Tamawarinin Yuki: nishi no kuruwa yûzukirô (1976) - full transcript

Toei Company

"When Shizuka Gozen slept with him,

"his erect penis was huge.

"What a huge penis!"

How is it?

This cute little crab louse has
fallen in love with me.

It's asking for food!


Oh, my life is flying away!





- Would you give that back to me?
- All right.

I painted it.

I'm Seiu Ito.

It's a horrible image.

Are you a stranger?

Hey! Wait.

Are you a geisha in the Western
licensed quarter?

- You don't look like a prostitute.
- I wonder what I am.

But you painted a cruel image.

It makes me feel tightness
in my chest...

Not feel tightness,
but tingle with excitement.

Your blood will get hot and you'll be
anxious to be treated in the same way.

What terrible things you say!

I want to look at it.

Look at what?


private pans.

Virgin Breaker Yuki

Planning: Kezo Mimura + Kyo Namura
Script: Yozo Tanaka

Camera Operator: Sakuji Shiomi
Lighting Technician: Ei Kaichi

Sound Mixer: Teruhiko Arakawa
An Director: Teruo Takekawa

Music: Takeo Watanabe
Film Editor: Tadao Kanda

Masumi Jun

Yuki Morisaki
Aoi Nakajima

Ryuichi Nagashima
Tadashi Naruse

Toru Sakaguchi

Director: Yuji Makiguchi

The first year of the Showa Era

What do you use those eggs for?

For training the girls to move their
sexes like their mouths.

Good prostitutes can open and close
their sexes as they wish.

If trained properly, any woman
will be able to do that.

I see.

Try to break this.

It went in there!

It went in there.

Can't you do it?

I can't! No way!

You can.

If your sex becomes wet and loose,
it will easily swallow an egg.

Then try to crush it with your strength.

At that time, in the licensed quarters,
there were teachers of sex

who taught sexual techniques
to traded women

and initiated prostitutes into
special skills.

In the brothels, they were
called 'virgin breakers'.

- I can't get it any tighter down there!
- No way!

It broke!

Would you check it well?

Could you pass it around?

Oh, this tastes sweet.

A woman's body can get that tight.

The tighter it gets, the more
pleasure men receive.

I see.

As we expected, the virgin breaker
from Shimabara is great.

I have something to ask you.

If a prostitute swallows an egg in
her sex, what good does it do her?

It's not for her benefit.

This is a technique used to make
clients become regular customers.

A technique?

Then, would you perform it yourself?

Could you show me how your
personal pan tightens?

Mr. Yuzuki House, you're impolite.

Yuki was the best virgin breaker
in Shimabara.

It's mediocre, second-rate!
Just second-rate!

Virgin breakers' techniques aren't
a show for drunkards.

Welcome home.

Spread the water much more.
This won't work as a talisman.

Yes. I'm sorry.

Yuzuki House


Master, what kind of a woman is
the new virgin breaker?

She's very proud of her Shimabara manners.

- Then she may be disgusting.
- Sure.

He's handsome.

Why doesn't he get married?

- He has a reason.
- A reason?

He has been followed around
by a terrible woman!

"Until that time...

"Until that time,

"the witch had been in a rage.

"But now she weakened in no time

"and squatted down on the earth,
feeling dizzy.

"And, staggering,

"she wandered around
in the fields of Adachi.

"Though she had lived
in a black mound..."

Pardon me...

Your Noh singing was wonderful...

Ah, the virgin breaker...

ls a second-rate woman like you
capable of evaluating Noh singing?

No, I'm not.

But the spirit in your voice
somehow impressed me.


Don't make me laugh.

If I had such spirit, I would
have been a Noh master.

You are a master.
At least, it sounded like it to me.

Soichi, don't laugh at me.

A second-rate virgin breaker
kindly called me a Noh master.

Don't kill it, please.

- Kill what?
- That butterfly.

Why mustn't I kill it?

Today is the anniversary
of my mother's death.

She used to tell me a butterfly
was a human soul.

I can save it.


In exchange, you'll have to
become a butterfly.

Will you?

Are you sure you'll keep your word?


Become a butterfly!

Would you see me again?

Please, just once more.

At the Kawafumi tea house, in
the Western licensed quarter...

Soichi Yoshitomi... Who is he?

I killed him.

He was the best Noh singing
master in Kanazawa.

I killed him!

Yesterday, on the 4th of June,
at about 8:30 am,

the train on which Zhang Zuolln
was traveling was blown up...

on the Jingfeng Railway near Fengtian
Station, South Manchuria Railway.

Ah, brother, you've come back.

Here's a letter for you
from the head in Tokyo.

It may be telling me to
go back again.

You should go to Tokyo.


You shouldn't live obscurely
in a place like Kanazawa.

You're a first-rate artist.

And the head is encouraging you...

- I've abandoned the family.
- No.

Without Noh singing, you'd be lifeless.

Right! I'm already lifeless.

Go to Tokyo, and you'll be
able to flee from Shun.

