I'm afraid your presence,
which does her a lot of good,

maybe too tiring.
Don't you think?

Yes, of course.
Take care of her.

You can count on me, right?

Ms. Leroc, the manager,
is Hitler's daughter.

Don't ever bring your parents.
They lock us up at night.

The lights go out at 10 pm sharp.

We're being watched.
We can't go out.

That tough old bird
won't let us do anything.

Not even flirt.

But let me tell you,
I don't give a damn what they say.

I've made a master key!

André Galant, locksmith.
Forty years in the business.

I see my fiancée whenever I want.

And my money,
I get it back whenever I want.

And I won't take their pills.

My word, I'm the complaints office.

Lola, you have to do
something about it.

I'm afraid of heights.
It's ruining my life.

Except for love,
we can control everything.

Such a pretty woman
shouldn't be afraid of anything.

You've come to the right place.

Come on. One, two, three.
Now to the other side.

One, two, three. That's good.

Good job.

Good, good.

There you go.
Wonderful. Good job!

That's very good.

- Now straighten up.
- No.

Straighten up.

More, more.

That's good.

I'm happy.

There you go. Perfect.
Where there's a will there's a way.

I got my moment and now it's over.

Nothing has happened in a week.

You might be surprised, my love.

Deloin issued a storm warning.
I have to find the masked guy.

- Maybe he doesn't exist.
- I assure you, he does.

You saw the photo.

That's not proof.

Like Hubert says, maybe
he's just some drunk that fell off.

I'd be surprised.

I mean, you know Hubert.
He's playing against you.

Don't worry.
Your masked hero will come back.

Thank you for cheering me up,
but there's nothing you can do.

Think again!

Who's that? Why did you smile at him?
You know him?

Never seen him before.

- Then why did he smile?
- I don't know.

- Maybe he thinks I'm pretty.
- Nonsense!

I think you're pretty
and I don't smile at you.

Well, you should.

What? It's true.

Today we're going to climb, honey.

We're gonna chase that fear away.

Alright, here we go.

Left foot first.
Come on. Left foot.

Very good.

Great. Go on.

There you go.

There you go... You're doing great.

That's a good start!

I have my back to the void.

Don't look down, honey.

Imagine you're an animal -

a cat, a squirrel, a panther...


There you go.

That's perfect.


Time to go down.

I can't. I'm frozen.

Calm down and breathe.

One foot after the other.

Come on. Don't look down.

I can't.

Keep your eyes open.
You're big, you're strong.

Come on!

I breathe, I close my eyes.

I'm big, I'm strong.

I'm scared! Help me!

Face the void. You can do it.

Lean back on the wall.
Come on, I'm holding you.


Everything's fine.

It's OK.

Are you sure?

Yes, yes.

You literally turn men upside down.
That's nice.

I don't think this is the time.

What do we do?

Don't worry.
Our assistant will take us down.


I'm feeling sick.

Everything's fine.



How about a drink
to get over the scare?

That's lovely, but I'm busy tonight.

How about tomorrow?

- It's complicated.
- No. It's very simple.

No strings attached.

I know, but I can't.

- Where there's a will there's a way.
- You're stubborn.

- So it's a yes?
- I'm married.

You fantasized,

you invented,

you fudged!

Laurent Fazière,
in the name of press freedom,

we downgrade you from
the order of journalistic dishonor.

This Superman wannabe
only exists in your imagination.

You're nothing but a loser

and a disgrace to our profession.

Executioner, perform your duty.

Jab him.

I'm sorry, Laurent.
Don't worry, it won't hurt.

Rip out his heart
and his Press card!

Officer, do your duty.


Where are you, Lola?

"I'll be back in a couple of hours.
Emergency IV".

"Sleep tight. Love you".

Don't close your eyes.

Straighten up.

I breathe.

I'm big, I'm strong.

Come on!

- I found the key to your heart.
- My knight.

Thanks, Mr. Galant.


Mrs. Bollet

Here, Romeo.

Laurent, are you on duty or what?

Call me quickly.

He must be at the office.

It's no big scoop,
but he might like it.

I didn't say anything.



Hubert La Valette.
Laurent will be here any minute now.

Yes. I'll tell him.


Thanks for the info.

Good evening.
Hubert La Vallette.

