Tamil Rockers (2021) - full transcript


'Air and Sky...'

'They're the five manifestations of nature.'

'But I'm more powerful than all.'

'I'm the sixth manifestation.'

'The world will be shook-up
upon hearing my name.'

'Do you know who am I?'

'Do you know what my name is?'

'My name is...'


'Tamil Rockers'

'I'm the 'Everlasting Rock Star'
of this world.'

'But some people who do
not know this claim...'

'themselves as 'Rockers'
in Tamilnadu.'

'This guy, he is greed on me.'

'But not in the right spirit.'

'He wants to accomplish his goal
by some shortcut.'

'He is loitering all over
expecting something like Iridium.'

'An idiot who thinks he is brilliant.'

'If there were people like him,'

'wouldn't there be a clan that'd cheat
on him and survive?'

'He is one of them.'

'Once he wakes up, the words
uttered by him are only crores.'

'Even while sleeping,
he'll blabber in crores.'

'He is very intelligent
but a criminal.'

'Do you know who he is!'

'To address him decently,
he is a 'Mediator'.'

'To address him indecently,
he is a 'Pimp'.'

'His job is to hook up
the fool and the crook.'

'His routine job is to collect bribe.'

'Among the people who earns me
by cheating others,'

'He is a rowdy who earns me
by intimidating others.'

'He lends me and earns interest
from vegetable market to harbour.'

'He is the 'Don'.

'The bribe taken by the officers,
and the money swindled by politicians,'

'All those is deposited
in his safety locker.'

'They're dirty couple and they do
dirty business to earn me.'

'They take videos of men and women
being intimate and make money...'

'..That's their family business.'

'He is a politician who does politics
to earn me.'

'I get irritated when seeing him.'

'He deceives people to earn money,
I'm just waiting to teach him a lesson.'

'She is a good girl,
but her future is uncertain.'

'Because she got stuck
in such a situation.'

'To save her, either a super hero
or an ordinary hero has to arrive.'

'He is a good guy
who makes mistakes with faults.'

'He needs me to the extent
of having just a beer every day.'

'His hobby is automobile racing.'

'If he come across a girl,
he chit chats in boring way..'

'I like him since he doesn't
have desire on me.'

'So I want to gamble with him.'

Wow! Jeeva is the winner

Why taking so long,
do it fast.

Yeah, I'm doing.

It's like your angular face.

Make it circular.

Good morning, uncle.

Come and eat.

Hey, I'm here.

Since you both are in the same height,
I don't know who is who.

At night, when you drink
ten bottles of beer...

...and eat fifteen bulls eye
then why won't your vision change?

You don't keep your
evil eye on him,

He must've been mentally sick
yesterday, so he'd have drunk.

What? If mentally sick,
then he must consume poison.

You better consume it.

Not beer.

Hey, talk anything about me
but don't talk about what I drink.

There might be illiterates
among youngsters.

But you can't find one
who never booze.

Even to those who earn
thirty thousand rupees a month,

...it's very difficult
to get a bride these days.

But every month you borrow
thirty thousand rupees and booze.

Moreover, you've re-painted
an old car and go behind racing,

And hanging out with the boys here
and cheat on people...

Then which loony fellow will give
his daughter to get married to you.


- Me!
- Yes...


Hey, you...

Dear...it's my mom!

Hey, then what?

He doesn't match
our daughter in anyway.

When you married his sister,
should he not marry his sister's daughter?

- Mom!
- Get lost.

Hey, Shanti! you don't love me?

Get lost, you pig faced.

Why do you utter
your dad's name for that?


Hey, shall I drop you?


Hey, the flavour of
mint leaf is awesome.

Mint leaf!

Wait, I'm coming.

How do you know that?

Jeeva, you eat only after we have.

Did I eat the last!

Okay, where are all the guys?

Ganesh went to buy milk.

Shiva is playing cricket.

Then what, Jeeva.

Our guys have grown up.

Have they grown up!
I don't understand.

What do people in this flat
think of us?

They'll think we are hanging out
with a lunatic.

Leave him.

Yeah, you're right.

Jeeva, we are here for a long time.

You come out,
let me tell you one thing.

Come, I'll tell.
-About what!

He is dead!

I've to buy an important thing
from the medical store.

Hey, won't you buy on your own?

This place and the shop-keeper
are familiar to me.