Shun... Why do you talk about her?

Today again, she was standing
outside of the door,

holding her samisen, quietly.

She's sinister.

She's going to drag you down to Hell.

I parted from her long ago.

She doesn't think so. And she bears a
grudge against you, who killed her father.

That's different!

I didn't kill him. That was a dispute
regarding the an.


Are you Yuki?

Please come in.

Unfortunately, I'm not Yuki.

What do you want?

What do I want?

I have a lot of things to do with you.

Our relationship ended long ago.

In this world, there're relationships
that never end, aren't there?

Are you trying to say that
ours is one of them?

- Hold me, please.
- Stop it!

I also want to become your butterfly.

Forgive me. Think you dreamed
a bad dream, and forget me.

Though I slept with him,
my body didn't get excited.

That was just a whim.

I wonder where that whim will take you.

It's funny.

Hi, Mr. Ito.

- Would you like me to sing for you?
- Good!

Tonight I'll sing whole-heatedly.

"Don't forget...

"the Yamanaka road.

"To the east is Matsuyama.

"To the west is Yakushi."

I've fallen somewhat into a blue mood.

- Do you want a more cheerful song?
- No.

I'd rather hear about something else...

Your relationship with Sejiro
of Yuzuki House.

How curious you are.

It shouldn't be so bad to recall
a love affair that has ended.

It hasn't ended.

We're in our hottest season.

Sejiro was a child prodigy
of Noh singing.

When he was 11, the head in Tokyo
took him there to adopt him,

saying he deserved much more
than to be the heir to a brothel.

13 years later, he had had
a great reputation in Tokyo.

He was 24 or 25 and at his cheekiest, when
he nonchalantly returned to Kanazawa.

At the time, Soichi Yoshitomi was
the best Noh singer in Kanazawa.

Sejiro suddenly felt the urge
to do mischief.

He wanted to hurt Soichi's pride,
who believed he was the best in Japan.

He asked him to sing 'Kurozuka'.

It's a secret song of the family.

I heard ordinary Noh singers
were not able to sing it.

But Soichi sang it,

with all his spirit.

Sejiro broke his spirit.

Patting a fan on his knee, Sejiro
disturbed Soichi's breathing rhythm.

Soichi wasn't able to continue...

and fell down choking.

Standing over him, Sejiro said,

"Are you the best in Japan? Don't be too
proud, amateur singer in the countryside."

"Don't be too proud, amateur singer
in the countryside..."

And what became of Soichi?

He died.

He died, blaming Sejiro's
treatment of him.

And you're that Soichi's daughter?


Then Sejiro gave up Noh singing.

He offered to look after my life.

But that turned into a relationship
between a man and a woman.


made love with me...

only once.

Only once.


my father's chagrin and my feelings
for Sejiro, who made me a woman,

insolubly intermingled, and I've never
been able to forget him since.

I can't give him up any more.

I've told you a disagreeable tale.

I'm out of my mind today, am I not?!

I'd rather be made to go mad completely.



Beyond description...

H ow pretty!

Did you understand, Yuki?

How wonderful to see a woman
being tenured like this!


The scent of her black hair.

What is the job of a prostitute, Yuki?

It's to make men moan.

Do you want to know?

How is this?

She's moaning...

Did you understand?

Caressing or petting isn't the only
way to make somebody moan.

Still, Shun is exceptional.

She's a genuine masochist,

a terrible woman who, not being content
with her own Hell, drags others to Hell.

You're cruel. You want to make
me a living doll?

Exactly. You understand me well.

That hurts.

Yuki, you slept with Sejiro,
didn't you?

He's my man.

I've put all of my life into him.

To be honest, at first when I slept
with him, it was just on a whim.

But now...

Do you mean to say you've
fallen in love with him?

I won't give him up.

I'll never give him to you.

I won't be apart from him,
not even in Hell.

It's already summer.
The sea at Noto is calm.

I was born in this village.

My mother took me to Kanazawa, where
I was made a woman by my master.

I wonder how many men passed
through my body.

I'm one of them...

I've finally arrived in such
a remote place.

You have run away from
Shun, haven't you?

That's all finished.

Is that so?

Aren't you planning to flee from her,
using me as a shield?

It's sad,

but I can see everything about the
selfishness of a man, despite myself.

If my mind believes in his love,
my body can't believe in him any more.

I should have killed
the butterfly back then...

then I wouldn't be troubled like this.

You're that kind of man.

You half-kill a woman or a butterfly,
and toy with their feelings.

If you had left Shun once and for all,
she wouldn't be mad like she is now.

I'm afraid of her.

She's a terrible woman.
She's looking into Hell.

You're right. I'm fed up with
all these troubles.

I want to leave the world
of love for good.


Hold me if you like,

but virgin breaker Yuki is
just a wooden doll.

You should know it well.

What should I do?

Why don't you believe in me?


Believe in me, Yuki!

Believe in me!

- Damn!
- Ouch!

Damn it, Yuki!


You'll pay for that, Yuki!