We talked on the phone.
I came as fast as I could.

- Where's Laurent?
- He didn't come.

It's not the robbery of the century.

Ms. Leroc was notified
by her duty nurse.

An individual
broke into the property,

with the purpose
of committing a burglary.

He stole some money
and the residents' credit cards.

Was there blood shed?
Someone injured or dead?

Nothing extraordinary about it.

It's just a little petty theft.

There's nothing glorious
about stealing seniors' savings.

What did he look like?

No one saw him.

My duty nurse got knocked out.

I saw him!

An all-black masked figure,

like the one in the paper.

What're you talking about?

Go back to sleep
and close your window.

We saw him too!
A black ghost with a mask.

We saw him jump the wall.

See? I'm not out of it yet.

Plus, there are cameras everywhere.

Can we see the recordings?
That'd help.

He planned his move well.
He covered all the cameras.

Not all of them.

There. Camera 8.

OK, wait...

- And bingo!
- I'm counting on your discretion.

Our seniors don't need to panic
over this nonsense.

This is insane!

Mrs. Bollet

Skary Foundation

Laurent, it's your turn.

Is it true what Grandma says?

What, Enzo?

That the masked avenger is a thief.

That's what they say.

"The cat burglar, the so-called
masked avenger, has returned.

"And he's no Superman.

"He's a common burglar

"going after the savings
of the elderly".

- Did Laurent write that?
- No. A Mr. Hubert La Vallette.

Not him again!

So he's not an avenger,

he's a villain?
- No.


They're making a mistake.

How do you know?

Because I'm...

sure they are.

You know,

I've no proof,

but I'm sure he's a hero,
just like you.

How many boys do you know
that never cry when they get a shot?

Only one more and we're done.


- Yes.
- Here we go.

Don't worry
about our mysterious hero.

Dear Hubert,

you haven't heard the last of me.

I'm telling you, everything's gone.

I'm not crazy, José!
At least three files.


Are you kidding?

We'll be screwed
if the police find out.

I don't know what he wants.

If it's to blackmail us,
he'll be sorry.

We need to find those documents
and the cat burglar.

What is this crap?

Change that tone, will you?

Your hero didn't save
anyone this time.

He's just a lousy thief.

- Do you have proof?
- A video. Wanna see it?

That calmed you right down.

Being a journalist is a job,
you see.

Why don't you just shut up?

I inherited this mouth from my dad.
No one's perfect.

Isn't that right, Baudelaire?

You're lucky I'm not violent.

You're no match for me.

You should go to gym
with your wife's boyfriend.

What was that?

But then again, pretty girls
are usually attracted to sporty guys.

What sporty guys? Nonsense!

Pathetic loser!

What is this mess?

Some documents
that the masked person gave me.

- You saw him?
- Yes. I even took pictures.

- You took him a picture?
- You mean, her.

How did I not see it before?

The figure, the agility, the grace.

The hair.

It's a woman.

She's so petite.

Like one of
these Greek figurines... A...

- A Tanagra?
- Tanagra. Exactly.

Tanagra, my superhero.

So he... I mean,
she gave you these documents?

Yes, and I'm totally lost.

Look, it's Léonie's card!

- Léonie Bollet.
- Who?

I worked for her
before she went to Mélissols.

I used to mention her a lot.

She told me
the manager kept everything.

I didn't believe her.

Come on, Laurent... Think!

But that's just awesome!

- It's great!
- You're hurting me.

I'm back at the gym.
I'm sore all over.

You're back at the gym?

Residents who do not have a family

donated money to Skary,

a phony foundation
run by the charming José Leroc,

the manager's brother.

That lady's smart!

I bet she's helping
the old folks go west.

- Do you have proof?
- No, but I'm sure.

Without proof,
it's a magnitude 7 earthquake.

This is some serious stuff.
Very serious stuff.

If there's a mudslide,
we'll be dragged down.

No. I need proof.

Take the temperature at Mélissols.

Study the barometer and the isobars,

and if the thermal balance is good,

I'll make a decision.


Do you know Mrs. Bollet?

Yes. The tiny old lady
sitting on the bench over there.

- Are you a relative?
- Even better.

- Mrs. Bollet?
- Yes.

- Léonie Bollet?
- Yes, but not for much longer.

I'm Laurent Fazière,
Lola's husband.