So will you go and buy?

- Please.
- Okay, I will.

But will you buy me beer tonight?

- Certainly, I'll get you.
- Give me the money.

Take it.

Brother, give me a condom.


She is unmarried


Won't you wrap it and give?

Sir, what kind of condom you need,
special or normal?

Uncle... uncle.

Hey, uncle.

Hey, what kind of condom you need,
special or normal?

You sinner!

Hey, why are you shouting?

Instead I'd have come there.

Nothing is required, come.


Thank you!

Very nice


Someone has come to see you.

Greetings, sir!

Hi, sir.

This is my sister Anandhi.

She is a transgender.

You go inside.

She is going!

He is the one who spoke
to you on phone.

- Hello, sir.
- Nice to meet you, sir.

How this is possible?
I couldn't believe this.

I'm so excited about it.

Everything depends on hope, sir.

From now on,
you'll start believing me.

Yeah, when are we going to see?

It's not in my hands.

There are lot of mysteries
around us in this world.

We can feel a few of them
and even we can see.

But certain things
are beyond our control.

That is called "Myth".

All these myths were found
by our ancestors, the Siddhars...

...and transformed to manuscripts
and kept secretly in Tiruvannamalai.

Having one of the secret manuscript,
We have ventured into this.

Have you been to Thirunallar Temple
near Kumbakonam?

The temple has a unique feature.

A satellite which crosses the temple tomb
will lose it's function for thirty seconds.

How is this possible?

NASA is still doing research on this.

Our planning is also similar to that.

Not only that,

What is the center point of this world...

All the scientists of this world
have done research and discovered it.

It has been confirmed the world's
center point exists in Asia.

Asia means here, in India.

Where in India?
In South India.

Where in South India?
In Tamilnadu.

Where in Tamilnadu?
In Chidambaram.

It's Chidambaram Nataraja temple.

The big toe in the
statue of Lord Nataraja...

is discovered as the
world's center point.

We have evidence for floral flying chariot
that existed five thousand years ago.

But the drone we're about to
build now will look normal.

But this can easily
capture military secrets.

No one can track this drone.

Whereas, we can find wherever
nuclear weapons are made in this world.

We can use it for ourselves if needed.

What I'm going to say now is going to
set a new record in this world.

Through this we're going to get
many crores of money.

But all I need from that is
just a hundred crores.

Don't worry, darling.

If you need hundred crore
rupees immediately,

then the only source is Abu.

If you ask him,
you'll definitely get it.

He's the worst,
but we have no other choice.

I know both of you work
with Abu for past ten years.

I'll give fifty lakhs for each of you.

Leave to Hong Kong and stay happily.

I'll take care of your family.

When you return,
everything will be fine.

What's your call?


Hey, stop!

Are you new?

What are you doing?

Abu doesn't like harassing women,
don't you know that?

All we need is her husband,
Come, let's go.

Consider he is dead.

Abu, I made a mistake unknowingly.

Please, forgive me!

Abu, please forgive me!



Abu, please!


Abu, don't!
Please, leave me.

I made a mistake unknowingly.


Abu, we got a litigation property
for business.

It's enough,
if we get it transferred.

We'll get double the profit.

Even the minister is supporting us.

- So, all the legal matters...
- Shut up.

How much do you want?

Hundred crores.

When will you return the money?

Within a week.

How to trust?

Abu, we have come
with hope on you.

Fine, you've come
with hope on me.

But how can I trust you?

What if you don't return in a week?

Oh, no! There is no chance
to miss it, Abu.

- Trust us.
- Sure, shot up.

May God be with you.

Our work is done

All this money is for you
and even the car.

Bye, sir.

(Chanting Mantra)

Jeeva, for hosting treat
either jewelry or money is required.

Instead you've brought a dog?

Hey, this isn't a dog,
it's a conjuring devil.

The moment it came
to our house,

Since then, my uncle treats me
like a dog.

Okay Jeeva, what are you
going to do now?

Let's take a photo of it
and post it on OLX,

It can be sold within an hour.

Then today's treat is confirmed.

Let's eat KFC chicken.

Dude, great!

First let's take a photo of it...

...and post it on OLX.

Smile... smile.

- What?
- Look there, dude.

Wow...she looks awesome, isn't it?

She is my girlfriend.

- Hi.
- Hi!

Come over.


