Take Me Home (2016) - full transcript

After losing a memory from an accident, a young man tried to find his identity. One day, he found something and led him back to his home. The more he knows, the more he learns to fear of the secrets of that place called home.

[birds chirping]

[children roaring, laughing]

[Thep sighs]

[in Thai] Try to have some fun.

It's our son's birthday.

[indistinct chatter]

[man] You're a lucky guy, Thep.

You got this place dirt-cheap.

Tell Joe what you paid for it

ten years ago.

Let me guess.

At least 50 million.


[Thep] I got lucky.

The owner liked me.

[man] That's awesome.

It's a dream house.

It's our dream house.


It's perfection.

It's happiness.

-Our family is happy.

Time for the birthday cake.

Uh, where's the birthday boy?


-[children singing]
-[Thep] Come on, everyone!

[indistinct chatter]

It's our dream house.

A dream house.

It's our dream house.

[young Tan] Are you really an angel?

If you really are,

can you promise me something?

[wind blows]

[monitor beeping steadily]

[metal trolley rattling]

-How are you today, Tan?
-I'm good.

[man speaks Thai] Here's your bag.

[nurse] Good night, Tan.

Okay, good night.

[Tan] My name is Tan.

I was sent here ten years ago.

I had an accident.

And I was in a coma.

I lost my memory.

I didn't know who I was
or where I came from.

Every day, I searched online,

hoping to find the truth.

I'd like to find my family.

And I hope that they want to find me, too.


[woman whispers] Tan...



[electricity surging]


[printer whirring]





[Tan] See the boy in the photo?

I know who I am now.

I want to go home.

Tan, once you leave here,

you can't come back.

You don't have an ID card,

or any documents.

How will you survive?

To be frank,

I'm worried about you.

Why don't you think it over?

I want to go home, Doctor.

[birds chirping]

[children laughing]

[girl] Dad, Jun is teasing me.

Be careful.

[children laughing, shouting indistinctly]

[papers rustling]

[dishes clanging]

[woman] Tan...

Is it really you?



You know who I am?

Don't ask too much.

Let's go inside.

Tubtim will be happy to see you.


Yes, your sister.

[woman humming]

[singing in Thai]

Has this place changed much?

Not so much.

We all missed you.

I'm so happy you're back.

Really happy.

Thank you for returning.

I'm happy, too.

This way.

[children laughing]

-Excuse me
-It's okay.

Dad, Jan is scaring me again.

Go play inside, kids.

[Tubtim] Where have you been?

I was hit by a car.

And lost my memory.

I didn't even know my full name.

I've been looking for you.

And something...

Led me to this.

You don't remember this place at all?

Just that my name is Tan.

We are twins.

This is Cheewin.

He's my husband.

You'll have lots to discuss.

It's been so long. Won't you hug me?

I'm so happy you're home.

Everything will be perfect again.

[cutlery clinking]

Didn't you quit smoking?

When I studied in Florence,

I had to sketch the human anatomy.

I saw a human brain for the first time.

The brain was from a person
with memory loss.

I remember how smooth it felt. [laughs]

Please tell me more about our family.

And about us.

Why did our dad kill himself?

[Tubtim] I should prepare a welcome feast.

Some stew?

I should get started then.

You can relax.

Why did it say I'm an only child?

[Cheewin] Your dad was a diplomat.

Tubtim traveled everywhere with him.

But she was born here.

She loves this house.

After graduating, she returned.

But she never mentioned a twin.

Never mind.

I don't know who you are.

But if you mean ill.

You'll hear from me.

[water splashing]

Yes, you two are twins.

Why did my dad kill himself?

He was bankrupt.

So he decided to take his own life.

How did I disappear?

You ran away.

Then Cheewin bought this house.

And fell in love with Tubtim.

Where was I when she lived abroad?

-She never--
-[cutlery shattering]

I'll clean up. You go ahead.


[Jun] Look! It's my ball.

[Jan] Jun, I told you to keep quiet.

I'm Tan. I'm your mother's brother.

She's not my mother. I hate her.

I'm Jun.

I'm Jan.

What's that bruise?

[Jun] I have something to tell you.

Shut up, Jun! I'm going down to dinner.

If you're late, you'll be punished.

[door opens, closes]

Why don't you like Tubtim?

Do you know how to play mirror?



[door opens, closes]



[breathes heavily]

I studied in Germany.

After graduation, I settled down there

and had Jun and Jan.

It would be a perfect life,

if their mom didn't leave us.

I couldn't stand to see them like that,

so I moved back here

where I found this house and your sister.

She fills the missing parts in me.

-If only she--
-[Tubtim] Dinner is served.


I made this just for you.


Here you go, Jun.

And for you, Jan.

-Thank you, dear.
-Thank you.