Oh, Lola!

My little sunshine.

She has told me a lot about you.

- You're a journalist, right?
- Yes.

- So, how is she?
- She's good. She sends you her love.

Léonie, I need you.

Well, if I can help.

I can prove
that things here are fishy.

Quite right too!

I want to get out of here.
This place is a gulag.

Leroc takes every cent from us.

She wants us to donate
everything we have.

We're stuffed
with suspicious medicine.

I've never been this tired.

I hold on, I am thick-skinned,
but not everyone is.

Take Mr. Paquet.

He was taken out
in a coffin yesterday.

Can you imagine?

I see.

I'm sorry to interrupt
such an interesting conversation,

but who are you?

Laurent Fazière, journalist.

You shouldn't be here.
This is private property.

Journalists are not welcome.

You've something to hide?

My institution and I are known
for being above suspicion, sir.

I'm gonna ask you to leave, please.
He'll walk you.

This doesn't end here.

Come here, you.

Get off me!


- Stop it!
- Get out.


Move it. Come on, come on!

- Who are you?
- Shut up.

You live alone?


Do you like costume balls?

Does Batman ring a bell?

You dressed up.

- Where are the documents?
- What documents?

What's that?

- Do you know that guy?
- No more than you do.

Cut the crap.
You're in on it with him.

That cat burglar
stole the documents at Mélissols.

What did you tell him?

Nothing. I don't know him.

My boss...

Go check the kitchen.

Don't move!

It's just the wind
that blew into the kitchen.

You want some more?

You don't seem to get it.

OK, let's start over.

I don't know anything!

I was writing an article
on nursing homes.

That's why I went to Mélissols.

The manager kicked me out
and you took me in.

Shut up? Is he stupid or what?

You go to the Mélissols.
You've pictures of the masked thing.

- The documents.
- What?

You're getting on my nerves.

When we lose patience,
we're less kind.

We'll make no bones about it,
and I mean it.

Watch your bones.

- Well?
- Stop it! Stop!

- Want some more?
- We're waiting.

I don't know.

We'll search everywhere.
I'm gonna blow up your house.

Are you Batman?

Are you playing Batman, yes or no?

Are you mad?

You know him?

Oh, shit...

- I barely touched him.
- Idiot!

I am right here!

What are you gonna do now?


Laurent, look! It's me!


It's OK, you're fine.

What an idiot I am!

I should've never revived Tanagra.

I thought I could help you.

You know,

I've changed thanks to her.

I'm no longer scared of heights.

I've even done things
I would've never imagined.

But now it's over, I swear.

I'll throw this costume away.
No more Tanagra.

Lola, it's Fred.

Anybody home?

Police! Open up!

- Fred, you're here.
- It's OK now. What happened?

Please, Ms. Leroc.

Here. Look at the camera.

Ms. Leroc!

- Ms. Leroc.
- Can we go?

You just arrested Ms. Leroc...

Not all at the same time.

As a result of our investigation,

the deputy prosecutor notified

the indictment of Ms. Leroc,

her brother,
and two of her employees.

By putting an end
to the actions of this gang

and those of Franck Vérin,
the famous criminal,

I can say I'm proud
of the work of our brigade.

According to your colleagues,
the attackers were subdued

by the masked creature,
who facilitated your work.

Yes. Lately,
we've been seeing this...

wannabe superwoman everywhere.

You journalists love that, don't you?

As police officers,
we work on hard facts.

We are guided
by intuition and tenacity.

We're not...

Your brother's got a nerve!

Where did the confidentiality go?

For him, Tanagra doesn't exist.

And yet, she saved me.

Yeah, I think.

What do you mean?
You saw her fight the two gorillas.

They didn't faint on their own.

I thought I saw her.
I was freaked out.

That's all.

Now everybody's backing down.

Let's see what Fred has to say
when he reads my article.

Stop it.

Laurent, you almost got killed.

- You have to give up on all of this.
- Give up on Tanagra? Never.

And if I ask you to?

I love you, Lola, but no.

- Do you love her?
- That's irrelevant.

It's not.
If you love me, then drop it.

Get off your ladder, Romeo.
Juliet's downstairs.

What's the matter with you?

I don't like threesomes, you see.

You forgot your sportsman.