Just a minute, I'll come.

Hey Jeeva, having her as a girlfriend
will be great, right?

How dare you...?


- Hi.
- Hi.

Male or female?

It's a male.

I asked about the dog.

I was just kidding you.

It's a female.

- So cute!
- Thank you.

I have just moved to B3 flat
on the second floor.

How about you?

I'm at the first floor,
A4 flat.

Can you tell me
your cell phone number?

Yeah, sure.

98422 39...

Cross talk.

It's China made, very cheap.

Take my number, it's iPhone.

98840 88008.

- I'll call you.
- Oh, sure.

Okay, bye.

Incoming call free for me.

- See you.
- Bye.


Didn't I tell you,
she is my girlfriend?

She is taking my contact number
on the pretext of seeing the puppy.

With this dog,
I'll lift that beauty.

- Then KFC canceled.
- Yeah.

Jeeva, you're not worth it.

Whenever a new girl comes
to school, college or locale...

...immediately someone will say
she is his girlfriend.

If a beautiful girl is there,
boys will surely roam around her.

Who she likes is her boyfriend.

Till then, she is common to all.

No more talking with you all.

Come, let's go home, puppy.

If you think how do anyone know...

and read books on
intimacy or have intimacy,

Then it's not about cheating us,
it's like cheating yourself and your life.

So, what I would like to say...

Dear, don't change the channel.

You must watch this.
Better watch.

Hey, shut up.

- He speaks stupidly.
- Not more than you, better watch.

Hey, check who has come?

Should someone come
at this moment?

Hello, Aunty!


I have just moved to
B3 flat upstairs.

Jeeva told me, come inside.

Dear, they've just moved
to the third floor.

So nice, please sit down.

You move away and sit.

Hey, you shut up.

You better wipe your mouth.

What would you like to have,
tea or coffee?

It's okay.
No need, thank you.

What's that you're hesitating?

Do you need anything?

That's personal...


Women's issue.

No problem, you tell...

You want me to go?


- Go.
- She is killing me.

What's personal?

Where is your puppy?

Puppy is inside.

What's personal about puppy?

No aunty, actually...

She too has a pug dog.

That's a male dog.

This is a female...

Okay... okay.

So you've come seeking for a bride?

- Exactly.
- It's okay.

Can we see the puppy, aunty?

- It's there in the room, go see.
- That room?

I'll go see.

Hi, puppy.

Hi puppy, come here baby.

Good girl, come here.

Come here.

Come here, baby.

Come here.


Puppy, come here.

Hey, where are you going!

Dear, where are you going?

Come here.

Puppy, why aren't you coming to me?

Come, my dear.



Oh, no! What happened?

Puppy is soft natured.


You won't have any problem.

Did you see?


- What happened?
- Shailu!

Don't you like?

Aunty, I'll see you later.

(Chanting Mantra)

Mr.Ramanujan, when are we all
going to see it together?

You need not worry about it.

Because he has to
take us inside cautiously.

And he has to bring us back.

And one more thing...

The whole of this tough journey
we are going is illegal.

So, on the way we need to cross rivers,
mountains and forests.

Only at the end,
we can take that object.

Above all, we should have
the grace of God.

Then, we'll be able to
get that object.

Shall we move?

- Hey, Jeeva.
- Yes.


- Come here.
- Coming.

The two girls from upstairs came here
and enquired about our puppy.

I told her to go see inside.

But later she left
as if she saw something weird.

You do one thing.

Go, give puppy to them.

Why should we give
our puppy to them?

That is...hey it's for a reason.

You don't know,
they know it.

You go, give puppy to them.


Careful, tell them to handle carefully.


Take it and leave.

Come on.

Have you come?

Who's dog is this?

This is my dog.

Then why did my sister ask me
to give our dog to you?

First, come out.


What are you doing!


What are you doing!

Why did you leave
both the dogs inside?

Oh, no!


Wait, now I understand.

How do you understand
the dog's feelings?

Because, it's a male dog.

Does that mean you understand
a man's feelings better?

Oh, gosh! he is irritating.

What did you say?

Shall we have coffee?

Coffee! Why not?

Come, let's go.

It's very hot

Sir, still how far do we need
to go like this?

Still we have to walk two
miles into the forest.

Then we'll reach the mountains
where the siddhas lived.

That's where the object is.

- Come.
- This way?