I'll make you believe in me.

Damn it.

I'll strangle you.

I'll make you believe in me, Yuki.

How is this?

I can't stand it any more.

I'll make you believe in me, Yuki!

I won't give him up.
I'll never give him to you.

I won't be apart from him,
not even in Hell.

I should have killed it then.

No, I can't bear this.

Please save my brother.

He was out of his senses with Shun.

You are the only one that Sejiro of
Yuzuki House has really loved.

Please save him.

- But...
- Please.

Forgive me.

No, I can't.

Why don't you hold me again and again?

I was out of my mind then.

I gave in to your seduction.
That was all.

Did you hold me because
I invited you to?

Unfortunately, my invitation
was a bad one.

It contained a poison you can
never get rid of.

Shun, I love a woman from
the depths of my heart.

I know.

I know it, and that's why I can't
give you to that woman.

Let me go. I'll go.

I won't give you to her.


The wounds aren't serious.

But if he moves, they may gape and tear.

Look after him.

All right. Thank you so much.

I'll go. Take care.

I'll give you some medicine later.


Stay here.

Believe in me.

I'll stay here.

I'm in paradise. I'm happy.

I'm really happy-


I love you.

I love you.

I feel good.

When will we be able to get married?

Wait a bit longer, please.

When things go well with
my brother, then...

Why doesn't he go back to Tokyo?

He'll be able to succeed the head
of the family, won't he?

There's a reason why he can't go back.

If only that woman were not in his way...

Who are you?
What are you doing?


Do it quickly!


Right. It's my turn.

Put her on her side.


You've got it in?

Turn her over.

Hey! Come here and do it!

Hey! Come here.

How dirty!

Do it.

Go on!

- What's the matter?
- You came?

Shun was her name?

She received a big reward
for having stabbed Sejiro,

in the bamboo grove behind the school.


"I'm ashamed...


"in front of Ksitigarbha,

Are you Yuki?

Laugh at me.

My body has become filthy like this.

I've actually fallen into Hell.

"Because I shed...

"I shed tears of parting."

You've become a bit thinner.

You speak like you know my body well.


Does the body of a man who once held
you remain in your memory clearly?

You're mean...


let's go to Tokyo and start over.

Let's change our lives.



"Sadly, I live in this floating world,

"and lead a life of suffering..."

You're the same as before.
You haven't lost it at all.

Wonderful. Your voice is full of spirit.

Thanks. Even if it's just
a complement, I'm happy.

I never lie.

She's right. You'll be able to go back to
the family filled with self-confidence.

Yuki, will you accompany him?

Yes. I'm going to give my life to him.

I made up my mind at last.

"My huge penis wants to do it!"

I was wondering who those refined
people were, exchanging sake cups.

You had a narrow escape.

Yes. "Those who are hated
are often puffed up..."

As for the woman who hated you, Shun...


I shouldn't have uttered that name?

I'm sorry.

Would you like a cup of sake?

In celebration of Yuki and me.

Oh, I see.

I see. That's good.

If those who love each other get married,
things will be all right with this world.



It's a pity...

I hope a great virgin breaker
like you doesn't quit your work.

You'd still be able to accomplish
a lot of work as a virgin breaker.

I know...

but I want to live quietly, as his wife.

I see. That would also be fine.

By the way, they say there's a new whore
in a brothel in Nishi-Shinmachi.

I heard her father was the best
Noh singer in Kanazawa.

She looks alluring.

You found out I was in this house.


Would you like some sake?

No, thanks.

I'm going to Tokyo.

I see.



Are you going with Yuki?



Do you celebrate for us?

Of course.

Why not celebrate the happy
departure of the man I love?

Thank you.

This is for you, from my heart.
Take it.

- No.
- Why?

You still don't forgive me?

I would like something more than money.

I would like you to hold me.

This is the last time.
Yuki would forgive you.

Just once.

- Shun...
- Please.

I'm sorry.

More tightly.
So tightly as to break my bones.

I'm sorry.


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Shun.

We have to say goodbye now...

I hope you're happy.

It's serious!

Yuki! Miss! Miss!

Our master committed double suicide
with a whore in Nishi-Shinmachi.

Double suicide?!

Hurry! That house.




you have accomplished your ends...

I have lost...

Are you abandoning Kanazawa?

Where will you go?

I don't know...

I expect your eyes will get more
discerning by the next time I see you.


Wait, please...

You were sure what would happen to
Shun and Sejiro, weren't you?


if you had married him,
it would have been happy.

But if things always go well in this
world, it wouldn't be very interesting.

I threw a pebble in there...

That pebble killed two humans.

No. They were bound to end up
like that anyway.

That's all.

We cannot change anything
in this world.


You're Lucifer.


Ah, a butterfly couple...

Why do men and women do such
silly things, again and again?

A lot of butterflies...

They were all silly men and women
in the previous world.

"A long, long time ago,

"Kuro Hangan Yoshitsune slept
with Shizuka Gozen..."

The End