- Your gym teacher.
- What are you talking about?

That Tanagra's driving you crazy!

I hardly recognize you anymore.

You've changed, Lola.

I've changed?
Look at yourself!

All you think about is her,
you only live through her.

You have no character.

You can't hold a candle to her!

If you walk out that door, it's over.

Hey, sweetie!


I'm a little tired. How are you?

I'm great, sweetie.
I am over the moon.

Here, look.

This is Jean-Bernard.

75 kilos of charm and muscles,
shiny hair and vigor.

What do you think?

- He's OK.
- That's it?

Look again.
He looks like Richard Gere.

And I see some Clooney!

I don't know.
Maybe if he had a coffee...

- Get a move on!
- Relax, grandpa. There's no rush.

I have finally settled down.

I'll have a solid relationship,
like you two.

- There's no "us two" anymore.
- No way!

He's in love with my ghost.

Sure you're OK?

I'm OK. I'm alright.

The problem is, nobody listens to me.
But I'm fine.

Stop looking at me like that.
I'm doing just fine.

Don't let me down, Mrs. Doucet.
Not you.

Yes, Fred,
but you know your sister.

Of course I did.

But I was the one...

I can't do that, Fred!
I'm telling you...

OK, I'm going in.

Wish me luck.

Thanks, Fred.

I'm sorry I bothered you.



What are you...

I'm here to help you, Laurent.

You've already done a lot for me.

For your job, not for your life.

My job is my life.

Have you forgotten about your wife?

Of course not.

Do you still like her?

Sure I do.

Lola is the kind of person...

...who has always supported you.


She could've been a great doctor.

But she's just a nurse.

And that's kind of my fault.

When we moved in together,
she was a student.

I was a teacher.

I wanted to become a journalist,

so she dropped out
to provide for us.

Someone had
to bring home the bacon.

She always encouraged me
in my choices,

leaving hers aside.

I feel guilty.

Maybe it's because she loves you.

I love her too.

Then say it to me!

It's you? What the hell
are you doing in that costume?

You look ridiculous.

No, I look great,
much better than Tanagra.

Take it out!
You're jealous of her!

So you were lying?

This is different!

Why do you say I'm jealous?

You wallowed in self-pity
to seduce Tanagra.

What about your sportsman?

Who again?

Hubert saw you.
You were having fun.

So stop the jealousy.
I've had enough!

I've had enough of this town,
its people and my pathetic life!

I'm suffocating.

I need some air,
some oxygen, some action...

Some Tanagra.

I'm gonna give you some action!

Get out of my space!

Go with your stupid Tana-slut!

The Free Voice

Good morning, sir.

- Were you on duty last night?
- No. Actually, I...

Oh, I see.

Snowstorm at home.

That's one way to put it.

Why did you dress up
like this Tanagra-something?

I didn't dress up. I'm Tanagra.

But no one listens.

You need to rest, sweetie.

It will all be OK. I'm here for you!

Oh, sweetie pie,
it's just a rough patch.

I'm not crazy. I created this crap
and I'm gonna kill it.

Calm down. You're confused.

I can't live with my double anymore.

Have you seen a shrink?

Getting help can be a relief.

I'm done being seen as a loony.

I'm going to kill her!

Sweetie, don't go like that.


I am disappointed, Mathilde.

You vanish when I need you.

Cut the drama.
Everybody's looking at you!


Thank you, Mrs. Doucet.

Cinema Makeup
and Special Effects

Great! Excellent!

Now it's between
you and me, Tana-slut!

"See you at 9 pm, at Mornas.
Bring your camera.


- Yes?
- She just contacted me.

Lola? I'm glad.
See? It'll all work out.

No. Tanagra.

She wants to have
a photo shoot tonight.

That's interesting.

If we have her email,

then we should be able to track her.

No. She was at a cybercafé.

Damn it. It's quite cloudy.

Probably a hoax.

All these fools on the Internet...

Why don't we just wait and see?

You give me the temp
as soon as you see her.


What is this?

I can't believe it.

Damn it!

The party... Excuse me.


We're calling it off, boss.
Go with the front page as planned.

So? No one was there?


Go home, Laurent,
and make peace with Lola.

Not tonight.
I don't have the courage.

The Free Voice


Fanfan, it's Lola.