Be calm and come, Ganesh.

Follow me and come fast.

Okay, explain us sir.

What you're witnessing
isn't an ordinary 'Damaru'.


It's nothing but Spice dead.

Sir, what an amazing power!

If we come close to it,
sound and light will be disconnected.

- Did you see?
- Excellent, sir!

It's okay if it got fused
but it was blasted.

Now I'm going to prove
my next level.

I mean, the sound energy.

If I throw a bundle of crackers
from there, it'll come inside loud.

But when it reach here just observe
what happens to the sound.

- Okay.
- Will the fire stop?

Throw it.

I'm absconding with
hundred crore rupees!!!

It'll take many more hours for you all
to cross this forest and go out.

By then, I'll flee to
where no one can reach me.

I have inquired well.
There is no such project in India.

Even in America and Europe,
they're in first level of research.

They planned well and deceived us.

- Not attending.
- Call the landline.


It's me speaking.


He has gone to Bangkok
with regard to your work.

Funds will be transferred in a week.

Definitely he will settle.

It's 5 o'clock now in my house.

Five more minutes to five at your home.

Look to your right,
your pet cat is eating pedigree.

To your left, your Varsha
is dancing well, isn't it?

Won't you dress up properly
if you're at home?

You're standing with inner wear?

Give him the phone who is sitting
in front of you, looking at everything.

Abu, I'll definitely return your money
in a week.

I'd have believed if you had picked up
the phone yourself and told me this.

We are all got trapped by Abu.

Sir, we have only one option.

Let's go and tell everything
to AC Veluswamy.

We don't have other option.

Sorry, Sarath sir.

Now everything is in your hands.

So you trusted him
and got abandoned.

From where did you get
such a huge amount?



I can't help you in this game.

Don't depend on me.

Sir, please help for my sake.




Speak to Abu as I said.

Oh, no!

I'll go and sit in the car.

Hey, don't be afraid better come.

I left the bag in the car.

We'll take it later,
Come, let's go.

This is very normal here, come.

Hey, come.


This way?

Go inside.

Look there!

That's Abu's mistress.

Is it! I don't know.

What does mistress mean?

She is the third woman
he is going to marry.

His wife's younger sister.

No, I didn't see.

I checked after she said.

Very surprised.


Abu, I made a mistake.

Please, forgive me.

I'll return your money
before the election.

If I don't settle the money,
do as you wish.

Shut up.

I know what you did and
how you lost the money.

When I'm able to tell you
what's happening in your house,

Don't I know
where you lost the money?

Converting black money to white,

getting thousand crores
in the trust account,

Lending money to satellite.

For all these deceptive business,
only mediator will be there.

It has no seller and no buyer.

There will only be cheaters like you.

Everything you say is true.

He didn't say he'd not return
the money.

He is asking for a week time.

He'll definitely return the money.

I'll be responsible for
returning the money.

I'll give you one week time.

If you don't return the money...

May God be with you.

Come Sarath.
Let's go.

Don't worry.

I have an idea.

The Reserve Bank of India has issued
an announcement for new 5,000 rupees note.

With the completion of the design
and printing for 5,000 rupees,

no release date is specified.

Bhai, how are you doing?

By grace of God.
I'm doing good.

Do you know, five hundred rupees notes
will not be valid.

Thousand rupees notes
will not be valid.

Even the two thousand rupees notes
will not be valid.

Most likely, five thousand rupees notes
will be launched.

Very soon...

May God be with you.

Why have you brought us
to the sea?

All for a reason.

Abu will do what he said.

As committed, we must return
the money on time.

Don't know what to do
to get such huge money.

But certainly must do something.

So, what's the point?

There is a house behind us, right?

Don't look back immediately.


It's the house of a Minister.

It's said in news that
5,000 rupees notes were coming.

He has converted
all the black money he has...

...into five thousand rupees notes
and kept secretly in this house.

If we break into the house and rob,

He cannot lodge a complaint legally.

We can loot the money tomorrow night.

After settling the money to Abu,
we can take the rest.

It's my responsibility
to create riots in the city tomorrow...

and to divert the cops.

'I have been waiting for this moment.'

Don't go around with blind hope
that we will win.

For past ten years, we haven't done
any good for these people to win now.

Let's invest money and show
our power to prove who we are.

This time we must win,
no one can win over us.