[Tubtim] Let's have dinner.

Go ahead and start.

Stop it, kids.

Let's eat, then.

Tubtim's stew is the best.

[Tubtim chuckles]

Eat your veggies.

Scoop it up!

Stay calm.

We had an agreement.

Here, let me help.

It's not your business.

Eat it.

Eat it up.


Just do what you're told!


[Jun and Jan crying]

Is that it? Satisfied?

[speaks Thai]

Let's go to bed now.

No one is excused until I say so!

Let’s continue.

[June and Jan continue crying]

Take the kids to bed.

Let's go, children.

[Jan gasps]

[Jan] It's coming! It's coming!

It's coming to get us!

Let's get away! It's coming!

[speaks Thai] Let's go.

Want to dance?

-You want to dance?


[soft music playing]

[Tubtim chuckles]

[Tubtim grunts]


[woman] Tan...

[indistinct moaning]

[woman sobs]

[Veaw] Tan.


You scared me.


I have something to request.

What is it?

You should pray before bed,

to calm your mind.


Don't wake up after midnight

and wander about.

After midnight? Why?

It's just that Tubtim doesn't like it.

She's a light sleeper.
And she doesn't like to be disturbed.

And, as they say...

It's the witching hour.


[Jun] Let me play.

[Veaw] Jun is sleep-walking again.

I'll put him to bed.

Can you keep him company?

Like most kids, he's scared of ghosts.


Jun, let's go.

[moans] I'm scared.

I'm really scared.

Don’t be scared. I’m here.

[piano playing]

[Thep] Tan...

I love you so much.

A dream house.

In our dreams.

[Thep] This place is cursed.

It belonged to a wicked woman.

She cursed us.

[Jan] Wake up!

Are you scared of ghosts?

Jun is playing with one.

Ghosts aren't real. He's just dreaming.

They are real. I've seen them.


Then tell me how to avoid them.

Don't let them know they're ghosts.

If you do, they'll be angry.

[Tan] Don't be silly.

I've been in the hospital morgue.

I never saw a ghost.

But I've seen them.

You're the one scaring Jun.

Veaw says this house is haunted.

I see female ghosts dancing around.

Ghosts wearing old costumes.

And ones with rotten faces.

I warned you!

Don't wake him up!


[Tan] Jun.



There's nothing here.

[both sobbing]

Go to sleep.

Don't be scared. I'm here.

I'm not scared. I've seen them before.

You can't stay here.

-Stop it, Jun!

Want him to know you're a ghost?

You're the ghost! Not me.

You're dead. You're a ghost!

I'm not! You're the one!

Both of you stop it!

Stop scaring your brother.

[door opens]

It's coming! Let's go!

Who's coming? Jan! Jun!

[door closes]

[woman sobbing]

-[breathing heavily]
-[crying stops]

Jun! Jan!

[paper rustling]

[Cheewin] We have a problem, Tubtim.

[Tubtim] I don't like that name.

Chomnapa. That's my new name.

Like it?

[Cheewin] I'm going to leave you
and take the kids.

We both part ways. Is that what you want?

I'm trying to help.

Thank you.

Whatever, Tubtim...

Do as you please to me.

But don't hurt my kids.

There's no problem here, honey.

[door lock clicks]

[door creaks open]

[breathing heavily]



[woman screams]

[door bangs shut]

[breathing heavily]

-[Tan screams]

Don't shoot! It's me.


[whispering] Stay here.

We can't stay in this house.
We have to get out.


Wait here.

Jun! Stop!

[door opens]

[breathing heavily]

-[gasps, pants]
-[golf buggy whirring]




[Tan whimpers]


[crying stops]


[breathing shakily]



[metal scraping]

[camera shutter clicking]

[camera flash charging]

[camera shutter clicking]



Help me, please!

-Everyone's been killed!
-[garbled voices]

-[engaged tone]

[keypad beeping]

[gate creaking]

Come inside, Tan.

[man chanting indistinctly]

[Veaw] Tubtim will be happy to see you.

[Tan whimpering]

[man chanting indistinctly]


[woman screaming]




Come inside, Tan.

[Tan sobbing]

[Veaw singing in Thai]


[Tan winces]


[piano playing]


[piano playing continues]

[clock ticking]

[indistinct crying]


-[metal creaking]

[crying continues]

-[metal creaking]


[Veaw] Tan...

I have something to request.

I want you to pray before bed.

Don't wander around after midnight.

Because, as they say...

It's the witching hour.

Excuse me.

-[metal creaking]

-[metal creaking]




[Jun] Mister!

Now you know, right?

That this house is haunted.


Don't let them know that they're ghosts.

Or they'll be mad at you.


-[Tubtim] Dinner is served.

[Tubtim] Hurry, Veaw.

