Tamatama (2011) - full transcript

A young woman travels to Ireland. She comes across unexpected meetings, inspiration and even miracles.

Let's start.

Where should I begin?

You're recording already?

Should I look at the camera?

Got it.


By Chance

I've been doing this for years,

but each time,

what I express is different.

So I don't get bored of it.

It's interesting.

I get to travel, and
be different characters.

Oh, right.

That was a scary moment.

I didn't think she would
become so hysterical.

I didn't imagine that at all.


I was able to finish.

Or so I felt.

It was stressful.


This may sound obvious.

But it's not like I can stop
in the middle of it.

Speaking of an exciting moment...

My feelings were so pure,

"I like you so much."

"I long for you."

I said it in so many ways.


She looked back at me with
such loving eyes.


I enjoy seeing that
more than anything.

People's happy faces.

Even when I make them happy with
corny, gushing lines full of lies?


But even then, I feel fulfilled
when I see people smiling.

It's when I feel glad
to be doing this.


When I handle heavier topics,

it's honestly difficult.

If I could choose,

I wouldn't want to play
that sort of role again.

It pains me, even after I'm done.

Something funny, recently...

I was hiding an important secret,

for the longest time.

And at the very end,

I revealed that secret.

That was so satisfying.

It's fun to watch people's
surprised expressions.

And other times...

No matter how carefully
I tried to convey the feelings,

it seemed too difficult to grasp,

and I couldn't get through
to them at all.

Every time, I worry

My feelings.

Did they interpret them correctly?

Did I express them properly?

I always think about that.

And eventually...

The act of expressing these feelings.

It became stressful, too tiring.

Sharing feelings with others.

That's really difficult.

Depending on your timing,

the other person might
perceive it differently.

Your feelings...

Even if they aren't communicated...

Things work out okay.

And once I started thinking like that,

I felt...

What I've been doing,

it felt so pointless.

That's why...

I ran away that day.

I think that's the reason.

That day, I became wet,

and I lost my senses after that.

I could no longer remember
the path I was supposed to take.

I became lost.

What should I do?

I was alone.

It's not for me.

Not for me.

No, not for me.

No, you're not the one.

Go try down there.

Is this for you?

Don't think so.

- No?
- No. (inaudible)

- Did you get a sight of the soccer?
- I did, yeah.

Hi, kids.

Stop, you mustn't eat that,
you always try to eat everything.

The boy caught me.






The sea.









The sun.

A person.

This is the earth.

The boy told me.

"When you look closely,
you'll start noticing things."

I grew to like him.






- Hey! Come closer.
- What?


Come closer.


I need paper, have you
got paper? Paper.

- No.
- Give me that in your hand.

It's not mine.

I want that in your hand.

Hey, money, money!

Is it money you want?

I have plenty of money.

I'll give you plenty of money.

This is not something
you can buy with money.

You can buy anything with money.

Money buys everything.

Money buys everything.

If you have so much, why
don't you wipe yourself with it?

You can't wipe yourself with money!

Money is precious. Most precious
thing in the world.

I need paper, please.

- Please.
- Nope.

Please! Please!

Please! Oh, please!


Come on, I need it!

I need money!

No, I need paper!

Money! Please!

I wonder where this is come from.

Don't know where it come from.

Where are we?

I have to discover it on my own.

I knew that already.

The things I wanted to express,

they still remained inside me.

But strangely...

When you meander for so long,

the meandering becomes normal,

and eventually,

I was just walking aimlessly.

Slow down, can you please,

you're going too fast, just--

Look at this!

Oh, you've come a long way.

That's very unusual.

I can't reach!

- I can't reach.
- Me neither.


What am I doing?


What am I?

You can have it.

How does it taste?

It tastes weird.

An interesting flavor.


That's how I'm feeling right now.

Everyone's abstract feelings,

feelings they couldn't express
to someone else,

they're dissolved
in the air around us.

I gather them up like this.

And I solidify them.

I turn them into candies
of different colors.

This one again.

There's too much sadness
around here.

Sadness isn't joyful,
so who'd want that?

I'm bad at this.

You'll never be able to do it!

Only a select few can.

I'm a chosen one.

You were chosen to do something else.

We're all chosen ones!

An anxious color.

A lonely color.

Sadness isn't joyful,
so who'd want that?

Take another peek,

into what lies inside you.

Your smile...

It's wonderful.

A candy of hope.

You can have it!

The candy of hope.

It was the color of the sun.

I've been waiting for you.

For years and years, so long
that I can't even remember.

I've been waiting for you.


Tell me.

I've been waiting so long!

So... come on!

Tell me.

Tell me!

Tell me! Tell me!

I don't know unless you tell me!

Tell me...

Oh, look at the snake woman again!

Yeah, my friend's mom
got attacked by her.

Oh, freaky!

I heard she's been here for 100 years
and her husband ran away.

She's a weirdo.
Drop dead, snake woman!



I've been waiting for you.

Tell me!

Tell me.

Enough now.

Perhaps he is by somebody's
side somewhere.

Just like you're beside me now.

He was a nice person.

I'm sure somebody's looking
for you somewhere, too.


Go now.

And be with them.



To share my feelings with him.

That's my purpose.

All I can do now...

It's to trust my instincts
and move forward.

I remembered what the boy said to me.

When I look closely,

I'll start noticing things.

In this moment...

The wind.

The light.

The sounds.

The sudden rain.

The rainbow.

The sun.

The birds.

The flowers.

They all say to me,

"He's over here!"

"Over here!"

And guide my way.

The person I want to meet...

When they see my smile,

What will they think?

One day,

I knew, even from a distance.

I should be delivered here,

To this place.

By chance.

Over a very long time,

the earth was created.

By chance.

It would come to have oxygen,

and carbon dioxide.

By chance.

Amoeba and plankton came to exist.

By chance, humans were born.

By chance, some of them
survived the ice ages,

and survived some wars, too.

By chance.

Mom and dad met.

Not by chance,

they fell in love.

By chance, I was born.


By chance, I'll meet you,

And by chance, something
might begin between us.

By chance...

By chance.

Everything around us,

they exist out of an
infinitesimal probability.

That can be a little frightening,

but it's also exciting and thrilling.

The world we live in...

It's random.

It's filled with both happiness,

as well as sadness.

It's hectic.

Precious feelings might be forgotten
when it gets too hectic.

You're here by chance.

I'm here by chance.

I want to make you smile
as much as I can.

When I see you smiling...

I bet you'll find me smiling back.


Let's imagine all the wonderful
things that we might begin together.

How does that sound?


We should express them to someone,

while they're still here.

Especially if...

They're someone special.

Have you been sharing your feelings?



That's how long it takes some letters,

to reach their destination.

That, too, is...

By chance.

Aoi Yu

Moriyama Kaiji

Direction, screenplay, and story by
Komatsu Mayumi