Today morning at 10.30,

When former Union Minister Neelamegham,

...Was in meeting with party officials
in his constituency,

He was stabbed to death
by unidentified people.

So a tense situation prevails
throughout South Tamilnadu.

His party cadres
have been involved...

in violence across Tamilnadu.

His party accuses the
current Union Minister...

Peter Alwa as the
reason for the murder.

His effigies were burnt at the stake.

It's suspected that
this may be due to the enmity...

they had for
the last ten years.

Hey, where are you going,
packing things in hurry?

We're going to my uncle's house.

Whose house?

Abu uncle's house?

Hey shut up,
her mom is unwell.

Why are you suddenly talking
about mother's sentiment?

I know all your dirty business, okay?

Hey, what do you know
about me?

Your beau is Abu, right?

How dare you slap me
while talking?

You fell in love with me, cheated me
and dare to slap now?

Did I fall in love with you?
It's you who came behind me.

Now you're drunk and blabbering.

Okay, lets assume I fell in love
with you.

You know where I stay, don't you?

If you dare to be a male,
come to Abu's place and take me.

Hey, I'm not a male at all.

Then why the hell
you fell in love with me?

All for that sake...

For what?

Hey, he says it's for that sake, right?

She understood exactly.

Then you abduct me from Abu.

Are trying to get me caught to Abu
and face trouble?

My life is more important than you.

I don't need you.

Sir, offer me alms.


Sir, offer me alms.



He is drunk and sleeping topsy-turvy.
How to wake him up?

Dude, hey dude.


How to wake up this stinking guy?


Hey, I'm already frustrated
because of love failure.

Don't disturb me, better leave.

This nonsense too!

When you're lying in this state,
think of the girl's stance and mine.

Don't irritate me, get lost.

I'll not repeat,
please help me.


When you seek help
look how humble you're.

Then why do you bully me?

That's my caste intellect.

While taking the swindled money,
the driver got caught at the check-post.

It'd be nice if you could come
and drive.

You're the best race driver, right?

I can't, go away.


Hey... I'll give you ten lakhs.

What! Ten lakhs!


Are you serious?

Hey, how genuinely I said I'll not
get my daughter married to you.

Above that, this is 200% true.

Then, deal!


Thank you, my dear.

Hey, how dare you drink here,
does my car look like a bar?

Jeeva, you car looks like a bar.

Okay, step out.

Jeeva, shall I come?

Hey, I'm going to robbery.

Hey Jeeva, couldn't see their face.

Let's go.

Have they settled there as if they
have come to in-law's house?

The two fatso who went to rob
hasn't come back yet.

Jeeva who went to buy
alcohol is yet to come.

Did I get trap voluntarily?




What are you doing here?

I'm pissing, sir.

Sir, not me,
they're the culprits.

Hey, who are you?


How dare you attack a cop?

He must be encountered...

I'll take care of her.

Kill soon, make it fast.

Hey, keep quiet.


In Chennai, at the same time
where riots take pace...

Unidentified people had
attacked the house of...

Deputy Union Transport
minister Peter Albert.

Two cops were killed in the shooting
that happened there.

The cops suspects that money
might be robbed.

Bhai, the money they've looted
is yet to reach us.

We will abduct the girl.

Hey, stop the vehicle.

I said stop the vehicle.

Stop the vehicle

What's the point to deny,
this marriage should happen.

What are you thinking?

Did you think of your house,
parents and sister?

What are you thinking?

My fate, why are you
behaving like this?

Will you agree or not
for the marriage?

Then, you've to die.

Better I'll die.

If you die, will
everything be fine?

Did you think of your parents
and sister's stance?

Will you feel good,
if they suffer?

If you wish, all should be happy,
then you must agree for this marriage.

Just wait here,
I'll be back.

Uncle said to give the money
and bring Jancy mam.

Where is the money?

It's outside, kept in the car.


By now, the money
must have reached.

- Hello.
- Got the money.

Tomorrow Jancy will come to you.

Very good.

Can you pass on the phone
to Ganesh?


Hey, you...

I'm his brother-in-law.

Okay, give the phone to Abu.

Just a minute.

Abu, very sorry.

I don't know this lunatic guy
will come.

Take your money and kill him.

Tell me again.

Abu, listen to me.

Take your money and kill him.

If he is left alive, then both
of us will be in trouble.