I'm sorry if I woke you up.
I need to talk to you.

I'm not OK.
I don't know what to do.

Help me.


I'm sorry, Fanfan.

I appreciate it, but you don't have
to get so emotional.

I'll do my best
to get Laurent back.

It's not about Laurent,
it's about JB.

- "JB"?
- Jean-Bernard. Clooney!

He went to join his wife
and three children.

In New York?

He's never been in New York.

The bastard!
He lied to me about everything!

As usual, nobody cares about me.

Every fallen hero has had a mishap.

Leave me alone.
This isn't the time.


your almighty literature teacher face
pisses me off.

And I hate this stupid job.

Why are you here, then?

No idea.

Shove off, then.


I guess I'd have
to grow a pair first.

Two well-packed doubles...

When I was a kid, my dad asked me
what I wanted to do later.

I replied, "gypsy jazz guitarist".

The old man almost choked.

He yelled, "I'm not asking you
what you want to do on Sundays".

Guitarist is a job.

When he bought the paper,
I was part of the package.

It seems I was a decent writer.


Let's drink to cowardice.

We have to do something.

Has anyone called the police?

What's going on?

The kid from the fifth
climbed out the window.


Enzo's on the roof.

I breathe.

I'm big, I'm strong.

Even without a costume, I'm Tanagra.

Enzo. Enzo...

Oh, my God!

- That's my sister.
- What?

Get down, Lola!
You're scared of heights.

Be quiet!
Maybe she's sleepwalking.

You can't wake them up.

Don't talk nonsense, Robert.

Enzo, please...

Turn around and come back.

I'm sick of the medicines.
I don't want tubes everywhere.

I want Tanagra to come get me.

She'll come.

But you'll have
to go to your room first.

I want to jump,
so that she takes me to the sky.

That's all I can say, Laurent.

Trust me, it's a scoop.
Hurry up, it's urgent.

The fire department!

I like you, Lola.
But I want to see Tanagra.

You know, my dear Enzo,
I know Tanagra quite well.

We're friends.

But she can't come now.

Why not?

She only goes out at night.

That's OK. I'll wait.

Then she won't be happy
and she won't come.

But I want to see her.

If you want to see her,
you'll have to go to your room.

Alright? If you do it,

she'll come to your bed
and give you a kiss, secretly.

- Come.
- How will she know who I am?

- I'll tell her.
- Do you swear?

Hope to die, if I do tell a lie.

Raise your arm and spit.

Come on now.

But that's Lola!

- She's crazy.
- Yes, I know.

The kid was about to jump.

Now she's bringing him in.

- That's my wife.
- Yeah!

That's my wife with the boy.

Hello, sir. France 3.
What happened?

My wife managed to get
a little boy off the roof.


Go ahead.

You scared the hell out of me!

I hope so.

I scared the hell out of me, too.

That's so moving.

Where's my sweetie pie?

Stars play hard to get.

She'll be here.
You know, her patients...

I'm getting hungry.

There's no rush, Françoise.

If you play on my emotions...

My heart's full, my glass is empty.

Not for long.

Ah, Tanagra.

Hello, Enzo.

See? I came,
just like Lola promised you.

So you really know her?

Of course.

And I like her very much.

Me too.

Promise me one thing.


You'll never go to the rooftop again.

Cross my heart,
hope to die if I do tell a lie.

Go back to sleep now.

Goodbye, Lola.

Cross my heart.
I won't tell anyone.

Big feats suit you very well.

She's a real rainbow!

More like northern lights.

Before we toast, I'd like to tell you
two pieces of news.

I'm gonna go with the cliché -
there's a good one, and a bad one.

It involves you, Laurent.

We're going out of business.

The Free Voice is dead.

Am I one of the corpses?

After rain comes fair weather.

The world's changing, Laurent.

I've decided to start
an Internet version of the daily,

a newsletter, as they say today.

We needed a manager,
someone young.

La Vallette suggested his son,

but Hubert left for the US
with his guitar under his arm.

He convinced his father
you were the best candidate.

If you agree, I can hire you.


That's great.

And now, let us
raise our glasses to life, love,

the passing of time...
and good weather.

Thanks, Fred.


You've been quite hazy on the issue,
but you can tell me.

What did you say to that boy
to make him turn back?

That I was Tanagra.

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