-[Tubtim] Thank you, dear.
-[Cheewin] Thank you.

[Tubtim] Let's have dinner.

[Cheewin] It's delicious as always.

[Tubtim] Kids, eat your veggies.

Scoop them up!

We discussed this before.

Eat it.

Eat. Eat!

[cutlery rattling]

[Tan yelps]


[painting crashes]




[notes playing]

[Chomnapa] To my love...

As you know,

this house is my soul.

I pray every night
for a happy life together.

But prayers are useless.

I built this place myself,

so I want to record its beauty.

My children are little angels.

My dear children...

I never wished to leave this house.


[Chomnapa] An evil man stole this house
from us for a cheap price.

Ignore those wicked rumors
that say I'm bankrupt

or a loose woman.

I'm still the same beautiful woman.

I promise we'll be beautiful forever.

And seek revenge for all eternity.

I promise.



I'm perfect.

Everyone loves me.

[camera shutter clicking]



[breathing heavily]

[woman sobbing]


Prepare the attic.

Let her live there.

When we have guests.

Don't let her out.


Promise that we'll always be together.


One... Two... Three...


Will we look the same?

Of course, we're twins.

[Veaw] This way, Your Holiness.

[exhales sharply]



[doctor] It's very strange.

Everything is normal.

Not even a bruise. But...

Her sexual organs are...

Doctor, you can leave now.

Thank you.

[muffled scream]

[Monk chanting in foreign language]


[breathes heavily]


[monk coughing]






[breathes shakily]

[Thep] It's our dream house, right?

It was my dream.

[Thep sobs]

A dream house, right?

I love you so much.

I want this to be a dream house.

But it isn't.

This place is cursed.

She cursed us all.

What do you mean?

This land is cursed.

I bought it from a wicked woman.

[glass shatters]

[Tubtim whispers] Tan...


Let's play.

Let's play mirror.

Let's play catch.

Let's play hide-and-seek.

Tubtim, let's play hide-and-seek.

I'll count to ten.





Five... Six...





Here I come.

[breathing heavily]


-[glass shatters]

[children crying]

-[doorknob clicks]
-[door closes]

-[crying continues]
-[object clatters]

[crying continues]

[Cheewin] Jan, hide inside here.

[whispering indistinctly in Thai]
Be quiet.


We can't stay in this house.
We have to get out.

Jan, wait for me here.

I'm going to get your brother.

[door closes]

Wait here.

[Jun] Where are you taking me?

Jun! Jun!

[Cheewin] Tubtim, stop!

[Jun speaks Thai] Let me go!

-[Jun] Let me go!
-[Tan] Don't!

-Dad, help me!
-[gun cocks]



[Cheewin] Damn ghost!

[Cheewin sobbing]

I'm so sorry.

[Cheewin breathing heavily]

[continues sobbing]


Eat it all.

Eat it.


[Tubtim sobbing]


Liars! All of you!

May you all leave me!

[glass shatters]

[breathes shakily]

[sobs] That's right.

I'm not worth your promises.

Are you okay, Tubtim?

I'm not Tubtim.

My name is Chom.

You promised.


Tubtim! Tubtim!


[Chomnapa] Why does everyone leave me?


Why doesn't anyone love me?

Where did you hide my sister?

It's a nice night.

Perfect to die.

Do you know...

What is eternal?


[rope creaking]

[bird screeching]



[gate creaking]

[panting, sobbing]

[tires screeching]

[monitor beeping]

[beeping continues]

All I know is my name... Tan...

[monitor continues beeping]


[heart beating]


[Tubtim breathes heavily]

[Tan] Tubtim!



[piano playing at a distance]



[plastic rustles]

[piano music gets louder]

[breathing heavily]


[piano music continues]



[young Tan] An angel.

If you're really an angel,

please make my sister beautiful.

I promise.

[crying loudly]


What's wrong?

[piano music stops]

[breathes deeply]

[Chomnapa] Why doesn't anyone love me?

We're all the same.


[Chomnapa scoffs]

Only death is eternal.

That's why I always choose death.

[Chomnapa scoffs]

Take my body.

This is your promise.

[breathing heavily]

Take me instead.

I'm keeping my promise.

[Tan sobs]

Keeping your promise?

Give me back my sister.

Give her back to me.

Keeping your promise?

Take me instead.

[sobbing] Bring back my sister.


[timer clicks]

[piano music playing]

[Tan] Every fairy tale
tells the same story...

that in the end we will return
to the happiest place.

Being trapped some place for too long.

Or trapped in our own memories.

Helps us to accept them.

Helps us to find our way back home.

A home full of imperfection.


A home not as we dreamed.

A home full of death.

A home full of sorrow.

But that home...

is full of love.

My name is Tan.

And I found my way back home.