Brother, listen carefully.

He has sent that lunatic guy.

He didn't go.

Abu brother.

Money is not there in the car.

Hey, where is the money?

Oh, no!


Hey, uncle.

Did you handover?

What to handover!

Instead took it.

- What did you take?
- Money.

Took the entire bag.

Hey, why did you take the money?

He was about to kill me,
I escaped narrowly.

Hey, how?

With help of his cousin.

Hey, where are you now?

Don't talk unnecessarily.

My mobile battery is low.

You better escape from there,
else you will chopped into pieces.

Oh, no! what have you done!

Hey lunatic, that's why I called you.

Should I hide?

Oh, gosh!

I don't want beer or anything.

Oh, no! hey wake up.

Oh, no!

- It's a huge problem.
- What? Is it an earthquake?

What happened?
Is it an earthquake?

- Dad, what?
- Earthquake?

You nurtured a brother, right?

Because of him
our lives has shattered.

Our lives got shattered?

Take and leave.
Put it inside the bag.

Are we leaving the house?

What leaving the house.

In this situation, we should go to Kailasa.

- Nithyananda?
- Hey, leave.

Wait, let me take these.

Hey, what are you taking?

Jewellery and life insurance policy form.

Our life is in stake,
what's the need?

Take everything.

Hey, take it.

Not able to understand
what he says.

Hey, go outside.

Hey, take the notebook,
have to attend online class.

Hey, run.

What's the need to run away
in the night leaving the house?

Put this also inside.

Hey, looks like dad isn't coming.

Driver, move the vehicle.

Come soon and join us.


I'm really sorry, sir.

Oh, Allah..

We did our best


Bhai, please don't...

Leave me


Tell me, Abu.


Do you need Jancy?

Come to light house bridge.

Okay, I'll come Abu.

Leave quickly.

Where the hell is he?

Don't get tension
Abu is send her soon

Don't worry

Abu, where is Jancy?

That's your Jancy.

Take her.

Who is that wastrel?

He came to my house,
killed my father and abducted the girl.

Before my father's
last rites gets over,

I must get the money
and the girl, if not...

Tomorrow, you'll be rolling down
similarly in the vessel.

Oh, no!

Why is he going there!

I feel giddy!

Don't know what's going to happen.

I just said for fun,
but he seriously did it.

Are you feeling giddy?

Have cool drinks.

Have you mixed alcohol in it?


She looks like a professional drinker.

After consuming alcohol,
you'll feel hungry.

Near by there is a Dhaba,
Come, I'll take you.

Hey, excellent!

Hey, come here

I'm going to heaven.


Why is this place crowded?

Let's go there,
there is space to sit.


Hey, keep quiet.

You sit down first.


Yes, carefully.


Hey, get something to eat.

- What, Jeeva!
- Hey, you go.

- Go
- Bring something to eat.

Look there, dude!

That girl look awesome!


Dude, look at her.

Come, let's go.

Where are we going?

Will we get caught!

Listen to me, just be quiet.

I'll take care.

Hey, how much to pay her?

How much?

How much for her?

- Nothing like that.
- What's nothing?

We are going by lorry, we'll take her.

I don't know Telugu.

- You leave.
- Nothing, she is...

What are they saying?

Nothing, you don't talk.

- You leave from here.
- No, you tell me now.

Oh, no! Come here.

They're asking
how much to pay you?


You scoundrel.

How dare you hit me?

He hit me,
Come here guys.

"O' I feel elated"

"It's like heaven on my side"

"The fear left me"

"Henceforth, I'll always be"

"O' I feel elated"

"It's like heaven on my side"

"The fear left me"

"Henceforth, I'll always be"

"Above the pinnacle"

"The pitch will grow high"

"Henceforth, it's enjoyment only"

"This is the luckiest time to play with Rathi"

"Luck will elevate the stance"

"It'll peek everywhere"

"We will raise everything and ask"

"We will change which cannot be changed"

"My forefathers enjoyed"

"My grandfather too enjoyed"

"Now, my grandson will like me"

"When the vital organs be good,
it's always one and the same"

"I'm the one with who you can
play the game of dad and mom"

"Post it all out"

"Tie it all together."

"Try to reach the peak that can't be touched"

"Say good deeds to all the lives"

"You're on the top of all now"

"Hold your breath happily and dance"

"If missed now, when will this time come"

"Luck will elevate the stance"

"It'll peek everywhere"

"We will raise everything and ask"

"We will change which cannot be changed"

Here it is, thank you.

Thank you.

Give me the money.


Where are you going
without blessing me?

Leave me.

Jeeva, see.

"With evil eyes and putting the hands
something had happened"

"A clam of women gathered around you"

"If you're of the age three times the six"

"I'm four times the six of age"

"It'd be great if he conjoins them"

"Lift the light in the temple
in the month of Adi"

"Build a castle in the sky"

"If babe comes that way,
let him be the guard there"

"We will seek all,
We will get it all."

"Then it started as love..."

"Luck will elevate the stance"

"It'll peek everywhere"

"We will raise everything and ask"

"We will change which cannot be changed"

Hey, can't you see and walk?

Are you teasing?

Oh, is it!

I'll shoot you, get lost.

What is he doing?

You are with us, right?

But still you'll support
your brother-in-law, isn't it.?

It's not too late.

Tell us, where he is.

I promise, I didn't know.

Both uncle and brother-in-law
screwed us.

Sir, do him whatever you want.

Sir, leave me please.

AC sir, it doesn't seem
that he'll reveal.

It's better to start
the treatment immediately.

Let's start.

That will work.


Are you acting?

I'll hit you.
Yet to switch on.

Didn't switch on yet?

Before switching on,
my body is vibrating.

Are you teasing?

Wait and watch.

Sir, no.

Sir, please stop.


Sir, their cell phone signal is moving
via ECR towards Pondicherry.

Then, he will be our prey.


I'll inform Abu.

Why should we inform Abu?

Why can't we go?

Not we, only you're going.


- Excuse me.
- Come in.

Your bill, mam.


Six hundred...

Please, wait.




She stole the bag.

Nothing to worry, stay calm.

Hey, this isn't a knife.

This is different.

Wait.... back...

Go inside.

Look into the bag,
you'll understand.

Look. No.

Go inside... back.



Did you see?

5000 rupees notes.

Do you believe now?

- Damn it.
- Okay.

Oh, no!

Where is he?

Where is he?

Don't know.

Better tell, if not...

Won't you tell?

You must be...

What do you think?

Will you say or not?

Stop, why are you running?

I'm a cop, don't be afraid.

Look there.!


They're coming to kill me.

He is also a cop.

Don't get involved in this problem.

The problem is between us and her.

You don't interfere in this.

Look, by helping her,
you don't lose your life.

Hey, do you know
to whom are you talking?

What happened!
Oh, no!

- Come.
- Come.

Hey uncle,
get into the vehicle.

What happened?

Come quickly.

What happened, Jeeva?

How come fifty thousand
is there in the account?

With regard to the Pollachi video issue,
for that they sent the money.

This is how we can take money
from them.

Can you drop us on the way?

All three of us.

- Get inside.
- Thank you.

Which is your native place?

Chennai, sir.

Where at Chennai?

At Porur.

Looks like all of you're tensed!

Sir, we both are in love.

So we eloped from
our home town.

Our parents doesn't know.

Just keep going in a flow.

Wonder, are you both in love?


No not them.

The guy sitting next is her boyfriend.

Sir, I'm her sister.

You're not.

Remove the attire.

Will you remove or not?

I'll remove, sir.

Sorry sir, we lied.

We eloped from home,
all are chasing us.

You should save us, please.


Please sir, help us.

Brother, this is my house.

Okay, sir.

You can stay upstairs.

Feel free, okay?

- You go refresh and come.
- Thank you, sir.

Hey, you go and stay nearby.

When I call, you can come.

- No, I'll also come with you.
- Hey no, they might think bad.

Jeeva, you've ditched me.


What a wonderful Kashmir rose!

Hey, don't push.


Oh, no! He has seen!

We came, hereafter
we have to plan.

Give it.

Jeeva, we have another place nearby.

I suggest, you can stay there.

This is good enough,
why trouble you unnecessarily.

When are you planning
to get married?

Have to plan hereafter.

We'll get married,
we have more time.

Then what about the money
in the bag?

Bhai, this is the location.

Go inside and check.

You sit down.

I'll take care.

Dude, those couples have escaped.

But looted the money.

'If anyone greedily think
to conquer me...'

'This is how
I'll play my game.'